I am 27 and this is my first maxidress. My whole teenage and adult life I have felt that I am too curvy/fat/chubby/just the wrong shape for a maxi dress, even though I have always wanted one! My journey towards anything resembling body positivity has been long and slow and set back by so many things but I bought myself this dress and I love it and I love wearing it and I’m working hard on loving myself too. 👗❤️

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Hello my name is Kaye c: I'd recommend one but like I have so many on my mind - circles by eden - northern lights by jaymes young books: - milk & honey [ poetry ] - the night circus

agh i’ve been wanting the night circus + milk & honey for s O Long u have no idea,, n thanks for the other recs i’ll check em out :D

kaye - running barefoot in grass, catching fireflies on summer evenings, sheer maxi dresses, blasting music through car windows, curly honey colored hair, watermelon popsicles

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blacklist nicole does name aesthetics if you want