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author’s note: A quick shoutout to @iloveyouhaz because I submitted a part of this story to her and she was kind enough to read it and give me feedback! Hope y’all enjoy! P.S: I had the song ‘Sick of Losing Soulmates’ by Dodie Clark on repeat while writing this, so give it a listen while you read! You can find it here.

w.c: 2k

summary: Harry has an imaginary friend called Y/N

Even as a child, Harry was introverted. While the other children his age would be out and about playing, he preferred to stay in the comfort of his bedroom, spending time with his imaginary friend Y/N.

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SP is doing such a good job. I’m so happy they filled in those gaps to let us know that Sasuke is sorry for his absence; proving to people that yes, once again, he does care for his wife. Also when Naruto said “I’m the one that’s sorry”… man… I hope they continue to fill in those gaps because I am so happy they are doing them justice.

Like do you ever sit down and cry over the fact that Junko and Noriaki (who are the most internationally known Japanese voice actors for Naruto and Sasuke) actually, legitimately put their time into acting out the (gay) script of a (gay) SasuNaruSasu fanfiction for a (gay) drama CD???????

And that this (gay) knockoff CD is soon going to be a part of their work history???????

They might as well just slam a sticker on their heads that says “fuck you Kishi #SasuNaruSasuIsReal2016” Are you having a hard time absorbing this information??????

This is so relevant. And I’m 1000% deceased fam.

I hate Kishi who lie to us =_=

Now Kishi will say anything to justify the unjustified end. But his interviews very often contain inconsistencies, especially when he starts talking about the pairs. Lies about NH we can easily identify at least 3 arguments:

1) if NH were defined from the beginning, why is he forgot to give NH children the Byakugan before releasing final? It’s too stupid a mistake for a couple who he allegedly “planning from the beginning”.

2) It’s been a long time after the chapter 700, but Kishi still continues to justify about canon couples, as if he’s trying to impress to us. But if canon was definitely from the start, then why he continued justify for canon couples as he’ve done something wrong?

3) If Naruto and Hinata were to stay together in the end, why Kishi gave us development and held various parallels with MinaKushi? What these intrigues, if he now says that NH was obvious? Why not give more development and joint moments for NH? Even SNS and bad SS got at least some interaction. NH received nothing. And even “the last” couldn’t justify NH. So Kishi continues to make excuses as a naughty child.

Conclusion: Kishimoto got caught in his lies. It is obvious that he planned Narusaku as canon, but at some point in 2012, he suddenly decided to make NH. Unfortunately he was not able to correctly eliminate “white spots” in manga, so NH turned out to be illogical.

In SS case all is even sadder, because Kishi admitted that still can’t think of a reason why Sasuke has fallen in love with Sakura. Sakura “love” was understandable, but whence came Sasuke’s feelings? Kishi can’t think.

It is the whole truth. NH is canon, indisputable, but this couple will always be unfounded and false ending, no matter how much Kishi (and others as him) tried to convince otherwise. 

So, for some reason, Studio Pierrot think a side character is more important than someone who is part of the most important team in the show.

How can they make an ending for Hinata (who has completely no connection to Team 7, whatsoever) instead of Kakashi.

I am baffled and beyond furious. Like, they could have at least done it for fucking Shikamaru. The entire story arc was about him anyway. What the hell.

Why do NH defend orochimaru at all? Why can’t you ship your bloody ship but still retain some sanity and sense of morals? Are you so desperate for someone to attend your wedding, you wouldn’t mind if he’s a child rapist or a serial killer as long as he gives half a fuck to you on your wedding day? 

Orochimaru never said he regretted what he did, he continues with his experiments to this day. NH actually have the nerves to use the word “forgive”? Orochimaru wasn’t even sorry. 

And NH continue to wonder why people hate their ship and fandom…you serious? the shit your fandom said are freaking insane, that’s why.

In Another Life

In which Naruto listens to his mother’s advice and marries a girl like her. And lives to regret it. Post-war AU.

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Chapter 2

Chapter 1

“Some day, when my life has passed me by, 

I’ll lay around and wonder why

You were always there for me.” 

-Sugar Ray, “Someday”

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some very specific parts of the NH fandom have been especially toxic and full of bullshit lately so let me rant about one of the things they’ve said recently

apparently SP isn’t giving SS any screentime because ‘there’s nothing to give them since Sasuke is away for 10+ years’ LOL first of all it’s so funny hearing this from NH fandom considering all SP has really given NH are tbh bland domestic scenes and some nostalgia pandering (Boruto saying anyone who would take the secret scroll is a dirtbag, which wasn’t even an NH moment), not including the wedding, which SS easily could’ve had in the anime as well (if SP bothered to cash in on the moneymaking machine that is SS if they weren’t so petty and misogynistic towards Sakura just because she didn’t end up with Naruto). That leads me to my next point.

There is PLENTY of SS / SSS family that SP could’ve capitalized on and still could capitalize on. For example:

  • travels, like even one fucking episode would’ve been fantastic? it’s canon and would’ve been so easy to have them get into some epic battle together and then fuck in a cave or hot spring afterwards
  • fucking Sakura Hiden (ever wonder why Hinata didn’t get her own? it’s because there’s not much about her to elaborate on unfortunately :/)
  • wedding
  • Sarada’s birth (still possible if we get Gaiden)
  • Sasuke coming home to get his mission
  • mamasaku and Sarada bonding
  • post-boruto movie sasusara bonding
  • Sakura having a post-sex afterglow as noted in Boruto movie lmfao
  • SS being parents / having parent teamwork
  • cute scenes with Sasuke in the village again like we saw in Boruto movie

SP is sitting on a goldmine but doing nothing about it as much as they and NH fandom want to pretend otherwise. God forbid they take the spotlight away from Boruto. I mean I think SP knows a little since they recently baited with Uchiha family stuff again so. goodbye

honestly, people don’t realize the beauty of sakuhina sometimes. sakura literally encourages the best traits out of hinata and was there to support her in ways no one else did/does. sakura has never had to change her personality when she interacted like how she does with sasuke (like, i love sasuke and no disrespect to any sasusaku shippers and no disrespect to the canon). like, when sasuke’s around sakura gets all shy out of no where and you’d think after being around him for so long she wouldn’t act like a shy fangirl around her husband and be more herself and show off all her personality traits.

sakura has shown off all her personality traits to hinata and hinata loves sakura??? they’re super close?? (not levels of sakura-ino close but still). hinata actually admires the more brash sides of sakura’s personality. remember that time sakura healed hinata during the konoha crush?

sakuhina is legit the least problematic ship in naruto. sakuhina shippers are so chill too. you never see beef between sakuhina shippers and narusaku or naruhina shippers cuz even ns and nh shippers are like ‘truuuuuu’ when it comes to sakuhina. i dare someone to tell me sakuhina wouldn’t be loving wives to each other.

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SS is even worse than NH in literally every possible way imaginable, you would literally have to be mentally challenged to not see something so obvious 😂😂😂😂



omg the grammar’s anon is back. Lmao how pathethic can you get?? Just get a life already instead of spending your days stalking blogs

I guess japanese fandom is also damaged since they choose sakura’s confession as the the best moment in part one😘😘

Or why sasusaku is the most rebbloged naruto  pair in tumblr

My grandmother used to say when the ass hurts the mouth speaks.😛😘

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miss me with your radikewl ‘there’s no difference’ takes too quite frankly. you can’t post for years about the damage the tories are doing and then turn your nose up at a genuine alternative in corbyn. no one’s saying he’s going to deliver socialism but if you honestly can’t see the difference between theresa may’s racist anti working class politics and corbyn’s social democracy which- even with his nhs and disability benefit plans alone will save lives- i don’t know what to tell you

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35 for NaruHina?

First of all, let me apologize for how long this took. Second, let me apologize for the length.

35. “About the baby…. It’s yours”

This was the 13th village he’d searched today and he was tired. What he was doing was beyond reckless, leaving Konoha to his clones while he searched for her was madness. But he had to do it. He had to find her before the Hyuga clan did.

When she left, leaving only a note to explain her departure, the Main Branch of the clan decided she was to be labeled a missing nin and had to be found as soon as possible so the Byakugan and its secrets wouldn’t be lost.

Only two clan members of the main opposed this idea, Hinata’s father and sister.

The village’s council also expressed their concerns, they were living in a time of war and so no valuable information to Konoha should be lost.

Naruto was forced to send squads to hunt down his own wife.

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