I am such a bitter, selfish person but it God damn pisses me off when my 43 year old brother talks to me about how much he misses our mom and shit like he didnt have 38 years with her, like in 16 years that we lived in the us he visited us ONCE, even though he went to other parts of New England on work and never stopped by. How sometimes he wouldn’t call on her birthday or how he didn’t say goodbye at the airport when we visited Puerto Rico the last time. I know everyone makes mistakes but I get so mad when he compares his situation to mine. My mom died when I was 16, his died when he was 38. He had a million chances to talk to her and never did and I was there when she cried about him not saying merry Christmas but it’s ok I won’t say anything.


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“Seventeen out of twenty shots. Since I’m feeling nice today, if you make fifteen we can call it even.” Jackson said with a smirk. You rolled your eyes, gripping your lacrosse stick tighter. Focusing on the hoop hanging from the tree branch, you shot the ball, over and over. Twenty shots later, you only missed twice.

“Eighteen out of twenty. Take that, asshole.” You say jokingly.

“That was luck.”

“Call it whatever you want, I still roasted your ass.”

“So what if you can make a decent shot. Doesn’t mean you’re strong or fast enough to make it on the team next week.”

You raise your eyebrows.

“Is that a challenge?”

Aromantic!Markiplier Headcanons

((thank you hartsumbrella & bisexualjse for giving me ideas uwu))

  • Mark dating people when he hasn’t realised that he is aro yet and he always feel like there is something missing, the dates make him feel awkward and uncomfortable and he rather doesn’t do romantic things with his parter. After a while doing those things starts to repulse him and he always ends up breaking up with his partner and when they ask him with tears in their eyes if he even loved them he tries to lie and say “yes” because that would make it so much easier for them but they can see the truth in his eyes and once they’re gone the tears come, the feeling of being broken. Why can’t he just love? What is wrong with him? Maybe he isn’t even human, maybe he is just a monster
  • Mark not knowing what aromanticism is and one day he stumbles across the term on the internet and it piques his interest so he decides to do some research on it and the more he learns the more he realises that it fits him perfectly and that he’s not alone, there are more people like him and maybe he is not broken after all and he just starts crying because he’s so relieved that he has finally found out what he is and that he is no longer alone
  • Mark who starts identifying as aro in his teenage years and whenever his friends ask which girl in his class he is crushing on, or a boy, that’s cool too, he replies with “Who needs love when you have space.” and his friends just shake their heads, mumbling that he just hasn’t found the one yet and Mark just laughs because he hasn’t and he never will and he is completely fine with that
  • young!Mark going to a pride parade covered in the aromantic flag colours from head to toe ready to march and whenever someone asks what the colours stand for he calmly explains it with a relaxed grin and some people will understand it and some won’t but sometimes there is that person who suddenly realises that they are probably aro too and they start crying and thanking Mark for explaining it for them, for making them realise that they are not alone and Mark just smiles and hugs them because this is what he comes to pride for
  • Mark being fascinated by people that are in love because he honestly can’t understand their feelings and behaviour at all
  • Mark getting the biggest squishes (platonic crushes) on people like Danny and Jack and he just daydreams about the stuff that they would do together if they were friends and Mark getting super hype when they actually become his friends
  • Mark correcting arophobic people and defending aromanticism, telling them that aro people really are human and that they might not feel romantic love but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel other kinds of love
  • Mark being unable to sleep at night because what if those people were right, what if aromanticism really is fake and he’s actually just broken and the next day his eyes are red and swollen from crying but he still believes that aromaticism is real, that he is not broken
  • Mark coming out to his fans because he just needs to be able to be himself and he expects so much backlash and hate but he’s prepared for it. Instead the support is overwhelming, yes there is some hate, but the amount of people that still support him, still love him, is huge and as he reads the comments he just starts crying and he decides to grab his camera to record a ‘Thank you’ vlog while the tears are still streaming down his face
  • Mark smiling as he reads comments that say things like “wow mark you made me realise that I’m aro” and “thank you so much for coming out as aro, now I have the courage to tell my family and friends as well” and he decides to start selling t-shirts with the text ‘Aro and proud’ and him giving a thumbs up on it
  • Mark patiently explaining what aromanticism means exactly at cons to fans who don’t really get it yet and he never gets annoyed by their questions as long as they aren’t rude
  • Mark being the best wingman ever for his friends, just because he is aromantic doesn’t mean he doesn’t like seeing his friends in a happy relationship, but actually he’s the worst wingman ever since he doesn’t understand flirting and love at all and it just results in his friends facepalming and sighing in despair but they don’t mind that much because they know Mark is just trying his best

If you have any questions about aromanticism feel free to ask me, I’m more than willing to explain :)

EXO (Kyungsoo, Baekhyun) Reaction to you Being Pregnant with Twins

So since its only two members these ones will be a bit longer than usual. If you want me to do your request leave it in my ask box. :) 

( none of these gifs are mine )




You had never missed a month which was weird but you didn’t wanna tell kyungsoo or else he would freak out, so you just told him you were having some weird stomach pains. Knowing kyungsoo he still wanted to make sure you were ok * calling to in the morning, when you were brushing your teeth,and even when you got to the doctor* He loved you too much to not know what was going on. You were getting signs lately you were having mood swings and had cravings here and there. You worried because you didn’t know….you didn’t know if kyungsoo wanted kids yet. So when the doctor told you you were having twins your heart dropped. You wanted kids but how would kyungsoo react…only one way to find out. Once kyungsoo got home from one of his concerts you set up a nice dinner for him to come home too. He was so happy to see you even though it was only a week it felt like months. You both sat down together enjoying the food and then he mentioned the doctor that morning. “so jagi what's wrong with your stomach, are you ok?” You looked up from your plate “um i’m alright just um….kyungsoo i have something to tell you” He looked at you with a worried look “what,what is it?” Everything was numb in your body but somehow the words came out “i’m pregnant but with twins” you poked at your plate as kyungsoo jumped up. “TWINS? ME A FATHER? OH JAGI I’M SO HAPPY!!!! WE’RE GOING TO HAVE TWINS!!!!”



You knew that baekhyun was very strict about kids and didn’t want them anytime soon. Maybe one he could be happy with but twins??? What if he leaves you. No he isn’t like that. Or is he that strong about just not having them. After the drive home from the doctor to put your keys into the door lock. You froze you couldn’t twist the key it was a life or death situation but only with the love of your life. You finally got yourself together and open the door once you saw his face you couldn’t control yourself. Tears came rushing down you almost fell but he caught you in his arms. You couldn’t see anything with all the tears in your eyes. All he was saying was “jagi what's wrong what happened?” finally you just snapped “i’m pregnant with twins and you’re gonna leave me cus you don’t want kids” He gave you a smile “jagi i wouldn’t leave you for the world. You and them are going to be my whole universe” He was pointing at your stomach…..

Texas Lions Camp

working there as a camp counselor was such a blessing. When you find a job you love you will never work a day in your life and I can vouch for that. Meeting amazing people across the world, different cultures, different languages, different personalities. Working with kids with disabilities. Inspiring kids to be themselves. Treating them like humans rather than disabled. Teaching them lessons that will be vital for the long term. Days full of smiles and laughs. It was hard work but I loved every second of it.

Talked to a good ol buddy of mine working there right now and he told me that some of the campers are asking for me. My heart dropped. I was their favorite?!?!? I knew I bonded with hundreds of kids and even got night courted several times, but hearing that really means a lot. I love helping people, making people smile and laugh, bringing change into someones life. Their smiles are my rewards. I miss it so much.

Hey, Tumblr, guess what. Uncle Jasper has hit some financially rough water, due to a kitten with panleukopenia and correspondingly high vet bills (my mum’s largely footing those, but I’ll be helping out) and a big trip in the fall that I rather can’t miss. So. I’m going to be offering sketch commissions for a while and (finally) opening a Society6 shop. I’m at work right now, so I’ll be making an official post either this evening or sometime tomorrow.

If there are any pictures of mine you’d like to see prints of, either here or at spider-costello, please email me at spidercostello.art@gmail.com, and I’ll throw them in the shop. Please do not message me on tumblr, since a) we all know how unreliable the message system can be, and b) I spend most of my time on mobile anyway.

Note: I will not take any commissions or print requests for Welcome To Night Vale fan art. They have their own merchandise and live off of that and donations. Literally every other fandom I’d draw for has a big marketing campaign behind them and would not suffer unduly by my taking money to draw their shit. WtNV, however, would. So. No WtNV prints or commissions from me, don’t ask, this is non-negotiable.

I don’t wish I could crawl under your skin 
anymore. no,
I feel so detached from myself that I wish
I could crawl back into mine.

I remember telling you, one night,
“you make me want to eat my own heart.”
the copper cave in my chest makes me think
I must have done it.

—  i miss myself so much more than i could ever miss you // s.f.g.

I was tagged by the amazing treacherouscas thank u nat

Name: Sarah
Date: it’s the 10th of July
Average hours of sleep: ehhhh….. it really depends tbh.. maybe 5?
Last thing you googled: “kristen stweart’s tattoo meaning” bc i love her black work tattoo but idk what it is
Birthday: i like to pretend i share a birthday with Dean even though mine is the day after
Gender: female
Sexual orientation: p heterosexual
Color: today it’s the colors of the sea 
One place that makes me happy: the apartment i own in my mind in the future where everything is okay and worked out
What I’m wearing right now: running shorts and a jurrasic park shirt
Last book read: who even knows all i read are fics tbh
Most used phrase: what a way to go
Last thing I said to a family member: “i miss you too”
Favorite beverage: lemonade!!!! !! 
Favorite food: love me some mac and cheese
Last movie I watched: Fringe
Dream Vacation: Europe tbh
Dream wedding: i don’t even imagine getting married idk
Dream pets: a dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i have a dog so my dream is truly a reality
Dream job: ???????

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Cole imagine for Amy! I’m so sorry this is late af, but I hope you like it!


“We’re gonna choose someone to come up here, so make some noise if you want that to be you!” Gabe yelled out to the crowd. 

“I think she’s the most excited!” Cole pointed to a girl on the other side of the audience. 

“Nah, this one is,” Dana’s hand caught mine and pulled me onto the stage. “What’s your name?”

“Amy,” I said breathlessly. It felt like I had just gotten the wind knocked out of me, but in a good way. 

“Nice to meet you, Miss Amy,” Cole said with a grin before Dana could even respond. 

Dana shot a look towards him, but it was gone in a second and he turned to face the crowd. “Let’s kick this off with a little song we call Touchdown Dance!”

“Hey, do you know the dance?” Cole whispered to me as the intro played. 

“Not really,” I admitted bashfully. 

“It’s pretty easy,” he shrugged and winked at me. “Don’t worry, I’m sure you’re a great dancer.”

Unfortunately, no, I was not a good dancer, but Cole made sure I knew what I was doing for the duration of the song. He was such a gentleman, even with a stare that felt like it was burning right through me. It didn’t waver when we were dancing along to the song or while I was waiting in line during the meet and greets after the show. 

“Hey, Cole’s staring at you,” my friend pointed out. We were just a few feet away from the band, almost there, and all I could think about was talking to Cole again. 

At long last, the group in front of us moved on, leaving a spot for me to talk to the band. Dana and Gabe were the closest, so I hugged them first before moving on to Cole. He grinned and enveloped me in a huge bear hug. “Hey again, Amy.”

“Hi,” I smiled back. “Could I get a picture with you?”

“Totally,” he pulled me close enough that I could hear his quiet words. “As long as you agree to go on a date with me.”

My heart stopped. Here was my favorite band member asking me out on a date, so what did I do? I did the most impulsive thing I had ever done and kissed him. He seemed taken aback by my suddenness, but kissed me back for a few moments until I stepped back. 

“I’ll take that as a yes?” he raised his eyebrows with amusement. 

“Yes,” I nodded happily and wrote my number on his hand with his autograph pen. “Give me a call when you can.”

The call came later that night after the VIP part was done and the band had some time to get something to eat. After a great first date, we officially started a relationship. While we had been worried about his fans’ reaction, they seemed to accept it and we couldn’t have been happier. 

I thought I had moved on from this thing. I had forgotten your face and even your smile.

But I saw you today and my heart stopped and my palms were sweating.

I wish you had ignored me… But you never cared for what I wanted, did you?

Now I can’t stop feeling your lips lingering on my cheeks and your hand upon mine…

—  How can I miss something that was never truly mine?

Happy closing to our star, Darren Criss! 

The thing about this closing day is that Darren is finishing a dream of his. It makes me feel so blessed to have watched him live it in June, and to meet him afterwards. A dream of mine that I never knew would come true, but as the past 12 weeks have shown us, with Darren anything is possible.

I will miss his fierce and unapologetic Hedwig, and now I know, that when I’ve got no other choice, I know I can follow her voice.

Danke, Hedwig, Thank you, Darren.


The last 11 days have been so incredible. I can’t even put into words how happy this little lady makes me. I’ve got constant butterflies and the biggest smile on my face 24/7. 11 days wasn’t nearly long enough, but I’m already counting down the days until you’re back in my arms💕

I love you and miss you already.

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REVERSE! fxdelitas is a wonderful writer who always manages to write her characters as interesting, even if they are currently doing mundane tasks. Connor and Rosa are both two very distinct muses who act very differently, which most multimuse blogs miss. The mun is also a complete sweetheart.





Missing by Bethany Tompkins

Do you ever just miss someone? You miss their presence, their touch, they way they used to be…. Before they’re gone you already miss them, and when they have to go it feels like your heart has been ripped out, even though they are not leaving forever. The thought of them never coming back makes you sick inside and out. You think to yourself consently, “What if today was the last time I’ll ever feel your touch, your lips on mine, your hands intertwined with mine, and our bodies as one? Or the last day I’ll be able to look into those dark brown eyes of yours that I so often adore, as you tell me, ‘You are beautiful, you are strong, and I love you with my heart’?”

The thoughts play over again and again through your mind all day and night, keeping you from sleep, making you feel as though you’re paralyzed.

8:30 am: You get a text. “Babe, I know it’s been a long time, I hope you can forgive me. I still love you with all my heart. You’re my baby girl. I’ll come by and pick you up for our date at 5. I’ll see you then.”

4:45 pm: You’re nerves start to kick in. Scared, excited, and nervous all at once you don’t know how to feel you just don’t and you can’t help but feel all at once instead of feeling nothing at all because he make you the happiest person it the world.

5 pm: You see him standing at the door with a single rose. Suddenly, all your worries and doubts go away as he gives you a tight squeeze and looks you in the eyes and tells you those three little words, “I love you.”


yeah she lovely 
yeah yeah i know god love me 
getting lifted so these snakes cant touch me
burning bush with god on cloud nine yeah im lucky 
thanking him for the ten i can call mine yeah shes something 
just take a little drag no drama
take a few hits, that’s blunt trauma 
me and my girl hot boxing the ganja 
because we love

miss maryjane, maryjane
you make me feel so good i cant complain, cant complain
when i`m high feelin like i know everything, everything 
even if i don’t know the strain, know the strain

my confession ~

The more I look at you, the more I realize what I would do to keep you around. I don’t know what it is. Actually, I do. I do know what it is. It’s the way you speak to me. It’s the way you act around me, when no one else is around. Your hand in mine, while my head is resting against your shoulder. You give me this addictive feeling. And that feeling is the reason why I want you to stick around. Even if I spend the whole day with you, I will miss you the second you leave. Love is such a foreign word to me. I never imagined myself experiencing the sensation of love ever again. But things change, and people walk into your life that make the biggest difference. I didn’t think you were going to end up being such an important part of my life. And it’s so funny to think that one of the first things you said to me, was that you weren’t looking for a relationship. I wasn’t used to people staying in my life, so it didn’t really phase me. But at the end of that wonderful day of walking around an amusement park, my entire world was opened up to an opportunity that I knew was worth experiencing. I remember looking at you with tears in my eyes, while we sat together on the Ferris wheel. It was the last ride before I had to leave and you had to go back home, which was two hours away from me. But the moment you said that you would come back for me, made me the happiest girl in the universe. And you did. I can’t tell you how much that meant to me. To live a life where everyone leaves, then finding out that someone is there to stay. It just took every last breath that remained inside of my lungs. Being with you has been this amazing highlight of my life. And even though it hasn’t been long, I feel everything with you. I don’t think the time I’ve been with you really matters. I think it’s the connection that makes the impact. From spending time with my family, calling my grandma hot, watching the sunset outside, playing video games together, spending the night, and walking around the streets, hand in hand. Those are the times that make me realize how lucky I am. No argument or fight will tear us apart. I say this, because I respect you. I respect you enough to know my limits and know that it’s pointless to argue with someone that just wants you to be happy. When do you ever find someone that’s willing to drive four hours to see you almost every week? When do you ever find someone that puts up with your craziness and still adores every inch of your mind, body, and soul? You were the first. The first person to ever accept me for exactly who I am, and not judge me for even a second. And you are the last. A relationship is like a house. When a lightbulb burns out, you don’t go and buy a new house. You fix the light bulb. No matter what happens, I’ll do everything in my ability to make things work. Even if it means giving up my dreams. Why would I do that? …
Well, because I love you.

Make or break all of this

I fucking miss you
Some days I still want to call you baby
Even though you’re no longer mine
And you haven’t been for a while..
I forget what it feels like
To feel comfortable in your own skin
Or what loving yourself even looks like
And no one has ever made me feel
As good or as bad as you have
And no matter the time you’ve never left my mind
And sometimes I just crumble at the signs..
See when you left
I fell down a rabbit hole
And I dug myself deep
And I’m still figuring out how to climb out
Or if there’s some in between
Of restricting and indulging
In life and in body
And I worry
That if you saw me now
You’d be far less than proud
I know because most days
I don’t even wanna look at myself
So I can’t imagine you’d wanna look at me now …
But maybe one day it’ll return
To it all just being in my head
And I can live the life outside
That I’ve always dreamt
Maybe one day
You’ll be apart of it again..
But for now I can’t decide whether to push you away
Or let you in
But mostly I just can’t believe I let it all
Come to this
It all seems like a nightmare
Or some sort of trick
And I know I love you beyond all of this
But I don’t think I’ll ever understand how
I could let it all come to this,
Even if you did
So basically, I’m far from ready for it…
But I still dream about one more kiss
One more chance
I swear I’d do it different
And I hope that one day we can move beyond all of this
And I’ll be the girl that truly deserves your bliss
But for now just know
I’m hoping that fate isn’t some universal joke
And that destiny isn’t just some words we wrote..
Because I know it may take time
But you make me want to be better
Every single fucking time
And I love you more than words can describe
Even if nothing is right
At this moment in time,
I hope we’ll figure it out
I hope we’ll be fine
That we’ll find our way back to each other in time…
I promise
My love is the one thing that never lies
And I would stand by you
No matter
How inconsistent you fear you’ll be this time
And no matter how unworthy I feel
I’ve always wished you were mine
Trust me baby
We can leave the past
Those patterns don’t have to last..
We just have to be willing to start fresh
Communication will make or break all of this

"I'll never be yours and you'll never be mine":

the words you say spew out of your mouth straight into my head. I spill out my heart to you as you damage me even more hoping for the hopeless to happen. Hoping for you to change your mind and stay but none of what I say will make you stand by me a little bit longer because you solved the puzzle with missing pieces and made up your mind that you don’t want me anymore when I know that’s the worst mistake you have made. Hold my hand and dont exhaust me anymore and I’ll help you understand my heart. I told you my every intention, my every move just to hear you say “I don’t belong with you.”

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you miss mickey now but you will miss him even more because they fired noel, hes not coming back for season 6! yeah and the way they dismissed him of the show is disgusting! 5x12 the very beginning will make you vomit and the end is a big bucket of diarrhea, all written by john wells!