even with no make up you are flawless

so okay okay. isak is gonna go join Jonas after school, but he’ll be like “i can only stay for like an hour or so”, but one hour will turn into two hours and shit i’m late. But anyways, Sana comes over to Isak/Even’s place and she finds Even there, and he tells her that Isak is running late or sth. So then Sana and Even end up talking..LIKE THEY TALK ABOUT EVERYTHING. AND SANA OPENS UP TO HIM, AND HE OPENS UP TO HER. AND IT’S B E A U T I F U L. And then Isak comes home and he’s all ‘sorry sorry. we can study now’…but it’s like almost 7pm so Sana is all ‘i have to go home and eat’…AND EVEN GOES ALL “You can stay here if you want? i can make us dinner while you two study?” SO SANA STAYS OVER. And we see Isak / Sana studying and plotting against the flawless girls. AND THE THREE OF THEM WATCH A MOVIE AND IT’S A COMEDY, OKAY? SO SANA SMILES AND LAUGHS. AND OKAY. And THE CLIP IS LIKE 1 + HOUR BECAUSE WE DESERVE GOOD THINGS, OKAY?

My Aphrodite (LoganxChubby!Reader)

Request: Could you write me a cute Logan(Wolverine) x Chubby!Reader where the reader is being teased by some girls at the park and logan defends her and some kisses happen? Thanks!

Warning: Reader made fun of, some discouragement about bodies, and anything else I forgot to mention.

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  You folded your arms around your stomach, a frown stuck on your lips. The girls in front of you giggled and smirked. Of course you could hear what they said.

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Was it a hard day? Mine kinda was..

Hey there lovely ladies, Can you do a Jay Park scenario where he comes home late from studio and found you asleep while you were waiting for him. Love you hyungs !

Here it is!

I am having so much fluff feeling those days mfhcoiw

BTW i recommand reading this listening to Lim Kim rain or IU palette


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-Yes yes..yes boss I am sure I checked it twice.. yes.. I.. yes I’ll review it again tomorrow. Have a nice evening .. Bye

You threw the phone on the black leather couch and sighted deeply while taking off your black hills that were killing you.

After a stressing day at work, you just wanted to eat pizza and cuddle in bed with Jay.

Looking around, you couldn’t find him, so you called his name, thinking that maybe e was in the shower.

Unfortunately, you found a yellow note on the kitchen table

“Babe I had to go to the studio for an emergency

I’ll be home as soon as I can I promise

I love you


-What a shitty day

You just tied your hair in a ponytail and looked in the mirror that was hung near the front door, your black fringe was messy due to the rain and your make up was basically all gone except for the eyeliner and mascara.

You placed your head in your hands, moving a rebel lock of hair behind your ear.

You just stood there for a couple of minutes wondering what to do: remove or not remove your makeup?

-Let’s cook! Y/N fighting!!

Changing in a pair of black shorts and one of Jay’s shirts you put on some socks and went to the kitchen, laptop in your hand looking for something to make for dinner.

-This looks great.. wait.. 4 hours??? Hell no!!!

-Maybe this..yes..this looks perfect!

You said enthusiastic of your choice, sure that Jay would have loved it.

You were good at cooking, and seeing Jay eating was one of the best things, he tended to forget things like eating or sleeping with his job and you were more than happy to help him.

The only problem with you cooking was that the kitchen always became a mess and you hated doing the dishes.

-Mmm, that looks good! Let’s just put it in the oven and.. clean?

You looked around, flower on the counter, egg shells here and there with other things that you didn’t even remember if you used them or not.

-Mm maybe later

You just took the laptop, knowing how mad Jay would have been if you broke it and cleaned it a bit with the hem of his shirt. Lying on the couch you put on some music and closed your eyes to relax a bit

-Just 10 minutes and I’ll clean everything


-She’s probably home

You said looking at your watch, shaking nervously your leg and waiting for Kiseok to sign the last document to join her home

-Are you in a rush?

-Y/N is waiting for me at home

-So yes..




-You’re cute when you talk about her

You smiled a bit, he was right.

You liked your relationship, it was relaxed.. you didn’t fight because of your schedules or unnecessary jealousy like it happened with the other girls.

She got you, your life and she seemed to enjoy it. She took care of you not making it too obvious and you had fun together even just staying at home watching movies and laughing like crazy.

Not mentioning how stunning she was, just perfect, flawless.

-Done! You can go to your woman Jay, we’re done

You stood up maybe too quickly, causing Kiseok to laugh at you.

You hummed the song on the radio on your way home, the rain stopped dropping and the sky became clear.

The street lights became to turn on while the sun was setting.

-Was is she doing? Not answering her phone..that little brat.. probably playing video games

You walked to your apartment, clicking the tiny buttons to enter the code and opened the door, the kitchen was a complete mess, you couldn’t even understand what she cooked. But thanks God the smell was amazing.

A sweet melody was playing.

You looked around and found her black hills on the floor with her bag, she usually threw things here and there when she had a bad day, so you just took everything from the floor and walked to the bedroom.

Before reaching it you saw her on the couch, one of your favourite shirt on stained of what you imagined was some sauce? You weren’t sure

You got close to her, putting her hair away from her face and caressing her soft skin. Her red lips were one of the first things you ever noticed and that made you fall in love even more with her.

You kissed her softly not wanting to wake her up, then just started cleaning her mess.

It took you a good 30 minutes, she really was a mess.

After changing from your work clothes you decided to just take her to bed, you lifted her up and placed her under the white cover of your bed.

-You sleep so deeply, was it a hard day? Mine kinda was.. you know, I missed you

You kept talking to her about your day, like she was listening to you, cuddling her and playing with her hair

-You must be really tired..look how you sleep..cute.. do you know how cute you are?

You kissed her again laughing softly while she turned around to face the wall, so you back hugged her and put on the same playlist on your phone she did before falling asleep, humming the song it was playing while touching her soft skin.

-I like these songs, your taste in music are nice.. did I aver tell you this? I know you prefer indie to hip hop but you don’t tell me..but I like this.. you’re so nice to me..little brat. I love you.. ah, so frustrating you’re sleeping.. well goodnight babe

And placing a soft kiss on her temple you closed your eyes, music still on filling the room, slowly falling asleep.

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prompt/fic idea: im ur next door neighbor and the walls are too thin so yeah i can hear u banging all night and it sounds like u're really good judging from the grunts and screams... one night i got home drunk and my friend was yelling how sexually frustrated i am and i have the hots for you even though we haven't met before and when we do see each other, oh boy i am a goner

(bless u nonnie this idea is a Gift)

Really, Zuko shouldn’t be allowed to drink.

Whenever he drinks, he almost always ends up embarrassing situations - embarrassing and sometimes life threatening. He thinks back to the lake incident with Toph and shudders; that night not only put the fear of God in him, but a healthy fear of snapping turtles as well.

And yet here he is, stumbling into his little apartment. Suki bumps into his back impatiently as he fumbles with the lock before finally getting it open. She nudges past him and goes right for the couch, dropping all of her weight onto the cushions. 

Zuko pushes the door shut. He winces at the somewhat loud slam and toes his shoes off, then shuffles in after Suki. He doesn’t bother with the couch - she won’t share, anyway - and instead lays on the floor, cheek pressed to the scratchy carpet. The room spins around his head. He exhales, a groan tacked on the end, and reaches up to smack at Suki’s foot.

“Why did you even take me to that bar in the first place?” Zuko mumbles into the carpet. He shifts lazily, tugging his shirt up his back slightly to cool off his skin.

“Because,” Suki drawls, kicking at Zuko’s hand, “You’re annoying when you mope and you’ve been moping about the hot neighbor girl for weeks.”

Zuko grunts and rolls over. “I have not!” He isn’t aware of how loud his voice is. “I haven’t been moping over her!” 

Above him, Suki laughs. It’s twice as loud as his voice, bouncing off the walls and coming right back to them. “Bullshit!” She snorts. She forces herself onto her side, honey colored hair falling across her face as she stares down at him. “You’ve got it so bad for the neighbor girl! All you do is talk about her and how loud she is!” Suki sits up, reaching down to bat at Zuko’s face. “I am a very good friend, so - so I took you out to try to find someone else for you to mope over, but nooooooooo, all you could talk about was the neighbor girl and who she might be banging and how you wished it was you.”

Zuko grunts and bats at Suki’s hand in turn. He gives up on trying to deny it and instead yells with all of the pent up frustration in him. “It’s just not fair!” He shouts, fists banging on the carpet. “She’s so goddamn pretty, and she has the nicest laugh!” He rocks from side to side, legs folding up slightly. “And - Suki, oh my god - I can hear every sound she makes - oh my god - her moans are the hottest thing I have ever heard!” 

Suki laughs again. She lays down and presses her cheek to the mattress. All the shit they’ve gotten into tonight and still her make up is perfectly intact, red lips pristine and winged eyeliner flawless. 

She reaches down and pats Zuko’s cheek, clumsy, but trying to comfort him. “Maybe you should just suck it up and take her out,” She suggests, “So you’re the one that ends up in bed with her.”

His scoff is so loud it scratches his throat. “Yeah, right. Like that’ll ever happen.”


After Suki leaves in the morning, Zuko spends a good hour nursing his hangover. 

He manages to drag himself to the kitchen and make a cup of tea, though he’s not even sure what he grabbed; something sweet and hot to soothe the sharp aches in his head.

He changes into the first clean shirt and sweats he finds, then trudges downstairs to the mailbox. Much as he wants to sleep some more, he’s waiting on a package from Uncle.

Zuko shuffles to the mailboxes, stifling a loud yawn behind his hand. He unlocks his, finding only bills and advertisements - and a postcard from Uncle inside. He shifts his weight, reading over it with a slight smile; the package is on its way, Uncle assures him, and he’s having the time of his life on the tiny island he’d chosen for his vacation.

“Hi, ‘scuse me.” 

Zuko glances up to find his neighbor coming up to his side, reaching for her mailbox. He flushes faintly and steps aside, pushing his mailbox door shut. “Hi, sorry.”

Chewing his lip, Zuko continues leafing through his mail, glancing at his neighbor from the corner of his eye. Her name is Katara; he’d learned this two days after moving in, when she’d introduced herself with a platter of cookies that actually tasted horrible, but the gesture was so kind that he hadn’t had the heart to admit that.

But then he’d learned just how thin the walls between their apartments are when she’d brought someone home a few days after their introductions. He vividly remembers almost dropping a pot on his foot when he realized he was hearing Katara moan. Didn’t matter who it was, either, everyone she brought home praised her and worshiped her, all for Zuko to hear loud and clear.

Beside him, Katara extracts her mail and shuts the little door. She leafs through it, and for a moment, Zuko can only sigh inwardly at how pretty she is; it’s barely eleven AM and she looks so perfect already.

“So,” Katara hedges, and Zuko glances up. She doesn’t lift her head, but her eyes instead. There’s a glint in them that makes him instantly nervous. “You had an interesting night, didn’t you?”

His brows furrow in confusion, and then it hits him like a train - everything he and Suki had yelled about, everything to do with Katara, in his living room, surrounded by the thinnest walls ever made.

She’d heard it.

She’d heard all of it.

The faint flush on his cheeks flares up to his good ear and down the length of his neck, disappearing into his shirt. Zuko groans and presses the envelopes to his face to hide himself. If he’s lucky, the ground will just - just shatter under him right now and drop him straight into the depths of hell. 

Katara watches him. She laughs softly; the sound is warm and teasing, and it only makes his embarrassment that much worse.

“Oh, God,” Zuko mutters behind his makeshift shield, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I-”

“It’s fine,” Katara insists. Her tone is easy, not bothered in the slightest, but it doesn’t make him feel any better. She pockets her keys and looks up, tilting her head.

“Whenever you’re ready for that date, I’m available all day on Saturdays.”

Zuko promptly drops everything in his hands, jaw going slack. Katara laughs again. She turns away with a gentle toss of her wildly long hair, walking away. 

Zuko is frozen to the spot, rooted to the tile floor by sheer shock. He finally comes back to himself and crouches down, scrambling to grab his discarded mail, and rushes after Katara.

“Hey!” He calls, trying to catch up to her, “Wait! About that date - are you free this Saturday?”

| Captive | King George III

*Princess Augusta, King George III’s mother, died three years before the start of the American Revolution, but events have been changed to match the oneshot.

*Also, this is the first time I realized King George and Washingdad have the same name as I was writing. I’m an idiot.

“You have a letter Mr. President.”

“What?” George’s tone was harsh, unforgiving. The man delivering said letter jumped in alarm and George sighed, calming himself down.

“I’m sorry,” His voice was tired, dark purple bags lining themselves underneath his eyelids. He brushed a hand up his face, sighing deeply. The man had been having the worst few months in his existence. His daughter, his precious girl, had disappeared right under his nose. There was a full watch sent out, a large sum of money being given to anyone who could bring you home.

Of course many people had tried to bring forth people who looked similar to you and get the reward, but George wasn’t an idiot. He knew his daughter down to the very quirk of your lips.

But it had just passed the benchmark of three months. Rumors had started to brew in the streets. What if you had simply run away? George had dismissed such claims  at the beginning but now he began to worry. Had he been hard on you? Was it the revolution? Did you truly feel suppressed enough to run away from him?

“Well?” He asked, becoming irritated again at the man who had hesitated to step forward.

“Ah…we haven’t opened it out of respect for your privacy but…” He bit his lip.

“Be curt young man!” George pursed his lips. The man winced.

“It is signed from King George III,” The man swallowed.

George felt his world stop.


“And? Bring it forward,” He reigned in his absolute shock in mind of his company. The man placed the letter on his desk before saluting and exiting the room on rushed legs.

“Poor lad,” George muttered, trailing the edges of the letter with his fingers. Such an innocent envelope, yet looking to hold the weight of the world.

He took in a deep breath to steel himself and opened it slowly, unfolding the paper.


Hello old pal! It has come to my knowledge that you are growing funnier than ever, rounding up that little army of yours. I have no doubts in who will win this petty little war you’ve started, but I suppose it would be good to have a few cards to deal with on my side in case of any surprising and impossible forth-comings.  

I looked into every corner of your life, and I came to find something I never noticed before. It was too interesting for me to simply put aside, and so I’m afraid I had to take it. What was the little thing’s name? Ah yes! Y/N was it?

Don’t worry about her. I delayed this letter to give you ample time to lose your wits in search for her in a land where she no longer stands, and so by the time this arrives I am confident you would be quite hysterical. Delightful isn’t it?

So yes, I have her, she’s my hostage, blah blah blah. I’ll be keeping her I’m afraid until I have you successfully back under my colonial rule. She misses you terribly I think, won’t stop blabbing. Although she did become rather quiet of late….do you suppose I’ve broken her?

Anywho, I give my utmost preeminent regards!


Your loving ruler,

King George III

George stared. He let his eyes roam over the ink twice, five times, ten, till every word had been memorized, till he was sure he hadn’t let anything go by.

His hand holding the parchment shook, something burning in his nose and wetly behind his eyes. Intense worry and despair flooded his senses before it was replaced by a burning anger that made his vision go red.

His fingers tightened into a fist, crushing the letter with one action, now shaking for another reason entirely.

“General?” A commander knocked briefly before entering. “The ranks would like to know if- General?”

George’s eyes were covered by the shadow of his own face before he looked up, and the commander stiffened, feeling ice cold fear run through him at the bloodthirsty fire encompassing those usual warm brown orbs.

George smiled, and it was feral. “Gather the men.”

Your nail scratched down the wall.

The coarse, uncomfortable feeling no longer bothered you as it had the first time, and you gazed blankly at the tally mark finishing the five. The entire east corner of the room’s wall had been covered in similar tallies, one each day, leading up to where you now stood.

“Day 120,” You murmured, not bothering to push back a lock of hair than invaded your line of sight. One more day, and you would have been here four months.

Four months.

Four months without the American soil beneath your feet. Four months without so much as a glimpse at the blue sky. Four months without your father’s gummy smile.

At first you’d been thrown into a cell. After being drugged and carted over the sea for days, you awoke to captivity. You had been provided little food, no warmth, staying in the same dirty clothes for weeks. You had freaked out more or less, keeping yourself sane with delusions that someone would be coming to save you.

But nobody came.

And soon logic overtook your emotions. Why would they? No one knew where you were, so how could they possibly rescue you? And even if King George - you thought the name in disgust - sent word over to the west, it would be at least 4-6 weeks before a letter could even travel that far.

So you stopped your sniveling, put your chin high, and reminded yourself that you were the daughter of the goddamn general of America and you would not break.

The moment you’d stopped being overly sentimental, you were transferred to this room. It was utterly different than the dank, dark tomb of a cell you’d been objected to for weeks. It was prim, proper, had a king sized bed, fitted with a dresser and mirrors and curtains that looked to be more expensive than your life. Servants came in and dressed you in magnificent gowns, complete with makeup and the standard white wig on top your head. The minute they left you tore it off.

What almost made you shatter was the shower that you’d been able to take. You vowed to not give in to whatever game he was playing, but didn’t object to taking an hour long bath with the lavender soap in the cubicle.

They had hot water. Hot water. Was this a magical kingdom?

You digress.

Of course you knew what was happening. He must have wanted you to develop some kind on Stockholm Syndrome towards him, where you’d be lathered in positive attention after dark treatment and grow an attachment to him.

Yeah right.

You might be a woman, but you weren’t an idiot, no matter what majority of men may believe about your gender.


There he was.

You had heard the calling so many times now that you could distinguish it from five miles away. The amount of loathing that came over you was enough for you to want to change your name just so that you wouldn’t have to hear it ever again in that doting tone.

The door creaked open, but you didn’t turn around.

“Y/N~!” The voice was more crisp, clear, endeared with a British accent you had been taught to despise. “I see you’re still marking the walls!”

You didn’t open your mouth.

“The silent treatment again?” You could practically hear the pout in his voice. “It’s gotten old now, dear. What must I do to get you to talk?”

The bed creaked and you knew he had fallen down languidly on the mattress, but you kept your vision aligned with the wall.

“Should I pry that pretty little mouth open?” He mused. You shivered at his words. Your father had had you at a  young age, barely nineteen. He had described you as a ‘miracle baby’, but all that meant was that he hadn’t expected to have you, and you knew it. You didn’t even know who your real mother was, but you had long since forgiven him for that. He was young and made a mistake. At least he didn’t abandon you.

Added to the fact that King George was almost ten years younger than your father, the king was actually not lengths away from your own age, which disturbed you on too many levels to comprehend.

“Or maybe cut those fingers off till you scream?” He continued, now talking to himself, unaware of the effect it had on you. Or was he? “Anything would be better than this annoying childish behaviour.”

Childish? Childish?

You had to restrain yourself to not pounce on him the instant.

“Though I guess I could just send word to old Washy that I killed you. That would surely send him to his grave with worry.”

You broke.

“Don’t you dare,” Your voice was heavy with anger as you whipped around. Widened chocolate eyes regarded you in surprise, a grin stretching across flawless skin.

“Ah so she speaks” He exclaimed giddily. You immediately wanted to calm up again, but it was of no use. You had already given him his victory.

“What are you here for today?” You asked, even though you knew. Its what he came for everyday. As a King you would think he had his schedule full, but he somehow made time every single day to come and pester you for the same thing.

“Oh you already know darling. So why don’t we make this easier on both of us?”

“I’m not becoming a spy for you,” You muttered, voice robotic. You had repeated the words so many times it was second nature. “I will not become a prostitute or anything of the matter. I definitely will not give you any information regarding the plans of my father for the war-”

“-and I will not succumb to any of your wishes,” He finished for you, rolling his eyes, and lolling his head back, shifting into a more comfortable position in which he could still see your face. “I know the drill princess. Then what good are you for?”

Your mouth shut. The playful tone had been sucked out of his atmosphere entirely at the last sentence, his eyes alight with something hypnotic, menacing, intimidation slamming over your head so quickly you froze up entirely. You were sure you were about to be sentenced to death then and there, but then he was back and the monster was gone, a smile lighting up his face, forming tiny dimples along his cheeks and crinkles around his eyes.

“I’m just messing with you!” He said, getting up from the sheets and patting your back roughly. You flinched at the touch, deciding to scrub extra hard in the tub today. “I do hope you change your mind tomorrow! My patience does have a limit.”

You were given a glimpse at the insanity that lay beneath the surface of the cheer and exuberance as his gaze flashed something predatory before he was literally prancing out of the room, humming a catchy tune underneath his breath.

You collapsed onto the wall as soon as he left, your mask gone as you put your face in your hands. A shaking sigh left your mouth as you shuddered, biting your lip to prevent the oncoming onslaught of moisture that flooded your eyes.

Dad, please come quick.

The door opened.

You glared at the recent tally mark of 130. “You’re here early today. What? Got bored with terrorizing innocent subjects?” You could be killed for your talk to such an important figure, but you knew he wouldn’t harm you, and frankly you didn’t care. You knew he needed you as a ransom.

There was no answer, and you turned around in confusion, just in time for him to wrap his arms around you.

Panic flared within you but only skyrocketed as he dragged you down to the mattress. You kicked at him frantically, assuming the worst. No no you weren’t ready, you weren’t for use, he couldn’t take this from you you wouldn’t let him-

Confusion sprouted next as he didn’t lay any perverted touches on you, simply keeping you tight in his hold and burying his head into your hair. The soft but ragged breathing told you he was awake, but you didn’t dare move if he was unstable. You’d witnessed his absolute insanity before, and you didn’t feel like being at the end of it.

But why was he doing this? Was this another tactic?

But then why was he shaking?

So you stayed still, highly attentive, until he relaxed against you and his breaths evened out. Against everything you were, you let him hold you, ignoring the waves of revulsion rolling on your skin. You absentmindedly eyed a pair of scissors on the dressing table. You could easily slip out of his hold and stab him before anyone knew, take the life of the man who had ruined yours.

The thought ran through your mind another time before you disregarded it. Not now. Not only did you think you wouldn’t have the ability to actually bring yourself to commit the act, but killing someone in their sleep was probably the most cowardly of cowardly acts.

Does cowardice really matter when you are a prisoner? A voice whispered temptingly from the dark abyss of your mind. You crushed it.

You were not that type of person.

It was only later when you had been left alone again without a word from the king, that you discovered what had happened. There were hushed talks among the servants, the nobles outside your door.

The king’s sick and weak mother had finally died of laryngeal cancer in her sleep.

You were unsure how to feel.

At one end you absolutely wanted to have no feelings of remorse or pity towards George. But on the other you were far more concerned of why exactly he had come to you for comfort.

Why you? Were you not a mere captive?  A hostage?

Then you looked back. Every day.  He had visited you every day. You couldn’t bear to admit it, but even you grew used to his visits, and came to expect them with some anticipation. (If only to imagine ripping those pretty eyes from his skull). He must have grown attached to you at some point as well.

Could he have possibly grown a….liking towards you?

The thought was ridiculous but the evidence proved otherwise. And if so…if so…

You grinned slowly at your reflection in the mirror.

Maybe you weren’t the hostage anymore.

He continued to come. Earlier and earlier every day. You didn’t change your attitude towards him too quickly, knowing that you had to concoct your plan slowly in order for there to be no suspicion whatsoever.

But you ever so slowly changed the game. You began to face him when he came in instead of away. You let your hand ‘accidentally’ brush against his side. You made an effort to look presentable when he came in.

You even ripped a small piece of your mask away to allow yourself to give him a real smile once.

And you could feel him beginning to turn into putty in your hand. Your father would be proud of you, you thought. For tricking the enemy so well.

(Or would he? Allowing yourself to manipulate another so easily?)

And one fateful night, when George was tired, and it had been a hard day on him, and your eyes had been shining so brilliantly in the light of the candle-

You did nothing when his lips came down on yours, merely tightened a fist behind your back and brought the other to gently touch his cheek.

Hook, line, and sinker.

You had turned the tables successfully. You had him under just as much control as he thought he still had you under.

It was funny really.

You began to think of ways to escape. It had taken you so long to get him to trust you, but maybe a few more months and he would let you go outside, and then from there you could begin putting out plans to get back home.


The word seemed so far away, and yet so close.

America, wait for me.

One evening you were sitting upright the headrest on the bed, George’s head on your shoulder, the room silent. It was the rare occasion his customary royalty wig wasn’t on, and his soft brown curls brushed against your cheek.

He looked much better in your opinion. Not that you cared.



His eyes stared into space, as if he was seeing something you weren’t.

“Why are you doing this?”

For a minute you felt dread tinge your tongue. He hadn’t figured you out had he? You forced yourself to calm down. “Doing what?”

“This,” He shifted his eyes so that they were boring into yours, and it was as if he was unraveling your very soul. “I thought you had accepted this to ask of something of me, or try and grasp your freedom, but you’ve done nothing of the sort. What do you hope to accomplish?”

He must have been really tired if he was spilling his guts to you. Hopefully he wouldn’t remember this conversation in the morning.

“Do I need to accomplish something?” Answer another question with a question, your dad’s voice lectured in your mind. Don’t ever let them see weakness.

“I would think so,” His voice was silk, rushing over your ears, causing you to relax your own guard much more than you wanted. “Unless you are idiotic enough to gain romantic inhibitions to your captor.”

“Well then I shall say the same to you,” You countered. “How does one gain such feelings toward their captive?”

“Touche,” He laughed before regaining his quiet. You grew worried. He had never been this sober before. Was there something seriously wrong?

“I am never letting you go,” He said suddenly. You blinked, but didn’t reply. His grip on your hand grew slightly tighter. “My sweet, submissive subject.”

You couldn’t help the adamant scowl that pulled your lips. Submissive??

“But you’re not,” He amended, watching the change in your face, eyebrows furrowing in uncertainty. “You have fire. And intelligence, almost. You are the strangest woman I have ever met.”

You stared back, struck speechless by his gaze. And for the first time, you found yourself leaning forward as well when he captured your lips with his, deepening the embrace till you grew hot with passion and thoughtless as you were pressed down into the mattress.

A knock on the door.

“George,” you said immediately. “Yo-”

An unfamiliar man stood there instead, a complacent smile on his face. You cleared your throat after staring in surprise.

“Ah, hello,” The man said, voice a deep richness, lines between his eyes that betrayed the amount of times he smiled.

There was a certain twinkle in those eyes as he walked towards you, his steps kept together and his back straight. He lifted a tape measure. “I am merely your new tailor, madame. Please let down your guard.”

You vaguely wondered what had happened to the other woman but nodded, loosening the tightness in your shoulders.

He was gentle as he lifted your arms and zipped around you, wrapping the measure around your waist and up your side. As he lifted your hair to stretch the surface of the material against you neck, he began to speak again.

“May I ask you your name, miss?”

“Y/N,” You said quietly.

“Lovely,” he complimented, and it wasn’t sleazy in any way, but completely genuine.

“Thank you,” A heat flushed up your neck and pooled in your cheeks at the gesture.

“Where did you get it?”

“My…father said it was the first thing he thought of when he gazed at my eyes,” You murmured, mood dampened extremely.

He hummed. “Interesting. I’m sure Washington wouldn’t like to hear you sound so downcast speaking of it though.”

You tensed. “What?” You tried to get away from the man but his hold on your shoulder increased so that you couldn’t - yet it was still somehow gentle.

“I mean what I said.” Then his voice dropped even lower, and he was whispering in your ear, even as he continued to look to an outsider as if he were taking your measurements. “Your father has sent for you. I will leave the door open when I leave, and you must follow my instructions.”

You nodded, befuddled, but feeling hope bubble up in your chest.

“Good. Now go left, and continue for about fifty feet before making a right then immediate right again. You will run into a baker, who is not one at all, and he will lead you out of the castle and to the harbour where a ship awaits to take you back to the mainland. Keep your head down, and your face hidden. Walk as if you have a destination, but do not stand out.”

You could only nod again, overwhelmed but committing every word to your memory.

“Oh and,” He straightened, hanging the measure around his neck once more. A wink was sent your way, a cheeky grin making it onto his handsome face. “Good luck.”

He went to walk out the door but you stopped him.

“W-Wait!” You said. He stopped and you stammered. “May I have your name?”

He contemplated for a second before smirking. “Mulligan. Hercules Mulligan. Now make haste Y/N Washington.”

With that he had swept out like he was never there, footsteps light and making no sound.

You stood there, watching the indeed open door, mind racing a mile a minute.

A tailor spying on the British government? Was this a trick? Was George seeing if you would run away given the chance? Or was this real? Were you really being rescued?

You turmoil-ed over the notion for several more seconds but every moment that grew on had you looking at the sliver of light shining in from the open door..

You made your choice.

And with that you slipped out the door.

“Ready, Madame?”

You jumped. “Huh? Ah yes…”

The baker-but-not-really, held out a hand, the sea-spray of the harbour assaulting your nose, and the wind whipping your hair. He had a foot aboard the plank of the ship, but you were still on the ground. You rose one foot but were confused when you paused. What were you waiting for? Wasn’t this freedom?

Brown eyes, and a childish grin, feet skipping out of the room.



You didn’t - you couldn’t -

Please no, you thought. I couldn’t possibly be…

The smell of his skin, incense and mint, the sensation of his mouth on yours.

You wanted to rip your hair out. NO. This wasn’t happening.

You blamed the salty air for your eyes tearing up as you accepted your helper’s hand and stepped up onto the ship.

You blamed the rocking of the boat and sea sickness for the lurching of your heart as England’s harbour grew further away.

You closed your eyes and thought of your father’s smile, drowning out everything else.

You were going home.

Where is she?!”

The adviser grimaced as another vase crashed to the floor.

“Sir-” Another crash, this time the desk against the wall, broken and tumbling to the ground. The sheets were torn, curtains ripped apart. “We can only assume she is back in the west. She was seen by a witness with a man in a baker’s attire, heading towards the harbour.”

King George grew unnaturally calm. “The harbour? Was she struggling? Putting up a fight?”

The adviser stepped back, a bead of sweat running down his forehead. “N-No sir. It is most probable she simply fled. She was a prisoner after all.”

“Fled…She fled…” King George mumbled, chuckling. The adviser swallowed, bowing slightly and excusing himself from the room in rightful fear of his life for delivering the news.

King George was a mess, hair in chaos, his crown on the floor, his whole body quivering in mad laughter.

An image of you smiling back home and expressing your freedom, taunted him. Betrayal and anger stirred deep in his chest but all he did was laugh.

His palm covered his face as he trembled, now bellowing full rolls of hysterics. “She fled!

The laughs simmered down to giggles as he braced himself against a wall, smiling through the spaces of his fingers.

“Y/N…oh Y/N…” A psychotic glint passed his eyes, white teeth splitting his lips in a grin. “You think you’ve escaped…”

You jumped into your father’s arms, feeling yourself encased in his strong hold as he kissed you all over, warm in his embrace. Yet you felt as if something was incomplete, apprehension still hanging over you as a tension you couldn’t shake.

This is just the beginning.”


My body def needs this after this thanksgiving! I’ve been between vegan, vegetarian and omnivore for a while now, but I’ve been pretty solid vegetarian since march. I had meat about twice in the past week, and it made me feel SOOOO GROSS. I felt sick trying to go to bed last night, and just felt overall gross. The best I’ve ever felt was when I was vegan for about two weeks. My skin was glowing, my digestive system was flawless, and I was happy, energetic, and felt so good. For my glo up, I’m going to try going vegan again for all of those reasons. In my opinion, plant based is the best option, and even if you don’t want to go vegan, eating a lot of veggies and fruits will make your skin glow!
Therefore, since I have felt so gross, I am going to do a three day detox! It says lean protium as your final meal, but I might just eat lentils or beans!

anonymous asked:

Finally I can request yaaaaay!! This is my first time! Ok could you please do how would the rfa+v+saeran react to MC being a professional figure skater (like Viktor from yoi), and the reason that she is in Korea is because for a competition, like she is not from Korea she's a foreigner

I can’t follow this request exactly as it is, otherwise MC could have lost the competition for W.O. since she was trapped for 11 days lololol. So I’m just going with a foreigner MC living in Korea for training, is that ok?

RFA + Saeran and V with an ice skater MC


  • Power couple, the tabloids are going crazy about him dating this super talented and promising ice skater from Thailand (like Phichit <3)
  • Your schedules are a mess, so it’s hard for him to watch you competing, and it’s hard for you to watch his musicals
  • But you two try to make the best out of it, and he dedicates all his free time to watch your practices
  • Son of a bitch even joins you in the ice rink and damn, he got some fine moves you could use
  • Actually, exchanging dance moves are a thing to both of you. And the result is always amazing!
  • When he released his first album, you were competing in Germany so you couldn’t make it to the party, not that he minded, you already knew all the songs.
  • Matter of fact, you used of them in your program.



  • Poor thing is so intimidated by this tall Australian girl who looks like an ice goddess in that rink.
  • But you’re always bringing him along to your practices and eventual competitions that take place in Korea.
  • He still can’t go abroad with you due to college, but he will definitely follow you around the world once he graduates.
  • He’s legitimately your biggest fan, he learned everything about the jumps and judging criteria so he can actually be a part of this.
  • You teach him how to skate, he’s not as elegant as you, but still… he’s very gracious.
  • He barely stayed to his graduation, he needed to go home to watch you in the finals of the Grand Prix in Switzerland.
  • He lost your presentation, but he came in time to see you getting interviewed about your bronze medal. When you said you dedicated this to your boyfriend who just graduated, he’s gone!


  • She wants to know everything about your job and about your home country: South Africa.
  • Like Yoosung, turns into your biggest fan and learns everything she can about the sport so you can always talk about it.
  • Your coach thinks her advices to you are really on point. Yes, do as she says, girl, and you can bring the gold home.
  • She’s so interested in this she becomes a fan of other ice skaters, and she knows a lot of facts about your competitors she’s more than happy to share with you and your coach.
  • She’s like a soccer mom sometimes, always pushing you and encouraging you to bring you’re A game even in the practices. Even your coach tells her to go easy on you.
  • But you don’t mind, her enthusiasm and encouraging help you a lot, and it pays off when you bring a silver medal home (not a golden one, but just wait until Olympics)
  • And the celebration is nothing too over the top, just the two of you on a cute ice skating date followed by some cocoa your amazing girlfriend made it.


  • Another tabloid material couple. Mr. Director and this Mexican ice skater living in Korea for training.
  • It’s hard for both of you to catch up with each other’s work, but the mutual support is essential even from afar.
  • And if he can’t be there in person, he makes sure to send you gifts and cards reminding you how much he is proud of you for everything and how he can’t wait to see you.
  • Of course he also gives you financial support, making sure you have the best coach, the best physical training, the best costumes. He’ll pay copyright for any song in the world you need for your routines.
  • Like Jaehee, always encouraging you to bring your best, but he goes a little easier on you since he’s worried you’re might be straining yourself.
  • He cleaned his schedule to watch you in the finals of the Grand Prix in Denmark.
  • Is completely gone when you show up in a costume that reminds a lot a cat. No, not just any cat, that majestic white cat called Elizabeth the 3rd. Oh, she should be here to see this too.


  • When he finds in the background check that you’re a Jamaican girl who ice skates, he can only think about one thing:
  • On a serious note, tho: he loves it! He loves to go to your practice and watches you mesmerized, he always yells YAAAAAASSS everytime you jump.
  • He’s always with you no matter where you’re competing, though he stays more in the backstage rooting for you.
  • Be sure he has strong opinions about your costumes and make-up. He even does your make-up sometimes, and it’s always flawless!
  • You came back from the Grand Prix in Russia with an honorable fourth place, impressive for someone who never even seen snow for most of her life. He’s super proud!
  • But what he really likes is that you chose “I Can See Clearly Now” by Jimmy Cliff, for your routine. Yes, he’s not the only one to like Cool Runnings here.


  •  Why would a Brazilian girl be an ice skater? I would be damned if I don’t pair this precious boy with a Brazilian MC Does it even snow in Brazil? it does in the south
  • When he led you to Rika’s apartment, you weren’t competing yet, you just moved in to Korea
  • When everything is over, he feels guilty for a lot of things, of course. But leading a foreigner girl in a different country with very different culture from hers is what he regrets the most.
  • So now it’s his personal mission to support you in everything you do, even when he misses you so much.
  • You’re always chatting via Skype and he asks about everything, the competition, the country you are right now, how you’re gonna take down the competition. EVERYTHING!
  • Once his therapist says It’s okay for him to travel and face large crowds, be sure he’ll follow you around whenever you go.
  • He’s super proud when you win a 5th place using the song he suggested for your routine.


  • Gurl… the photos he takes of you…
  • Since he doesn’t really have a boss or a schedule, he follows you abroad. This man is basically your guide and makes sure you’re learning and enjoying every country you visit at its fullest
  • Being also very rich, he can make sure you have the best training and the best costumes.
  • And when you tell him you’re thinking about having an original song for your routine, be sure he’ll find the best musicians to make this happen.
  •  He has access to the best spots in the rink, so his photos of you are always perfect. He sells some of them to the press, but keeps most of them to himself and his personal collection.
  • He knew you were getting at least the bronze medal after that amazing presentation in the Grand Prix, and when you actually did, he was super proud.
  • The celebration involved you two heading to your home country: United Arab Emirates. And there goes another photo shoot of you.

sonhoedesrazao  asked:

OOOH JIMON: "Can we pretend I didn’t just say that?" (make it a love declaration scene and i'll love you forever)


Simon is gonna be late to class, he just knows it. Three months being exclusively nocturnal have really ruined him for normal things like timetables, public transportation and traffic. He gets off on the next station and decides to walk the rest of the way.

Still. Despite his racing thoughts and irrational fear that his professor will hate him forever for being a few minutes late, he’s excited. He’s going back to school! He’ll take classes again and be bored beyond relief over static lectures and be looked down upon by much cooler classmates. Things will go back to something resembling normal.

Simon checks his phone again. Twelve minutes until his class begins. He could use his vampire speed, but the streets are busy and swarming with people. That’d be a little hard to explain. He takes a deep breath and takes wider steps.

Someone bumps into him. 

“You’ve been avoiding me.” 

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anonymous asked:

Hello.. I want to request a scenario where RFA + Saeran react to MC who hates hickeys and that kind of staff, she really want her skin to be clean. Have a nice day :3

can’t relate
Kinda went a bit silly with this, hope you like it!
~Mod L


♡ Poor bby
♡ He’s so new to all this while he was kissing you he didn’t even realize what he was doing
♡ Turns bright red, thinks he did something wrong
♡ Isn’t even 100% sure how to give an actual hickey?? 
♡ It’s so stressful because he’s not sure how to not give you an actual hickey
♡ After some reassurance he’s good
♡ Totally understands and doesn’t leave a single mark on you


♡ He finds it out the hard way… the next morning…
♡ When he heard you shout his name from the bathroom he ran over because he thought you hurt yourself
♡ Couldn’t help but burst into laughter seeing your adorably angry face, pointing at the dark mark on your collarbone
♡ Promptly gets a toothbrush thrown at him
♡ “I’m sorry! I’m sorryyyyy!”
♡ A little disappointed but that doesn’t make being with you any less fun
♡ Has some makeup from going up on stage that he’ll help to use you cover it up
♡ “Zen why do you have this you have literally flawless skin”
♡ He’ll sometimes teases you by saying he’ll leave more, but doesn’t actually ever do it again


♡ Won’t show it but feels incredibly relieved
♡ He found such public displays of rather intimate moments really unprofessional
♡ While he’s into being more dominate he’s established his line between bedroom and rest of the world
♡ He wants everyone to know your his, but in a classy way
♡ Like this necklace 
♡ And these bracelets
♡ Ooooh and these matching earrings
♡ He showers you with so many gifts that already establish your relationship he feels no need to leave a mark on your skin


♡ Shares quite similar opinion with Jumin
♡ She loved being with you but felt it more like something special to just be between you two
♡ She had felt a bit nervous to be with you because she was so new to dating and wasn’t comfortable being very close to you in public
♡ But overcoming that fear lead to a lot of confidence in your relationship
♡ And with that feeling comfortable not shouting to the world your dating but making your moments together all the more remarkable


♡ He had already seen how many beauty products you used to keep your skin clear, so already knew this was important to you
♡ But seeing your skin so flawless he kinda wanted to leave a hickey on you, since it would stand out so much and it could be a proud symbol of your relationship
♡ You quickly shut that thought down before it could happen
♡ “Awwwwh, pleeease?”
♡ One solid no brought out the cutest pout but he stopped asking
♡ He still likes to be a lil freaky with you but makes sure to leave you just as flawless in the morning


♡ All his years growing up and going through ME left the poor boy with a few scars of his own
♡ So when he first met you on of the things he marveled at was how flawless your skin was
♡ It was strange to him as he grew up with Saeyoung having the same marks as him, and then other believers of ME having to go through “Treatment”
♡ He didn’t want to leave any marks on you, and was even worried with your preference you found his scars unattractive
♡ But in contrary to that you both found fascination with each other’s bodies, and you found a new fascination of tracing the scars along his body 
♡ Oh my god that turned him on
♡ He learns to love his skin and yours but still would never think of leaving a mark on you


My review of Waiting for You.

The film itself is enjoyable but nothing particularly special.

Taking place for the most part in it’s French setting, the cinematography is generally unsettling.

You cannot relax between the time cuts and the eerie silences. Which makes you highly aware of everything little sound and movement.

Colin for his part as Paul is flawless. Perfectly embodying the mannerisms of the 20-something who doesn’t know what to do with their life.

As Paul sleeps with his arms wrapped around himself in some sort of half-hug you feel his loneliness and directionless even more viscerally, and you can’t help but route for him even as his actions boarder into more questionable territory.

The camera truly loves Colin, with close-ups abound. His fluffy, and just this side of unkempt, curling around his ears.

The plot is not the strongest, many things are left unsaid, the viewer left to come to their own conclusions about somethings. But it does hold interest none the less.

After the film, Charles answered a few questions, saying:
- They do want to have a mainstream cinema release, but they are still struggling to get it, so will continue with the screenings as a part of film festivals.
- Charles approached Colin about the role after discovering him in some interviews online.
- Colin wrote a partial essay on his character, and his lines. While on the other hand Fanny made no notes, and played her character mysterious.
- Colin and Fanny were kept separate during rehearsals so their final meeting could be more genuine.

It won’t be flawless ever again. First loves always feel perfect, like the world is yours and you are each others’ and nothing could ever come between you. Something will, though. It always does. And you’ll fall in love again, because that’s what people do. They pick up their pieces and tape them back together and move on, even if the edges don’t fit quite right anymore. You’ll move on, and you’ll find someone new, and they’ll make you feel incredible, but it won’t ever be the same. Nothing will ever feel like first love does. It won’t feel so perfect, so incredibly right. You only get one of those epic, infinite loves. But every other love is still worth it. Maybe it won’t feel heart-stopping, but you’ll still laugh and cry and smile and at the end of the day, you’ll be happy. Because even if you only get one chance at a soulmate, you get an infinite number of chances at happiness.
—  from an unfinished story #672

Best Friend confesses Series: Mingyu

This is part five of a series of Seventeen imagines. Feel free to message me and say who you want to see confessing next! Requests get done fast ;)

Mingyu is an idiot sometimes, of course, and having him as a best friend can be a real pain as much as it can be a joy. When he drops your brand new phone (the one you saved up months to get) down a flight of stairs and it’s screen shatters at the bottom, you definitely count it as one of those moments when he’s an annoyance. 

“I’m so sorry, Y/N!” Mingyu yells, racing down at stairs ahead of you to pick it up off the concrete, his long coat flying out behind him and somehow making him look model-like despite the fact that he’s sprinting two stairs at a time and almost trips over at the bottom.

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Three Good Reasons

Jaehyun x Reader

Wordcount: 3,217

Can you please write a Jaehyun scenario when he likes a foreign dancer and she’s a SM trainee that’s an NCT Stan. Thx -🖖

“You guys, she’s beautiful.”

“Yea Jae, they’re all hot.  This is the best day ever.”

“Calm down Yuta.  We aren’t here to get girlfriends.”

“Shut up Ten.  Don’t act like you aren’t single and ready to mingle.”

“True. I’d ditch Johnny for any one of them.”

Jaehyun rolled his eyes at his member’s immaturity.  Yea, all the girls were attractive – they were SM trainees after all. But there was one in particular who had caught his eye.

“Just stay away from her though, okay?  The one who just performed.  The foreigner.”

You ended your dance routine, brushing away the hair that stuck to your face from sweat. It was your first routine as an SM trainee after being cast in an international audition. You weren’t like most idols, especially not ones from SM.   No milky white skin.  No stick-thin body.  No long, straight hair.  Based on what you knew, your appearance gave you no advantage in getting casted, so you knew your audition had to be perfect.  Motivated by your dream to perform, you spent months practicing and gave the audition your all.  Luckily, all your hard work paid off and you were now practicing at the SM building amongst the other new female trainees lucky enough to be selected.  

You grabbed your water bottle and sat down, looking around the room.  You could see the NCT boys through the door window.  Your dance instructor had told the new trainees that the guys had some free time, and would be coming by to give you all a special announcement.  You didn’t want to admit it, especially not in this environment, but you were an NCT stan. Supporting them since their SM Rookie days, you were crazy in love with all of them.  Their talent, visuals, music – hell, even their questionable stage outfits – you worshipped all of it.  To you, they were perfect.  The thought alone of meeting them completely freaked you out.  In particular, you were the most afraid of meeting Jaehyun.  He was your bias, and in your mind, basically the most beautiful human you had ever seen.  You knew meeting him and the rest of NCT would go one of two ways.  You would either lose all self-control and jump them, or you’d lose all confidence and be too scared to talk to them. Luckily for NCT, it would probably the latter.  You were well-aware that you stood out amongst the other trainees, and it made you too self-conscious to be around them.

As you looked at them through the door and tried not to fangirl, you noticed Jaehyun watching you and muttering to Yuta and Ten.  Was he talking about you?  Maybe he liked your dance routine?  Or maybe he noticed how different you looked.  That’s probably what Jaehyun was talking to his members about. Right?  I mean, if he was talking about you, what else could it be about? You quickly looked away, not wanting to get caught looking back at him.

“(Y/n), he’s totally checking you out.”

“What are you talking about Jiyeon?”

“Jaehyun. Can’t you see him staring at you? Get it girl.”

You rolled your eyes at your closest friend.  You were so thankful that you had made it through casting together.  Having a friend with you made going to Korea to train a lot easier.   But at this moment, you wished she would stop talking.  The last thing you needed was someone planting seeds in your head that Jung Jaehyun of all people was interested in you.  

Before Jiyeon could continue annoying you, the door to the practice room opened and the members of NCT flooded in.  You’re fan-girl dreams were alive, but you had to keep it together.  After doing their self-introductions, the members began to chat with the trainees, getting to know their new label-mates.  Every once in a while, you noticed Jaehyun peer over at you, but you did your best to avoid him and the other members.   You felt unworthy of their presence.  And more than anything, you were scared you would say or do something stupid in front of them.

Suddenly, Jiyeon came bounding over, interrupting your thoughts when she grabbed your arm and began to drag you over to the members.

“They’re so nice and cool (y/n)!  Just come say hi.  You love them, how could you not want to meet them?!”

By some miracle, Jiyeon was stopped in her tracks when your choreographer interrupted everyone to reveal the special announcement.

Your jaw practically hit the floor when you found out that you, among the other trainees, would be having a special dance stage with the members of NCT.  It was SM’s way of creating buzz, and giving you first-hand experience in performing.  You were excited, but also terrified.  The choreography would require you all to be paired up.  You would have to talk to at least one of the members to practice.  Knowing you couldn’t avoid NCT forever, you tried to keep your cool.  It was one stage.  You just had to not make a fool of yourself for the next few weeks and everything would be fine… As long as you weren’t partnered with Jaehyun.


It had been two weeks since finding out about your stage.  Jiyeon had been partnered with Jaehyun.  It took a lot of convincing, but you eventually got her to swear she would pretend you didn’t exist when she was with him.  You had ended up partnered with Ten.  He was an amazing dancer, and had so much patience in helping you.   His bright personality put you at ease, and you were no longer afraid to make mistakes or do something stupid in front of him.  You couldn’t believe you had only been a trainee for a few weeks, and were already dancing with a member of NCT.   Not only that, you and Ten had become friends.  It was any NCT stan’s dream.

You and Ten had been practicing for hours a day together.  But today, he had to leave early to prepare for NCT’s next comeback. After much begging to let you watch him practice, and Ten insisting you had to wait for the official comeback like all the other fans, he left early.  Some of the other pairs were still practicing.  You noticed Jaehyun and Jiyeon were still there, but saw Jiyeon starting to pack up her things.  

“Hey girl. I have to leave now for vocal training, but I’ll see you back at the dorm okay?”

Jiyeon hugged you before turning to wave at Jaehyun, and leaving you alone.  You looked over at Jaehyun, overwhelmed by how flawless he looked as he practiced.  Much to your dismay, he caught you gawking at him in the practice room mirror.  He turned to look at you for a moment, before slowly making his way over to you.  Over the past few weeks, you had noticed him sometimes staring at you.  A few times it even seemed like he was going to come over and talk to you, but you had managed to avoid talking to him by either striking up a conversation with whoever was closest to you, or even literally leaving the room to “fill your water bottle” or “go to the washroom.”  But this time, there was no escape.  The two of you were holding eye contact as he approached, and it would look nothing short of insane if you suddenly walked away now.

“(Y/n), if you want, maybe we could practice together?  You know, since Ten and Jiyeon had to leave early.”

“Um… Sure. That uh… That sounds great.”

You wanted to say something more, but you were too busy trying to remember how to breathe.  Of course Jaehyun knew your name – he was partnered with your best friend, and you had been practicing in the same room together for weeks.  But it was the first time you had heard him say it out loud. You had heard your name so many times in your life, but it had never sounded so enchanting as when it came from his pale pink lips.  Everything he did was so perfect.

To be honest, practicing with Jaehyun was pretty awkward.  You did your best to just focus on the dance routine, and avoided any unnecessary conversation.  He would occasionally give you pointers, you would thank him, and then the silence would resume.  Wanting to put on the best performance you could, you both dealt with the awkward situation and focused on practicing.

After a couple of hours, only you and Jaehyun remained in the practice room.  You had been focusing on the middle section of the routine all day, but Jaehyun said he thought you were ready to run through the entire thing.  You were hoping you wouldn’t have to complete the routine with Jaehyun, as the end pose was slightly more intimate than you were comfortable with.  The end of the routine was no problem with Ten, but with Jaehyun?  You were low-key freaking out.

As the routine ended, you were left with your arm thrown around his shoulders, your body leaning into him.  One of his hands rested at your waist, the other supporting you by the small of your back. Why was it that this felt so different with Jaehyun than it had with Ten?

Your faces only inches apart, both breathing heavily, you couldn’t help but admire him.  His dark eyes, pale skin, the beads of sweat forming on his forehead…  Everything about him was perfect, and despite weeks of avoiding him, in this moment, you couldn’t bring yourself to look away.  He was examining your face just as intently as you were his.   Your eyes finally settled on each others’, and before you could process what was happening, Jaehyun began to slowly lean into you.  Without thinking, you took a step back away from him while simultaneously pushing him away slightly.

“Did I do something wrong?”

You were tempted to tell him how he almost made your fan-girl heart explode.

“No? I dunno.  I thought you were going to kiss me.”

“(Y/n)… I was.”


Oh? Was that all you had to say?  The man of your dreams was going to kiss you a few seconds ago, and after rejecting him all you could say was oh?  You stood there, dumbfounded at the situation. Finally, Jaehyun broke the silence.

“(Y/n), why do you hate me so much?”

“What?! I don’t hate you at all!  Why would you think that?”

“I’ve been trying for weeks to introduce myself and get to know you, but every time I get anywhere close to making progress, you avoid me.”

“Jaehyun I swear I don’t hate you.  It isn’t like that at all.”

“Then go on a date with me.  I like you (y/n).  I have since I first saw you.”

In one day, you had gone from completely avoiding Jaehyun at all costs to him asking you out.   You’d be lying if you said you hadn’t dreamed of this moment.  But you were beyond hesitant.  How would he react to you being a fangirl?  And was he seriously interested in you? The foreigner who looked nothing like all the other beautiful girls at the company?

 “I can’t go out with you Jaehyun.  I’m sorry.”

“Give me three good reasons why and I’ll stop trying to get closer to you.”

“Well, for one you’re an idol, a rookie at that.  I don’t want to involve you in come scandal.  Second of all, and this is embarrassing to admit, but I’m an NCT stan and you’re my bias.  I’m constantly worried about doing something stupid in front of you.  And wouldn’t it be weird dating someone who was a fan?  Third…  I mean look at me.  You’re surrounded by all of these other gorgeous trainees and idols.  I’m so different.  Why would you choose me?”

You ended your rant by looking down at the floor.  It was embarrassing to admit all of the reasons you had tried so hard to avoid him.  Of course you wanted to get closer to him, but in your mind, there were so many things preventing it.  He could do so much better than some crazy fan-girl.

“(Y/n), I said three good reasons.  Those were terrible.”

He placed his hand under your chin, gently lifting your head, making you look him in the eyes.

“First of all, dating for idols is difficult, but not impossible.  There’s always going to be scandals.  You just learn to live your life regardless of what people will say.”

He had a point.  You couldn’t expect him to give up his social life just because he was an idol.

“Second of all, you shouldn’t be afraid to be my fan.  It means a lot to me that you’re so passionate about our group. And we all make mistakes and do embarrassing things sometimes.  We’re human.”

Okay, another one of your points proven wrong.  It was kind of silly for you to think that he wouldn’t like that you were a fan… It just meant that you supported him and the other members.  As you considered his words, a wave of regret washed over you. You were slowly starting to feel really stupid for avoiding him.  You were his fan and had weeks to get to know him.  How many girls had dreamt of that opportunity?  Why on earth had you tried so hard to dodge him?

“And lastly, (y/n), I love that you’re different.  It’s refreshing to see diversity, especially at SM. When I lived in America for four years, one of my favourite things was seeing all of the different types of people. I miss that.”

You didn’t think Jaehyun could get any more perfect in your eyes, and yet here he was, proving you wrong.   You yourself had always loved diversity amongst people, but from what you knew about Korea, being different wasn’t always accepted.  It was wrong of you to assume that Jaehyun wouldn’t like you because you didn’t fit Korea’s typical beauty standards.  It was wrong of you to assume anything without getting to know him.

“You’re tan skin, wavy hair, and distinctive features… They’re all beautiful to me (y/n).  They make you special.  Not to mention you are an incredibly talented dancer.”

Not knowing what to say, all you could do was smile at Jaehyun.  All of your fangirl dreams were becoming a reality.  But more important than that, you could feel yourself genuinely begin to fall for him.  It wasn’t Jaehyun standing in front of you, it was Yoonoh.  This was a side that you had never seen in any of the countless NCT videos you had watched.

“Thank you so much…  I guess I was too busy worrying about meeting you, that I forgot you’re also a real person and not just someone that lives in my computer and phone.”

Jaehyun smiled at you, clearly finding your sudden realization cute.

“You know, agreeing to go out with me and letting us get to know each other would be a good way to make up for dodging me these past few weeks.”

“I mean, I guess I could manage that. You did call me beautiful.”

“Because you are.”

Jaehyun pulled you in for a hug. You didn’t hesitate to put your arms around his waist and hug him back.  This was the first time that you had felt completely comfortable around him. Somehow that day, he had managed to get past the walls you had put up.  Not only that, his compliments put you at ease about being a foreigner in Korea. You should have embraced your unique qualities and been proud of them.  You felt slightly disappointed in yourself for needing someone else to validate your worth, but either way, you wouldn’t forget from now own that your differences made you special.

“Oh my god did you finally ask her out?!  Did she say yes?!”

You let go of Jaehyun and turned around to see Ten and Jiyeon standing watching the two of you embrace each other.  How did Jiyeon know Jaehyun was going to ask you out?

“Yea, she agreed to go on a date with me.”

Jaehyun put one arm around your waist and pulled you to his side, showing off your new-found intimacy.

“Yes!  I knew it would all work out.”

Ten smiled at you and gave Jaehyun a wink.

“What was that for?”

“Uh… What was what for (y/n)?”

“That wink.  You just winked at Jaehyun.”

“What wink?  I didn’t wink?  Maybe my eye twitched or something.”

Ten and Jiyeon glanced at each other and both started to walk towards the door of the practice room but you ran in front of them blocking their way.

“For your sake, you both better tell me what is going on right now.”

You glanced behind them to look at Jaehyun.  As soon as you made eye contact, he tilted his head towards the floor, avoiding your gaze. What the heck were these three hiding from you?

“Well you see (y/n)…  Jaehyun, Jiyeon and I may or may not have possibly maybe came up with a plan to get you to finally talk to Jaehyun so he could ask you out…”

“Yea… Ten and I didn’t really have to leave practice earlier.  It was just a part of our plan with Jaehyun so he could ask you to practice with him and finally get you to have a conversation.”

“We heard you were still practicing, so we thought we’d stop by and see how things were going. Apparently, they were going exactly as planned.”

You stared back and forth between Ten, Jiyeon and Jaehyun in disbelief.  The three of them had orchestrated this entire day?

“So, this was just all some plan to get Jaehyun and I together?”

“You wouldn’t talk to him! Literally everyone except you knew that Jaehyun liked you!  We had to do something!”

Jiyeon threw her hands in the air in frustration while Ten nodded his head in agreement.  As mad as you were at them for meddling, you were grateful that they had put so much effort into doing this for you and Jaehyun. Slowly making his way over to the three of you, Jaehyun took both of your hands in his own.

“Ten let it slip to Jiyeon last week that I liked you, and then she admit that you liked me.  We had to act on it.  I’m sorry that it happened like this (y/n), but I couldn’t handle you avoiding me anymore.  I was going insane being so distant from you.”

How on earth could you be mad at the three of them.   They just wanted you to get over your worries and be happy.  Thanks to their little plan, you had a date with your dream guy. You couldn’t believe how your life had changed over the last few weeks.  From NCT stan watching videos of Jaehyun after school, to SM trainee who had a date with him. Sure, you stood out as a foreign dancer training at the top music company in Korea, but you weren’t going to let your negative thoughts hold you back anymore.  Standing there, looking at your friends – and hopefully soon-to-be boyfriend – you couldn’t wait to see what the future had in store. 

**Thank you kind anon who sent in this request.  I honestly have no idea how this ended up being this long lmao.  If you managed to get to the end of it, thank you and I hope you enjoyed it!!  It would mean a lot to me if you guys follow me and send in requests~~**

sana and noora are so similar, deep down. like ok noora is a white girl and that’s one hell of a difference but noora’s abuse and ed drove her to build this perfect persona, these walls made of her perfect exterior looks that make her seem so composed and level-headed when really, shes impulsive and rash and scared to love and being loved for who she is deep down. the only reason she fell for willirat was because she thought he had her figured out. and loved her anyways. the one thing her parents never did, the way she’s terrified no one would ever do.

and sana has a similar system of protection. it works through make up too, through her looks. she has to look flawless so she doesn’t stand out. she’s pretending to be strong because people are always coming at her and it’s playing at being invincible or get eaten. but deep down, shes terrified of exposing her vulnerabilities and fears because she thinks they’ll be used to hurt her even more. so like can you imagine ? noora sensing those walls (like she has in canon, shes always sensing when sana’s putting on a front even though julie doesn’t allow her to do shit about it) and reassuring sana with her care and her love without ever making it about herself… because sana is not comfortable with big declarations and i think noora s1 would be emotionally sensitive enough to get that ? she could be so good to sana I die

Unemployed || Jack

Jack masterpost found here

Word count - 1,032

Summary - The one with your last day of work.


Today was your last day at your job. The company you worked for was shutting down, meaning you were about to be unemployed. Your boss informed you and your coworkers almost three months ago now, and you had just been counting down the days until it happened.

Now, it was done. You clocked out for the last time, packed up all your desk belongings, and collected your last paycheck. You were straight out of a job.

You walked into the flat you shared with your boyfriend Jack and kicked off your heels. It was 6:00 in the evening and all you wanted was to eat some food and relax. As soon as you walked in, the smell of dinner being cooked filled your nose. You walked into the kitchen to see Jack with his back to you setting the kitchen table. You cleared your throat to get his attention. “Hello love,” Jack said sweetly, looking up at you with a smile.

“What are you doing?” you asked, walking over to him and wrapping your arms around him.

“I made dinner,” he said. “And dessert.”

“Really?” you said. “For what?”

“For you,” he said, placing a kiss to your forehead. You smiled and kissed his lips, not needing any words to tell him how much his actions were appreciated.

Jack pulled out your chair for you as you sat at the table. “What did you make?” you asked, looking at the plate in front of you. “It smells delicious.”

“Chicken milanese with spaghetti,” he said, sitting across from you and putting his napkin on his lap. “I got it from Jamie Oliver’s site. Does it look good?”

“It looks great,” you assured him with a smile. Jack grinned and nodded, then poured you a glass of white wine. When he poured himself a glass as well, he held it up to you so you could clink your glasses together before drinking. As you dug into the meal in front of you, you almost moaned.

“Jack,” you said, wiping your mouth with your napkin. “This is lovely.”

“Really?” he said excitedly. “Good. I was so afraid I did something wrong. I didn’t want to let you down.”

“It’s perfect,” you said. “And even if you had messed up, you wouldn’t have let me down at all. This all means so much to me. Thank you.”

“Anything for you,” he said, reaching out to squeeze your had.

Dinner was delicious. Jack made Chocolate Guinness Cake (another result of his searching through Jamie Oliver’s recipes) and it was flawless. Jack was usually a rubbish cook, so you knew he must’ve tried his very best to make sure everything came out well. You were so lucky to have him.

Once you were done with dinner, you sat on the couch scrolling through your phone. Jack assured you that he would clean up, so you didn’t worry about it. He was treating you like a princess tonight, so much so that you were forgetting about your recent unemployment. “Love?” Jack said, his voice coming from down the hall. “Could you come here for a second?”

“Coming!” you called back. You walked down the hall and saw soft lights flickering in the bathroom. When you walked in, you saw the bath full with bubbles, the lights off, and candles surrounding the tub. Not to mention the bottle of wine from dinner and two glasses sitting beside the tub. Jack walked up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist, placing a kiss to your neck.

“Care for a bath?” he asked gently, his voice sending shivers down your spine. You only nodded and began stripping yourself of your work clothes. Jack did the same. The two of you got into the bath, you between his legs with your back against his chest.

Almost immediately, Jack began playing with your hair. You had quite long hair and it was one of Jack’s favorite things about you. He was always twirling it around his fingers or attempting to braid it. No matter what the situation, if he could have his hands in your hair, he would. “Have I told you how much I love your hair?” he asked, parting it into three sections and trying to braid it.

“Almost everyday,” you said, a smile evident in your voice. You felt Jack’s chest vibrate with a laugh. He then gathered your hair and brushed it over one shoulder and placed a kiss to the other side of your neck. You let out a content hum and immediately felt yourself relax a bit. Once Jack started massaging your shoulders, you relaxed completely. He stopped for a moment causing you to turn your head and look at him. He had his phone in his hand, scrolling through something. You were confused for only a moment before soft music started to play in the bluetooth speaker you kept in the bathroom. True Colors by The Weeknd played quietly throughout the bathroom and you immediately relaxed again. Jack put his arms around you for a moment, taking a video of both of your toes at the end of the tub with the music playing in the bathroom. He put a heart and a filter over it then uploaded it to his Snapchat story.

Once that was done, he put his phone back down and began massaging your shoulders again. “Thank you,” you said quietly, feeling your once tense shoulders relax.

“Mhm,” he said, kissing your neck gently.

“No I mean, for everything,” you clarified. “For all of this tonight. For being so caring and amazing.”

“I know this day has been hard for you,” he said. “I’ll do anything to ease your burdens a little bit.”

“And that’s just one reason why I love you so much,” you said quietly.

Jack placed a kiss to your cheek and continued massaging you. The two of you stayed in the bath for longer than either of you intended to, but you didn’t mind. You had nowhere to be in the morning, and if staying there with Jack helped you forget your worries for a little bit longer, you could deal with coming out looking like a raisin.

BTS Reacts - You Having Low Self-Esteem

Taehyung: Taehyung, as usual, would be distracted by something else at first, not noticing your slightly hunched, timid self behind him. Someone would direct his attention to you; it’s normally Jungkook who does so, telling him, ‘Tae, your partner looks upset’. The best part about Tae is that he would always have whimsical ways of cheering you up, making you feel like the only person he would ever have eyes for. As you raise your eyes toward his figure, he would spin around quickly, imitating shock before smiling at you when he sees your beautiful self.

“Ah, who is this gorgeous person behind me!?”

Yoongi: He couldn’t possibly understand why you always felt small in comparison to others. You were his world; he wished you realized the magnitude of that. You are what inspires him to write and compose. The meaning and soul in his lyrics reflected what he always sees in you: pure art. He hated whenever you compared your uniqueness to others. Whenever he sees you throwing feeble glances at other people, wishing you could be just like them, he would tell you this in a commanding tone of voice:

“Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you’re less than amazing. Just be yourself.”

Seokjin: Jin would have caught on to your lack of confidence in an instant. He could tell whenever it started to bug you. He is so thoughtful and devoted, that it always has you questioning your own worth to deserve that sort of treatment. He loves every bit of you, and he wants you to know that, every second of the day. Instead of telling you exactly how to feel, he would give you words of encouragement instead, as well as subtle compliments, hoping to boost your spirits. He would make sure to look your way every so often, making you feel wanted.

“Aish - you look so lovely today, I can’t seem to take my eyes off of you.”

Jimin: Park Jimin was aware of your self-esteem issues, but he never truly understood it, because he just couldn’t see how anyone would think that you were anything remotely short of wonderful, on both the inside and out. He would always wonder why you thought so lowly of yourself, especially when he saw nothing but perfection. Whenever he sees you doubting yourself and looking to him for comfort, he would just shake his head at you, thinking that you were silly to even fathom the thought of being undesirable.

“You know you’re stunning, even when you’re not trying, right?”

Hoseok: When you get upset about the way you looked or the way you were in general, Hobi would pick up on that negativity. He would get a bit frustrated, but it’s only because his efforts to tell you that you were incredible didn’t get through to you on some days. Even so, he would try his hardest to get you to cheer up - and that was truly one of the best qualities of Jung Hoseok - it didn’t matter to him how badly you thought of yourself, he would love you unconditionally, and that was enough to make you feel better. Whether it’s right next to you or from across the room, he would beam brightly at you, waving or signing a heart whenever possible.

“Smile for me, jagiya!”

Namjoon: Seeing you think nothing of yourself would make Kim Namjoon hurt. He knows what it feels like, to think that you have no value, like you are unwanted. He’s felt this pain before, and he would do anything to stop you from feeling it. Whenever you trail behind the group, consumed by thoughts of worthlessness, he would fall back to walk with you and be by your side. He would want you to have a little more faith in yourself, and he would try to get you to do that by putting a little of his own faith in you, too.

“I’ll always think you’re perfect. Don’t worry about a thing.”

Jungkook: It would be Jungkook’s first time hearing of your self-esteem issues. You carried yourself relatively well, and to hear that you were actually quite insecure about your being would make him divert his attention to you in surprise. He would start to question you: how long have you felt this way,  why would you think things like that?  He’s always looked up to you as not only his loved one, but also a role model. When the topic is brought up amongst Bangtan with him hearing it for the very first time, he would say these words while shooting you a dumbfounded stare:

“Jagiya, I’m shocked someone like you can even feel that way. I don’t think you have anything to worry about; you’re flawless.”

Thank you so much for requesting, I hope you enjoy this react! <3

anonymous asked:

Could I request for headcanons that human s/o saw some dirt to them. The cons didn't notice and it's hard for them to reach anyway. So they just wipe away for them to only hear the cons moan. How does tfp cons + Predaking react to this?

Well that’s embarrassing…

-Luckily you two were alone, otherwise he would have been enraged
-He looks down at you and pats your head so you know it’s okay and that he’s not mad at you
-He asks you to warn him next time

-He is so embarrassed and tries to come up with an excuse to why he made that noise that totally wasn’t a moan
-He appreciates that you care about his appearance and won’t let him go out imperfect
-He asks you to please tell him what you’re up to before you do something

-He stunned that he even made that noise, he’s never makes a noise
-He gently strokes your head so you know it’s okay and that he’s not mad at you
-He is so embarrassed but relieved because no one suspected he made that noise

Knock Out:
-He thanks you for making sure he is spotless
-He doesn’t really mind that much as long as Megatron wasn’t around, he’s a very open mech with no real shame
-He has you help make sure he’s flawless before he does anything now

-He is so embarrassed that he moaned he runs away to hide
-Next time you see him he’s pretending it never happened and denying any accusations
-He later admits to his actions but begs you not to make a big deal about it

-She lashes out and threatens to kill everyone who heard her
-She picks you up and carries you to her quarters, you think she’s going to murder you since she’s so mad
-Once alone she asks if there’s anymore dirt on her that she doesn’t know about

-He gets mad at himself and lashes out at you by yelling at you never to do that again
-You find him hitting head on the wall in his habsuite, he feels so bad for yelling at you and humiliating himself in front of everyone
-He apologizes and cuddles you as an apology while playing with your hair

-He is shocked, he didn’t know he could make that noise
-He thanks you for cleaning that spot, and is already making plans to figure out how he made that noise
-He tells you are welcome to help with his research if you would like

-He is like a cat, it is more of a purr than a moan and he leans into your touch
-He kissed your head and tells you how grateful he is that you want to make sure he looks like the king he is
-He pets your head asking if you can make that noise too

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OH MY GOD HIEU. hfdlgkjdhsd. okay. this is gonna take a while! hahaha.

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