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I hope everyone is doing well <3 we are working hard tonight on editing a new video for you all so stay tuned…

also, I am answering my asks, and apologize in advance that some of these asks will not be answered/published because they are too specific or too graphic in nature, and I do not feel comfortable answering or posting them. 

please remember that if you are experiencing a crisis, it is important to reach out to an emergency service (I am not online 24/7, nor am I a crisis service). 

also, there are some things that simply cannot be answered via an ask… and would best be addressed by meeting with a mental health professional in your area.

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lot of yanks not understandin wot a cheeky nandos is well basically imagine ur wiv ya crew in town at like 9 in evenin and ya mate cal talkin bout when stacy palmed him off thru is chinos and ruined em so he had to leave em in bins round back of aldi and run home thru town in his pants like a tru ledge of banter and it’s propper top but ur hank marvin so ya mate phil is like oi lads let’s hit up gregs an ur like yes mate it’s gonna be well banterous but then ya boi Gazza realises that ur hangin wiv Meg and she aint bout that pastry life so he pulls out his old £50 nandos gift card and ur like Gazza u fukin bantersaurus rex that is top so you all go hav a cheeky nandos and it’s propa smashin

if only - chapter two

title: if only
genre: au/fluff/angst (this chapter is mainly fluff and a little angst)
summary: Based off of this text post, in which Dan gets sent to a camp to “correct” him, but it isn’t really what his mother signed him up for.
pairings: phan, side kickthestickz and side tronnor. other side pairings like krinx and septiplier that vary in importance.
warnings: selfharm, abuse, homophobia, suicidal thoughts. dan is 15-16 and phil’s 19. in this chapter the selfharm is mentioned in passing but still rather graphic.
word count: 4.5k
a/n: Alright. Woah. This took eight months, I get it. I hope this chapter was at least worth half the wait. Lots of love to the sweetheart @danandphilarenotonyoutube​ for beta-ing this for me and being so kind and helpful, and to my friend @knight-of-cats​ for reading and laughing at it as well. I’m so sorry about the wait but I’m not gonna set a deadline for the next one. There will be a next one, but please keep in mind that I am a high school freshman who is very, very tired. Goodnight.

chapter one

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At last, I can share with you a short we made with my classmates last December… Here is a little presentation, then I will post some work I made for it !

“On a moonless evenin’
The wind is blowin’
An odd soup is bubblin
And a mysterious lady is grinnin’

This is a team project made in one month for a school exercise. We were five on it :
- Cécile Carre ( carrececile.tumblr.com / carrececile.blogspot.fr )
- Céline Desoutter ( clndt.tumblr.com / cdesoutterportfolio2015.blogspot.fr )
- Élena Dupressoir ( elenadupressoir.tumblr.com )
- Viviane Guimarães ( vivianevguimaraes.blogspot.com / vivianevguimaraes.tumblr.com )
- Ines Scheiber ( tres-laranjinhas.blogspot.fr )

Music by Ricardo Ranzani ( soundcloud.com/ricardo-ranzani )

  • interviewer:iggy drop some fresh free style on us!
  • iggy:
  • iggy:
  • iggy:
  • iggy:what ever happened to predictablitity? The milk man, the paper boy, evenin' tv. you miss your old familiar friends, but waiting just around the bend...everywhere you look (everywhere), there's a heart (there's a heart), a hand to hold on to, everywhere you look (everywhere), there's a face of somebody who needs you, when you're lost out there and your all alone a light is waiting to carry you home, everywhere you look!