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anonymous asked:

I feel like I've asked this before so sorry for the repeat question but is Fenix known to be a stylist or a designer?

neither really! she’s a brand consultant and creative director with a background in visual and strategic marketing. naturally her portfolio has styling work accounted for but it’s a small part of what she does as a full-service fashion creative. 

some days she’ll do shoot production, other days she’ll just blog about whatever, and sometimes yeah she’ll take on a job where she’s the head stylist of a campaign or magazine spread. overall though she’s mostly working with various designers and brands to help develop new products for their lines and/or partner in collaborations which is why she has her boutique showroom as well. 

she started out as this cute little fashion blogger girl / aspiring stylist but a few years later with a lot of hard work she’s now her own brand and business. she even makes her own schedule now which is ideal for her since she keeps popping out little baby serial killers ;-;