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Created By Bruxel

Created for: The Sims 4

  • Imperial King’s Formal Wear - bruxel

I use this one for formal events. It can be worn with high boots and represents the power and status of the monarch. Hat not included in this one.

The badges, medals and insignias used are from the british monarch, To pay respects and allow for players to enjoy making a royal family in their own game.


  • King Everyday Suit - bruxel

This suit is mostly for everyday or formal or party it is alot more dressy then the normal coat and tie.


  • King Formal Tuxedo - bruxel

Very classy and dressy for formal events and party’s. High status members of society like Princes and Kings.


There is no bun sitting in an oven to cheekily tell her boyfriend she’s pregnant. She’s sitting on a new couch in a new home for a new beginning – feeling terrified of a past event. Tight spandex are worn at all times to appear as thin as ever and hide the growing stomach she knows he will eventually see. She should be happy. She hopes he’s happy. “Julian, I’ll make dinner in a little bit, but come sit with me.”


Borderlines || Part 2

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD):

Disorder in which causes unstable moods, behavior, and relationships. People who have this disorder usually have trouble regulating their thoughts and emotions. Also, have impulsive and reckless behavior. Usually begins in early adulthood.

Word Count: 3.8k+

WARNING: Light smut I guess (sorry if it sucks)

A/N: This is unedited, sorry for mistakes! Read Part 1 for the story to make sense:)

Part 1 | Part 3

You were swimming in thoughts of what happened in the span of just 30 minutes. You were conflicted about the events that took place, your emotions everywhere. You were even more so confused about who Jungkook was, and why he kidnapped you.

The events worn you out, so you decided to sleep. After all, you couldn’t do anything else. You laid your head and adjusted your body in a position that would work for you and your wrist that was still handcuffed to the bed. You closed your eyes and the last thing you thought was He’s a lunatic…Jungkook is borderlined.

Awakening the next day was painful for you. You didn’t know what time of day it was, and you completely forgot about your surroundings and where you were. Whatever happened the day before was quite blurry, but the sudden soreness that buzzed  from licking your dry lips had the memories of yesterday flooding back to you.

Jungkook fed you with his mouth. He kissed you, he kept going even though he knew you ate all the food that he fed you. You couldn’t help but remember the feeling of his soft, pink lips on yours. He was being so rough at first, but slowed down and deepened the kiss. You felt love, and almost safe kissing him, forgetting that he was the one who kidnapped you.

The memory of yesterday made you scrunch your face in pure disgust. You didn’t want him to touch you again. You wanted to flee from him, get out of this room, escape and never see him again. His words from yesterday rang through your head,‘You are going to have to get used to my presence (y/n) because we’re going be together for a long, long time’. You didn’t want to believe him, you still wanted to have hope that you’ll be able to escape him, but the way he said those words made you believe that he would be capable of doing anything to prevent you from leaving him. The thought of him keeping you captive for the rest of your life frightened you. The thought of what he wanted you for frightened you even more.

What was the most frightening was, who the hell was Jeon Jungkook? He doesn’t look like the emotional, deranged lunatic others claimed him to be. He looked completely harmless to you. He seemed kind, was what you thought. He was and looked defenseless was what you thought of him at first. But he proved himself to live up to those supposed rumors of what people claimed him to be. An emotional, psychotic lunatic.

Just as you were collecting your thoughts about Jungkook, someone gently knocked on the door of your room, then silence took over for a minute before the voice that belonged to the person behind the door said, “We’re going out for a while (y/n). Jungkook told me to unlock your door and take your handcuffs off.” Your heart immediately started beating at an amazingly fast pace, thinking it was going to fly out of your chest. This might be my chance to escape him, you thought. But before you could think any further about how you were going to conduct your escape, the deep, husky voice spoke again. “Now, don’t think of anything because he’s staying behind to take care of you.” Your entire body froze. It felt as if your heart stopped beating for a moment. Fear overflowed within you, thinking, I’m not going to escape anytime soon.

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May 22nd- 75 days left 

Leotard 66/∞: 2012 London Olympics USA Event Finals Leotard- worn by Aly Raisman and Jordyn Wieber

  • Aly Raisman and Jordyn Wieber both wore this leotard during the 2012 Olympics floor exercise final. Aly was crowned Olympic Champion after coming in 1st place while Jordyn finished in 7th place.