Ok u guys joked me into watching kylo begging rey to strike him harder, but can we discuss the entirety of his extra lines in the game?
What he tells to Finn is all horrible.

He wants so much to enjoy himself harming finn is just pointing out even further the sadistic undertones he had within he fight in the movie.

He’s horrible.

The entire lightsaber bit is hilarious tho:

lego throws some real shade at TFA

What he tells to Rey is just:

uhm Kylo you’re the enemy here…..

It’s much more evident how much he’s trying to drag her to him and the darkside

And Rey’s immediate shutdown to all of Kylo’s offerings is great:

Rey shouts (and horrified No,s) more than one time after each of his offerings.

And of course the entire striking me down scene


ok typical darkside stuff

Kylo you’re a lil too excited about rey beating you up now


Ok it’s interesting to point out that, Kylo is really talkative. Finn and Rey barely said anything and in previous missions and such, characters did talk to each other and all and interacted but her its almost all Kylo talking except when Rey is shutting him down.

Say Freeze! - Peter Maximoff x Reader

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I can’t believe I had to rewrite this. Goddamit. Anyway, I tried. I swear I tried. @galacyan​, I did. But… No ;-; Err, enjoy the fluffiness, or not :’^)

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Tbh I find it quite amusing and ironic that people love Sebastian even though he is literally a sadistic demon who plays butler just to devour our Ciel,has taught OC stuff in a quite nasty manner,doesn’t give a fuck for OC’s safety most of the time as long as he can get a good laugh out of it without having OC die,would insult OC (to himself but still) lots of times when OC was just out of that month,persuaded Beast(and a nun in the anime) to f*ck her,and the list goes on and on,without having any justification most of the time and even if he had,people would understand.
BUT,suddenly real Ciel appears and he is already hated because he killed Agni(actually he just watched him getting killed) and came to the manor and that’s pretty much all.It’s his first appearance,he didn’t get to have his point across yet,but people are already hating him.
Like how is he trash if you don’t know anything about him at least?Considering this,I am pretty sure Sebastian would be 100 times more trash.
Yeah,come at me,I know Sebastian’s fangirls will try to defend him,I don’t give a f*ck.


Nekoma - Who is a Sadist, Masochist, both, or neither.

Kuroo - This shit faced cat is both. He has a strange love of pain play. Mostly when he’s the one who’s being hurt, but he loves biting and scratching his partners. He’s all about tying them up, or being tied up.n

Kenma - I don’t really picture him as either, but if I had to, I would say he’s a sadist. I don’t see him as someone who enjoys pain.

Yaku - SADIST. Even his seiyuu says he’s a sadist. He’s all about forcing his partners onto his knees and looking down on them. He also loves collars, and probably pulls hair a lot.

Lev - I doubt he even knows what Sadists and Masochists are, but he’d be so determined to please his partner during sex, that it wouldn’t really matter. He just wants them to feel good.

Inuoka - Really innocent, but is a lowkey Masochist. Would feel terrible about every hurting anybody, even if they asked for it.

Yuuki - why would you want to hurt this child? Why would he want to hurt you? That’s just wrong. He never did anything wrong to you. He just wants love and cuddles.

- - - -

Ye. So I’ll be doing Seijou’s soon. Damn, I picture them having a lot of Sadists.

Run:Part 1 (Ramsay x Reader)

(Gif credit to owner)

Fandom: Game of Thrones

Character: Ramsay Bolton

Word Count: 1,142

A/N -  Would you ever do one where the reader is running from Ramsay and he falls in love with her in captivity? Something like that anyway? Whoever wrote the Theon x Reader fic, I’ve got to say I enjoyed the read. :) 

I hope you enjoy it! <3

Your feet pounded on the wet dirt. One thought drills into your head and plays on repeat, ‘Run’. It should’ve been quiet in the forest outside of the Dreadfort, but it was filled with the shouts of men and the dying screams of the victims. 

There had recently been a raid up where you lived in the North, Bolton men had dragged people away from their families, despite their pleas to stay with them. You'd been pulled from your mother and father and had been dragged over to a cart, that was when you saw him. His cold, blue eyes found your face and he watched with what appeared to be amusement. “Put her on this one” he said pointing to another cart behind him. You heard the man answer, “Yes Lord Bolton” and you were slung into the cart with a few other women and men.

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gen-syz  asked:

I'm so interested in your OC's! they look pretty cool (I'm already making up their backhistory in my mind haha)I would love to know more about them(?) :3

Thank you!:з
I’ve changed their story many times and it still sounds very boring, i have kinda general view of story but haven’t story line D:
There is something of it: People live underground in a big modern city/country (surface of the earth is infected or something like that idk), there is some people that can’t live in the traditional society because of some.. mental abnormalities(??!?!?) and they live in special sector. Lauren and Len have rooms in this sector. Len met Lauren there. Lauren is very quiet guy but he allways wants to kill himself.. heh. And Len allways blows up, he is kinda prone to violence and when he found out that Lauren doesn’t value his life he started to beat  Lauren every time he try to suicide….yeah…… But even if Len is sadist he try to keep an eye on Lauren cause Lauren don’t take care of  himself. SOUNDS LIKE SHIT and sadomasochism LOL, I’m an idiot
I invent characters better than stories D:

and i found my old artwork

anonymous asked:

I have a headcanon that the Medic, while secure in his medical abilities, is actually sometimes really insecure about his looks and himself. He thinks he's old and unappealing. That's why he somewhat interested in people who build him up. Not just compliment him but assure him that he's smart and talented.

I bet Medic is actually really lacking in the confidence department when it comes to most things, and so when he discovered that he was so good at medicine, if even a little sadistic, he was thrilled, because wow, something he actually felt confident in. But then, he got shipped off to the Gravel Wars, where the men are the epitomes of class, strength, and intelligence, and he starts feeling bad about himself again. But then he meets Engineer, who’s always complimenting how smart he is and his designs for his mediguns and stuff, and then there’s Heavy who’s always talking about generally awesome and skilled Medic is, and Spy is the first person who doesn’t even do a double take when he learns just how actually violent Medic actually is and commends his ability to stay sharp and focused on the battlefield, and Medic just slowly starts realizing that maybe he’s not so bad after all. 

watched: Frozen

Since there have already been many discussions about this movie I’ve rated this movie based on JUST what I’ve seen. Nothing else. 

I cleared my mind, sat down and watched the film so I can judge the movie just based on what it showed. I even took notes dude.

✰ ★★★+ ½ ★ (3.5 out of 5) -spoiler-

Good points: Beautiful snow patterns, dress designs, color palettes for props in each scene, and building decor. The design of the props looks really sexy . And as expected from Disney, lots of cute moments that make you feel fuzzy. Frozen gets brownie points for going for a sisterly love instead of prince&princess love. They even brought in a different type of ‘prince’ instead of generic pretty boy prince as a lover for Anna. That’s a pretty big move for Disney. I love how Anna chose to save her sister and not her own life. That was very very brave of her and I fully support children showing love to their siblings. 

Nice exaggeration of gestures in terms of animation. Composition of scenes is nicely done. 

Not so impressive points: Uninteresting character design, another white princesses (at this point we have enough of them), inconsistent character development, the story feels rushed (in some parts lacking logical sense), songs don’t move the story forward and instead mainly work as unnecessary ‘fillers’ and take time away from further story/character development. Most importantly,

I’ve got way too many unanswered questions, such as:

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Beware The Darkness In Hearts. (NSFW Grimdark AU RP) (Closed RP with ask-Jump-Kick)

The forest was unusually dark this early in the evening, but it was the perfect environment for Bryan Traveler. He uses the darkness as camouflage to take down his victims. He would attack and kill them, then drag their bodies to his cabin, where he then feast on their flesh.

But this night, he was feeling even more sadistic. He would keep his next victim alive, and do horrible things to them. But he wouldn’t kill them, oh no. He would make them feel pain and suffering beyond imagining. 

He waits in the trees, watching and waiting for his next victim. He couldn’t help but drool, thinking about what he would do to them. 

kahleniel  asked:

L, E, V, I for Eren and E, R, E, N for Levi. :D


L = Location 

Their bed. Eren loves to have sex everywhere and anywhere, including out in public. But he’s quite possessive and monopolises a lot of Levi’s time so they can just be in bed together for hours. Eren loves hanging out with Levi like that, it’s their space and theirs alone so he likes to steal Levi away in there for sex too.

E = Experience 

Before Levi? Pretty experienced. Now? You’d struggle to name something he hasn’t at least tried out.

V = Volume (I did this one for Eren already but I’ll paste it here anyway)

Loud. Not just with the sex noises but because he likes to talk during sex. He’s a big fan of dirty talking Levi into a blushing mess.

I = Intimacy 

Eren is somewhere in between when it comes to intimacy. Part of it depends on Levi and the mood, part of it depends on what they’re doing at the time. But he’ll come up with creative ways to romance Levi both in and out of the bedroom all the time.


E = Experience 

Before Eren he was physically quite experienced, simply because he’s older. But he had less experience with emotionally intimate sex. So even though he was already experienced when they first got together, he was a bit of a blushing virgin whenever Eren would make love to him.

R = Risk

You can’t date Eren Jaeger without taking risks. Not that he was reluctant to experiment, he just never had as much motivation to go out and do it. A lot of things remained a fantasy. Some he wishes had stayed that way, some he’s incredibly happy he let Eren convince him to try.

N = NO

Apart from the obvious (scat, vomit etc) there’s not a whole ton he won’t try. However, he is very turned off by poor personal hygiene. He really doesn’t mind when Eren works out and starts dripping sweat but he hates it when it’s dried and starts to smell. 

He’s also not that turned on by spanking/whipping/hitting other people. Even though he has a sadistic side, his brand of sadism is teasing and pleasure overload. If Eren wants to be spanked, he’s doing it for Eren and probably won’t be getting any sexual fulfillment from it himself, only smugness from turning Eren into a writhing mess.

The Headcanon Game nsfw