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🎭 The Basic Approach Of Persona Charts 🎭

Each Persona is that specific archetype within ourselves:

1. Ascendant Persona: giving you more clues about your ASC (The ASC in a natal chart is a “persona” in itself, the mask, the way we project to others, first impression, our natural immediate reaction, the physical and overall appearance). The Ascendant in the ASC Persona Chart and other overall aspects and houses would give additional clues about the physical appearance. For example, a woman with ASC in Capricorn in the solar chart with ASC in Aries in the Ascendant Persona: Capricorn physical traits, but also athletic, energetic, with direct blunt movements and gestures and possibly Aries features. Going after things in an Aries manner.

2. Midheaven Persona: will tell you a lot about your most suitable career and vocation, an excellent tool for career predictions, but we must also consider there is much more to the Midheaven, it is a point describing your “life peak”, so the overall Midheaven Persona describes how you get to this peak, in what circumstances, with what tools, and as a result of what events, and what this peak means, in your current incarnation.

3. NN Persona: your destiny, your direction in life; this is generally a very eventful chart, your NN Persona, with a whole story written in it, from childhood to maturity, and a journal of all the events and lessons along the way.

4. Moon Persona: your emotional personality, needs, Yin energy. In terms of synastry: the Anima of the man.

5. Venus Persona: our “love” personality, how we behave in love, tastes, preferences. Love, beauty, talents, likes, dislikes, another level of Yin energy, sensuality, social success, money, good fortune. In terms of the synastry: a woman’s femininity, a man’s “type”. A Venus Persona ASC offers clues about the type of “beauty” that person has and likes. For example, a man with a Capricorn ASC in the solar chart, ASC in Libra in the Venus Persona: saturnian in appearance, but also beautiful and graceful, more airy than a regular Cap, more charming than the usual Cap etc. but the Cardinal flavor is getting even stronger, so is Saturn more distilled in expression. This Persona will also describe at least a big part of the portrait of his ideal woman.

6. Mars Persona: sexuality, drive, physical body, assertion, Yang energy. In terms of synastry, clues about a woman’s “type”.

7. Mercury Persona: “mental” personality, general mobility, communication, expressiveness, thought processes, skills.

8. Jupiter Persona: luck, expansion, expansive nature, growth potential, teaching, learning, travel, success

9Saturn Persona: adulthood, maturity, structure, needs, fears, accomplishments

10. Uranus Persona: freedom, originality, creativity, expansion, travel, surprises, the unexpected in your life

11. Neptune Persona: dreams, higher love, spirituality, talents, soul, compassion, redemption, illusion, deep psychology, unexpected tides

12. Pluto Persona: potential for transformation, rebirth, major life events, psychological evolution, potential for power, shared resources, deep sexuality, needs

13. DSC Persona: a profile of how you are as a partner, what partner is suitable for you and what partner you will eventually have

14. IC Persona: your deepest “heart” and heart’s desires profile, vertical look at your personality and psychology, subconscious forces at play, early life background and how you carry it in time, family ties, current incarnation theme

15. Juno Persona: description of your partnership style and needs and of your ideal and destined partner

These are just the main examples. The analysis of a Persona chart always takes into account the position occupied by that planet in the natal chart, as ruler, but also its role as part of the astrological architecture. For example, someone with Sun conjunct Neptune in the solar chart would look at his Neptune Persona to understand his overall personality, the type of Neptune associated with his solar personality. He would be a dreamer, an artist, a magician or a charismatic crook: but what kind of dreamer, artist, magician, crook? This will be shown by his Neptune Persona. Another example, someone with Pluto conjunct the ASC; his Pluto Persona would define his general personality, he is Plutonian for sure, in looks and behavior, but the way he manifests “his” Pluto will be shown by his Pluto Persona chart.

The main personalization here comes from rulership, first and foremost, and in all cases. The Moon Persona of a Cancer DSC is not just his general emotional profile, but also his DSC profile, as explained above.

How to interpret a Persona chart? Some succinct basic steps…

1. The Ascendant: first impression about that side of our personality (the Persona), the way we tend to express it spontaneously and in a natural way, how we appear to others (for example, emotionally, for a Moon chart).

2. The Descendant: what type of partner we are, related to that specific archetype, how we relate emotionally (Moon), mentally (Mercury), in love (Venus) etc. What partner we prefer in that specific interaction. And finally, what partner we tend to attract on the level described by that specific Persona.

3. The Midheaven: the best expression of that archetype, what we can achieve when we fully express that archetype, the “vocation” and “final accomplishment” of that archetype within ourselves. The “fate” of that planetary energy. How important is that archetype for us. Here we have clues about the importance of that planetary energy within ourselves, on the MC/IC axis. How we can “blossom”, how we are when we “blossom”, in terms of that archetype. From my personal comparisons, I’ve noticed when a planet/archetype is important for that person, there are significant planets/asteroids in the 4th house or on IC in that specific Persona chart. That planetary energy is a “matter of the heart” for that person, touches his/her core.

4. NN/SN: what we already master, related to that archetype, and what we need to develop within ourselves in order to fully express that planet. Also, clues about important events related to that planet.

And then we proceed with our analysis looking at houses, rulers of houses and aspects to describe that planetary personality, just like we do it with a solar chart. The Sun in the Persona chart is the planet we analyze, so its house and sign in the Persona chart is paramount in understanding the planetary personality. Looking at houses, we can see how the planetary energy manifests itself in various areas of life. For example, in a Moon chart, you can see what area of life affects that person on a deep emotional level. How he expresses his emotions (1st), what values he holds dear, how stable his emotions are (2nd), how he communicates his emotions, how connected they are with his intellect (3rd), general strong emotionality (4th), how emotional he is in love, creation, children, play etc. (5th), everyday life and health (6th) –emotional problems could be seen here if they are, how he expresses emotions in partnership/the type of emotional partner preferred (7th), how he expresses emotions sexually, transformation, secrets (8th) an so on.

Finally, the planetary aspects in a Persona chart will offer an invaluable additional insight into the aspects you have to that planet in your solar chart, and the general configuration of your solar chart. For example, if you have a Venus/Uranus aspect in your natal chart, you will notice that the aspects to Venus and Uranus in the Venus Persona chart will offer a surprising perspective on what that Venus/Uranus aspect actually means and how it is likely to manifest, in terms of psychological energy and life events.

~Wishes for the Hetalia anime/manga~


I’ve already done a list of wishes for the next Hetalia musical (If there will ever be one), so I decided to make a list of what I’d like to happen in the anime, manga and a few other things.


- Season 7

- A special (longer) episode with inspiration from Eurovision where the countries sing one of their character songs to compete against each other.

- An episode about the pets of Hetalia (Nekotalia doesn’t count).

- A Hetalia live concert that uses holograms. Just like the Vocaloid concerts, but with the Hetalia characters and their songs.

- More Nyotalia.

- Sealand in Nekotalia desu yo!

- An episode with NekoNordics.

- The Nordic countries’ versions of the theme song. It doesn’t really make sense how Romano, who only had one line in season 6 (Not including the Hetaween episode), got his own version of Hetalian Jet while the Nordics didn’t.

- Speaking of “new versions of the theme song”, where’s Canada’s version?

- How about some team sports? Like having all (major) countries split up into two teams and play football or hockey together.

- A Hetalia game with an English release. It doesn’t really matter if it’s a RPG or dating sim game. Just a good game.

- Official plushes of China, France, the Nordics, Prussia, Romano, Austria and Switzerland would be nice.

- Mochi plushes of the Nordics, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

- A Hetalia movie where the Hetalia and Nyotalia characters team up to take down the enemy.

- England’s other brothers, please. America, Sealand, Australia and New Zealand are great, but I really want Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to appear. At least in a flashback.


- They’re selling a pin badge of Greenland. That’s great. Just one thing. Where is he?

- More Gakuen Hetalia.

- A scene in the anime where they comment how much Kugelmugel looks like Iceland.

- Why is there no episode featuring Denmark, Sweden and Norway as vikings yet?

- An episode featuring Pirate England (and the other countries who were pirates).

- America apologizing to England and Canada. I love America, but God he’s such a jerk to them.

- Romano referring Spain as “dad” or “papa”. Even if it’s by accident, it would make Spain so happy.

- An explanation to what really happened between Austria and Switzerland.

- An explanation to how Switzerland got his scar.

- An explanation to England’s tattoo. When did he get it? Does he still have it?

- “Interviews” were Himaruya (or at least the anime staff) answers questions as the characters. Like asking the Axis “If you could have a super power, what would it be?” or ask the Allies “What do you think about the Axis?”. There are plenty of scenario blogs and ask-a-character blogs, but I’d really like to know what the “real” characters would answer.

- Himaruya needs to say that these “major pairings” will never be canon. His blog posts, the relationship chart, the events, the characters’ own words and Hetalia’s genres are apparently not enough to make some people get the idea.

- And lastly, a group song. Even if they would just make the Axis and Allies sing the theme together, it would be enough.


THE EXTRA MUSIC BINDER - Everyone’s Best Friend

I cannot stand it when my students come to me and say they do not have their music. It is my ultimate pet peeve. So, I started making a few extra copies and organized them with dividers by title in a giant three ring binder. When the students enter class they unpack and put their music in the order that we will be rehearsing them in (I write the day’s agenda on the board). If they do not have their music they can get a copy from the “Extra Music Binder” while we are tuning or during announcements. I do not require that they return the copies.

The binder is great because if they lost the copy I gave them originally they are able to get a new one without bothering me with their lack of responsibility. Occasionally they will come to me and say there are no more copies in the binder. I never replenish the binder. My response is always to solve their problem - they can either look in the lost and found box (everything including music that was left behind gets thrown in there) or have someone rescue them. There is always someone in their section who will loan them a copy. Worst case scenario they have to squish three or four to a stand to see the music.

Since the binder does not have an infinite amount of copies (I usually make 4-8 extra copies depending on how many people are in that section), the students realize that it should only be used in an emergency. They usually bring their music, but for the kid that lost theirs or left it at home, the binder is a perfect solution to maximizing rehearsal time.

I also have an “Extra Flyers Binder” where I store extra permission slips, event flyers, ribbon charts, assignments, etc.