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can i request takao, imayoshi, midorima, kise, hanamiya & akashi sending their s/o drunk texts? heeeheh

I’m cackling okay, I love drunk texts!

A/N: I feel like they’d all be nerds, wow. Sorry if you find any of these OOC, I tried.


  • I have CerTainly noT hadd too mjuch to drink
  • I od not evend do doo taht
  • Ha do do
  • wAHT


  • Can we hacve sex?
  • Wait whoisd this?
  • oh aodh sory i loe you babe
  • cane hwe have sex tonight?


  • im at a prty
  • will u cujm
  • haha cum
  • like sex
  • wait
  • someonws trying 2 fite me
  • hes relly hot tho
  • oh
  • it me
  • was aloking in a mirror lol


  • *sends literally 20 selfies*
  • im so caute
  • love mw
  • ae you there
  • please
  • tellw me im pretty
  • y do u h8 me
  • il ove you
  • wait
  • wrongv person


  • Ihave lsoft my glases
  • wiat..
  • theyre on my fcae
  • i mayh hve drank towo much


  • hahahahahaha
  • i donat remembwer what i was laughing awt
  • nvm hes wsering them
  • i love him so mcuh
  • i meant u
  • i love you soa mcuh
Jack Gilinsky Imagine Part 2!

So, you guys have been asking for this part. I’m SOSOSOOOO happy you enjoy it, i just hope this part lives up to it. IT IS A SMUT! and it does have a bit of drama! Let me know if you want the rest! :D

            A breath stuttered between your lips and your heart beat faster when Jack’s head leaned towards you, his lips capturing yours softly. You gasped and went to pull away but Jack moved his arm, that had been under his back, so his hand touched the back of your head, bringing your lips down to meet his. His other hand touched your bare thigh while your lips moved against his slowly, his tongue brushing your bottom lip.

            You lost yourself in the kiss. It was easy, his lips tasted like soda, his tongue rubbing against yours and making your toes curl. The world faded away, all rational thought left, as your fingers left his chest and tangled themselves in his thick dark hair, he sat up and stood up, wrapping your legs around his waist as he walked towards his room. He slammed you into the wall, next to his closed bedroom door, while you placed your lips on his throat. You licked a path to the skin under his ear, you sucked it and heard Jack moan. Jack opened his door and walked you both in, he foot slamming the door shut.

            Jack tossed you on the bed and ripped off his shirt, giving you a smile after hearing your giggle from the contact of the toss. You took off your shirt, and bra, and felt hands wrap around your ankles, he dragged you towards him and placed his hands on either side of your head, pressing his lips to yours. He pulled your tongue into his mouth and sucked on it while your finger nails dragged from his collar bone down to where his pants met his lower waist, your finger nails followed the path of his faint V-line, Jack sighing into your mouth while undoing the unbutton of your jean shorts. His lips brushed little kisses down your neck, licking and sucking both your breasts and continuing down.

            “Jack,” You sighed, running your hands through his hair when he began pulling your shorts and thong down. You lifted your hips, to help him, and watched as his lips placed open mouth kisses over your hip and down your right leg. His dark, hooded brown eyes were watching you as his hands separated your legs, at your knees, his mouth nearing your core. He stuck out his tongue and licked your clit once, watching your eyes roll back and your hips bucking upwards.

            He pushed down on your hips and began working magic on your core; licking, sucking and biting on your clit and outer lips. You could feel a knot forming in the pit of your stomach, it was a building pressure and it was a blissful ride towards the top. You moaned out his name and shivered when his middle finger brushed your clit before pushing inside. Jack, while your clit, moaned against you, the vibrations causing your eyes to roll back, his name, along with a curse word, flew out of your mouth.

            As he slowly dragged out his middle finger, he bit on the skin of your outer lip. It wouldn’t be much longer until the pleasure made you spiral out of control, and Jack had you right where he wanted you. “Jack, fuck, I’m so close,” You moaned, dragging your fingers through his hair and pulling his head closer to your center.

            Jack did the exact opposite that you wanted, he pulled away, his finger leaving, and stood up. He slowly unbuttoned his pants while you reached for a condom, that he normally kept in his bedside table, a burst of pleasure made your head spin when his jeans and boxers fell to the floor, his dick standing proud and so ready. You moved further up the bed and got the condom out of its foil while Jack kissed up your thigh and up the rest of your body before settling between your legs.

            “Put it on, babe,” He whispered gruffly in your ear while his hand pushed against your knee before pressing against your clit. You whimpered and he sucked on the spot right below your ear. You reached between your bodies and rolled the condom on his dick, pumping it before guiding it to your center. He pushed all the way on and moaned your name when he was fully in, “Shit, Y/N, you’re so tight.”

            You scratched his back as he pulled nearly completely out before pushing back in quickly, “Faster, Jack, please,” You moaned, your hand reaching up and scratching his scalp.

            Jack moaned at your command and began pounding in and out, profanities were mixed with your name as the pleasure coursed through his body. “Fuck, you feel amazing,” He groaned, he rested on his elbows next to your head and watched your face.

            You bit your lip but he kissed you, wanting to bite that lip for you. The pleasure was getting too much, that knot was about to break and you wanted it too. You pulled away, “Jack, I’m so close, oh my god.”

            He snapped. Before you knew it, his thrusts were coming short, quick and so hard. You breathing was coming out in pants, your moans were mingled with kisses, the second he sucked on your tongue you saw stars before your eyes. You broke apart and screamed out his name, he followed not far behind. Your name tearing from his chest. Jack rested his body on yours, his lips touching the side of your neck trying to breath regularly.

            Once he pulled away, threw the condom in the trash and pulled you to his chest, you realized what happened. It hit you like a ton of bricks, your chest felt crushed, the feeling of pleasure turned into guilt and sickness. You had nothing against Leigh, she was pretty and perfect for Jack. You don’t know why you let this happen, but it did and you wanted nothing more than to get away from Jack.

            His fingers soon stopped rubbing your arm and back, his breathing evend out and you knew he was asleep. It was the perfect time to get out, you just needed space, but you also knew it was a fat chance you could ever face Jack. You had just had sex with your best friend, who was also in a relationship. You knew Jack didn’t want a relationship with you, but it still hurt to think of it.

            You slowly broke away from Jack and got on your clothes, you rushed downstairs to grab your school books and keys when you found Johnson and Sam in the family room with the TV on fairly loud. They both looked at you and it took everything you had not to cry. Sam stood up first when he saw your eyes, but Johnson reached you first. You backed away from his arms and shook your head, “Please tell me you didn’t hear it,”

            Johnson grimaced, “Would it made you feel better if we said no?” He asked.

            A tear slid down but Sam spoke up, “Only the last five minutes, Y/N, we thought it was Leigh at first but then we saw your school stuff.”

            “Can you just tell him you didn’t see me leave?” You asked, gathering your school stuff.

            “Y/N,” Sam began to say but Johnson cut him off, “We’ll figure it out,”

            Sam wanted you to stay, but you wanted to leave and forget this happened. “I can’t be here anymore, that crossed the line. I won’t be able to be the same with him, Sam.”

            Sam nodded, “Want me to drive you home? You can’t exactly drive like this,”

            You shook your head, “I’ll be fine, I’ll see you guys soon.”

            Both boys looked like they didn’t believe you, but they let you walk out that door.