Having a Water/Earth sign rising is fun as shit because ain’t nobody notice your ass. We really chilling, minding our own business. We have all the tea though so even though you guys don’t notice us, just know we watching ya messy asses. ☕️👀 I’m talking to you Fire/Air risings.

Don’t Fear the Reaper Chapter 42:Dragons

Sam Winchester x Reader

1250 Words

Story Summary:  You are a reaper, actually one of Death’s favorites.  You’ve been following the story of the Winchesters for a while, staying out of sight, never letting them see you. You slowly fall in love with Sam, even though he doesn’t know you exist. But that all changes one day. Set in Season 5

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Sam’s question rang in your head, as you furiously tried to come up with an answer that wouldn’t give too much away. “I started hunting on my own.” You finally answered, as Dean’s eyes carefully watched you through the rear view mirror.

“Seriously? I thought you would have gone back to being a Reaper.” Sam exclaimed. “What made you change your mind.”

Sticking as close to the truth as possible, you answered. “During the showdown at the cemetery, Lucifer zapped my powers away from me. So it wasn’t plausible for me to return to my duties as a Reaper. Instead, Bobby took me under his wing, teaching me everything he knew.”

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concert recount

sorry i feel like this is really bad and im forgetting stuff i hope you dont mind :(

okay so firstly i dressed like hobi from fire??? and a few people got it and i was like hell yah my dudes shout out to you. i met a lot of new and wonderful people there and i felt like i made friends even though you know those moments are fleeting. i bought a jhope fan and it is my prized possession atm i keep it on my bed and tuck it under the covers lol rip. um there were so many people there?? like so many i was blown away honestly. like our boys have come so so far and i am so incredibly proud of them. they all spoke in english the entire time and you can tell they have been working so so so hard in that respect and they all did so wonderful!! i am truly proud of them???

okay but they opened with jeez imagine if my memory is that bad— not today and everyone was singing!! the crowd was so so amazing like everyone was so lively!! i always like to hear who gets the most screams, and jin got so much cheering like damn he maybe got the most along with yoongi?? jeongguk too of course got a lot of attention. namjoon was also up there with tae, and then jimin too. hoseok…. was at the boTTOM BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I SCREAMED I LOVE YOU AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS WHENEVER HE HAD A SOLO AND HE KEPT LOOKING AT OUR SECTION AND SMILING ALSO MY BOY DIO WHO WAS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STADIUM SAID HE LOW KEY HEARD ME!! so i hope that hoseok knows how loved and appreciated he is. also before his solo, i started chanting jhope and a lot of people joined and i was !!!

i have never seen someone more perfect than hoseok. like in my life. you could see his smile with eveey dance movie, but he also knows how to turn it on all sexy for certain moves. he moves so effortlessly as if his bones were like nonexistent? surprise, he’s water. the entire time he was beaming and you could tell he wanted to be there, like you could tell nothing made him happier. nothing made me happier, i cried over him too many times . after namjoon ofc, he spoke the most english?? he’s definitely been working so hard and im so so proud of him. he introduced himself with the iconic, im your hope, im your angel and i melted holy hell god he is so handsome and amazing and he looked so damn fine okay that blond hair was doing wonders for him jeez almighty. god i wanna get a tattoo okay look if anyone was help me pick some out that would be great. god his smile like cured my depression everyone, i think i can stop going to therapy. he is such a vocal powerhouse. both rapping and singing he is very very strong and powerful and his voice sounds just as enthusiastic and strong love as on tracks, if not a million times more?? like yoongi sounds mores soft and reserved live but hoseok damn im— he got to sing for spring day and i cried then??? for mama they put up a bunch of his baby pictures and i was blown away he was adorable oh my god it was too much for me, the most weak and pathetic hoseok stan around ahhh. alSO during cypher he was bopping and he got his water bottle and like flung the water on the mosh pit kids holy hell how lucky. and at the very end people were throwing stuffed animals on stage like pokemon and he was going around and grabbing them all in his arms and hugging them AND THEN HE WOULD LITERALLY WADDLE TO GRAB THE NEXT ONE WHAT AN AMAZING PURE WONDERFUL PERFECT BOY . i could keep going but i have more to talk about. oh um i gotta add that he was all up in peoples cameras rip them they were blessed fuck does everyone know i love hoseok because i love hoseok i have never ever been so happy in my entire life

jimin is so tiny??? he is adorable and very small but he definitely is probably the most talented live after hoseok. maybe they’re tired. lie he used to blind fold and danced and he hit every single high note in every single song?? also during lie they (back up dancers) hoisted him up and he touched this chandelier and it was so amazing he is such an amazing and talented dancer and words cant describe how flawless that boy is?? also he ran his hands through his hair at least seventy two million times thanks

yoongi took his ear piece out when he introduced himself to hear the crowd and i was like bitch what please dont— his english is super duper cute and it made me very happy to see the gummy smile in person. he gave his everything for first love and god i was blown away. he’s so talented. he makes me so happy to see him living his dream up there. his verse in cypher was so powerful i was ready to cry again tbh. and he made us all sing a lot which i thought was adorable and at point we were all screaming and he kept shouting louder isn’t he so cute???

taehyung is such a cutie like at the end someone threw a banner up on stage and he grabbed it and unfolded it and held it up and kissed it. also you know that iconic scene in blood sweat and tears with him and jin?? im like 99.99% sure they were both tearing up and that got me rael emotional. stigma was so so amazing?? he is super talented and such a cutie!! like he does the whole sexy to cute and it blows my mind im like boy where did that come from, rip tae stans

namjoon thank you for existing. he really was so so grateful to be there like they all were but him especially. he is such a good leader and you can tell in how he was helping them all along with their english and like introducing and explaining things to the crowd ya know?? does that make sense?? reflection he would sing the  “i wish that i could love myself” and the entire stadium would chant we love you. and it was really touching god namjoon ilysm. also in cypher, the sorry bae part?? he would make us all sing and he would bow whenever it came out i busted my lung singing that one???

jin!!! got so many screams!!! his english is so so cute!! he works so hard with it!! he sent so many flying kisses oh god have mercy what a cheese??? he cried during awake unless my eyes were broken or something and the crowd was so supportive of him and he got so many cheers awake was one of the best okay like i was dying he is so talented and his voice live is better than studio by far he has such a unique voice and he works so hard i love him everyone thank you?? still has the weird bowl cut thing going on but—

jeongguk blows me away. his vocals are so so powerful?? his dancing during begin was so damn fast like i dont know how he managed to like idk do it all while singing?? begin was so beautiful and you can tell he also wants nothing more than to be up there. i felt like he was trying to play it cool a lot of the time but nothing could stop the biggest of smiles from appearing on his lips when people were cheering. he’s such an amazing vocalist and dancer and he’s such a cutie. like someone threw an american flag on stage and he wore it like a cape lol the hero we all needed but never knew we needed??? his smile is so cute i just rememer it and :)))

they did silver spoon!! which was my fave besides mama and boy meets evil which made me cry did i say that?? lost and cypher were amazing?? i especially loved lost the vocals were so powerful and i love the song and the meaning and them all together was so so good and pure. and cypher was so hyped?? they did parts of boy in luv, no, danger!! they did dope and save me oh my god save me got me crying too i forgot that happened lol. blood sweat and tears was something else oh oh my god someone end me i saw the hip thrust live and real??? i mean they obviously did more songs than that but like look im still crying okay im still dead and amazed. after blood sweat and tears they were like that;s it we’re done and for maybe ten minutes the crowd chanted for them and that’s when the rainbow ocean with the army bombs happened and the boys were so happy and amazed and blown away when they came back out to see that!!! i was like what is happening i thought they were really done but they came back out and wings interlude was the last yes?? and i cried then fuck i love them. taehyung and hoseok stayed out on stage the longest and god—

it was truly the best day of my life, like seeing hoseok smile is all i ever needed in my life, seeing him beam and smile and be so happy like— i cant even out y love for him into words

hey guys, I’m sorry for not participating in the sns week even though I was so looking forward to it, since, you know, our internet connection is fucking with me and I’m not able to upload anything.

as soon as I’m actually back, I’m gonna make a big shout out to everyone! please don’t forget that i love this fandom and that I’m very proud to be part of it!

I hope I’m still welcome lmao since I’ve been so inactive lately…….

i love all of u guys!!!!!

Weekly Tarot Card for Capricorn

The Sun Reversed

This is a time when you are feeling like things aren’t going the way that you had been hoping for them too. Know that even though you don’t like how things have worked out right now things are turning around in your favor.

Deck: Tarot Mucha by Giulia F. Massaglia and Barbara Nosenzo, Copyright Lo Scarabeo 2015

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Kara would have the simplest thing like a cold or an ear infection and think she's dying and over react to every little thing (because she's never experienced it). Lena would give her medicine, and Kara is appalled at it. "This is disgusting I'm not taking it." "Kara, I've taken this since I was little and sick. You'll be ok. It's suppose to help you." -🌲😎

“Lena this is disgusting!!” “It’s just cold medicine Kara” “It’s poison.” “It’s not poison. Just gulp it down and the taste will go away” Kara pouts, taking the cold medicine quickly, making faces. Lena giggles, which only serves to make Kara continue to pout. “That’s disgusting” “i know dear, i know. it’ll make you feel better though” “you know what would make me feel even better than that disgusting excuse for medicine?” “what?” “snuggles from my favorite girl” “do you want me to call alex?” whack “oh you mean me, c’mere, i got you babe” *gay snuggles until kara falls asleep*

you know that feeling that, even though you’re invited someplace by people, you think you’re gonna fuck up somehow.Like, maybe you say something awkward, or maybe you bring something wrong, or you don’t bring anything, or you dress out of place? i’m trying to convince myself to go to this thing for a coworker thats leaving, but im so bad at reading social gatherings. it feels like i’m a robot or something, and i need a test run before i can go.

I can’t believe I’m still writing about you. After everything, it’s surreal that when pen meets paper the ink spills into words I can’t say to you. You never wanted the same things as me, and I forgive you for that. I cannot blame your heart for breaking mine; it beat at a different rhythm. And all that’s left is rust and tears, I am sorry I was not what you wanted. All we were was two misdirected kids, speaking in foreign languages to each other, being surprised when the other didn’t understand. I will say this, though. I will keep the memories we made in a pretty box and open it from time to time. I will pretend that you are the person I thought you were, before I was disillusioned. I will dream that you are still the person I fell for, even though I know he isn’t there anymore. Maybe he was never there at all. Nonetheless, I will ache to be friends with him again. I’m sorry you don’t and didn’t feel the same way. But I’m not sorry for loving you. I’ll never be sorry for that.

Ravenclaws probably have, overall as a house, the worst grades in the school tbh. 


I really need to talk to you, and if you just give me two minutes of your time I promise I’ll be out of your hair.

1006. When Albus turned 18, he changed his middle name from Severus to Remus.