even your relationship is perfect

Girl Next Door

requested : @thejulietfarciertlove

Pairing : Lip x Reader

A/N : Sorry it is kind of crappy, feel free to give me feedback or any request ;)

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You knew the Gallaghers for what seems like forever. You moved when you where 13 years old in the house accross the street. You became friend with Ian pretty fast, spending a lot of time in treir crappy old house. But you like it better than yours, which was almost dead while Ian’s was always in movement. You liked almost every member of his family. Fiona who nearly adopted you, the cute little Liam, Carl and his big plans… And there was Lip. You’re relationship with the blond guy never was easy, that is the least we can say. It has always been intense. For the first year, every time you saw each other, it was like you had to fight. It all change when Ian, sick of you yelling at one another, locked you in the same room. You stayed two hours like that. Two hours during which you finally really talked, sharing things, learning the other. Soon enough you and Lip became friends, then best friends, even confident. Saying that your relationship was perfect will still be a lie tho. In fact, you two stubborn characters almost killed your friendship more than once, but you two were addicted to the other and you never were apart for long. That’s how one day it all change. You actually could not remember from where it starts but there you are, in front of their house, Lip yelling at you. You tried to stay calm but eventually he broke your patience. You were standing really close to him when you sax, in an instant, the look he had in the eye change. From mad it became hot and you both felt the tension in the air changing. You stopped and look at the other for maybe an hour, even if it was probably more seconds before one of you moved a muscle. Then it all went pretty fast. In an nanosecond Lip was kissing you, his hands around your face and your arms around his neck. As you kissed him back you realize how much of an evidence it felt. You stayed like that for a long moment before you heard Debby.

- Can you please do that elsewhere ? You two are blocking the pass and I’d liked to come home.

You rolled your eyes, smiling and enter the Gallaghers house


- Ly

A Chance to Come Through

Request: “Could you write something where maybe Sonny gets hurt on the job and the reader is his girlfriend that the squad doesn’t know about?”


Sonny Carisi is a great boyfriend.

You had only been officially dating for a few months, but you knew it was the real deal.  Sonny is thoughtful, sweet, funny…he’s every quality you’d want in a guy, and then some.

You met at Fordham Law, and although the two of you hit it off from the beginning, you weren’t quite ready to be in a relationship at the time.  You texted every now and then, but you didn’t see much of each other after finishing school.

Then, a few months ago, Sonny nearly lost his life on the job, and that’s when he called you and asked you out for coffee.

“I don’t want to take things for granted anymore,” he’d said, his hand covering yours. “I think we both know there’s something here.”

And he was right.

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Hi Baby » Oli White

Request: Anonymous said Hey I just want to say your imagines are great!! Could you possibly do one were you were dating oli for about 2 years and you found out you were pregnant and you left him without any mention of the baby because you didn’t want to ruin his career and you meet again in a club and you then go onto introducing him to his child.

I changed it a little x

You had been friends with the YouTuber Oliver White, or Oli as he was better known as since you were teenagers. You had met when he moved to your school when he was in Year 9 and you were in the year below him and after four years of being as thick as thieves, he asked you out. You said yes, albeit being 17 and never having a boyfriend before.

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Set Backs

Part of Trying to leave him

Mark, Jaebum, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, Yugyeom


B.A.P: Part I, Part II, Part III ; BTS: Part I, Part II, Part III; EXO: Part I, Part II, Part III; Got7: {coming soon}; Monsta X: Part I, Part II, Part III ; Dean: {Coming soon}

Characters: Jinyoung x Original Character {Yeseul}

Summary:  You were just his personal assistant, but you found yourself married to him. However, your perfect relationship began to fall when you witnessed him kill a man in cold blood.

Word Count: 2350

This scenario will be group with all Got7 trying to escape him!

Note: Do not get involved with someone who hurts you or threatens you. Your mental and physical health are so much more important than anyone else. This is purely fictional.  I do not think any members are actually like this, but this is an au

Credit to gif owner


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My Love, My Light - Jungkook (BTS Scenario)

Requested by leebaram98! Thank you!

I usually don’t posts fics/scenarios so close to each other but I am just in the zone oh my goodness. Being a night owl has its perks. This will not happen as often probably but I am just getting my head in the game. WHOO

I really like this scenario, it’s cute. Lots of fluff, no lie.
I spent a good 30 minutes with my friend trying to think of a title, why was there a struggle. I really like this fic however, quite proud, quite proud indeed. But anyway the prompt is:

“ Can i ask for a scenario of Jungkook and his 2 years old son never leaving him and always stuck to his father. To the point the baby might cry even Jungkook left him for a second .. thank you“

characters: you, Jungkook, your son

genre: fluff (serious major fluff)

rating: E

word count: 1,291


Alright honey! I’ll be back my dinner! Namjoon wants to talk to me about something!

Jungkook was ready to leave your guys’ home, looking casual as he gave you a peck on the cheek and placed his hand on the doorknob. You had your son in your arms, carrying him as he looked at his father with tears forming in his eyes.

I’ll be back later okay?

He kissed your son’s head and as soon as he twisted the doorknob, your son started to fidget his way out of your arms, so you let him stand on the floor. His first decision was to cling onto Jungkook and whimper about how he doesn’t want him to leave.

No,” your son said with a stubborn attitude that he got from his father.

Jungkook smiled, “aww, don’t worry. I’ll be back,

The more Jungkook tried to leave, the more your child clutched on his leg. He began to cry from the feeling of his father leaving and Jungkook immediately lifted him up into his arms,

Hey, why are you crying huh? You’re a fat baby not a crybaby.

With that being said, you lightly jabbed Jungkook in the tricep. He was always busy with this and that and you were left with the baby often because your workplace doesn’t give you enough hours. Maybe you have been feeding your son a little bit too much baby food.

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Having had an almost perfect relationship with Jared, that even all your friends wished for, but one day, something goes terribly wrong and you break up. There was yelling, tears, heartbreak, it was the worst breakup ever, then one year later, he sees you happy with someone else and the guilt eats him alive that he couldn’t keep you happy.

{ By: Anon } 

anonymous asked:

Either you or he is supernatural

I’m sorry this is going to be so bad I’m not good at these kinds of things do Angels even count?? Oops

Through out your entire relationship with Ashton he was perfect, an angel. Literally an angel. You couldn’t believe it yourself but Ashton came at a time in which you exactly needed him and he was just too good to be true. So when you saw the wings poking out the back of his hoodie after he tried so hard to conceal them from you, you had to have an explanation. And it was hard to believe, but it was so fitting to believe that your perfect boy was an angel and you were so in love. However when things went south between you and Luke, which ultimately led to the two of you separating, Luke had so much pent up anger and frustration inside of him and slowly every day he felt his wings getting smaller and smaller until they were just small nubs on his back. And one day when he saw you in the park one day with a new boy on your arm he felt a searing pain in his head, dizzy until he felt something breaking the skin of his skull. He was blind with anger as he felt horns growing on top of his head and a endless hatred in his bones, knowing exactly who he would be going after next as he looked at the boy making you laugh.


there are literally no idealized relationships in Steven Universe

every relationship had its ups and downs and one person not understanding the other completely. 

I think that’s a great thing to have in a children’s cartoon, you know? Don’t expect your relationships to be perfect. Even the cutest, most compatible ones, like Connie and Steven, can have their misunderstandings, their troubles, but if you communicate, if you just talk, you can resolve your problems and enjoy a loving, mutual relationship. 

Young and in Love

Tom Holland × Reader

For @marvxl-imagine :)

Your name: submit What is this?

Request: So I just turned 20 the day after Tom Holland and I’m like so In love with him 😂 so could you write a tom imagine where the reader is either Jeremy Renners or RDJ’s daughter and they start dating tom and the father really likes them together? Super fluffy please

(Author’s Note: I’m making the reader’s dad RDJ! And also, Katsuya is a restaurant in LA that I love going to! I thought it would be a nice touch and I hope the requester won’t mind! Lastly, (Y/E/C) means your eye color, (Y/N) means your full name, and (Y/L/N) means your last name!)


You were in love with Thomas Stanley Holland. And could you help it? He was adorable, talented, and caring. He treated you like a queen, and he was your prince. Every time you heard his name, your heart soared. To make your relationship even MORE perfect, your father, THE Robert Downey Jr., approved of you two together and, quite frankly, was your biggest supporter. “Ah, to be young and in love.” He would tease whenever you kissed. Your dreams of marriage and a family were shared, and the two of you agreed on everything.


Your phone buzzed, it was Tom. You smiled.


Tom: I have a surprise for you tonight.

(Y/N): Why would you tell me that? It’s the anniversary of the day we met, everything is supposed to be a surprise.

Tom: Because it is hard enough to not tell you what the surprise is. I had to tell you something.

M (Y/N): Oooookay, Spider-Boy. Whatever you say. See you tonight.


You put your phone back in your pocket. Tom’s surprises were always the best. But, him setting up the surprise made him unavailable to hang out for the day, and as you were in between filming, you had nothing to do. You called your dad to see if he wanted to have lunch. “Sorry, sweetie. I have an audition today. Maybe tomorrow?” You sighed. “Okay, see you later, dad.” Since when did your dad go on auditions anymore? He was well known, and a good actor too, most of the time people just called him to see if he wanted roles. You didn’t think much of it, though, you just decided to try someone else. You, Chris Evans, and Sebastian Stan had become close because of your dad. You three were constantly together and became fast friends. You guys were like the three amigos. You decided to try Chris first. You knew he was in town since he also lived in LA. “Chris! You up for lunch?” You asked when he picked up. “Sorry (Y/N), I can’t. I’m meeting with my publicist today. I can on Friday, though!” “Okay, I’ll see you on Friday, then.” You were bummed. You tried Sebastian next. “Sebastian! Want to have lunch?” You asked. “I can’t. I’ve got a meeting with my agent about a movie. Saturday?” He replied. “Sure, see you Saturday.” You replied, more than a little upset. “Great! See you Saturday!” Sebastian said. You hung up. You tried everyone. Scarlett, Jeremy, Chris Hemsworth. Everyone. Guess I’ll just have to tough it out. I hope Tom’s surprise is worth it. It was. What you didn’t know was that everyone was in on the surprise. None of them were doing what they said they were. They were all helping Tom.


When you got home, you were surprised to see nothing special there. There was a note on the table saying “Meet me at Katsuya -Tom” in Tom’s perfect handwriting. You figured you’d have to wear something nice as Katsuya wasn’t exactly casual.


When you got to the restaurant, nobody was there. You walked in and the person at the counter said “You must be Ms. (Y/L/N)! Tom is expecting you! When you walked further into the restaurant, you saw Tom. As soon as he saw you, he hopped up and gave you a kiss on the cheek and pulled out your chair. “For you, m'lady!” He said. His excitement made you love him even more. “Thanks! Now will you tell me what the surprise is? We eat here practically every night!” You laughed. You were wondering where the menus were when the chef came out of the kitchen holding a platter of all of your favorite foods. You looked at Tom and noticed he was smiling bigger than he ever had. It was clear Tom had bought out the restaurant and ordered all of your food before you had even got there. He even remembered to get the special Japanese drink you liked because it made you feel like a kid. “You look absolutely stunning, you know.” He said. “Thanks, you look incredible yourself!” You replied. Tom was wearing his favorite suit, black with a white shirt. You started eating first. You were hungry and this was your favorite food. When you were both done, Tom grabbed your hand and pulled you out of the restaurant, thanking the chef on the way. “Tom! Don’t you have to pay?” You asked, laughing. “Already did!” He said, laughing with you. You got to Tom’s car and he started driving. “Where are we going? They’ll tow my car!” You asked. “You’ll see! And your car is already being taken care of!” At a stoplight, Tom took out his phone and started texting someone, but you couldn’t see who. You could have sworn you saw Chris Evans reply “On it.” Twenty minutes later, Tom parked the car across the street from a park. He practically ran out of the car to open the door for you. “Should I be tipping you for this?” You joked. “Wait, this is where we first met.” You said. Tom nodded, still holding your hand. “And over here, is the exact spot I started talking to you on for the first time three years ago today. What a day that was.” Out of nowhere, a violin started playing and lights strung from the trees turned on. All of the people you had called earlier were there, plus a few more. When you turned back to Tom, he knelt down on one knee. “Tom? What are you-” You said, your (Y/E/C) eyes starting to water. “(Y/N) from the moment I met you, I knew you were the one I wanted to marry. You are perfect in everyway. I don’t know how else to say it. So, (Y/N), will you marry me?” You were so happy in this moment. Surrounded by everyone you love. Being asked by the man you love to marry him. Everything was perfect. “Yes!” You shouted! Tom kissed you. You didn’t bother wiping the tears from your eyes, it didn’t matter. You hugged your dad immediately. “Congratulations, sweetie. Was this worth the wait?” He asks. “Of course!” You said. Chris and Sebastian hugged you next. “Congratulations (Y/N), we’re really happy for you!” They say as they wrap you in a three-person bear hug and kiss you on the cheek. “Thanks, I’m really happy too!” You reply. Everyone congratulates you and gives you hugs and kisses on the cheek. You hear Chris and Sebastian begging Tom to be co-best men, and Tom finally give in to them. This moment is perfect. You are the happiest person on Earth, like Disneyland personified!

Till now & Forever - Pt.1

Special dedication to @littlebtsdaydreams as this was originally written for her♥

Summary:  ‘’Anyone can give up; its the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart that’s true strength.’’ When the fear takes over the happiness and love, is giving up and running away the only thing to do?

A/N: So this is short drabble series :) I hope you enjoy it! <3

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Members: Jungkook x Reader | Genre: Angst / Fluff | Words: 903

The best thing wasn’t the fact that You achieved what you wanted in life or what you have dream of for few years. Also being with Jungkook in a relationship wasn’t the best. Yes it wasn’t. He wasn’t just a normal guy that had a passion in singing and performing arts. He was a man that was known almost around the world. He was a man that millions of girls were losing their voices for, while shouting out loud his name “Jeon Jungkook” . He was an idol and being in a relationship with an idol had no rights to be the best thing and all so perfect. There was a lot of ups and downs, heart breaks, pain and hate. But what was the best? Why did you committed yourself to be in a relationship with a man that millions of girls loves? Because even though you had ups and downs, he was the only person to make you smile, laugh or your heart flutter. Even though it wasn’t perfect relationship of lots of love and plot like in fairy-tales with prince and princess you still managed to get through. Still managed to be together, support each other and love each other till the very end of your lives. This was the best! Eternal love you had towards each other.

Almost 2 years ago from now, you have met the love of your life. Truthfully you had no hopes in him falling in love with an average girl that stuck herself in books to achieve good in life. Getting his signature and an answer on the post it note as well as short, 30sec conversation with him was all you expected from that night. But how everything turned to be so different and more intense?

“Look me in the eyes and tell me what you see and feel’‘ He read from the post it that was stuck to his picture from the latest album they have released. Jungkook giggled lightly at your messy Hangul, but found it so cute that you tried your best to communicate with your idol in their native language. Found it very fascinating that the foreign fan made it easier for them but harder for herself to communicate with them.

”Y/N right?“ He called out your name in his cute accent. Trying his best to show off his English skills while you were trying your best to talk in Korean.

”Yeah, how do you know?“ You stuttered surprised with your eyes open. ’'How the heck he knew my name” You thought to yourself forgetting that you wrote your name on one of the post it on the edge of page to make it easier for them to sign it.

“Here’’ Jungkook lifted up your album and pointed at your name while smiling widely. You covered your blushing cheeks from embarrassment. ’'How could you forget you stupid girl” You mentally cursed yourself while looking at cute giggling bunny in front of you. When he signed the album he proceed in looking for the question you asked him. He saw it once again and looked at you trying to catch your gaze.

“Don’t move and look me in the eyes. I need to answer your question correctly’’ He said with a serious tone and you froze, looking straight into his deep, dark and mysterious eyes. It took him a while, his pupils were going bigger and bigger as you could feel your cheeks getting hotter. He was looking deep inside you, like he was reading your mind or connecting with your soul. His face expression was weird, like he realized something strange or found out of what you were thinking about.

”You are doing this on purpose Y/N’’ He said warmly not taking his eyes of you. His voice was deep and slow like he was trying to catch your heart with it. Jungkook’s face expression was considerable and hypnotized by something that he saw in your doe eyes. An unfamiliar knot was building in your stomach and your legs were getting weaker as his voice flew through your veins.

“What?’’ Your tone of voice full of confusion. Quietly you asked him feeling your heart pounding by your chest as if it was winning the marathon. His stare was blocking your from breathing and speaking. Like you were hypnotized and spoke only the words he told you to.

”You are making me fall in love with you, on purpose’’ He said once again with his deep and husky voice making sure no one around could hear the words that were escaping his mouth. This time drawing a goosebumps all around your body with his tone. You widened your eyes in shock of his words and took your gaze off him. Something brought you back to reality and you knew what it was. It was his heart beating faster at the sight of you blushing. He leaned back to his position, fighting with his thoughts. Once again you looked at him, without a knowledge of how to act, still surprised of the words he said. Jungkook was still looking at you mesmerized. Seeing his puppy shining eyes warmed up your heart that was about to jump out through your throat. Jungkook smiled widely and it formed cute wrinkles around his eyes you adored as he whispered to himself, realizing the state he was in. 

‘’You are making me fall for you’’ 

Say Something Part 2- 4/4 Imagine

A/N: This is part two for the Say Something imagine I did two days ago, which can be found here. I wasn’t planning on making a second part but some people asked for it so here it is! I know Calums part is a little short, I wrote part one without knowing I’d make part 2 so I didn’t really know what I wanted to happen so yeah, Calums part is basically just a longer ending to part 1. I hope you like it though! If you have any requests, I’m always open for them! xx 

The minute the door behind you closed, you sat down on yours and Michaels bed and cried again. Unlike earlier, where you’d been in pure shock and angry at Michael, the sadness was now kicking in brutally. You didn’t expect him to come run after you, to follow you and fight for your relationship. Michael had never been the type for that, you both were quite proud people, therefore you were more than surprised to hear footsteps and a knock on the door. Michael didn’t even bother to wait until you told him to go away, he just walked into the room and quickly rushed to your shared bed. “Y/N…” You rolled your eyes, once again he failed to form a proper sentence. “Michael, what the fuck is wrong with you? Have you lost your ability to speak, usually you’re more than good with shoving your opinions up everyones ass and now you can’t even give me a proper explanation for what you’ve done?” You shook your head at him, remaining eye contact. Although you were aware your eyes were puffy and red from crying, you refused to look down and show a sign of weakness. You had always made sure Michael never forgot that you were anything but dependant on him, you wanted him to think your happiness was not relying on him. Michael sighed and took a deep breath with his eyes closed before looking at you again. “Look… I’m sorry. I really am but I knew you wouldn’t wanna hear some bullshit apology from me, I know you well enough to know a cheesy sorry wouldn’t do shit. I was drunk, stupid and horny and I know there’s no excuse for what I’ve done, I’m not trying to find one. I deserve whatever punishment you wanna give me but please, please don’t leave me. You’re all I have, Y/N. You make me happy and I’m not missing anything in this relationship. What I did was a massive fucking mistake and trust me if I could I’d undo it. But please, don’t leave me babe. I love you too much to know I caused a breakup between us.” You listened closely to what Michael said, although his apology did seem sincere you knew it would take alot for things to go back to the way they were before. “Michael, I love you too… I’m not gonna break up with you because you know, I can’t. But I want you to know that I can’t just go on and forget about this, I just can’t. You have to give me some time…” You sighed and moved slightly closer to Michael, who looked really upset. Kissing his temple, you wrapped your arm around him. Of course, you were still angry and upset and hurt and whatnot, but looking at the bigger picture, Michael meant too much to you to let him go. You had known that the second he had confessed about his mistake to you, but it wasn’t until now that you had admitted it to yourself. The truth was, Michael and you were bigger than a mistake like that and you were willing to try and forgive him.

You sat there in Lukes room for an hour before you decided to go home. He was probably waiting for you to leave before coming back. You didn’t blame him, what you had done was awful and you wanted to give him as much time as he needed. Still, you couldn’t help but miss his warm embrace, his soft voice and the reassurement of him just being there. When you got home, you quickly changed into your pyjamas, not expecting Luke to speak to you again today. You had just settled into your bed with some chocolate, your laptop and several seasons of Sex and the City when you heard your mum call your name from downstairs. Groaning, you rolled out of bed, put on one of Lukes hoodies you had secretly stolen from him and made your way downstairs. You gasped when you saw Luke standing in the entrance hall, soaked from head to toe. He must’ve been out for at least an hour, he looked cold and just awful. “Luke…” You began, he bit his lip and looked at you with a weak smile. “Can we talk?” He asked and you nodded. You both awkwardly went upstairs into your room where you handed him a few towels. “Do you want dry clothes or something? You’re shaking Luke…” You looked at him, his blue lips were shut as he slowly dried his hair and took his hoodie off. “Maybe a shirt and some sweats would be cool, it’s not like you don’t have half of my wardrobe at yours anyway…” Luke chuckled slightly, it was a weak chuckle but still, it gave you hope. Handing him dry clothes, you sat on the bed while he got changed before sitting next to you. “Look…” He began before shaking his head. “This is just not us…” He mumbled before laying down on your bed and covering himself with a blanket. Luke gestured for you to join him, which you did. Your head was resting on his chest, he was playing with your hair and for a second you almost forgot about what had happened. “You know I still love you like crazy right?” Luke asked, you nodded. “I love you to-” You began but he interrupted you. “I thought alot about this and to be honest, I can’t be mad at you for too long. I got really angry and I might have to smash your ex’s face in the next time I see him but yeah I guess… I don’t know. I walked alot and calmed down and I think I’m okay now… We did argue before it happened and yeah..” You smiled into Luke’s chest before leaning up to kiss his jaw. “Thank you, I… I honestly don’t know what was going on. I promise you I’ll make it up to you somehow, I never ever wanted to hurt you…” You couldn’t help but still feel bad, even when Luke shook his head. “Babe let’s just not talk about this anymore okay? You wanna watch a movie?” The thought of watching something with luke seemed like heaven right now. “I see you already have a sex and the city evening planned… You’re not gonna make me watch it again are you?” You chuckled and shook your head, nothing felt better than this. Things between you were certainly not perfect, but you knew he didn’t want to give up on you and that was all that counted for you.


You were waiting for Ashton on the couch. He was upstairs in your room, collecting some of his stuff. You were sure it was just an attempt of his to make you re-consider your decision. He had acted like this was something you enjoyed, like you wanted things to be like this. He couldn’t be more wrong though: You had been crying all day, you didn’t want to do this but you had to. It was the right, mature thing to do for both of you. Hearing loud footsteps on the stairs, you got up from the couch and walked Ash to the door. “I… Uh I’ll come over soon to pick up my stuff..” You mumbled, biting your lip as you looked up at Ashton. “Yeah just make sure I’m not… Just make sure you call before you come over.” His tone was cold, you were aware what ending his sentence was supposed to have: he didn’t want to be there when you came to his place. “I’m- yeah I will.” You were going to apologize again but you knew that wasn’t what Ashton needed to hear. He nodded slightly and took a deep breath before opening the door. This was not the goodbye you had pictured, it was cold and awkward. Even though yours and Ashton’s relationship hadn’t been perfect, it had always been passionate and real. You couldn’t bring yourself to hug him even though you really wanted to. Before stepping outside, Ashton turned around once more. Tears had built up in his eyes, his voice was shaking. “You know I loved you. I still do. Every day when I wasn’t here, I…” His voice was cracking, you felt your heart actually break. “You were the most important person in my life, even when we were on different fucking continents. I never would’ve given up on you, on us. Ever. Just keep that in mind.” His words seemed hateful now, you bit down on your bottom lip, trying not to cry. With that, Ashton slammed the door close. You heard his car start outside and he was gone. If only you had known you wouldn’t see him again for another six months, six months which both of you spent thinking about nothing but eachother.


You both stayed like this for two hours, maybe even more. Feeling calums heart beat slowly against your chest, his calm breath against your neck, everything about this moment was perfect. His hand was slowly rubbing up and down your back, your fingers traced through his hair. “Calum?” You spoke quietly. He turned his head and nodded. “Mhmh?” “Do you maybe wanna stay over tonight?” You asked, looking into his eyes. He smiled and nodded, although you and him had spent nights together before you had started dating, back when you were friends, it was a big deal for you. Spending the night together was different when you were dating, and although you both wanted to wait until you had sex, you were still nervous. Half an hour later, you had convinced your mom that you were sleeping at your best friends house. Calums parents didn’t know about you two dating yet, so they wouldn’t mind you sleeping over. Wearing one of his big t shirts and your underwear, you crawled into the warm bed and wrapped your arms around a shirtless calum. You tangled your legs with his and rested your head on his chest, your fingers tracing up and down his chest. “Goodnight, beautiful.” He whispered and turned off the lights. Right now, you were happy. You knew these arguments would happen alot more, but they were nothing compared to these moments: The happy, peaceful moments between you two. The moments where you could just stay with him for hours and neither of you had to say a word, you both knew what the other one was thinking. Calum made you happier than anybody ever had, he had always made you happy as a friend as well. Whenever any guy had hurt you, or someones words had brought you down, Calum had always been the first one to notice and make you smile again. He had this gift of always knowing what the sensible thing to say was, at least with you. You appreciated him more than anything, you were quite certain that without him you’d be quite lost.