“Let me sing to you a song of Light and Love”

Canonically Tsu is a singer, a talent she doesn’t quite understand that she has, but decides to keep up and develop. She eventually even starts writing her own tunes as time goes on. When she sings, traces of light can be seen, though only to those attuned to aether can see it. 

I’ve been wanting to do a piece on her singing for awhile, as it one of my favorite things about her. I’m even more excited since soon we’ll be getting a singing emote in game. I can’t wait!

“When you look up at the sky tonight I want you to see what I see. The dark night sky as my life and each star as a moment with you. Sometimes those moments explode into Supernovas of passion, happiness, or even pain. Nonetheless, I’d love to experience every one with you. Only we have the power to take dust from our old stars to create new ones. Slowly but surely, as the sun goes down, you light up my sky and turn it into something everyone wishes they could understand. Only we know the constellations. And yes, as time passes the sun will rise again, but even though we can no longer see them; the stars don’t stop shining. Although we can no longer remember where they were in the sky or how bright those stars shined, it will always remain. A permanent mark in the universe. No matter the storms, I can always look forward to seeing stars in my skies.”

- (Your hopelessly in love girl)

The House at the End of My Street

The house at the end of my street is haunted.

So people say anyway. It’s not derelict or falling apart in any way, shape or form; it’s actually surprisingly well maintained. But no one ever sees anyone go in or out, there are no cars in the drive and no one answers the door when someone is brave enough to ring the bell. But sometimes the lights will be on at night, and folks will swear they see shadows move around inside, or hear things bumping and shifting. Someone was maintaining that house.

The front yard was a different story, though enough neighbours had complained for the community to be allowed to mow the lawn at least. Not many people wanted to go near the strange house and thus the grass was only cut every so often.

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Where did it go?
The love I once knew
Is lost in the dark
The light can’t shine through.

Where did we go?
I can’t see it now
I’m fighting the night
To find you somehow.

And I miss you,
Even though you’re so close.
I miss you,
Even though you’re right next to me.

I already have you
but I wanna know you again
It’s so hard to kiss you
When it feels like I’m only a friend

I can’t control you
Or what your heart will decide
But I’ll never stop trying to fall back in love with what’s already mine.

Guard!Taehyung Part Two

And now it’s time for my love my everything my lil squish Kim Taehyung aka V aka tae tae aka can I take like several years to talk about his smile bc it’s my second favorite (second only to his eyes bc I love his eyes but I could honestly write up an entire post on why I love them) bc when you see him smile you can almost just hear his lil giggle and his eyes do the eye smile thing that I adore and he always looks so happy when he smiles like it just genuinely lights his entire face up even though he’s already pretty bright on a normal basis but when he smiles it’s just w o w like I feel like his smile should have its own fan page tell me it does

  • For anyone that hasn’t read part one and would like to, click here
  • Guard!Taehyung is the best friend of all best friends
  • He’s honestly more of a best friend than a guard
  • His main priority is to make you smile at least five times a day, laugh at least three times but those are just the minimums
  • He typically goes for a countless amount but he knows some days just aren’t laughing days
  • He a dor es you
  • You’re actually his favorite person tbh
  • Whenever you speak, he immediately gives you all of his attention like he could be doing something else like reading or drawing something and the second he hears your voice, it’s just what hi I’m listening
  • Whenever you laugh or even just smile, he always always always has to smile he can’t not smile he just cant
  • And it’s this really cute smile especially if he’s the one who made you laugh bc he likes knowing it’s his joke that’s making you giggle and he just gets so proud
  • Sometimes he just randomly looks over at you and is just wow you’re my best friend ily
  • Pillow talk with tae would literally be so amazing
  • Like I just feel like what he would have to say would be really interesting
  • That’s like one of my goals, I just wanna sit down and talk to him like genuinely talk to him bc he seems like such an unique soul and that would really come out in pillow talk bc his walls are down are a bit
  • He’d tell you stories from his childhood, good and bad
  • He’d tell you his opinions, what his thoughts were at that moment, anything he found funny or interesting that day
  • It would range from being really deep and thought provoking to lol I saw this cat today and he was so fluffy I cried
  • Has a habit of resting his chin on the top of your head no matter what
  • Doesn’t matter if you’re shorter or taller, he’ll stretch or lean down
  • Like you’re casually standing there, talking to a friend and you just feel his chin on top of your head and it’s actually kinda really endearing so you don’t tell him to stop it
  • He doesn’t interrupt the conversation, he doesn’t ask for your attention he literally just chills out and probably throws his arms over your shoulders and just is v v content with where he is
  • The person you’re talking to is :D bc c u te!!!
  • You two create a lil nook in the garden where no one ever goes to bc it’s surrounded by rose bushes which means thorns which means no but tae’s smart and knows a way around them
  • I lowkey just think tae would be really good at finding ways to do things like that
  • You two bring out a lil basket that you just leave there so you don’t have to worry about bringing things with you other than food and the pup
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the first post, tae rescued a lil pup who was lost and had no owner and now the dog is his bby (and yours, tae likes to say it’s “our bby”) but is also being trained to be a guard dog so it has an extra reason to be around you and tae all the time
  • You two would bring the pup along with you every time and just let her run around and roll in the grass and be a dog while you two lounged around and looked at the stars
  • Lowkey feel like tae would be able to point out all of the constellations idk why I see him as a star person but I just do
  • You would keep a huge blanket and some pillows in a box in the garden so you could always be able to set up a lil bed
  • Sometimes you two would fall asleep out there, all cuddled up and Jimin would always have to come find you
  • When he first hears the news that you’re missing and haven’t been seen since dinner last night he’s super !!
  • But then he hears tae’s also missing and he’s just like brb
  • Okay but this one time, you end up going out to the lil nook by yourself bc you just want a second alone but you forget to tell tae
  • Tae’s the first to know you’re missing bc he’s your personal guard and he’s honestly a million times more !! than jimin ever was
  • He’s running all over the castle, searching in every room and his heart’s beating so fast bc it’s his job to protect you and know where you are at all times
  • He’s so worried and he’s running faster than he ever has but then he remembers how you’d been upset earlier
  • He runs out to the lil nook and sees you there and honestly he’s almost in tears
  • He hugs you so tight and he doesn’t even say anything for like ten minutes and neither do you bc both of you need that hug
  • “Never scare me like that again, plz?? I’m okay with you taking some time to yourself but at least tell me you haven’t been kidnapped or ran away”
  • You just nod and you feel bad for making him worry tbh so you distract yourself with playing with his shirt
  • You can hear his heartbeat right under your ear bc he’s holding you close to his chest and you can hear how quickly it’s beating and you can hear how heavy his breaths are
  • You know that even though he only scolded you like 0.2 seconds before going back to clinging onto you, he was actually really really worried
  • He’d thought you’d left him behind for a second but he’s so happy you didn’t
  • He later blames it on all of the adrenaline and high emotions but he kisses you right then and there
  • He’s still out of breath and his hair is still ruffled from running around at top speed for like an hour
  • You lean back so you can apologize but the second he sees your face he just has to kiss you bc he’s honestly never felt so relieved in his life
  • You’re kinda shocked but also not surprised at all bc tae’s not very good at hiding his not at all platonic love for you so you kiss him back obviously
  • You two really wouldn’t say much after that, you’d both just hold onto each other and go back to hugging each other except now you’re just as breathless as he was
  • It takes him a second to fully calm down enough to realize he’d just kissed you
  • You can feel the exact moment he does bc his body tenses up a bit and you feel his head lift up but before he can speak, you give him this really gentle but loving kiss that sums up all of your emotions to him
  • He gets this soft smile on his face and he’s just so so incredibly happy bc his love wasn’t one sided !!!
  • Tae is another person who I can see mainly just wanting to pull away from the throne and have a lil family with you
  • Like he would make an amazing king bc literally everyone loves him but I just see him as a family man more than I see him as a king
  • He would want to devote his time to his family and not have the stress of a kingdom on his shoulders or yours so you both agree it’s a good idea to pass it onto the next heir
  • You two get this really cute house on the castle property and it’s not too huge but not too small and it’s just perfect for you two and lil pup comes along and the Kim family starts

anonymous asked:

have you read any good newish ziam fics recently?

i’m sO SORRY I’M REPLYING TO THIS SO LATE. i haven’t really been reading any newish fics. i try to stay away from ones that aren’t complete in case the author never decides to finish it ahahaha. i’ll make a list of the fics that i’ve wanted to add to my fic rec list on my page and i hope it helps even though it’s not exactly what you’ve asked for :/

put no one else above us

zayn moves into a house during his last year of university, and he finds people to learn and know and love.

i know it’s hard to believe, you’re still the biggest part of me

“bye, liam.” zayn says nicely, daughter there and all.

“bye, zayn.” liam smiles and waves but zayn can see the coldness in his eyes, one that nobody else can and only because zayn’s also seen the light that used to shine within them, same colour and shape, yet. the spark has gone.

zayn and liam are ex husbands who hate each other.

your lips on mine          

the situation is weird, like really fucking weird. liam thought maybe he was hallucinating when he first saw zayn in their apartment, exhausted from work or something. he thinks about bradford a lot more than he probably should, always eager for the next time he gets to watch him. but when niall told him about the other new roommate, zayn, he never in a million years thought it would be him - even when niall said zayn was just his type and had silver hair.

[or the one where zayn is a camboy, who likes to think about the fit mechanic with a liking for leather jackets and scruffy beards from uni during his shows. And liam, the mechanic, who realizes his new roommate is bradford, the man with the smooth skin covered in tattoos that liam watches late at night with a hand wrapped around himself.]

and you know for me, it’s always you

to be completely fair, the whole town fell in love with zayn and his son, tahir, long before liam ever did.

the gilmore girls au i thought would be a good idea and it turns out, it was.

whispered words (and sticky veins)               

liam payne had never done anything special.

(and then he meets zayn malik.)

* * *


five times liam finds zayn, and the one time zayn finds him.

let me drown slowly                   

zayn doesn’t go out of his way to look for call boys. he doesn’t go looking for call boys, period. when liam comes into his life, everything becomes blurry and skewed, and all zayn wants to do is learn how to avoid what he feels.

Or, the one where liam’s a prostitute, and zayn just wants to be kept warm at night.

‘til it turns from color to black and white

“you don’t look like a guy who’d resort to an american pie bet to lose his virginity.”

“what do I look like, then?” zayn asks, crossing his arms.

he clearly has the wrong impression and Liam feels his cheeks heat even as he blurts out, “you look like a guy Iid work for all night for the chance to take home.”

Or, liam’s senior year begins like a movie: there’s a frat party, a pretty boy with long eyelashes, and a bad decision or two.


liam doesn’t really care about relationships and all the falling in love business, all he really cares about is basket ball, and his two best friends who have been around a long time. but then he meets the new guy who works at the local bakery. all brown eyes, and shy smiles. and suddenly, he’s all liam is thinking about.

(where liam is the cool kid, and zayn the cute, shy boy who works at the bakery and has just moved in town.)


in a world where everyone wakes up on their sixteenth birthday with a tattoo on their forearm of the name of their soulmate, trust-fund baby turned fireman liam payne keeps his tattoo bandaged up so even he doesn’t know his soulmate’s name. zayn is an art student and volunteer EMT who kind of just wants to be all liam needs regardless of whether they’re meant to be.

(basically, liam says ‘fuck you’ to the soulmate system and zayn pretends he doesn’t know the truth.)

hollow creatures don’t feel the earth shake                 

zayn didn’t think he’d ever see liam again, that much was a fact to him. he never wrote and he never called. zayn wrote letters, he wrote loads of them but he never had the courage to send them because it felt like liam left him, didn’t want anything to do with him and without liam there to tell him otherwise, it was so easy to believe.

Imagine: Leo taking care of you when you’re sick

Originally posted by leootastic

You lean back into your pillows and cough. The lights are aggravating your already pounding headache, but you can’t bring yourself to walk across the room to turn them off. The only thing you can think of is a hot mug of tea to soothe your throat and warm you up. These thoughts are futile however, seeing as you are too weak to leave your bed. 

Suddenly you hear the door to your apartment open and footsteps coming towards your bedroom. Taekwoon walks in, sees you lying in a mess of blankets and tissues, and sighs. He hates seeing you unwell, it’s as if he failed to keep you safe, even though there really wasn’t much he could have done to prevent you from getting sick. Taekwoon switches off the lights and walks out of the room. A few minutes later, he returns, carrying something you can’t quite see. With gentle hands, Taekwoon helps you sit up. He hands you an Ibuprofen and a glass of water. After giving you an ice pack for your head, he helps you lay down again. 

“I’ll be right back” he whispers as he leaves the room again. 

This time he comes back with a mug of something warm. He hands you the mug, quietly warning you to be careful of the hot tea. You feel his hands brush your hair away from your face, pausing to feel your forehead. He continues gently up and down your back and arms while you drink the tea. You finish and set the mug aside. Taekwoon always tries to hide how worried he is, but you can feel it in the slightly rushed way his hands glide over you. No matter how strong or impervious he pretends to be, you can see what he’s actually feeling. 

Taekwoon lifts the sheets and lays down beside you, pulling you into his arms. This is the place where you feel safe, in the embrace of the one you love. The feeling of Taekwoon softly running his fingers through your hair never fails to make you feel better. You grasp his hand in an attempt to pull him even closer to you. You know you will fall asleep like this, and you smile as you start to drift off, looking forward to waking up to Taekwoon’s smiling face.

things suck right now but there’s… light. there’s so much light. every day is a struggle but there’s light. you think you’re alone but you’re not and there’s light. you feel stuck in the same place and all you think you have is darkness and feelings of unworthiness and they consume you but there’s holes in the ceiling of your tunnel and there’s a sun at the end of it and you will find a way there you will

but for now take a breath and look for the holes in your ceiling and let the glimpses of light touch you and help you power through bc there’s light there’s so much light man and the holes in your tunnel will grow and more light will reach you and even though you can’t even imagine the sun it’ll get through the thick walls and send parts of its warmness to you

focus on the light dude. even if it’s just specs of it & even if you see it only for a minute a day. when you have it try to focus on it & savor it and water it to make it grow. you can do this. there’s so much light there’s an insane amount of light man and it’s all for you.

Ok I’m going out on a limb here, but I have a Voltron theory. This might be ridiculous but hear me out.
What if, certain species more easily bonded with the lions? More specifically what if Galra bonded more easily with the lions???
Think about it:
Even after THOUSANDS of years and being THOUSANDS of light years away, Zarkon could (relatively) easily locate the black lion even though the black lion had clearly(as we see in season two) not only accepted but chosen SHIRO as her paladin.
You know that strange place Shiro and Zarkon got to when they’re fighting for control over the lion? Shiro was only able to enter that place when drawn there by Zarkon. What if this is some sort of spiritual realm that most species are unable to enter, EXCEPT GALRA. What if the Galra can more easily “tap into” or enter this realm and thus communicate and interact with things on a deeper level?? Perhaps this is why Zarkon is still able to hold a bond with the black lion even though it’s rather against the black lions will at this point… because he had a tight grip on the black lion on this “spiritual realm” that the lion itself is unable to shake off without the help of Shiro.
“But that’s ONE example. There’s no further proof.”
Hahaha. Ha ha. Ha. Ha

Who clearly had the strongest bond with their lion? Whose lion wakes up suddenly without their pilot even being in the cockpit to save their life? Only red does that! You could say it was simply because Red is known to be tough to get to but strong and loyal in the long run but it definitely goes deeper than that. This is seen not only in the amount of times Red saves Keith even from situations that might not be life-threatening per say but listen to this.
The Blade of Marmora(I probably botched the spelling excuse me).
Keith fought a bunch of highly trained warriors and was extremely weak and Red didn’t even flinch. However, when Keith is having that terrible dream/hallucination, Red immediately responds. This might be a stretch for some, but think about it. Keith was struggling PHYSICALLY but MENTALLY showed no sign of weariness or trial. When Keith entered into a SPIRITUAL struggle, however, it immediately triggered Red. Almost as if entering into that spiritual/emotional state he was able to subconsciously contact Red even though Red was not even present in the dream.
And Keith has Galra blood in him.

This whole ramble might have been nothing but that, but I can’t help but find it interesting and I keep thinking about it whenever I see posts…
Let me know if you have any other thoughts on this topic because I’m thoroughly interested


In light of recent Snowbarry fandom racism, a while back someone send me these colour swapped panels because they were deactivating. In them you can see that Candice as Iris has the same hairstyle and length, eye shape, face shape, body type, cheekbones, chin and facial expressions as comic!Iris. Danielle (though also beautiful) has none of these qualities. The only thing that is comparable is skin colour. Funnily, enough even colour swapped Barry doesn’t look like Grant though I never see comparison posts stating Eddie should’ve gotten the part for this reason.

delinquent!calum sitting on the hood of his car with you, his cigarette tip the only light in the dark night. he rubs his free hand over your arm protectively, the other finger holding his cigarette up to his mouth so he can take a drag. “how much money did these guys scam you out of?” he asks again, nonchalantly. “not a lot, maybe a hundred or so,” you admit nervously, holding your arms close to you for warmth. the crunch of gravel alerts you to the other car rolling up, and even in the dim light you can see calum’s eyes narrow. “get back in the car, babe.” he instructs you, dropping his cigarette onto the ground and cracking his knuckles. “no one fucking steals from my girl.”

for acoustcmichael and lamelucass‘s delinquent!5sos night!!!

Newbie Fic of the Week

Normally I like to wait for a few updates to have passed before recommending a fic, but I found myself liking this one and look forward to the next update after just one chapter, so I thought I’d pass on the links.  

The writer has written a couple of other OUAT oneshots, but this looks like the first multi-fic.  Comments and readers seem to be very light, so I’d encourage you all to have a read and leave a comment.

I llike it as Snow and David are part of the story and were immediately willing to let Killian have a chance to get to know Emma even though he’s a pirate and she’s a princess.  Can’t wait to see what happens on their advertures.

I’ve Lived a Long Bloody Time
Author: goddesswan
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Summary: Everyone is born with a soul mark that has only one match. The day you turn 20, you stop aging until you find your match. Emma was born with a swan beneath her collarbone and has no desire to meet its mate.

Befriend me

<(A drabble for @bi-guy-in-the-sky . Prompt: Befriend Me: I will write a drabble about our characters meeting for the first time in an AU )
[Characters used are Cesar (bi-guy-in-the-sky) and Devil.]
(I will apologize now, if this isn’t the best thing, I’ve not had experience with your character, so I didn’t quite now how they act, or speak. I can redo it, or parts of it, if you want me to.)

      Another day, walking in the woods, late at night, or really quite early in the morning. At least the town’s fixed the street lights down here, even though it’s really only a wide dirt pathway.  I don’t think a cars been down here in forever.
           Looking up, I noticed someone. A tall someone, leaning against one of the sparse lights poles, doing something I couldn’t quite see. I guess it was actually particularly lucky that I'dd actually hadn’t changed my form from the human esc one yet.

“Hey, you lost, stranger?”*I asked them, when I got closer, tilting my head up at them.

“No, actually, just visiting, looking around, enjoying the scenery of this forest.”*They replied a moment later.

“Ah, okay, I see. If you wanna head towards town if you get bored of the forest scenery, the town’s back that way. Watch out though, the night time crowds still out and about.”*I warned them, with a shrug.*“Oh, and don’t head too far back, in the side roads, the town doesn’t own most of the forest back towards there, anymore.”

“I’ve got nothing to worry about, miss? Oh, my name’s Cesar, by the way.”

“lt’s Devin, but most call me Devil, take your pick, but please, drop the miss, I’m not quite that old. And, it’s nice to meet you, Cesar, this early in the morning.”*I told them, extending out a hand to shake. Something that they didn’t do, weird, must not like that particular human custom.
I took my hand back, now stuffing both into the pockets of the jeans I had on, a sigh escaping my lips.

“Y'know, you’re quite tall, how tall are ya, Cesar?”*I asked him, actually quite curious.

“Oh, I’m just six ten, Devin. How tall are you?”

“Oh, you’re taller then most people I know, and oh? I think I’m about five eleven, five ten. Not quite sure I can exactly remember, sorry.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. No need to apologize.”

“Okay, sorry, I just usually apologize for most things, it’s a bad habit.”

“Oh, we all have those.”

“True, true, even God’s said to have flaws, y'know Cesar.”*I replied to him, with a shrug.

They just nodded, glancing off to the side, looking for something. Probably someone.

“Oh, I must be holding ya up, sorry Cesar, I’ll just head on my way home.”

“You live here? In this forest, that far from the others?”

“Yeah, down the path, past the fork, I’m not much of a people person so it’s the best place to live.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Yeah, talk to you soon Cesar, see ya around, friend-o”

“See you around, Devin.”

And then I made my way home, the promise of a possible new friend, making a smile appear on my lips.

The Animal Inside - werewolf!Calum pt. 10

Author’s Note: I’m kind of on time this time! There’s no smut (sorry) but it’s kinda dramatic? Kinda? I guess? I don’t know. Let me know if you like it though. PS there are only four more parts left!

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six / Part Seven / Part Eight / Part Nine

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SO PLEASE GO SEE THIS MOVIE, TAKE AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN. It is really fun, I promise; I haven’t had this much fun watching a movie in a theater for quite some time. I enjoyed everyone, especially Holtzman and Patty–they were my favorites, though Abby and Erin were good too. All the relationships were wonderful, even Kevin was amazing. I’ll admit, there could have been more/better roles for men–while the naysayers truly are big cry babies, there is a kernel of truth amongst all their shit. Kind of with Maleficent, the guys could have been represented better (also, there was a crotch shot against this one ghost that I thought highly unnecessary). But those are two small issues that can be smoothly and easily resolved with a beautifully executed sequel.

But we won’t get a sequel unless you guys go see it! I think Paul Fiege has said he’ll only greenlight a sequel if it makes AT LEAST $500 MILLION. SO PLEASE, REWARD THIS WONDERFUL FILM WITH EXCELLENT ATTENDENCE, AND WHAT FEW ISSUES IT HAS CAN BE SOLVED WITH A BADASS SEQUEL.


P.S. The demon-dragon-gargoyle ghost was my favorite. =3

P.P.S. There’s another cameo made during the above ghost’s scene that you’ll really love. X3

P.P.P.S. Yes, the original theme does play at one point, but sadly not for long. Still, it played, and it made me very happy to hear. ^w^

P.P.P.P.S. The one ghost I wasn’t expecting to see…was the ghost of Tywin Lannister. ;3

Rant About "Light Girls" documentary

you know what really pisses me off about that doc “Light Girls” it’s that they bring up so many “arguments” that aren’t even vital and complain about getting bullied once in school for being “light skinned.” {who the fuck wasn’t bullied when they were younger}

Not only did they add Amber Rose in this doc but they added little miss “I can’t see color” (Raven Symone) in their as well. Which tells me this doc is a joke.

what puts the cherry on top of the cake though? Oprah just did the movie Selma and she decided to divide the black community even more by releasing that “documentary” on fucking MLKDay, like get the fuck outta my face, please.

full translation of boueibu s2 ED  ( eng + kanji + romaji )
あなたは遥か一等星 -  You’re a distant star of the first magnitude

note - there may be mistakes 

((english translation))

Wait for me because I’ll come to meet you soon
To the first-magnitude star that will one day shine on you

I’m unable to reach it right now
So I hurried
Illuminating as a constellation longing for you
I’m looking over you

Perhaps it’s maybe that you can’t see me here
If you were to shine again
My eyes would be dazzled because of both love and pain

Ah… why is it that
It’s my heart only that becomes so impatient

Wait a little longer as I’m sure it’s soon
My smiling face shines as I hide my pain
I’ll come to meet you even if we’re numerous light years apart
To the first-magnitude star that will one day shine on you

Even though I closed my eyes, it still seared in
The afterglow, was as kind as the light of yours
“Let’s overtake”
Even though I swore like so
The reason to this agonizing pain
Is it because I’m weak?

Ah, the star just ran away
As if it was avoiding my pleads
Starless night

Shooting star
I’m always wishing to be noticed by you
Illuminate, I only shine with love
No matter how many hundred billion years, as long as it’s in the history of the universe
It’s only a moment, those times we cannot meet

I am a flying shooting star aiming for you
Embracing my solitude, in the faraway sky
Get lost in time, as I lose sight
A shooting star searching for love
It flies

Shooting star
Wait a little longer as I’m sure it’s soon
A smile with happiness drawn, it shines
I’ll overcome the Milky Way that separates us, even if it takes a numerous light years
The Shooting Star will surely reach you, it shines 

((kanji reading))






目をとじてみても 焼き付いてたんだ
残照のようにやさしい あなたのその光

ああ いま星が逃げてった

ただ愛を込めて光る 放つよ
何億年 宇宙の歴史の中でなら
会えない時間なんてさ 一瞬だから

遥かな宇宙(そら)で 孤独を抱いて
時には迷い 時には見失いながら

嬉しさ描いて笑顔 光るよ
何光年 二人分かつ銀河越えて
いつかあなたへ 光るよ届け SHOOTING STAR

((romaji reading)) 

Mou sugu ai ni iku kara matte ite
Itsuka anata sae terasu ittousei ni

Mada todokanainda
Dakara isoideta
Akogare no seiza de hikaru
Anata wo miageteru

Boku nante miete mo nai kana
Anata ga mata kiramekeba
Ai to itami de mabushii

Aa… naze
Doushite konnani
Kokoro bakari hayaru

Kitto ato sukoshi dakara mattete
Setsunasa kakushite egao ga hikaru yo
Nankounen hanarete itatte ai ni iku yo
Itsuka anata sae terasu ittousei ni

Me wo tojite mitemo yakitsuitetanda
Zanshou no you ni yasashii anata no sono hikari
Chikatta hazu demo
Kurushiku natte shimau no wa
Boku ga yowai se nano?

Aa ima hoshi ga nigetetta
Negai wo kawasu you ni

Itsumo anata ni kidzuite hoshiinda
Tada ai wo komete hikari hanatsu yo
Nanokunen uchuu no rekishi no naka de nara
Aenai jikan nante sa isshun dakara

Boku wa anata wo mezashite tobu nagareboshi
Haruka na sora de kodoku idaite
Toki ni wa mayoi toki niwa miushinainagara
Ai wo sagasu nagare boshi
Tobu yo

Kitto ato sukoshi dakara mattete
Ureshisa egaite egao hikaru yo
Nankounen futari wakatsu ginga koete
Itsuka anata e hikaru yo todoke SHOOTING STAR

160123 — i can’t even see myself, only my light stick. but realizing that i took a photo with you makes me cry. i thought this is just a dream.. a dream where i don’t want to wake up but seeing this picture? it makes me cry and realize i really really saw you and watched you performing. i realized i witnessed the moment of my ship by the help of sehun, even though zhang yixing isn’t here and i didn’t get the chance to see my xing everytime he appears on vcr, i cried and screamed his name. thank you boys, thank You Lord for fulfilling my dreams, thank You for this wonderful, fantastic and amazing blessing that you’ve given me! till we see you again! ♡