even with a duck face they are cute

sometimes harry puts his hands on his hips

alternatively titled: The Reason I Don’t Sleep At Night

look at this u can see his nipple how iconic

wow baby! pop ya hip! 

How To Flirt With Older Men: a guide by Harry Styles

his lil face he’s so cute what a little enraged duckling

look at his tummy and nipples fhkjhffncmsne 

s a s s 

remember 1d day lol he was so done 

he rly looks like a frog here but he’s cute (even his hand looks similar to  frogs? bye)

i honestly dont even know what this is but he’s working the duck lips and that stance?? only the Best Models can master

iconic amazing spectacular wonderful beautiful 

this isnt even in HD but you can tell he’s doing his Creepy Frog Stare and it’s so adorable i love him

anyways this post is really short but i hope u enjoyed this bc look at him he knows what he’s doing 

How To Win A Boy: Fumbling Punk Edition

How To Win A Boy: Fumbling Punk Edition | Dan Howell, local punk, and his friends need a new cafe to hang out in, now that Dan has ruined starbucks for them (don’t ask). So they try out the new family business that just opened up a few days ago… and somehow Dan falls in love with the Pastel Goth kid behind the counter who just so happens to be his waiter. Why Phil seems to think disgusting smoothies are going to win Dan over, no one knows, but… well, they do. | Phan | Teen and Up | PastelxPunk | 8,359 Words

Thanks to @botanistlester for the title, and the fic inspiration, not to mention listening to me talk about this fic for the last 3 hours of writing. I apologize for any typos, but screw proofreading, I really want to post already.

Art: (Dan & Phil) (Mini Comic) (Full Comic)

(ao3 Link)

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hobi as your bf;
  • okay but imagine waking up to this sunshine
  • like it would automatically make you smile
  • which would make him smile back at you
  • “Good morning love” with his morning voice
  • followed by a sweet forehead kiss
  • him sending you special snaps only for you
  • like when he’s practicing and covered in sweat
  • a mirror selfie like “I’ll be there soon, wait for me ♥”
  • no but srsly you would be like couple sunshine goals
  • lot of pda (duh)
  • sometimes he would startle you with surprise back hugs
  • he would talk a lot about you to the boys tbh
  • like “did you see how cute she was today ?” “I’m so lucky”
  • Do you picture his bf material pics like in cafés and stuff ?
  • Well you’d be right in front of him
  • you both would sip on your coffees and hold one hand on the table
  • and take cute selcas with duck faces and him doing aegyo
  • when it comes to cuddle I think his fav position would be on the couch, your head laying on his lap, or vice versa
  • He’d also love to play with your hair in this position !
  • He’d have the bad habit to never tell you when somethings wrong because he doesn’t want you to worry
  • which would probably just make you worry even more
  • in bed, girl lemme tell you
  • he can be gentle af, complimenting you from a to z during the act, slow and everything
  • BUt
  • he can also get W-I-L-D, with biting, teasing, dirty talking
  • like girl have you seen those hips ? 
  • whenever he gets wild, the morning after, he’d be ever so gentle because when he’d see the hickeys and everything he’d feel a bit bad 
  • And caressing your cheek and your hair
  • because you’re beautiful
  • He’d be vry caring and lovely
  • because he loves you so so much
  • and shows it to you everyday

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of the anon prompt: “you’re hiding under the blanket because you’re blushing?” which is great SO THANK U and tagging the babe @tomllholland enjoy it :)

Originally posted by vintagejosh

It was Thursday again.

Coincidentally, it was your favourite day of the week (definitely not because it was you and Peter’s weekly date night, no, definitely wasn’t that.)

It was a bit unusual– it was like Thursday was the day in which all the criminals took a break for the week. Peter noticed this during his nightly patrols, that Thursday always had the lowest amount of crime to fight; and so, with much convincing from you - “Peterrrrrrr, c’mon, Queen’s best crime fighter has to take a break sometimes.” “You really think I’m Queen’s best crime fighter?” - you eventually managed to make Thursday night, date night.

So, that’s what you were doing now– setting up for a movie night on the couch with Peter. The weather was less than remarkable but you couldn’t help but be glad at the one way ticket to cuddling with your boyfriend. (He was amazing at cuddles so you always looked forward to movie nights.) 

The unmistakable theme music of Star Wars came through the speakers and you giggled as Peter’s face lit up with childlike excitement- god, you were dating an utter nerd. 

“C’mon Spiderboy,” You eagerly patted the spot next to you on the couch, laughing as he wasting no time in skillfully jumping over the back of the couch to land beside you. Peter loved to show off his ‘spider-side’ when Aunt May wasn’t around. 

Show off,” You coughed slyly, grinning as he stuck his tongue out at you in return. It was like every other Thursday. 

A yawn passed your lips as you blinked, shaking away your tiredness- c’mon, this was Star Wars! You weren’t just gonna go fall asleep in the middle of one of these movies. 

Though, to be fair, you’d made it pretty far; you had already finished A New Hope and you were nearing the end of The Empire Strikes Back but you were committed. You sat up a little straighter, pulling the blanket that you and Peter were snuggling under, as you realized the iconic scene you loved was coming. 

Peter smiled at the notion, watching as you mouthed along with the words on screen, almost perfectly in sync. God, he was dating an utter nerd.

I love you.”  You mouthed dramatically, taking a minuscule glance at Peter, blushing when you saw he was already looking at you. 

I know.” 

You sighed as you leaned back into Peter’s chest, pulling the blanket back up to your chin as you settled. 

“That is literally like the most romantic and perfect thing in existence.” You sighed again, your eyes trained on the screen as the scene continued. Peter laughed, replying casually. 

“That’s not possible, you’re the most perfect thing in existence.” 

Your heart stopped beating for a solid moment and you choked, spluttering silently and glancing with wide eyes at Peter who didn’t even seem to realize he’d said the most romantic thing ever. 

This goddamn boy, I swear to god, you cursed but it didn’t stop the heat from rising in your cheeks at the compliment because oh my god what the fuck peter. You were pretty sure even your ears were tinting pink and oh god this is embarrassing he’s not even making a big deal out of this its not like he just gave the best compliment you’ve ever received– 

Noticing you weren’t watching anymore, Peter turned his gaze, surprised when you squeaked and ducked your head under the blanket. 

You were desperately trying to cool your flushed cheeks, but it didn’t help when you heard Peter’s amused voice say, Are you– you’re hiding under the blankets because…you're blushing?”

“W-What! N-No, I, um, that’s just– I’m not, uh.” You groaned at how lame you were, unable to even form a response but Peter only laughed. Unexpectedly, the blanket was lifted and Peter ducked his head under to join you, your faces inches away. You blushed again and Peter grinned wider, almost a smirk. 

“Are you seriously embarrassed because I complimented you?” 

GoddAmn it Peter, can’t you see iSN’t hElping

Stop, Pete, I’m already embarrassed.” You muttered embarrassed, going to push his chest playfully but instead he caught you hand, intertwining your fingers as he grinned wider yet. 

“You’re so cute,” he whispered. He leaned in, delicately kissing you on the nose, knowing it would make you blush again. You couldn’t help but feel like kids under a blanket, sharing secrets when he whispered again. 

“I love you.”

I know.” 

Peter’s jaw dropped and you laughed at him, using your intertwined hands to bring him closer and kiss him once more. He was still shocked when you pulled away, now his cheeks burning red. 

“I can’t believe you just Han Solo’d me!” 

Silent Army | Chapter 2

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Summary: Everyone knew the Bangtan Group. They weren’t just a mob, they were an army. An empire. They controlled the city, weaving in and out, members dispersed all around as they placed their influence everywhere. You just didn’t expect them to be so close to home.

Pairing: Jin x Reader (with appearances from everyone else)

Genre: action, angst, mafia!au

Rating: M

Word Count: 4995

WARNING: Graphic depictions of violence in this chapter!!! Please read with caution. 

A/N: Thanks for all the super positive feedback!! It made me so happy to see people enjoying the story. I hope you continue to enjoy! 

With a skip in your step, you bounced into class with a little more energy than should be allowed on a Wednesday morning. You couldn’t help it. Thoughts of your walk home with Jin the night before were still dancing along in your head. It was ridiculous to be so happy just because your coworker/kind-of-friend offered to walk you the whopping ten minutes it took to get to your flat, but you didn’t care. He offered. That’s what counts.  

And, you remembered with a small thrill, he had offered to walk you home tonight, too.


Plopping into your usual seat, you could barely keep yourself from knocking over your cheap cup of convenience store coffee as you hauled your enormous, eight-year-old laptop out of your bag.

“It’s too early in the morning for you to be this loud.”

You jumped at the voice, but grinned once you realized who it came from.

“I wasn’t making any noise, Taehyung.”

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How to spot MBTI types

DISCLAIMER: Stereotypes ahead. You’ve been warned.

INTP - Nerd, avoids socializing at all costs, can be seen talking with ENTP about some crazy theory. Will zone out during conversation.

ENTP - Approaches you with “HEY, what if we…?” and usually it is NOT a good idea. Thinks they can socialize but are actually very awkward.

INTJ - Resting bitch face. Will make you uncomfortable. Thinks they’re always right.

ENTJ - Tells you what to do even if you don’t ask them. Will also make you uncomfortable.

INFJ - Reads your mind. Sits in a corner while trying to figure out all of your secrets.

ENFJ - Can read your mind but will make you feel comfortable around them. Great people skills.

INFP - The Cinnamon Roll™. Quiet, but will openly show how they’re feeling. Thinks the world is made of rainbows.


ISFJ - Quiet mom.

ESFJ - Loud mom. Expect cookies.

ISFP - Usually seen quietly drawing/writing. Artistic, touchy-feely kind of type.

ESFP - Parties are their natural habitat. Loud, opinionated and a social butterfly.

ISTJ - Follows rules.

ESTJ - Enforces rules. Will yell at you.

ISTP - Nerd but with a sense of style. Useful for repairing stuff.

ESTP - The Cool Dude™. Usually seen doing some crazy sport or putting their life in danger for no reason.

Yellow: Part 7

Previous Parts

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: Sam Winchester is fresh out of rehab after overdosing and scaring his family half to death. High school isn’t the best place to recover, but there’s something about the new girl that gets him through the day.

Tags: AU: High School, punk!sam, cuddling, smut, fingering, hand job, feels

Trigger Warnings: past drug abuse/overdose, past drug addiction, self-harm mention, depression, bullying mention

Words: 3056

A/N:  *cough* Feedback really motivates me to write more!!! *cough*

Originally posted by wehunt-monsters-whatthehell

Forever Tagging: @kay-marie19,  @classicteenagenothing, @that1awkwardfangirl,  @thetalesofmooseandsquirrel,  @writingbeautifulmen, @immostlyconfused  @sii88,@feministcastiel,@iamflanneltrash,@wrapbuckyinablanket,@restricted-illusion,  @imtotallyaunicorn ,  @chickenmcsade,@xtina2191,  @doctorcziken,@envydean, @itsoliviajohn,  @that1seniorchick,@sis-tafics, @ilovetardisblue,  @iwantthedean,@wibly-wobly-winchester,  @mrswhozeewhatsis,@drarina1737, @milkymilky-cocopuff, @ellen-reincarnated1967,  @a-sea-of-fandoms,@voidobsession,  @that1seniorchick,@purgatoan, @rikkielovesmusic88 , @maddieburcham1,@shippingismythang ,@a-broken-hunter,@fangirlofeverythingme,@senselesssamii , @darquethoughts , @kris–ann– ,@capislife123 ,@katekitoka,@starswirlblitz,@hillface89, @chipmunkrightsactivist, @mogaruke, @emoryhemsworth, @s4m-w1nch3st3r5287, @deanbean-and-samsquatch , @pretttypadalecki , @frankiea1998, @exploratiionist,@xxmizzlexx,@kittenofdoomage, @-music4ever- , @wayward-ella, @sandlee44, @dracoswaifu , @pie-not-cake-you-assbutt​ , @barbedwireandbubblegum

Series tagging: @nerd-watching, @brewsthespirit-blog, @bella-maria2018, @nanie5, @amorluzymelodia,@psychidella,@kathrynxox333 , @bemyqueenofdarkness, @evra-von-what, @official-destiel-trash, @poukothenerd,@deepbreathssammy

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But Do You Lift

Everybody keeps talking about WTTM’s lift, and this is all my brain hears.

“Bro,” says Christophe Giacometti. It’s arms day, they’ve got protein shakes waiting for them, and to answer his best friend Viktor has to set the bar back onto its frame. “Bro, do you think he even lifts? Maybe he’ll let me spot him.” Viktor sits up on the bench, brushes sweaty hair from his face. Follows Christophe’s eyes. “He’s cute.”
Looking over, Viktor has to agree. Despite the overly large, sweaty shirt and obvious pudge the Japanese man sports on his arms and torso, he is hot. With a shy duck of his head, he passes them and starts adjusting the weight on a nearby bar. Higher. And higher. And HIGHER.
“Bro,” Viktor whispers. The man’s phone beeps, and he reads with obvious distress. Experimentally, he lifts the bar easily with both hands, and–“BRO,” Viktor whimpers.
Like a curse, or maybe a gift, he looks right to Viktor with soft brown eyes, comes over.
“Uhm,” he says, “this is awkward, but… would you spot me?”
“Only if you lift me,” is Viktor’s suave and completely unintended reply. “Promise? Someday.”
Cute weightlifter’s jaw drops, faster than a barbell, face going red.
“Dude,” Christophe sighs, “why couldn’t you just ask him out for smoothies later?”

The Name Game

 Pairing: Finn Balor x Reader

Summary: Finn and Y/N find out the sex of their baby. Though the news is happy, the two cannot, for the life of them, agree on a name. 

Warnings: None! Super cute and fluffy. 

Word Count: 6,937


If this were any other Saturday in Florida, Finn and Y/N could have been found doing a number of things. 

One, they probably could have been lounging poolside while the sun beat down heavy on their skin. 

Two, they could have been throwing a spur of the moment barbecue for them and all their friends, drinking like frat stars until one wound up with their head in the toilet while the other giggled and took embarrassing photos to post throughout the locker rooms the next live event; normally it was Y/N who couldn’t handle all her liquor, but Finn had his fair share of moments as well.

Three, the two of them could have easily been found locked in his air-conditioned condo, tangled up in the cool, white sheets while fingers and mouths explored the soft, bare skin each knew all too well. 

If this were any other Saturday, life for them would be completely simple.

But, this Saturday was different, and this mid-August day was one that neither saw coming so soon. 

It was supposed to be a traditional routine; date, get engaged, marry, and then maybe have a few children. 

Y/N should have known nothing was going to be traditional with Finn. Hell, the first time they’d locked eyes had been nowhere near traditional. 

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The Devil Drinks Tequila

BTS Yoongi / Bad Boy / Words: 4,617 / Warnings: underage drinking, lotta cursing
@savageyoonji requested:  Hey!! could I possibly request a drabble (or whatever you prefer) about being at school with Suga who is kind of a bad boy and you have a tiny secret crush on him? Thank you so much!!
A/N: this took 10 years and it aint even good im so sorry

Black printed words on a page floated before your vision like waves in the ocean before you blinked hard, wishing that the school sold coffee somewhere on campus. No matter how long your afternoon naps were, or how early you shut your phone off and retired it to your nightstand, you were always so damn tired. And it didn’t help when your government teacher was a raving bitch, that yelled at the whole class like a madwoman about a cheating scandal that she claims to have happened. You had probably rolled your eyes fifty times that day, because you were so done with high school and teachers and the way they believed they could manipulate students just because they were older. But there you were, stuck in the library, trying to force yourself to care about the media and it’s impact on public opinion. But no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t find a way.

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Draco malfoy fluff request please! Him and reader spending time doing bets/contests together and end up becoming very competitive and seriously about it Thanks♡


Loved this request, thank you love!! <3

Originally posted by legendrarrymalfoy

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ok so hear me out: College!Binu ft. laundry & extra 4stro

  • binu living in opposite towers in a residence hall but on the same floor so their windows essentially face each other 
  • so literally every morning when Bin wakes up he gets to rest his eyes on the beauty that is nerd!Eunwoo getting ready to get to class
  • and also gets to hear the sheer noise that is MJ/Sanha
  • ok so naturally Rocky and Jinjin being the ever-observant roommates catch him staring more than once out the window at the beautiful boy with the glasses from the east tower 
  • and endlessly tease him about it 
  • but Bin doesn’t even try to defend himself or his rep as a Bad Bad Boy™ because honestly he is also a Hoe™ for beautiful things he’s not going to deny himself this pleasure 
  • until one day eunwoo looks up from where he’s studying by the window
  • and catches bin’s eye and smiles
  • and bin immediately chokes on his coffee because what the hell it’s one thing for someone to be this pretty but it’s another thing for someone to have an amazing eye smile smh iLLEGAL 
  • ‘hyUNG HE SMILED AT ME’ @ jinjin 
  • jinjin: ‘yeah sure son u sure u aren’t dreaming’ 
  • rocky: ‘no hyung idt bin is lying he’s still looking this way’ 
  • bin: (spluttering) ‘whAT DO U MEAN HE’S STILL LOOKING THIS WAY’ 
  • and rocky and jinjin are just cackling because Bin is such trash for this boy from the east tower and he doesn’t even know his name
  • also that one time when Bin tried to take a photo of Eunwoo sitting at the window in the evening because the way his face was lit up was breath-taking but his flash was on and he had to duck away before he Got Caught™
  • ok so over at the east tower this is how it goes 
  • sanha: ‘hyung that creep’s from west staring again’ 
  • eunwoo: (still staring very hard at his textbook) ‘yeah he’s incredulous about how loud two smol beings can be’
  • (background sanha: ‘bitch i’m taller than u’) mj: ‘yeah well i think he’s starING AT YOU EUNWOO I THINK SOMEBODY HAS A CRUSH ON U’ 
  • eunwoo: (pushing up his cute ass glasses) ‘yeah well he’s p cute too’ (goes back to his work) and for once mj and sanha are stunned into silence
  • and so mj and sanha make it their Mission to wingman eunwoo and rocky and jinjin make it their Mission to wingman bin 
  • ok so one time jinjin and rocky are in the dining hall to grab dinner & they run into the terror twins 
  • sanha: ‘omg it’s u it’s u ur the one eunwoo hyung keeps looking at’ and gets hit by myungjun bc 1) why can’t this boy shut his mouth and 2) he mistook rocky for bin which is frankly q a feat they look nothing alike
  • and so after many clarifications and shouting over each other 4stro settles 3 facts: 
  • 1) nerd boy’s name is eunwoo and he thinks badboy from the west tower is ‘p cute’ 
  • 2) said badboy’s name is bin and he wears too much eyeliner and snapbacks and he’s been pining away at the east tower for the longest time trying to secretly catch a glimpse of eunwoo 
  • 3) both bin and eunwoo need to get their shit together 
  • upon finding 1 out bin lets out an embarrassing squeak that he swears never happened and disappears into his blanket fort because even though he tries to be a Bad Bad Boy™ he is actually just a soft pupper 
  • now he knows beautiful boy’s name!!!! eunwoo!!!!!!! beautiful!!!!! just like him!!!!!!11!!1!!1 amazing
  • he is so soft for eunwoo it’s incredible 
  • and when eunwoo finds 2 out all he does is push up his glasses and blink confusedly @ mj and sanha bc thank u very much but what is he going to do with this information 
  • and so now that 3 has been established by 4stro, 4stro decides???? they need???? to have a game plan???
  • so plan number 1 is set into motion they send both eunwoo and bin down to the printer at the same time because somehow both sanha and rocky needed to get a worksheet printed At The Same Time How MystERioUs!!!
  • but because bin is grumpy at having to tear his gaze away from the window he is down and back up with rocky’s worksheet in a flash 
  • and eunwoo just stares weirdly at sanha’s very hopeful expression and question of ‘so did u meet anyone,,, special??? downstairs????????’
  • the answer is no 
  • and so plan number 2 is set into place mj and jinjin send eunwoo and bin to the dining hall to fetch cookies because ‘don’t question ur hyung u lil shit just get me the cookies’
  • and so bin goes down grumpy as usual to grab a cookie for the most annoying hyung in the world
  • he doesn’t see eunwoo but hoo boy eunwoo definitely sees him 
  • and he sees the way the crowd in the dining hall parts for this gorgeous boy and the way this group of girls excitedly start whispering and the way some people’s gaze lift from their food as he walks past and the way the lights flash on bin’s ear piercings
  • and he sees the way bin carefully puts a couple of cookies into a box (how can someone??? who looks so tough??? be gentle with cookies????? he finds out later that it’s only bc bin hella loves food)
  • and he sees the way bin commands attention even though all he’s doing is being hella grumpy and decides then and there that he cannot Deal with talking to bin when there are So Many People watching so he just hides behind a pillar and waits until Bin strides back out the hall 
  • and so when eunwoo gets back up he just stares weirdly again at mj’s very hopeful expression and question of ‘so did u meet anyone,,, special??? downstairs????????’
  • the answer is no and a very suspicious eye twitch because angel eunwoo cannot lie to save his life 
  • but from that point on eunwoo just keeps staring shamelessly out his window into the room in the opposite tower and ducks his head whenever bin looks his way
  • bin swears eunwoo is staring at him but he figures it’s just him projecting onto eunwoo 
  • at this point mj and jinjin are so dOne with their dongsaengs like u lil shits please 
  • so one night sleepy baby bin is hauling his laundry down to the laundry room because hell he doesn’t have any clean clothes for tomorrow so even though it’s 11pm he gotta do that shit 
  • and he’s in his soft pajama pants and rattiest hoodie loading his clothes into the washing machine when eunwoo comes round the corner 
  • wearing the softest sweater and his cute ass glasses and carrying a neat laundry hamper 
  • like literally who folds their clothes before putting them into a laundry hamper fricking cha eunwoo that’s who 
  • and so sleepy baby bin is just dumping his clothes in and eunwoo just freezes because this is the Grumpy Bad Bad Boy™ in the west tower but instead of being in all black he’s wearing his huge ass glasses and he’s in his pjs and he looks so soft and huggable eunwoo wants to cry 
  • but bin suddenly looks up because ??? shit he forgot to bring detergent down and he doesn’t want to go all the way up to the 12th floor to get it he figures he might as well borrow from whoever just walked in and he looks up and 
  • eunwoo lets out an embarrassing sqUEAK 
  • and grumpy baby bin turns red so fast like whAT WAS THAT SOUND DID THAT RLY COME FROM EUNWOO 
  • o good lord it IS eunwoo what do i do what do i do whAT DO I DO
  • ‘HiCanIBorrowDetergentPlease&ThankYou’
  • and eunwoo’s frozen and he can’t say anything because 1) wtf the guy he’s been staring at for the longest time just talked to him and 2) he,,, can’t understand,,,,,,,,,,,, 
  • and so bin clears his throat and has to squeak out ‘hi can i please borrow some detergent i left mine upstairs’ in a slightly calmer voice
  • he lies, he’s not calm at all 
  • and when eunwoo, wide-eyed and wondering what he did well in this life to have the most gorgeous boy he has ever seen acknowledge him and use his detergent, hands him his detergent bottle, bin flushes red 
  • and because we all know bin is smooth af he says something like ‘i can totally make it up to you with a coffee tomorrow?’
  • or rather, he thinks he says something like that
  • because it went more along the lines of ‘ah coffee yes tomorrow????’
  • and poor baby eunwoo??? standing there in his soft sweater and his glasses being all confused???? doesn’t understand what bin is trying to say???? me too eunwoo me too 
  • until bin clears his throat and flushes even redder and holds eunwoo’s detergent bottle back out to him goes ‘can i make it up to you with coffee tomorrow?’
  • he wants to stab himself wtf who asks the most beautiful person in the world for detergent and then coffee
  • and it’s eunwoo’s turn to stand there mildly shocked (read: hella shocked) and accepts his detergent bottle back with a quiet ‘yes, alright’ and a small smile
  • bin is internally combusting 
  • eunwoo is also internally combusting 
  • so when bin flies back upstairs and screams at jinjin and rocky they smack him on the back and coo at how Grumpy Bad Bad Boy™ binnie finally gets his first date with nerd boy from the east tower 
  • and before eunwoo can even open his mouth mj waves a text from jinjin in his face and screaMS EVEN LOUDER AT EUNWOO ABOUT HIS BABY ANGEL EUNWOO GOING ON HIS VERY FIRST DATE!!!!!!!!!!!
  • bin can totally hear it but he’s grinning to hard to care
  • i’m grinning too hard to care
  • i just 
  • i rly love binu 
  • i rly love astro fluff
  • moral of the story if you see a cute guy in the laundry room please talk to him
  • not that i have ever i hate myself
  • inspired by the cute sleepy boy i saw in the laundry room at 1am this morning
  • for hwarang hoe @nataliekaytbh ily u smol tol child
Caprice [Jungkook]

{{ noun // a sudden change, as of one’s mind or the weather ; a tendency to change one’s mind }}

Is he or is he not your boyfriend?

Fluff. College AU. 3,404 words.

➵ Joie De Vivre Series: a holiday collab with @dreamscript and @zephyoongist

Seokjin / Yoongi + Hoseok / Namjoon / Jimin / Taehyung / Jungkook


Chemistry is going to be your cause of demise.

It’s inevitable. You have a seventy-nine percent in the class, and the professor just announced that the class’s average score on the second midterm was a measly forty-five percent. You had been hoping that she’d curve the midterm, so your grade might reach a more stable percentage, but she refused on account of some overachiever earning a one hundred percent on the midterm. The look in everyone’s eyes when she said that— whoever received the perfect score better sleep with one eye open. College students, yourself included, are pretty volatile over grades.

Did you mention that the only four components making up your overall class grade were a compilation of quiz scores, two midterms, and the final?

So yeah, you’re screwed.

In more ways than one, actually, if you have to admit.

A certain cute boy named Jeon Jungkook sitting in front of you is awfully distracting.

You might be paying more attention to him than the lecture at times.


Maybe that’s why your lowest grade is in this class.

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Big Bang Reaction to their girlfriend kissing their cheek then running away.


Jiyong was sat at the dining room table working on some lyrics for a new song when you decided to run up and peck his cheek. Before he could even register what had happened you had run out of the room and he’d look up and glance around the room slowly. “Y/n?” When you peeked back into the room to see his reaction a grin would break out onto his face and he’d giggle softly. “Ah, you’re so cute baby.” He’d blow you a kiss before going back to his work, now in a much better mood.


TOP was standing in the kitchen making a sandwich when you ducked under his arm, pecked his cheek, then ran off. He would yell instantly, twirling around to follow you. “Come back here right now!” He’d demand, the serious expression on his face ruined by the slight twitch of his lips as you shuffled back to him. He’d lean in really slowly as if to question you, and you’d stop laughing and try to act serious. “Give me another one?” He’d tilt his head to the side so that you could peck his other cheek and then he’d grin and turn back to the counter to grab his plate which he’d offer to you. “Here’s a sandwich for being so cute.”


Taeyang had been lazing around on the sofa all day so you decided to lean forward and kiss his cheek softly, but you began to blush as soon as you did it, so you turned and darted out of the room. “Hey! Come back!” Taeyang would stand up and chase after you, leaping over the sofa just to get to you quicker. He eventually trapped you in the bedroom, his arms wrapping around your waist and he’d lean down and start covering one of your cheeks in kisses. “Just know you deserve this baby, you’re just too cute for me! I MUST KISS YOU!!”


You and Daesung would have a super cuddly relationship, because he’s just that kind of guy. So you naturally had a competition over who could kiss each other randomly and get away from it. You had been quiet all day plotting your kiss and Daesung was prepared since he noticed your odd behaviour. As soon as you kissed him he would whirl and grab you, pulling you down onto the sofa. “You need to be quicker than that, baby!” Daesung would place a few light kisses all over your face before burying his face in your neck. You’d end up cuddling for a while, Daesung resting on your chest.


“Am I that irresistible?” Seungri would just watch you run across the room with a smirk on his face. He honestly loved when you got playful and cute, but he would never let you know. When you made eye contact he’d wink at you. “You want another kiss, my love? You could kiss my lips this time?” When you laughed and shook your head he would just shrug, because it was your loss. But later in the day you could be getting ready for bed, brushing your teeth, and he’d appear behind you and peck your cheek softly. “I had to give a kiss too!” And then just when you think he’s being cute he’d turn back to teasing and mocking. “I’m y/n! I’m so cute! I kiss people then run away all shy!” He’d speak in a really high voice and flounce around, running off in a silly way as if he were imitating you. “I hate you Seungri.” “No you don’t.”

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Got7 Reacts to You Kissing Them in Front of Their Members and Leaving a Lipstick Mark

Hey guys! This is the first of a few requests I’ve gotten over the past couple of days. I’m almost at 300 followers!! I have a special BTS text series I’m going to do once I reach the 300 mark, so please look forward to that! As always, if there’s anything that you would like to see; reaction, scenario, or text message; please send it in! I love to write what you guys what to see! Now, let’s get into this, shall we?


      Anonymous: Hiiii! Can you do got7 reactions to their gf kissing them only to get lipstick on their face??? (Lol I’ve been doing this to my friend a lot, he hates it so I thought it’d be funny!) Thank you!!

I changed it the tiniest bit so that you do it in front of their members! I hope that that’s okay!!

1. Mark (This is cute and I can’t, but I’m not sorry.)

     Mark wouldn’t really care that you kissed him in front of his bandmates. He grew up with sisters, so he’s probably used to this kind of thing happening. I don’t think he would really care that much about the lipstick marks. He’d probably get up and eventually clean it off, he wouldn’t get annoyed or anything. He might even find it a little cute that you are comfortable enough with him and his members to kiss him in front of them.
     "That was cute, Jagiya,“ Mark smiles at you and presses a kiss to your temple, wrapping his arm around your waist.

2. Jaebum

     Jaebum would be a little blushy when you kiss him in front of his members. He would get super shy and would probably have to resist the urge to duck his head. It may take him a little while to realize that you had left a mark on his face. He would instantly be red against and he would have a hard time looking at his members.
     "Jagiya,” Jaebum whines as he looks at you, his expression a tiny bit annoyed,“ You didn’t tell me you left a mark on my face. The other members saw it.”

3. Jackson

     Jackson would probably jump up and run away if you kissed him in front of the other members. This is the kind of thing that can easily make Jackson flustered and unsure of how he should react. He would probably run into the bathroom and lock the door to hide in there. While he was in there, he would probably notice the mark and scrub it away, distracting himself from his shyness. Eventually, he would calm down enough to come back and sit next to you, pouting a little.
     "Jagiya, why would you do that in front of my members?“ Jackson pouts, his bottom lip sticking out a little. His hoping his cuteness will make you feel bad so you won’t do it again.

4. Jinyoung (Prepare yourselves for this one #sorrynotsorry)

     Jinyoung would have absolutely no reaction whatsoever. He wouldn’t want to encourage you to do it again so he just remains emotionless, but he’s a little bit flustered on the inside. He would just wet a paper towel and clean the mark off of his face since this isn’t the first time that you’ve tried to fluster him like this. He does it to you all the time so you started trying to get revenge.
     "Still not satisfied?” Jinyoung says nonchalantly, leaning closer to you so that his mouth is next to your ear,“ Your little plan doesn’t seem to be working.”

5. Youngjae

     Youngjae, being the smol sunshine that he is, would become immediately flustered. His face would become bright red and he would have a hard time meeting anyone’s eyes. He would be so flustered, that he wouldn’t even think about the fact that you probably left a lipstick mark on his face. He probably wouldn’t even notice the mark until that evening, which would make him flustered all over again.
     "Jagiya, everyone else could see us!“ Youngjae whines, his expression flustered,” You could have at least told me you left a mark on my face….“

6. BamBam (Also, this gif though. He’s way too much sometimes but I love him…)

     BamBam is a cocky little shit. He would be pretty happy that you kissed him in front of his members. He would pull you closer and have a cocky smile on his face, not necessarily realizing that there were lipstick marks on his face. Most likely, one of the other members would point it out and that’s what would fluster him.
     "Really?” BamBam would frantically rub his face with his hand, his face a little red.

7. Yugyeom (This gif is somehow both adorable and rude and I don’t like it….)

     Yugyeom wouldn’t really care that you kisses him in front of his members. He might be a little red but he’s not going to freak out like some of the other members *cough* Jackson *cough*. He would probably just wet a paper towel and clean off the mark, but he would want to make sure he didn’t miss any of it.
     "Jagiya, didn’t I get it all?“ Yugyeom asks, turning his face toward you.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it! Please send in any requests you might have!

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How 'bout a scenario where s/o is on a date with long time bf Jotaro. Jotaro is so sweet and he stops time to stare at his beloved while they watch fireworks. He loves the look in their eyes with the vivid colors, but s/o knows him well enough to tell when he has stopped time, causing him to blush and hide under his hat when they bring it up.


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Scars- Mitch Marner

Originally posted by ohmymarner

Ok so I know I said Mo was next, but this one called to me and I love you guys for sticking with me and my ADD brain. I’m so sorry!! I really hope you guys like this one and enjoy it! When I wrote it I forgot the prompt a minute but we got back to it! It’s a fun one, not too depressing until the end. If you guys EVER need anyone to talk to (about anything) I am here for you. Ok? I cut too previously but this is year…. 7? I think since I stopped. So I do understand.

Warning: cutting

Anon Requests: Would you do one where Mitch sees your self harm scars? Totally understand if you don’t want to😘


              You tugged on the sleeves of your shirt, making sure they covered your wrists.

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SasuSaku Month 2017

Days 6 & 30- Thank You/ Their Little Girl
Thankful for the Past
Summary: Right now, he knows there’s no way he could be more thankful to the girl in front of him. His eyes are filled with pride, and as he looks at Sakura, Sasuke knows he needs to say the words that always end up stuck in his throat.
A/N: I’m so so sorry for taking so long, guys! I’ve been having some busy weeks lately, and I could barely find time to write it >.< I’ll find an answer for that soon, though, I promise!!! No matter what, I hope you enjoy this small fluff, and please, tell me what you think about it!

The first time he thanked her, Sasuke said it right before walking away from her crying emeralds. He wasn’t sure if she had understood the meaning behind his words— not even he was fully aware of that himself—, but back then, the only thing that mattered to him was taking those words out of his chest in a hopeful attempt that it would sooth his demons and allow him to continue on his path towards revenge.

It was a selfish act, he knew. He was leaving her responsible not only for her feelings, but also for his own, and he didn’t know, or even cared if she would be able to handle all those clashing emotions in her heart. He was counting on her— on that little and fragile girl who called herself as a ninja.

Perhaps it was too much for her, he now knows, but she made it anyway. She built up courage and confidence, and with nothing other than her own strength, Haruno Sakura was able to handle everything that was thrown at her. She endured all the hardships, and it was only during his lonely, traveling days that he finally understood what his younger self had thanked her for on that night. He thanked her for her innocence. He thanked her for always being there, and most of all, he thanked her for the love she was willing to offer him.

A love so pure and powerful that only grew stronger with time.

A love that, just like her, blossomed into something wonderful.

And right now, many springs after that lonely, autumn night, Sasuke knows he needs to thank her once again. Today, more than any other day in his life, he needs to tell her how grateful he is for having her in his life, because he knows that without her— without her love, her strength and her annoyance— his dream of rebuilding his family would’ve never become reality.

Without her, he would’ve been alone forever. And he was tired of being alone.

“ Sakura…”

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Your Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt.2: Ch28
(Non-idol!AU) It’s summer when you and Jungkook meet, and fall in love, and become a couple. But some things never change; Jungkook’s still his usual self and you love him for it.

P | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 | 28 | 29 | 30 | 31 | 32 | 33A | 33B | 34 | 35 | 36 | E

To be perfectly honest, you were initially a tiny bit miffed with how you aren’t getting the full date treatment from Jungkook, but after a while, you have to admit that you would’ve preferred him to do it spontaneously, rather than be told to do it. Besides, his reaction when you actually show up at his door and offer him a bunch of sunflowers is priceless.

“Y/N! You really…” His face flushes, then his neck, until it seems like his whole body is blushing.

“I told you I’d do it, didn’t I?” You smirk, putting the flowers in his limp hands.

“Yeah, but still… uuurgh!” He cringes and hides behind the bouquet. “How can a guy get flowers from a girl?!”

You tug his red ear in an attempt to coax him out. “Just say thank–”

He flings his arms around you and gathers you close to his chest, right against his pounding heart, and it’s your turn to blush. “Thank you. I’ve only ever gotten flowers for graduations.”

“Aww…” You poke his cheek. “I think you deserve all the flowers in the world. What kind do you want next time?”

“No, no, no!” He shakes his head frantically. “This was really nice, but I’ll bring the flowers next time, I really was just teasing you.”

Leading him by the arm in the direction of the festival, you wink over your shoulder. “You’re a flower boy and that’s enough for me.” He groans at those words, but lets you pull him along.

Once there, the two of you help set up the orphanage’s flower stall. Saren shooes the two of you away once that’s done. “I’ll bet she’ll just be making kissy faces at Seokjin-oppa the whole day.” You cluck your tongue.

“They’ve always been disgustingly sweet, ugh.” Jungkook mock-shudders.

“Leave first before talking about me!” Saren hits you both on the head with a roll of wrapping tissue. “And we’re both working today and the two of you will just get in the way, so just go date!”

Both of you stick your tongues out at her and dash away, giggling. You find a cotton candy stall and buy a stick each, and though you bought bubblegum, you reach for a bit of Jungkook’s strawberry cotton candy. He lifts it high above your hand.

“Come on, don’t be stingy!” you wheedle. “Just a little taste.”

“Then pout and shake your shoulders for me, my pretty girlfriend.” He bats his eyelashes.

“Do you want to die?” you huff. “Over my dead–no, over your dead body!”

“So uncute. But you’re cute even when you’re being uncute, so I’ll give you some.” He tears a large piece of the pink fluff and waves it temptingly, but when you lean towards it, he pulls it back, so you bite at air. Growling, you lunge for the cotton candy–but he swipes it away and pecks you on the lips.

“Jungkook!” Ducking to hide your heated face, you slap his chest. “This isn’t a drama, don’t be embarrassing!”

“Oh, are you too shy to kiss with all these people around?” He lifts your chin and steals another kiss, sidestepping when you try to hit his lips with your cotton candy.

“What’s this?”

You freeze with your cotton candy raised over your head and Jungkook’s arms around you, and turn to the voice to see Hyuk approaching you and Jungkook. You start to step back, but Jungkook throws an arm around your shoulders and holds you close. Hyuk sniffs at the scowl on the younger guy’s face and says: “I thought the two of you weren’t really dating?”

“We’re dating,” Jungkook snaps before you can even formulate an answer.

“We weren’t really, but now…” You smile at Jungkook and his tense expression evaporates as he smiles back.

“Ah… good job, Jungkook.” Hyuk holds out his closed hand for a fist bump, and when Jungkook only stares at him, he takes the younger guy’s wrist and makes him fist bump.

“You mean good job, Y/N,” you pipe up. “I was the one who confessed.”

Jungkook’s mutters through gritted teeth: “You don’t have to tell him that, sweetie.”

You shrug. “You can’t take credit for my work.”

“Oh, really? Then good job, Y/N!” Hyuk raises a hand and you high-five him. He wags a warning finger at Jungkook. “Make sure she doesn’t cry again, alright?”

“Of course!” Jungkook retorts.

Hyuk waves and goes on his way, and you smile. In your insecurity, you had doubts, but your former #1 Seoul Guy is still a good friend after all. So, you should be a good friend to him too.