even with the end

just saying since today is the last day of skam we better get like a million updates and all of the characters posting on their instagram accounts and stuff

Sana’s Eid party is wonderful, everybody’s happy and chatting and having fun all together. Sana is glowing, shyly smiling at Yousef as he serves her some kind of delicious biscuit cooked by her mom. Isak has seen the last Hei Briskeby video (maybe a bit more than a couple of times) so he knows Yousef should be in Turkey right now. But, for some unexplainable reason, he’s come back to attend the party.

Faen, Isak couldn’t be happier for his best bud.

He’s laughing at one of Magnus’ jokes-that-were-never-meant-to-be-jokes when he sees him. Even. The last time he noticed him in the crowd he was talking to Mikael. Now he’s alone, though. Drinking some incredible juice as red as his lips. Brows furrowed in a way that Isak doesn’t like. At all.

He excuses himself from his friends and makes his way towards the man of his dreams.

«Ehi,» Isak says. Even doesn’t reply.

«Is everything okay?»

«I don’t know,» Even says. He looks down at his glass, thinking. Isak just waits. «It feels like an ending.»


«This. All of this. The party, us, our friends. All of this. It feels like we won’t have it ever again.»

Isak smiles, and bumps his shoulder with Even’s. Even raises his gaze, meeting Isak’s green eyes.

«Maybe in another universe that’s true,» Isak answers. «Maybe in another universe this is actually the end, and we’ll never see our friends anymore, and the two of us will break up, and everything we have will just disappear.

But in this universe?

Oh, Even. In this universe, this is forever.»

I am genuinely sad today.

I am genuinely sad about Skam ending today. This show has meant SO much to me. It means so much to me! I have never been this invested in a TV-show before, in fictional characters or in a fanbase. It has been such a rollercoaster ride for me. I have been laying awake at night, because I knew Isak was running around Oslo looking for Even in that exact moment, only able to breath when he wrote Eskild. I have cried because I felt the pain our characters were going through. I have cried because I have felt the happiness and relieve our character were going though. I have yelled at my computer screen, I’ve been choked, I’ve laughed and cheered out loud. Every single emotion has been wakened inside of me.

Julie and Mari has worked SO hard to keep this show running. They have not taken any breaks. I am so grateful for how much love they have shown us. They clearly validate the fans feelings and opinions, and they have made SO many shout outs to us in this show. They know how invested we are, how this show has actually become our life!! I totally understand they need to breathe again, because the pressure of especially season 4 has been huge! But I really wished they just took a semester off, and returned with the character’s graduating from Nissen. And I wished we got the chance to see more of the characters who never got to be main, but had SO much story to tell. But I respect their decision. Thank you so much for everything Julie and Mari. Thank you for revolutionizing TV-shows. For being this passionate about the show, the story and the characters. Thank you for creating these absolutely amazing characters and stories. Thank you for loving the fans and understanding the passion we feel about the show. I really hope, the fans who made their bitterness about season 4, into a personal vendetta against Julie, feel ashamed about themselves.

And tumblr. I love you guys. It has been quite a rollercoaster living through this show with you. I have loved it and I have hated it. But I could never let go of this place. I can’t get over how talented you guys are. You make gifs and edits within seconds of a clip release. You have so many thoughts and viewpoint, and it has been a pleasure to fangirl with you, to analyze, scream and cry with you. This show has made me connect with people all around the world. And it didn’t matter who you were, how old you are, your gender, your social status. Nothing mattered, because what brought us together was Skam. And that’s why I love tumblr.

Today is the last day. And tonight, will break my heart. And I will probably binge watch all season over and over again next week. I hope you guys will stay on this site and still be passionate about Skam. And I can’t wait to follow the careers of the actors we love… And to judge American Skam with you guys (because that will happen).

The only way to have Skam forever, it to lose it. Right?

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I feel as if Lukas and Alm could end up together.. At least if Celica wasn't here!

o-oh, ok? that’s new. i don’t really feel like their relationship is that way :o i guess i like them as brothers more (or lukas as a single mum and 5 children)

if celica wasn’t there, alm might just stay single forever ;_;

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Ducky, how did you realize you were bisexual? If you don't mind me asking?

I think I realized it when I first learned the term. When I found out what bisexuality was I was like “you know what that might be me”

There were signs like in elementary school, there i was giving a presentation in front of a woman and when she leaned down to hear me, all I could do was stare at her cleavage. 

In highschool, after I learned the meaning, I was still unsure because I was only attracted to guys so I felt like I had to force myself to like girls so I was a bit confused. Maybe it was the pressure of society and my parents telling me I should only like guys. Maybe there was no cute girl that I was attracted to in highschool. I don’t know

Actually, it’s only recently came to terms with my bisexuality (though I might be pan technically because I’m attracted to non binaries too). 

Being comfortable and accepting your sexuality isn’t an overnight process. It takes years and experiences to fully accept who you are, so be patient with yourself :) 

i’m those people that do believe that tord is the red leader but not gonna lie, i do think its a bit strange since i cant really see tord as a powerful leader. i only believe tord is the red leader because of the evidence from the snogre, the end and wtfuture

honestly, he probably has very small army consisting of like

10 people or some shit

Dear skam,
I will miss you. You are so important for me. Thanks for all the things you taught me, I’m not ready to say goodbye. Your family is the best family I know. And your family is now my family.
You’re such a good show. No, you’re more than a show. You are reality. You show us the truth, you don’t lie to us.
I’ll miss Vilde, Eva, Noora, Sana, Chris, Isak, Jonas, Magnus, Mahdi, Even, Eskild, Linn, William, Elias,… They are part of my life.
In a parallel universe, the show does not stop , evak, yousana, noorhelm and jonas and eva are happy, they grow up, they graduate..

It’s time to say goodbye.

alt er love

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Not a request, but... Imagine in modern AU, MC's father still somehow dies(IDK, car accident, something, anything!) I feel like Inuchiyo would have to play the role of the father in the wedding and walk her down the aisle, and, yeah, just, think about the poor dude.

Hm… I don’t… really know how to feel about this… LMAO LIKE

I feel like we kind of get enough of Toshiie’s unrequited love in canon already? Like he already has to watch her marry someone in every Oda route outside of his own, and he meets Saizo and Kojuro in events stories where he learns they’re together like totally out of the blue. So like personally I think I’m genuinely pretty tired of this kind of scenario I just… want Toshiie to be happy… LOL

Plus if we’re talking about giving her away, though, I feel like her family would come first? It’s not totally unheard of for a brother or a mother to walk their daughter down the aisle, and Yahiko and MC’s mom would still be totally available to do that. I don’t feel like Toshiie should be obligated to take that role. Not to mention that circumstances are also pretty different in modern day? Part of the reason Toshiie can’t really say anything to MC also has to do with factors like the lord he serves who could possibly decide his marriage, and the fact that he can’t give MC the type of life she wants–plus there’s really no such thing as casual dating back then, so Toshiie’s kind of beside himself in a weird place where he can’t just tell her.

Aside from that, well… Unrequited love doesn’t last forever. And especially considering in a modern AU that Toshiie would be free to explore different types of romantic relationships as he pleases as opposed to having to marry for politics and heirs, like… he has time to get over it. And yeah, it’s gonna suck, but Toshiie should have a nice network of friends to help him out–he’s an adult, and he can’t wallow in that misery forever. Because another thing is like… He does have other things to do in his life. His job or school or his friends and family shouldn’t get overshadowed by a love he just couldn’t have, y’know? Or that’s what I’d like to believe, anyway.

tl;dr I can’t really be here for this scenario because I’m tired of Toshiie always getting left in the dust I’m sorry LMAO


This is why I have trust issues

You know what I wish people would understand? Accepting what others like. Yeah, I hate some things, but you know what I don’t go around doing? Telling people they can’t love those things. You wanna love the Blackhawks? Go right on ahead. You wanna love the Penguins? Then love the Pens. You wanna love Sony? Good for you. Microsoft? Sounds good. That might make us not see eye to eye sometimes, but rivalry is good. Being a dick is not though. Can’t we all just see we love the same sport or all love video games? I don’t see how it is so hard to break down barriers and just accept people. But you know what? Keep loving what you love. It’s what makes you you