• a dork
• he has the need to keep his hands on you all!! the!! time!!
• he loves wearing matching sweaters
• your family loves him
• “prince/princess”
• he spoils you way too much
• kisses your nose when you do something cute
• asks you to pet his hair
• he makes sure you’re happy
• he makes sure you know you’re pretty
• his family wants you both married already
• he talks about a future with you
• he’s the understanding kind
• he supports your decisions no matter what
• when you both have a fight he would always apologize even if it’s not his fault
• in other words, b o y f r i e n d. m a t e r i a l

Boop - Jisung Scenario

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Request: heeeeyo, can you do a fluffy scenario w/ JiSung? thaaanks (ily 💕)


Word count: 223 

You laughed at Jisung’s scrunched up face as you booped his nose.

“Why did you do that?!” he whined as he scooted away from you, only earning another laugh from you.

“You looked cute” you shrugged, already planning to boop his nose again.He sent you a glare as he went back to playing games on his phone.

Jisung watched you shift closer to him, pushing you away as you tried to get to his nose again.

“Y/N, STOP IT” he screamed, only making you laugh even more.He tried to get up from his seat, but only got pulled back by you.

“Jisung, you’re not mad are you~?” you teased him by poking his side, holding him down by his arm.Flinching from the sudden contact, he sent you a glare again.

“Yes” he answered.He couldn’t hide the blush forming on his face, though.You giggled as you noticed it.

“Why are you blushing~?” you started again, making him whine and hide his face in your shoulder.You let out another laugh, patting his head.

“Why are you always teasing me like this..?” Jisung mumbled as you played with his hair.

“Because you look cute when you’re annoyed~” you replied, leaning your head on his shoulder.Silence filled the room, no one speaking up as you both enjoyed the calmness.

Moments like these is something you’d always treasure.

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Dating Isaac Lahey would include: Isaac wrapping his scarf around your neck during Autumn/Winter.


It was the beginning of December; a light snow was falling over Beacon Hills already. No one in your house really owned winter clothes seeing you were from sunny Southern Arizona where even in winter it was 80 degrees.

Walking into school with three layers of jumpers and cardigans, your feet shoved into long socks and boots, you were still shaking from the cold.  As you made your way to your locker, you watched as everyone around you was in their warmest clothes, looking happy and at ease with red noses and flushed cheeks.  

As you rounded the corner you saw your boyfriend, Isaac, leaning against your locker, his cute scarf wrapped around his neck, hands stuffed in his pockets as he talked to Kira and Scott whom also were dressed for the weather.

“Hey, [Y/N], why are you shaking?” Scott asked as he spotted you.  You shot him a look, angrily spinning your combination into the lock.

“I’m freezing. I should have never left Arizona.” You said, not really meaning it.

Ever since you came to Beacon Hills, you were happier than anything in Arizona could ever make you. You found amazing friends, a beautiful boyfriend who loved you unconditionally and despite all of the supernatural, near death experiences you faced every other day, you wouldn’t change a thing.

All of the supernatural scary business made you grateful for those you had, you constantly thought about how thankful you were to be alive and to be breathing another day; you breathed deeper, kissed Isaac harder, and lived your life to the fullest.

Gathering the books you needed for your first two classes in your arms, you felt Isaac staring at you, something he frequently did. Glancing up, you smiled at him, seeing the love in his eyes. Closing your locker, Isaac, Scott and Kira resumed their conversation as Isaac wrapped his arm protectively around your shoulder, pulling your body into his chest and planting a sweet kiss on your lips, lingering for a few seconds; the heat radiating off of him was heavenly. One of the many perks of having a werewolf boyfriend was that he was like a portable heater in the winter.

Feeling you shake harder and harder as the four of you descended the stairs of the building, Isaac told Scott and Kira to go ahead of you guys, his hands rubbing up and down your arms, his lips ghosting over your cheeks and ear, sending blood to your cheeks, a pretty blush forming.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were cold, sweetheart?” He asked, wrapping his arms around your back, your bodies flush against each other. You could feel every dip and curve, every defined muscle he had on his body. You were thankful for how close your two were, your body slowly starting to melt form it’s icicle form.

“I didn’t really think it was important. I figured the classrooms would be warmer…” You said, eyes fluttering shut, not really focusing on his words, your mind wandering to how amazing his hands felt as they cupped around your neck, trying to warm you up. You were disappointed as his hands disappeared for a second but were quickly replaced with a warm bundle of fabric. Opening your eyes, the scarf he wore was off of his neck and was now on yours.

“Isaac, I can’t wear this! It’s your favorite one!” You cried, trying to take it off.

“Don’t.” He said, hands on yours. “You look better in it anyways.” Giving you a wink and a smile, your heart fluttered, making Isaac’s ego puff up, as it usually did when he heard your heart flutter at his words or actions.

The rest of the day, you enjoyed how warm his scarf was, your attitude much better as his scent was wrapped around you for the rest of the day.

Yuri on Ice Episode 5 Prediction

Okay so!  Next episode’s a competition and Victor’s dressed to the nines-

Victor is always prepared to make a show, even when he’s on the sidelines.

My son Minami makes an appearance and is adorable and precious and we haven’t even heard a word from his mouth.

According to the wiki Minami’s a huge fan of Yuri K.  Not sure if he was always a fan or becomes one during the next episode, but I’m guessing he’s blushing in reaction to Yuri at the moment.  Which is super cute.  Guys why is this new son so cute he hasn’t even talked yet-

And also Yuri’s nose is bleeding.  And no it’s not because Victor’s hot (he’s already seen him naked he’s a tough cookie).  This is the serious nosebleed that is caused by being smacked in the face LOOK AT HIS FOREHEAD-


Okay here’s what I’m predicting-

Yuri has a nasty fall during the routine.  Like his forehead got a purple bruise (not good) and his nose looks slightly dented, so it looks like he his face slammed directly onto the floor.  Hope its not broken (I had a broken nose for ten years and never realized it until I was having SURGERY-)  His eyes are twitching like a storm and he’s posing, so I’m guessing recovered and was able to finish, but he’s probably both horribly embarrassed by the fall and in pain.  The lights are bright and I don’t see anyone in the back watching, so I can’t tell if it’s during the competition or practice.

Either way that’s the biggest prediction I have so far.  I’m going to be at work by the time anyone’s seeing this, so it’ll be at 9 PM that I’ll go back to this post go “no wait-!!”  But until then I need a nap.

Winter is Kageyama’s favourite season. Winter means a shimmer of snow caught in Hinata’s hair, the halo of gold-orange around his head sprinkled with silver in the afternoon’s light. Winter means going home slowly, hand in hand, with gloves off because Hinata insists on feeling Kageyama’s skin even though their fingertips go a bit blue. 

And, of course, winter means Hinata wearing Kageyama’s favourite hoodie. 

He looks ridiculous in it (and so adorable that Kageyama’s cheeks go even redder than they already were from the cold). Hinata lounges around on his bed, curled into a tiny ball of hair sticking up, his whole body buried into the soft grey wool of Kageyama’s sweater. It’s so fucking cute. 

“It doesn’t fit you,” Kageyama says. He flops down besides Hinata and wraps an arm around his shoulder, inhaling his scent as he pushes his nose into his soft hair.  Hinata makes a tiny giggling noise and shoves him. “Shut up, it’s comfy. And - “ He looks up at Kageyama, eyes gleaming like little suns in the dawn’s shadows licking at his face. 

“…and it smells like you.” 

“Shit,” Kageyama says, “fine. Keep wearing it.” 

Hinata’s mouth is warm and sweet. Kageyama tastes his lips, cinnamon and milk with honey and a last hint of salt from practice earlier. Hinata hums something that sounds suspiciously like “last christmas” while tucking his head under Kageyama’s chin. Winter is amazing, Kageyama thinks. He closes his eyes and breathes Hinata in, feeling the heat of his own hoodie warm up his small boyfriend.