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Okay but the fact that they had to bring the stunt to him makes me think he's on the run and harry and him are planning their escape as we speak like tomorrow they'll show up in NYC can you imagine or even better WELLINGTON just to be the larries they are

this is the only thing i’m going to answer about this for the moment but honestly? this is the most painfully transparent thing that’s happened in a long ass time.

simon cowell suddenly starts talking about louis and how he’s his ‘mini me’ and they’re so close blah blah blah RIGHT before the x factor finale (which, from what i’m hearing, is tanking ratings-wise) and then BAM suddenly there’s stunt activity again from the cretins and astroturfing anons giving everyone a heads up about it.

how anyone can see what’s gone down and how intricately connected simon and the cretins are but is still out there claiming there’s nothing shady about it or that LOUIS is the one choosing this absolutely blows my fucking mind. this truly seems like the september otra concert all over again.

and well, we know how that ended:

‘not anymore simon’

rbb and sbb getting hitched next to a signed picture of larry grayson that said, “love larry”

and louis leaving in a van full of brunettes while pointedly ignoring briana’s very existence for the entire duration of her trip (aka simon being a petty asshole and flying her out just to piss louis off and rile up the fan base)


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Okay, I swear this is the last thing I’ll say about Daisy’s comments today.

But honestly, after today, I don’t want to hear a single person try to come at me or other ReySky fans with the argument “But it’s too obvious! TFA set us up with a red herring! Stop taking the bait!”

Daisy point-blank said today that she thought TFA answered some questions in regards to Rey’s background. That means she thought it was supposed to be obvious in the film, which means it was meant to be easy for audience members to catch, which means the movie gives us specific clues that would blatantly point us in the direction of a certain theory being the correct one.

Sure, she could have been referring to Rey Random. But since Rey’s parentage hasn’t been confirmed yet, Daisy’s comments also very easily apply to ReySky. So no, we haven’t been wrong to assume the easiest option, because Daisy said that TFA answered questions. The option that most people walked out thinking was ReySky, and there’s a very big reason for that.

okay I’m gonna try my best to break down/put my thoughts on this synopsis we got

“As Hiccup fulfills his dream of creating a peaceful dragon utopia”

So obviously Hiccup is gonna be super busy trying to be chief, but I’m supposing he’s also gonna try to build alliances with other tribes so humans and dragons everywhere can live peacefully together. Hiccup will definitely be super busy juggling all those responsibilities, so he might not be able to spend as much time with Toothless.

“Toothless’ discovery of an untamed, elusive mate draws the Night Fury away.”

 Okay so good chance Toothless feels lonely or pushed aside with Hiccup’s duties occupying his attention. Actually, Toothless probably has responsibilities as well as the Alpha. This makes it sound like Toothless is on his own when he finds this other night fury. Maybe he got that tail so he can fly on his own now? Also we know Drago is gonna be the main villain in this, so maybe the other night fury is gonna be a trap for Toothless? And I’m pretty sure after however long it’s been since httyd1, Toothless would be missing the company of the other night furies

“When danger mounts at home and Hiccup’s reign as village chief is tested, both dragon and rider must make impossible decisions to save their kind.”

I’m willing to bet Drago comes back with more dragons and perhaps some tribes on his side and there’s a war over the dragons? Like whether they should be enslaved because they’re dangerous or if they should be allowed to live peacefully with people. (There’s probably gonna be some strong book elements here, I just don’t remember the books) I also really liked the idea that Valka wanted dragons to live free without humans, Hiccup wants humans and dragons to live together, and Drago wants humans to use the dragons as slaves. It’d be a really interesting dynamic tbh

Rumor is httyd3 will end like the books, so I’m supposing the impossible decisions will be if the dragons should go into hiding or not. The first being the most likely. Like maybe after the war Hiccup realizes that at least for that time, humans don’t have the capabilities to live with the dragons as equals and in peace, so he decides that it’d be best for the dragons to go into hiding until the time is right. 

And at the end… “there were dragons when I was a boy”

'Mine to Hold' by Auraki
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Dear. God.

I haven’t read something new this good in ages.

Guys. This story has some premise similarities to The Fic That Shan’t Be Named, but that is pretty confidently where things end. It seems the author didn’t even know that story existed but read it after it was brought to their attention and assures us it won’t go down the same way.

So ahhh…pile in, guys- this is gonna be a good one. Oh how I’ve missed dark, screwed up, overly-confident Kylo, a strong and resistant Rey who’s still capable of feelings, and smut so good they don’t even have to do it to be perfect. That is what we’re dealing with here, folks, so climb aboard!!!

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The scene where Even asks Isak “How many Isaks and Evens do you think are lying on the bed like this right now” is so sad because in that moment Even knows that Isak is aware and suspicious of his behavior and that it won’t be long until Isak discovers the truth. Even knows or rather thinks that once Isak finds out, they may not be lying on the bed like that with Even caressing Isak’s hair. That question is so heartbreaking because that is Even’s way of reassuring himself that at least in a parallel universe, he won’t be alone because Isak will never need to find out the truth about anything and they can be together. He got so happy when Isak answered “Infinite” because that would mean ‘infinite time” and even if Even were born in another time, he wouldn’t be alone with his thoughts. He would still have Isak. In that moment, Even is ready to let Isak go because he has Isak in infinite universes and he knows that “the only way to have something for infinite time is by losing it”. The same Even who was freaked out by the idea of parallel universes is now holding on so desperately to the idea just so he would have Isak around.