Bitch please we all know it’s gonna happen like season 13 with Jensen, JARED, MISHA AND FREAKING ROB ONE OF THESE ADORABLE FUCKERS WILL START SAYING CASTIEL WINCHESTER *just waits and grabs a popcorn*

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People need to understand that Jensen isn’t comfortable with answering ship questions. I mean seriously how long is it gonna take you guys to realize he just won’t become comfortable? He’s not comfortable so just stop asking them! Be damn grateful that he even opened up to us I mean he was such a shy person but now he talks and he’s nice and funny can’t you guys just be happy with that? Instead of asking your annoying questions about destiel or wincest or cockles or whatever ship you want to ask him about? He isn’t comfortable, leave him alone.

Even misha ships destiel #supernatural #spnfamily #spn #dean Winchester #jensen ackles #misha collins #castiel #ola mishamigos #destiel - Louise