[120716 Fansign Fanacc] Kyu: "Do you like #KyuMin??" | Is there any chance for #KyuMin DJs?

Fan: I want to see KyuMin DJs at KTR~
Min: Ah~Kyuhyun is so busy with his Radio Star. So he can’t come.

Fan: I want to see KyuMin DJs at KTR~
Kyu: At KTR??
Fan: Yeah.
Kyu: There is Ryeowook. *laugh*
Fan: I knew. *laugh*
Kyu: Do you like KyuMin?
Fan: Absolutely! I like KyuMin.
Kyu: Thanks.

From: Nana-chan (for @winesdrop only)

I Wanna Be Yours

I want you to write poems on my skin with your lips.
Trail kisses into where my collarbone dips. Send shivers down my spine.
Travel pass my hips.
Whisper in my ear “You’re mine.”
Let me steal your heart.
Even if its just for one night.
Because baby,
That’d be the ultimate crime.



Happy Birthday, my love. You shamelessly perverted, incredibly talented sexy man.

Oh what I would give to just forget everything with you, even if it’s just for one night. Too indulge in pleasure. Too breathe a sweet poison deep into my deepest depths, until you find that secret place inside of me.

We hope you have the happiest and sexiest of birthdays my perverted prince.

Lots of love - Tiger & Cat

But I held onto you, and it wasn’t reasonable, and it wasn’t logical, but I did it. – Olivia Dunham, Fringe

So I was thinking about what @recoveringrabbit said, about Jemma giving up on Fitz and I think that I understand why she did a lot more.

It’s because, unlike Fitz, Jemma is rational. Or at least she’s been allowed to be up to this point. Jemma gave up on Fitz finding her, she didn’t believe that Fitz was going to be able to do what he did. Why? Because what Fitz did was nearly impossible. It didn’t make any sense for Fitz to do what he did. But he did anyway. Everyone else was ready to give up. Everyone else was ready to admit Jemma was gone. She had vanished, without a trace six months ago onto an alien planet. They didn’t know if this planet had food or water, they didn’t know that even if it did she’d still be alive. They didn’t know if there was a way to get there and back. And in the end the, her rescue was a miracle. Fitz accomplished what generations of Hydra failed to do, not because (like Jemma at the time) he figured out something they hadn’t, but because he got very, very lucky. He could have died. He probably should have. At the very least, chances were very high he was coming back empty handed. He risked being killed who knows how many times on a whim that he might find Jemma alive someday. Of course she thought he wasn’t coming. Who would expect someone to do that? It’s insane!

What Fitz did was almost impossible, it wasn’t reasonable, it wasn’t logical, but he did it anyway. He did it because he had to, because there was no other way out in his mind. And even though Jemma has been put in some very dangerous situations in the past, and she has been willing to sacrifice herself again and again, she’s never been put in a situation where that wasn’t the answer. She has never been put in a situation where there seemed to be absolutely no answer but the stakes were high enough for her try anyway. At least not on this magnitude. Jemma’s solution is nearly always self destructive, but it is never (as far as I remember) attempting the impossible.

Even on the planet, the only person at stake was Jemma herself (and Will but let’s be honest he didn’t seem to care that much one way or the other about getting home, not like Jemma, she wasn’t letting him down. He actually encouraged her to give up.)

Jemma doesn’t understand what Fitz did, because she has never been in a situation where the stake (in her mind) was high enough for her to do what he did. Because with Fitz and Jemma it’s not their own well being that is their greatest motivator, but the well being of themselves and others.

Jemma doesn’t understand what Fitz did because she has never had to believe in something impossible for him. It overwhelms her, probably because it baffles her.  

So here is where the role reversal (possibly?) comes in. Because if Jemma is allowed to do what Fitz has done, if she is allowed to understand what drove him to abandon logic in favour of irrational hope, then maybe she can come a bit closer to understanding that she has nothing to feel bad about. If she can understand why he did what he did, then maybe that will let their relationship grow in a health, positive way where this imbalance she is probably feeling right now can be… um… balanced? (I never said I was a poet haha. Also take I dare you to count how many times I say impossible.).

TL;DR (hey I know what that means now) Jemma didn’t expect Fitz to come get her, because he shouldn’t have been able to. Fitz did the impossible and Jemma doesn’t understand how he was able to it. 

You know what Tegan and Sara are probably doing right now? 


I don’t know why, but it makes me very satisfied to think about how very normal they are. 


going for like darker pastels today, is that even a thing?

{Small PSA I probably don’t have to make but feel the need to anyway, just because of recent events. 

Shipping with Thunder has never been easy. She is not easy to be with in a relationship, nor is she quick to develop feelings for anyone. Thunder has had a traumatic past regarding lovers, and despite there being a lot of ships on this blog, this fact still remains. I have been lucky to find a few characters - and muns - that click well with both Thunder and I. Even though Thunder can be quite the flirt in any given situation (especially if she’s been drinking or happens to be near the sea) developing feelings for people is a slow process for her. It may not seem like that, since I’m freaking blessed with some amazing ships, but a lot of Thunder’s main relationships are developed offline, over a long period of time. 

Perhaps I feel the need to say this because I don’t ever want shipping to seem OOC for her. She is still someone who will be rather indifferent towards strangers and only open up once she really gets to know them. She is not easy. Thunder may gravitate towards certain people and seem interested because they have caught her curiosity, but she will not develop feelings until she gets to know them and chemistry is established. I just want this stated somewhere. I am so so up for ships bc i’m kind of a shipping whore but I cannot push my muse into a relationship, even if I myself like the idea. That’s just how she is, and this fact will always remain true.} 

*closes eyes*

*deep breath*

*slowly exhales*

*buries head in arms*

One Last Time

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/23RkH20

by notanaveragesoul

Stiles fucking hates everything.

He was in love with Derek Hale and they were happy together until Jennifer Blake came into their lives and ruined everything.

Stiles is convinced that she is a witch but no one, not even Derek or his friends believe him.

Now, about a year after their break up, Stiles still hasn’t moved on. He knows that Derek is happy with his life and he doesn’t want to ruin it. But he also can’t ignore the feeling in his heart. He needs to be with Derek even for just one night. He needs to be with Derek one last time.

Words: 2136, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/23RkH20

Holy butts Galavant is such an incredible show! I’m glad they ended like they did for season 2.

Hardest Part is Letting Go


Genre: fluff, angst

Summary:  Cancer. Stage Four. Terminal. Those four words are what ruined Dan and Phil’s life. Upon his diagnosis, Dan denied treatment because he didn’t want to prolong the inevitable. So he vows to spend the rest of his short life with Phil by his side, completing his bucket list.

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Why does the SPN fandom have to keep hurting me like this.

so i’m getting this vibe that Mike’s just a regular old angry dude with one too many problems…most of which stemming from his crappy job 

except of course he’s the hero, right? 

also i was a little hesitant with this one ngl this fandom makes me shyer

I know I’m only wasting your time
Because no matter how hard we try
We aren’t meant to last

I know I’m only wasting my time
But for some wicked reason
I can’t help to become drawn to you

I don’t want you to hate me
So at least for just a little bit longer
Please allow me to be selfish
Let me waste a little more of your time
And take longer to realise


I am still alive. Here are some work doodles.

blame for the skull with arms idea is to be laid directly at the feet of @canalsobemoe