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Even if they never grow out of their nerdy looks and generally sweet personalities I can totally see the kids together being well known in high school as the kids you don’t want to mess with, even lowkey badasses, although it’s all based off of rumors. Just think of it:

“Ah! That’s Will Byers, in middle school he was presumed dead for a whole week and suddenly came back like it was nothing! He even had a funeral and everything!!”

“That’s Lucas Sinclair! I heard he once yelled at agents of the FBI ‘Eat Shit!’ And chased them away with nothing but a slingshot!”

“Her? She’s Elle Hoppers, she’s the adopted daughter of the chief, not only you don’t want to mess with his princess but there’s also rumours she can… Do things… Weird things…”

“The boy standing next to her is Mike Wheeler, I heard once he jumped off the forest’s cliff and survived! Although… Some crazier rumors say he flew back to the top…”

“Oh! And the one with the messy hair? That’s Dustin Henderson… I heard he took on the WORST bully in the middle school, and SURVIVED”

“They’re literally always together, whispering and sharing knowing looks all the time as if they belonged to some elite club. They say the five of them were involved with the FBI at some point… Some think they found out about a conspiracy in Hawkins, others say they are secret agents, no one really knows the truth.”

And so, people are generally nervous to be in their way even when all you need is five seconds around them to realize they’re such DORKS! Just think of a rushed freshman who accidentally runs into El in the school’s hallways and he’s TERRIFIED! Already shaking of what the mysterious chief’s daughter could do just if you stand in her way… Much to their surprise El gives them a hand to help them up and does a small comment about liking their school bag before walking away, leaving the confused freshman wondering what sort of deity had mercy to spare his soul.

“There they go again, what do you think they’re all discussing? Looking like they’re planing some big secret event…”

Meanwhile the kids…

“Dungeons and Dragons in my basement? Who brings the Eggos?”

ooeyspace  asked:

your art and blog has made me want to get into persona!! can you give me a gist of what it is and what it's about please to get me started?

WOAH I’m really happy to hear that! The Persona series are all modern day JRPGs, and are generally about a team of sorta outcast schoolkids that team up to confront otherworldly beings influenced by mythologies and psychology. Thematically, the games are always about exploring the human subconscious and psyche, with the characters discovering their true selves along the way ^__^^^ Also there’s usually a fair amount of tragedy and angst making up the backstory of a lot of characters.

I’ve only finished P3/4/5 and those games are generally the most accessible for newcomers to the series, being downloadable on PS3 and PS4. (here’s the openings for Persona 3, Persona 4, Persona 5 haha)

In terms of portability, P3P (the adaptation of the original P3 including a female protagonist!!) and P4G (a port of the original P4 along with new social links, characters, and events) are both available on PS vita.

Persona 1 and 2 are also available for download on PSP/PS Vita, and have more of a classic RPG feel. I really do recommend checking those out too, even if just as an LP, because their stories are incredibly amazing and tragic and heartfelt!!!


There’s a few gameplay elements that are iconic to the Persona series!! First is the appearance of personas, which are beings manifested from a person’s psyche, and will help you on your journey throughout the game both in combat and in your day-to-day interactions!! 

The second is the social link system, which was introduced in Persona 3, and is a character interaction element that lets you explore peoples stories in order to help with the growth of personas. And, of course, you can date your social links (although they are het gender locked haha persona Please Let Me Date The Same Sex).

The third is the duality between your every day life and your dungeon grinding!!! With the introduction of P3 came a calender system that helped you keep track of school and events, and dungeon-related aspects, and that continued on with P4/5. A major part of the games is having a balance between these two parts, and P5 really reinforces the whole normal life and hidden secret lifestyle.

Other things that deserve mention is now absolutely amazing the soundtracks are for the games, and how NUTS the gameplay bosses can be, you can play on any difficulty and and a single mistake could really mess up your combat strategies!!! The games have always been so stylish and aesthetically pleasing and have amazing characters!!

Sorry for this whole mess of a reply!!!!!! There’s A Lot to the Persona series and it can be quite difficult to summarise essentially some 500 hrs of gameplay. BUT I HOPE this gives you some insight and I hope you check out the series!!!

3. Forest Temple
Koji Kondo
3. Forest Temple

The #3 Scary Spooky Zelda Tune is…the Forest Temple (OOT)!

This Forest temple is beautiful as it is haunting, in both music and appearance.  It is the first dungeon Link must complete once he becomes an adult to save his childhood friend.  Full of ghosts, stalfos, and wolfos, it matches well our Halloween theme.

Run Around the Classroom Waking Phorus Up In This Fun Dungeon Event!

Heya adventurer! How has your week been? Have you eaten? Are you hydrated? Are you feeling relaxed? If you said yes to all then all is well, we can jump right into the heart of things now! First up, just want to let everyone know that this week the maintenance is pushed back 1 day, so you will have to wait until Thursday to check out all the new goodies going into the game. But it will be worth the wait, I promise! What goodies, well, how about a new event dungeon! We have a new event dungeon where you can compete with another person on who can wake up the most sleeping Phorus. “But GM Amelia, why on earth would you want to disturb a slumbering creature’s sleep?” you might ask. Why, for the awesome rewards of course! Plus, they’re in school and you shouldn’t be sleeping class anyway! And it’s so much fun making Professor Banthus angry. Don’t take my word for it though, test it out on Thursday! And you should also check out the new stuff we have at the Item Mall for this week. I guarantee you’ll be completing a lot of sets *wink*.

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This group will find their way to the dungeons of the castle. They will barricade the doors and lock themselves in to keep out the rebels who will have taken over the castle at this particular point. They will be combatting no food, very little drinkable water, as well as wet, damp, and dark conditions. *Note: Keep in mind that they will have rebels constantly trying to get through the doors until they are rescued so fighting will occur. The barricades will have to be reshifted and should a few manage to break through only fighting them will get them back out there will be npc men here for that purpose as well.

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rf10th day one - the first character you fell in love with

rosetta is the love of my life that i never married because rf1 gets very boring after the last boss lmao

One Productive Week

Last week I said it was time to get back to work, and let me tell you, I got plenty of work done. I feel like i got more work done on Shooty and the Catfish last week then I have in the months before hand combined.

So what did I achieve this week?

Well, first of all the main character sprites were revised again. Shooty had the most reworking done. Originally I had planned to have a weapon permanently attached to his arm, and this weapon could have its ammo types swapped out depending on the situation. I dropped this idea to save it for another game (a game with the one party member) and instead have opted to have Shooty behave how he did in my original animated series pitch. That being that he can have a number of different fire arms for different enemy types (sniper rifle for flying enemies, shotgun for fleshy enemies, rifle for armored enemies, etc). Because of this I have revised his sprite so he has no visible weapon.

Along similar lines Zaat’s sprite was updated to make her a bit more expressive.

But that’s not all, we also have a new character, or rather, a very old character who now has a sprite. This is Gerkinman. In the context of the game (and demo) he will act as a merchant, selling firearms to Shooty and Martial Arts films on VHS to Zaat (this will be how she learns new moves). Gerkinman as a character has been around since 2001, and for quite a few years was also the alias I went by. More closely related to this game however, Gerkinman also was the first RPG Maker game I tried to make in recent years. At the time I was using VX Ace on a virtual machine on my old macbook. Running the software well was near impossible and is what eventually killed the “Gerkinman Legends” project, which was supposed to be a retelling of my animated Gerkinman series from the early 2000s. Within the context of this game he will work very much in the same way as the Merchant from Resident Evil 4. Welcome stranger.

I also managed to get the basics of the 4 floors of the single dungeon found in the Shooty and the Catfish demo completed. They still need things like environmental details added in (the sewer for example will have flowing water and dripping pipes, etc) but the groundwork has been laid.

Each floor has its own color palette which I hope will stop people from getting lost, and will have its own unique details. I have since also added in the doors, keys and transfer events required for the dungeon BUT it turns out through play testing there’s at least 2 ways to sequence break the dungeon. While I am generally a fan of sequence breaking in games, I don’t want to be setting people up to be able to trap themselves, so I am going to need to do more play testing to fit in the needed road blocks in order to stop that from happening.

Anyway, that’s it for this week. While im glad I haven’t had any freelance to take up my time allowing me to make this sort of progress, It also means I haven’t had any income… That’s life I guess. Hopefully next week I will have these maps balanced and full of details bringing them to life. We will see. Until then, peace out and have a good one!

- Daniel

It’s coming soon!

All of the enemies that will be available in the demo aside from the boss have been implemented. I just need to place items and events in the dungeon, do some polishing in the towns and it’ll be ready to go. The mid-June deadline will be met.

So get excited, you guys will be able to play this soon.

If you want to help with the development of Unknown World, please consider checking out my Patreon. Any little bit helps.
Patrons get early access to the demo as well!


| Part 3: BeamTheChao’s Foreigner’s Guide to Magi: Dungeon and Magic: Pump Up Your Team! |

Part 3 of the Magi game tutorial! This one covers how to increase character stats and how to get forms!

Next will be Menu functions, Managing Friends, Making In-Game Purchases and Promo Form Lottery!

Part 1

Part 2

シーズンイベント「かいてい」開幕! - Season event “The ocean” comes soon!!

かいがんぞいに あいた どうくつは、 まがまがしい うみの しんえんへと つながっている。


開催期間 - Period for event dungeons

2017/5/17(水/Wed) 15:00 ~ 2017/6/14(水/Wed) 15:00

報酬交換期間 - Period for exchange

~ 2017/6/21(水/Wed) 15:00

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Light/vague Persona 5 spoilers (?) below

Got the True Ending of Persona 5!

Whew, what a game. There’s no way I could tell you right now whether I like it more or Golden, but shit that was over 100 hours well spent. Really, if I had to point out two main complaints, one would be the endgame feeling a little underexplored. It would be a break of recent tradition for P5 not to get an updated rerelease, and while I’d like to think Atlus wouldn’t deliberately leave certain things vague to address in an updated game, it certainly has some questions unanswered. Not that I wouldn’t be all about a Golden-esque update down the line, after P4G filled out much of the time skip between Christmas and March with free time, events, and a new dungeon, it was kind of a bummer to go back to skipping most of winter, though, to keep it spoiler-free, it’s fairly justified in the story.

The other is Atlus can localize better than this. To clarify, most of the core voice acting is great, certain characters in certain scenes (because that’s not vague) REALLY got me, but I have seen all of the bizzaro translation oddities and whatnot and yeah, I feel like P4 had nearly no issue in this regard, though I understand there’s many reasons why it could have happened. By no means do I feel anywhere near as harshly about it as some people, and I’ve seen that it also has it’s share of Woolsyisums (as in improvements on the original or creative solutions to hard to adapt dialogue) as well, so, combined with overall great voice acting it’s absolutely not a trainwreck, I just noticed more goofs and weird lines while playing than I expected to.

BUT REALLY I can’t be negative about this game for too long, because it’s still too damn good. SO HERE’S SOME MAJOR POSTIVES:

- The art is stellar, the UI is second to none.

- Atlus has combat and how the various systems in the game effect eachother down to a science. Having every Social Link provide unique bonuses seems like a no-brainer, but it was one of the biggest things I didn’t realize I wanted in Persona 3 and 4.

- While I didn’t get too far with Ohya in this run, what I saw of Lala was SURPRISINGLY ENCOURAGING considering the series’ past issues with LGBT portrayal.

- It’s SMT. It’s Shoji Meguro. The music is top-tier.

- Palaces set a new benchmark for Persona dungeon quality and creativity. That they exist alongside the traditional randomly generated Tartarus-esque labyrinth with Mementos is great and let’s you have the best of both worlds.

- Yusuke

- There is nothing more satisfying than getting ambushed by a shadow and getting a Position Hack. The first time it happens is a life-changing experience.


Friendly reminder that Mabel didn’t start the whole ‘making fun of Dipper’ incident.

Friendly reminder that Stan started it by making fun of the game, not Dipper.

Friendly reminder that Mabel started laughing when Stan said “buttress”.

Friendly reminder that Dipper called Stan, Mabel, and Soos “not smart enough to figure the game out”.

Friendly reminder that Mabel wanted to sleep when she finally actually called Dipper a dork (and even then it was only the language he was using, not him).

Friendly reminder that it was Dipper who brought up the fact that she and Stan make fun of him and only then does Mabel respond with actually doing it–though she never actually calls him names or makes fun of him.

Friendly reminder that Mabel overheard the entire conversation from the end of last episode and lied to Dipper about what Ford said to Stan to protect his view of the author who he has idolized this entire summer.

You know. Friendly reminder.

Fullbokko Heroes x Osomatsu-san

This is a masterpost of my own references for Osomatsu-san collab with Fullbokko Heroes X. I’m not sure if this has been done before, but I tried this game out of curiousity because I like the outfits (Oso and Choro especially) and got unexpectedly hooked because it’s quite entertaining. So I decided to just write this down for my own reference and hopefully give some info! :>

Please keep in mind that I’ve only started playing because of the Osomatsu collab, so I definitely haven’t got that far myself. It’s quite lengthy and image heavy (esp the character section) under the cut!

EDIT: Added more information on class type, their attacks and weakness.

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I’m enjoying The Caligula Effect, and am getting more attached to the characters, especially Mifue after the events in the second dungeon. I felt I could relate to what her true self seems to be a bit, and like how things resolved for that section(I’m trying to avoid spoilers ^^; ). 

Aria can be really funny, too. Like her getting mad at Kotaro in his character episodes.

Also, I think I might be overleveled a bit; Sweet-P went down in a turn. XD

neranish: NICE NICE (does this mean she’s evil tho?)

DRA!Neddy is probably Chaotic Neutral? She’s kinda hard to define, especially since she’s actively trying to be a better person/deserve the trust that Miraama and Zed have placed in her

Bhaalspawn!Neddy is kinda going the other way I think? She started out Chaotic Neutral or True Neutral I think? But the BG1 events and Irenicus’ dungeon have her leaning more Neutral Evil