Looks like everyone’s discovered Dave’s pose mod! Hah! Many hugs abound between Nick and everyone’s Sole.
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SO something amazing (aka that headcanon batch i just reblogged) has surfaced and the monsters that were put there make me super happy because it just leads to that good ol’ “scary movie from the 50′s you’d probably laugh at today” feel and i need your input on which i should keep and which should go because i’m in love with aspects from both and i don’t want to change anything that the masses wouldn’t be happy with so

head over to my twitter  to vote on the winner! vote on which one you really actually want to see more of, i’m very curious! obviously i have a favorite (the hc lmao) but i never really know what appeals more unless i hit up the people consuming it

the lineup for both (excluding lance and keith) is:

the current ones i’ve drawn-  pidge: wizard/ witch, shiro: zombie/ frankenstein, hunk: golem/ stone creature, allura and coran: sirens 

the newly presented headcanons: shiro: wizard, pidge: mad scientist (or here’s a thought…maybe shiro’s apprentice (who has a different field of expertise that they’re bomb in?) who knows hmu on that too), hunk: frankenstein, allura and coran: (ironically) invading shapeshifting aliens 

(if you don’t have a twitter you can reply to this post or leave an anon)

go my children! let forth your opinions! (and if you have something you think might be even better let me tf know, yo!)

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What I, as a dutch person, dont understand, is why when I tell a forgeiner about hagelslag, they all immediatly think its disgusting, even though its really good.

Same! One of my friends just went to Lithuania tho and as a delegation representing the Netherlands they let everyone taste hagelslag and luckily all the foreigners loved it 😂❤️

 don’t post hate in the ship tag

Don’t post hate in the ship tag

Don’t Post Hate In The Ship Tag





Lance always seems to find Shiro and Keith making out, even though he really, really doesn’t want to. Its not that he’s against them being together, it’s just that it really points out how unbearably single he is. Of course Blue is going to change that very soon.

This is before Blue and Lance start dating, so they haven’t really addressed the issue concerning the giant elephant of sexual tension following them. As for the experience Blue is talking about, well Blue asked Lance to kiss him as he wanted to know what it felt like.

Lance was more than willing to oblige but thought Blue wouldn’t bring the subject up again and it would all be forgotten. However Blue really, REALLY, likes Lance so he just says fuck it…KISS ALL THE TIME PLEASE!

(I know I spelled experience wrong, just saw it..god I can’t spell for shit, lol.)

Things I’ve learned in Juneau: my dad and step mom are talking about having kids which is all kinds of weird; I didn’t really appreciate the natural beauty when I actually lived here; and I really really miss my regular Chinese place.

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Okay, but we know Ross doesn’t care much about his appearance. He usually takes pains when he’s going among gentlemen - occasions such as Elizabeth’s wedding, Charles’s funeral, his own wedding - but not always (the Warleggan Ball, for example).

Deep in misery over Julia’s death, and anger over his impending trial, and and bitterness at the Warleggans, and poverty because of the failure of Carnmore…I really can’t see him bothering about getting his hair cut before going to his trial.

But Demelza - Demelza clearly knows how important this is, and she’s not going to let his appearance cause any negative impact on the jurors. Or her own; even in the midst of their poverty she finds a decent dress and a coat and a nice hat, and makes sure her hair is as tame as possible. And Ross’s clothes are clean and tidy and presentable.

There’s no way she’s going to let him go to his trial with long hair. And Ross tells her not to bother, it doesn’t matter - but Demelza insists, so Ross finally says ‘Well, give me the kitchen scissors and I’ll cut some off.’ But Demelza’s seen Ross’s attempts at hair cutting before, and she puts her foot down, so somehow Ross finds himself sitting in the farm yard, a towel draped across his shoulders, with Demelza carefully combing and cutting his hair. It’s unexpectedly pleasant, and unexpectedly intimate, and when it’s done he catches hold of her hand and squeezes it. He can’t say anything, because let’s face it, Ross has a problem with finding the right words to say to Demelza, but he feels gratitude. And Demelza brushes stray hairs from his shoulders and says ‘There, that’s better’ and if she’s crying a bit, neither of them mention it.

Because really…Ross wouldn’t bother with a haircut for the trial, without her. He just wouldn’t.

Hey, so.

tl;dr, I’m otherkin (ponykin, specifically).

It’s not something I think will affect other people or that changes how I want anyone to refer to me, but details below for the curious.

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Does Rich really have more pictures of Rob than himself? Here's the answer.

I’ve seen a lot of speculation about how Rich probably have more pictures of Rob than himself on his Twitter (and I have said so a few times too) but never actually saw hard proof of this. So I needed to know if it was true. I am sad to say it is not true. I went through all 398 pictures he has on Twitter and until mid-2015 it seems through but as you go further back in time, pictures of Rob become rarer… So he has 29 pictures of him on his own and 23 of Rob alone (and 83 of himself and other people and 22 of Rob and other people.)
But what really matters when it comes to pictures is not Twitter, it’s obviously Instagram! So, after going through all 410 pictures on his Instagram (I’m dedicated okay…) I can say he does have more pictures of Rob than himself! 24 of Rob alone and 54 of Rob with various other people VS 17 of himself and 39 of himself with various other people. What I do have to say though is that it lacks in pictures of them together (only 12) considering he has 23 of these on Twitter and that without counting the ones where they are together with other people (18 more on Twitter and 8 more on Instagram.)
If you add up both, Rich in fact has one more picture of Rob than of himself on Instagram AND Twitter and we can basically say the answer to the initial question is YES, HE DOES! Just not on Twitter, but like I said, Instagram matters more than Twitter for pictures…

Also, when I did their “”story”” in the sims 2 for the first time, I was heavily inspired by Romeo and Juliet? LOL So I think Daniel was probably Romeo in that he uh…flirts with anything that moves.