Len in LoT episode 5

I gotta… Just… I’ve seen couple people being confused about Len and leaving Ray behind and I just… did no one see his face when he saw Ray? Like… ouch! He is clearly upset! Just look… shot of Ray and then cut to Len’s face when he sees Ray. 

I can’t gif it yet but Len sucks in a breath in that shot as well. Clearly more than shocked by what he sees. Mick sees him afterwards once he has cooled off his expression. It isn’t clear but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t make eye contact with Mick, even though Mick clearly sees him an tries to make eye contact with him.

Then later despite Len repeatedly saying to Mick that they should Leave Ray behind Len had taken measures to ensure Ray’s safety.

Len tucks Ray’s suit into his pocket when he doesn’t wake up. He is a planner. Ray can blast and fly his way out when he wakes up. Mick and him needed to walk out as guards. He wanted to get everyone out. Alive. Which is why he leaves Mick to go and talk Sara down from killing Stein. 

Mick insisting on carrying Ray out made all their escapes less likely thats why Len protested. He had a plan and it was a good plan. Mick’s insistence was a wild card that messed with his plans rhythm.It ended up all working out but it wasn’t at all out of character. He was cold, calculating and didn’t let his true emotions show at all. Except for in the briefest of flashes.