older-jancy-au + nancy wearing jon’s clothes

because this fancast is e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g

Let’s all take a moment to remember that Peter Grant can’t tell trees apart while they’re whole and have leaves and all the stuff, but it takes him one look to see that Reynard Fossman’s walking stick is made of hickory.

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I completely understand your point and i wont ridicule you but, didn't the creators pull a genderbend on Pidge?

na, bc Pidge was always a girl. Both before and after changing her outfit and name. There’s a difference between changing their body’s physical appearance for the sake of changing their gender, and simply giving them another oufit and hair in order to disguise them as another character. 


For the Anon who asked me something with Kanjiklub. I hope you like it!


Once wasn’t enough so I drew @spacecattle‘s Fashion Blogger!Dan and Movie Reviewer!Phil once again

This was supposed to be a 15 min study break but it turned into a 2 day break hahahahahahahaha what is time

*psssttt Dan’s shirt is actually a designer shirt worth 100+ dollars…… i don’t understand fashion*

Previous drawing for the AU

P O K E M O N     S U N / M O O N

Its narrow, graceful legs allow it to accelerate with such explosive speed that people claim it can dodge lightning! It is said that any Pokémon that sees UB-02 Beauty, regardless of its own gender, will become infatuated with it and lose the will to battle. The exact reason for this reaction—whether it’s an unidentified pheromone exuded by UB-02 Beauty or a hypnotic effect induced by its appearance—has not been determined.