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tweek was probably called the biggest trouble maker because he’d disrupt class with his outbursts, im guessing? also its kind of implied all of the adults know that he’s on drugs so maybe the teachers treat him like a trouble maker because of that?

perhaps? i mean plenty of kids with mental or emotional issues often get swept into the “bad kids” label even though its not even really their fault (and that’s fucking terrible) so maybe they just see tweek screaming and are like “god what a disruptive kid” instead of “maybe this kid needs Help”

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This isn't sad but I thought you might like it. Lance has ADHD and Keith wants to help him study. He leaves Lance’s favorite candies at the end of each paragraph in their textbooks, and even brought him a rainbow glitter pen set for him to write his notes in.

Other things Keith + The Team have gotten/done Lance so he can focus;

-Pidge got him a pair of headphones designed to block out sound, or if Lance has an ADHD like my case and needs niose to function, create sound in certain environments and even protests when hes told he cant wear them in class.

-Hunk, Beautiful baby boy Hunk, teaches him methods of zoning in on one thing like he has to do when his ADD gets a little too distracting, it doesn’t work as well for Lance but he’s touched by the effort.

-Shiro* gives him a thing that helps manage time, and while Lance doesn’t really like it, he’s still touched that Shiro gave an effort. He just… didn’t exactly do a good job, you know? Because its not a time management thing, its a ‘I keep getting distracted and have too move constantly because I have too’ thing.

  • this creates a small rift between them
  • Don’t get me wrong, Lance is touched that Shiro is putting in the effort, but Shiro doesn’t really get it.
  • And he low-key treats it as if its just a thing that can be fixed if you try hard enough, even though its really, really, really not. 
  • And that’s fine Lance guesses, he just doesn’t want Kieth (His super protective boyfriend that does everything and anything to help with his ADHD) too know that that’s how Shiro is treating this whole thing, because Shiro is Keith’s adopted brother and he really doesn’t wanna cause any fight.
  • Spoiler alert, Shiro accidentally says something low-key offensive, and Keith is like, “What the fuck Shiro?” 
  • Cue big fight. 
  • However, when Shiro comes back from his time at the army, after his arm blew up, and he got a prosthetic, He cries and tells Lance that he gets it now- you can’t just shut it off. His PTSD can’t just shut off, neither can Lance’s ADHD, or Hunks ADD, and he finally gets it.

-Keith almost punched someone who said Lance should just get over the whole ADHD thing, and that person was a teacher. The comment wasn’t directed at Lance, but since Keith was an office aid, he over heard them, and lets just say he is not an office aid anymore.

  • Lance is touched 

-Allura, by extension her uncle Coran, haven’t moved down here yet, as they come after Shiro comes back from war. 

*Note Shiro is not the bad guy in this story, rather he doesn’t really get it until he has to go through something like PTSD.

 i can’t sleep and this happens… hope all of you like it?? links to the fanfics mentioned under the cut.

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I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m loving Kane’s ever expanding brood of problematic children, but I’m also TOTALLY here for Abby adopting Murphy as her Trash Son alongside her existing Precious Cinnamon Roll Son Jackson

City lights (m)

Word count: 2,344

Warning: (slight) Jin smut

“How can I help you?”

You look up from your phone. “Uh, one coke, please.”

The bartender looks at you cockily, indicating displeasure for your drink of choice. “Yes, madam.”

Not that you really expected this to go any better.

Your attention gets brought back to the phone in your hand when a message appears on screen. By now, your heart has sunk into your shoes, and every text you get makes it get worse. He’s standing you up, that must be it. You can’t even blame him, really. Who would go out with a girl that wears her working clothes to the most expensive bar in town?

In the darkly lit place, the light of your phone is like a beam of light, which clearly bothers the bartender, which you’ve nicknamed Charles, for he completely fits that name. Charles occasionally lets you know that he’s done with your awkward, ‘youthful’ behaviour, by completely ignoring most of your attempts to grab his attention, and giving you disapproving glances whenever you pull out your phone nervously. You feel unwelcome, yet still you aren’t sure whether you should leave or wait a little longer. Deep down, you still have hope, a voice telling you he could show up any moment now.

Did Jin show up yet?

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Also like a lot of teen girls who "fetishize" are actually gay themselves and can't express it so they do what other straight girls do and make it about boys even though it's really about same gender love

yeah not to mention how most media is male dominated anyways so there’s just more male relationships to project upon as a questioning lgbt person. again i don’t want to deny that there can be homophobia and other bad behaviors with women & m/m ships- just saying that comparing them to dudes fetishizing f/f is not analogous in terms of power

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A lot of fandom's have mostly gay ships and the het ones are usually looked down upon, as in the case of gwenvid. Just because its het doesn't mean its a bad ship, and even then we dont know their sexualities so we can't be positive its solely het. A lot of the reason danvid is so popular, at least to me, is because its gay. Even though its really abusive. I like the idea of having a straight relationship where its not two perfect amazing people, they both have flaws which is amazing.

I do think a lot of times that’s the case. Which I can understand and appreciate, because we live in a homophobic world … country … whatever, and we’re still unbelievably behind in terms of mainstream representation. However, I think it’s a problem when we overlook or romanticize unhealthy or abusive elements of a potential ship like Danvid. And I think it’s a much bigger problem when the motivation for shipping something is “uwu my gay babies this yaoi is so sinfully delicious,” which … is a thing. Not a good thing. Don’t do that.

I also think there might be … a race thing involved with the whole anti-Gwenvid train – and the general anti-Gwen attitude, which isn’t as common as it used to be, but does exist – but that’s an entirely different conversation that I’ve already gone into. So I’m just gonna leave this here and run away into the night.

Okay, I ought to work on this more but I am Tired™ so I’m gonna go shower and hit the hay because there’s work tomorrow.

(AU where no one tries to kill anyone else and they flirt to give other people aneurysms y/n?)