Light Lines

Somewhere high above, the sun was only just beginning to spread its radiant light across the world; birds were tweeting, the wind was crisp and cool and overall, it looked like the day was promising to be as peaceful as it could be.

But within the gargantuan body of the Institute of War, a woman was making the final checks for an expedition, her finger tracing the route drawn with a thick black pencil before rolling up the parchment and tucking it in a traveling satchel.

From the corner of her eye, she caught movement - a man was carrying a tray with what looked to be a simple breakfast, jerky with fresh bread and water. She straightened up, wordlessly pinning her gaze onto him as he seemed to flinch at the severity of it.

“Erm … I was asked to bring you this, a-and say … ‘T-the Crow sends his regards …?’

Tybresa seemed to relax at the words, and bid the man come closer. “Of course. Thank you, I … appreciate it.”

The man placed the tray on the now-empty table, and she caught the sight of his white scarf with the Bastion brooch and the hammer-and-needle crest. A worker, then - he would have to do.

“Before you go - a favor?”

The man snapped to attention and saluted her solemnly - which made the woman quirk an eyebrow in puzzlement, but soon realized that it was her mistake.

“… what’s your name?”

“Kyle, m’lady.”

“Kyle.” She repeated, nodding her head in approval. “Can you spread the word around the place that the Light’s coming? We’re going to need mirrors to catch it.”

The look he gave her would have made Tybresa burst out laughing, but if she had done so, he would have confirmed that she had indeed gone mad and lost her senses. However, she kept a straight face as she intently stared at him.

“R-right … I can … do that.”

“Thank you.” She nodded him and averted her gaze from him while he departed.

There was no turning back now - and though Tybresa made sure that they were prepared to trek through the marshes to investigate the Nexus readings that Jinx’s devices had tracked, she nonetheless did not like the feeling that they were about to wander into the dark - blindfolded.

At least she would have the right people at her side - it was a hard decision, but she spread out her choices as much as possible. Rai was a fine swordsman - he would be able to dispatch whatever opposition was in their way. Jinx would manipulate her little … gadgets to lead them to the Crystal … and for the sake of man-power, several soldiers hand-picked from Lord Blackwood’s pledged men would keep them small enough to wander into the wilderness undetected.

She had sent word to them about a message that would sound nonsensical, perhaps a little bit poetic - but it was within that metaphor that they would find their meaning.

It was time to find themselves a Nexus Crystal.

// Long overdue, but nonetheless I hope you guys are ready for this! This would be the Bastion’s first mission and for management’s sake, I’m keeping it tightly-knit for now in order to see how things work out. I’ll make sure to cycle between participants for future events, so the people participating now will probably not be considered for the next one (well, maybe - but for fairness’ sake, of course).

@ionianlightning, @progressive-panic-by-jinx, @thegeneralofold feel free to reply to this ‘rally’ either by reblogging or just letting me know OOC that you’re still willing to participate - if not, it won’t be a problem at all.

For further questions on the mission, let me know and I’ll answer as best as I can without spoiling~

Vendors We Love - San Diego Socialights | http://truephotography.com/design/vendors-we-love-san-diego-socialights/ by True Photography

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Vendors We Love - San Diego Socialights

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Vendor Type: Lighting
Why We Love Them: Ever dream of seeing your name in lights? These electrical wizards will make it happen :)
Did You Know? These team members also devote their ‘energy’ to local environmental organizations each year
Specialties Include: “Event set up/ take down/ rental of market lighting, edison lighting, twinkle lights, custom marquee signs, out of the box projects, dripping tree lights, and beyond. Everything from the simple to the outlandish.”
Things They Love: 

  • Our Planet – we love to travel it. we love to take care of it. we love to love it. which is why we’re proud to be a part of 1% for the Planet.
  • That we get to work with our family. That we love the fact that we work with our family. That we’re family. We lucked out big time on that front.
  • Truly genuine great big hearty belly laughs. <3

Please enjoy a selection of our favorite images from recent events we’ve worked together. Click here to see more!

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One More Reason to Love This Company

In addition to being a company we love (and love working with!) we can’t thank this team enough for their generous support and participation in The Love Benefit. This event was held on 6/2/15 to honor our founder Aaron Feldman, who was diagnosed with Leukemia in December 2014 and is currenlty undergoing intensive treatment. This team worked tirelessly to make the event a reality and an unforgettable evening. Please click here to see photos from the event, which was attended by over 300 wedding industry professionals, friends, family, and the community at large. To learn more about Aaron’s story, please visit http://howibeatmycancer.com

(pann) k-netizens on krystal’s light makeup

1. [+139, -6] her makeup is really light (one)

2. [+99, -7] her stage makeup is also very light. other female idols wear false eyelashes, thick eyeliner, and sparkling eye shadow but krystal barely wears makeup like that… but she’s still pretty. (two)

3. [+98, -6] her makeup is light but she looks fancy overall… no wonder why people praise krystal.

4. [+56, -0] her eyes when she was at an event. it’s light for a celebrity. (three)

5. [+50, -0] when she was 19, she went to do a photo shoot with wet hair and bare face but she still looked so pretty, so the photographer took a picture of her. it’s the famous picture. (four)

6. [+47, -0] she said she doesn’t wear makeup when she doesn’t have schedules because she doesn’t know how to put on makeup ㅠㅠ so cute

7. [+44, -0] krystal doesn’t know how to wear makeup so she goes around with bare face. jessica said she has to put makeup 3 times on a family trip. for herself, for krystal, and for their mother ㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+31, -1] krystal looks prettier with light makeup… her facial features are very strong, so thick makeup actually covers the features. (five)

9. [+28, -0] (no comment) (six)

10. [+28, -0] pictorial (seven)

11. [+26, -0] soojung with light makeup & krystal with thick makeup. (eight)

(source i, ii)


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Yes sir, I would love the right to make other humans forget events that by current lights are “inaccurate, inadequate, irrelevant, or excessive.” That’s a superpower I would like to have. In my family, stories are told and retold dozens—if not hundreds—of times in exactly the same way, often to prove that I am the absent-minded one, my sister is the practical one, and that it was glaringly obvious from the moment of our births.