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Just in time for his birthday, we are excited to announce Otabek Altin Week! 👍

Dates: October 25th - 31st, 2017

Tag: #otabekaltinweek

Tentative Schedule:

  • Sept 17 - 22nd - Blog open, prompt suggestions taken
  • Sept 23rd - Prompts Announced
  • October 25th - 31st - Otabek Week!


  • Work should be centered around Otabek Altin, although other characters featured alongside him are welcome.
  • Tag your work with the tag #otabekaltinweek, or @ this blog so we can find and reblog you during the week.
  • Submission of work directly is also allowed, just follow the link in the blog.
  • SFW and NSFW content will be allowed, but please tag your NSFW (and we will too).
  • Any and all types of content are allowed, fanart, fanfic, edits, audio, cosplay, something we didn’t even think of, etc… whatever you like, create it!

We’re looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up for our best boy ! If you have any prompt suggestions or question, our ask box is open.

[Event Mods: @kawaiilo-ren@llyn-on-ice​ and @yuri-purrsetsky​]


I’m sure some of you may have noticed a dip in activity for us izuocha shippers, specifically that nice tagging thing we did and quite possibly why your getting tags here instead

Well hatefilledpoptarts to explain now what this shiny new blog is and how its come about, as well as some basic guidelines.

why the izuocha-tagging-squad exists

As it stands there is a slowly increasing amount of izuocha shippers interested in being involved

and if you have a look I’m going to show a screenshot of my first time tagging

a pretty short list at the start of all this

welp this was the steady increase before the open invitation

and this here is after the invitation

it got big

really big

so we’ve come to the logical conclusion keeping track of this many names and filling out a reblog for this amount of tags for every new izuocha piece we want to share is not going to cut it anymore, some of us forgot names and some of us refill in tags that were missed; its much too much resulting in confusion at times and we just can’t keep filling out this large of a list every time doing our best to remember everyone and keeping it in order.

So, to combat that stress, and to continue making the izuocha community welcoming for new shippers, a small group of us original taggers got together and went ahead to make this shared space to put it all our finds and tag everyone if thats what they want; where people who want to see izuocha on the regular can follow or even join as a member to reblog and share their own work.

What to do here

This will be our shared space where we’ll be putting all the izuocha fan works we find here instead of bringing it onto our personal blogs to tag

If there is anyone who’d like to participate as a contributing member of the blog, you can contact me in order to receive an invitation that tumblr will send directly to your e-mail.

Tagging is optional, if there are members who’d like to keep up the tradition, but it won’t be required in order to participate, just reblog or submit something if you like.

If you look here,

we do have a master list now to better manage keeping track of our members and can be updated if more requests are taken

And if you’d like to just view a lot of izuocha content then you can go ahead follow us to see all our finds ╭( ・ㅂ・)و

what should be shared

what to bring in:

  • fanart
  • fan fiction
  • headcanons
  • graphics
  • edits
  • cosplay
  • metas
  • analysis
  • absolutely any cute gushing of the two
  • wholesome memes are also good

what not to bring in:

  • nsfw material, we do take sloppy makeouts but as for drawing the line these two keep their pants on!
  • anti shipping regarding other pairings won’t be tolerated here
  • no dragging of any other ships to heighten izuocha as a pairing, lets be nice here

any side pairings are allowed so long as there is izuocha in the mix, preferred they be the main pair
no polyamorous ships plz

That should be all,

once again contact me, @hatefilledpoptarts to receive an invite

I will also open the askbox until Aug. if you have any questions about the sideblog or found something confusing. I’ll do my best to give a proper response on what we’re trying do here (`・ω・´)9

Keep in mind this is still fresh and we’re still taking our time to get a feet on the ground.

Hope to see you guys here and lets enjoy this great ship even more (^v^)

Filling in the list for one last time:
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anonymous asked:

oh my GOD that idea that you just mentioned about the fan response??? would literally die for that wtf and tbh i just want to see a lot of jason and whizzer interacting because i Always live for that


  • the media finds out about them before they’re even like officially dating. Somehow one lucky paparazzi person that is on like stealth mode gets a picture of a tender moment when Marvin and Whizzer are out together somewhere. In the picture, Marvin is like brushing an eyelash off of Whizzer’s cheek or holding his hand or doing something really sappy (basically trying to communicate to an emotionally-stunted Whizzer that hey sleeping together is cool and all, but I want to actually date you, you know). Well, the news BLOWS UP with headlines like ‘Whizzer Brown’s Mystery Man’ and ‘Playboy baseball player settling down?’ and everyone scrambles to find out just who Marvin is. Once they find out that Marvin is a divorced dad, news outlets like TMZ are flooded with headlines like (thanks to @a-lesbian-from-next-door-too for this GEM of a headline) WHIZZER BROWN WITH DILF???
  • Whizzer Brown secret boyfriend is the most searched thing on Google that day.
  • All production in the tabloid industries stops as editors bark for their reporters to dig up more on this story. Journalists scramble for any bit of info they can get on Marvin.
  • And here comes disastrously incorrect articles like:
    • Marvin was actually still married when he and Whizzer started “dating.” Whizzer was the cause of his divorce.
    • Marvin is like 15 years older than Whizzer and is basically using Whizzer for his money.
    • Marvin has been Whizzer’s secret boyfriend (HUSBAND???) for over ten years now and it’s been kept well hushed hushed secret bc Whizzer has built a brand out of Gay Baseball Player/Playboy.
    • Jason is Marvin and Whizzer’s adopted child.
    • CONSPIRACY THEORY: Marvin and Whizzer are not actually together at all. Marvin is not even gay! Whizzer just wanted to rebrand himself from “player on and off the field” and so hired Marvin to be his fake boyfriend (pretending to be “settling down”). (this prompts a startled Marvin to exclaim, “How could anyone think I was straight???” to which Whizzer dead-panned responded, “Honey, no self-respecting gay man dresses like that.”
  • Also consider the TMZ panel (also credit to @a-lesbian-from-next-door-too for this exchange, too)
    • Marvin? What kinda name is Marvin?
    • “I know. It’s such an old man’s name!”
    • “It’s like he was born a middle-aged dad, you know?”
    • “Uh, guys, Whizzer is a pretty stupid name, too. When you think about it. I mean, who names their kid Whizzer?”
    • “No one asked you, Brent.”
    • “Yeah, Brent. Shut the fuck up.”
  • Marvin finds out about the news bc he goes to work the next morning and some asshole coworker has taped all the headlines around his desk (the DILF headline is blown up and taped over his entire desk).
  • Marvin is obv pissed and lowkey anxious bc he doesn’t want this sort of attention to negatively affect him or (GOD FORBID) Jason. Whizzer himself is just a little annoyed and sees that Marvin is upset, so he tries to like make the issue go away by tweeting out: “tfw ur out with one of ur booty calls and ppl think that just bc he held ur hand u two are getting married’. And uhh, this makes the media die down but Marvin gets more upset bc hey asshole I think I’m falling in love with you but apparently I’m still just one of your booty calls, huh? And Whizzer gets mad bc Marvin is mad and he just tried to make Marvin less mad, and angst angst angst.
  • When they do get together, Whizzer posts a picture on Instagram of the two of them with the caption ‘tfw you fall in love with one of your booty calls’. And the Internet just kinda explodes.
  • Fans are a little mixed. On one hand, they’re happy that Whizzer seems to be happy. On another, they’re terrified that a relationship will somehow hurt Whizzer’s playing. They then shut the fuck up when Whizzer plays the most vicious game of his entire career and just throws the best pitches and just basically almost single-handedly eviscerates the other team. At the press conference, people ask what’s up with Whizzer’s playing, and one of Whizzer’s team members just sorta smirks and answers for him, “He has a lot of pent up tension and aggression. He hasn’t seen his boyfriend in like a month [bc it’s the peak of the season and they’ve had to move around a lot to different cities and such].“ 
  • Guys guys guys guys, I cannot begin to describe just how i c o n i c Marvin becomes so quickly. 
  • Because once they’re like “official,” Whizzer spams his instagram account with Marvin - Marvin in a new gifted Red Sox jersey while Jason (in his decked out Yankees uniform) glares mockingly at him; at the park during a crisp fall afternoon, Marvin breathless and red-faced and caught mid-laugh; Marvin comically but dead-seriously holding a baseball bat with a stance and grip that makes Whizzer and all baseball fans around the world weep; Marvin Jason and Whizzer, in a cheesy selfie after a really tough game; a picture of Marvin’s back as the man is hunched over an oven (this one has the caption “I love when a man puts the steak in ;) ” ); a particularly artsy one with a black and white filter, with Marvin (asleep, hair mussed, naked but only his bare arms, shoulders, and upper back is not obscured by the white sheets) asleep in their bed. The fans lose their minds over these pictures, along with the little tibits of info/stories that Whizzer shares when prompted about what a dorky/lame/baseball-hating/he-writes-me-poetry-literally-what-a-fucking-nerd that his new boyfriend is. 
  • When tweets and questions about Marvin keep buzzing Whizzer, Whizzer kindly asks (not forces, Jeez, Marv, don’t make it sound like I held a gun to your back) that Marvin get his own instagram/twitter accounts so they can just fawn over Marvin directly and leave Whizzer the hell alone to answer questions about baseball and photography and not about his relationship every fucking five minutes
  • This turns out to be a mistake. Marvin amasses ten thousand followers in six months. The guy barely even posts about Whizzer himself. He posts about broadway reviews and retweets funny cat pictures and every once in awhile, he posts partiuclarly needling things like how chess is better than baseball and he tags and @’s Whizzer in all of them. And everyone??? Loves it??? Whizzer is a little jealous at how people fawn over Marvin?? Like where’s some Whizzer love??? Whizzer is still the twunk that everyone loves, right???
  • Marvin is slowly accepted by the baseball wives. They’re catty and cliquish and they make Marvin’s life a living hell those first few months, but when Marvin does not take their shit and keeps pushing back, they grow to a mutual understanding that soon turns into begrudged respect that eventually turns into tentative friendship that eventually much much later turns into “if you dare utter one mean word or look at Marvin the wrong way, I will slit your throat with my sharpened, manicured, pastel pink-painted nails.” Whizzer shares one picture on his insta of Marvin with the baseball wives, with a glass of champagne in his hand and looking like he’s talking shit and the other baseball wives are laughing and eating this shit up, and he captions it: I think my boyfriend joined a cult.
  • The media as a whole leaves the two alone after they turn out to be just a regular couple and not that interesting?? EXCEPT EXCEPT EXCEPT (see next bullet point)
  • Okay, so Marvin hates baseball, right? This is established. This is well known. This is Fact. Well, after they become like “official” and the media now knows who Marvin is, news outlets start to attack him/make fun of him/crucify him for looking bored at Whizzer’s baseball games. Like he’ll have his phone out or he’ll have his chin propped up with his hand as if trying to combat sleepiness and sometimes he brings like a magazine to read and he always has that bored, vaguely pained “I do not want to be here right now” look on his face. And any time that the Red Sox makes a good play or gets a homerun, it’s clear that he’s been spacing out bc whenever the people around him start cheering, he likes jumps and does that weak, wide-eyed “Idk what just happened and i kinda want death right now but I am being supportive” clap (one time, he zoned out and Whizzer’s opposing team got a homerun, and Marvin just started meekly clapping bc he heard the crowd doing it and ESPN and TMZ and all the news outlets had a field day of making fun of him).
  • And the media??? is like “why are you not supporting your partner? You embarrass him by looking so bored. Can’t you learn to love the sport if you love him??” and being really bitchy about it. And Whizzer gets pissed and so goes on air during a press conference - when some smart-ass reporter tries to make a barb about Marvin looking bored and in pain - and says really bitchily, “Guys, Marvin just doesn’t like baseball, okay? Yeah, that makes him an idiot - because baseball is incredible - but it doesn’t make him a bad partner. I don’t expect him to love the things that I love. I like that we’re different, you know? That makes him less boring. Like, he goes to my games even though he hates baseball. That is being supportive. Like fucking hell, guys, I’m with him because he makes me laugh and has a great ass - not because he’s some super baseball fan.” CUE MIC DROP.
  • And yeah, there are homophobic reactions to the relationship. Facebook groups dedicated to it. Marvin gets hate mail and one time got like yelled at on the street. Some of the media’s stories are overtly homophobic and overly crass. It’s 2017, sure, but there are still idiots out there.
  • Marvin and Whizzer don’t let the attention - good or bad - get to them. They just keep being in love and posting overly sappy instagram posts about their anniversaries and poking fun at each other on twitter and the attention never breaks them.

I will posts Jason specific headcanons later but like dang, this took a lot out of me bc I have a lot of FEELINGS and if you have more headcanons about this topic, reblog and add your own bc I’m curious how you feel the media/fans would take this.

Here There Be Gerblins Part 3: TAZ Pre-Finale Relisten Recap

A very short but very slimy episode, this one is.

  • Barry: “You guys are gonna love this… the map’s inside that dwarf.”   Merle: “…Yuck.”
  • Stupid roll watch: Taako rolls to see if he brought a jacket into Wave Echo Cave.  He fails and his nipples apparently chafe very badly, so that’s a cool sentence that I just had to write and also picture.
  • “If you’re making a PB and J sandwich, and you drop some jelly on the floor, do you take a knife and start cutting at it you dumb son of a bitch??” – Griffin to Travis after he slashes the jelly attacking the party
  • Merle very flirtatiously hits the jelly with his warhammer.
    • I can’t believe Merle’s weird fetishes were fucking foreshadowed.
  • Taako steals Merle’s dead cousin’s shoes while he isn’t looking, thus kicking off his campaign-long journey to loot the entire world.
    • He also slips them to Magnus, who’s pretty jazzed about getting them even through some pretty shady means.  Worth noting that Travis definitely said in the pilot that Magnus was lawful good.  Also worth noting that that was definitely a complete lie.
    • In the first episode of The Stolen Century, Taako and Lup hustle people at pool and steal their shoes to punish them.  TAZ has this thing where tiny goofs early on show up dozens of episodes later to blow my fucking mind, and this is definitely one of them.  That aside, nice to see that Taako’s staying on-brand even after getting voidfished.
  • Taako initially covers up his prolific looting by saying that he’s collecting bottlecaps for fantasy UNICEF.
    • “Every year, dragons kill kids.” – Fantasy UNICEF
  • I’m taking bets on when exactly Merle got his Kenny Chesney ass tattoo.  Send me your answers.  Best one gets a free tattoo, of Kenny Chesney, directly on their ass.

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consider the following:

there are literally countless women in abusive relationships with men

all women are groomed to tolerate and even romanticize the trappings of abuse by a culture that relies on the apparent normality of steep power imbalances to maintain hierarchical order

when you see posts and things out in the world that are meant to act as propaganda to reinforce that hierarchy, and your reaction is “haha the heteros are at it again,” you are laughing directly at the suffering of those countless women in abusive or unequal relationships

but ha fucking ha right

The comic officially hit 500 followers last Friday evening! Since then, we’ve gained 10 more, and continue to grow. That’s NUTS, and is a HUGE milestone for the community! Luckily for you kids, Mod and I actually built a plan ahead of time to celebrate!

I’ve hinted at it a few times already, but we’ve got an entire week of stuff laid out in celebration, and the best part is, it has nothing to do with Mod and myself. Because it’s been up to us to celebrate every milestone so far, and because 500 is such a big deal, we turned to you guys for help, and SO many of you responded. So, I’m here to officially announce *AMADEUS’s #500PartyWeek!

All week long, we’ve got tons of your fellow community members lined up with their own art and fan creations that we will be releasing to you kids throughout the evenings. We’ve got animations, moodboards, and drawings, all built from the community for the community. But, wel also wanted to extend this invitation to all of you!

Mod and I will be tracking the hashtag #500PartyWeek all week, and reblogging what we see there and anything the blog is tagged in for the rest of the community to enjoy! We may have a schedule lined up, but I invite and encourage everyone to participate! Whether you are directly celebrating 500 followers, encouraging others to read the comic, or simply want to say thanks to your fellow community members, no post is too small and no effort will go unnoticed. Videos, drawings, sketches, text posts, theories, song suggestions, favorite comic panels, fangirl (or guy) screaming, whatever you crazy kids have, we’ll take! This is a party, people, so let’s party!!

Also, a quick thanks to everyone that has let me bug them about this and has been scheduled for next week. I am super looking forward to seeing everyone’s work, and am very excited for the surprises Mod and I have ready! (We couldn’t stay out of our party, could we?)

I hope to see you all here, all week, for one CRAZY big party!! (You might want to set notifications for the blog so you don’t miss anything.) Amadeuces!

- Admin


If you’ve been following me for awhile now, you probably know already that I rarely sketch on paper because I prefer to work directly in Illustrator. On the rare times that I do start on paper, I usually just do a really quick and rough sketch to determine the main layout of the piece. 

I probably spent around 5-10 minutes sketching each of these. I figured spending too much time refining it won’t make sense since I’ll just use it as a guide. I’ll redo everything in Illustrator anyway so even if there’s something off with the initial sketch, I can easily fix that when I start rendering. Sometimes, I follow the sketch exactly as it is, but sometimes, especially when I realize I’m not happy with it, I’ll completely scrap that off and just layout everything digitally (case in point: who tells your story sketch). 

For this series, the first four posters are created directly in Illustrator so I don’t have them here. But thankfully, I have the rest of the sketches to share!

Composure » Myoui Mina (Part 1 ➥2.7k)

Originally posted by nayeoh

Prompt: Have you thought about how that makes me feel?

“What started out as a threat quickly turns into a bond more precious than anything you could ever imagine.”

Part: Ⅰ || || 

The first time you talk to Myoui Mina, you’re still a little kid in third grade with bratty friends and a big mouth.

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Hey Guardians, we need your help!

Written in Light is off to a great start. We’re very pleased with the number of artists, writers, and other creators who have expressed their desire to make something for the zine. They’ve told us in the tags, they’ve told us in private messages – we’ve even had our first few submissions come in already!

But we want to try to reach as much of the community as possible, and to do that, we need your help. Written in Light has a twitter handle (@destinythezine), and it would mean the world to us if you could give us a follow and/or re-tweet our Call for Submissions post. (I would link to it directly, but tumblr wouldn’t like that. Don’t worry, though, it’s very easy to find – we only have a few tweets so far!)

And if you’re still on the fence about contributing, consider this, if you haven’t already: You will never have another opportunity to be a part of the first Destiny fan zine again. So get creating, Guardians!

And THANK YOU for your support <3


So I reblogged a post from @radioactivesupersonic earlier today and talked about this in the tags. (Not directly commented, because it was a bit tangential…  but tagging you anyways, because hey, if you want to read / think about / chime in on this, absolutely do feel free, I always love seeing what you have to say.)

…but I just found even more support to my “theory”. (Or, conclusion, at the very least?) The conclusion that Blue Gems are definitely all involved with memory.

Lapis, Blue Diamond, Holly Blue, now Aquamarine? The only Blue Gem that doesn’t follow this trend is Sapphire, but she’s not on the Homeworld team anymore, and claimed herself that she’s “rusty” on her role. Who knows, just as Yellow Diamond’s only “role” probably isn’t answering voice chats and giving orders, and a Pearl’s role is a bit more than “your hold things” and “look nice”, as evinced by the Pearl-specific door opening and across-the-board Pearls singing: maybe “future vision” isn’t the singular role of a Sapphire, we just haven’t gotten to see the rest of it.

But I digress.

First of all: The obvious, and the aforementioned. Blue Diamond (whether we’re talking Clockie’s fusion theory or not) is characterized almost entirely on-screen in-present by her mourning, her grieving, her memory. Staying attached to Pink Diamond’s memory.

Her Memory.

- Lapis’ mirror from the get-go was replaying incidents of the past. In Same Old World, she used the watery (icy?) surface to do the same. Obviously, she has some kind of memory replay ability/.

And Lapis Lazulis seem pretty high up in the Gem hierarchy. (In the Answer: We see a Lapis or two. Right there. Right by Blue Diamond. Which, given what we’ve heard from Peridot and Holly Blue Agate gushing admiration, and Jasper’s complete corruption stemming from her rage towards Steven /Rose Quartz: the Diamonds are deeply admired. Being around them is an immense privilege. And at least two Lapises have that. Which, could be relevant to their terraforming as easily as an indication of their social standing, but even if we factor in that they were just doing their job, they were their in a Diamond’s presence. That’s Gem privilege right there.)

Holly Blue Agate’s commentary, out of Diamond ‘earshot’ and an emotional moment (emotions tend to bring out the deepest truth of a sentient being’s personality/psychology/etc)? It’s the little things someone focuses on when they’re emotional that tells you most about their thinking. Things like, her purpose that drives her to do what she’s doing there is “to preserve the Pink Diamond legacy”. And the moment of her deepest sorrow being “I was beginning to think we’d been forgotten”. And her immense joy when she brightened to say, “But we haven’t!”

That’s a lot of focus on being remembered.

And then there’s Aquamarine, who just flat-out says, “My memory is perfect.”

I’m not sure how to factor Sapphire into this equation, but you know how the meme goes, the one about statistical errors and outliers. We don’t know what she was like before Garnet. And we don’t know what her other roles besides providing Future Vision may have been……

…then again, few things pair better with foresight than wise use of hindsight.

And as an aside? Yellow Diamond never once says for Blue Diamond to “forget” about her. Almost as if she could never expect such a thing to happen…

tokyo dome

Hey guys, I know there were several of you going to tokyo dome.  

In light of Jinki decided not to go, I think that you guys need each other’s support and all the shawols I follow support SHINee as five, and are trying to decided if to go or not.   

I’m making this post so you guys can see each other and talk with one another to help you through this and maybe even meet up.  Everyone I have seen talking in your tags, or with me directly are wonderful people so I want you to meet each other. 

If that’s okay with you just reply or like if you are still going or you’re having doubts, okay?

anonymous asked:

This totally has nothing to do with cool facts, but you are on wig my favorite artists and I wanted to ask a kind of personal question. If an artist started to doubt themselves, and was saying that they might give up art even though you know they enjoy it more than most things, what would you say to them?

I’m not sure what “on wig” means but Imma take it as a compliment?? so thank you for that, that’s amazing <3

Okay so this might be a teensy bit of a long post-

Self doubt, in art, is generated by a lot of things- mostly lack of reward for what you feel is an immense amount of work.  

Sometimes it’s negative feedback when you already have such low amounts of neutral or positive feedback.  

Sometimes its reaching a slump where you’re personally disappointed in your creations.

So really it depends on the situation.  The first one, if the artist is not you, do what you can to leave them feedback and comments.  

Even if it’s just emoji spam, I know that even a couple hearts in some tags keeps me going for weeks.  You can also do what you can to share their art with others and ask them to share/comment, as well.  

If you ARE the artist, asking directly for feedback is a gamble, but sometimes it’s worth it.  If you’re just starting off and don’t have a following, try to get your name out there by interacting with people with similar interests and sharing your stuff with them.  

If you’re not at a skill level yet where people pay a lot of attention, try to be open for critique so you can improve as fast as possible to get there 

(with focus it doesn’t take long, just compare my stuff from even 6 months ago!!  and I’ve still got a ways to go, but ya know..  #goals).  

You can also do more interesting stuff within your skill level- do something no one else is doing.  Weird colors, photo collages, memes, crossovers, etc-  stuff that’s more about the content and interest instead of the technical skill.

If you’re suffering from negative feedback, that’s a hard one to recover from.

Tumblrfolk in general have a way of policing art and creations they don’t personally enjoy (including shaming beginner/young/disabled artists for their skill or their expression of themselves that isn’t in line with their view of what art should be!! so cool of you, Tumblr!!), so you’re way more likely to get negative feedback here than say… Twitter. Or Pixiv.  

So sometimes the best thing to do is remove yourself from the source of the negativity and just take your stuff where it’s appreciated.  

If it’s appreciated nowhere, then maybe you’re drawing something that’s megapromble and should reflect on your actions, hahaha. 

No art has an innate right to be appreciated, though it does have a right to exist, if even just for societal commentary.  So if you get negative feedback, mostly just listen and judge for yourself whether there’s any merit in it. 

If someone is just bitching at you for drawing your favorite ship that they don’t like, then fuck em. They’re the ones having issues with their own emotional expression by being unable to critically examine their limited worldview (this is me pointing especially hard at the antishippers who crucify anyone who ships stuff outside of an upper class white christian moral standpoint!!). 

(Though, disclaimer, I’m not defending the stuff that you KNOW is wrong, like pedophilia or rape or murder, I don’t care/mind if you create it but I won’t defend you from negative feedback if you know its evils. But I’ll absolutely defend your JonaDio fluff fic and your right to create it, even if I don’t ship it.)

As far as the doubt coming from within based on disappointment with your perceived skill level- that’s a GOOD THING. In fact, as much as it sucks when it happens, being disappointed in what you make is the BEST THING FOR YOU. It means that you’re finally capable of seeing areas where you can improve, even if your hands can’t mechanically do what your brain is telling them.

If you EVER create something that you like, that means you did something further than your skill level actually reaches and you should be a little wary that you might not be able to repeat it and DON’T let it get you down when you can’t reproduce the results.

I once doodled a headshot that I thought was fairly boring and I submitted it super late at night, not expecting much from it, but still wanted to share it. Today it’s my most popular piece, with thousands upon thousands of notes. People are still reblogging it, and some that aren’t even in the fandom.  I have NOT been able to reach that kind of level since, but I have hopes that at some point, I’ll catch up to whatever I did there and surpass it.  So I think that’s the kind of mindset you should keep- “I’ll get there.”  Patience is key.

Otherwise, if this hypothetical person loves making their art but feel like stopping, maybe they should examine why they love it. 

If it’s due to the validation gained when sharing it with people, they just have to put themselves out there and risk feeling like they’re being annoying. 

If they love it because it gives them a method of expression, they just gotta keep at it, do your thing!!

If they love it because it gets them recognition and $$$$, then in the words of the great Britney Spears, “You want a hot body? You want a Bugatti? You want a Maserati? You better work bitch.”

And I think that’s the best advice you can give anyone about anything, ever.

Our challenge series is back with a fifth installment!

Challenge #5 Theme:

  • A celebration of all things Minjung! In any pairing (or none at all), and in any scenario, we are looking for fanfiction focused on Minjung!

Challenge #5 Prompts:

  • Body positivity
  • trans!Minjung
  • nb!Minjung
  • Experimenting with pronouns
  • Minjung with another girl!ee member
  • First real crush on another girl
  • Minjung as captain of the women’s soccer team
  • Minjung buying a pair of heels for herself just to tower over Jonghyun/Junghee even more than she already does


  1. The challenges are open to all fanworks: fics, art, graphics, etc. Gen or ships. G through NC-17.
  2. Regardless of Minjung’s position in the pairing (should you choose to write this), we are looking for works which highlight the feminine, masculine and submissive aspects of their personality, with particular care to show a view of them which defies the heavily masculine stereotype. It also has to follow the theme of this challenge.
  3. You can submit your entries directly to the blog or tag them with #subminho challenges. It is also helpful if you tag us in it as we will be more likely to see it faster.
  4. With respect to this challenge in particular, we ask that you please be respectful of gender identities and do a bit of research if you’re not sure if the language you are using is okay. We know you wouldn’t be transmisogynistic on purpose, but we will not accept submissions which ridicule/are critical of trans people. The only clause to this is if your fic is about dealing with transmisogyny, in which case we ask that you please put a trigger warning in place!
  5. Please ask questions if you have them!

The deadline for this challenge is Friday, June 9! If you find that you need an extension, please contact Admin M by message on her main account, lockandminkey.

Please participate in one way or another; even if it’s just reblogging! And have fun!

When ever I go through the 4400 tag people freak out about the show being cancelled and left on a cliff hanger. Don’t you guys know there are two books that follows directly after the last series? “Welcome to Promise  City” and “Promise Broken” picks up where the show left off. You also have “Wet Work” and “The Vesuvius” that is placed in the middle of some of the seasons, don’t remember which goes where as it’s so long ago I read them. So even if you have watched the show there’s always the books. 

Tumblr - The Social Media Platform Everyone Used Incorrectly, and How This Has Impacted Mental Health World Wide

A bit of a clickbait-y title, but one that is completely true, and an article we should have written long ago.

Tumblr is a form of tumblog. 

Tumblr did not invent this form of blogging, called tumblogging, a form of short, multimedia blog posts. Twitter is a form of tumblog, as is Wordpress. It is generally a public, more casual form of blogging than previous formats such as livejournal and dreamwidth.

Tumblogging, however, was popularized by Tumblr, whose name is obviously inspired by the original term. Tumblr’s company set out to create a platform where an artist’s original content could easily be shared and spread. The entire website’s design and code ethics are primarily built to help spread someone’s content far and wide, much farther than was previously possible on the internet. It worked by promoting your content to others who might like it, allowing you to tag it for finding in a search engine, and for your fans to easily share it with others. All without the trouble of having to save images to your hard drive and repost elsewhere. This was like something never before seen on the internet – effortless boosting of your work.

And Tumblr still functions, and sets out to function, for this sole purpose. Tumblr’s design ethics have always been focused on promoting artwork and artists. It’s login screen shows artwork from promoted artists, the dashboard is suggesting new artists you might like, and there’s no privacy features to speak of. I mean, why would there be? This isn’t facebook.

But, if you are like any other user, you know that tumblr isn’t just use to promote artists. If you were like our mods, you long used tumblr as a sort of personal – yet public – diary. Even like an instant messaging platform. And if you’ve been here a while, you remember how much of a struggle it was – and still is, to get the tumblr staff to acknowledge how people Actually use the website. We had to use extension, and still do, in order to make the website bend to our will – to make it function how *we* wanted it to function.

But Tumblr was never meant to function how we wanted it to function. 

Discourse. We’ve all seen it, and unless your mutuals are the ones making the discourse, then the posts you’ve seen on your dashboard have likely piled on tens of thousands of notes in the span of a few days. That’s exactly what the platform was meant to do – boost posts.

But no one in the tumblr staff expected it to be a weapon of political war.

If you have an opinion, and you post it on tumblr, how much it’s seen by other people is directly correlated to how many followers you have to begin with. Even tagging it doesn’t really help. Post an opinion that is as well planned and thought out as one with 10k notes? If you only have 5 followers, it doesn’t matter. Your words are essentially meaningless without the sheer numbers required to get it airborne.

So on this platform, no matter your opinion, if you have the follower-base, you will be heard. That’s what this platform is for.

Or, say, you make a post. A deeply, personal post. On a sideblog with 2 followers. And someone manages to find this blog… and reblogs a post to their blog with 5000 followers… one you meticulously tagged #do not reblog.

It’s now being seen by 5k+ people. All at once. No matter if their followers think it was messed up that they reblogged you. They’ve seen it. There’s no unseeing your personal, private post. Even if that person apologizes for reblogging it and deletes the reblog. But there is no undoing that reblog. People have seen it. It will always be seen.

There is no true privacy features on tumblr to speak of. Nothing to the depths and levels of livejournal, and now even twitter has far more robust privacy features than tumblr. An yet… Tumblr’s users expect privacy, because they expect the entire world to be good just for them, to respect their privacy… and if they don’t, it’s not the fault of the person who posted these things on a website built from the ground up for the publication of content, not the opposite.

And this has had dire consequences.

While of course there are many adults using tumblr, adults who have had the experience of the internet before tumblr – a time when privacy was something we acknowledged was personal responsibility, and there were websites with intensive privacy features such as livejournal if we wished to speak privately – we must keep in mind that many of tumblr’s users, are in fact *not* adults. People who have grown up where tumblr was their first major social media site. Even people who their first friends were made on tumblr.

People whose entire worldly experience of socializing is a website where there is no true privacy. People who have never known that there is any alternative.

And I feel this is where a lot of anti-sjw discourse or ex-sjw discourse falls flat. Many people, most of these being adults, do not stop to think what of an astounding impact this website and its blogging format is having on young minds still forming. They chide them for being stupid and not knowing better – but how could they know any better?

How could they know any better when their introduction to the world’s social stage was a website where no one can expect true privacy, and not only that, users actively deny it to each other?

I’ve seen popular blogs reblog posts from private blogs without their permission because they, in their minds, thought they were doing the right thing. That because this post contained something they disagreed with, they were allowed to go against their morals for the greater good.

Tumblr’s youth have built a surveillance culture.

A culture where trespassing into other’s personal space is deemed as holy and pure because of some other reason they could have possibly just made up. And many children here don’t know that there is any other alternative.

Back when facebook was new, it was heavily criticized for the increasing information it demanded from its users. Personal information that you would not give to a stranger on the street. And back then, people laughed it off. Of course facebook wouldn’t go very far, demanding such personal information from its users. People were smarter than that… right?

Fast forward half a decade later. I’m remaking my facebook account, because one day I accidentally logged out, and when I tried to log back in, facebook decided to permanently lock my account unless I coughed up my social security number so they can prove I was a real person.

My social security number. One of the most vital and personal pieces of information I have. To a website, who demanded it so I could continue to speak to my family members online, because facebook had become the only place I could easily contact them. And when I told my family about this, they had just shrugged and said facebook had done the same to them, and they just complied.

Extreme? Yes.

But at least facebook doesn’t demand a list of every single one of my mental illness diagnoses, my genetic racial makeup, my sexuality and gender identity, my opinions… in order to feel safe from other users while using its website.

Tumblr’s youth expects you to carry a detailed form of ID to even be allowed to form an opinion on specific topics.  Tumblr’s youth tells you that privacy is of utmost importance – unless you say something that upsets them. Then you’re free game.

Most of this could have been avoided if Tumblr had had privacy features built in from the get go.

But most of this could also have been avoided if people had realized the Tumblr staff’s main goal with the website from the beginning.

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#1, First kiss, Han/Luke

(incidentally also from the post-Endor fic as well so @corelliasfinest I am tagging you here)

Follows on directly from here: post the second

Luke felt so good against him that Han almost couldn’t breathe, his friend’s body warm and vital in his arms, forehead resting on Han’s shoulder and hair a ticklish brush against Han’s jaw.  Han closed his eyes and soaked it in.  They had hauled each other into and out of trouble for the last five years, shared rooms and showers and even the occasional bunk, but he’d never held Luke like this.  Just held him.

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So, is it canon that Chase’s warrior cats are synced to their master? Not just in a “servant” kind of way or a telepathic way, but like what if they’re directly affected by his thoughts and feelings. And we all know Chase is angry and repressed. But what if eventually he gets a bit more comfortable with the idea of Jack being around, so his warriors start treating him a lot better, but Chase doesn’t understand why they won’t attack him anymore when he commands them to, or why they’re letting Jack play with them and pet them, and it pisses him off to no end.

So like, the Warriors don’t just follow verbal or signal commands, they are directly linked to Chase’s inner psyche and subconscious, so they are still forced to do what he wants, even when Chase himself doesn’t know what he wants. And Jack and cats is cute. V. cute and I love.

Has this post been made already? Link me, I have the worst memory in existence.

Thank you @white-enamel


It’s not just our Brooding Sims who have the option to ‘Talk About Feelings’; we can also talk about our feelings, about them, too!

Look deep into yourself and ponder on the thoughts which motivate you to play the game we all love. Then tag at LEAST 5 people on your friends list to help them explore their feelings too. TALKING IS GOOD OKAY!!!

The questions are as follows:

⛧1. The boss of EA is in front of you asking for one statement about The Sims before he goes away and makes TS5. What do you say to him?

For fuck’s sake make a game which looks both realistic and funny. Take into account that most of us have tons of CC, so we need a game which runs smoothly even with tons of custom content, and make it possible to delete custom content directly in game. Don’t take us for fools and rip us off with tons of useless EPs and SPs. 

⛧2. Do your Sims know of you as their Sim God or are you the invisible deity to them?

No. If bad stuff happens to them… it’s not my fault lol

⛧3. How do you see yourself connected to your Sims? Do those of you who say you love them, really mean this? How deep is your game?

I don’t really love my Sims, but with the years, some of them have become real characters. The Sims I used in my Sims stories became real characters in a novel project I have, and therefore I have a quite strong connection to them. They’re not just Sims anymore.

⛧4. What’s your Sims Secret? Is there something going on in your game that none of your screenshots will ever tell us? WHO IS LOCKED IN YOUR BASEMENT???? What are those secret Sims doing behind closed doors?

Basically, all I do in game I share on this blog. So no, no secrets

⛧5. Can we learn anything from our Sims to take away into our real lives? And/Or can you give us an example of how The Sims has influenced you outside of gaming.

What can you learn ? That anything is possible because you can, within two days, meet someone, marry them, have five kids, start a new job, get promoted and replace your boss, buy seven cars and put a hot tub in your kitchen ? Nah. But seemingly, Sims don’t fight over politcal, social or religious concerns, which is quite pleasant. 

Yes, the Sims have influenced me. It forced me to learn English lol 

I’m not tagging anyone, if you want to do this, just do it. 

New Staff!

Hello all!

Today we’re excited to introduce Mod Toga, who is an additional admin to this Newsletter!

Mod Toga will be working in partner with Mod Koat, who is happy to welcome them to our staff. The two of us will be running the Newsletter together, and hopefully bringing new ideas to the table as well! We’ve already been talking and have a few ideas in store to promote the community and make this Newsletter easier to navigate. Of course if you all have ideas as well, feel free to send us a message and we’ll consider them!

But, What does this mean for you all? 

The biggest thing new staff changes is messaging. Because this blog has two admins, tumblr direct messaging is no longer available. Even so, our ask and submissions boxes remain open, and you can also directly tag @uahigh-newsletter to get our attention! As always, we will continue to follow the #bnhaevents tag for projects as well.

Please give Mod Toga a PLUS ULTRA! welcome as they settle in!