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cat and mouse (part 2)

A/N: I’m really happy about the feedback on the last part! You guys truly seemed to like it, and that warmed my soft, little heart. I may have listened to Christmas music while writing this, but don’t come @ me. So here you go, buddies, here’s 2.7k of first date fluff with bad boy!Shawn! Credit to @manipulatemydecisions for the pic!

part 1

The school library has never really been your favorite place. It’s not that you don’t enjoy reading, but the type of reading you do here is not typically for pleasure. It most certainly isn’t now. You’re staring into some book that you need to use in an essay, but you’re not really picking up a word of what you read. Being interrupted certainly doesn’t help either.

“This seat taken?” a voice you know very well says, and when you glance up, your suspicions are confirmed. Shawn. Without waiting for a reply, he sits down opposite you, a small table being the only thing between the two of you. “You look pretty today.”

“I’m trying to read, Mendes,” you answer, trying to play it cool, but there’s an undeniable blush on your cheeks. “What do you want?”

He squints a little. “You’ve been ignoring me,”

You sigh, mostly because he’s right - not that you’re gonna admit that. “No,”

“You sure about that?”


“It just seems that way,” Shawn continues and takes the book out of your hands, holding it himself, so that you don’t have an excuse to look away from him. “Ever since I told you that I liked you, you’ve been all distant,” You pretend to not know what he’s talking about, raising your eyebrows. “Your only reply to my text was a heart emoji! What’s that supposed to mean?” He seems so genuinely perplexed, and it’s honestly kinda adorable.

You shrug your shoulders and reach for your book in his hands. “What was I supposed to say?”

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spotty-bee  asked:

I have a headcannon question for you. Why do you think Aizawa hasn't kicked Mineta out of the class yet?

ive thought about this a little and while i really like to pretend like he doesn’t exist at all, i really think it’s because a lot of the harassment is done outside of teachers’ sights. obviously aizawas probably seen some of it but it really doesnt look like any of the teachers have really seen enough to realize that it’s an actual problem and not an occasional comment. like even in the latest arc, around the teachers, hes being pretty uh… polite? there hasn’t really been a sexual comment since the fights began (i mean there was that thing about tsuyu’s goopy stuff, but even that wasn’t really sexual unless someone knows about minetas fuckery)

also i think the other thing is that like… aizawa’s famous in the school for expelling an absolutely ridiculous amount of students. it’s canon that the year before this one, he expelled an entire class, and i’m pretty sure that means the entire heroics course, not just his class. this is getting into very headcanon-y territory, but while aizawa is one of the principal’s favorites, that’s a lot of students at one time and it was probably made harder for him to expel students at all. like, more paperwork, more red tape, no more pointing at students and expelling them on the spot. i def think that’s another reason. 

Tyrus Childhood Friends AU

  • TJ and Cyrus grew up together, and were best friends from birth.
  • When they started school, TJ would never be seen without Cyrus.
  • When they played games where they pretended to be grown ups, TJ always refused to marry one of the girls. He’d only marry Cyrus. They vowed to always protect each other and get married for real when they grew up.
  • They would even call each other their husband, and hold hands, and kiss each other goodbye.
  • But as they got older, TJ started to hang out with the jocks and Cyrus became friends with the GHC.
  • The two of them started seeing each other less and less, until it became not at all.
  • Their promises were forgotten, and they became merely fond memories to each other.
  • Fast forward to season 2, Cyrus is shocked to find out that the captain of the basketball team who has been bullying Buffy is his childhood best friend.
  • When Buffy tells TJ to get Cyrus a muffin TJ seems like he doesn’t remember Cyrus.
  • TJ finds Cyrus on the swings and joins in with the swing song. He remembers it from when they made it up together as kids.
  • Cyrus is happy that TJ remembers him, but annoyed that he ignored him for years.
  • TJ tries to apologise but Cyrus struggles to accept it.
  • As a last ditch attempt, TJ invites Cyrus and his family for dinner with his family. Cyrus only accepts because he knows his mom misses TJ’s mom.
  • The meal happens, and the parents resolve to meet up more often, in spite of the awkwardness between TJ and Cyrus.
  • After the meal, as Cyrus’ family is leaving, TJ pulls Cyrus back and pecks him on the cheek as a goodbye - just like when they were kids.
  • For the rest of the week that kiss is all Cyrus can think about. He’s distracted and distant, and he can’t hide it from his friends for long.
  • When he confesses to TJ and him being childhood friends, Buffy is angry. When he tells them about how they would pretend to be husbands, and how he kissed him on the cheek, she’s happy. She’s happy that Cyrus finally has someone he cares about back in his life.
  • Cyrus is conflicted though. He doesn’t know whether to forgive TJ. He was mean to Buffy, and forgot his promises to Cyrus. But Cyrus forgot his promises too.
  • Straight after school, Cyrus runs to TJ’s house and bangs on the door. TJ isn’t there yet. TJ’s mother tells him that he has his job at a gym. So Cyrus resolves to go find him, even though he loathes gyms.
  • When he arrives he’s pleasantly surprised to find that it’s s children’s gym. He’s cast back into his memories of when him and TJ used to play together as children.
  • TJ appears and asks why he’s here. Cyrus apologises and asks if they can be friends again. Of course TJ accepts.
  • As Cyrus is about to leave, TJ asks if he’d like to stay and hand out with him and the kids. Just like old times.
  • Cyrus accepts.
  • They mess around like children and remember how they used to play together. They remember how they used to talk about getting married and having kids. This is what it could be like if they had kids together.
  • TJ’s shift ends, and the two go to the Spoon to talk.
  • As they walk, TJ grabs Cyrus’ hand, and they walk with their hands intertwined.
  • Just as they’re about to reach the Spoon, TJ stops them, and asks Cyrus if he remembers their vows.
  • Cyrus does.
  • TJ asks if he still promises to obey those vows.
  • Cyrus promises, and TJ replies the same.
  • They realise they’re blocking the door, so enter the Spoon and order food.
  • As they eat, they catch up and discussion how their lives have changed since childhood.
  • Their conversation flows easily, as if they were never even apart.
  • As they are about to go their separate ways, TJ asks if Cyrus remembers how they used to say goodbye.
  • Cyrus nods.
  • TJ leans in and presses his lips to Cyrus’, just for a few seconds. He then turns and leaves.
  • Before he can get very far, he feels a hand grab his arm. As he turns, he hears a soft voice asking him to be his boyfriend again.
  • Of course he accepts.
  • They kiss one last time before going home, content in the fact that they are together once more.

voringglennis  asked:

talking about the twins childhood sometimes i think about how sad and probably a little bitter they must have felt even if theyd never wanna admit it when frank came back into their lives and seemed to immediately take a liking to charlie but continued to openly dislike them :(

y e a h

like dee’s “tell me im good” monologue is #iconic but at the same time she’s. never actually had a parental figure show her approval or encouragement

so it must have been lowkey gutting for frank to crash into her/dennis’ lives again, saying all this shit about how he’s changed and he wants to be their dad - and then get inexplicably attached to their best friend and p much instantly go back to treating them like shit. that would’ve Hurt even if they want to pretend that it didn’t

and tbh the worst part of this is that ur right!! they’re never gonna admit to it!! they’re gonna keep stuffing it down with brown and keeping an eye on it, bc i think dennis and dee survive by telling themselves that it Wasn’t That Bad. their childhoods, objectively speaking, were horrendous - but so long as they don’t look at the trauma directly they’re okay. except that’s not a sustainable way to live and eventually it’s gna come back and bite them in the ass

Moth’s crash course for excellent character reference pictures

Or: how to get the artist you commission to absolutely LOVE you

morning/afternoon/evening, friends! Moth here with my baby boy Q’rinha (or Rin, as i like to call him) here with some tips and tricks on how to get some baller reference shots of your character that will make your, and the artists’ you’re commissioning, lives A LOT easier.

one thing i noticed from all the times i’ve been commissioned, as well as some instances of buddies of mine being commissioned, is that the occasional person commissioning us tends to be a bit… lacking when it comes to reference shots. they’re either too low-res or they just show multiple shots of the same angle. the latter isn’t bad, per se, but there tends to be instances where, while there ARE awesome shots of one angle, there are other angles that are unfortunately not as great. asking for more references is normally not an issue, but there are some people (like yours truly ahaha ;;) who are a bit apprehensive of asking for more because we don’t like confrontation and have had experiences where folks were a bit… abrasive.

so that’s why i’m here! i’ve provided many a reference for my girlfriend, who says i’m an artist’s dream come true when it comes to references (idk if she’s actually just gushing with rose colored glasses or if she’s being legitimate). i have no idea how this applies to other artists, as i’ve.. never really commissioned them, but as an artist myself, i know i absolutely need as many references as possible to get every single nitty-gritty detail on these disasters SE likes to call “fashion”. so here we go: Moth’s tips and tricks on how to get amazing reference shots using our good friend: Group Pose!

DISCLAIMER: this is not a proper “how-to”, but more a collection of tips and tricks that i have found helped me as well as other artists get the most out of the fine details in SE’s outfits. feel free to utilize as many or little of these tips as possible.

also, there are A LOT of pictures. folks with slower internet connections, you’ve been warned.

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anonymous asked:

I know I'm too old for shit like this but, I made a little imaginary Yosuke to be my friend and help me cope with my depression. I'm very isolated and only have one friend who lives far away from me in another state, so because my mother already has enough on her plate and we can't currently afford me another therapist, I have no one to talk to. So, because Yosuke is a character very dear to my heart, I like to pretend to talk with him and it makes me feel better even when I'm all alone.

It sounds like you’ve found a healthy way to cope, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s no different than writing reader-insert fics in my mind. It’s a great feeling to find comfort in a character.

That being said, I’m always here to talk if you need it. I’ve been through rough patches with depression and anxiety, and have gotten through them, and my inbox and DMs are always open if you want to talk.

My voice is still so husky from Friday’s show i wanna say that i can now pretend to be sexy but we all know that i can’t even fake that

anonymous asked:

Do you have any head cannons for the Septic egos you could share? -Kenai

>Oh Hell yeah I do

  • JJ’s a kind of glitch too
  • Chase and JJ pretend to be morning people and tea drinkers but they both get up first and share a pot of coffee before everyone else wakes up
  • While Anti is incredibly fucking terrifying he has days he’ll just lurk around a random ego like a cat and pretend he isn’t looking for attention, this can go anywhere from generally okay to spinechilling
  • Anti doesn’t mind JJ as much as the others, even he can respect a fellow glitch
  • Marvin is somehow the adult in the Septic house, this is not always a good thing
  • Jackaboyman kinda acts like a big brother and is the definition of a bruised ego. He’s never not hurt, this drives Shneep insane
  • Shneep carries five different medical tools on him at all times just in case
  • JJ and Anti have a truce for the whole of October, they’re prank buddies the whole month
  • JJ carries his carving knife in his jacket at all times, he hasn’t given a reason why
  • It took a month or two after JJ joined for everyone to get a basic understanding of ASL, it helped that Shneep already knew some from having different patients
  • No one really taught Anti ASL, he just started responding to JJ’s signing one day and didn’t elaborate. He taught himself a majority of it in a week. He’s the only one who can successfully keep up when JJ’s signing gets really fast
  • Anti doesn’t actually swear a lot unless he’s been pushed past irritation, he mostly uses Really Specific Threats™️ instead
  • Marvin accidentally poisons himself enough that it doesn’t even concern anyone anymore, like once a week he’s in one of Shneeps cots complaining about how similar Grinded Uni-Horn looks to Shredded Dragon Teeth or something along those lines
  • Jackaboyman has punched everyone at least twice, usually for being dumbasses
  • Chase is an actual oven of a human being
  • Chase is the only one allowed to cook, everyonce in a while Shneep’s allowed to either help or bake dessert but no one else is allowed to use the oven or even touch the stove
  • If anyone messes up a word while talking everyone else repeats it in a slightly different tone
  • They all have the same tattoos as Jack, but Jack doesn’t have all the same tattoos they do. Shneep and Marvin have tramp stamps, there’s more but this post is long enough lmao

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she is not even trying to pretend to adhere to any standard of royal behavior. This is all pure H Wood flash and trash now. She clearly has no fear and does whatever she wants and no one is stopping her. Watching the decline fo the British monarchy. It wouldn't be bad if they were vacationing but this is an engagement on behalf of the Queen! She does not give a shit.

Nope she doesn’t care…at all!😕❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I secretly count this phase in my life as a transition period. Secretly, because no one knows I’m transitioning. And not even I am sure of how the end result will be. All I know is that I have to replace my mask with another, one that is at least closer to my real face, if not exactly that.

But as this is still a secret, people who “know” me make plans with me or for me even, not knowing what is happening internally, not knowing how different my destination is. I go along with them, and I don’t know if it’s only a charade for me or if I really think of living out the rest of my life pretending, conforming, hiding. Should I just forget about I? Should I live out as me? Or should I just kill me off and live radically as I?

Containing the Catastrophe

Anyone still unsure of how (or even whether) they’ll vote in the midterms should consider this: All three branches of government are now under the control of one party, and that party is under the control of Donald J. Trump.  

With the addition of Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court is as firmly Republican as are the House and Senate.

Kavanaugh was revealed as a fierce partisan – not only the legal advisor who helped Kenneth Starr prosecute Bill Clinton and almost certainly guided George W. Bush’s use of torture, but also a nominee who believes “leftists” and Clinton sympathizers are out to get him.

He joins four other Republican-appointed jurists, almost as partisan. Thomas, Alito, and Roberts have never wavered from Republican orthodoxy. Neil Gorsuch, although without much track record on the Supreme Court to date, was a predictable conservative Republican vote on the Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit – which is why the Heritage Foundation pushed for him and Trump appointed him.  

Even under normal circumstances, when all three branches are under the control of the same party we get a lopsided government that doesn’t respond to the values of a large portion of the electorate.

But these are not normal circumstances. Donald Trump is President.

Need I remind you? Trump is a demagogue who doesn’t give a fig for democracy – who continuously and viciously attacks the free press, Democrats, immigrants, Muslims, black athletes exercising First Amendment rights, women claiming sexual harassment, anyone who criticizes or counters him; who treats the executive branch, including the Justice Department, like his own fiefdom, and brazenly profits off his office; who tells lies like other people breathe; and who might well have conspired with Vladimir Putin to swing the election his way.

Trump doesn’t even pretend to be the president of all the people. As he repeatedly makes clear in rallies and tweets, he is president of his “base.”

And his demagoguery is by now unconstrained in the White House. Having fired the few “adults” in his Cabinet, Trump is now on the loose (but for a few advisors who reportedly are trying to protect the nation from him).

All this would be bad enough even if the two other branches of government behaved as the framers of the Constitution expected, as checks and balances on a president. But under Republican leadership, they refuse to play this role when it comes to Trump.

House and Senate Republicans have morphed into Trump sycophants and toadies – intimidated, spineless, opportunistic. The few who have dared call him on his outrages aren’t running for reelection.

Some have distanced themselves from a few of his most incendiary tweets or racist rantings, but most are obedient lapdogs on everything else – including Trump’s reluctance to protect the integrity of our election system, his moves to prevent an investigation into Russian meddling, his trade wars, his attacks on NATO and the leaders of other democracies, his swooning over dictators, his cruelty toward asylum-seekers, and, in the Senate, his Supreme Court nominees.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has emerged as Trump’s most shameless lackey who puts party above nation and Trump above party. The House leadership is no better. House intelligence chair Devin Nunes is Trump’s chief flunky and apologist, but there are many others. 

Now that Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court, you can forget about the Court constraining Trump, either.

Kavanaugh’s views of presidential power and executive privilege are so expansive he’d likely allow Trump to fire Mueller, shield himself from criminal prosecution, and even pardon himself. Kavanaugh’s Republican brethren on the Court would probably go along.  

So how are the constitutional imperative of checks and balances to be salvaged, especially when they’re so urgently needed?  

The only remedy is for voters to flip the House or Senate, or ideally both, on November 6th.

The likelihood of this happening is higher now with Kavanaugh on the Court and Trump so manifestly unchecked. Unless, that is, enough voters have become so demoralized and disillusioned they just give up.

If cynicism wins the day, Trump and those who would delight in the demise of American democracy (including, not incidentally, Putin) will get everything they want. They will have broken America.

For the sake of the values we hold dear – and of the institutions of our democracy that our forbearers relied on and our descendants will need – this cannot be allowed.

It is now time to place a firm check on this most unbalanced of presidents, and vote accordingly.


I wanted to draw Keith having a pet dog growing up and I was like, ‘okay, he’d probably have a rottweiler, or maybe a German Sheppard?

but when i started drawing I was like no this kid is gonna have a floppy mop dog.


Neil tried to piece it all together, but the more he pushed, the faster it fell apart. It didn’t make sense. He didn’t know what he was supposed to think. It could be a lie, but Neil knew it wasn’t. Andrew was a lot of unpleasant things, but a pathological liar wasn’t one of them.


female awesome meme; 5/10 ladies who deserve better: tris prior (the divergent series)
“sometimes it isn’t fighting that’s brave, it’s facing the death you know is coming”

it’s crazy and downright scary how good women are at pretending that they’re happy. you could have a woman living in an emotional pit that she doesn’t even believe there’s a way out of but to you and all around her, she’s a ball of sunshine. it’s terrifying.

Darkiplier Never Left: A Theory

Okay, so this theory has been bouncing around in my brain since March, and I’ve briefly touched on it before, but I’ve never fleshed it out on here. Buckle in, homies. This is a long ride full of excessive bolding and italics, and we’ve abandoned the land of chill and “Read More”s.

As always, this connects to my other theories.They’re not required reading, but they will definitely help. I’ll link to the two most relevant ones (which are also the two most popular ones, so that’s neat!): The big bad, which explains the purpose of each of the egos in Markiplier TV; and this one, which explains why Mark is trying to undermine Dark.

In Markiplier TV, there are two heads to the table. One of them has already presented his plan to take back control. We’re about to witness the plan of the other. 

What is the plan exactly? Well, that much we’re not sure of, yet, except that one of the clues we’ve been given is a piece of what looks to be a ransom note. We’ve also been given a still from some security cam footage, which, when brightened, has a clear anaglyph (red/blue) effect. (You can view the brightened version here, courtesy of the lovely @amycampbell00.) This leads many to believe that someone (Mark, most likely) has been taken hostage, and that Dark is behind it. I agree with this, but I think that we’re making a mistake in assuming that this is a recent development. In fact, the point I’m here to make in this post is that Dark has had control of the channel since his very first official appearance in February. 

Let’s take a look at the psychology behind Dark as a character. He has two serious hyper-focuses: control and choice. Control is what he desires; choice is what he denies. During the Horror route of A Date with Markiplier, his obsession with the concept of choice is emphasized repeatedly. 

What’s interesting about this is that he follows this statement by, technically, giving you a choice– but what he presents you with is actually just the illusion of choice. It may seem like there are different paths to take, but only one will actually make a difference. The rest send you directly to dead ends. No matter what you do, you will, ultimately, have to make the “choice” that he has been leading you to all along. 

Immediately after this exercise in futility, he extolls the virtues of avoiding choice altogether and letting him have control. 

Okay, so why is this relevant? Well, consider this: we also know that Dark doesn’t exactly obey the laws of space and time. (Mark directly mentioned this fact in the February live stream.) Not only that, but he has some semblance of control over it as well– when you try to escape during the Exit video, he immediately creates a time loop and sends you back inside. He has complete and utter control of the situation at every moment, and if things don’t go the way he plans, he can literally manipulate the world around him. 

Knowing all of this, why would Dark then allow us to make this choice?

He wouldn’t. Of course he wouldn’t.

This man just spent the entirety of his time with us asserting that he was in control, and that choices are not only unnecessary, but dangerous. He set up a false choice to emphasize that point. There is no way he would give us a genuine choice after all of that. It goes against everything we know about him. Even if he was genuinely caught off guard (which I find hard to believe, but that’s a point for another post), he would not set himself up in a position of vulnerability that would immediately undermine all of his efforts up to that point. Any sort of “weakness” he would present would only be in the service of a greater purpose. 

Darkiplier can manipulate what we see. He can manipulate what we hear. He can manipulate the laws of space and time. He doesn’t need to give us any power over him. 

He’s tired of giving people a choice, and we are no exception. We don’t have the option to shoot Dark. We never did.

No matter what we choose, we will be shooting Mark. Mark didn’t escape on his own to confront Dark– if he had, Dark would have simply thrown him back in as he did in the Exit video. No, Dark let him escape. Dark let the gun fall at our feet. And Dark let us shoot him– except, of course, that he didn’t. The only difference your “choice” makes is how long he pretends to be the real Mark. 

 This all circles back around to his obsessions: he will give us the illusion of control over the situation and a choice in the outcome, when in reality, we have neither. And these things shape the most dangerous illusion of them all: the illusion of safety.

Mark isn’t in control of the channel. Mark hasn’t been in control of the channel for a long, long time. We already know that Dark can imitate Mark flawlessly, and he’s been doing so for months. Those brief moments in videos that appear to be Dark exercising the weak amount of power he has left? Those are simply to make us believe he’s not running the show. He’s practically taunting us.

He’s been pulling the strings for months now, patiently waiting for the right time to step out from the shadows and reveal his plan. Judging by the events of the past few days, he’s finally ready. The real question is, 

are we?