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Today’s spotlight is on a duo, WOWZERS & Grey!

🎨 Introduce yourselves!

W: Hey how’s it going. I’m WOWZERS and I like memes and ruining my life. If i’m not losing season ranking in Overwatch and crying over Nier Automata I draw fanart or quietly work on future comic projects.

G: Heya guys I’m grey and I like drawing jojo and apologizing for jotaro kujo every day. It sounds like I’m just saying the same thing as wowzers but we actually have very similar tastes okay don’t roast me. I like memeing a lot too and being abused as mercy on overwatch every night. 

🎨 What type of art style(s) interest the both of you? Do you two have any similar preferences or is it all different?     

W: Personally i like really stylized art but that still pays deep attention to detail. I don’t really have too much of a specific art style taste because I’m very interested in many styles. I REALLY admire well rendered painted styles but i do also enjoy simplified art as well.  I think we really vary in preferences really.

G: I also love art styles with very bold lines, good color theory, and mixed styles of eastern and western art! I don’t necessarily have a preference because I like any art style that feels personalized and different. 

🎨 Has your art style changed since you’ve started your art career? If so, how?

W: IMMENSELY yes. Like almost everyone else, I began very young. I had a very grotesque art style that used to be endless basketball heads, no nose and stick proportions for a while lol. I was always stubborn so despite telling myself “I HATE ART I GIVE UP BEING AN ARTIST” i never really stopped drawing and I’m rather content with my style. It has a long history of failure to a pretty decent style so that’s good. 

G: my art glowed up so much throughout the years but especially in 2015. If you ever feel bad about your art just know that I used to draw with a MOUSE on MS PAINT or paint tool sai for like 3 years. I basically had an existential art crisis and had a huge problem with not wanting my art to look “anime” but that obviously limited my art so I just yolo’d it and let myself draw however. So I’m really happy to grow everyday as an artist and play with styles a lot B^)

🎨 Name your favourite thing about being an artist.    

W: I’ve found that the most powerful thing of an artist is the influences you can give to other people. Especially if that influence is lowkey PLEADING through fanart of a very isolated fandom to try to get people to get interested in it.

G: I like being able to connect with others with my art and being able to bond with others with common interest in anime or cartoons. 

🎨 We’ve noticed that you have a variety of original characters. What are the most important factors for you in choosing which characters to draw?

W: wHO TOLD YOU. I suppose the most important factor is just on what ideas i have at the moment to further develop them. However it could be just how i feel at that time, like if i’m feeling sad i’ll draw the character that would look the saddest from them all sad haha.

G: i feel so attacked i literally post never post about them just because I’m shy about sharing my personal projects. I have a tendency of making characters just based on one key idea but I lean more on the characters I relate with more. 

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WOWZERS’ Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/WowzaWowzers
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Grey’s Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/princejoestar/
Grey’s Tumblr - @king-joestar

What is the best day to attend vancon 2017 of I’m only getting the preferred one day pass that includes panels and friday kareoke???
Is the kareoke worth going friday? I really want to see any panels with jensen and or misha, but I can’t seem to find a panel schedule, just one for ops and autographs.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!


Shipyard Night Market

When: Friday Nights 5-10pm - 2017 Dates       May 5th to Sept 29th
Where: The Shipyards in North Vancouver

You won’t want to miss this years Shipbuilders’ Night Market on Friday Nights !! Come down for great food, art, music, entertainment and shopping. The festivities in the Square kick off at 5pm every Friday night all summer long!
On the Shipbuilders’ Stage there is live music going until 10pm, showcasing talent from all over BC.

Dog friendly and many food trucks too. 


FanExpo 2016: Day 1

(I do not know any of these cosplayers’ names, so if you are them or you know them, send me an ask or message so I can add credit)

Some Overwatches! This 76 had a really good costume, I kind of wish I’d taken pictures of him from more than just the one angle. There were also a couple of D.Vas around but I didn’t manage to get photos of them.

Wolverine and Kim Possible were there too! And Ms. Frizzle! And the Baudelaires!

idk why i took a picture of a random aisle in the exhibitors’ hall but whatev


With EXO’s North American tour just beginning, it’s imperative that people know what they’re getting into if they have pit tickets. This is for everyone’s safety and enjoyment of the tour. I had already made this into a thread on twitter, but per request, it has now been tweaked and made into a masterpost here for convenience.

[UPDATED 160213 with the events in Vancouver]

[UPDATED 160215 with the events in LA]

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iknow-theway  asked:

Do you know of any vigils or rallies happening in Vancouver? If not, do you know of anyone willing to put one together, or help me do so?

Most of the vigils for the Quebec shootings were tonight, but there are more rallies/vigils coming up to combat islamophobia & white supremacy and the events in Quebec.

There are 4 upcoming events for Vancouver on February 4th & 5th:

F5, 12pm, US Consulate

F4, 530pm, Jamia Masjid

F4, 63pm, Jack Poole Plaza

F5, 10am, Peace Arch

Events came from this list, which I posted earlier today. Many more cities are listed there.


Is FursuitFriday still a thing? I’ve not done one in a while. 

Anyway, here’s Tatonga, who’s a Pronghorn. Built by OneFurAll back in 2008, he made his first appearance at Further Confusion, AnthroCon, and then later at EuroFurence. I kept this one secret for a long time, and managed to mess with a few peoples’ heads ;)

These days, he most often pretends to be a reindeer at various Christmas themed events around the Vancouver area.