I’m breaking again     
my seams are tearing apart,
I tried so hard to sew them up
to keep my pieces together.
But now the fog is seeping in
and making everything cloudy,
my mind is a mess
and my chest is filled with emptiness.

I hate the dark
but it’s become my best friend,
it stands in that empty space
the one no one else tried to fill.
I’ve been fighting every day
endless heartache and tears,
I’m sick of tear stained pillows
sick of wishing I wasn’t here.

I haven’t found my place
I don’t know if it even exists,
maybe it’s in the arms of another
or maybe it’s just anywhere but here.
Anywhere away from the pain
away from constant back and forth,
I just hate that I have to keep fighting
because it doesn’t seem worth it anymore.

—  maybe I’m not worth it anymore