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Kingdom of Crows: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 - FINAL

When Kageyama was nine years old, Hinata had tried to kill him.

At the time, Hinata had, firstly, not recognized him, and secondly, only noticed the insignia of the royal family sewn onto his clothes. The latter was a death wish, when worn in the underground labyrinth of ill repute that existed below the shining realm of Corvus above, the despicable city of thieves, the Kingdom of Crows.

But Kageyama hadn’t known that, at his tender age. He knew nothing of the world at large, only knew that somewhere, in this dark and twisty maze of gutters and alleys and shadowed doorways, was a friend.

Imagine his surprise, then, when he’d ended up flat on his back with two daggers crossing blades under his chin, held by a tiny boy, the very one he’d been seeking.

Hinata was not a prince of this hidden city, yet, not even a sly gleam in the eye of the current lord all thieves bowed their heads to. He was smaller than most of the already malnourished inhabitants in the underground, and he wasn’t nearly as cunning nor as clever as the rest of them.

But he was brave. He had heart. And he was very, very quick on his feet.

He had been nearly about to slit Kageyama’s throat, maybe the first time blood had ever wet those tiny hands, the fire in his eyes burning bright. Kageyama would never forget that flame. He would carry it with him, to remind him of the souls of the people, what he could become to them if he failed.

It was the kind of fury that is born not only from personal offense, but out of ideals, out of oppression and hunger and fear. All directed toward a symbol, a far off idea rather than a man, the throne.

Death to kings, and all they have begotten.

“Sh-Shouyou?” Kageyama had stuttered, not even sure this wild-eyed creature was the boy he’d met a year ago, but then Hinata had dropped his weapons.

“Tobio?” he’d whispered. “Why are you wearing… that?”

And it was, perhaps, here—that their long journey had truly begun.

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Aphrodite in America

Even in gleaming Houston, Aphrodite
Is the goddess of the earth and sky, 
Of the earth which receives and the sky
Which brings the thunder, the electric,
The rain that heralds fruitfulness. She
Is the raw thrill of the natural dangers and
Comforts that we seek to eliminate. She
Will not be suppressed. She grows between
The concrete and the stone. She is a zone
Of mystery, somewhere between the glass
And its reflection. An effort at love might
Happen yet. In America, goddesses get
Overlooked but not forever. Weather changes.

Brighton Bound (Phan) - Chapter One

Summary: After a series of frequent Skype calls, Zoe and Alfie invite Dan and Phil to stay with them in Brighton, as collabs are long overdue, but Zoe and Alfie have anulterior motive.

Genre: Fluff/Getting Together

Warnings: will be noted at the start of the chapter if applicable

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SuperCat FF: Equations for a Body Falling

Author’s Note: I started this before Falling was even a gleam in my TV’s eye, then when the ep was previewed, put it away and left it there for quite awhile as it just seemed so…meh…in comparison. But there was a fair amount of work done and I’ve been trying to really hard to finish things, so I dug it out recently and banged out more (then edited and reedited and well…that almost got out of hand). Hopefully, it doesn’t suck.
Summary: Kara makes a mid air catch and it leads to confessions.

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Equations for a Body Falling
by Pink Rabbit Productions

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The echoed laugh returned, “I can get away from you, but you can’t get away from me.” The horse snickered, continuing its circle around Dipper, the shadows beginning to blend and combine. More menacing shapes began to form around him: a bird, a horse, a wolf, and several others that he couldn’t figure out. The darkness somehow made the horse’s gold jewelry gleam even brighter. “After all, it’s because of me that Mabel’s going to die. I can do anything.”

Despite her telling me to stop drawing her things….. I drew chromasexual yet another thing for this fic (warning it’s HELLA dark)

A Shallura Cinderella AU has been plaguing my mind, like the thought of it is super silly but I like the idea of a hardworking, servant Shiro falling for this beautiful Princess and having issues with what he feels is insignificance to this majestic beauty of a person and Allura just being the absolute sweetest? Like, she doesn’t care that he’s just a servant and even when he gleams up for the ball she just cares about him? Like it’s super cheesy but it’s what’s been going through my brain. Also Lance as a fairy godfather.

if u don’t think rowling had in mind that sirius black was a drama queen, remember this

When Ron said ‘‘if you have to kill Harry, you have to kill us too!’‘

something gleamed in Sirius eyes before he said; ‘‘lie down or you will hurt your leg even more.’‘

It gleamed because he was like yeeeees hahaha he’s making this so easy and getting the chance to scare the shit out of those kids when he actually meant to kill the rat was like christmas to him

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Wow that rival spy au is amazing!! Could you pretty please write more?

spy au

part 3

  • Luke had a firm grip on Annabeth’s arm as he lead her through the party, finally pulling her into a quiet hallway and pinning her against the wall 
  • “I gotta say, Annabeth, I’m a little disappointed. I expected more fight out of you.” 
  • Annabeth rested her head against the wall, mind spinning as she tried to go over every detail she had learned about Luke since the first moment they had both arrived at Camp 
  • “They said you retired.” 
  • Luke laughed arrogantly, “Well they weren’t wrong.” 
  • Annabeth glared at him, trying to process how there somehow wasn’t even a gleam of the Luke she had grown up with. 
  • He reached out, tucking a loose curl behind her ear, as Annabeth shuddered under his touch 
  • “I retired from the losing team, Annabeth. And you could too.” 
  • “What the hell are you talking about?” 
  • “O.L.Y.M.P.U.S. can’t last much longer. Not with the heavy casualties they’ve been taking on top of losing contracts to other agencies left and right. Why do you think Chiron’s been so stressed out this last year? You can’t think it was all because of the kids he keeps getting killed.” 
  • “And what would you know about what Chiron has been like this last year?” 
  • “K.R.O.N.O.S. has eyes everywhere, Annabeth. It’s how I knew the Agency is desperate for intel. It’s how I knew to set up this party to lure you here. And it’s how I know that Percy still looks at you with the same puppy dog eyes as he did when you were 15.“ 
  • “Percy doesn’t-” 
  • “Listen, we can finish this conversation later.” He looked down at his watch and backed away from Annabeth. “You should go, or you’ll be late for your rendezvous with your hubby. I’d hate for killing him to be too easy.” 
  • Annabeth warily stepped back towards the party, before taking off down the hallway to find Percy
  • Chills ran down her spine as she heard Luke yell after her, “See you in a bit!”