I just had a dream where all the haikyuu team captains were dressed in business suits and at some dad conference and all of them suddenly started pulling out their wallets where they kept pictures of all their teammates like they were very passively aggressively trying to one-up each other and Daichi was bragging about Kageyama and how good he was and Bokuto was like “oh yeah well my setter is a second year vice captain and he’s in one of the most advanced classes” and Oikawa started busting out pictures of Iwaizumi winning all these athletic contests at the school festivals and then Kuroo is wearing some crazy sweater and he pulls out his wallet and its just stock images of actual cats with his teammates’ names written across them in sharpie and um then I woke up and was like alright


one tree hill » Last Known Surroundings

“I have two children…boys. They have their entire lives ahead of them, just like my friend Quentin Fields once did. Like Xavier Daniels once did. I hope that when they’re adults, they’ll believe in redemption and rehabilitation. I hope they’ll believe in forgiveness, because I do. I just don’t believe in it for Xavier Daniels. I don’t believe he’s changed, I don’t believe he’s sorry, and I don’t believe he’s paid for his crimes. He is an angry, hateful, violent human being and I’m sorry, but it would be a mistake to release him. I won’t feel safe and neither should any of you. Can he change? I hope so. But has he? No, I don’t think he has. And I don’t think he will.”

Res Ipsa Loquitur XI: Cadit Quaestio

Cadit quaestio:  “the question falls”; used to indicate that an issue is no longer in question, often because a dispute between two parties has either been settled, or dropped.

When Cecily got home late on Thursday night, Georgie was sitting on the couch waiting for her, enough snack foods spread over the table in front of her to feed a small army. She looked up with a hopeful smile as Cecily shut the door behind her, leaning heavily against it as she let out a sigh.

“How was it?” she asked, tossing aside the bag of crisps she’d been picking out of and leaning forward with an excited clap of her hands. “Did it go alright? Was it terrifying?”

Cecily chewed on her lip as she considered the events of the interview she’d just come from. She’d been a bit nervous before going in, which would have been no surprise to Georgie who had been forced to listen to Cecily practice her speech about a hundred times the night before. But surprisingly, once she was in front of the panel of judges and Queen’s Council barristers, having difficult questions hurled at her like rapid fire, she’d kept her cool. She didn’t want to jinx it but she had to admit that she did pretty damn well.

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“does this actually count as a plot or is it just a random series of actions and feelings the characters are going through and not an actual story?” a novel by me that i will never publish because i’m not sure if it actually counts as a plot or is just a random series of actions and feelings the characters are going through

im gonna get a lot of hate for this whatever dudes

jefferson was worse that most founders in some regards

but they all fucking owned slaves

even if both jefferson and washington tried to make their slaves happier, they did it because they thought they would work themselves even harder

even if jefferson was crucial in freeing the slaves

they all did horrible things to innocent people

please dont make it seem like jefferson was the only bad guy in americas history (◕‿◕✿)

You’re on top of me,
now curving your back,
raising your loins from mine
to escape the heat,
or rather
just to tease me, 
but the fever of our flesh 
still sears through this
newly created space
between wet
black cotton
inches away from purple satin.
I thrust in an upwards motion,
addicted to your grinding,
but you wont let me
near anymore.
You bury your face in
the space between my
neck and my shoulder,
to let my eyes trail
your neck,
and shoulder blades,
to your thin waist
where my hands
are still trying to
pull you down on me.
But now I see –
What you really want from me.
I’m hypnotized by your wiggling,
my hands
slide from your waist to lower –
my fingers can’t help but kneed.
Too round, too soft.
Your wiggling
immediately turns into you
slightly squirming in anticipation.
I keep gently massaging you,
petting you,
“You want this too much.”
I feel you
biting and kissing my neck,
a reaction to my stern words.
your squirming intensifies
into an undisciplined
humping motion.
I hear your soft moans,
how you gasp
and hold your breathe, freezing
in your motions as you
feel me lifting my
hand –
Only to
slowly bring it down again,
gently massaging you,
petting you.
I won’t give you what you want
until your your gasps
and sighs
into uncontrollable moans.
I won’t give in to my own
to pleasure your body the
way you like me to,
you’ll beg me to, softly
I raise my hand again,
Once – hard.
Your answer is a whisper –
Twice – hard, the same force,
until you wiggle again.
I listen to your breathing,
waiting –
til you grow impatient and want
to whisper ‘harder’ again,
before you do,
I interrupt you by giving you
the exact amount of force
you want.
Third time, fourth – harder.
I lose control by
the way you gasp and moan,
and repetitively give you
my force;
fast and hard,
til your body quivers
and you collapse onto me,
panting; trying to
catch your
limp with orgasmic pleasure.
me with a passionate kiss,
you offering me your all,
I would take it all;
knowing how I
—  Tease II - M.A. Tempels © 2016 
(Tease I)
Dad!Cullen Drabble

The first time he sees his daughter he actually cries. She looks so small and fragile but Maker’s breath does she scream. He presses his lips to Tethiel’s forehead as the healer cleans and swaddles the newborn before gently transferring her to his wife’s arms.

He’s afraid to hold her at first. What if I drop her? he thinks to himself. He’d never forgive himself if something happened to her because of him.

It takes some convincing on Tethiel’s part but the moment she places their daughter in his arms he’s smitten. This is their child, his and Teth’s.

“Maker’s breath. She’s so beautiful…” he whispers, gazing reverently down at his daughter. He knows she won’t have any of his wife’s elven features but anyone can see that she is most definitely theirs. It’s in the tilt of her lips and the slant of her nose. He can see it in the blue of her eyes as she blinks up at him sleepily.

“She’s got your hair,” Tethiel murmurs sleepily as she watches the pair of them, a small smile on her face. The delivery took it’s toll and he can tell she’s fighting the urge to close her eyes, not wanting to miss a single moment. Cullen chuckles softly as he takes in the light dusting of downy, golden curls.

“You should get some rest, Teth.” he says quietly, turning to look at her before glancing back at their daughter. “I’m just going to hold her until she falls asleep.”

Tethiel nods, wincing slightly as she shifts to a more comfortable position. Within moments her eyes flutter shut and he’s left to gaze in silent wonder at the tiny, swaddled infant in his arms.

He can’t bring himself to put her down after she falls asleep, not right away. Instead he cradles her in his arms a while longer, enjoying the quiet moment.

I blame @halfblood-fiend and Chris Hemsworth for this.