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In honor of Harry’s big day, I wanted to share this cute Harry story with everyone. It’s kind of long, and I’m sorry if I bore you with the detail, but the detail is what makes it interesting, IMO - so I hope you read the whole thing. 

Back in 2014 , my boyfriend, Jesse, was working as a special events media coordinator for a very large and popular venue in London. This was a cool thing because he often would get to meet the talent. He’s met a bunch of different people along the way which of course included, One Direction. 

I had just met Jesse in the early part of 2014 so we weren’t dating yet when 1D was in town. I wasn’t a 1D fan either, so when he told me about it I didn’t really care. It was only after I saw Harry on SNL later that year (I think it was December) that I actually was fuming with envy that Jesse got to meet him.  

Before the 1D show, Jesse first spotted Harry from a distance. He was walking down the hallway and peeked in to one of the dressing rooms only to see a long-limbed “skinny kid” lying on the sofa, with a woman standing over him with her hand on his forehead, as if she were gauging his temperature. Jesse didn’t know who the woman was or who the kid was (he couldn’t see because his face was turned toward the back of the couch). Anyway, the woman spotted Jesse walking by and waived at him to hold up a minute because she wanted to talk to him. She walked out of the room and shut the door behind her so she could talk to Jess in the hallway. She introduced herself (yes, you probably already guessed it was Lou Teasedale) and explained that H wasn’t feeling well and wondered if there were any blankets around, but she asked that he keep the news to himself - rather than getting someone else to find the stuff and bring it to them. Jesse, of course, was happy to provide whatever was needed (because he’s like that) and he scurried off to get it (even though this really wasn’t his job, he was happy to help and he liked the “spy stuff” about keeping it quiet).. 

When he brought the juice and blanket back to the room, Harry’s eyes flew open and he smiled, Lou introduced Harry to Jesse, except when she said his name, Harry got it wrong and thought she said Jeffrey. Harry said,  “Hi Jeffrey, thanks”.  Jesse, of course, didn’t have the heart to correct him, so he just smiled and nodded and waived and told him he hoped he’d feel better before the show. Harry gave him a thumbs up and said “thanks, you too” (LOL) and Lou smiled and hugged Jesse and thanked him, then Jesse left the room.

He assumed this was the first and only interaction he’d have with Harry, but lo and behold, it wasn’t. 

About two hours later, a completely revived Harry was bouncing around in one of the media rooms where 1D was meeting some photographers and some fans for a meet and greet type of thing. He was clearly feeling much better and had a huge cup of coffee in his hand while he was smiling and laughing and talking. 

Anyway, being that he’s Harry, he spotted “Jeffrey” across the room and walked over to him, shook his hand and thanked him again. Jesse asked him how he was doing, and Harry said he was fine he’d been struggling with hay fever but he was feeling better after  his inhaler and an hour under a humidifier mask (not sure what that is, but…ok). 

Someone  else called to Jesse from across the room, and it was only then that Harry realized he had his name wrong, that he wasn’t “Jeffrey”, he was Jesse. So Harry was embarrassed and shook his hand again and RE-INTRODUCED himself to Jesse. LOL, So they chuckled about it for a little bit and Jesse said Harry was really sweet and polite and funny. They chatted about what Jesse had done before this job and they ended up talking about a motorcycle museum that Jesse used to work at and Harry was thrilled, so they chatted about that for a little bit. 

Then Harry finally went off to do his thing and Jesse never saw him again, but I always thought it was a neat story because it just reiterates what everyone always says about Harry. He’s sweet, funny, very down to earth and easy to talk to. Jesse was impressed with him (and he doesn’t impress easily), and their interaction has been something Jesse and I talk about once in a while. He likes to use it against me, because he’s an ass-hat, but our love of Harry Styles has become one of the many things Jesse and I have in common. He even knows I have a tumblr blog about him and he isn’t disturbed by it at all.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got - thanks for reading. 

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I'm not exactly sure if this is the right place to make a request and I also don't know if you even take requests, but I'm doing this anyway. I really really love your jikook writing, no matter what it is, and I was wondering if you could write something for the maknae line with jimin being the submissive one if you know what I mean, or jikook?? Whichever floats your boat. Please and thank you. ^^

fansigns are jimin’s least favorite events. as the famous singing duo VKook’s manager, he’s obligated to coordinate these events but he still hates them. 

“thanks baby~” he hears Taehyung coo at a fan crouching in front of him and he scrunches his face up. 

“disgusting,” he mutters to himself. “stupid, greasy, man-child.” 

“jiminnie, baby, open up for us hmm?” taehyung slides a hand down jimin’s stomach, eyes glinting wickedly. jimin shudders at the sensation, heat pooling in his abdomen. 

jimin shakes his head, gritting his teeth. 

“jungkookie!” he hears another scandalous gasp. he glances over to see jungkook grinning up at a fan who’s covering her mouth with her hands, face flushed. “you’re so perverted! don’t do that to noona’s heart!” 

“ah, but noona’s too cute not to tease~” 

disgusting. he hates both of them. gross. 

stop that!” jimin slaps away the hands trying to grope at his butt. “pervert!” 

“ah hyung is too cute, i can’t help it!” jungkook grins, pushing into jimin’s space until jimin’s trapped between him and the wall. 

oh yes, jimin hates fansigns. 

“no reason for you to be jealous,” he mutters to himself. “it’s only right that they be nice to their fans. you’d chew them out if they were mean.”

just…did they have to be so goddamn flirty?

of course they do, jimin reasons again. that’s what draws in the fans. both of them can act cute but what really gets the fans screaming is when taehyung licks his lips or when jungkook delivers a slick body roll. 

sighing, he pushes his clipboard at another staff member. “need some air. cover me for a bit?” she nods and waves him off and jimin steps outside the venue, sitting down and leaning against the wall. 

“don’t be dumb, park jimin,” he tells himself. “no need to get jealous over every little thing.” or so he tells himself. unfortunately, jimin’s always been an insecure person. he leans his head back, closing his eyes. 

“where’d jiminnie go?” taehyung asks jungkook. jungkook doesn’t even answer him, eyes already searching the venue. taehyung almost laughs. they’re both so whipped and needy for their tiny boyfriend slash manager. 

“taehyungie-oppa! look here!” taehyung flashes them a short smile but then he’s looking around again, searching for a head of orange hair. 

when he doesn’t find him, taehyung lifts the mic to his mouth. “sorry! we’re gonna hold a short intermission, kay? don’t want you to get tired of us too soon!” 

“never~” they chorus and taehyung grins, a tad guiltily because really, they’re not allowed to call an intermission whenever they want but jimin isn’t here to help them with their bad life choices so really, they’re justified in going to look for him. jungkook’s already out of his seat, looking for a staff noona to ask after jimin. 

“she said he’s outside in the back,” jungkook tells him when he comes back and they both head out to the back. they open the door cautiously, wondering if there might be fangirls who didn’t get in to the fansign waiting in the back. there aren’t any. instead, there’s a familiar head of orange hair, eyes closed, looking ethereal in the afternoon sun. 

taehyung crouches down in front of the figure. 

“there you are.” jimin’s eyes fly open, eyes widening when he sees taehyung. 

“taehyung!” taehyung grins at him, tongue between his teeth. 

“we were wondering where you’d gone,” jungkook says from where he’s leaning against the wall. he crouches down next to jimin as well. “we missed you.” he presses a short, chaste kiss to jimin’s lips. 

“i was only out for a few minutes,” jimin mumbles, staring at the ground. his pink cheeks are so cute, taehyung thinks. jimin glances up at them, eyes large and forlorn. “you really missed me?”

taehyung blinks, wondering where this is coming from, but then remembers that jimin is usually always moody during fansigns. “of course we did! we always miss you when you’re not in our arms.”

jimin flushes harder. “…ah…” he looks down at his lap, tiny fingers fidgeting. “is…the fansign over?”

“no,” jungkook says. “taehyung-hyung called an intermission because we were wondering where you were.”

jimin wrinkles his nose. “damn.” taehyung feels the same. all he wants to do is drag jimin back to their van and into their dorm so he can kiss and cuddle jimin for hours. maybe do naughty stuff. jimin’s lips are full and pouty. taehyung can just imagine them wrapped around his co – yeah. definitely naughty stuff first and then cuddles. “you should probably head back in. the fans are going to get restless without you there.”

taehyung whines, falling forward and burying his nose in jimin’s neck. the skin is so soft. taehyung wants to suck marks into it. “dun wanna!” 

without looking, he can see jungkook and jimin roll their eyes at each other over him. they always do. 

“go in,” jimin says. “let’s just get this done and over with.” he pats at taehyung’s back. “and then we can head home.”

“and do naughty stuff?” 

jimin smacks him lightly, face red. 

“i want to do very bad things to you, jiminnie,” taehyung says honestly. “very bad things.” 

“get inside,” jimin huffs, face red, but he doesn’t say no and taehyung stands up giddily. 

“you’re not coming in with us?” jungkook asks and jimin looks away. 

“not just yet. you go first.” taehyung pouts. he doesn’t want to go in without jimin. he’ll miss him more if he can’t see him. but there’s nothing he can do about it so he heads back in with jungkook. 

jungkook’s tired of smiling and talking. he likes his fans, sure, but only in concept. prolonged exposure makes him long for jimin and soft pretty giggles and eye smiles. 

a flash of orange catches his eye and his lips lift in a smile when he sees it’s jimin, grabbing his clipboard back with a small smile from the staff noona. 

(later, pics are going to come out of ‘jungkookie-oppa’s lovey dovey smile’ and jungkook will scowl and taehyung will laugh because that smile has nothing to do with fans and everything to do with their adorable manager. )

jungkook’s mouth  moves to autopilot as he keeps his eyes fixed on jimin while simultaneously trying to hold a conversation with a fan. jimin’s moving around, talking for a few minutes each to various staff members before he’s suddenly stopped by a man in a suit.

jungkook frowns and the girl in front of him ducks guiltily. “sorry! was that too personal a question?”


“ah…i…what’s your favorite color?”

“oh…no…i just wasn’t paying attention. it’s –” jimin’s laughing at whatever the man’s saying. jungkook feels something irrationally angry inside him. it suddenly occurs to him that he hasn’t answered her. “ – orange.”

“i thought you would say red or black,” she says. “i don’t see you wear orange much.”

“yeah…i guess…today i’m just feeling orange.” honestly, just get a move on. she’s distracting him. what had the man said that had gotten jimin laughing? jimin had been moody most of the day but he usually was during fansigns and he and taehyung could never snap him out of it.

jimin’s eyes are crinkled as he smiles, sweater sleeves falling over his hand as he covers his mouth with his hand. he’s adorable. jungkook wants to cuddle him, maybe rip the sweater off so he can see the rest of jimin’s soft skin.


jungkook jolts. “oh sorry. it’s uh…been a long day.”

after she passes, jungkook purposely knocks taehyung’s water bottle onto the ground. “oops.”

taehyung bends down to pick it up and jungkook bends down as well so they’re both hidden by the table. “who is that with jimin?”

taehyung blinks and raises his head slightly. his brows furrow when he sees. “dunno. why is jimin laughing?”


they both sit back up. any more time and it would look suspicious.

over the sound of fans screaming, he can faintly make out the sound of jimin’s bubbly, bright laughter.

((”how did you break your autograph pen?”

“i guess i…held it too hard.”))

in the van back to the dorm, jimin is once again sandwiched between taehyung and jungkook like usual. it’s surrounded by his two boyfriends that jimin always feels safest and most loved.

“so who was that?”

jimin blinks. “who was who?”

“the guy you were talking to.”

jimin wrinkles his nose. “i talked to a lot of people today, jungkookie. you’ll have to be more specific.” jungkook frowns, jaw visibly tense, and jimin blinks, reaching up and touching jungkook’s cheek carefully. “is something wrong?”

jungkook ignores the question but doesn’t bat jimin’s hand away. “who was that guy that made you laugh?”

jimin hopes jungkook can see how confused his expression is because he has no idea what jungkook’s talking about.

“the guy in the suit, jimin.”

“oh! the…sponsor?”


“mm,” jimin says. “the guy in the suit? he said he wanted to sign a contract with us – you, i guess, for an advertising campaign.”

“but he made you laugh.”

“hm? oh…maybe? i don’t quite remember…oh yeah, i think he said i looked too young and cute to be a manager already or something like that.”

“we compliment you all the time!” taehyung pouts.

“it wasn’t really a compliment he was just joking!” jimin blinks. “are you guys jealous or something?”


jimin’s eyes widen, heat crawling up his cheeks. “what could you possibly be jealous of? he was a sponsor! he’s like middle aged and just a company spokesperson! you guys are – “ he gestures at the both of them. “ – you!”

“he made you laugh. we can never make you laugh on fansign days.”

“ah…that…um…” jimin looks down at his lap. his short, stubby fingers pull at each other. he wishes the conversation could just end now but even with his head bowed he can feel the weight of jungkook and taehyung’s eyes. “it’s because…you guys…um…”

“what? what do we do?”

“…you...flirt with the fans…”

“huh? what was that?”

“you flirt with the fans! and i get jealous, okay? that’s why i hate fansigns.”

there’s a pause and jimin buries his head between his knees, already embarrassed.

“aww jiminnie!”

jimin grunts as he manhandled onto a lap. he immediately buries his face in the nearest neck so he doesn’t have to see. it smells like jungkook. he can feel lips pressing into his neck and lips pressing into his hair. 

“you know that almost all of those lines are scripted, right?”

“yeah, jungkook couldn’t flirt with girls to save himself.” there’s a pause that jimin thinks is jungkook glaring at taehyung but he doesn’t deny it. 

“there’s nothing you have to be jealous of,” jungkook murmurs into jimin’s hair. “nothing at all.” 

In a #fairytale kind of mood today - in honor of this weekend’s #BeautyandtheBeast premiere (and my highly anticipated movie date), I’ve got some gorgeous #princess inspiration on the blog!
Photography by @elenapavlovaphoto | Event Design and Coordination by @highemotionweddings | Wedding Dresses by @joflemingdesign | Headpieces from @hfcoutureaccessories | Bridal Makeup by @taniacozma | Bridal Hairstyling by @doinelbocan | Sleeping Beauty played by @annndraaa

Fencing For Hats (and gold)

By Risri Elthron

On Tuesday evening, duelists from around the city arrived at the sparring field near Olivia’s Pond to show off their expertise with rapiers. Hosted by the Stormwind Cavaliers, the event lasted into the evening with twelve competitors battling for their chance at one of the coveted Cavalier hats as well as gold purses.

Officer Timira Redsummer, Aurhim Sundershade, and Captain Bowan Arrow of the Cavaliers oversaw as well as participated in the event. Providing enchanted rapiers, the Cavaliers paired off individuals then proceeded with the dueling. Officer Redsummer started off the event with a quick overview of the rules before adding, “Competitors, spectators, and friends alike, I’d like to note this in advance. While our rapiers are enchanted to prevent any wound deeper than an inch, should more grievous injury - or ANY injury - needing mending occur, Aurhim is our medic and will immediately attend. This event is coordinated with the safety of our officers and participants in mind.  Aside from being our medic, Aurhim will be our scorekeeper for the evening - he will explain the rules, and Bowan and I will gladly handle any other questions in the meantime.”

Duelists (winners marked with *)

First Round

Sarah Scottsman* vs Martinius Calgar
Timira Redsummer vs Ellestar Stormheart*
Royce O'Connolly* vs Elaianna Sydor
Sanzune Sea-grass Vs Aloreigh*
Bowan Arrow* vs Aurhim Sundershade
Lilliana T’Ase’Mushal vs Dulthorne Blackflayer*

Round Two

Aloreigh vs Ellestar Stormheart*
Liliana T’Ase’Mushal* vs Bowan Arrow
Sarah Scottsman* vs Royce O’Connolly (default win)


Ellestar Stormheart* vs Lilliana T’Ase’Mush
Ellestar Stormheart vs Sarah Scottsman*

First place: Sarah Scottsman, received gold, a trophy and one of the Cavalier’s hats
Second place: Ellestar Stormheart, received gold and a Cavalier’s hat
Third place: Lilliana T’Ase’Mushal received gold and a Cavalier’s hat
Fourth place: Royce O’Connolly received a Cavalier’s hat

Congratulations to the winners!

Many thanks to The Stormwind Cavalier’s for the evening entertainment and challenge.

I do a lot of volunteer work and especially coordinating events and programming…Since I’ve just had a baby I reached out to members of my committee for support and help and pretty much NO ONE replied. I also have the final submission of my book to work on. Like, of all the times I shouldn’t have to take meetings and reply to emails, this is it. Can someone please step up??? UGH!

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What are the perks of becoming a full member? I've noticed that people seem to become more docile, quieter after becoming a full member.

There are so many perks to becoming a full member! For one, you will have access to our wonderful members’ only clubhouse, which is an experience unlike any other. You’ll be invited to exclusive meetings, where you’ll be more involved in planning and event coordinating. Basically, it’s just an opportunity to more fully immerse yourself in the culture of advancement and service here in our organization.

If you’ve noticed your friends who’ve become full members are more relaxed, it’s probably just the calm sense of accomplishment that comes with knowing that you’re part of something bigger than yourself.

Nekoma Headcannons

Nekoma university majors -
- Sports scholarship continuing with volleyball with a major in sports psychology.
- Science degree with a major in mathematics and statistics.
- Psychological sciences with a major in business psychology.
- Event planning and coordinating degree with a focus on sports.
- Systems engineering.
-  Fine arts degree.
- Primary education with a minor in Japanese literature.
- Sports scholarship continuing with volleyball and a major in Sports sciences.
- Journalism and editing.

Nekoma possible tattoos -
- Pop punkish scenery design as a thigh piece and geometrical half sleeve.
- Yin and Yang design as a shoulder piece.
- Geometrical moth design as a stomach piece.
- Traditional tiger design as a back piece.
- Coloured wisterias as a shoulder/upper arm piece and a video game related piece somewhere.
- Abstract design as a piece along the left side of his chest, shoulder and ribs and a  hummingbird skull  design as a calf piece.
- Comic/pop art fighting dog design as a calf piece.
- “Sheep in wolves clothing” piece on both calves. 
- Chunk of quotes in gorgeous fonts along his ribs.

Nekoma possible injuries -
- Torn ACL, back/hip muscle pain and shoulder sprains. Jammed and sprained fingers. (Middle blocker position is quite brutal)
- Left shoulder inflammation and shoulder sprains.
- Contact bruises and floor burn from diving for saves. Sprained fingers and knee ligament injuries.
- Rotator cuff left Shoulder, shoulder dislocation and thigh sprains. (Ace position is demanding.)
-  Ankle rollovers and sprain, jammed and sprained fingers. Elbow tenderness.
- Shoulder inflammation and achilles tenderness.
- Torn hamstring and shoulder strain.
- Chronic thigh strain from constant jumping and knee tenderness. Sprained fingers. Ankle sprains and rollovers from height due to jumping. (Again, them middle blockers.)
- Contact bruises and floor burn from diving for saves. Shoulder and arm tenderness.

Nekoma hobbies other than volleyball -
- Classic films - He’s a total classic film buff he enjoys different they are from films now and sometimes indulges in the more tacky options. Some of his favorites include Casablanca, The Godfather and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
- Comic books - People are surprised at his hobby because they say he has too serious a look for such a hobby.
- Geocaching - Ann odd hobby he picked up with some friends in middle school which kind of stuck.
- Cooking - He really enjoys cooking, mostly savoury meals.
- Fantasy novels - He really enjoys reading as much as he enjoys playing fantasy games. His favourites include The Magician, Lord of the Rings and The Wheel of Time.
- Gardening - Its a hobby he obtained from his primary school days, he has a particular fondness for bonsai.
- Jogging - He considered joining the track before the volleyball team. He enjoys evening jogs the best.
- Yaku Morisuke. Bowling - He enjoys the cool atmosphere and lights at the bowling alley.
- Classical music - He’s quite the fan of classical and symphonic music, he likes how it can be both intense and calming.

The “Ends up talking during the movie” squad - Yamamoto, Kenma, Inuoka and Lev.
The “Super photogenic no matter whats going on” squad
- Shouhei and Yuuki.
The “Super into PDA” squad
- Kai, Yamamoto, Inuoka and Lev.
The “Horrible sleeper” squad
- Kuroo, Kenma, Souhei and Lev
The “Clingy sleeper” squad -
Kai, Yamamoto, Inuoka and Yuuki.
The “Sweet tooth” squad
- Kai, Yaku, Kenma, Inuoka and Yuuki.
The “I drown my fries in ketchup” squad
- Kai, Yamamoto, Shouhei and Lev
The “Falls asleep in class” squad
- Yaku, Inuoka and Lev.
The “Constantly texts during class” squad
- Kuroo, Kenma, Lev and Yuuki.
The “Updates social media every 10 seconds” squad
- Kenma and Shouhei.
The “Hardly ever updates social media but still has a lot of friends/followers” squad
- Kai, Yamamoto and Inuoka
The “Sleeps with socks on” squad
- Kuroo, Yamamoto, Shouhei and Lev.
The “Has really nice handwriting” squad
- Kuroo, Yaku, Shouhei and Yuuki.
The “Not even you can decipher your own handwriting” squad
- Kai, Yamamoto, Kenma and Lev.
The “I’m always cold” squad
- Kenma, Shouhei and Yuuki.
The “I always over heat” squad
- Kuroo, Yamamoto, Kenma, Inuoka and Lev.
The coffee drinkers
- Kai, Yaku and Shouhei
The tea drinkers
- Kuroo, Yamamoto and Yuuki
The hot chocolate drinkers
-  Kenma and Lev.
The “I’ll take whatever is offered” drinkers
- Inuoka.

  • Yaku is the only one on the team who has some sort of normal sleeping position.
  • Shouhei is quite good at multiple art mediums but his favourite is pen sketches. He has sketchbooks full of random people and things. He doesn’t like to show many people though.
  • Yamamoto loves the feeling of cooking for other people and on a team members birthday he’ll invite the team over for dinner and cook that persons favourite dish.
  • Kenma surprisingly has the biggest appetite on the time (Besides Lev)
  • Inuoka is the only one on the team with a pet dog. It’s name is Shiba, he loves it dearly and he has had it since middle school.
  • Lev is surprisingly very good at darts and bowling.
  • Kuroo’s favourite flavour of tea is Jasmine.
  • Shouhei has the weirdest eating habits out of the entire team.
  • Sometimes some of the other team members go geocaching with Yaku.
  • Yuuki, Yaku and Kai have the best dress sense in the team.
  • Kai’s favourite super hero is the Green Lantern because he “admires the innovation of the lantern core.”
  • Shouhei and Yuuki are actually the ones who often initiate the group text between the team.

I think last night was like, a glimpse of the writing career I want for myself: I aspire to create things, to teach, to host & coordinate events and the other side of it: i want to publish books - traditionally or independently, whatever - and then I want to do readings, and go on tour to share my work, and speak to people afterwards. I feel like this is an important thing to me.

I had an interview this morning for a weekly writing workshop I’d like to join, and that felt good.

Through attending events and branching out, I’ve met this girl I really wanna collaborate with - she’s make a short film based on her poetry which is the same idea I had (I was thinking about being the creative director behind a photoshoot instead inspired by some of the themes in my pieces, too.) I really want her to join my gallery, and I’m excited about this too - all the ways in which I can make things and bridge people and give them a platform.

A few days ago I was telling the art boy about how sometimes I feel less accomplished by my own standards and that it has a lot to do with my work being mostly digital rather than print. And he told me very frankly that that was ridiculous and that I should never feel that way and that I shouldn’t stress trying to prove something, even to myself. Reason #999 to be grateful he exists, tbh.

So I’m feeling a bit better today. I was able to get some sleep last night and barely coughed at all. Hopefully I’m actually getting better and I don’t feel worse again tomorrow.

I have to be better by this weekend. There is a big garden / home show thing going on in Jamestown. It’s put on by the same company that does the farmers market and we had a thousand brochures printed up to be put in grab bags that are being handed out to anyone the comes to the show.

The company also has an event coordinator position opening up, so I have to try and not look like I’m about to keel over. I probably should go shopping for some new clothes. I want to look somewhat professional when we go to the show because we will be doing a lot of networking and I can’t just wear the same worn jeans and hoody I wear to work at the feed mill.

mourners to the left //

Although the Event Coordination Committee had had a heavy hand in planning today’s memorial service on short notice, there hadn’t been much Emma could do to help this time around. She’d been great at the actual coordinating, of course, as far as keeping things organized and calling out commands. However, she was typically the type of person that liked to have a hand in everything–– putting together the invitations, adjusting the angle that the pictures were hanging out, making sure that all the chairs were arranged just so. She believed that if she wanted something done right she’d have to do it herself…but without her wand, and without her replacement having yet arrived, there was very little that she could do once the planning phase had ended. 

Feeling quite naked without her wand and feeling quite aimless knowing that there wasn’t much she could do to fix this event if it went off the rails or take credit for the things that were going right, Emma had stationed herself over by the grand double doored entrance to the Great Hall, handing out programs to people as they made their way inside. 

“Mr. and Mrs. Avery are still upstairs speaking with the Headmaster, but they’re expected to make an appearance in the next thirty minutes or so,” she said, to the person next to enter. “There would have been refreshments set up already but somebody ––not me–– forgot to confirm the timing with the house elves.” 

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DC AU Questions: If Joker had accidentally killed himself during a fight against Batman, what would the Dark Knight's reaction/s be to seeing his greatest enemy dead? Also, what would the GCPD's reactions be to seeing Batman carrying the Joker's corpse and telling everyone what happened?

Wasn’t this the plot of the Arkham games? And Return of the Joker?

Anyways, I’m not sure most takes on Batman believe in the idea of “my greatest enemy” at all, except subconsciously. At his most charitable he might pay for the Joker’s funeral and maybe name a fund for the rehabilitation of the mentally ill after him. And probably keep a closer eye on Harley.

Except on those dark, extra-brooding nights when he wonders why Joker couldn’t have died before he hurt everyone he hurt, and immediately hates himself for it.

The GCPD would throw a party and possibly make it a statewide event. Barbara DJs. Jason coordinates parade floats. Helena runs the sharpshooting games. Two-Face makes a killing pushing Ding Dong The Clown Is Dead merchandise. Poison Ivy invites herself and hands out free weed. Kate and Renee reenact the V-J kiss with 1000% less Watchmenness…

… wait, what were we talking about again?

Steal my Heart

4k words - Destiel AU - based on this Tumblr post - AO3

The prompt just screamed young Dean and Sam as little street rats, gambling, drinking, and stealing to survive, but with big hearts that still can’t resist saving people. This is kind of a warm up to get me back into the writing groove so I can finish up my WIPs.

Castiel drags his exhausted feet as he heads back home, despondent over yet another day of searching for work. He had known being on his own would be hard, but five months of living alone, cut off from everyone he had ever known, with his tiny bit of savings nearly used up and he is beginning to feel panic. The Gas-n-Sip interview at least seemed promising, although it’s always difficult to explain no past work experience and no references at all. And it isn’t like he doesn’t have them. He had worked for his parents for years, planning events, coordinating schedules, organizing travel for big name guests, smiling and shaking hands and being the perfect son.

Angel Ministries had kept him living in the lap of luxury for his entire life. He had grown up in a house that felt like a museum, large and beautiful and cold with no running and no touching the many works of art that adorned the walls and decorated the perfect rooms. They had a live-in chef to prepare their meals and a staff to take care of the house, pool, and grounds. He had never even learned to drive since everywhere he traveled was in the back of a long black luxury car or on the family jet. His parents, Zachariah and Naomi, wore perfect faces that everyone in the country recognized (well, everyone in the south and any Christian that ever watched TV). Their “not for profit” televangelism empire had made them rich.

It had all come crashing down for Castiel, though. He was just a few months into his first year of college, his first experience attending school with other students. Growing up traveling around the world for his parent’s speaking engagements, he had been homeschooled, sheltered from viewpoints outside of his parents’ and free thought, to be honest. He had known practically since puberty that he was gay and had held that secret inside for years, never having met anyone else who would speak out loud about being anything but straight.

Inias was a soft-spoken boy who he met at school. He was sweet, and smart, and offered to show Castiel around and introduce him to the Young Christians Bible study group. Soon, they began studying together and Castiel had invited Inias back to his house for a cram session for a big Calculus test they had coming up. He hadn’t even known Inias was gay too until the other boy put his books down on the bed and leaned forward, smashing his mouth awkwardly into Castiel’s. He didn’t even think he really liked Inias that way, but the excitement and warmth of someone touching him with such affection had him reaching for Inias and deepening the kiss.

And, of course, that’s when Naomi walked in, slamming the door behind her to startle the boys apart. Leave, she ordered Inias in a low, dangerous voice, which he did immediately before she turned a disgusted stare at her son. She made him an offer, go to conversion camp and never speak of this incident again, or be disowned if he wanted to continue his sinful life. When he refused camp, he was given fifteen minutes to pack what he needed with a warning that he needed to leave and disappear. She would tell their adoring public that her son was on a two year missionary trip to Africa and pretty soon people would forget that he existed.

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I have worked so many jobs for how young I am like for real, I have been:

A babysitter.

A nanny.

A manager of the children’s department in a major chair retailer.

An event coordinator.

A stylist at another major chain.

A teacher of infant and toddler music classes.

A barista.

An office cleaner.

A receptionist.

A construction worker.

A fashion consultant at a high end clothing line.

An inventory stocker at yet another retailer.

A cashier.

A box office manager.

A charity events singer.

An office manager.

Is this part of why I feel 90?

Women’s Day 8. Marts

On Women’s Day last week -the organization was obviously busy and I thought to share with you some of the activities KULU was engaged in.

Along with many other women’s organisations, KULU published an open letter to the The Council of the EU Justice Ministers which urges them to ratify the Istanbul Convention (aiming at ending all violence and discrimination against women).

In Mali -KULU’s local  partner MUSONET coordinated an event for Female Students on the University of Bamako. A football tournament for female students was held -and the event marked the cooperation between the organization and the university on a campaign to prevent violence against women. 

I myself had  a group of 9th grade boys from Kokkedal down town visiting for an interview about living conditions and women’s perspectives on the African horn. We had a long talk about why some populations are poor -why some are rich and how women’s rights play an important role for development in that specific area and in general. The boys asked some really pertinent questions -they eg. asked me why -that after so many years of development-work and emergency relief in the region  -the situation still seems so hopeless. And why some governments prioritize economic development rather than to help their needy populations. It was obviously quite incomprehensible for them. Above all they showed really a great feeling of injustice to the great inequality in the world -and you could feel that they had a sincere desire to change the world. Maybe next GNH generation :-D 

Then the exhibition was lounged -It ended up being 5 roll ups -with pictures and text on both sides. 

It’s going for a tour round several Unions -3F is campaign-partner and their chairman is Ambassador (so obviously going there) and perhaps also Pustervig will be hosting the exhibition. 

See You at the Cemetery- Part 2

Series summary: Reader is a medium who meets Bucky Barnes after the two keep running into each other at a cemetery.

Bucky x reader, MOSTLY FLUFF/TINY BIT OF ANGST, Word count: 375

TW: references to death, ghosts

This is part two of a multi-part series. If you want to be added to my tag list just let me know! Missed a chapter? Check out part one here. Enjoy!

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“Oh my God, you’re Bucky Barnes! I thought you looked familiar! There are pictures of you in Steve’s office! Wow!” You were a strange combination of shocked and excited. Bucky’s eyes widened at the mention of his best friend.

“Wait, you know Steve?!”

“I work in the tower as an event coordinator. I’m the one who drags their heroic asses to all of the galas, fundraisers, stuff like that. Steve never mentioned that you were back in New York. Are you staying in the tower?”

“Actually, I’m moving in tomorrow. Hey, umm, Y/N? Would you maybe want to grab coffee with me sometime?”

“Actually, I’ll be pretty busy for the next couple weeks preparing for a huge gala, but I’m free all afternoon if you’d like to go now.” Bucky smiled and the two of you began walking toward a quaint little shop that was just a few blocks away from the cemetery.

“So, is this the first time you’ve been asked out by a dead man you met in a cemetery?” Bucky joked.

“I’ve gotta say, this is a new one,” you said through a giggle. Once you reached the shop, you both ordered your drinks and Bucky insisted on paying for yours.

“Such a gentleman,” you commented.

“Yeah, well, maybe I’m a little old fashioned,” said Bucky as he flashed the most charming grin you had ever seen. You sat down at a small table near the back.

“So, Y/N, can I ask you a weird question?” he asked with a hint of trepidation. You nodded.

“Why do you spend so much time in the cemetery? I would imagine that with your…gift, it would be a little overwhelming.” His question was a strange one, but valid nonetheless.

“Actually, it’s pretty much the only place they leave me alone. Spirits rarely want to spend their time next to their bodies. They usually follow their loved ones around, or hang out in buildings they used to frequent when they were alive. They really only reach out to me though if they’ve got something important to say. Speaking of which…do you know someone who wore a bowler hat and had a mustache? Like, Doug maybe?”

“Dugan!” exclaimed Bucky as a wide smile grew on his lips.


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