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things that remind me of the signs
  • Aries: working out, gym, competition, laughing, flowers, selfies, adventures
  • Taurus: hedonism, coffee, cigarettes, chocolate, cakes, fruit salads, cozy outfits, campfires, pottery, trees, forests, grass
  • Gemini: gossip, mental illnesses, laughing, guns, shiny metals, diamonds, pop music, groups of people
  • Cancer: introverts, hugs, crying, loving, sensitivity, eyeglasses, math classes, keeping the emotions inside and not revealing them
  • Leo: ambition, success, loyal friendship, arguments ending with sex, peace, parties, popularity, golden patterns, never-ending conversations
  • Virgo: criticism, perfectionism, stubbornness, cruelty, being picky, minimalism, ugly outfits, overthinking, complicating things for no reason at all
  • Libra: group hugs, shopping, cool outfits, hipsters, rainbows, unicorns, love, friendships, support
  • Scorpio: intensity, chilling, sex, crying, eternal love, revenge, feeding pets, pc games, sensitivity, fast food
  • Sagittarius: social events, seminars, plans, starbucks, travelling, haute couture
  • Capricorn: noodles, success, advocates, crying, nonsensical jokes, inside jokes, mocking people, spending your entire day with your best friend, poker face
  • Aquarius: eccentricity, exotic fruits, beaches, cute but big and rainbowy necklaces, jewelry, champagne, gossip, talking, never-ending fun, trance music, make-up
  • Pisces: art, black and pastel clothes, dark green, plants and nature in global, dolphins, sharks, the feeling of being betrayed, revenge, intense uncontrollable emotions, immensely developed intuition, long hugs in bed

not even sure if the html is going to work with the tumblr mobile update. anyway, i know i owe a bunch of replies as well as some starters to people; so sorry for the delay! my job includes event planning and traveling amongst other things, and i have a huge event next week and then the week after that i will be out of town for work, so i’m prepping for that. i am slowly working through my starters and replies, though. if you’d like to plot or come up with some ideas with me, please let me know~ ps happy birthday to julien’s fc the peach prince himself♡

Our deepest condolences for the death of Dr. Ralph M. Steinman of Rockefeller University in Manhattan on Friday. He was chosen for a Nobel Prize in Medicine, however, he died 3 days before the prize was announced and also three days before the Swedish committee even knew about it. Unfortunately, Nobel prizes are not given posthumously so we’ll have to see. As part of K & G Limousine we have serviced Dr. Steinman before at least once. We still have him on our records we do provide wonderful service and we show our deepest condolences in limousine service and of course the medical field. We hope that the Swedish committee picks another rightful person for the field, however, that person has to fill some big shoes.
We thank you for reading something about K and G Limousine.
  • When one is planning and arranging for a flight, it is also advisable that they inquire from the airport the availability of the airport ground transportation services and know what extra charges will one have to cover for the transportation service. This will not only give comfort to the passenger, but it will also make sure that one work on his/her planned schedule and they do not miss important meetings or get stranded at the airport after a flight.
  • Although many people will have the privilege to have their friends or families transport them to and from the airport, one should also inquire from friends what means or what companies offer the best services into the airport, within and from the airport. One should also be keen in case of a flight switch, they should make sure that they inquire from within and know which terminal will lead them to catch the next flight. At times, airport ground transportation services will determine which airport on is to fly from.
  • There are other optional public transport services within the airport; this includes a train, golf carts which are used to access the places that which cannot be accessed by taxis and other cars. At some large airports, all the terminals are interconnected to help one move from one terminal the other just incase of a flight switch. Terminal stops are fitted at specific places and there might even be a way out to the parking garage. One is advised to learn and know the terminal to which they are supposed to use.
  • In case of a flight change, one should easily change to the required terminal without having to inconvenience anyone or be late/miss the flight. Taking time to get a know-how of the airport will save one time just incase the get lost within the airport. If one has a luggage to carry along to the flight, there are carts that help one move their luggage easily around the airport. Mothers who also have their young children with them, the might use some of the oversize carts to carry their children from one point of the airport to another. Elderly people and differently abled people may use these golf carts as means of movement from one point to the other.
  • The ‘general’ airport transportation Not everyone will afford or feel the need to use the executive transportation mode, it may be due to their incapability to pay for the transportation mode, or that they just want to spend that money in to something else, some might be traveling with their family hence opt for driving themselves to the airport. Some airports offer free public transportation to and from the terminals. Some might charge but usually at a low price. This enables every person who wants to travel under a low budget get in and out of the airport conveniently.
  • One can also consider staying at a nearby hotel just for convenience. The hotels offer a cheaper parking rate compared to the airport and they offer low or free transport services to the airport. This saves ones time and money and makes it easier to navigate the airport without having to accrue charges. This will be a convenient option if one is to travel so some period and they need to get a parking for their car. The accumulative fee will not be much as it should have been if one had chosen to park in the airport.
  • These simple suggestions about airport service in which can be accessible. You could go through a majority of different hassle of the airport but you could also call K and G Limousine Service. Because K adn G Limousine is based in New York City which is the capital of the whole world. It truly is why? mainly because everyone want sto see New York City. Through JFK, LGA or EWR people come from all the different places. Sometimes JFK provides the best airport service and K and G Limousine Service knows the airport like the bank account we have and the back of our own hands. This doesnt exclude the other airports such as LGA and EWR. Do you want to take a convenient also visit the website. www.kglimo.com website so go ahead and do it.