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Do you think Taylor knows about Calvins past (ignorant comments)? Or do you think there is a small chance that she is oblivous to it or maybe she ignores it? I wonder if she has ever searched him online and seen the articles about Calvin being racist and homophobic. If it really is a pr stunt, idk how she can just stand there and take pictures and smile around him. Maybe she is a good actress? lol. jokes

I think Taylor is a highly intelligent woman and, if we assume she isn’t aware, that does her a great disservice, Don’t forget that he wasn’t the first choice beard. I think she manages because they only have to pretend for five minutes every two-three weeks, so anyone can get through that. They still manage to get caught looking miserable, and sometimes even disgusted, though…

Introducing myself

As I’ve been going round and reblogging LOADS of posts I feel I should probably introduce myself (even though I have zero followers currently) so it’s a bit less creepy lol.
I’m 20, hetero, have a beard and am a bit chubby (this will change though in the near future though), and I love desperation wetting and peeing in general (whether than be outside, in a toilet, in clothing, whatever). Only things I’m not really into are pee drinking and diapers, plus whether I like golden showers depends on my mood.
I’m nowhere near brave enough to post original vids yet but I’ll be posting live updates of my own desperation and vids will probably come in future, so for now it’ll be reblogs, asks and text posts, plus maybe if I see any pics that haven’t been posted elsewhere before.
Anyway reblog, ask and follow away and I’m more than happy to have Kiks and Snapchat from any of you, happy wetting! :D

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I couldn't take him serious from the moment I seen his braided beard lol. But we'll see, there's no way wwe is gonna have a United States and world heavy weight champion it's so predictable something is gonna happen. Man, I don't want another heel as a champion though it's not exciting at all 😑

He was a lot more intimidating before. Now he’s just funny to me. Even his new theme sucks.

It bores me out when they have heels as champ. Only Austin & Rock can pull that off well. The only heels that people would definitely cheer on.