even with all problems with photoshop i really love this

Tilt - pencil, colored pencil, watercolor, gouache, digital

This piece helped me figure out how to use cerulean(pb35). It’s uh… fluffy. See all the patchy texture everywhere? The paper’s perfectly smooth (hot press), so there’s no texture or anything.. all of it was caused by the paint settling in the washes.

Needless to say it’s kind of a butthole to paint with, if you’re expecting anything along the way of consistent coverage. I mean it’s not just granular, it’s POOFY.

… but I think this piece made me kind of fall in love with it. I didn’t have too bad a problem with it lifting, but I also painted pretty directly. That may come up in later applications. Anyway, i’m definitely going to be messing with it, and other patchy paints, a lot more.

I’m kinda proud too! All the textures here were part of the artwork, no digital overlays. Even the weird numbers in the lower right corner are the watermark from the paper itself. I used photoshop to add some extra pop and shadows, and also to invert the colors on the globe - i really wanted to use those pencils for the critters, and white watercolor pencil/charcoal wasn’t doing the trick. 

the-amazing-rupee-bush  asked:

Thank you ever so much! I have ten questions ready; 1. What do the words "concept art" mean to you? 2. What inspired you to become a conceptual artists? 3. What were your main influences in becoming an artist? 4. Are there any kinds of projects you have yet to work on that you would love to? 5. What are the artistic tools you most use in your everyday production? I'll send the other 5 in another ask, answer them whenever you can. :)


Sorry for taking  FOREVER to answer your questions!! 

Q: What do the words “concept art” mean to you? 

A: The exploration of an idea through visuals.

Q: What inspired you to become a conceptual artists?

A: I love drawing, design, and storytelling so for me the natural route was vis/dev and concept art. I’m more interested in the exploration of an idea through visuals than anything else. It was the natural path for me that incorporated all of my natural likes and tendencies.

Q: What were your main influences in becoming an artist?
A: Hmm, I’m actually not really sure. I guess it’s just something I’ve always been into. Creativity I mean. I didn’t really get very involved in art until I started Art school, which is a little backwards I guess. I’ve always gravitated towards animation, film, writing, really just storytelling in general. So I guess just the idea of being able to make cool stuff was all the influence I needed.

Q: Are there any kinds of projects you have yet to work on that you would love to?
A: I actually just started a 2D animation project, which is something that I have always wanted to do, and it’s awesome so far! Hand drawn animation and painted backgrounds!! Other than that I have always wanted to write and illustrate one of my own story. Maybe a children’s book or something.

Q: What are the artistic tools you most use in your everyday production? 
A: Photoshop. Colored pencils and paper for rough idea work, but mainly just photoshop.

Q: Can you name the artist/creative person whose work you most admire?

A: Uhhh, no. Hahaha. :)  I can never answer this question with any degree of confidence. My likes and interests constantly shift. Some artists who have been a constant are, Nico Marlet, Carter Goodrich, Paul Lasaine, Paul Felix, Eyvind Earle, Clare Wendling, Carlos Grangel, Cory Loftis, Milt Kahl, Robert Kondo, Scott Wills, lots of old masters, blah, blah… all the major artists everyone likes.

Q: Do you often compare your work to others, or do you avoid it?
A:This is a tricky one. Yes, and No. DO NOT COMPARE YOUR WORK TO YOUR  PEERS especially while in college. It’s pointless. Only compare your work to working professionals and as a future goal. It’s pretty easy to get depressed and forget that working professionals have already put in all the crazy hours it takes to be good.  You have to compare your art to those who are already doing whatever it is you want to do. It’s the only way to know if you are heading in the right direction. For me it was feature film vis/dev and character design. So I would constantly compared my work to those artists I listed above BUT only as a means of finding out how close I was to my goal. They worked for the studios I wanted to work for, therefore I needed to be on their level and I wasn’t. At the same time you MUST keep reminding yourself that it’s a journey and you will never truly be in the same place as they are. Eventually you will get to the point where you’ll have no need to compare your work theirs but at that point you’ll be working somewhere and it won’t matter anyways.

Q: What do you find to be your best tool/method for motivating yourself when things are tough?
A: Honestly, I usually just stop making art for a while. A day, a week, whatever it takes until I’m over whatever mental funk I’m in. I think it’s pretty standard that all artists work in a wave pattern. Happy and creative for a while then down in misery for a while.   I find that taking a step back and not worrying about it is often the best solution. Obviously I work full-time as an artist so professionally I can’t just stop but stepping away as much as possible is good. All creative projects seem to cycle through two different phases, super fun and then bang your head against the wall frustrating. At least it’s this way for me. Typically, if I can, I have two or more designs going in different phases. I start one and work on it till I’m bored or just a little pass the frustrated phase. I then stop this image and move to the next. It’s new and exciting so my interest is high. Eventually the new project gets into the boring or frustrating phase and I typically go back to the other image. I have distanced myself from that last image long enough and by then I generally have thought of some exciting solution to the problem I was having and that makes it fun again. I finish that one and moved to the other image. Getting out into nature is a good way to clear your head. Take a walk, ride a bike, lay down under a tree. Just remove yourself from the image and allow your brain to recuperate.  The good news is that typically after you have survived those hard time you have probably gotten better. My experience is those hard times are signs that you are on the edge of making a big leap forward. Your brain has started to realized all the past mistakes you have been making and wants desperately to solve those mistakes. It manifests as depression in most people. Give your brain the time it needs to solve those problems and you’ll come out stronger and better. 

Q: What is your favorite medium of work? 

photoshop. I love drawing and painting traditionally but usually find myself in photoshop, even for personal work.

Q: What advice would you give to an aspiring professional artist?
A: Work really hard and never give up :) Every artist I know, even the super talented ones or maybe especially the super talented ones, have put some crazy amount of time into gaining their skills.  It’s sort of daunting, but remember that in a way you are competing with the artists you look up to and most of those artists draw or paint a minimum of 8 hours 5 days a week. For most of them they have been doing art for many many years. That’s a ton of pencil time.  Fortunately you won’t be expected to be as knowledgable or skilled as they are right off the bat, BUT you need to be at least on the same planet, skill wise, as they are before you will be considered for any positions in major studios or whatever it is you want to do. That means you need to do your best to get through as much of that 10,000 hours as you can. The more time you spend studying and practicing the closer you get.  I think the second piece of advice I would give is to not be a jerk. You may have heard this before but the art industry is scarily small and everyone talks. If you are skilled, play it cool and are nice and respectful people will remember and happily refer you to their friends and colleagues. That’s how you get most jobs in this industry. If your good and your nice you’ll get lots of work. If your super talented and not nice, it will be harder.  If your mediocre and not nice you probably won’t last long. Just have fun, work hard and treat others with respect.

I really hope something in there was helpful! Good luck and thanks for the questions!

hi everyone so i reached 2,000 followers and i can’t even begin to describe how thankful i am for that. im extremely thankful for each and everyone one of you and im also very thankful for all the friends i’ve made on here as well. you guys always put up with my lame textposts and selfies and always listen to me rant about how upset the boys make me and i really appreciate that so this is just a small way of me saying thank you for how amazing you all are.

special thanks to trina for the awesome edit x.

this is a post dedicated to all my friends and all of the awesome blogs i follow that make my dashboard hella rad.

even if you aren’t on here, i still love you a lot, probably more than you know ok :-)


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bigbootyhood  : ok brianna so you’re super rad and i love snapchatting you and i hope one day you can set me up w that guy that looks like caluam in your class. im really glad we started talking because you’re hella cool.

✿ 420luke ✿ :ah the original homie. the one who got me saying homie. so you’re like my bestie in real life???? like i actually know you???? its so weird anyways ill probably be back at your house raiding your pantry soon so watch it ill be there soon. but on a serious note you’re hella pretty and are awesome and im hella glad we’re homies.

✿ antihemmo ✿ :sophie i seriously cannot explain how much i freaking love you. i love talking to you about our lives and boys and life and music and everything you’re seriously the best and you’re so gorgeous and nice and i really hope we stay friends for a while cus i seriously love our chats. 

✿ imintothebassist ✿ :tabitha yooo homie first off you look like mali ((and im forever jealous)) but i love dming you cus you’re super nice and im really glad we started talking and ily a lot a lot ok yay :)))))

✿ acousticirwin ✿ :oh my sydney where do i start. so first off i am literally so thankful that you decided to send me all those anons that one day and that now we’re friends bc i seriously love talking to you, you’re so fun and your hair game is so strong, im glad we’re so close and can talk about almost anything ily a lot 

✿ stopirwin ✿ :you are also one of the nicest people ever. you always reblog my selfies and i always reblog yours ((bc cutie)) and i just ily a lot and whenever you’re on my dash it makes me really happy and i love your blog stay swaggie

✿ hemmonia ✿ :laney where do i even start with you. you are one of the strongest, prettiest, and most amazing people i’ve met. im so proud to say we’re friends because you are a fantastic person ok. not to mention you are super punk rock. rock on my friend ily.

✿ fricklukehemmings ✿ :trina ok so you were also one of the first people i met on here and ily a lot you help me with your super amazing photoshop skills and i really appreciate all your help with stuff so thank you ily :-)

✿ 5saucemofo ✿ :hi lizzie so first off you are literally so adorable i cant even. you are also insanely nice and understanding, and i like how you’re always there for me the same way i always am for you. stay beautiful :)

✿ lashtonbaby ✿ :taylor okay so one im still jealous of your eyes i always will be. not only are you incredibly beautiful, but you are also one of the sweetest people i’ve ever met. and i love how you help me with my problems and are always there for me for everything. it literally means so much to me and i hope one day we’ll meet too because you’ve always been there for me and i really appreciate that. 

✿ diamondzayn ✿ :madi you were seriously my first friend i made on this site and ilysm i love how we always rant about boys and its weird that we live so close to each other one day we’re gonna meet its gonna happen im convinced. ilyy stay hot ok.

✿ calerm ✿ :hi kaitlyn so i know we dont really talk that often but every time we do i always laugh and really enjoy talking to you so i def consider you as one of my friends not to mention you have an incredibly hella blog ((one of my favs)) and yeah stay rad my friend.

woanderwall ✿ :dhvani you are so nice and sweet and supportive and i cant believe we’ve actually already met?? like i find that so crazy one day you me and amanda will all hang and its gonna be super awesome ily :–)

*bolded are my favorites. 

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