• Me:I don't really have the patience for dating sims.
  • Me two hours and 6+ save slots after that:WOO MIRACULOUS ADRIEN ENDING oh shoot it's 2am
Dating Jonathan Byers Headcanons:
  • a lot of hanging out before he asked you out
  • you two introduce each other to new music
  • being his photographic muse
  • softly moving his hair from his face
  • him doing the same for you
  • he loves playing with your hair 
  • Joyce and Will love having you over
  • when you meet Lonnie and he gets out of line, you stand up for them
  • which makes Jonathan love you more, if possible
  • him being very protective of you even though he knows you can handle things yourself
  • you wake up to him making breakfast almost every morning
  • you try to wake up before him to make him breakfast for a change but he’s usually up before you
  • when you succeed; however, he’s always surprised and gives you forehead kisses
  • if he needs to wear a tie, you’re the one to tie it
  • you steal his clothes and wear them sometimes
  • his face is “?????” when he sees you in them but then he just smiles and comments on how good you look in them
  • road trips when you both need to get away from Hawkins
  • you like being the big spoon and he feels so safe that way
  • but he’s still the big spoon sometimes
  • slow dancing in his room even tho he’ll probably step on your feet but you both laugh it off

concept: we’re drinking slushies and for some reason you got the cherry instead of cherry-limeade, even though I know it’s not your favorite flavor. i almost ask why but I stop myself and we continue on, holding hands. you kiss me later that night and I taste the cherry on your lips. i realize then you got my favorite flavor instead, cause everyone knows i can’t resist two things in this world; your lips and a cherry slushie.

On the 29th August 1958, MY KING, MY LIFE, MY INSPIRATION AND MY LOVE, Michael Joseph Jackson was born. You know there is absolutely no way I can put into words the amount of love and admiration I have for you. You changed my life the day I discovered your music and most importantly you, even though I obviously didn’t know you personally, I feel like I do through your music, interviews and anything related to you. I know and are sure that me, your family, friends and so many other fans are saddened on this day, as you are no longer with us and can’t celebrate another year together with you. However I bet you are watching down smiling, and heaven is having an absolute party up there with you, singing and dancing all day and night. I hope that eventhough I sadly can’t meet you at this point in time, I can someday. You mean the absolute earth to me, even though you’re not personally here for me, I feel like you are when I need you, like I am for you. Here to defend and support you no matter what. Like many other fans. Thank you for everything you absolute gem. I will never forget you and will keep your spirit alive here on earth for however long I live. You mean a lot to me and I love and miss you so fricking much. Happy 58th Birthday King, RIP. I’ll never let you part, for you’re always in my heart. 💞💫✨


Dating Damian Wayne (Robin) May Include…

Arabic is his first language, although he’s fluent in multiple other languages

–He usually speaks Arabic whenever he’s frustrated
–And when he compliments you
––Especially before the two of you started dating
––He didn’t want you to know he fancied you. Cute.
–He also likes to speak it because man you make the most adorable confused faces
–Sometimes he’ll say something in Arabic and then translate it for you
–He likes to listen to you try to copy him
–Even though you suck at it
––Unless you already know Arabic rip
–You’ve managed to keep it a secret, but you’ve actually been learning it on your own
–It takes everything in you to not give it away when he says something and you know what he said
–It’s adorable

Legacies, man. Legacies.

–Talia and Ra’s are actually pretty delighted that Damian found a S/O who can put up with him
––This is mostly because they still hope that Damian betrays Bruce and takes the place of Ra’s one day
––And with a strong lover by his side, there’s no way the League will perish
––Not to mention children
––Damian and you will start a family which will drag on the Al Ghul legacy
–Bruce is surprised Damian didn’t scare you off
––He knows his son isn’t that great when it comes to talking to people
––So when he came home with you, he was super surprised
––I mean, yeah Damian has Colin, but you were different
––Everyone saw it
––Alfred would always joke about your wedding
––Teasing the two of you
––Damian would get super flustered
––“That’s enough, Pennyworth. We have everything we need. You may go.”
––You would be all giggly and tease Damian more about it once Alfred was gone
–––He kissed you to shut you up after the one-hundredth time
––Bruce hopes that the two of you do stick together
––He knows how much you mean to Damian and if he were to lose you
––He doesn’t want to think of what would happen
––He hopes that you help Damian become the person he wants to be
––Basically, you and Dami are his OTP

Family is like everything

––The all adore you
––Everyone, mostly Tim, is surprised that Damian was able to “convince” you into being his S/O
––Tim is like 67% sure he paid you
–––There is no way you would willingly go out with him
–––Despite this, he’s actually really happy for the two of you
––Dick is always teasing you two
–––He’s just so happy for his lil’ bro
–––Damian always goes to him for help when it comes to your relationship
–––He’s new to all of this and he trusts Dick more than anyone
–––The two of them will meet up while on patrol and just talk
–––Damian really cares for you and he doesn’t want to screw it up
––Jason has a shirt made that says “Y/N + DAMIAN = OTP”
–––It started off as a joke after hearing you say the same thing
–––But now the whole fam has one
–––Alfred has a mug
––Stephanie and you are pretty close
–––She wanted to make sure you weren’t going to hurt Damian
–––She’s the president of he PROTECT DAMIAN AL GHUL WAYNE club
––Barbara doesn’t know you well enough
–––But if you make Damian happy then you’re pretty lit
–––If I’m not mistaken, she hasn’t met Damian in the comics?
–––You guys are sparring partners
–––If Damian breaks your heart she’ll break more than just his face
–––She’s with you
–––The two of you are partners. Much like Robin is Batman’s.
–––She’ll destroy him if he hurts you
–––She was the one who helped Jason make the merchandise tbh
­­––You know who everyone is
–––You’re the Robin to Kat’s Batwoman, okay?
–––You knew who everyone was before they knew who you were

Damian and you spend more time training than talking

–It’s pretty much couples counseling for the two of you
––Before the two of you yell and get into a huge fight
––You take your anger out with fighting
––Once that’s over with, the two of you just talk
––It’s the perfect way to be calm while discussing something that could’ve ended in a yelling match
–He likes to teach you new moves
––He doesn’t mind getting up close and personal
––He loves it when you use what he teaches you against him
––It’s pretty hot
–There are no winners
––Something that Damian is still trying to learn is that not all fights have a winner
––There’s ties and compromises
––So, whenever the two of you fight, you always end in a tie
––Damian is usually the one who ends the fight, though


–He’s not really protective over you
––He knows you can handle yourself
––But he does keep an eye on you whenever given the chance
––Just in case
–He loves to hold you
–PDA isn’t something you do
––Maybe holding hands, but other than that the two of you aren’t affectionate in public
––HIS: Elbi [My Heart].
––YOURS: Boo, Mini Bruce, Bae, Love.

That’s what dating Damian would be like :D

DATE: AUG. 27 2016
NOTES: I got pretty carried away here

lol tbh wtf are ppl doing when they draw art thats csa inplied even though theyre not. victims themselves.. like wtf would you know why did you draw that its not even vent art like? what do you gain from that? what the fuck


Part 12- Carter Blake shows off his interrogation skills by bullying a mentally ill man and Norman Jayden puts that psychology degree to good use (with rather humorous results)

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i really liked the interpretaton of buffy friends could you do buffy characters as types of friends like not personal to you

  • buffy is that friend where you know everything about each other even though you haven’t seen each other in three months, but you still are really close and it’s amazing. she’s also the one that eats more than her weight everyday, but still stays thin.
  • xander is that friend who has to snapchat everything and you mostly get annoyed by it because they’re always on their phone, but sometimes it’s great because you have records of your memories together because of them. 
  • willow is the one that secretly mutes group chats because it gets too much, but she doesn’t want to leave because that’s rude. also, she’s a study buddy and the 100% reason you passed your exams
  • cordy is the one that tells stories in front of your parents, but forgets that what you did wasn’t good, or she says stuff that you didn’t want them to know like “oh do you remember when we went to that party and there was sooo much booze” and then you give her a look and she’s like “so we left the party because drinking is bad”
  • angel is the one friend who never leaves the house so when they agree to do anything with you there are fireworks and people yelling “it’s a miracle!” and you text all your other friends about the fact that they’re actually leaving their house
  • giles is the one with the car. you know, the one that drives your friend group everywhere, and therefore has to stay sober at parties otherwise there is gonna be a group of ten people without a ride.
  • dawn is the one who you tell a joke to, and it’s funny so they laugh, but her laugh is so funny that you end up laughing at that so it’s and endless cycle.
  • tara is that friend that sleeps over but when you ask her anything she says “i don’t mind.” like you’ll ask her what she wants for breakfast and she’ll say “i don’t mind.” and it’s infuriating but really cute. she’s also the one who will call you and pretend to be sick when you’re in a bad situation
  • faith is that friend who you ask if they want anything when you go to the kitchen and she says no but you come back with your food and she steals some. also, no one can use her nickname for you. if they do, they’re dead.
  • spike is that fake friend who will support you when you’re happy and be with you when you’re getting attention, but then piss off when you’re upset, saying that he “doesn’t want the drama”
  • wesley is that friend who you’re the complete opposite to, but you somehow become friends. although for some reason, you never seem to hang out alone. there always has to be other people there.
  • gunn is that friend that always gives it to you straight. he’ll help you work out what to say to your ex, or you’ll do a presentation and afterwards you’ll ask him how you did because you trust him to be honest with you. also he always has a cracked phone screen.
  • fred is the one who is most like you. she gets whatever you’re going through and she’s the one you can phone to rant about something and she won’t try to get you to appreciate the other side of the story, even if you’re being unreasonable. she’s also the one you can sit in comfortable silence with when you’re sad.
She loves me more than you ever could, and I know it, but you’re the same as you’ve always been; all burning glances and feather-light touches that last just a little bit too long to be friendly, and even though I know it’s going nowhere, you still make me want to lie to myself.
—  i’ve always liked things that were bad for me

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omg SHIT 

his fingers are so long and his hands are calloused from the transitions but not too rough to where it hurts. and it would just send tingles through you even at the slightest of touches because even though they are rough it’s like they’re soft too, you know? fuck… and like the way his thumbs would run over your cheek and down your arms and it just made you feel all warm and loved and omg

Wow I don’t even know what to say. I would get sappy and gross and be like ‘wow when I joined this a year ago’ (Admin Bi: PS my 1 year anniversary of being here is on September 11th) but let me not make this all about me. I just remember getting here and there being maybe 1,000 followers and seeing how DK was so unpopular.. It broke my heart to say the least and it’s seeing so many new and lovely DK stans around town and so many Carats that love and cherish him so much and I think if you ask any admin or mod here they’ll say the same thing; we’re not here to make you like us, we’re here to make you like DK and to know that even though 5,000 isn’t even close to some other Seventeen data blogs, it’s still ridiculous. I actually really stayed up until 3:30am to see this happen just because you all make us so happy and we can’t say this enough but you guys supporting us and DK makes all the work with while. You guys tell us you appreciate our tags page and our events pages and it gives us the motivation to spend that extra 15 minutes on our laptops updating it instead of putting it off another day. I can’t say the same for co admins and my mods but there was a good 2-3 months where I didn’t do ANYTHING here because I hated it. Like why do work when no one cares? But I don’t know I guess DK’s face motivated me to just decided to just do it and then the love started coming in like crazy and it was all worth it. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. Mod S wanted me to say especially from her ‘thank you and I love you guys SIGH’ and I hope the other two will hop on and add to this cause it’s all of us, we all worked to this goal and we’re gonna keep going and we hope you all see this blog as a constant reminder to love and appreciate DK for all that he is and all that he does and all the happiness and joy that he wants to give us all. Thank you. We love you guys.

-FY! Seokmin Team ☀️🌱🍑🔱

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I very nearly had an anxiety attack and I read your post on E.T and the "wrinkly brown potato" made me laugh, so I just wanted to say thank you even though I know you probably weren't trying to be funny.

i’m glad i made you laugh! I’m sorry you almost had an anxiety attack just try and relax and think about how E.T is a wrinkly brown potato because he is and he’s terrifying and ugh. i’m sorry i just really hate that alien man it’s terrifying! xxx


Yeah! I’ve finally made it! ^w^ Here is the first character of a large drawing on wich there will be nine other FMA’s characters :3 I hope you like it, even though I know I must improve my coloring skills. The scales gave me a really hard time because I had to color it one by one to make it really shiny >^< ‘can’t even tell how much time I spend on it xD


Yeah ! J’y suis finalement arrivée ! ^w^ Voici donc le premier personnage d’une série de dix qui figurera sur un très large dessin :3 J’espère que le dessin vous plaît, même si je sais que je dois encore améliorer mes compétences en colorisation u.u” Les écailles m’ont donné beaucoup de travail car j’ai dû les colorier une à une pour les rendre bien brillantes >^< Je ne pourrais même pas dire combien de tgemps j’ai passé dessus xD

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You know I will prompt you literally every single time the chance comes up! (Even though I know how much you have on your plate. Greedy!) So: Zimbits, 13. In a letter? Or Holsom, if you want.

Dear Jack,

I feel a little silly writing you a letter when we talk almost every day. We talk all the time, about everything. We’ve got a whole lot of words between us – most of them mine, I’m not ashamed to admit it.

We’ve said things that are silly and meaningless, just playing around. There are things you’ve said that I carry with me, wonderful things that I can hardly believe were actually meant for me. There are things I’ve had to forgive you for (and I have forgiven you, you know that), but that feels like so long ago; they’ve almost faded away.

I worry that’s what will happen with all of our words, even the good ones. Because there’s no way to keep them except in our memory, and sometimes memories aren’t loud enough when there’s other things in your head telling you you don’t deserve what you have. So I’m putting some of those words on paper, so you can refresh your memory whenever you need to.

You deserve good things, Jack Zimmermann. You’ve worked hard for what you have and YOU DESERVE IT ALL. I love you.


I know I repeated myself there, and I’ll keep on repeating it as many times as you care to hear it. I’ve also uploaded a couple of sound files and a video to your phone. I’d hire a skywriter, but that seemed a little over the top (and a lot expensive), so I’ll save that for a special occasion.


Eric Richard Bittle

P.S. I’ve signed this with my full name, so it’s official and binding and I don’t even know what all else.

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Could you please do hcs or a drabble (how you feel) for Daichi Sawamura and Yukio Kasamatsu with a s/o who has social anxiety? >.<

I’ll write some headcanons if you don’t mind!!


  • He’d want to make sure you’re comfortable at all times, no matter where or who you’re with, and will always guide you away from big crowds or loud people;
  • He’s often content enough to just spend time with you, either by cuddling while watching a movie or taking a walk through the park when there aren’t a lot of families or children yet;
  • He will never push you to do anything you don’t want to, but he’d love it if you got along with his friends and teammates even though he knows they’re all a rowdy bunch.


  • Has enough of a resting bitch face to shut the hell up of anyone who startles you or is too loud. He’s not a very big fan of crowded places either, so he’d always want to avoid those;
  • He also enjoys calm dates, so expect a lot of romantic little dates inside tiny, almost deserted family diners, cuddling in bed during rainy days and private serenades;
  • If it makes you calmer, he’d like to have an arm around you at all times, mostly to reassure you that he’s here and that he’s gonna take care of you.
I should be doing homework...

But I’m too busy falling in love with my best friend. It’s kind of ironic how he’s the guy I always complain about boys to, but I can’t see myself without him. My chest hurts just thinking about him. I promise to buy you all the Lego Star Wars sets and take you to Disney World to see all the Stars Wars themed stuff. I promise to send you all the dankest memes. It’s okay if you don’t love me back, even though you might and I don’t know it. I promise to do my best to make you happy no matter what.

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when you’re thinking of cute date scenarios then you get way too into it and forget you don’t actually have a gf and realize that you’re too anxious and distrustful to even find a gf let alone keep them and make them happy without feeling like a burden and that you’ll never have the feeling of holding someone close when either or both of you are feeling sad and just forgetting about the world outside of you both and so you continue to lay alone in your room desperately trying to hide your tears from a world that couldn’t care less how you feel and a tiny part of you is still clinging to the hope that maybe, possibly, things will magically get better without anyone needing to help even though the rest of you knows just how utterly fruitless that hope is in reality

im on mobile somebody add a pic

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I feel like people are only nice to me or want to be around me when they need me. The only conversation I have with my "friends" are about homework and if I can send them answers. In school I just tag behind them because they are always talking about inside jokes. Even my mum will only talk to me if it's about my schooling or if I've done the chores. She will never ask me how I'm doing and looks completely bored when I talk to her. I feel so unloved and like a doormat.

I am so sorry you feel this way and I want you to know that people care about you, even though it may not feel like it. And it’s ok to speak up and tell them how you’re feeling. It’s ok to let them know you feel, as you said, like a doormat. It’s ok. I promise it’s not true, however. You matter, alright?

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Why would someone block you???? I mean, other than jealousy of your eye and soul blinding splendor or not being able to cope with the fact that you are so far out of their league they'd never have a prayer of being with you in any meaningful way. ;)

All (most) of the people who have blocked me are J2 / Wincest blogs or people who hate Cockles / Destiel. 

Little do they know that I’m also a Wincest / J2 shipper so I’m just like???? :((((. It sucks. 

But thank you so so so much ♥ You’re awesome. (seriously though I don’t even know what to say, you’re making me blush)