V is an enigma. We don’t know where she’s from and what is her real name.
The public only knows her as “V”, because she brings Victory to humans even
in desperate situations. When she’s nearby, everyone feels safe and confident :
V is the most talented and powerful Flavor Girl, and she never lost a fight !
She is introvert, loves motorbikes, beers and modern art exhibitions.

ので決して ファイト が負けなかった。だからこそ皆で「V」-ビクトリーと


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Words: 4,778.

Genre: Hogwarts!AU, fluff.

Summary: Ask any girl that thought Jeon Jungkook was handsome or any boy that thought Jungkook was a god and they would say he smelled like the purest form of any man with a harmonious smell of musk, cedar wood, and oak; like fresh rain that soaked in the middle of a mossy forest, spices, and black coffee – but they couldn’t have been more wrong.

A/N: I have no idea what made me want to write this but it was fun and I’m most definitely thinking of making an au for all the boys.

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Playing Shadowrun for the first time, my first mission involves smuggling an item across a border. Back during character creation, I couldn’t think of a name to put on my fake SIN. I used a placeholder so I could come back and change it later, but I had since forgotten about it.

Border Officer: Evenin’, how’s everything?

Me: We’re doing fine, how’s your day been?

Officer: Goin’ good. Goin’ good. May I see your SINs?

Me: Yes sir.

I give the officer my ID.

Officer: Mr… Fuckhands McMike… Uhh…

Me: Yes sir?

Officer: Everything seems to checks out…

In One Piece

Alex pinched the bridge of his nose before hissing through gritted teeth, “You told me to come home t’yeh, an’ while I’m out there nearly dyin’, you’re here playin’ house with some bloke?”


Alex returns home from Dunkirk to some very unpleasant and unsettling news.

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Heart of the City (PREVIEW)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader.

Genre: Spider-Man!Jungkook / Fluff.

Summary: When the mysterious vigilante known as Spider-Man starts making himself known around the city of New York, you can’t help but be entirely intrigued by him. Little do you know that he and the shy boy-next-door named Jungkook have a very similar secret that they aren’t so sure they want you to figure out just yet - if at all.

You see Jungkook every night without fail.

When the sun has set below the distant horizon and plunges the world into a formidable darkness and drives most ordinary civilians to seek shelter in their homes, he stumbles into the cafe tucked cozily on the corner of a busy street in Lower Manhattan. The concrete city is still very much alive in a harmonious mix of sirens and the hum of cars but is subdued, muffling under the night sky and is most susceptible at this time to misconduct. Usually, at this point of night, the cafe you work at is nearly empty, save for a few stragglers that huddle tiredly at certain round tables. Most times, these are students from the university you attend just around the bend, whose weary eyes peer over the laptop in front of them as they meticulously work on an essay due the next morning, only fueled by the cup of coffee next to them.

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Wouldn’t You Love to Love Her / Kit Walker

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A/N: Based off this anonymous request: “Oneshot where the reader or OC (whichever you prefer) is a virgin and dating Kit, but decides she’s ready, and Kit is just a really gentle lover because it’s her first time and Kit is obviously the sweetest man on Earth?”

I’m not 100% happy with how this turned out, I’m basically shit at writing first time stories, but I didn’t want to completely scrap it and start over and take even longer to put this out. I hope you guys like it! Please let me know what you think.

Next on the list is a James March smut, then part 2 of my last Kai smut, then a new Kai smut. Ya’ll love some Kai, huh? ;)

Warnings: Smut!! Language.

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Stop Talking - MariChat Reveal Fic

(A/N): Because Chat Noir called Ladybug Buginette and I bet he knows so have an angsty reveal fic. >u>

Word Count : 2477

It had just slipped out of his mouth. Her name. Her real name.

It had been in the middle of a fight. He had only meant to warn her – to stop herself getting impaled by a giant paperclip. He had meant to say Ladybug. Because she didn’t know and he hadn’t meant to tell her because she had always respected his privacy –

But the paperclip-


She hadn’t said anything at the time. She had dived out of the way, summoned Miraculous Ladybug and saved the day. She hadn’t so much as glanced at him. He had hoped that perhaps she hadn’t heard.

But she was late to their patrol. Ten minutes.

Ladybug was never late. Marinette was late to school. She was late to practically everything. But Ladybug wasn’t. She was always on time.

A shadow finally appeared, a streetlamp like an orange halo around the shadow of the pigtails. She was wearing a coat, but he knew it was her. From her steps and silhouette. He knew her better than he knew himself.

“Evenin’ m’lady,” he said it as cheerily as he could – as though he hadn’t noticed that she was Ladybug.

“Why did you call me Marinette?” a voice whispered. As though the fight had been seconds ago instead of two days ago.

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good evenin’ y’all i can’t stop thinking of marceline writing I Just Want To Slow Dance With You in Bonnibel’s own damn room and performed it to her first and telling her, through song, that she knows that there’s like a literal line of people waiting on her and she’s just a messed up vamp with a lot of issues and they must’ve rushed into things before like stupid teenagers but now she wants to prove that she’s serious and she can make things right and take things slow and hi i’m not crying you’re crying