theres always that asshole at the party who brings his acoustic guitar and a live bee hive even though he knows you are allergic to bees. there is always that guy

Now and then you just need a tiny crush on someone you’ll never see again.
Something to think about when you cannot fall a sleep at night, a smile to remember and a memory to keep dear and close.
Someone who makes you believe in love at first sight and inspires dozens of made up scenarios of what could be, how things might have turned out.
—  // but what if you eventually realize that this someone had something you cannot find in any other person?
If your heart screams their name even though you know that you will never meet again?

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So if the alphabet boys of Scepter 4 are all in love with Fushimi, what if the alphabet boys of HOMRA were in love with Yata? And both clans would plan all of these secret meet-ups with each other to fanboy over their crushes and stuff, so when Yata and Fushimi see them all whispering suspiciously to one another to plan a meeting they're just like "Wtf" XD

Hmm Homra’s alphabet boys don’t seem quite as into Yata but maybe they’re hiding it well (wait can we count Kamamoto, I could totally see Kamamoto being into Yata). They all seem to respect him to some degree though so maybe they also all slowly start to notice what a good guy he is and how nice his muscles are and eventually they’ve all got these tiny crushes that they aren’t at all admitting to. Once Fushimi and Yata hook up though the Homra alphabet and the S4 alphabet start hanging out together and that’s when it all comes out. Like they all decide to hang out one day at the bar when Kusanagi’s out, everyone gets drunk and the S4 guys start lamenting how Fushimi being with Yata means he’s off the market and how much of a bummer it is because they all tried so hard to woo him, especially Akiyama and Hidaka (Fuse’s like ‘well, I didn’t try because I hate that guy I just also really, really wanna make out with him and slam him over a table’ as he takes his sixth drink of the evening, he denies this entire conversation happened once he’s sober). The Homra guys listen sympathetically and then someone’s like ‘yeah, to be honest, I’m kinda annoyed about that guy stealing Yata-san away, like I thought I might’ve had a chance in there somewhere.’ The other Homra guys admit that they have crushes too and it’s a big surprise for everyone because unlike the S4 squad, who were all aware of the friendly competition, the Homra boys had no idea. After this they decide to have monthly meet-ups to get drunk and share their sorrows, like of course everyone’s happy that Fushimi and Yata are happy but it’s still a bit sad giving up on the dream and it’s nice to talk with people who understand, okay. Fushimi and Yata catch them planning their meet-ups sometimes and are both kinda surprised by how quickly their respective squads got along. One day Yata’s like 'so what do you guys even talk about anyway’ and everyone coughs and looks away like oh nothing, just…alphabet stuff.

It was my first relationship and you knew I was struggling and still you used me. You never loved me. I sat through it for you even though I hated every second of everything you did to me. The universe seems hellbent on reminding me you exist and I hate it for that because every time it just reminds me of how I don’t hate you as much as I wish I do. My friends still spend time with you even though they know what you did. You broke me. You hate me. I hate myself too. I hope you’re happy.

hey guys! SMILE 😁😁😁 so, the other day i went for an assessment for therapy and the therapist asked me what one of my coping mechanisms are, and i explained about my body positivity blog. i said about how i try to help people feel positive about themselves and that helps me in turn, and i told her about the people that i follow who are also positive so that helps me to stay positive, and we are just all spreading positivity. she thought that was so cool, and i just wanted to say thank you ALL OF YOU. thank you for spreading positivity, even though i know it’s hard to sometimes to keep it up when you don’t feel like it, but i always see you all being positive, and staying strong, and i honestly follow the best bunch of people. thank you for helping me to love myself, just by again spreading that positivity, but also i see all your beautiful bodies and beautiful personalities, and how much you want to love yourselves, and it makes me happy to love myself. i don’t know how to explain, but i’m trying my best. i just want to let you all know that you help me so much, with your words, your pictures, your stories. and, i honestly LOVE every single one of you. you are all amazing people, and i’m glad to have found this life changing website, and start my blog with all your lovely support. let’s spread the love!!! 💗



you broke up with my sister tonight, and i don’t know why, because it’s 3 am and she only texted me ten minutes ago that it happened even though it happened at 10 pm. i don’t know the details and i don’t know if it was you or her or if it was just one of those things, but i want you to know that i’m sorry.

because i pretended i hated you for almost a year, and i made jokes to my sister that you annoyed me and that i didn’t approve of your relationship. i was a bitch to your face. and i’m sorry, because you’re a good person, and you were a good boyfriend.

because i’m in tears right now even though i never really got to know you, and so is my best friend halfway across the world who you don’t even know exists but who knows you through my sister’s instagram posts and tweets about you.

because i don’t think you would ever hurt her on purpose. when we first met, i told you that if you ever made her cry, i would make you cry, and that if you ever hurt her, i would hurt you, but it’s 3 am and she’s fine and i have this feeling in the pit of my stomach that it’s her that hurt you.

you’ve both deleted all your pictures together on instagram and removed each other’s names from your bios and i really think it’s over. it’s been 3 years since she had a breakup but i really hope we don’t talk shit about you in a couple months like we did with her last boyfriend because you were better to her than he ever was.

and i really hope you find your way back together soon but i don’t know how likely that will be. so i’m sorry.

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yoooo but can you imagine how protective Harry would be over pregnant missus going the gym

Aw, he’d be so protective but at the same time want to encourage you to go when you told him your plans for the day so he’d insist that you waited for him to get back from work or something so he could go with you and keep an eye on you to make sure you didn’t over exert yourself. Even though he knows there are trainers walking around and helping people, it might not yet be public knowledge that you’re both expecting a little baby so they wouldn’t be watching out for any signs of pain or distress that maybe you were trying to ignore.

And so even though he HATES cardio “because it’s SO boring, my love” and usually sticks to the weights, he’d follow you around all of your cardio machines, running alongside you on your mile and half warm up, checking in with you to make sure you’re ok and then chatting to you while you both worked up a sweat on the rowing machines and going all around the equipment until a whole hour had passed and you both went to shower in the separate changing rooms.

he’d prefer you to do more gentle exercise so he’d be trying to get you to go to pilates to help keep your strength up and being the person he is would sign you both up for a couples pregnancy yoga class so you could both relax together and he’d just be the most encouraging person to have around when you felt like you couldn’t do a move because of the bump that’s in the way and he’d be there all “come on, you can do it, i know yeh can.”

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Have you ever tried to go after a girl even though you know shes straight

No. I find it quite disrespectful. It’s like these men that keep flirting with you even though you told them you’re not interested.
Also I don’t like to invent feelings and time into someone who’s not interested in me

You know you don’t actually support the team when you’re upset despite the fact that they won because your favorite player was left on the bench. Even though, deep down you know that it was tactically better to let the other player sub in. So at the end of the day, you tell yourself that as long as your favorite player is happy (because you know your favorite player really just wants his team to do well and that he’s 100% supportive of his teammates and happy for them when they score/play), you’re happy. EVEN IF HE DIDN’T GET TO PLAY. 

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Today is one of my hard days. And while I have no one, no one I can be honest with and say I'm not okay today, and while I feel I'm alone in this world, I still remember you are here. Even though you don't know me, I know you care. That helps more than you know. I appreciate you. So thank you.

I’m always here, sweet friend. I care so much about you and I know you will be okay. You are never alone. You are a great soul in this world and we are so glad you are here. I’m here anytime you need me. 

“I wonder if it’s possible to get to a place of believing we are shaped by all of it, that we are stronger for what we’ve walked through. What if the things that ended - the things that broke and break your heart - what if it was the end of a chapter but the story keeps going? What if life comes back? What if love comes back? What if you would not be who you are and you would not know what you know if not for all those sleepless nights?” 

Dear S,

I like somebody. His name’s M. You don’t know him, and I think you never will. And I’m happy that you never will, because I know for a fact that it will tear me apart to see you be actually unaffected by the fact that I like someone else. You’d probably even be happy for me.

I hate you, you know that? I hate you, because even though I like M, I love you still. Hurts like a motherfucker to know that you don’t love me anymore.

And I’ll live with knowing that you don’t love me anymore. I know I will. But you’ve ruined me for others. And that’s something I hurt to survive with.

I can’t date him, you know. If M were to reciprocate my feelings, I don’t think I would be able to date him because of you. How could I give myself wholly to someone else when you still own most of me?

Why’d you have to break my heart? And so callously at that?

I wish it were so simple to just forget about you. But you’ve imprinted yourself on me. And I fucking hate that.

And you know the worst part of it all? I actually prefer that we never kissed. Because if we had, I don’t think I would have survived you breaking up with me. For all my pretenses of having said kisses are nothing, I actually am thankfully we never got around to it.

I wish I could tell you all this, but I can’t. We can never be friends like we said we’ll be. I regret that the most. Having lost our friendship.

I like somebody else, but you’re still my heart.

For all those who are reading this, I know you don’t know about what happened between me and S, but I’m gonna ask you still … should I confess to M? Should I go for it? Or should I wait to actually move on completely?



What are you doing it 283824000 seconds? Because I hope we can be together still in  283,824,000 seconds. 

You calculated that? Of course babe, I always do. I know you do. Even though I pretend like you won’t and my inner thoughts will be secret. You always know. I know what you’re thinking but that means you always know what I am thinking as well. I think thats the epitome of vulnerability. 

In 9 years? That seems like such a small number when you think of seconds. Seconds go by in a blink of a moment. Nine years though seems almost like a lifetime away. 

What happens when you are 28? That’s when I want to get married. To solidify a union with another person, promising monogamy. 

Forever? I know you can’t promise me that. In the little crevices I still think about it. I try not to let myself think about it. Being apart doesn’t sound as much fun as being together. Its tempting to want to linger on others but they don’t get me like you do. With you things just fall into place and I feel warm. There’s something special about the purity in the way you make me feel and the way you love me. 

I wouldn’t mind being with you in two hundred eighty-three million, eight hundred twenty-four thousand seconds if you’d let me. 

Ravenclaws probably have, overall as a house, the worst grades in the school tbh. 

The official SU page on Facebook posted a clip from the episode with this description and, I dunno, I just really like that they did that

The recent rise in popularity of dragons is funny because half of it is because of Game of Thrones and half of it is because of How To Train Your Dragon so all these dragon posts are going around and you never know which fandom you’re gonna brush shoulders with it’s like walking into a dragon’s lair and not knowing if you’re gonna get this

or this