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Are you other three not as much friends with Ravenclaw/Caitlin? I sometimes feel like ravenclaw/Caitlin is kinda over looked. Happy you other three are best buddies but why are you leaving out Caitlin? Ravenclaw exist even if you don't like her as much for any reason (I like her!!) So please, remember us too!!

I’m honestly not sure why you’d think we’re not as much friends with Caitlin. She’s definitely the little sister I never had.

If you’re referring to the friendship post where Caitlin isn’t in it, that would be a couple of reasons:

  1. She lives on the west coast; Justin and I literally live 5 minutes apart. Jamie comes to visit for conventions that she and I go to together even though she lives in Texas (Gryffindors, man)
  2. Caitlin was under 18 when those pics were taken  and it’d be a little creepy for us mid-20-somethings to travel to to the west coast to visit someone under 18 and she couldn’t really get to the east coast (or even meet in the middle) because that would be creepy. I’d be the one meeting her and that’s creepy to me. We ain’t about creeping on minors, even if they are our blog-mates.

Caitlin is also ALWAYS DOING SOMETHING LIKE SHE NEVER STOPS. I’m pretty sure she’s in Europe right now because Ravenclaws, dude. So we still talk a bunch behind the scenes, but she can’t necessarily get online to answer gif requests.

-Amy (Hufflepuff)

Elena Alvarez Girlfriend

Angel qinan as Daniela Reyes

A senior at Elena’s school, Daniela tutors kids afterschool. After developing a crush on her Elena starts to seek tutoring. Daniela comes to the realization that Elena doesn’t need to be in tutoring and asks if she’d like to hang out in a different place.


Yara Shahidi as Jasmine Valentine

Jasmine would be a new girl at Elena’s school. As an office assistant it was Elena’s job to give her a tour, but she ended up being a hour late. Jasmine finds a way to cover for her and offers Elena a date to make up for it. Their one date goes on to be a two, three, four ect.


China Ann McClain as Freddie Baxter

Freddie is the Captain of Caroline all girls academy’s debate team. On a trip out of town they debate against a school and Freddie finds the Captain mildly attractive. When they go head to head at nationals Elena and Freddie begin an online relationship.


Becky G as Cleo Prince

Cleo is a spunky teenager who participates in every sport. One day, Cleo misses school bus and the Alvarez family sees her walking and offers her a ride. Cleo offers Elena a date to the dance as a thank you. When Cleo starts to name her boy friends, Elena corrects her. Cleo offers to go with her as friends, and the night turns into something more.


Zendaya as Willow Cassidy

Willow organizes a womanist journal for the school. When Elena signs up she finds it’s at risk for being shut down, because literally no else signed up. They work tirelessly to gain a few more members, but find it just doesn’t work out. The idea is given up on, but Willow and Elena spend the school lock down in the writers room just talking to each other. They start to grow a close relationship and realize that maybe they weren’t fighting for the journal to write.


Sofia Carson as Maya Rodriguez

When a girl comes out to the entire church it has everyone talking. Elena, who is secretly angry at her mom for not going to church, discretely attempts to find out who she is. She thought it’d be nice to have a friends who shares the same… Interests as her. She’s shocked to find out it’s the head cheerleader, she’d may have had a crush on since that time she helped her clean burger from her face.


Amandla Stenberg as Rosie Green

When Carmen comes back to town for a few days she shows Elena this Poetry cafe. At first Elena thinks it’s kind of ridiculous, but soon takes notice of all the pretty girls who come there. Sure they wear a ridiculous amount of glittery eyeshadow and rainbow lipstick, but cute none the less. She keeps going, even though carmen went back to Texas a week ago. She takes special notice to a girl named Rosie who writes poetry about boys AND girls. They start talking during other poetry meetings and get along really well. Rosie ends up asking Elena on a date in a remix rap with Maya Angelou and Sappho poems.

Facts about Mediocre Monotonous Mayonnaise Abigail Fisher:

Mediocre Abigail is pressed because she wasn’t admitted to the University of Texas in Austin, even though she was a legacy. UT Austin automatically accepts students who are the top 10 percent of their classes, which accounted for 92% of the acceptance when Mediocre Abigail applied. Mediocre Abigail was not in the top 10 percent. Of the remaining 8 percent spots, Mediocre Abigail was upset that there were students of color who got into UT Austin who she FELT were lower caliber than her mediocre standing. Based off Mediocre Abigail’s mediocre opinion, the number of students this criteria applied to: 5. 42 of the 47 students who weren’t on Mediocre Abigail’s mediocre imaginary level were WHITE! To add insult to injury, there were 168 minority students who were “better” than Mediocre Abigail who didn’t get into the school. The school even offered Mediocre Abigail the opportunity to go to a sister school and then transfer her next year, which SHE DECLINED! So Mediocre Abigail literally is pressed over 5 student’s she believes stole her spot.

This petty queen of saltiness has gotten a whole degree from another school and is a financial analyst in Austin. Mediocre Abigail is foolish if she doesn’t realize that she is the biggest benefactor of affirmative action.

Mediocre Abigail.
She had mediocre grades.
Mediocre student involvement.
And was just downright mediocre.

I commence my drag.

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“Hello, gorgeous, do I know you?”

A/N: i’m not sure if this is what you wanted but I hope it’s alright ! :)


“Honestly, I’m so done– please don’t contact me ever again,” Riley ends the voice mail, a sigh rolling past her lips as she makes her way over to the bar portion of the restaurant. She pulls at the hem of the dress she’s wearing before sliding onto the stool to order herself a glass of white wine to calm her nerves.

Its almost the fifth time the guy had stood her up and she’s sick of buying all of his stupid excuses. She was so exhausted by him trying to take advantage of how forgiving she was and she’s had enough. Grabbing the glass of wine before her, she takes a long sip before letting out a content sigh, using her free hand to text Maya in regards to what happened. Within seconds, her best friend told her she was coming to her rescue.

It takes the blonde approximately fourteen minutes to get there, not that Riley was counting or anything. She then goes on to explain what happen in detail, taking break in between to take sips of her drink.

“What has my life become? Why do I let these stupid, stupid guys walk all over me?”

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Why Does Riley keep getting critizied by people...

for not accepting Texas Lucas because of her line in Rileytown saying “we don’t like it when you get like like this”? Which has been misquoted by some LMers as “we don’t like you like this.” Yes, there is a difference. But they blatantly overlook Farkle’s and Zay’s reactions. Farkle when putting together the pieces that Riley was being bullied turned and looked at Lucas and said “you gotsta go” and told him that Maya needed more towels. Farkle then proceeded to use the towels to tie up Lucas and say “I’m going to tell you something bad and I need you not to turn back into Texas Lucas.” Zay, who has known Lucas his whole life, then upon seeing Lucas’ face after finding out about Riley widened his eyes and stepped to the side so he was further behind Farkle. So I’m utterly confused how Riley is the only one accused of not accepting Texas Lucas, even though she does. They all accept him. But then on other end of the spectrum we have Maya who encourages this behavior. Maya stated in Secret of Life “I finally like you” to Lucas when finding out he had been expelled from school. In Rileytown, after seeing Lucas knock down the barrier in the window she said “Lucas, pick up the bed with one arm.” This isn’t just acceptance but behavior Maya encourages simply because she finds it attractive. But this is deemed as acceptable behavior by quite a few people. Maya blatantly encouring the side of Lucas he is not proud of and wants to change. He came to this conclusion on his own, as some people have conveniently forgotten. Yet, people tend to overlook all of this to bring Riley down, just to prop their ship.


GM The Forgotten

Cory: Who here knows about the Great Depression?
Riley: I thought it was called the Grand Canyon…….

GM Hurricane

Cory: Who knows what a levee is?
Riley: It’s like a hill or dam that’s supposed to keep water out.

So I was thinking about this little parallel and I definitely think this (the concept, not necessarily the specific scenes) is something that’s going to be addressed in the future. There are some episodes where Riley says or does something that is almost as unbelievable as S7 Eric in BMW. Like when she looks for a bird in Pluto. Or also in Pluto when she digs up the time capsule but just thinks it’s an old metal box. But the pilot clearly establishes her as a good student. And it’s reinforced in Hurricane when she answers Cory’s question in class (and also in the beginning of the episode where she says she “I did excellent [home]work). And Texas 1 pretty much implies that even though she acted dumb about it during Yearbook, she definitely heard and figured out the brother comment then. And since Texas, they seemed to have toned down the ditzy Riley stuff .

Maybe as part of Legacy, maybe later, but at some point I think they’ll address Riley being fed up with being Riley committee-d. It’s clear she plays along with it now (she is after all a girl for whom ‘no sacrifice is too small for her friends’). But I can’t see her playing along for too much longer. To quote Farkle, “In order for a living organism to thrive, it needs to be allowed to grow”. And for Riley to be allowed to grow, she’s going to need to get her friends ditch the Riley Committee act.

“A Summer Romance”

After a year of dating, Riley decided to spend her summer with Lucas at his ranch in Texas. They will have picnic dates, go horse back riding, go dancing, going to the movies, and their favorite thing to do is lying on the stars and talk about anything almost all night. Lucas introduced Riley to the horse he helped gave birth and Riley became really found of that horse. 

Whenever they are lying on the ground watching the stars, they will either hold hands or Riley will rest her head on Lucas’s chest and he will put his arm around her, holding her close.

 During their first week in the ranch, when a strom came, Lucas was surprised when he saw Riley running into his room in the middle of the night and holding him tight asking him to stay with her since Riley is not a big fan of stroms and always been since she was little.

 Now Lucas has gotten used too of Riley coming to his room whenever there’s a storm. But even when it’s not storming out, Riley will find other reasons for her to sneak into Lucas’s room like she had a nightmare or she can’t sleep, and they would end up talking until they both get really tired and end up falling asleep in each other’s arms. 

During the last day of staying at the ranch, Riley was sad to leave. Even though she did miss her family and friends back home, she felt that Texas was part of her home too. Lucas had mention that they can come back here another time, and maybe in the future when they get married and can moved here if Riley wants too. 

Riley was surprised when he said that and looked at him and said, “You see us having a future someday?" 

Lucas smiled and put his arm around her. ,"I do. I also imagine us having kids that are just like you running around in the ranch chasing the farm animals." 

Riley giggled, "I can also imagine that as well." 

Lucas smiled at his girlfriend and kissed her on the forehead. 

They both took one last look at the range before getting into Pappy Joe’s truck and driving to the airport to go home.

What if Lucas rides the bull to prove himself to Maya because, even though she has picked on him for being from Texas for the duration of their friendship, she ironically becomes interested in Cletis or one of his Texan friends, and he's just there like, "Are you joking? I've been in front of your face this whole time. Let me do something drastic (aka stupid and reckless and heart breaking) to get your attention."
I just had a realization while watching GM Masterplan

*Shawn, Riley, and Maya, talking about Angela*

Riley: “So, basically, he fell in love with a concept.”

Maya: “It was doomed from the start.”

Riley: “Never let me do that.”

Riley “fell in love” with Lucas the moment she saw him on the train. She fell in love with the concept of him. She fell in love with his looks Not him himself.

But Maya did. Maya accepts and likes his Texas side, and even though she calls him names, it means she understands him in a way that no one else can understand. Just sayin. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

My little sister must have lost EVERY LAST BIT of her mind posting some mess like this on instagram. My baby girl JUST turned 16. WHAT IN THE WORLD. Calm ALL the way down before I have to take you down to the river and drown your sins away. I rebuke this in the NAME of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

LISTEN UP, TUMBLR WORLD!!!! My dear friend Zoe ( ishakeitoff ) is in Texas for an exchange year, and even though she is experiencing so many new and fascinating things right now, life can be a bit lonely when you are 5021.3 miles from your family, friends and hometown. SOOOO Zoe did the only right thing she could have done and purchased a ticket to spend yet another Saturday night with one of her best friends, who just happens to play a huge sold out show in Dallas on October 17th. Back in June, when we met Taylor in Loft 89, Zoe told her that she might come to the show, and Taylor was, of course, super excited about this possibility. So my lovely tumblr friends, please please please help reblog this post, just so Taylor knows that lucky and dedicated Zoe is coming to see her for a fourth time this year. Thank you and have a nice day ❤

I feel like I should tell you what just happened. Do you want me to tell you what just happened?

I’m gonna tell you. I’m gonna tell you what just happened.

I had to stop my mother from fighting off a coyote with her bare hands.

A bit of background: my mother is made of those jumbo-sized marshmallows and cream puffs and love. She is the most mom-ish mom who ever mom-ed. She compulsively bakes and coos at my dog all day and has effectively adopted all of my friends and has a very easy laugh and a pretty, round, happy face. She is one of the sweetest human beings in the history of the world.

But do not fuck with her.

Don’t. Don’t do it. She will end you. She will end you while wearing her matching pink sweater sets and a string of pearls.

Even if you’re a wild predator.

Her mom, my grandma, is from Texas and even though she’s 82, she could legitimately still body slam a 260-pound man to the floor. She was a trapeze artist in the circus. She was often left in charge of the lions and the other big cats when she was, like, eleven and she frequently beat the crap out of anyone who bothered her sisters growing up.

And my mom, despite her insistence on the contrary, inherited the “don’t-mess-with-Texas” gene.

I was driving my sister home from the airport and Mom came along. I stopped at an intersection by our house when something darted into the corner of my eye.

“Oh, my God!” I yelled. “That dog stole a goose!”

What looked like a large jackal-shaped dog ran past our car with a goose flapping in its mouth. I kind of just stared, at a loss, but my mom was losing it.

“Oh, my God!” she shrieked. “That’s not a dog–!”

“That’s a coyote!” my sister finished. “That’s a coyote!”

“I–” I began, without a road map as to where my sentence was going.

Mom started banging on my car door. I have child-proof locks in the back and–good news–they work.

“Let me out!” she yelled, slamming her hand against the window. “Let me out, I’m gonna chase it away–”

“I–no! Mom, God, I’m not going to open the door for you to fight a WILD COYOTE–”




“No, don’t–” my sister interjected. “Don’t open–!”

My mom started banging on the lock, ready to wrestle a coyote to the ground with her bare hands to save the goose when a guy ran up and spooked the coyote, which dropped its dinner and bolted.

We were still screaming.

“I don’t–”


DO!” I all but wailed.

Mom flopped back in her seat.

“Oh, just go home!” she snapped.

She’s now alternating between kissing my dog and talking about how the guy who DID scare off the coyote was a wuss because he was scared of it.

I mean.

I know my mom grew up with frontier parents.

I wouldn’t put it past her to fight one animal in order to save another, honestly.

And yes, the coyote was probably scared of humans.

But I legitimately just had to barricade my mother inside my car to stop her from wrestling with a wild predator.

My cupcake-baking, giggly, sugar-and-cotton-stuffed mother was SLAMMING INTO MY DOOR so she could PRY A GOOSE out from the jaws of a WILD COYOTE.

……..It’s pretty metal.


@taylorswift, this is Tessa. She’s also a huge Swiftie and we’re both exchange students in the United States right now! It is such a great experience and even though she lives with a host family in Kansas and I live in Texas, this one weekend we reunited in Tulsa! Swifties all over the world. We love you very much. ❤️ { @i-got-that-redlip-classic }

A surprise album isn’t really Tay’s style…I think she loves the built up and giving us clues and excitement etc.

but I DO think she could release a surprise single! Then the album may still come this year!!!! And the whole ‘Thirteen’ theory still makes sense ATM seeing she posted today (13 days until Texas!) even though I don’t see her calling the album that, i would be pleasantly surprised if she did!

But there’s never any way of knowing anything with this girl but I don’t mind because I’m SO confident I will love whatever it is she’s doing!!!!!!


Best running partner ever @elkay723. Even though she makes me cross train.

It is a beautiful day in Texas. And a great day for a run. My last long run before my next marathon. Oh yeah, I signed up for a marathon next weekend. You know I love marathons but I really think I like carb loading. Give me all the pasta and rice!!!

And super bowl food. Yum. What a great weekend. Two good runs. Family time. And football. It’s a good life.