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Hi I was wondering if you know any fics of even being protective of isak like if his family says something or people at school or one of isaks friends also I wanted to say thank you for all of your work it's awesome

Hi, sweetie!

Here are some protective!Even fics for you:

  • citizen erased by theyellowcurtains
    Summary: “HELP HELP THIS LOVELY MAN, HE’S BLEEDING OUT” “HE’S DYING HELP!”Magnus and Jonas were shouting as they entered the emergency room. Isak gave the guy on the other side of the sign in desk an apologetic look. “I’m sorry about them. They can be a little over dramatic.” Isak turned to the boys shouting “You can’t say shit like that here come on guys, we are in a hospital.” AKA: The hospital scene.

  • I wanna hold you like you’re mine by giraffingallday
    Summary: “I’m sorry? Who are you? And how would you know if Isak was really gay?” “I’m Even, and how about because I’m his fucking boyfriend?“ Huh. This was news to Isak. Or, Isak is often nervous and just trying to get through his required semester of Theatre. Emma makes it a little harder until Even comes along and makes it too easy. He might fall in love somewhere along the way.

  • The Unkind Thoughts by bri_ness
    : “Every time Isak worries about Even, Even worries about Isak.“ 

  • You’re a good person, Sana. by aothes
    Summary: Post episode 7, clip 1. Isak finds out about the leaked screenshots and all the pain he felt and caused during first year comes rushing back to him.

  • love and healing by evenbakkas
    Summary: Isak is angry. He’s fucking pissed, and he’s suddenly seeing red, because his ex fucking took his heart and stomped on it until it was left in pieces, and he doesn’t get to do this to Isak after all the shit he’s pulled. So, before the guy can answer, Isak smiles curtly and says, “He’s my boyfriend.” Or: A Fake dating!AU where Isak goes grocery shopping and meets an attractive stranger in a jean jacket who ends up leaving as his fake boyfriend.

Thank you so much! It’s our pleasure, lovely :) ♥


“That was very unnecessary.”
Not pictured: Luna slappin’ his galahdian soul out

Wounds & Blood
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PSA: The “G” word (g*psy) is, in fact, a RACIAL SLUR.

When I refer to the “G” word, I’m referring to the word “gypsy.” And yes, that is a racial slur.

For years, it’s driven me nuts when privileged females refer to themselves as having “gypsy souls” or simply as a “gypsy.”

In fact, the word “gypsy” is a derogatory term for a group of people called the Romani or Roma.

According to The Oxford Dictionary, the definition of gypsy is as follows:

A member of a traveling people with dark skin and hair who speak Romany and traditionally live by seasonal work, itinerant trade and fortune-telling.

Originating in India, the Romani people took to a traveling lifestyle and made money through trades. They primarily settled in Eastern Europe, but they live all over the world today.

A six-minute MTV Decoded video explains how the Romani people were stuck with the racial slur. Apparently, Europeans incorrectly thought the group of people was from Egypt, so they gave them the nickname “gypsy,” and it’s stuck with them ever since.

In Europe, “gypsies” are typically stereotyped as thieves, criminals and low-class citizens, if even citizens at all. During the Holocaust, Hitler exterminated at least 250,000 Roma, but their persecution dates back to the Middle Ages.

Now, have you ever heard of the term gypped? Otherwise known as, to cheat or swindle? This comes from the declared “untrustworthiness” of the Romani people.

Right now, the Romani are treated as second-class citizens, especially in Europe, despite the fact that there are over 10 million Romani residing there.

France has deported tens of thousands of Roma people, Denmark and Sweden are looking to expel them and Italy declared a state of emergency. These European countries deny social services, housing and support segregation.

Even in the United States, where there are over one million American Roma, citizens of the descent hide their heritage in order to avoid hate crimes because they might be a “dirty gypsy who only travels around in caravans and tells fortunes.”

While many people of Romani background don’t always have dark features, it is still feared to reveal having a heritage of Roma descent. I mean, if Hitler still murdered Romani that fit his Aryan standard back during World War II, then it makes sense that Romani descendants are still terrified to talk about heritages.

So, if you ever use the word gypsy to describe your “free-spirit,” please choose a different word from the dictionary, because you are using a racial slur. You are a privileged person, not an oppressed group of people.

And if you ever catch a friend referring to themselves as having a “gypsy soul” or if you even see it on an Instagram, Tumblr, or Twitter bio, just let he or she know of their insensitivity and blatant racism.

me: i watched this movie-

film student: movie? 😂 i only bother 😳🕶 watching REAL MOVIES 😩💦🎥 i bet yall 😄🎞 never even Heard of 🤔👂François Truffaut 🇫🇷🙌 did you even see Moonlight? 😭 Citizen Kane 😵🎬 Casablanca 😩💦🔥 can’t wait to 😛 get my Oscar 😵📽


Why many “lawful” Mexican immigrants don’t become US citizens, even when they’re allowed to

  • New research shows a trend among Mexican immigrants living in the United States who are eligible to become citizens.
  • According to Pew Research data released Thursday, Mexican green card holders are among the least likely eligible foreign nationals to apply for U.S. citizenship.
  • When asked why they chose not to become U.S. citizens, most Mexican green card holders cited their own inadequate English skills and the cost of the U.S. citizenship application, according to Pew.
  • None of this is surprising to Latino immigration advocates like Natalia Aristizabal, co-director of organizing for Make the Road New York, who says these barriers to legal immigration have persisted for decades. Read more (6/30/17)

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Memo to "you're ignoring the First Amendment" anon: the First Amendment protects US citizens from the GOVERNMENT censoring free speech by citizens. Even then, there are some exceptions. Hate speech can be censored by the governmemt because it poses an immediate threat to people of a certain group. The First Amendment does NOT limit a private citizen from acting to limit another citizen's speech. Fucking educate yourself on the law if you're going to use it as an excuse for your bigotry.

Thanks for reminding us about that!  Like we said previously, there’s an important distinction between advocating for the government to silence people (denial of free speech) and attempting to deny fascists’ access to public platforms like mass media, lecture halls, or public spaces.  Anti-fascists are not commonly found to be calling for state censorship, but they are found to call for institutions that control platforms to use those platforms responsibly and not hand them over to people that advocate for apartheid, ethnic cleansing, and genocide.  Having free speech rights does not entitle fascists to spew their bile without consequence or to expect others to provide them with a platform to disseminate their filth from.

These fucking “muh free speech” warriors didn’t give a shit when a neo-nazi leader & others physically assaulted a black woman exercising her free speech rights at a Trump rally this past spring.  Or when it happened again this past October.   Or when a fascist waked into a mosque in Québec City in January and shot 25 people as they were praying, killing six of them?  Or this week when a bookstore was forced to cancel a book launch by a trans comic artist because of the deluge of violent threats both they and the artist received.  The only time they care about “muh free speech” is when fuckwads like them get pushback for advocating for racist genocide.  

Question for people in not-USA countries: Do people there express aggression by flying the flag of your country a little too proudly?

Here it sure does, and sometimes it’s not even nationalist aggression.  If a pickup truck is flying a gigantic American flag, my perception is that the driver is like 60% more likely to pick a fight with someone for “looking at him funny,” even if there’s no politics involved.  Even white male American citizens don’t look at someone wearing a flag-and-eagles T-shirt and say “I bet that’s a really friendly person.”

Monsta X as neighbors


•  rolls in on his scooter at like 2 in the morning every night, probably always waking you up
•  you’d think he was all badass, going to parties and staying out and everything…but he babysits dogs when their owners are away
•  and he’d tell you that one morning when you found him trying to get in your apartment bc he mistook it for his “are you sleepwalking lmao”
•  probably offers to cook you breakfast on the weekends if you’re not busy
•  bonus if you actually had a dog, he’ll give you discount and you’d have the pleasure of watching him being all cute and kissy with your pup


•  has knocked at least 17 times on your door, asking if you had any Ramen
•  even if you’re like “no……same answer as the last 16 times” he’s still like “ok well I have some, wanna come over?”
•  but it’s so fun flirting with him tbh he’s hilarious plus he always has expensive ice cream in his fridge that he’s willing to share if you came over
•  one time you found him flirting with your other neighbor when you came down the stairs “gasp, we’re you just hitting on timothy…I thought we had something special”
•  has a new hairstyle every time you see him 


•  introduces himself on like the first day of moving in, with a box of cookies and the whole shebang
•  way too cheerful and loud in the mornings but his energy rubs off on you and you can’t help but smile when you pass him in the hallway or the elevator
•  offers to go jogging with you on weekday mornings and have a late brunch
•  sometimes he comes over without any warning and makes himself a cup of tea while you’re cooking
•  has all the latest gossip on everyone in the building/street so you’re always scandalized


•  you probably heard about him before you even met him
•  “oh my gosh I heard he’s such a player tho” “did u see him blowing kisses at my dog???” “He looks like the type of guy to pour his milk before the cereal” look he’s just a dork
•  you always see him carrying brown paper bags for his groceries
•  retro 70s/80s music can heard from his door every Monday morning but you should probably not ask
•  has way too many plants and cacti in his apartment…..if you’re ever lucky to get invited inside to see


•  people would think he’s some sort of celebrity when he moved in next to you
•  always wearing blacked out shades and long pea coat even when it’s like 90 degrees at night
•  won’t even spare you a glance unless you’re carrying a new issue of his favorite magazine or you just smelled really nice “is that the new dior?”
•  once you have the privilege to step inside his abode, it’s like yall are besties and he’s sharing his favorite non-gluten recipes with you
•  gives everyone a stank look if if they stepped on his ‘welcome, bitch’ mat with their dusty shoes


•  does he even have hair on his head, why he always wearing a snapback ??????
•  brings his homies over every other night and it’s so loud, you can see like 3 or 4 more people sneaking in his door every few minutes
•  when you decide to finally give him a piece of your mind,  he’s like “bro come turn up its lit!!!! I got jello shots :’)))”
•  yeah ngl his parties are always lit and he plays the best music plus no one has any complaints bc they’re always at his place anyway
•  friends with the local pizza shop and has free deliveries if the manager is invited


•  an upstanding citizen, you’ve even seen him helping old people cross the street and save a fat pigeon from being run over by some kid’s skateboard
•  usually has his face buried in a book when the elevator is crowded, but you can bet he’s listening on everyone’s conversations
•  one time you caught him looking at your texts with your friend and it was just full of memes
•  that’s when he introduced himself…..I mean he kinda had to bc he couldn’t stop snorting at your sense of humor
•  has like 10 stray cats and cool lizards in his place “please don’t tell the landowner, I just couldn’t help myself :(”

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Man no one gives DCEU Lois Lane enough credit, she straight up jumped in front of The Batman and looked him straight in the face to try and save Superman. Keep in mind that everyone in Gotham at this time is terrified of this angry Batman (“there’s a new kind of mean in him, he’s angry and he’s hunting), even law abiding citizens are scared of him. And like Batman is a big deal, so it stands to reason that news outlets would have picked up on this new angry Batman, and that Lois as a reporter DEFINITELY would know this. But she just jumped in front of him anyway. Like. Wow I love for Batman v Superman, you notice something new every time

some thoughts about Jedha from your local diaspora kid who grew up hearing stories about dodging shells and the military knocking on doors  

  • Jedha is a warzone and is under Imperial occupation. It’s being stripped of its natural resources for the Empire’s purposes. It’s also a holy place, people were going on pilgrimage to the Holy City despite the constant struggle between the Imperial forces and insurgent groups. 
  • only the city was actually destroyed by the Death Star, however the entire moon will face the repercussions and will probably crumble. This means that there will be refugees (unlike Alderaan whose only survivors would’ve been offplanet) 
  • also Jedha is basically part of space!asia: all the background characters that we see are predominantly asian (plus Chirrut, Baze, and Bodhi, of course) 

So what’s it like to live under occupation, to live as a refugee?

  • Language: The Empire likes everything black and white. It’s also very discriminatory (they almost exclusively employ humans). It’s be very easy to assume Imperials (maybe not even consciously) would force citizens to speak basic. Whether our characters speak another language(s) is up to you. (Personally I think Jedha is composed of a myriad of cultures and thus languages, but people always switch to basic when talking to Imperials). (Did any of our trio speak another language? Can they read and write? Or is it just a few words, or can they only understand?) 
  • Restrictions: Stormtroopers and other personnel are always around, whether they’re directly involved with taking kyber or not. So it would be common to be stopped by troops, or even have them knock on your door. (Would there be harsh Imperials who would mistreat children for merely running around, would leer at people and make them uncomfortable? Would there be kinder ones who would let things slide, turn a blind eye to people smuggling extra portions? I think there would be both). Either way everything was very highly regulated. You’d need identification on you at all times. I can picture a young Bodhi being scolded for staring too long or talking too loudly.
  • Culture: Like I mentioned, I think Jedha is composed of many, many cultures. I think the Guardians have their own thing going on, but they would also be very familiar with the many different cultures on Jedha. But what about Bodhi? It’s clear he grew up on Jedha, but after working with the Empire? Was he forced to lose his culture, or did he forget it? Or did he hold on to every last thing he had? There’s a lot of room for development here. 
  • Rebellion: Was Bodhi’s family sympathetic to the Rebels? Or were they too afraid of the Empire to join them? From experience, even rebel groups that oppose an awful regime can be ostracized by the public, whether it be fear for their own safety, displeasure with their methods or even harassment. (The Empire may knock down doors, but rebels could be hiding in those houses. How would it feel?) There might be silent support, or people might even rally behind them. (Basically: are the rebels heroes or just trouble?) 
  • Afterwards: how would the refugees of Jedha feel, specifically our Guardians & Bodhi? Would there be regret for not learning enough, a sense of duty/need for revenge, a weight on their shoulders (the responsibility of being the caretakers of their culture)? Baze is the clearest for me: he wants to avenge his city. But what about Chirrut and Bodhi? 

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If you're a US citizen and not a Muslim, you'll be fine. Social media has a way of blowing things way out of proportion, when the truth is, what Trump does will have almost no impact on your day to day life. Just relax, man.

How disconnected from reality do you have to be to not only write this but actually believe it? First of all I’m not a US citizen, but even if I was, I’m a compassionate human being that is reading stories from reputable sources of what is happening to a group of people simply because of the religion they were born into or choose to practice. There are people fucking trapped in airports being barred from entering the country they lawfully reside in or the country whose troops they helped in time of war. There are families that went through months of vetting to get refugee status who woke up and suddenly see their future was ripped away from them. It is affecting their day to day life and just because it isn’t my life doesn’t mean I can’t be empathetic. Simply because it isn’t your turn now, doesn’t mean the next executive order by fiat won’t apply to you. This is a very selfish way of looking at the world and what’s happening right now and I sincerely hope for all our sakes that more people don’t think like you. 

I’m a woman, I’m a POC, I’m queer, I’m Latino, and I’m an immigrant. Social media doesn’t need to tell me I need to be afraid. Common sense does. 

As cliche as it is, I think you need to read the famous words Martin Niemoller wrote about the pure cowardice of Germans regarding the Nazis:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Fucking step it the fuck up and start caring even if you’re a US citizen and not a Muslim because before long it might be your “day to day life” that is affected.

“Can you hear me running–can you hear me calling you?” [insp.]

From the SDCC Voltron goodies, there was that line from Keith about Shiro and. well. even though I see these two more as brothers than a ship, you can’t deny those feels hurt

Being best friends with Peter Parker would include:

- accidentally finding out he was Spiderman when you walked into his room while he was testing the strengths of his webs
- after he got returned from helping Ironman in Germany he would rush over to your house to tell you everything
- he would show you the video that he made and add comments as it was playing
- when he was done with his “Stark Internship” he would go over to your house and sneak into your room though the window
- doing homework together, you sitting on your bed and him at your desk
- having movie marathons at least once a month
- him taking up to the top of tall buildings and the two of you having long conversations
- having to reassure him that Tony would call him (even if it had been a few months)
- reminding him that everything he did as Spiderman was helping citizens even if it was just a small gesture

Next season on Legends of Tomorrow
  • *Waverider crashes again*
  • Sara: Gideon, what's our status?
  • Gideon: We seem to have crashed, Captain.
  • Mick: How could we crash? We didn't even take off- HOLY SHIT!
  • Sara: What?
  • Mick: your hair is pink!
  • Sara: what *looks at hair, definitely pink* holy shit! My hair is pink!
  • Jax: but you were blond 2 seconds ago.
  • Nate: we really screwed up time.
  • Ray: I don't know, I kind of like it.