i hate seeing models with gap front teeth and i think it’s only bc i had that gap in between my front teeth and hated it and got made fun of for it and didn’t cave in and get veneers until i was in my 20s and like if i just see a normal everyday person with it i’m like ok that’s cool but when it’s a model and stuff i’m like. i hate that and i hate that it’s cool now (even tho idk how cool anyone really thinks it is)

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its over now, but it was a livestream of a radio performance and it was SOO good. he sounded incredible even tho he was like”idk how its gonna sound i have a sinus infection and ive been in the steam room for the last 15 mins” but listen…..vocals were seriously SO fucking fantastic. his acoustic version of slow hands as the best ive heard tbh, the arrangement was even a little different, its was slowed down a little and it was just really raw and intimate and sensual sounding, even more than usual. AND the interviewers immediately told him that its nuts bc he sounds live exactly like his record, even better actually, and it amazed them. im SO GLAD PPL ARE RECOGNIZING HIS TALENT!!! im just so happy. PLUS he was wearing his real glasses and he looked so big and broad in his outfit and i want to cry :’)

 im sure they will put it back up in a bit. 

Hi everyone! 🌸 I just moved to a new house and sadly I still don’t have wifi. I don’t know how long it will take to have wifi again.

Thus I will not be as active as usual. I’m sorry for that, I know it sucks. I will always try to come here as much as possible.

Please don’t unfollow me for being inactive some days. I love you guys so much, and it would make me sad to see you unfollowing me for something that it’s out of my hands ):

Please stay safe and warm. I love you guys dearly 💕 I will be back as soon as possible.

- Ana 🌈