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Alright, so who wants a Hanukkah-themed writing challenge?

Good, because get ready for Ktavnukkah, the thing I just came up with like yesterday!

The goal is to write a short story/poem/what-have-you for every evening of Hanukkah, each with a certain prompt (so the goal could be to write on the evening before and post the day of). There’s no word count or contest, so go wild!

(Note: While goyim (non-Jews) can signal boost/reblog content, I’d prefer if they didn’t directly participate.)

The prompts are, as follows:

Day 1 (Dec 24): Miracles
Day 2 (Dec 25): Fire/warmth
Day 3 (Dec 26): Food
Day 4 (Dec 27): Outdoors/nature
Day 5 (Dec 28): Music/dance
Day 6 (Dec 29): Family/friends
Day 7 (Dec 30): Resistance
Day 8 (Dec 31): Wildcard-write whatever you want!

Have fun, and Chag Sameach!

Ring Around the Poesy

I was tagged by @denmysterywoman, @maya-doolali, @mycosmicbackyard, and @rampaging-poet to respond to the following questions. I briefly thought about answering them directly, but anyone who knows me understands the improbability of that.

How old?

I have chronicled paths through the evening phase of moons and become undone by the sight of morning tides.

Current job?

An intellect engaged.

Dream job?

At the helm of a warship in a wording sea.

Is there anything you are talented at?

Boldly smart replies and impertinent sighs.

Is there a big goal you are working towards?

A turn of the tassel.

What is your aesthetic?

Tyrian purple over that which appears porcelain.

Do you collect anything?

Old English insults.

Is there a topic you always bring up in conversation?

The creature ate its words—        it seemed to me
strangely weird           when I heard this wonder:
that it had devoured   human speech.
A thief in the darkness            gloriously mouthed
the source of knowledge—     but the thief was not
the least bit wiser       for the words in his mouth.

Pet peeves?

I am vexed by unruly animals. Owners of such ought to be drawn and quartered.

Any advice to give?

Beware the sovereign with a phobia of petaled white.

Recommend three songs:

Lullaby” – Assemblage 23

Never Ending” – Imperative Reaction

Aeroscope” – VNV Nation

Eternal Traveler Syndrome - Chapter 1 - xaren_jo - Wander Over Yonder [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Wander Over Yonder
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Wander & Sylvia Zbornak
Characters: Wander (Wander Over Yonder), Sylvia Zbornak
Additional Tags: probability manipulation, Missing Scene, Gambling, Friendship, more tags to be added later

“I guess it’d be too rude even for me to keep calling you ‘brat’ or 'runt’ if we’re doing this, so what should I call you instead?”
“You can call me Wander.”
“That’s not your real name, is it?”

How did these two become friends, anyway? This story directly follows the flashback shown in “The Waste of Time”.

whew, finally posted the first chapter! this idea’s been stuck in my head since december, i think. and that’s saying something cuz i only started watching woy back in november.
this was inspired by other works of fiction: @thetriggeredhappy​‘s The Times, where it was implied that wander has some kind of probability manipulation powers (i fell in love with this idea instantly), and by @spacecrunched​‘s The First Kiss, in the fifth chapter of which syl reminisces about the first time they met (oooh yea, give me more backstories!).
uh, is too much to tag people if they inspired you?.. anyways, you guys are great, just wanted to say this.

anonymous asked:

Am i reaching or are the hetero-stunts coordinated? First Sebastian proves he's oh so hetero by defending his 'girlfriend' (never for himself), than Chris proves he's oh so hetero by partying the night away with booze, buddies and babes.

C/J break-up was followed by sebs ig rant. Several things about this makes it fishy as fuck:

The account was created just hours before sebs comment. Seb wasn’t even tagged in it, but somehow found it (??) and then decided to comment totally unnecessary stuff like “scum. unfollow me”, which draws attention directly to it. Attention to a post about the relationship being fake for everyone to see (lol).

The better reaction would have been to ignore/block it. The goal was to draw attention to it, so people would talk. A good distraction for the C/J break up and a reminder that seb is still with her. 

Now we have a video of chris in austin having a good time from TMZ (VERY trashy site) with a little diss to jenny and a reminder that chris still has that womanizer image (the comments about the women at the party). 

Both were save when chris was with jenny. Seb didn’t have to stunt a lot and chris could rest his womanizer image for a while. Now everything is back to the way it was before.

ok like the real regret of animorphs being made in the 90s is that axmarco could only happen in the tv show and even then never like, Directly Addressed. if all yall posers are gonna talk about wanting a modern interpretation yall BETTER also be hopin for a change in the relationship between ax and marco skewing towards more romantic because that would add SO MUCH THEMATICALLY to their character development and follow reoccuring themes in the series. 

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Very Important Please Read

Okay so if you follow me and don’t have a blog that’s directly related to kidcore and pretty much almost all of the other tags that relates to age regressing of stuff please be careful when you follow me with your blog and it’s content. Even if you are an age regressor depending on your content please be careful.

With my blog being full of kidcore/age regressor stuff it’s also full of trauma victims or just people in general or sensitive to certain subjects.  When you follow me and IF you decided to follow another blog that you see from me please check it’s about or byf. Many age regressors have a full list of do’s and dont’s if you want to follow them. Including a list of tags make sure you check the tags before you follow them if they want you following them at all.

For example you may be a sfw blog but your blog has swears, self harm, or negative talk about yourself or others in it, or personal posts.  Some age regressors will not like that and don’t want you following them or to tag this stuff. 

I personally do not mind if you don’t tag the top four but I know for a fact I have some followers that do and I will tag that stuff myself anyway. 

If you post gore please, please, read the abouts and byf’s if you follow someone from me. (I don’t post that on this blog)

If you are not a age regressor make sure it’s not a age regressor only exclusive blog.

When you are an age regressor you are apart of a community and many of us follow from each other. Please know who that regressor is and if it’s alright to follow, reblog, or like any of their posts.

An don’t just try and reblog something from someone because you thought it was really cute or made you nostalgic when you aren’t 100% sure if it’s okay to reblog, post, like from person.

If the post hasn’t been tagged and usually they are by age regressors with a banner telling you if you can reblog or like the post depending on what you reblog then there’s something else you can do. Or if your not sure it’s okay you reblog or like from this person. Go into the notes of the post and find a blog that’s reblogged the post you are looking for that you know you can reblog or like from that isn’t related to age regressing or doesn’t have any objections to you doing it.


Thanks for reading. 

Grant Twitter Drama

I’m barely on twitter but when I saw what went down with Grant on his own Twitter I’m glad I’m not on it as much.

It feels like people there become meaner so I stay away. Tumblr has enough asshole clogging it up with haters following tags they don’t even like.

I felt really bad for Grant. As someone pointed out to me here, that is his personal space to do whatever he wants in. He talks to fans, posts pictures of himself and his cast on instagram and reblogs tweets he personally likes. 

Why oh why are people bringing their bull shit drama to his personal space? Regardless of what happened, who said what to whom, you never, ever tweet the actor directly about drama. I just find that behavior so rude and uncalled for. I don’t find it funny at all. I doubt it was a joke. When you make serious accusations like you constantly do and think that you won’t be called out for anything, don’t underestimate if they see you mention them and call you on it. 

Grant did nothing wrong. In fact, tons of people I heard and seen have sent hate to Danielle and her instagram too many times and he was sick of it obviously. So he did something about it. He didn’t need to justify it. He doesn’t have time for drama (like so many do within this fandom). He doesn’t need to explain why, but he did. Telling him to log off and quit twitter is bogus. You don’t make that decision, he does. There are so many nasty people out there who just won’t get over themselves. These are real people, stop bothering them with your pettiness.

Grant has a backbone, best believe he’ll use it if he has to. What I’m glad is Danielle is ok from all this. I’m happy she had stayed away from it. With the shit she gets thrown her way daily I would have done it too. I know Candice gets it too, and I find it wrong when people do that at all, but with the current state of that fandom, regarding how they treat the Snowbarry fandom, I am not surprised they were called bullies. Most of them act exactly like that to anybody who ships Snowbarry. I’m not shocked, I hope Grant doesn’t have to deal with this bullshit anymore and goes back to what he does normally. Karma sucks, don’t think celebs don’t see you when you send them hate. You might be called out publicly and blocked too.


There are definitely fake blogs trolling the tags, taking advantage of the following sprees, reblogging posts and selfies, maybe even posting fake pics they found on Google. Anything to get black bloggers to follow them back so they can make sure their triggering content shows up directly on your dash.

BE CAREFUL WHO YOU FOLLOW. If their blog is no more than a few days old, if they seem overeager to “fit in” with the social justice crowd and appear as innocuous as possible, if they do nothing but poorly parrot everyone else’s sentiments, they are not to be trusted.

Blogs like kek-dude123, who just gave the most pathetic attempt to ferret out my main account I have ever seen. If you see any blogs that look like this one, BLOCK THEM.

Please be careful. 

hello friends and all who have ever watched ONCE UPON A TIME


Edit: Due to having to finalize questions with my professor & some family emergency circumstances, the survey will not be here until NEXT WEEK, but that doesn’t change anything from this end!

I am doing a survey right here rreaaaaallll soon and I am depending upon you, my lovely, LOVELY TUMBLR ASSOCIATES AND STRANGERS

I need YOUR feedback on Once Upon A Time if you ever ever ever watched it!! Please please pleaaasssee signal boost this thang up to your followers, especially if you are an OUAT themed blog or anyttthinng or how about especially if you are ALIVE. You can even *gasp* tag people directly on the post and I won’t be mad. I’ll probably be mad if no one tags somebody on the post (jk)(but pls do).

pleaasseeeeeeeeeeee this is my grade in your handssssssss, but I need your permission to “make you” (jk I can’t make you) take my survey!!! I cannot promise it will be an amazing survey but I can promise that I usually write pretty good essays and I would like to keep this streak up! I love you! Pls reblog or like my post. I will love you forever and even promo you if you’d like. I can also draw things and will do that as payment for your time.

If you like the post, I’ll send you the link! If you reblog it or are tagged on it, I will ask if you want to take it or if I get realllllyyyyy desperate I’ll just send you the link.

Pls swear upon your lives, whether you still like OUAT or not that you will do this for me plesssassee pleaassee and thank you and may you all #savehenry or have Henry save you (or something like that).

Edit: Due to having to finalize questions with my professor & family emergency circumstances, the survey will not be here until NEXT WEEK, but that doesn’t change anything from this end! Feel free to still message me directly, if you would like. I’m so excited about all the responses! And I’m definitely feelin’ the pressure to make it a good survey lol.

Read more for more edits to this post….

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Which means the kids will begin the task of writing over 1000 urls on a fabric…or two…or 10

it looks like Isaac for one is very excited (bottom right lol)

We are still trying to get the project funded, so I would really appreciate it if you guys could help me spread the word. Every cent raised (minus the Kickstarter fees) goes directly into funding the camp, and any extra money we raise will go directly to children’s school fees and school lunches

Here’s a link to the Fundraiser

I know not everyone can afford to support financially but even a supportive reblog and following the progress of our program is incentive for me and the rest of the people at the camp to remind us that people care about what we are doing. 

Track our tag #CampKeno for updates on your URL on the cloth and more