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Bella was GOOD. All the other things added up to that whole — kind and self-effacing and loving and brave — she was good through and through.

I get so annoyed and frustrated sometimes when I see all the hate DC gets while Marvel is praised beyond measure. 

SO… I want to humbly thank everyone who have given kick ass responses to all the DC haters, downers, and hypocrites. To the people who defended Man of Steel for its “destruction”. The people who defended the casting and layout of the DCCU and DCTVU. People who defended Batman v Superman for its “dark and grittiness”.

And now the people who are defending Supergirl from all the blatant, and unnecessary hatred and double standards. 

 You guys make my dash a little bit brighter! 

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Its funny how so many people place Serena above May and Dawn when it comes to female leads. Aside from shipping Serena doesn't really have much going for her character. She finally found a goal but she still only has 2 pokemon and she barely even battles. May and Dawn's characters were far better developed 70 episodes into AG and DP. Its a shame Serena's goal doesn't involve battling.

Now, I’m not here to talk down about May or Dawn, but Serena is my favorite so allow me to give you plenty of reasons to bow down before the Queen.

1. If you don’t think Serena has a developed character, I don’t know what show you’re watching.

Serena started off her journey with no sense of personal direction and with no desire to really do anything. She got bored and quit things when they weren’t any fun and never tried to really push her limits.

She was kind of picky with her activities and acted more like a tourist than a trainer, wanting to go see aquariums, monorails, the Tower of Mastery, Diantha the Movie Star, never really having a focus in her activities. She spent a long time not knowing what she wanted to do, but didn’t really focus much on it until she realized how much her friends were leaving her behind.

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Rereading parts from A New Dawn (because that’s what we do) and is just me or is this a hint at the beginnings of a Force connection between Hera and Kanan? She could just be very observant (and whether she’s aware of it or not, she’s observing him pretty hard), but it seems unusually perceptive.

Is no one going to talk about this?

It took TWO Dragons to hold back Hak when he saw Su-Won for the first time since the beginning.

Jea-ha tried to kick him the face to knock him out (and I thought of Age of Ultron’s Ironman vs Hulk fight when Ironman punched him in the face several times trying to do the same). Since Jea-ha was surely holding back to keep from bashing his face in and/or killing him, he made Kija help with his dragon-arm to hold back Hak long enough for the others to get away and for Yona to get close enough to tell him to stop.


The moonflower (Ipomoea alba) is a perennial, twining vine that is native to the American tropics. It grows fast enough to be treated as an annual in cooler climates. Moonflowers are related to the morning glory and produce spectacular white flowers that open in early evening and close at dawn. The white flowers attract night-flying moths that the moonflower needs for pollination.

It’s the faint sound of fellow birds outside that wakes him, gold eyes opening blearily for a few seconds and staring at the ceiling in a half asleep state. God, he was going to have to talk to those idiots about chirping around homes at the break of dawn… even if it was technically seven. Shifting and letting out a little sigh as the sheets brush against his legs, Desmond allows himself to roll over only to pause as blond hair immediately gets his attention.

Ah yes… his chickpea. Seems Waylon was still fast asleep.

That suited Desmond just fine. With little more than a smile and a stretch, the phoenix easily but slowly winds his arms around the other man and carefully pulls him over. Settling, there’s another yawn before he nuzzles into that blond hair and closes his eyes. Sure, he might not fall back to sleep… but he can enjoy the moment.