when they’re just home loungin around, Sherlock makes a habit of walking up behind John and just draping his body against him. while John’s cooking, or brushing his teeth, or waiting for toast, or shaving, and John doesn’t mind. in fact he likes it. (sometimes, he can even feel sherlocks heartbeat just faintly)

one night mrs hudson stops by to say hello and John is making dinner and Sherlock is just draped along the back of him again with his chin resting on his shoulder and mrs hudson is like “?? John doesn’t that make it a bit difficult to cook?” and John let’s out a soft ‘hm?’ Because he doesn’t even know what she’s referring to and then he realises and he’s like “ah- no” and smiles “actually I think it makes it a bit easier”

some cute madzie+magnus+alec headcanons now that they’ve been confirmed as her dads™

  • magnus and alec will take her to her favorite coffee shop every sunday and madzie keeps freezing her hot cocoa every time
  • magnus is amused while alec’s like “honey, why do we keep taking you here when we could just go to a ice cream shop instead”
  • and then madzie is like “but dad this is different than just ice cream” and alec is kind of not convinced until madzie forces him to try it
  • after that alec’s kind of hooked on the treat too bc he secretly has a sweet tooth and spends his time licking on the huge cocoa popsicle every time they decide to visit the coffee shop again
  • people may or may not give them weird looks but it doesn’t matter because they’re a happy family
  • madzie loves to make flower crowns in the summer time from whatever she can pick up from the various places they visit through portals [magnus may or may not help her by using his magic to grow all kinds of exotic plants sometimes even in the middle of the busy new york streets and pretends to not have anything to do with it when alec looks unimpressed]
  • after she’s made a dozen of different types she decides to use her dads as her models for them
  • alec is reluctant at first but there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for his baby girl tbh so that’s how he ends up with a pink flower crown on his head for the rest of the day while magnus tells how cute he looks while wearing his own violet one
  • the first time madzie is allowed to spend the night at her friend’s house both magnus and alec are emotional watching her pack her little travel bag while alec already has tears in his eyes
  • ‘’are u crying’’
  • ‘’no im not – you know what? yes im fucking crying magnus, this is our little girl and i’m just gonna miss her so much even if it’s just for one night.’’
  • at this point they’re both crying silently while madzie just rolls her eyes and says ‘’cmon dads it’s just for one night stop being such crybabies’’
  • magnus teaching madzie magic while alec watches them fondly in the background
  • alec wanting to teach madzie some combat skills when she’s older so that she’ll basically have the best of both worlds with having a shadowhunter and a warlock as her dads
  • them tucking her into bed every night and alec giving her a kiss on the forehead while magnus gives one on her cheek 
  • after that they shut off the lights but stay on the doorway for awhile just to watch her sleep while they both have an equally fond look on their faces 
  •  magnus then squeezes alec’s waist and is like “we did good, didn’t we”
  • alec answers by returning the gesture 
  • “yeah we did”
I Don’t Wanna Live Forever

Chris Evans x Reader

Summary: There is only a little hope that is still providing for your survival, but somehow he manages to break even the smallest pieces of your remnants.

Word Count: +1.8k | Rating: G [angst]

Warnings: poorly EDITED!! if there are tones of grammar mistakes (ik there are), then i’m truly sorry, i’ll come back and edit it later when i get the time!

A/N: this fic is based on the song I Don’t Wanna Live Forever by ZAYN and Taylor Swift. also this is my first ever RPF and even though i don’t write real person very often, this fic is for this big sweater wearing dumb dork’s birthday! feedback is always appreciated! lol love me please

Main Masterlist

(*gif is not mine!)

Been sitting eyes wide open behind these four walls, hoping you’d call
It’s just a cruel existence like there’s no point hoping at all

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Title: The Taste of Envy

Summary: Bianca is a call girl and her favourite client, a possessive man named Negan requests her services for the night.

Pairing: Bianca x Negan

Warnings: Smut, possessiveness, spanking, fluff

Sitting at the bar with one leg crossed over the other, Bianca reapplied a layer of red lipstick and waited for Negan who had requested her services. Becoming a call girl was never her intention, she had plans to go to college and study law, make her parents proud and be the success story of her family. But somewhere between nineteen and twenty-one she had fallen off the tracks, got involved with women who worked through a call girl agency and realised she could make big money using her body.

Now twenty-three, the pretty redhead was just starting off in the adult business. The men she serviced were rich businessmen who had more millions than sense, some of them had crumbling marriages to wives they hated and some of them were lonely and needed someone to talk to, but this particular man who wanted to see her tonight was possessive. Negan. He wasn’t like the others. Yes, he was older and he was rich, but he was gorgeous. He was a man who could get any girl he wanted, whenever he walked into a room, heads turned and women damn near threw themselves at him like he was a pussy magnet. But he still paid to see her. It was flattering to say the least, and there was part of her that got butterflies whenever he texted her. But to work this job, the number one rule was to never get attached, and she was already failing.

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Fly Away

Originally posted by daeguboy

Fly Away
Namjoon | Reader
Description: You and your boyfriend have one last night together before his flight in the morning.
Warning: Slight Angst, Intercourse, Oral, Dry Humping, Cum Play? 
Word Count: 3,417
A/N: Inspired by Fly Away by Jojo and Two Birds by Regina Spektor. Old but I listen to them when I’m feeling nostalgic! This is my last update for now, until my vacation’s over!

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Imagine Tom making eye contact with you at the club. You’ve heard of his womanizing reputation, but it doesn’t matter – the tension between you is too much to resist. You walk towards each other, meeting on the dance floor. His hands are on your hips as you rock side to side, your bodies moving closer with every beat.  Your friends try to stop you from leaving with him, but you don’t listen; even if it’s just for one night, it’s one you know will be filled with unbridled passion.

Anything Can Happen In The Next Half Hour - Four

TDQ: I stay away from this place for three weeks and the one night I get curious, and you’re in here.
Tell me you’ve been on every night and this isn’t some shocking coincidence?

Spencer stared at the screen thinking of how to reply as Y/N stared at hers, waiting.

Dr: This is the first time since…

TDQ: Brilliant. So we have some random telepathy shit now.

Spencer could almost hear the disdain in her voice and it was starting to annoy him. Almost like she was suggesting it was his fault.

Dr: Well maybe that’s what happens when you send your colleague half naked photos.

TDQ: Hey! You sent them back too. And I didn’t KNOW you were my colleague.

Dr: True. But you’re the one who upped the ante that night remember? You turned the conversation away from casual chatting to…. Whatever it was.

Okay, so he was right. Y/N did need to stop acting like it was his fault. It wasn’t. She needed to just…. talk about this with him. Maybe actually discuss what had happened online that night?

TDQ: Whatever it was? Full on mutual masturbation, you mean?

Spencer almost dropped the phone, before composing himself and replying.

Dr: Yes.

He didn’t know what else to say right now. He wished they could have just slipped into their previous online banter. NOT the one from last time. Although…

TDQ: Can I just say that now I know who DrJackblacklover21 is, I’m hella shocked. Never expected you to come out with those sort of lines or to send those sorts of pictures.

Dr: I’m not sure if this is a compliment or not.

TDQ: It’s a compliment, Reid. You seem so…. Well you know….

Dr: Can you not call me that on here? It’s weird. And I know exactly what you’re getting at. Everyone has this skewered view of me, like I’m still an innocent 14 year old who needs to be protected.

TDQ: Okay, doctor it is then. I take it you’re not as innocent as everyone thinks then?

Now Y/N definitely was intrigued. Was there a side to Spencer Reid that no one knew about, that maybe she could dig into?

Dr: I sent you that photo didn’t I?

TDQ: You did. Gotta say, I don’t have an eidetic memory like you do, but my brain definitely hasn’t forgotten that image.

Wait… Why did she put that? That sounded… flirty.

Was it meant that way?

Spencer couldn’t tell how that message was meant. Was she trying to make him prove a point here, about his lack of innocence?

Dr: Well I haven’t forgotten the one you sent me either.

TDQ: Yet I still caught you staring at my tits the other day.

Dr: Only because I now know what they look like.

TDQ:. You didn’t catch me staring at your junk anytime, did you? And I know what that looks like.

Dr: Point taken, I’ll try to avoid looking at your chest.

It was then that Y/N realised that maybe she didn’t want him to stop. It made her feel… desired. Spencer Reid staring at her chest was making her feel desired. Good lord woman, it definitely HAD been a dry spell. That was the only way she could explain what she put next.

TDQ: Did you like what you saw?

Dr: Pardon?

What the hell? Spencer was totally confused now about where this conversation was going.

TDQ: Did you like what you saw? It’s not a hard question.

Gulping, Spencer answered.

Dr: If I didn’t, I’m not sure you’d have got the reply you did.

She smiled to herself, feeling pleased with that response.

TDQ: On a completely non inappropriate subject, that book you mentioned a few weeks ago, the one you told me I’d thank you for recommending. I totally thank you.

Dr: You read it then?

And so they both slipped back into easy conversation with each other, forgetting that they rarely seemed to converse ‘in real life’.

This continued for another month or so. Spencer and Y/N would idlely chat at work, never about anything in particular other than work. And then in the evenings they’d log on and talk about their lives. What they enjoyed doing outside of work. Neither spoke about work, it was like this chat was a sacred sanctuary away from it. The only time they referenced it was after a particularly heavy case which had lead to Y/N crying in the toilets in the jet on the way home. Although she’d reapplied her make up, Spencer had clocked the red rims around her eyes and had been surprised to see her online that evening. He thought she’d just go home to sleep. He’d simply said to her “The last few days, are you okay?” and she’d replied telling him yes, and thanking him.

This was all until one day when Spencer walked into the break room to hear Penelope, Derek and Y/N having a conversation about chat zone.

“So you’ve not been on there since photo boy?” Garcia asked her and she visibly winced, seeing Spencer enter the room and going to the coffee machine.

“No, I haven’t.”

“Photo boy?” Morgan asked, his eyebrows raised.

“Yup. Y/N met a guy on there that she met up with. Nothing came of it though, but they did have a steamy photo exchange session. I woke up the next morning to a screen shot of one of the photos he’d sent her with the caption ‘have asked if he wants to meet. Hopefully I’ll get to ride that monster one day soon’. Even I was impressed.”

Y/N was trying so hard to keep a straight face, although she could see Spencer with his back to the group. He stiffened at Garcia’s comment and she knew he had to be blushing.

“So what happened then? Why did you not end up ‘riding that monster’?” Morgan asked.

“He just…. erm, wasn’t what I expected him to be that’s all.”

Later that night when she logged in, she had a message waiting for her.

Dr: Monster?

TDQ: Shut up.

Dr: I’m not sure whether it being called a monster is a compliment or not.

TDQ: Well you managed to impress Garcia and as you heard from that caption, I said I wanted to ride it…..

Dr: What a disappointment I must have been.

TDQ: Meh. Only because I know you. If we weren’t work colleagues, I’m fairly certain that it would have happened, even if had just been a one night thing.

Dr: You know that rule about interdepartmental relationships is a myth right?

TDQ: Carry on and I’ll think you actually still want to fuck me.



Dr: I’m joking.

TDQ: Oh great, charming. So now I’m not good enough for you.

Y/N was laughing now, amused at how this conversation was turning out.

Dr: I’m quite certain it would be the other way around, but stop digging for compliments. You know you’re attractive.

TDQ: Question then. Why aren’t you like this at work? You’re much more outgoing here. I like this side of you.

Spencer pondered the question momentarily before deciding to answer truthfully.

Dr: Because at work, we all have our little roles, you know? Like Morgan is the smooth man whore, Rossi is the sauve older man who can have woman half his age eating out of the palm of his hand. Hotch is the… erm, sexy single Dad (no, before you even ask) and I’m… well I’m none of them. Because I was so young when I started in the FBI, I became the baby, the one who had to be protected. The sweet and innocent one. I can’t compete with the flirtatious banter that Rossi and Morgan have, and I don’t have the power that Hotch does which I’m sure drives woman crazy. So… I just, I stick in the role I was given when I joined.

Spencer had summed up the men in the team almost perfectly.

Dr: On here though, I can try out new things. It’s not like I’m not being me, but perhaps I’m just being the me I want to be, without risking the judgement or laughter of the others, rather than the me that everyone thinks I should be. Does that make sense?

It made perfect sense to Y/N.

TDQ: I get it.

Dr: Question for you then. Why are you even in here. You could obviously have any guy you wanted, you’re beautiful. Why resort to online chat rooms.

TDQ: So I can’t be judged based on my looks. If I go out, I get hit on because of what I’m wearing and what I look like. Rarely do I intellectually connect with the guys that actually have the balls to come and talk to me. And the ones that I do have a connection with, are always too scared to make the first move cos they think I’m out of their league or something stupid. I wanted to see if I could meet a guy who didn’t know what I looked like, who didn’t care.

Dr: So have you actually met anyone like that on here? Do you talk to other guys, if you don’t mind me asking?

TDQ: I don’t mind you asking. I talked to a few people to begin with, but after a week or so it fizzled out. You’re the only person who I talk to regularly on here, which is strange considering we actually have each others numbers and could talk normally. But… I kinda feel like we’re different people in here, different but the same. What about you? Have you been testing out your new found sexting skills with the mysterious ladies of the Internet?

Dr: Nope. Again, aside from a few casual chats in the main chat room, you’re the only person I private message with. Which like you’ve said, is strange. Especially considering you act like you’re ashamed to talk to me in public sometimes.

TDQ: Do I?

Y/N was shocked. Did she really come across that way?

Dr: Yes. Ever since we started talking in here, if we’re speaking at work and someone else comes in, you shut up. You stop the conversation and walk out. It makes me feel like you don’t want to be seen interacting with me.

TDQ: Shit… I didn’t realise it came across like that. I just…. Well, we’ve never been exactly friendly at work. We’re civil and we work well together but it’s not like we’ve ever actually had proper friendly conversations? So if people start seeing us doing that now, I kinda think they’ll ask why. I’m not ashamed that we’re friends now, Reid. It’s just…. It’s kinda hard to explain how we actually got friendly without inciting questions.

Spencer was glad he’d asked. Now she’d put it that way, he understood.

Dr: So we are friends then?

TDQ: Yes! Just friends that unwittingly had a mutual online masturbation session together without realising. Lmao

Dr: Lol. There’s not many friends who can say that I guess.

TDQ: There’s not. So… We good now?

Dr: Sure. Although I’m not sure I’ll ever one hundred percent forgive you for showing Penelope that photo. If I still had your photo, I’d totally be showing Derek in revenge.

TQD: Except he wouldn’t even believe you’d been sent it from a woman. He’d say you downloaded it or some bull shit.

Dr: Annoyingly, you’re right. But still.

Y/N suddenly had a thought…. A bad one. But she didn’t stop herself acting on it.

TQD: Here…. Does this make you feel any better?

Click to see attachment:

Spencer clicked it and his eyes widened. Y/N had send another photo. She was still lying down but her top was pulled up exposing her breasts to him again. The difference was though, you could see her face this time; she was poking her tongue out at the camera, her eyebrows raised suggestively.


Dr: Do you know how hard it is for me to not look at your chest at work already? Jesus Christ, Y/N.

TDQ: No Dr… Really, do tell me how hard it is. As hard as the first time I sent those pictures?

'Oh my God, what are you doing’ was all the was running through Y/N’s head. Yet, she was smirking and enjoying herself thoroughly.

Spencer on the other hand was frantically trying to figure out where she was going and how to respond.

What would Derek do here? He’d just… roll with it, right?

Dr: Not quite as hard. In fact, not really hard at all. I’ve had that image in my head for the while now. I’m used to it.

Lies. All fucking lies. Everytime he thought about it, his dick twitched.

TDQ: Really. Well, I’m extremely tempted to see if I can change that. But before I do, the Vegas rule stands for in here, yes?

The Vegas rule? Huh?

Wait. Spencer typed quickly.

Dr: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas??

TDQ: Yep. Sooo… Whatever we do here, doesn’t cross over into real life. We may know each other but…. Well. I’m not gonna lie, that first time was hot as fuck. And…. I’m stressed and could do with relieving some tension. And you were very helpful on relieving it before.

Spencer felt his pants growing oh so tighter as he remembered back to that first time and thought about what she was saying.

Dr: The Vegas rule stands.

He waited, a good few minutes passing before another attachment flashed up.

Click to see video attachment:

Trying Something New

A/N: Hey guys! I haven’t uploaded an imagine in a while but tbh I’m so fucking busy it’s driving me mad.

Warnings: smut, kinda (male masturbation, Stiles has an overly active imagination 😉), mentions of blood if that kinda stuff creeps you out (not anything major)

Pairings: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Words: 1500 ish


By the time Stiles finally drags himself back to his dorm, the sun is slowly rising and his hair is starting to stink with drying slime from the Kanima (most likely) blood that he’s had the unfortunate displeasure of coming across.

Honestly, he thought that when he went to collage he would finally be away from it all, finally be safe. God knows that he’s put his dad through enough stress with all the shit he and Scott pulled.

The guilt gnaws at his insides at night.

It seems like all this shit just keeps following him around. Not that he’s complaining or anything, but it’d be nice if the monsters were a bit more considerate of Stiles’ upcoming exams.

So, all things considered, seeing his roommate, (Y/N), up at the ungodly hour of fuck-that-o'clock making pancakes naked in the kitchen is probably number 12 on the list of Weird Shit That Only Stiles Has To Deal With This Week. (Y/N)’s got her back to him and in the low light of morning, he can only just make out her soft curves and smooth skin.

“Um,” he says, sounding a like a fucking moron who can’t pull four words together to ask *‘what are you doing?’* Luckily for him, his roommate turns around and saves him the trouble.

And suddenly, this entire thing goes up a few spots on the Weird Shit That Only Stiles Has To Deal With This Week list because (Y/N)’s not naked. She’s got a scarf wrapped around her neck that only just covers her chest bits and a - ridiculously tiny, *oh good lord* - pair of black panties on that makes her ass look absolutely. In a second he realizes that the scarf is the one he asked his dad to send over last month.

And oh, *oh* doesn’t that just make whatever blood Stiles still has in his head go south. Because it’s *(Y/N)* and she’s got his scarf sitting atop her bare chest, the only thing shielding his eyes from the glorious view of her naked body.

He feels weirdly possessive.

Stiles very pointedly shoves those thoughts down along with any other inappropriate images that his mind tries to conjure up. It’s a failed attempt.

“Are those pancakes?” He eventually finds the mental capacity to ask, because now that his upstairs brain’s caught up with the situation, this doesn’t seem that odd compared to all the shit (Y/N)’s pulled in the past. The girl in question nods as Stiles continues to stand in the middle of the kitchen instead of getting the fuck out of there.

“They’re shaped like Mickey Mouseâ„¢,” She informs him and Stiles tries not to be jealous when she flips a pancake and it lands back in the pan, and not on the ceiling. “You want?”

“Pass.” He says, knowing full well that the Kanima blood was drying and if she noticed he’d have some explaining to do. He pointedly tells himself that he’s not running away to hide the tent that he’s now sporting in his jeans. “What are your wearing?” And then something else occurs to him. “Did you just say ‘™’?”

(Y/N) shrugs. “It’s laundry day.” She says lightly, her full attention turned to the pancakes now. “Gotta get it all done. Hope you don’t mind. I stole your scarf.”

Her saying it so casually makes Stiles fell scarily possessive, and his brain is already thinking of the best way to get out of this situation right now. “Keep it.” He says, and clears his throat because his voice is suddenly deep and raspy. “It looks better on you.”

(Y/N) looks at him, as if she knows all the filthy little thoughts running through his head, before putting the pan on a cold plate and walking over to him. It takes a great deal of effort for Stiles to maintain eye contact.

“Really?” She quirks a brow. Now, she’s standing right in front of him, so close that he can see the gorgeous tint of her eyes, can smell the remnants of perfume and vanilla extract on her skin. Stiles gulps. “Honestly Stiles. You put your dad through all the trouble of sending it over only to give it to your roommate so carelessly?”

He should look away. He wants to, because he knows (Y/N), knows that she doesn’t do relationships and loves to play games and, if her screams at night are anything to go by, loves to fuck hard and wild until she can’t walk properly the next day. He should walk the fuck away because he knows that if he does, (Y/N) won’t try it again.

But right now, all he wants to do is fuck her senseless, preferably tied to the bed with that damned scarf.

“Umm,” is what he stupidly replies with instead. (Y/N) raises a brow, but Stiles can’t worry about that because she’s got *hands* and suddenly those hands are being placed delicately on Stiles’ shoulders so that her thumb grazes gently over the dip of his collar bone.

He stares at her for a moment, and Stiles quickly realized he could do it forever. She’s so beautiful, she doesn’t even know it. The set of her bright eyes, the smell of her body, that shade of her skin that Stiles could spend years looking for but never actually match, the way her nose fits perfectly onto her face, the arch of her brows and swell of her lips; it drives him mad.

But then those gorgeous eyes are filling with surprise and she’s laughing slightly when she asks him: “Why is your shirt wet?” Suddenly, Stiles is reminded of the reason he’d come back late in the first place, of the blood and gore and *danger* that seems to come along with his life, and he can’t help this primal instinct within him that begs Stiles to *protect* and *fortify* and he knows it. Stiles knows he just can’t.

Even if it was just for one night, he can’t drag her into the hell hole that is his life.

“I need a shower.” He says and pulls away and it takes everything inside of him to ignore the hurt look on her face as he does.

He practically runs to the bathroom, not even bothering to strip down before he stands under the harsh spray. The water’s freezing cold and it turns his face red, but Stiles knows that blood washes off better this way (he also acknowledges that it’s a fucked up thing to know) and honestly, he needs it.

It takes a full five minutes under the freezing spray before Stiles actually strips down. He piles his dirty clothes in the corner and knows that those jeans are probably ruined. As he turns the heat up, Stiles closes his eyes, enjoying the way the water feels cascading down his sore and taut muscles.

And for a moment, just a moment, he allows himself to picture what it would feel like to have (Y/N) in there with him.

It’s wrong, he knows it is, but Stiles can’t stop the thoughts from entering his mind. She’d come in after him, the thinks. Probably when he was just about to step out. He can imagine the way she would look through the frosted glass, the way he would see her delicate hands pull the clothes off her body. He imagines her, finally pulling the shower door open and standing before him, as bare as the day she was born.

Stiles reaches bewteen his legs and strokes his length swiftly, unsuprised to find that he’s already hard. He goes back to the images he’s created in his head. Pictures the way (Y/N) would smirk at the flustered and confused look on his face, and - no.

In his head, this isn’t the first time they’re doing this. In his head, she walks forward with a smile, the genuine kind she gives when she’s high or when Stiles tells a dumb joke. She wouldn’t even wait for him, she’d just step forward, wrapping her arms around his shoulders - Stiles pictures the way she had done it moments before - and joining him under the warm water.

He pictures the way the water starts to wet her hair and face, pictures the droplets running down her body. He squeezes himself at the base. He imagines the way her soft skin would feel under his touch, hears her soft gasps and quiet moans as he dips a hand between her legs. Stiles strokes his dick faster, picturing the look of ecstasy on her face when he slides his fingers into her wet opening. His hand’s moving fast now as he imagines pulling away and silencing her moan of disapproval with a kiss as he slides his length into her cunt.

Stiles gasps slightly as he pictures how she would feel around his dick. He hears her moaning gasps as he slides into her, presses love bites to her neck and breasts and she pants and screams and finally, *finally* Stiles is the one making her do so instead of all those guys she brings home. He feels the way her legs would tremble and her body shake as he reaches between them to press a thumb to her clit, he pictures the way she could clench around him as she comes, gripping onto his shoulders and moaning into his ear and -

Stiles almost let’s his shout slip as he comes in his hand.

It takes him a long while to gather himself. He takes deep breaths and tries to fight away the guilt at what he just did. (Y/N)’s his friend and he’s an ass for thinking about her like that, but goddamn* the way she looked and spoke and laughed - it all made Stiles’ head spin.

It is with a belated sense of worry that he realised he’s fallen for her.

The other man ~ Part eight

Originally posted by gd-mah-luv

Gif not mine

A/N ~ I’m releasing this early because the thank you I had planned for 600 followers isn’t ready yet. Enjoy the angst.

Theme ~ Cheating/Infidelity/Love triangle

Pairing ~ Choi Seung hyun x Reader x Kwon Jiyong

Rated ~ Angst/smut/fluff

Warnings ~ Language, lots and lots of language

Series masterlist

“But I don’t want you to go” Seung hyun told you as he grabbed your arm and stopped you from packing, you turned to face him, cupping his face as you gazed in his eyes.

“I have to go, besides it’s only for one night, I will be back tomorrow” you said softly as you stroked his face with your thumb.

“Can’t I at least come with you?” he asked with a furrowed brow, you let out a light sigh at his unwillingness to let you go.

It had been two weeks since your fight with Seung hyun and he had become more clingy then ever, it was beginning to drive you crazy. He barely let you out of his sight, all he did was go to record with the guys and then come straight home, making sure to be beside you at all times and looking over your shoulder every time you were on your phone. You loved him but you needed your space, his constant watching of you was beginning to spark feelings of resentment towards him and drive you closer to the want of the other man in your life but it seemed he no longer wanted anything to do with you. When Seung hyun finally left you to go record you sent Jiyong a message apologising for not meeting up with him but he never replied and you had to admit it made you mad, really mad. So when you got the call to do a photo shoot for an interview you jumped at the chance, being away from everything that was going on brought a feeling of relief, even if it was just one night.

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Imagine #15 Peter Maximoff (Request)

Requested by @fragcc: Could you make an Imagine of Peter getting sad when he realizes that you don’t like it when he frightens you with pranks? Please? XD

Originally posted by imaginecabin

Not my gif

Words: 1735

Warnings: fem!reader, typos, mild angst?, swears

A/N: You know that feeling, when you think you’re gonna write like 500 words to a prompt and it turns out to be almost 2000? I think I have a problem. Also I just reached 700 followers, which is AMAZING THANK YOU SO MUCH, but also mildly disturbing tbh :D Nvm, I hope you enjoy reading this! xoxo

Somehow, you managed to be terrified and not at all surprised at the same time, when you snuck out your dorm, trying to be as silent as possible, and suddenly felt a familiar hand on your shoulder.

“Fucking hell, Peter!”, you whispered aggressively and turned around to give him a glare. “What’re you up to?”, he asked with a grin, strategically ignoring your death stare.

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monsta x as fuckboys

fuckboy!mx headcanons. (i’m sorry for this)


  • the mentor.
  • he’s good looking and really smooth but he doesn’t like to use that for his own benefit(?), if that makes sense
  • so he usually teaches his friends how to approach women without disrespecting them
  • and he’s very good at that!!
  • every girl has a crush on him, but he’s so naive about it and it’s really frustrating to everyone
  • always says: “i just thought she was being friendly” 
  • everybody is frustrated thanks to him, yikes!
  • of course he’s not like this all the time, though
  • goes to parties to 1. show off his dance moves 2. try out new flirty approaches with wonho and 3. take care of everyone mostly minhyuk
  • not really smooth after one night stands
  • he doesn’t really know what to do
  • “… .. so… :) … when are you leaving? … :)”


  • the classic.
  • he really likes the chase. when someone gives him a hard time is when he feels the most interested
  • “you must be tired, because you’ve been running around in my head all day”, “you’re so pretty that my visuals are personally attacked”“let’s eat ramen tonight :)” and other cheesy pick up lines 
  • he is shownu’s guinea pig
  • “hyung, do you have any new ideas? i tried the ramen one but it didn’t work D:” “actually- i do. this one will definitely work.”
  • every text he sends is followed by the infamous ;), even if he’s not flirting
  • does not limit himself to girls only
  • actually… .. …. 
  • he’s very open about his sex life
  • ….. ……. 
  • especially after the minhyuk “incident”
  • …… .…….
  • enOugH


  • the party animal.
  • like, seriously? yeah.
  • he’s not even a fuckboy
  • minhyuk is just that guy who’s friends with everyone
  • and gets invited to *many* parties
  • but he’s very careful about what he does - at least while he’s sober - because he has a reputation to uphold
  • but everyone knows him
  • it’s not even midnight yet but he’s already in the middle of the dance floor “beatboxing” to skrillex or whatever’s playing and everyone’s a bit ???? 
  • but it’s minhyuk so they were already expecting something like that 
  • the type to say “i’m cool, bro :D” even if he’s passing out
  • constantly wakes up in unusual, unknown places
  • he’s not really proud of that
  • i can totally see him gathering all the members together and slurring something like “i’m so thankful for my friends!!! but i miss ted”
  • “who’s ted?”
  • “my doG???? you don’t know- oh my god- i thought we were FRIEnds! you don’t even know my dog’s name…” *sobs*


  • the tsundere.
  • don’t even fight me on this
  • like minhyuk, he’s not an actual fuckboy
  • but he really sucks at expressing his feelings properly
  • and when kihyun finally realises he has a crush on someone, he is devastated.
  • he wants to go to hyunwoo for advice but he’s really reluctant about it because he knows he will be teased for the rest of his life
  • tries to keep his cool but everyone knows he’s almost dying
  • and he didn’t even said hi yet.
  • it takes him a few weeks to admit that he’s liking someone
  • and a few days to admit that he needs hyunwoo’s help
  • but he ends up caving in
  • a bit of an asshole to the ones he loves but that’s just because he really sucks at expressing himself
  • it’s not like i care about you or anything, but- here. my jacket.


  • the husband.
  • he’s really like a middle-aged married man
  • i don’t mean this in a bad way, though; he just has some trust issues because he thinks people are only interested in his looks so he’d rather push them away because he wants something serious, someone who sees underneath the surface
  • so he’s not really open to be in a serious relationship
  • but he’s in his 20s, c’mon
  • he wants to have some fun
  • so he trusted one of his best friends to become his fuck buddy
  • and that was probably the best thing he’s ever done
  • they really live a nice life - calling each other almost every day to eat ramen ;) and actually eat ramen
  • he tries not to catch feelings but it’s hard because he’s getting used to that type of life and he really does not want to let go
  • so hyungwon basically retired of his fuckboy life before it even started


  • the low-profile.
  • no one ever knows what jooheon is up to, honestly
  • he’s very cautious - even when he’s drunk, unlike one of his hyungs, ahem - about what he does
  • it’s not like he has a “reputation” to uphold, but he just doesn’t like to be seen as a fuckboy, even if he is.
  • so, on a scale of attachment from shownu to kihyun, he’s on hyungwon’s level
  • has trust issues but is willing to try it for someone who he really cares about, even if it’s just a one night stand
  • also likes the chase but never as much as wonho
  • not the type to constantly have someone with him, he’d rather be focused on what he’s passionate about
  • *refuses* to use aegyo for “inappropriate reasons”


  • the contrarian.
  • changkyun does not like being labeled as a fuckboy or compared with his hyungs because he’s different
  • and he really is, kind of?
  • i’m trying not to be biased but it’s hard
  • writes poems about his crushes/affairs
  • actually he’s really sentimental?
  • always sighing and talking about his 3 different crushes who are “the cutest thing, trust me, hyung”
  • he’s in love with the idea of truly liking someone, but he always thinks what he feels is real love and probably believes in soulmates
  • he ends up getting hurt quite often because of that
  • but someone’s always willing to help him get over it, if you know what i mean keke
  • probably the type to drunk call his crush and confess his feelings lol
  • three days liking someone and: “princess, i love you. and it hurts.”
  • ouch. *cringes*
Nights With You

You’ve been sad recently and no one can see it but Steve. He knows he can’t be with you but it doesn’t stop him from wanting to help. He just wants to spend the nights with you, with you, with you…

Based off the song Nights With You by MO


Warnings: fluff mostly, minor allusions to depression, struggling with guilt and a mention of intercourse (nothing graphic I just hint that it happens)

Word Count: 1433

Title: The Knitter

Note: This fic was written as a part of @whothehellisbella‘s writing challenge so I hope you all enjoy. It was my first time writing Steve so I hope I do him justice, it was certainly a blast to write. Thanks to @marvelgoateecollection for reading it over for me before I posted! Hope you all enjoy.

What the hell was he doing?

Steve stared at the image in the mirror in front of him as he ran his hand through his now blue hair. His now very blue hair. He thought it was a good idea at the store when he bought the fluro blue hair dye. A great idea in fact. He’d had his reservations, however, when he returned back to the tower but then he’d seen you.

You and that smile. The one you gave when you thought no one was paying attention to you. And you weren’t entirely wrong, the rest of the team couldn’t see through your façade.

Girl, you’re gorgeous

Even though you might not always feel like it, but you are

And you’re worth it

But Steve could. And it hurt him to see you like this. And so he dyed his hair.

I assure you I would dye my hair in crazy colour

Just to make you smile

Taking a deep breath Steve steadied himself before making his way to breakfast. Walking slowly Steve took a deep breath before opening the door to the dining room. Head down, Steve made himself a bowl of oatmeal, some habits die hard, pretending as though nothing had happened. For a brief moment everything went on as normal. It was almost peaceful. That was until Bucky choked on his bacon and Sam dropped his plate in shock sending shards of china across the tiled floors. Grinning from ear to ear, Steve patted his friends on the back until he could breathe again.

“The hell Stevie?” were the words he shouted once he’d gotten his breath back, “Blue?”

Steve just chuckled and shook his head. He’d never be able to explain to his friend why he felt the way he did about you. Besides, Bucky would just give him hell if he did. The commotion however had drawn most of the team into the kitchen and so Tony, Rhodey, Clint and a few others were standing in the doorway gaping at Steve and his hair. Behind them all Peter was jumping up and down trying to see over everyone’s heads but Steve was paying him no mind. All that he could see was you. You and your brilliant smile. Your tremendous laugh and shining eyes.

And in that moment Steve knew that dying his hair blue was the best decision he’d ever made.

That evening Steve found you out on one of the balconies, clearly deep in thought. Slipping outside quietly Steve joined you, his blue hair catching the light of the moon. Giggling you ran your fingers through his hair lightly, twisting it so it caught the light. Steve’s heart soared at the sound.

Taking a deep breath Steve uttered the words he’d been thinking all day, “we should do something tonight. Go out. Leave this damn tower. I feel like we’ve been cooped up in here for ages.”

“Steve,” you sighed sadly.

“No.” he said putting his hand up to silence you, “We’re going out tonight. I’ve got blue hair and your smile is fake. Leave your phone. Don’t worry about your boyfriend waking up alone, I’m sure he can handle one night without you. Come on. Two friends who just want to run away, even just for one night.”

Steve looked down at you with his puppy dog eyes and you felt yourself smile. His words did ring true.

Oh babe, I’ll take you out tonight

Throw away your phone

Don’t care about your boyfriend waking up alone

I’ll take you out tonight

Leave it all at home

Don’t care about your boyfriend waking up alone

“Alright.” You replied with a shrug of your shoulders. Taking your phone out of your pocket you held it up as you tuned and walked backwards into the tower smiling as you did so. With a laugh and a shake of his head Steve followed you and placed his phone on the table next to yours. After grabbing a jacket the two of you headed out into the dark night. Bar and clubs were not really your style and nor were they Steve’s so instead the two of you just wandered through the city.

I just wanna spend the nights with you

Do like your mother said not to do

“Steve,” you cautioned as he began climbing the fence that surrounded central park, “what are you doing. It’s 2am. The park is closed.”

“So?” Steve replied with a casual shrug of his shoulders, “I’m Captain America. What can they do about it?”

Once he’d reached the top of the fence he swung a leg over and leant down to you, holding out his hand. Sighing in defeat you took the hand offered to you and climbed the fence yourself.

Wandering the park at night was magical. You both thought it but for different reasons. You loved the way the moon caught the trees and the shadows cast shapes around you. You’d never been afraid of the dark and in fact found solace in it. Tonight was one of those nights. For Steve, the magic was you. To see you smile again to see you laugh and spin in the star light. You were beautiful. Steve had fallen hard.

I just wanna spend the nights with you

With you, with you, with you

“Thank you” you whispered into the star light, knowing Steve’s hearing could pick up your words.

Loose the tension

Even though the world is mad at you and you feel out of control

“It’s alright” he replied as he slung an arm around your waist, “I could tell you needed it. You sided with me in the accords and now you feel the world hates you for it. You feel out of control and you don’t know how to stop. You always carry heavy burdens even when they’re not yours to bear. I know that’s how you feel because I feel the same way. We’re alike you and I, I just want to help.”

“You’re the only one who can see through me, Stevie, you always have been.” You replied with a genuine smile turning to face him. “Thank you.”

Smiling, Steve didn’t need to reply. He lightly cupped your face and ran his thumb over your cheek. He wanted to kiss you but he couldn’t. You weren’t his. But for one night he could pretend you were. Stepping away Steve looked up through the canopy towards the stars and shook his head in awe. Smiling you continued to walk on and spun around on the spot, raising your hands to the sky. You made his heart soar.

But you’re the best thing

When you let it all fly

Bang your head and put your hands up in the air

The two of you spent the whole night together talking and wandering. Laughing and Singing. Dancing and dreaming. You sat by the lake and together watched the sun rise, the both of you without a care in the world.

It was then you realised how important to you Steve was. How well the two of you fit together. How you wanted to do this again.

I just wanna spend the night with you

When you returned to the tower that day you broke things off with your long term boyfriend. He never made you feel the way Steve did in that one night in your whole time together. It was a peaceful break up, the spark between the two of you had died out a long time ago.

A week later you shared your first kiss with Steve. He’d taken you back to the park and held you close under the stars, his blue hair already fading due to the super soldier serum running through him.

A month after that you spent your first night together, once again under the stars. Steve had brought along a picnic and several blankets, setting the two of you up beside the lake. Under the full moon the two of you spent the night in the throes of passion, getting to know each other intimately.

A year down the track Steve proposed to you. He got down on one knee amongst trees strung with fairy lights and when you said yes he picked you up and spun you around. The team emerged from the tress giving you their congratulations.

Steve never saw your fake smile again for there was no need for it.

It was a magical night.

The nights you spent with Steve always were.

I just wanna spend the nights with you

With you, with you, with you

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Please? Part Eight

This takes place around season 2, episode 5 when Daryl is taken down by his own arrow. He’s rushed to Hershel, needing help taking the arrow out of his side, but you aren’t able to see Daryl in this shape. Not until he calls for you, begging you to stay by his side.

  1. Please?
  2. Please?
  3. Please?
  4. Please?
  5. Please?
  6. Please?
  7. Please?
  • Daryl Dixon x Reader
  • 1464 words
  • Warnings: Language

That night Daryl pulled you into his tent so he could hold you close. He needed you after that just as much you needed him. It was an unspoken need that you two understood and accepted, even if it was just for one night.

The next day, Dale was buried. Rick spoke long and true words, causing the things around you to change. You feel it. Everyone stands a little different, talks a little different, looks a little different. It’s an eye opener, giving you all the sense that you do not need to play around much longer. It’s time to grow up.

Daryl has his arm around you as the two of you walk up to the group. Tents are being torn down and Hershel is standing around with Rick, Glenn, Maggie, and Shane. Hershel mentioned your group moving in just before you all buried Dale, though Daryl had a few things to say about that.

Shane was losing it, quickly. You never liked him, nor did you agree with anything he ever said. It’s the way he looks at you like you are a piece of meat. Now there is a dead look to his eye, an unhealthy stare.

Daryl let’s go of you the second everyone sees you walk up. You take it as a hint to help Carol take down her tent and carry her bags over to the house. T-Dog appears beside you, taking the heavy ones from you and giving you a friendly smile before taking off to the house.

They all view you as this fragile little doll. They don’t think you can lift anything half your weight or do anything that may need you to think fast. It never hit you before now, but even Daryl thinks the same way.

You head over to Andrea and wave at her to get her attention. “Can I take those?” You motion for the guns she has in her hands, ready to relocate them into the farm house.

She shakes her head. “I got it. Go see how Beth’s doing.”

Send you to the lonely girl, that’s what you should have expected. Now that everyone is working twice as hard, Beth needs someone to watch over her. Of course it would be the one who can’t seem to carry her own.

Daryl was nowhere to be seen. You ask around, looking for where he may have gone. Rick says he’s fixing up the roof of Randell’s barn, making sure no one sneaks inside again. You figure that’s a good place to start.

You find him on top of the building, though you don’t see a ladder or how he could have gotten up there.

“Hey!” You call, waving your arm about to grab his attention.

Daryl looks over at you and spits a nail out of his mouth. “Thought ya were watchin’ the little girl?” He picks up the hammer and places a nail on the board he’s holding.

“Heard you might want some help.” You smile. “What can I do?”

Daryl shakes his head and points the hammer toward the house. “Naw. I got this, you jus’ go help out Maggie.”

“Daryl,” you laugh and cross your arms. “Help me up, I’ll hand you nails or—“

“No.” Daryl looks at you. “Don’t wan’ ya hurt.” He goes back to hammering the board.

“Beth is helping Jimmy fix the house, make sure it will be safe so we can all sleep at night. And I’m told I can’t help you hammer a few nails? I can’t carry my own shit into the house? Oh, and there’s Rick, telling me I can’t help you guys kill those monsters.” You feel yourself tearing up, but you don’t allow them to fall.

Daryl stops. He doesn’t look at you as he sets the hammer and board down. He clears his throat and says, “You ain’t never shot a gun.” He looks over at you, his eyes squinting from the sun.

“Teach me.” You shrug like it was simple.


You and Beth sit on the steps to the house. Jimmy and Carl are trying to fix the door, keep it from making a noise every time it opens and closes. She’s painting your nails, trying to be as much as kids as possible to keep her happy. She needs the normalcy.

Daryl walks over to you, leaning on the railing to look at you. You try to ignore him, to keep talking to Beth, but he isn’t getting the hint.

“’Bout to head out.” He says, looking down at you with his hand on his hip. “You gonna give me the silent treatment now?”

Beth glances up at Daryl and back at you. She continues painting the last nail, your pinky. “There.” She smiles and looks up at you with hopeful eyes. She wants to do a good job, wants to be praised.

You inspect your hand playfully then nudge her knee with yours. “Perfect.” You smile.

She throws her arms around you and hops up, hurrying inside to grab her own bottle of nail polish. You promised her you would pain her nails if she painted yours.

“Y/N…” Daryl mumbles.

“Go.” You look up at Daryl. “I’ll see you when you get back.”

“Gonna give me a hug or somethin’?” He raises his right eyebrow at you.

“Nope.” You tuck your legs under you and smile up at him. “Might hurt myself.”

Daryl opens his mouth but T-Dog comes rushing around the corner. His face is panicked and his head is gleaming with sweat.

“He’s gone!”

Daryl takes his crossbow and loads it in a second, turning around and running off with the others.

Jimmy and Carl rush over, too, but Lori grabs Carl by the arm and holds him back. “Not this time, no.” She instructs him to get back in the house and walks over with Maggie and Glenn.

“What’s going on?” Beth asks, watching Carl walk by her and slam the fixed door.

“The kid? He escaped, I guess.” You stand up and watch, worried about Daryl and the others. You can’t shake the fact you see everyone but Shane gather around out there.

Most of them ran around, looking for any signs of the boy. You didn’t gather too much, trying to keep Beth away from the drama. You want to make sure she’s safe, to keep Hershel happy. He rushes you in, telling you to keep Beth in her room and shut her blinds.

Not liking this arrangement, you agree anyway. Someone has to, what with the kid missing, and armed, from what Carol tells you. She was still outside when Shane came up, telling them some lie that the kid broke free and hit him down. You didn’t believe it. That kid was too small to hurt someone like Shane and get away with it.

By the sounds of it, Daryl didn’t believe the story either. He went with Glenn, Rick, and Shane to the woods to look for him. The others came in to have a rest, unwind, settle into your new spots. It’s a little crowed, but you knew it would be.

For the time being, you keep in Beth’s room, talking with her and Jimmy. They tell you all about growing up together, the typical country love story you never had.

But a part of you can’t stop thinking about Daryl being in those woods with Shane….

How Soon Is Now?

Spencer Reid

I am the son
And the heir
Of a shyness that is criminally vulgar

Almost every time Spencer went out socialising with the team after work he’d leave feeling miserable. He’d spend the evening watching Morgan hitting on girls, listening to Rossi using his charm on woman, and seeing guys literally falling at Emily and Penelope’s feet as they danced and faux flirted together.

I am the son and heir
Of nothing in particular

But Spencer, Spencer would stand off to one side nursing his drink and looking down at his feet whenever a pretty girl would walk by him. Some would try to smile at him, sensing his shyness, some even feeling sorry for him. Others would giggle at his awkwardness as he’d step aside to let them pass, more often than not sloshing his drink onto the ground as he did.

Most girls though, most girls just ignored him.

The rest of the team found his shyness, his social anxieties, amusing. They’d laugh and joke when he’d stumble over his words on the odd occasion he did try to engage a stranger in a conversation. Derek would thump him on the back, telling him he wasn’t doing it right. He’d get Reid a manual, he’d quip. Flirting for Dummies, or something.

You shut your mouth
How can you say
I go about things the wrong way?

They didn’t understand. They thought that his genius and intelligence was enough to satisfy him. That somehow, because he was smart and spent the best part of his free time reading, that he didn’t crave the same love and affection that others did.

But he did. Oh god how he did.

I am human and I need to be loved
Just like everybody else does

Tonight was no exception to the rule. Sat at the small table the team had commandeered, he was left guarding the coats and bags of the others as they socialised and mingled, the girls dancing on the wooden dance floor that was already sticky with spilled beer. Hotch had left an hour ago needing to get home for the babysitter, leaving Spencer to his own thoughts. His own crippling thoughts and social anxieties.

He’d tried to make his excuses to leave as well, his reasons being pushed aside by Derek.

“Stay Kid, stay. See that girl across the room? She’s been watching you all night. Play your cards right and you could be in luck for once.”

Derek had pointed out a pretty brunette, also sat alone surrounded by bags, coats and half empty cocktail glasses. She was looking down at the table, her fingers moving swiftly. Playing on her phone; Spencer assumed. She glanced up for a second, her eyes meeting Reid’s for a moment. She flashed the hint of a smile before looking away hurriedly, averting her attention back to her phone.

There’s a club if you’d like to go
You could meet somebody who really loves you

So Spencer had stayed, not even necessarily because the girl had smiled at him. But because staying was easier than trying to explain to Derek how unbelievably worthless and unwanted he felt when he was in a room full of people who knew how to fluently speak the language of attraction. One of the few languages Reid was sure his brain would never master.

So you go and you stand on your own
And you leave on your own
And you go home and you cry
And you want to die

He knew though that the night would end the same as all of the others had. Him eventually leaving, slipping out when the others were distracted enough not to care that he’d left. He’d go back to his empty apartment and stare at his degrees, framed on his living room walls. He’d been blessed with an IQ of 187, an eidetic memory and the ability to absorb large amounts of text by barely glancing at it. That all seemed to have come at price though, and that price was obviously finding happiness in the arms of someone else. Someone to share his life with, someone to grow old with.

His mom was the only person who ever sensed his unhappiness, telling him that he’d find someone, probably sooner than he thought. He was her handsome and intelligent boy, in her eyes any woman was foolish to NOT want to date him.

When you say it’s gonna happen “now”
Well when exactly do you mean?
See I’ve already waited too long
And all my hope is gone

Right now though, he didn’t even want a date.

Just one night of experiencing a connection with someone, any physical intimacy to make him feel like he wasn’t a leper.

Hell he’d even settle for just a conversation with an unfamiliar female, one that didn’t end in them walking away feeling like they’d wasted five minutes of their lives listening to him ramble.

You shut your mouth
How can you say
I go about things the wrong way?

But it wasn’t going to happen. Not tonight. Spencer sighed and finished his drink, scanning around the bar and seeing his friends all suitably distracted. Slipping on his duffel coat and looping his messenger bag over his shoulder, he made his way to the exit of the bar, leaving.

I am human and I need to be loved
Just like everybody else does

Forbidden pt.3

Thank you everyone who is supporting the series, your kind words truly mean a lot to me <3


Part 1~ Part 2~ Part 4~

Originally posted by dreamyoongi

That day staying in Yoongi’s arms was blissful. You didn’t know he would be the one to make you feel this way, he made you laugh to the point you had to ask him to stop your belly was aching. The best kind of laugh. The day was spent getting soft kisses all over, laughing and sleeping. You were so happy that you went to the party, because it was a priceless day. Where you just a one night stand to Yoongi though? You were the first girl, person to be in his room. That had to stand for something, right? What did it mean? You didn’t want to read to much into it and end up being hurt and along. Would he talk to you in school?

Yoongi took you home on his motorcycle, zooming through the streets with your arms cling to around Yoongi. He pulls up outside your house, you try to move fast for your parents not to look out the window and see. You swiftly get off the bike, taking off Yoongi’s leather jacket and the helmet handing them to him. You turn to leave, but Yoongi grabs a hold of your wrist spinning you around and kissing you. You instantly melt into the kiss, running your hands through his hair, as his hands travel south to grab your ass.

“Bye, baby.” Yoongi smirks against your lips.

“”Bye.” You smile and turn around to run inside, Yoongi laps your ass before you get to far. Once your inside you peep out the window at Yoongi whom is speeding away on is Motorcycle. You turn around to come face to face with your dad. You try to come up with something fast. Well its not like you could tell the truth. He was a sexy beast that fucked you into oblivion last night, and you really liked him because he was cool and real. He didn’t care other people saw him, he only valued his own opinion.

“Who was that?” He questions, annoyance laced in his voice.

“A friend.” You simply answer.

“Y/N, I don’t want you hanging around with a boy like that, hes not good enough  for you. Why don’t you go out with James? Hes such a lovely boy.” If only your father knew that James didn’t want what was under your dress, more like what was in Yoongi’s pants.

“Hes actually a really good guy an-” Your father cuts you off.

“I wont hear another word, Y/N. You are not to see that boy again, Understand?” You don’t even answer, what was the point arguing? He was only going to see the outside bad boy vibe Yoongi had, but he was so much more then what people let on.

The next few days is radio silence, not a text or a peep from Yoongi. As you suspected though, you knew he was like this. But couldn’t help yourself having a taste, even if it was just for one night. Walking into school you thought if Yoongi, would he be in today, would he say anything even if he was? Yoongi is put on hold while you attend your classes, its not till English that you see him, your last class. He looked at you and smirked. What did that mean? Was he just being polite? 

You quickly took your usual sit near the front and listened to your teacher drown on about his views on Wes Magees poems. His thoughts were wrong. The bell rang and you were so happy school was finally, getting to go home and eat proper food. You head straight for your locker, pulling out your jacket and slipping it on. You close your locker and jump in surprise. Yoongi is leaning against the locker beside yours, you put your hand over your chest to steady your breathing.

“Fuck, you scared the shit out of me! You have to stop doing that, seriously.” You punch his arm, he chcukles and puts his arm around your shoulder. Your freeze. “You know my dad thinks, well forbid me from seeing you.” You look up at him, he raises his eyebrow.

“And what do you think?” He curiously asks.

“I think that I don’t care what they say, they wont keep me from getting to know you.” You whisper, embarrassed by what you had just said. He probably think your crazy, you just met. But you can’t help how he makes you feel.

“Is my girl turning into a bad ass now?” Did Min Yoongi just say my girl, you dying? You cant help the huge grin that comes across your face. “Oh, we’ll be like Romeo and Juliette. Your father hates me, yet you love me anyway.” You cringe at his statement.

“I didn’t know you were such a cheese ball, and who say I love you?”

“Maybe not right now, but you will.” Yoongi takes you out for food and then takes you home.You felt so light around Yoongi, he didn’t judge you for what you wore, or what music you listened to. He was interested in getting to know you. 

The next month was filled with amazing moments that you never wanted to forget. Yoongi stopped fucking anything that moved and stayed faithful to just you. Girls were so jealous of you, because you were Yoongi’s girl. And everyone knew that. You had managed to go on the down low with your relationship from your parents. But as the graduation came your worries became more frequent. Was Yoongi going to leave you soon.

You had just had your graduation party and was able to slip away without anyone noticing. You made your way to Yoongis, excited to see him after the long day. Getting into bed and cuddling, kissing and talking. It had only been a few hours but you missed Yoongi deeply. You unlocked his front door with the key that was under the mat, Yoongi told you to never wait to just come in. You placed the key back under the mat and made your way up to his bed room.

You open his room door to find it empty, everything Yoongi owned gone. There was just a piece of paper with your name on it on the floor. Your shaken, you pick it up and begin to read it.

Y/N my darling,

I know your going to be pissed that I left without saying a proper goodbye, but I couldn’t say those words to you. This isn’t goodbye, okay. Its not. I’m going to come back a man that deserves your love, and I will show you the world. I don’t expect you to wait for me, but please don’t forget how much I love you. You are the only person I ever loved and I stand by my word, I’ll be back for you.

I love you

How could Yoongi not know that you don’t care if he has a good job, or what your father says you loved him for him. He made you fall deeply in love with him without anything. Why couldn’t he see that love is priceless and he just broke your heart. 

I know im a little shit, its so short. Message me if your want a part 4. If there is one it will have flash backs of your and Yoongis relationship and whether Yoongi will come back or not, who knows?

Feedback is always really appreciated, thank you all for reading. Please dont hate me. 

Have a good day!

-Admin Abe x

anonymous asked:

Hello, saw you are taking Daniels/Walter prompts and I had one I would really like to see. I did send this prompt to someone else taking them but they never replied. My idea was going with a happier ending, they end up on origae-6 (sans David, lol) and have been in the process of building the settlement and the colonists are awake now too. It's fairly obvious Daniels likes Walter but he sort of denies any feelings on his end because he's Walter. He wants her to be happy with another human.

Oh, hello! Also, yESSS, more Walter/Daniels shippers on deck! Good. They deserve to be happy, damnit.

I wrote something vaguely similar to your prompt on AO3 buuut…you’ve given me another idea. Hold on to your butts, kids, this one ended up longer than I thought it would. But hey I did promise that other anon some fluff SO 


“Ruskin,” Daniels repeated.

“Ruskin,” Walter affirmed. 


“You share several common interests.” 

She put a hand over her face and rubbed at her eyes. It had been a long day, and explaining the intricacies of human courtship was not on her list of things she wanted or needed to be doing at ten o’clock at night. “That’s not - Walter, that really isn’t -”

“I have also noted that he becomes visibly nervous in your presence, which is normally an indicator of attraction.” 

“No, he’s nervous because I was the captain and he has a whole complex about authority figures. I overheard him telling Hernandez that whenever I’m around he wants to crawl under a table and die.” She noticed the flash of distress on the synthetic’s face and clarified: “Humans often say they want to die when they’re embarrassed. It’s called overreacting. Which is what you’re doing right now.” 

A raised eyebrow. “I am sorry if I came across that way. I am just concerned for your wellbeing.” 

She felt her heart do a funny little flip in her chest and abruptly stomped on it. Daydreaming was for when the object of her affections was not actually in the room with her and she could blush all she liked without being asked if she was unwell. (He had even taken her temperature once, just to make sure). She’d had plenty of practise with Jacob, not deliberately playing hard to get but certainly making it a bit of a chore to ensure that her feelings were definitely not just a crush, but Walter was severely testing those limits. 

She liked him. She had been shocked at first, especially since he looked so similar to someone so…utterly alien to the very concept that was Walterness (kind, attentive, funny, whatever the opposite of genocidal was - benevolent? Yes. That was a good Walter word) but over the months had come to accept it in the same way she had accepted how empty the Covenant’s bridge had been without her friends, and that all that remained of her husband was a nail on a piece of string. 

And, if she wasn’t mistaken, she was fairly certain that Walter returned her affection on some level. He certainly seemed to have zeroed in on her, stopping by ‘for a chat’ at least once per day, and she had caught him staring at her several times for no reason she could adequately explain. (One time had been because she had spilt ketchup on her shirt, but the other times still counted). 

“I’m not going to the Valentine’s Day bonfire with Ruskin,” she said, realising she had been woolgathering in lieu of actually answering Walter’s not-a-question-but-was. “It’s my first one without…without Jacob, and I wouldn’t want to go with someone I asked just to not be on my own.” 

“Of course.” 

“If you were to ask me, I would say yes.” 

The gentle smile continued for a fraction of a second longer before faltering. “I’m sorry,” the synthetic said, tilting his head slightly to one side. “I don’t think I heard you correctly.” 

“You have amazing hearing,” said Daniels, “and you heard me just fine. If you want me to go with someone, then there’s no-one else on Origae-6 that I’d rather go with than you.” 

Walter nodded once, processing the information, then brightened. “I see. Platonic support at social events is very important.”

“No,” said Daniels, who reflected on the fact that she had been saying ‘no’ a lot recently, mostly to Walter - or Tennessee, who had created a moonshine still out of some debris from the Covenant and kept asking if she wanted to try some. “As my date.”

For the first time since she had met the synthetic, he avoided meeting her eyes. “That would be inappropriate.”

“If you don’t want to, then that’s fine. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to turn up with a relative stranger just because -”

She was surprised when he interrupted her. Walter was the epitome of polite and could spout several books on good manners, and she couldn’t remember ever hearing him talk over anyone else. He continued to not look at her as he spoke, and his words were soft. “It’s not a matter of not wanting to. It’s a matter of duty.” 

“Duty to…?”


She nodded. “I don’t understand.” 

He finally managed to drag his gaze back up to meet hers, and his face was heavy with emotion. “As your friend, I have a duty to you. To ensure your continued safety and personal happiness on Origae-6. To be clear…I would find attending the bonfire with you…” He struggled for the right word. “…Acceptable. But acceptable only to myself, and that would be selfish. I cannot be selfish. It would be doing a disservice to you.” 

She hesitated, then reached out one - barely shaking - hand and placed it against his upper arm. “Making me the happiest woman on the planet would be ‘doing me a disservice’?” 

“It would only be a temporary happiness. Maybe even for just one night.” He looked at her hand, then took it with one of his own and held it in front of her, his palm over hers. “I may look human, Daniels, and I may even feel human to you - but I am not. There’s no heartbeat under the tips of your fingers, and if you were to break my skin you’d find only hydraulic fluid underneath. You belong with your own kind. They’re the only ones who can truly give you what you need.” 

She frowned. If I ever meet the idiot at Weyland Industries who was in charge of the self-depreciation files in your head, I am going to hit them with a cargo lift. 

There were a million things she could say and more, but Walter was clever. He knew how to reason, how to argue with maddening calm, how to avoid uncomfortable topics and divert conversations with the practise finesse of one who believed they could never be a part of them.

So instead of pouring out her heart, she gave him a yes/no question. 

“Do you like me?” She asked.

He frowned. “Daniels -”

Do you like me?” 

Averted eyes. His hand closed around hers. “Yes.” 

“Then you can give me what I need.” 

She pulled on his hand so that he staggered forward - taken for once unawares, and she mentally congratulated herself for that - then pushed herself up on her toes and wrapped her arms around his neck. His own remained outstretched for a moment, frozen, then slowly curled around her, the stub of his left hand against the small of her back, the fingers of his right splayed between her shoulder blades. She could practically feel the confused look on his face as he pressed it, gingerly, against her hair. 

“Ruskin,” she muttered. “Fucking Ruskin. He likes opera, Walter. The shouty kind.” 

“All opera is the ‘shouty’ kind.” 

“Exactly.” She pulled back slightly so that she could look him in the face. “You have an awful taste in men.”

He gave her a wry smile. “Then it is beneficial that I make up for it with my excellent taste in women.” 

Ward Meachum

(Finally! I’ve written something for Ward. I intended for this to be a one fic kind of thing, but since I don’t have the time to write as much as I’d like, I decided on making it into multiple parts instead. So here’s part 1 of my little series. I’m looking forward to how this will come together. Lots of ideas floating about so who knows where I’ll go with this. Feedback would be greatly appreciated as always.)

Keep Me Grounded (Pt.1)

It was always Joy’s idea in trying to get Ward to do something non-work related. She could tell he was stressing out more than usual with this guy going around proclaiming to be Danny Rand and their soon to be expansion in China. To be honest, they both needed to have a little break from work. The only reason Ward agreed to this, is because he knew Joy would ask him again until he eventually said yes. When he said yes the first time she asked him, she was surprised.

“Oh. Alright then. I’ll make reservations at that new restaurant that just opened not too far from here.” She tells him.

Ward nods his head.

He’s already regretting his choice, but if it would make his sister happy to have some down time, he guesses it couldn’t hurt.

And besides they needed to get their minds off this Danny Rand character that’s been hanging around. As much as Joy wants to believe her childhood friend is alive, Ward knows it’s just some sicko playing a cruel joke.

“Our reservation is at 8.” She says heading out his office.

Keep reading

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Thank you for doing these requests!! You're a really good writer! Can I request Sebastian's reaction to his s/o cheating on him? I love me a good angst =u=


  • At first, he will be honestly surprised that you actually lowered your standards and may even take it as some kind of joke so you can expect him to laugh when he will learn about this fact, be it you telling him or being caught in the act. However, you shouldn’t take his amused behaviour as a sign of indulgence, au contraire, the happier his smile will appear, the more you should be afraid of the consequences of your little excess.
  • He wouldn’t hurt you, not physically. He may be a malevolent creature but living with humans for so many centuries taught him how to control his anger and strength, as well as how to deal with such unpleasant circumstances without bloodshed even though this will be the only thing on his mind after realizing that you truly preferred someone else, even if just for one night. It will take him a while, though, since it can be hard for him to understand that he lost.
  • When the whole fake amusement will disappear from his features and you will have an opportunity to be alone for a while, he will want to talk and ask why did you do that. Partly, he will be lead by sheer curiosity, longing to know what exactly caused you to do this, where did he commit a mistake and it will be something which he will repeat to himself over and over again, whenever wanting to justify to himself why did he even care. The other side of him will still be in denial, not really wanting to accept what has happened and this will be the main reason why he will be willing to forgive you if only asked to, thinking about this as some kind of human’s uncontrollable cravings and more of an accident than actual harm caused to him. Admitting that will most likely effect in him forgiving you, but not forgetting.
  • Expect the revenge sooner or later, though.
  • If you won’t want his forgiveness and would rather shrugg it off, his reaction will be way less kind. It won’t be easy for him to admit that you choose someone else to share a bed with, that you let another one touch your body, kiss you and whisper sweet words into your ears, it was all his job to do, just like you are his and his alone. He won’t bother talking to you if he won’t see even the slighest signs of regret and as cruel as it may be, he will simply leave you (or turn you into the street) but he won’t miss an oportunity to hurt your soul with words.
  • And Sebastian’s words can hurt like hell, especially since being in close relationship with a human allows him to learn about all their secrets, weak points and fears which he won’t hesitate to use against you in such situation. He will tell you things which are the most painful to hear, those aiming right into your insecurities and he will be frightfully good at it, not leaving a spot where your soul wouldn’t be bleeding. He will strip you to the core, open you with such an ease, you will be surprised that he knew so much about you, sometimes even wondering if you knew that all about yourself. His voice will be sharp and cutting through your heart like a knife, all of that spiced with a very delighted smile painted on his face.
  • Whether you will decide to repair your relationship or not, your short-term lover will die soon in an accident and depending on whether they knew about Sebastian’s existence and your unfaithfulness or not, they will have their hands cut off. The demon’s properties aren’t to be touched by any peasants but they unawareness of how great was thair mistake could make the demon show some mercy.