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[Special Gacha] Tales of Asteria x The Idolmaster Million Live! Collab
Duration: 2/28 (Tue) 22:00 ~ 3/17 (Fri) 15:59

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Alongside the 5☆ “Awakening” enabled Colette (Idol), Velvet (Idol), and Rutee (Idol) from the special gacha, there is also a chance to get 5☆ Lailah (Idol), Presea (Idol), Rody (Idol), Illia (Idol), and 4☆ Agria (Idol)!

Character artes and skill details under the cut.

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3. Forest Temple
  • 3. Forest Temple
  • Koji Kondo

The #3 Scary Spooky Zelda Tune is…the Forest Temple (OOT)!

This Forest temple is beautiful as it is haunting, in both music and appearance.  It is the first dungeon Link must complete once he becomes an adult to save his childhood friend.  Full of ghosts, stalfos, and wolfos, it matches well our Halloween theme.

Friendly reminder that Mabel didn’t start the whole ‘making fun of Dipper’ incident.

Friendly reminder that Stan started it by making fun of the game, not Dipper.

Friendly reminder that Mabel started laughing when Stan said “buttress”.

Friendly reminder that Dipper called Stan, Mabel, and Soos “not smart enough to figure the game out”.

Friendly reminder that Mabel wanted to sleep when she finally actually called Dipper a dork (and even then it was only the language he was using, not him).

Friendly reminder that it was Dipper who brought up the fact that she and Stan make fun of him and only then does Mabel respond with actually doing it–though she never actually calls him names or makes fun of him.

Friendly reminder that Mabel overheard the entire conversation from the end of last episode and lied to Dipper about what Ford said to Stan to protect his view of the author who he has idolized this entire summer.

You know. Friendly reminder.


| Part 3: BeamTheChao’s Foreigner’s Guide to Magi: Dungeon and Magic: Pump Up Your Team! |

Part 3 of the Magi game tutorial! This one covers how to increase character stats and how to get forms!

Next will be Menu functions, Managing Friends, Making In-Game Purchases and Promo Form Lottery!

Part 1

Part 2

rf10th day one - the first character you fell in love with

rosetta is the love of my life that i never married because rf1 gets very boring after the last boss lmao


that’s what it sounds like when I have a cold, as I do today o3o. So GUYSH I am really excited. Daddy just called me and told me we got invited to demo petplay at an upcoming event at a local dungeon.. I am beyond thrilled, I’m pretty sure my tail could knock out a window. CELEBRATE WITH ME.

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Spoiler Review of A Court of Mist and Fury (Part 1)

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion. I’m in no way stating what I say here is canon or accurate. It is my personal interpretation. If you disagree with my opinion or want to share your view on this with me-go for it! But, if you are going to send me hate, do yourself and me a favor and don’t bother.

Part 1: The House of Beasts

Feyre’s Nightmares and Feylin’s Deterioration

Feyre has to remind herself who she is and where she currently is after the events of Amarantha’s dungeons. She has to remind herself what is real and what is a dream. She has to remind herself that she is a survivor.

Immortal strength-more a curse than a gift. (ACOMAF Pg. 6)

Feyre is having trouble adjusting to her new immortal body which parallels her inability to adjust to normal life. Her problem? She doesn’t have anyone to talk to. Tamlin “sleeps” straight through her nightmares and refuses to talk about his own. The two of them are similar in that they choose to ignore their problems and in doing so, they have completely shunted one another out of one of the most important aspects of their lives. I feel that the two of them think that if they confronted their nightmares together then they’d have to truly acknowledge how real and traumatic Amarantha’s reign over Prythian was to them.

“Today-let’s forget it, let’s just move past it. Please.” (ACOMAF Pg. 102)

Sex is their one reprieve in which they can lose themselves in other sensations, almost like how an alcoholic uses alcohol to drown out their sorrows. But like alcohol, sex just grants them temporary euphoria. It doesn’t solve anything. Sex is a mere illusion of love for the pair and it covers up all the underlying problems in their relationship.

He made love to me, morning and night. He worshiped my body with his hands, his tongue, his teeth. But that had never been the hard part. We just got tripped up with the rest. (ACOMAF Pg. 103)

Instead, we have Tamlin becoming overprotective to the point that he completely smothers and crushes Feyre’s true potential. Understandable. He almost lost her under the mountain and he’s channeled that anguish he felt under the mountain into something else. But in his honorable (?) quest to protect Feyre, he has completely forgotten that she is a warrior, that she has survived Amarantha using her guts and wits. Consequently he demotes her into a damsel in distress, trapping her in a world of frills and vapid society. He doesn’t realize that what Feyre needs is a distraction-a real one. Something that has her moving around, helping others. All his protectiveness ends up pushing down the real Feyre and has, whether she realizes it or not, contributed to her current state of mind: that she is not worthy.  She is “ruined,” a doll smashed to smithereens. On some unconscious level she realizes it at the wedding and it’s why she realizes she can’t marry Tamlin.

To be honest, I never shipped Feylin in ACOTAR (I didn’t ship Feyrhys either if you’re wondering). For me, I felt like a lot of it was lust driven and that the two never really sat down and had a real conversation. That’s why Tamlin fails to understand, like I mentioned before, that Feyre is a fucking survivor.

You still have no idea what it was like for me-to be on the verge of starvation for months at a time. And you can call her a glutton all you like, but I have sisters too, and I remember what it felt like to return home without any food. So maybe she’ll spend all that money on stupid things-maybe she and her sisters have no self-control. But I’m not going to take that chance and let them starve, because of some ridiculous rule that your ancestors invented. (ACOMAF Pg. 94)

This is the AHA moment for me. It’s the one part where you realize how fractured and fragile Feylin was in the first place. How little both of them understand each other. Sure, they love each other-I don’t think for one moment that they faked their love for each other. But love can only take you so far when you fail to understand and appreciate the little or large things that make your partner who they are. It’s also very interesting that she would actually voice out her opinion and lash out against Tamlin after coming back from Rhysand who tells her to become vital and become a weapon. A small bit of Feyre has come back.

How poorly Tamlin understands Feyre comes to light after he fucking traps her in the house. For Feyre it’s a very real and terrifying moment as she comes to grip with how helpless she felt under the mountain. It’s that moment when Tamlin completely rips away Feyre’s freedom to come in and out that Feyre realizes that she has lost all sense of herself. She’s not just trapped physically but also mentally(does that make sense?).


That rage flicker in his eyes again at the dress, the hair. (ACOMAF Pg. 47)

In the few moments that Rhysand has been with Feyre he immediately is able to reveal all the underlying problems with Feylin-earning Feyre’s ire. She’s in denial that anything could possibly be wrong. Why? She practically killed herself to preserve her relationship with Tamlin only to have it fracture straight afterwards. Rhysand recognizes that she has become a “doe-eyed damsel” which is a far cry from the warrior and badassery that is Ferye. He’s furious that Tamlin and the others have trapped her in such a persona because it strips Feyre of her independence and individuality.

I love how he distinctly says, “You are not a prisoner, Feyre.” (ACOMAF Pg. 48) Because in Tamlin’s home, she is a prisoner. She is a prisoner to Tamlin’s whims and orders. She is a prisoner to the wedding. She is a prisoner to the nightmares that haunt her incessantly. But in Rhysand’s home and in his eyes, she is a free individual.

He wants her to become independent again. And what better way to do it than to help her read and cultivate her hidden Fae skills.

Rhysand is the most handsome High Lord.

Rhysand is the most delightful High Lord.

Rhysand is the most cunning High Lord.

First of all, this is so Rhys and it made my mouth twist into a smile. Second of all, can I just say he’s the most vain bastard of all time (but you love him for it anyway?). And third, he probably makes Feyre copy it out not just to feed his vanity but also to channel and direct her anger into something productive. It’s the same method he uses under the mountain to distract her. Feyre’s anger is what helps winnow out (ha get it? No? Ok I’ll shut up now lol) the pain and helps her get out of whatever hole she’s in.

“I have nowhere else to go.” (ACOMAF Pg. 127)

UGH RHYS IS YOUR HOME FEYRE!!!!!!!!!!!! (You can tell that I started shipping them here). But in all seriousness, Feyre has never truly felt at home since the moment she got snatched away from the Mortal Lands. She doesn’t feel at home in her Fae skin because she still has a mortal heart. She’s very lost and confused and has lost complete sense of what to do. Getting away from the very place that had trapped her in the first place is just what she needs to feel that she belongs.

This house…this house was a home that had been lived in and enjoyed and cherished. (Pg. 131)

Welcome home Feyre.

Mor is My Queen

“Good thing I came along. Though I’d enjoy seeing Rhys’s balls nailed to the wall.” (ACOMAF Pg. 59)

Part 2 can be found here: 2


done to play event dungeon “ nightmare circus ” today ; v ; * very miss this dungeon so much because I’m very like it to play this ( OAO)

*time to color captain pj *v*


Remember.Because I will take this moment with me through all of my e t e r n i t y

Dungeons by Borzoi

Some things are best kept under wraps, locked away in the depths of the mind, never allowed to surface. But when the occurrences of the past begin to pour into the present, Klaus has to confront his demons to keep those who matter most to him safe. His family. And the girl who was supposed to be nothing but a challenge. Will he conquer what has been haunting him for 600 years?