Seeing Bangtan have their first win really makes me happy even though Im not an ARMY. It gives me hope that with lots of hard work and help from the fans anyone can get their dream.

I hope that other groups will get their time of glory like this as well. Just because they’re not rookies anymore doesnt mean they cant win.

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I think ur right in saying that zayn left on worst terms with louis, even though we don't really know what went down its clear from how louis reacted to naughty boys ditty he was still somewhat hurt over it

i mean i’d be hurt too if my best friend just upped and left me for someone else so i can’t blame him

I’m considering buying a tarot deck? I’m a long way from my teenage Wicca-exploring days, but that kind of spirituality still has its draw. And more importantly, even though I don’t really believe in it, sometimes it’s helpful when I’m feeling lost (as I am now) to get generic advice from somewhere, like with astrology.

Anyway, any recommendations on buying a deck?


When Jon had been very young, too young to understand what it meant to be a bastard, he used to dream that one day Winterfell might be his. Later, when he was older, he had been ashamed of those dreams. Winterfell would go to Robb and then his sons, or to Bran or Rickon should Robb die childless. And after them came Sansa and Arya. Even to dream otherwise seemed disloyal, as if he were betraying them in his heart, wishing for their deaths. I never wanted this, he thought as he stood before the blue-eyed king and the red woman. I loved Robb, loved all of them… I never wanted any harm to come to any of them, but it did. And now there’s only me. All he had to do was say the word, and he would be Jon Stark, and never more a Snow. All he had to do was pledge this king his fealty, and Winterfell was his. All he had to do…

… was forswear his vows again.

get it cause hes Jacksepticeye *gets pulled off stage*

“It’s just a phase!” they said.wwww

this isn’t even half of things like the mangas/blu ray stuff and a bunch of other doujinshi i drew/bought [und undistributed KLK merch] but i dont want to drag things out from the main kill la kill room.


J-Stars Victory Vs
Korosensei (Playable) | Assassination Classroom
Kirisaki Chitoge (Support) | Nisekoi
Kuroko Tetsuya (Support) | Kuroko no Basuke
Hinata Shouyou (Support) | Haikyuu!!

Unfortunately, Portman was increasingly difficult to deal with on set- some of the crew say she made several actresses playing her handmaidens, including Keira Knightley (age twelve in The Phantom Menace), cry in the previous prequels, allegedly for the crime of talking to her without permission.

Chris Taylor, How Star Wars Conquered the Universe (p 343)

the thing about bill cipher is that his character, once you get down to the basics, is so simple. he’s a quick talker and thinker, he’s omniscient, likes dark humor, and can do pretty much anything you can imagine. however, the way he actually acts, and his actions; they’re so unpredictable. all of these fanfictions of him write him in character, but each one is different in its own way.
i’ve concluded that it’s all in the balance. bill’s character needs just the right amount of humor, just the right amount of chaos, just the right amount of witty responses, just the right amount of evil. if the balance is even just slightly off, you get a different character. it’s so weird, but really neat. i don’t know of any other character like that.

Everyone losing their minds about Bruce and Natasha in the tags; meanwhile I’m just like:

I had a very vivid dream I was in Storybrooke and Robin came running up to me and asked for my help. I was like, unless Roland is in trouble, please get out of my sight. And he got sad and was like we’re all meeting at Granny’s to try and finally get Emma and Regina to admit their feelings for each other, do you have any ideas? And I’m like DO I????? And ran to Granny’s with him.

And that is how I woke up liking Robin Hood for ninety seconds this morning.

So, who wants to watch the anime with the:

Competitive kid from a wealthy family who went a little insane:

The relatively recent member who tends to annoy the others and really loves to smile:

The heart of the group. 

And the child prodigy.