anyway since i got closure i am going to be leaving this blog. i need to find a new outlet. (aka a new blog). mutuals, i will send you my new url once i set it up. any of my followers, feel free to send me an ask (not IM) for my new url. even though i am going to be losing potentially 75% of my followers, he was right. so thank you everyone who has been with me and this blog for the last two years. and thank you even more, everyone who has been with me since 2013. i hope we can continue that mutualship.

this blog will stay up for my reference but the desktop site will not show any posts. goodbye everyone who doesnt want to follow my new blog. and i love you, everyone who stays with me. thank you, again.

im laughing so fucking hard. almost like a second into lance talking, shiro gets visibly so fucking done with him. he doesnt even finish “girl” before shiro gets angry eyebrows lmao 

we didnt know people like robin williams were depressed because of his career as a comedian until he committed suicide like yall need to stop acting like people struggling with stress/depression/anxiety etc. are gonna show MILLIONS of people this other part of them, it doesnt work like that all even if it were just family and friends or something you wont fucking know until the person chooses to tell you and even then they’re gonna continue living like an actual person

please imagine with me an ace attorney pyjama day at court

phoenix doesnt even own like proper pyjamas he just shows up in an old tshirt and boxers (and sandals with socks, of course)

the judge is in one of those old man nightshirt things and everyone is afraid to walk up the stairs behind him

edgeworth shows up in that pink silk geddup and everyone thinks him trying to seriously read documents while dressed like that is the funniest thing theyve ever seen. they aint seen nothing yet

franziska shows up in a nightgown with so many frills and bows you could stick a petticoat under it and have a decent lolita coord

athena and blackquill face off in a case presided over by judge junie. all three of them are wearing matching onesies

apollo feels kinda weird just wearing trackpants and no shirt to a court case and then klavier shows up

klavier sleeps in the nude

apollo goes home


-you would be his and everyone would know it

-hickies probably

-hand holding

-i dunno, i feel he would have a thing for kissing your hand

-holding your hand

-hell, he’d probably even paint and image of your hands

-just… hands?

-growling when people get too close to you

-him being super jealous when other people (specifically guys or his sister) get to hang out with you and he doesnt

- he just wants to be around you 24/7

-so much passion, i mean this is Klaus


-being known by everyone because he is completely in love with you

-he would pamper you

-because you’re queen

-his queen

-so much jewelry, or flowers

-surprise presents 

-neck kisses

-his siblings would love you

-you literally have an army to protect you

-he would show you the world! 

-slow dancing probably 


-playful-ness though, which makes his siblings gag because you two are too cute

-being in your own little world

-(hand marks)

-if he asked you to marry him (which he definitely eventually would) everyone would know and the wedding would be freaking HUGE (and Rebekah would plan the shit out of it)

-calming him down when he’s angry

-running your fingers through his hair (i dunno, he would love it)


gosh i could go on forever


goddammit mark

JR: members are always touching my butt 

MK: (it’s) soft and squishy!! 

JR: i’ll be standing still and and then suddenly behind me  

JR: * shows grabbing motion*

MK: me! thats me~

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:why did harry say he'd do niall? what exactly was going through his mind when liam read out the twitter question, asking what they'd do if they were a girl for a day? why was harrys first thought niall? most importantly, fucking niall? does that mean he thought about it before? or did harry just think doing someone would be a funny answer to the question? why did harry choose niall though? why was niall the first one harry had in mind while he thought of doing someone? why didnt he say liam, zayn or even louis? why does harry prefer niall over the other three? then again, was harry even serious about his answer? did he imagine doing niall as a girl for a second? or was it all just funny banter? why did harry add 'happy pride' then? doesnt that show that harry thought about doing niall as a boy? why did harry hint at the fact that he wasnt particularly talking about hetero sex? does harry actually want to have sex with niall? is it just harrys dream or did it actually happen once? or multiple times? also, why was niall so calm about what harry said? why wasnt he shocked or surprised? did he already know harry wanted to do him? why did niall raise his eyebrows and make a kissy face at harry? does that mean that niall wants to do harry too? was he trying to say that the feeling is mutual? why is narry real?

dustonmyscreen  asked:

the week after bitty gets settled into college coach spends a lot of time in the home office with the door shut. when suzanne asks, he says he's just watching tape to get ready for the upcoming season and he didn't want the noise bothering her. she doesn't call him on it, even after all of their home videos of bitty's figure skating competitions and hockey tournaments have migrated into coach's office

this is so pure i just

so suzanne calls bitty like every other day after he leaves and they talk for a really long time, just chatting about home and about hockey and about baking and all that jazz and yet. coach hasn’t called bitty yet and like sure bitty could call /him/ but…and its been a couple weeks and like. they’ve talked because suzanne will drag coach over to talk to bitty but its always kind of gruff and quiet bc we all know coach isnt the most open with his emotions

but then suzanne is just going around cleaning the house and she goes into his office to grab the trash and take it out and the computer is on and paused on one of eric’s figure skating videos from when he was like… 8 years old? Ish? and suzanne just kinda stands there and looks around a bit and all of the videos from bitty’s figure skating and hockey years are sitting on the desk (and like. its a TALL pile). and half of the videos are out of their case so suzanne just smiles and shuts the door and later that night when she calls bitty she casually mentions that coach misses him and bitty is kinda surprised but then suzanne tells bits to call coach.

so bitty calls coach the next day and coach is at work but he’s like. kinda surprised and awkward when bitty calls but there’s like. genuine warmth in his voice and they chat for like almost an hour and a half about how school is going and how the football team is and coach really wants to know if eric is enjoying himself and if the boys are treating him nice because he remembers that the football team wasn’t that nice to bitty (and believe me he put a fuckin stop to that the second he heard about it) and shes like. so relieved bc eric sounds so happy?? 

and like coach isn’t great with his emotions but at the end he’s just like. “i’m glad you’re happy, son.” and the ‘i miss you’ isn’t said but eric gets it anyway and he just smiles super big and is like “miss you too dad” and its just. so pure and good and coach loves his son a lot and suzanne just wants them to talk and realize that they care about each other a lot even if neither of them are good at expressing it.

The fact that niall tweeted the link to listen to drag me down on spotify and not itunes shows that he doesnt even give a fuck if we buy it he just wants people to listen to it and enjoy it as much as he does im so

Iron maiden
  • <p><b>BRUCE DICKINSON:</b> mentally 5 year old kid who drives a plane and catches his dick in the middle of show because well even he doesnt knows why<p/><b>STEVE HARRIS:</b> plays bass and sings but he actually yells and he never brushes his hair NEVER<p/><b>DAVE MURRAY:</b> potato who plays guitar<p/><b>ADRIAN SMITH:</b> he thinks hes still hot as when he was 20ish and he wears modern metal clothing and looks like dork with 'hot' face expression and thats basically it. Oh and he plays guitar and sings backing vocals<p/><b>JANICK GERS:</b> he is playing guitar and secretly betting with fender for how long until he crashes guitar because he is throwing it around in the riffs like a GODDAMN MANIAC YOU LOVE IT OR LOSE IT THATS IT<p/><b>NICKO MCBRAIN:</b> hes playing drums and being all extremly nice and funny like mr bean of iron maiden but with weird nose because he broke it few times<p/><b>EDDIE THE HEAD:</b> guy who lived through more things than anyone on this site ever<p/></p>
what about ladrien

There’s all this marichat but think of ladrien. Think of people kidnapping adrien for ransom from his dad. But ladybug sees them in the act and rescues him from the warehouse. And she holds him princess style as she’s thinking of how warm she is and how nice he smells and she’s trying to make conversation about how chat is being delinquent and adrien is a stuttery fumbling mess and as she returns him to his balcony he grabs her hand before she leaves and asks if she wants some tea or something while waiting for chat to finally show up (cause adrien knows he wont) and they talk a bit and learn they actually have a lot in common. And ladybug makes a point to stop by his room and one day she finds him crying cause his dad was an ass and she comforts him and hugs him and tells about how she feels pressured being ladybug as well. And he asks how her life is different from her civilian life and even tho she doesnt want to share she wants to get his mind off his dad and talks about she how she really enjoys her life even with a certain annoying mayors daughter bothering her. And one day chat asks her where she spends her time and she blushes and says its a secret, and under his mask he blushes too because wait ladybug is embarressed to visit him??? And ladybug one day sees chat entering adriens room and yells at him for being jealous of adrien, even though adrien is such a kind and caring and gentle person– And then chat’s kissing her, but there’s something familiar in the way he’s holding her hand, and then chat turns back into adrien– And dear god im gonna write a fic just watch me