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i just got out of the shower and it was my first shower in months where i didn't dissociate or have intrusive thoughts and even tho it was probably just a one night thing im so happy and i needed to tell someone

!!!yayayay im so happy for you <3 ~ava

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the latest gif of chris chECKING OUT SEB you know he's thinking imma break me off a piece of that after these press interviews tonight oh ho ho ho yes i am. omg boy does not know the meaning of subtlety.

Chris both wants this press tour to never end, and needs to be done with it already.

He wants it to go on forever because spending so much time with one of his best friends, and also with the guy he’s totally not had a crush on for years now, is pretty awesome.

He needs it to be over because he’s absolutely sure Sebastian’s going to find out about his not-crush soon if they keep this up.

He’s trying not to be too obvious. He is.

It’s not his fault that the interviewers and the fans keep asking all these questions, that Mackie keeps making so many not-quite-subtle remarks… That Sebastian’s gotten over his adorably shy and overly-deferential phase and has turned into such an asshole.

A gorgeous, funny, incredibly sweet asshole that’s also both the biggest dork in existence and the most stunning guy Chris has ever met. It should be illegal to be so… so everything.

He is trying not to be too obvious, and failing spectacularly. Chris doesn’t even need Mackie’s confirmation to be sure of this, he can see it himself whenever he rewatches that day’s interviews or listens to his own answers.

Sebby. ‘There he is! Right here, I got you!’. The way he’d involuntarily wrapped his arm tighter around Seb’s neck the moment he’d ended the hug, his body acting on instinc, chasing his warmth. The thing with the goddamn spider, honestly Chris? Why not just tell everyone exactly what you’d been fantasizing about while ogling Seb’s thighs?. And he knows that whenever he looks at Seb his eyes speak volumes.

So yes, he really needs this to be over asap.

But, because life apparently is a bitch like that, the interviewer just had to ask Sebastian that question about their quirks and mannerisms, and fucking hell

Yes, Chris has noticed. Boy, has he noticed.

It’s pretty much impossible not to notice Sebastian’s mouth.

The way lips part slightly and he tips his head back a bit as he gathers his thoughts. The way he smirks, driving Chris completely nuts. The way he worries at his bottom lip. The way he pushes his tongue into his cheek. The way the tip of his tongue comes out to wet them, seemingly without him even realizing, and God does Chris want to suck that tongue into his own mouth and claim Seb’s bottom lip for himself until it’s shiny with spit and red and swollen, to drag his teeth across that glorious jaw, to watch those lips stretched wide around his–

“Chris?” Sebastian’s question and worried tone brings him back down to Earth.


They’re in some dressing room, waiting for Mackie and Joe’s part of the interview to be over. And Chris could’ve sworn there were more people here with them a moment ago but now they’re alone somehow and Sebastian’s sitting right next to him on the couch and he’s been staring unabashedly at his mouth for the past 5 minutes.

Oh fuck. He looks away and clears his throat.

“Y-Yes?” perfect, Chris. Sebastian’s brow furrows.

“Everything ok?” he asks, raising a hand to his shoulder. Touches, reassurance. Because of course he knows that those things help when Chris’ brain gets too loud. Because he’s perfect.

And Chris wants to answer, to tell him he is, indeed, ok, but then Sebastian’s doing the thing, and his brain just short-circuits.

“You’re doing it again,” he blurts before he can stop himself.

Sebastian stares confusedly at him for a few seconds, and then there’s realization in his eyes and a blush creeping up his neck. “Oh…” he says, and stops.

His blush is nothing compared to the shade of red Chris has got going on right now. “Fuck, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean–It’s ok you know? You can do it, it’s cute.”

And that right there? That’s exactly the reason why he needed this press tour to end.

Because Sebastian might’ve not realized–or minded–until now, but that? That was definitely crossing a line, and Sebastian’s not an idiot, and Chris can just feel the world crumbling beneath his feet, the panic creeping in and clutching at his heart. He needs to say something, do something, but it’s like the air has left his lungs, and as much as he wants to get up and run he can’t. fucking. move.

And then he freezes all over again, but for an entirely different reason.

Because Sebastian, wonderful and perfect and incredible, smirks, says: “Guess I like to keep my mouth busy,” and gives him a jab in the ribs.

Chris sits there speechless and gaping at him for 2 minutes. And then cracks up. And then grabs Sebastian’s left boob because that’s a thing he does and he’s not really thinking, doesn’t even realize he’s doing it until Sebastian is resting his own hand on top of his.

“You’re doing it again, too” he tells him, smiling fondly. Chris smiles back.

“Yeah well… I like to keep my hands busy,” he says, and winks at him. 

And Sebastian laughs. And Chris, who’s greedy and still not thinking and who absolutely doesn’t deserve this man but still keeps asking for more, leans in. 

Sebastian does too.

Trying to stop himself from staring at or even just thinking about Seb’s mouth after having tasted him proves itself to be impossible. But it’s ok, because Chris no longer needs this press tour to be over soon.

I know others have said this and I hate to be redundant, but this morning I really feel like that episode was lacking something at the end. As an episode it was strong and very entertaining with every character getting some really great moments and some wonderful ship moments for all the people stuck on waters with those beautiful idiots, but I’m not sure if it was enough. 

I’m not disappointed, I’m simply wishing for something, some ominous on those last few moments to have me itching for September more than I already am, some reminder that there’s a mole, that something has to go down with Kensi soon, so I’m confused and feeling weird about that episode. 


Sally Phillips, Max Bennett, Sadie Frost, Ben Charles, Noel Fielding and Lily Loveless at the film premiere of ‘Set The Thames On Fire’ in London, 21 April 2016

Do you ever think about your sexual identity and kind of land on something that feels like it might be accurate for you but for some reason it doesn’t sit right and u gotta wonder how much of that’s bc it’s not comfortable for you or if it’s bc society dictates it shouldn’t be


Can we please appreciate how hot my sylvari mesmer is? His name is Liam Liatris.


sorry I haven’t been around much recently, I’ve had the flu since like… saturday and it has knocked me on my ass

finally feeling a little better, though, so maybe I’ll be able to start working on stuff again soon? I can hope

Better Than Words - Anonymous - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
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Better than words for Veronicahague
Word count: 12435
“You do know that I hate your guts, right?”
“Yes, I do… and I hate your sassy tongue, so we’re even.”
“This is just a one night thing,”
“Just tonight and no one else knows,”

Or the one where Louis and Harry hate each other.

Imagine being Jax and Tara’s daughter and afraid to tell them that you’re pregnant so you go to Gemma for advice.

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WARNINGS: Language

You stared at the test in hands with tears rolling down your cheeks, how could this be happening. What were your parents going to say, ‘how could you do this’ or 'you don’t even know the guy’ or even worse 'I’m so ashamed of you’. Thoughts ran through your brain only making you more terrified, “I’m pregnant.” You cried, covering your mouth, the test falling from your hands as your world crashed into you, you didn’t even know the guys name it was just a one night stand, a simple fuck. How could you have been stupid, the condom broke and you thought you took your pill but…but you forgot, how could you forget? “I’m so stupid.” You scowled yourself. You had to tell your parents you just had to, they needed to know but you were so afraid so you went to the one person you could trust.”

“Hey baby. What’s wrong?” Your grandma Gemma asked and you went to her chest crying immediately, all plans of being calm were out the door. “Y/N are you okay?” You shook your head, “Let’s get you to the living room hon.” She said shutting the door and leading you to the couch.

How in the world am I gonna tell her, “Grandma. Mom and dad are gonna hate me.” You started and Gemma pulled you into her side, kissing your head, “Tell grandma what’s wrong.” You took a deep breath, “You’re not gonna like it… I’m pregnant.” Your voice was quiet as you spoke but Gemma heard, the older woman letting out a sigh, “Oh baby they’re not gonna hate you…they’ll be mad, yes, but hate you, never. You’re their little girl, well you aren’t that little at 21.” She chuckled.

“What am I gonna do?” You asked pulling away to look at her, “What do you want to do?” You scrunched your face, “I don’t know that’s why I’m asking…I want to tell mom and dad, but I don’t want them to be disappointed.” Gemma took your hand in hers rubbing your knuckles with her thumb, “Now you listen here, there is no way that Jax is gonna see you as a disappointment but I do think that he’ll be angrier than your mother. You are his baby after all.”

“But I don’t even know who the man was.” You cried and Gemma nodded her head, “You have a lot of family that will be there to help. Your dad wasn’t to sure how to raise Abel but everyone was there for him, and they’ll be here for you too, but they have to know first.” You nodded your head and bit your lip.

“What if everyone things I’m a whore?” You questioned and Gemma laughed, “Most of those woman can’t even talk because they have three kids with three different men as well. Plus no one would let those crows say anything. “I didn’t mean the crows.”

Gemma’s eyes widened and she hugged you, “Oh sweetie, all of your Uncles love you, they would never think that about you, neither will your parents. You have to have more trust in your family young lady, do you understand me?”

“Of course grandma.” You smiled as you wiped your face, “Well, great grandma.” You smiled and Gemma laughed, “Don’t push your luck. Now come on let’s go tell your parents.”

“Hey mom, dad, do you think I could talk to you two?” You were nervous but the soothing hand on your back, helped to ease everything. “Everything alright with you two?” Jax asked shutting off the tv that him and his wife were watching. “Yes…Y/N has something to tell you.” Gemma said that and you sat on the chair across from your parents, “I…uh…well…” You looked at your grandma nervously and she smiled, “Go ahead.”

“Okay…here goes nothing.” You took a deep breath, “I’m pregnant.” You said quickly and it gave Jax whiplash, “What?” Tara gasped, “I’m pregnant…I’m sorry.” You said looking down at your hands.

You noticed your dad lean back into the couch, his eyes at the wall, deeply thinking about the words you told him, “Who’s the father?” He asked and when you didn’t speak he let out a curse, “Really? Wow.” He shook his head then looked at his wife who was still stunned. “Well you are an adult…do you know what you are going to do with the baby?”

“She’s gonna raise it.” Jax said and Tara looked at him, “She’s only 21 Jax.”

“If she was old enough to have sex then she should make the responsibility of raising the kid, I mean she won’t be alone she has us, the club, her brothers.” Tara looked at her husband shocked, “But she’ll mess up here life she’s too young.” Jax chuckled, “Tara, she graduated at 16, top of the class, and by the time she has the kid she would have finished medical school. Her life sounds fine to me.”

You were so confused on what was happening, you really thought that your father would have been the one against you having a child but you were wrong. “What do you want to do Y/N?” Your mother asked and you looked between both parents then to you grandma, a smile on her face, then back to your mom, “I’m keepin’ my baby.”

“So what’s going on VP?” Juice asked his arm over the couch, “Well our Princess here has somethin’ to share to everyone.” Jax said pulling you into his side, giving your head a kiss, “Spit it out little girl.” Happy said loudly and you smiled, “I’m pregnant.” You said, at first everything was quiet then like a volcano that erupts, so did the room, loud cheers being heard. Tig was the first one to come running to you picking you up and setting you down with a kiss on your cheek, “Congratulations baby. So were is the baby daddy so I can kick his ass.”

You blushed in embarrassment and shame, “Don’t worry about it Y/N well be there for you.” Kozik said kissing your cheek. “So… we’re gonna be Uncles?” Abel asked and pulled you into a tight hug, “Damn I’m so happy for ya.”

“We all are.” Jax smiled and you couldn’t stop the tears that fell from your face, you didn’t know why you thought so negatively in the beginning, they were your family and would support you no matter what. “Well now your eating for two so we gotta fatten you up. So that being said, who wants some banana bread.”

You and your brothers shouted, “ME!”

Yesterday I was at my sister’s house and her husband is leaving for 3 days so I was like ‘I’m going to sleep at her house’, so I told her “Monday night I’m coming to your house to sleep with you” and then suddenly I realized that Sunday GoT starts and then I told her, like suddenly something important just came out “ I can’t come here Monday night! I have to watch Game of Thrones!” Oh damn it, my sister looked at me weirdly and then I realized what I just said lmao, it’s scaring! 

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Do you think that when Tim and Jason joke about Damian being dead it lowkey really bothers Damian? Because he was just so vulnerable and scared, and he never wants to be that way again, and after losing his powers it just all comes crashing down. Maybe even one night on patrol, Tim finds Damian crying so dang hard, and he doesn't even have to ask, he just knows and he's just so so sorry

Well, for one, I don’t think Tim or Jason would ever joke about Damian being dead. Like. Ever. Not while he’s dead, not when he comes back, and definitely not to his face. Because Damian’s death wrecked Tim so badly, and Jason knows what it’s like, and knows how painful and awful dying is. No, Damian’s death is nothing to be joked about, especially not to Tim and Jason.

Though I could see them being thoughtless with their language? Like, Jason’s whole thing is joking/being sarcastic about his own death. And Tim’s just a young, ‘hip’ dude. So they might say things like ‘oh just kill me.’ or ‘I would rather be dead than do this.’ 

And even though they aren’t talking to or about Damian, just the language kind of upsets him, because it’s still so fresh to him. And especially like, coming back and seeing/thinking Dick’s ‘dead,’ so he can’t lose another family member nu-uh, no way. So, yeah, then he would be hardcore bothered about it.

Tim would definitely find him upset, after hearing that kind of stuff. He might feel guilty, but like. He didn’t know. So he’ll comfort Damian for sure. Probably take him home, or bribe him a little with food/something Damian likes or likes to do. And when Damian’s calmed down, they’ll talk about it, and Tim will make it clear that he’ll work on how he speaks, and that he’ll talk to Jason about doing the same. Jason and Damian will probably have their own little talk about all this too, and I can see the older bros just being incredibly understanding. 

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