just esme squalor things
  • shoes as weaponry
  • deciding whether or not to murder people based on how much energy she has
  • constantly one-upping olaf on disguises
  • like seriously he’s like ‘i’m gonna be a detective’ and she’s like ‘okay i’m gonna be a super hot motorcycle cop then’
  • 100% self confidence 100% insecurity no middle ground
  • actually being a weirdly good mum to carmelita? 
  • the dress that looked like fire?????? i am still reeling???
  • tagliatelle grande
Republicans are a party that now celebrates the bully who steals lunch money because, hey, at least he’s not the nerd who gets his lunch money stolen.

A party for the sort of men who call themselves “alpha males” without irony or accuracy. A party for the sort of women who think it’s cool and strong when men get into bar fights.

A party that celebrates not just cruelty, but juvenile cruelty.