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Curtis Family Photo Album

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A rare photo of Dally that Mrs. Curtis managed to get

Darry, Soda, and Ponyboy at Soda 7th birthday

Johnny and Ponyboy on their first day of school

Darry and Soda during summer break

Darry, Soda, and Mrs. Curtis picking flowers

Dally’s 10th birthday party with the gang

Ponyboy and Johnny playing together (age 2 and 3)

Darry and Soda on Halloween

Mr. Curtis and Soda

Darry and Soda before just before school

Dally trying to hide from the camera (with Ponyboy in the background)

Darry, Soda, Ponyboy, Steve, and Angela hanging out

I just got an email, forwarded from out from our university’s art department no less, for “"Students in need of experience opportunities.” 

Client: Students in need of hours or experience opportunities; we are looking for photographers to cover an upcoming event. We can offer photo credit in any future marketing, and are happy to send copies for your portfolios, as well as admission tickets to the event. We have photographers on site for the event, but are lacking a creative eye to capture more candid moments, and better documentation of the overall experience.

If I’m reading that right, they’re not only bringing in students alongside a hired photographer (which I’m sure they’re thrilled about), but don’t think the photographer is even worth their salt. 

Suffice to say I declined, and I’m still wondering what the hell they’re thinking. 

Vă invităm la o seară de istorisiri şi re-povestiri despre personaje reale sau imaginare, locuri şi stări pe care le-am descoperit şi documentat în fel şi chip, cu ajutorul fotografiei sau camerei de filmat.

EXPOZIŢIE DE FOTOGRAFIE (Crina Prida şi Oana Pop, alături de Andrada Haş, Laura Gal, Mara Miclea), urmată de o PROIECŢIE DE FILME de autor, totul alăturat muzicii propuse de Iulian Morar (LIVELAND / Midweek Tapes).

Drinks and snacks on the house.

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Evan Tetreault Photography captured this scene on a rainy night in Florida. “I took this after sneaking into some fancy hotel Christmas party,” he remembers, “I pretended to be the event photographer in order to get to the roof. I ran over to the edge of the roof and saw this lonely golf cart, the only means of transportation as far as I could see”.

Forgive or Forget

Forgive or Forget
[Sometimes it’s just not possible to forgive and forget │Simon D & Christian Yu]

You were almost embarrassed by the amount of time it took for you to get ready for this fashion event. AOMG were invited to many of the Seoul fashion week events, including the one for some designer you couldn’t even pronounce that you attending now. You posed alongside your long time boyfriend Kiseok as the photographers snapped away. Calling his name and Jay’s name every few moments to grab their attention.

You used to hate being a plus one- This wasn’t who you were. Glam events and photographs were out of your comfort zone. But somewhere between the lovely fitted dress that Jay’s stylist picked out for you and the killer custom boots you were rocking you felt pretty proud of yourself. Besides after three years with Kiseok, these events were a walk in the park.

Kiseok wrapped his arm snuggly around your waist, placing a kiss just below your ear as the shutters continued to go off. You smiled up at him laughed. “What are you doing?”

“I just want everyone to know you’re mine” he chuckled, straightening your necklace before walking you inside the event.

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anonymous asked:

what did isak and even do today?❤️

Anonymous said: Hi babe!! Just wondering what tmtts Isak and Even did during the weekend? Love you!

they didn’t see each other at all on sunday — even had an event to photograph and isak didn’t very much feel like going out. he slept most of the day and slumped around in sweatpants. eva had to remind him to eat and considered staying to look after him, but isak insisted she go out with her friends like she’d planned. eva texted even and asked if he could check up on isak, but when even texted isak, isak asked him not to come over. he knew he wouldn’t be very good company, so instead even went home and live texted “crank” to isak, because it’s one of his favorite movies and even finally gave into watching it. he thought it was a pointless action porn, but at least it was entertaining.

today, isak worked a morning shift at the museum after class, and afterwards met jonas and magnus for lunch. they talked about magnus’s new tinder profile and the julian look-a-like. isak only brought even up three times. 

after class, even met with mutta and the both of them tried to find something for even to photograph that’ll be able to make him feel something, but apart from a dog at the park, even hated all of his shots. mutta pointed out that maybe the subject matter would come to even instead of the other way around, but even insists he’s running out of time to find the perfect shots and is probably going to fail his class. mutta bought him some ice cream to cheer him up.

coincidentally, mutta and even ended up at the same place as magnus, jonas and isak, and they were invited to join them. even sat across from isak and as they all settled into a comfortable conversation, even started rubbing his foot along the side of isak’s leg. eventually, they both locked their feet together (they’ve started doing that more often) and spent the rest of the time there this way. no one caught them, and what the fuck, honestly, they’re being so obvious i????

when they were done, isak told them he had to go pick up a book at the library and even offered to accompany him. when they all parted ways, isak noticed even looked kind of bummed out, so he asked him if he needed a blowjob. even laughed and told him no, he didn’t need a blowjob, but isak’s company was enough to lighten his mood. isak reminded him he’s here if even needs to talk, and even thanked him profusely. 

when they picked up isak’s book at the library, even teased isak about checking out a book about the theory of time travel, and isak defended himself saying jonas had been asking questions about it and he wanted to be able to enlighten his best friend by giving him answers with credible sources. even thought this was the most adorable thing in the universe – but he always thinks that of anything isak does – and kissed him quickly as they reached the bottom of the library steps, taking isak by surprise. he blushed a deep crimson red and muttered “asshole” under his breath. they both finally went their separate ways and to their own places.

isak thought about that kiss for the rest of the day.