evening coiffure



It was Sunday. There’s no work on Sundays but not for Fleur’s mate. Hermione was summoned by the ministry for some errands and the veela was left without company at their shared apartment. Just yesterday she finished reading the book Hermione gave her and now, she has nothing to do. So, she decided to kill the time by cleaning all the corners of the house without using magic. She watered the plants, did the laundry, mopped the floor, she even scrubbed the tiles in the bathroom. It’s all squeaky clean.

“what’s next?”

Merlin, she was bored. She also managed to brew all the tea leaves in the cupboard and she’s on her last cup, while thinking how the brunette is always busy in each sip. She misses their alone time. She misses the small talks they have at night. The small talks that always leads to something more before they went to sleep. “Yes, fine.” She misses the “something more” coz Hermione always comes home late these days, clearly tired and goes straight to bed, utters a small “I’m sorry Fleur.” then snooze her way to tomorrow, leaving her in a not-so- pleased state that she just end up running her fingers in her chosen’s wavy locks until she falls asleep too. Well, not that she dislikes it or anything. Besides, she loves touching her girlfriend’s hair. It’s curly yet it has a smooth texture and it smells really good. How she loved it.


now that she thought of it, her hair has never been wavy. She never suffered what muggles call a “bad hair day.” Well maybe because she’s a veela and their blonde locks are magical but what if it’s curly? What would she look like? There’s that one time that Hermione mentioned a muggle establishment that takes care of hairs and it’s just across their home.

“Zee kind of called eet a… ‘air parlor. Oui. ‘Zat’s eet.”

She also said that they can curl hairs without using magic. Only iron curlers and it only takes minutes compared to brewing a potion that takes days to finish.

“Zere’s still time. Maybe I should go and check eet out.”

She headed to the drawer, pursed some muggle money and made her way to the salon.

When she entered the place, the attention easily fell upon her. People paused and stared. Some of the ladies getting their mani-pedi had the look of envy on their faces, some wondered why this stunning girl, almost ethereal, has graced them with her presence. She was easily catered by the stylists and blasted her some questions like if she’s a model for some magazine, what product does she use on her hair or why she was there. She was amused. The muggles are making a fuss. She was then ushered to a fancy looking chair.

“Wow, look at you! You are so dazzling. What do you want me to do dear?” asked the stylist.

“I want you to make my ‘air a little curly. Wavy.” She replied.

“but your hair is so lovely dear. Somebody would kill just to get a hair this smooth and straight. Why would you want to change it?” The coiffure added.

“I’ve had ‘zis style ever since I was a bebe. I just wanted to try what I’ll look like. I won’t keep it for long.” She answered.

“Very well. Let’s start shall we? Nobody will know what hit them after I’m done with you.” The stylist exclaimed. Excitement evident on his face.

Fleur laughed. Muggles and their way with words. Interesting.


“And voila! Oh my god you are so gorgeous I can’t even…” The coiffure didn’t finish his sentence. He’s on the verge of crying. Clearly happy with what he did.

Fleur wondered why he reacted that way so she looked at the mirror and was surprised to see how she looked like. It was perfect. She had the straight hair for so long and donning a new hairstyle feels like she was just reborned. She grinned. She’s excited to see Hermione’s reaction when she sees her later. She then thanked the queer man for his impressive work, went to the counter and paid a little too much for their services.

Fleur was taking off her apron when she heard a soft “pop” in the living room. Hermione is here. She’s early.

“Darling, I’m home!”

“In zee kitchen mon amour.”

“I was wondering if…” a pause. Wow…"

“Oui, cherie?”

“You… Your hair…”

“Do you like eet?”

“You’re so…pretty… really pretty..” Hermione uttered while taking a step closer to her. Eyes glazed and solely focused on her. She looked a bit feral. Like a lion ready to pounce on her prey. A real gryffindor. Fleur smirked. This is the reaction she wants from the brunette.

“and hot.” Hermione whispered in her ear then pushed her to the kitchen sink, trapping her and began planting kisses on her neck.

“I take you like eet ‘zen.” Fleur spoke between heavy breaths. She liked it when the brunette plays the dominant one. Oui, it turns her on.

“Why the sudden change Fleur?” The brunette asked.

“I just wanted to see your reaction cherie.” She answered.

“and you got what you wanted I presume?” A raised brow.

“I would like to ‘zink so.” She replied.

“Hmmm.. Then you m’lady is in for a great ride.” There was a glint in Hermione’s eyes and in her lips plastered a playful smile as she hurriedly pulled the veela to their quarters.

Fleur smirked. Mission “to get laid” is accomplished. If this will always be the result, maybe she’ll do this more often, or maybe she’ll just keep the hairstyle.


She definitely will.


*Yeah I know it’s not that good. I’m just trying to release some fleurmione thoughts or else I might explode. Gah.