Sleeping Headcannons

I dont want to go to bed so here are headcannons

•You and newt dating for about a year before asking if he will sleep in the same bed and he gets all flustered.
•You explaining that he doesn’t have too because you know how shy he is
-Him agreeing even though hes still a shade of red
•Him not even sleeping in a bed most nights but every night he comes out of his case and kisses you goodnight while you sleep.
•You deciding to bring a sleeping bag down his case so you can sleep near him when you have trouble sleeping.
•Waking up still in a sleeping bag except newt brought one down and slept next to you.
•Turning your head and seeing an occany, the niffler, the demiguse and pickett all sleeping next to you guys.
•On nights both of you actually sleep in a bed, Him sleeping away but holding your hand when you both fall asleep.
•But you end up in a spooning position by morning. and somehow pickett found his way out of the case and is on your shoulder.
•Sometimes he comes out of the exhausted so he gets in bed and curls up like a cat with his head on your lap and you stroke his hair while reading.
•Going down in his case in the middle of the night when you wake up and seeing him asleep in a chair and bringing a blanket down and put it over him.
•Him reading bedtime stories to all his creatures and you knowing there is no way he will leave them so you join him and tell some muggle stories.
•Both of you silently reading in bed and one of you falls asleep. Queenie and Tina bet on who falls asleep first as both of you dont fall asleep easy.
•Both of you feeling safe and comfortable while sleeping because Newt, has a protective hold and you are snuggled up with your forehead at his neck.

OKAY i know i talked about this earlier BUT it fucked me up so bad when kepler got mad at jacobi and maxwell!! i kind of thought he cared about them but he doesn’t, they’re just as expendable as the hephaestus crew, they’re just more competent, but as soon as they aren’t doing what they’re supposed to do, they’re worthless

hey friends i know it’s a very hard time of year for people for a variety of reasons. but please know that the stress, too, shall pass. and the storm, too, shall calm. and the darkness, too, shall give way to light. if you are struggling with your mental and emotional health, please don’t feel like you are alone. pray to God. talk to a counselor or therapist. and if that is not financially possible, call a hotline. and if you don’t feel comfortable calling a hotline, talk to friends and family. and if you’re afraid they won’t understand (even though- i promise- people who love you will be there for you), know that my inbox is always open. please do not believe that this life cannot get better, or that it is not worth continuing to endure in. 

thinking of those of you who are grieving, stressing, burning out, or all of the above.

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I'm usually one of the first to read and comment on your new CWU updates, so I'm so sorry I haven't read the latest chapter yet!! I feel like a bad fan, haha. I appreciate your work so much, and I hate that I haven't had time to read it! I hope you'll still read my comment even though it'll be way late. Do you know when you'll be posting the last chapter? Then I know for sure when I need to read ch24 by. Thank you!

Oh don’t worry!! <3 The last two chapters are kind of like two long epilogues after the big climactic action, so please read them at your leisure~~ and I always read all my comments, of course! When they come weeks or months or years after I posted they’re special and exciting in a different and awesome way. 

I’ll be posting the last chapter on December 18, my TFA anniversary. Thanks for the note and for supporting the story throughout the year!!

Thoughts #2

To my King,

How have you been today? There is a lot going on recently and in the midst of all I just hope you are doing well. I am so proud of you for what you continue to accomplish every single day. You have come such a long way and you will keep going far thanks to your drive, your hard work, and your passion for your craft.
Congratulations on getting awarded at the MAMAs :D You guys totally deserve it ans we, Ahgases, are so proud and grateful that we have such a strong bond ♥
Do not mind people that give you uncalled for hate instead of constructive criticism. Don’t allow them to make you lose who you truly are and what an amazing human being you are. Even though we never met and I don’t know you personally, I can say that I am truly blessed to even know about your existence.

You got to spend some time with your parents even if for just a little while, but I am sure you made the most out of it :3 I can say with a 1000% confidence that they are very proud of you for the man you have become, so full of unconditional love, happiness, and compassion.

Please, stay healthy and do not be hard on yourself. You can be your own biggest supporter, but also your own biggest critic. Don’t lose anymore weight just to fit a standard that society wants to impose. We love you for who you are, both inside out. 

I wish that whoever is blessed enough to be in your life will cherish you just like I know you’ll cherish them, for I already do cherish you dearly in my heart.

Thank you for always being so thankful, for being such an important part of GOT7, for filling whatever you touch with love. Thank you for being you, Jackson Wang.

I love you.

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i'm genderfluid. my hair is short and it's dark brown. my eye color is dark brown too. i stay at home most of the time because i do not like the cruel, harsh reality of the world. i would play the violin for you even though i do not know how to play the violin. i could play the car alarm for you though. in the summer, we could go out to eat ice cream, and in the winter, we could listen to the rain fall sitting near a fire place

AAWWWWW U SSOUND EVR SWWEET N CUTE <3333333 i pplayed violin fr like 2 yrs wwhch is Funni N YH I WWULD TOTALLY DDATE U <3

#YABestof2016 | Day 7 | One Villain to Rule them All
There are bigger and badder villains, but I do adore my darling Sebastian/Jonathan 👿👿
Which baddy do you love even though you know you shouldn’t?

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1st thoughts // short conclusion

The game has its flaws, both technically as well as story(telling) wise - but all its flaws aside I am so in love.

I have played FF III, IV, V, CC: VII, VII, VII:DoC, parts of IX, X, XII, XIII, XIII-2, LR, Parts of XIV, Type-0 and…well…XV.

My number 1 was always X and either X and XV are now both #1 in my heart, or ….
No, can’t say yet which i love more - I ll have to gather my thoughts First, haha

I dont regret having waited for this so long and if it hadnt been for this game i would never have started this blog through which I got to know so many wonderful people - you guys know who you are. 💗
((Even though i suck so hard at staying in touch))

To me FF XV was a wonderful experience all in all and i shall never forget it.💗

Appreciation post

Even though we don’t talk and I don’t know you all like that except from the very little you choose to share, I appreciate everyone of you on here. Anytime I take the time to read your posts it makes me smile, and I want to give you big hugs 💕

And that’s the beauty of our religion, you all are my sisters.
updated zed lore 100% cunon

so he was like, fuck you, fuck you, you’re cool (points to akali, slow motion, ‘call me’ ) and went off to bed, and he was like, fuck balance you know? my mom dead because of that shit, blah blah, i need powerso Zed found out about the box and went to it so it was likeshould I? or should I not?that lasted for about 2 seconds before Zed fuck it yolo hehe xd, so he got the power and badabing Zed put Shen in his fucking place like the little bitch he is and then Kusho got all scared and all pissy that his son lost to his adoptive better son and was like'fuck you boi, this shit here ain’t right, now ima leave you alone even though i know this shit will ruin your mine, don’t come back lol’ and so Zed was goneand so Zed had his life to live now, SKIP OVER A FEW YEARS and he come back, looking as bara as everand ihs father was like waiting and Zed was like “wtf aimbot riot, fix this shit” and Kusho was like"yo, i fucked up, let’s talk dude'so they talked and Zed’s like'your balance killed momma, and let jhin jhin live'and Kusho was like"bitch your momma had to die to keep balance’ and that like pissed off Zed and that is what got his anger going that he screamed because the shadows were hurting him and alland that’s why he went chop chop chop to Kusho’s head

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I know I shouldnt love you. Ive built my world on being a woman who loves women. But youre unlike anyone ive ever met. Even though youre a man, I think im falling for you. I dont know what to do. I feel like im back in the closet. I just want you.

Go on/off anon and pretend we’re the person you want to talk to most and get everything off your chest.

Ravenclaws probably have, overall as a house, the worst grades in the school tbh. 

The official SU page on Facebook posted a clip from the episode with this description and, I dunno, I just really like that they did that

The recent rise in popularity of dragons is funny because half of it is because of Game of Thrones and half of it is because of How To Train Your Dragon so all these dragon posts are going around and you never know which fandom you’re gonna brush shoulders with it’s like walking into a dragon’s lair and not knowing if you’re gonna get this

or this