event gifs

GUYS! OMG ALL of Tracers event unlocks are AMAZING… and this finger gun one… it’s not listed as an event unlock? BUT IT”S NEW RIGHT? 

making a quick video about how amped I am about all these things if you wanna check it out. I’ll link it on my page here in a little bit.

@maiarobertsdaily and @maiarobertsgifs are teaming up to host MAIA WEEK this March to spread some love for the strong, beautiful, and badass Maia Roberts!

anyone is welcome to participate and create any type of original content, including gifs, edits, fics, fanart, headcanons, and more! the themes for each day are just guidelines - feel free to interpret them as you like or do something completely different!

march 20 // day 1 - favorite maia scene
march 21 // day 2 - favorite relationship
march 22 // day 3 - favorite brotp
march 23 // day 4 - alternate universe
march 24 // day 5 - music/song lyrics
march 25 // day 6 - alisha wainwright appreciation
march 26 // day 7 - free choice

make sure to tag your creations with #maiaweek and/or #maiarobertsedit so we can reblog them!

if you have any questions, feel free to send them here!