even williams

but do you know what makes me feel so content? that people who like william never fucking complain when we get other clips. mohnstad and noorhelm shippers are like the most chill people in the skamily. not throwing shade on others (because i love sana, yousef, even, isak, eva, p-chris the most, therefor i - too - qualify as s3, s4 stan) … but i only see hate going one way here. the people who moralise about how wrong bullying, ignorance, discrimination are, do it the most!!!

So beyond disappointed at the content I’m seeing… even after getting a day full of the things we wanted, people still have to get hateful about William’s day and talk about how they’ll “drag his ass”…. I don’t see the Wilhelm shippers or non-Evak shippers ever spreading hate when we get possibly the most busy day of skam (update wise) this entire season and it’s all about Even. Not even the Sana stans are complaining about that and yet William haters really can’t stop spreading hate and ruining things for people for just 5 damn seconds.

i can’t even begin to imagine how the fandom will be when the last clip drops,

everybody hurrying to press play, watching all their favorite characters who inspired them to become better people, be opinionated, come out of the closet, and LOVE 

for the last damn time (?) and when the clip ends, and the screen turns black, everybody runs to twitter & tumblr, to tweet about their feelings, how they will miss isak’s nose, sana’s dimples, noora’s lips, eva’s hair, chris’ bun, vilde’s smile, even’s hair and jonas’ eyebrows

we’ll talk about how each story has affected us,

we’ll reblog gifsets of evak smoking weed, noorhelm lying in bed, joneva’s breakup scene, yousana hugging

we’ll talk about how the show has helped us love people, understand them better, not jump to conclusions, learn that people change and that we should give second chances,

and how this show, is ending, right this moment, it breaks my heart to write this, but i guess this is end.

alt er love.

Why can people accept all the other characters development and forgive them for being young, but refuse to do the same for William and just refuse to even watch his clip?

None of the characters are meant to be perfect, thats the point. They’ve all fucked up, the shows called Shame for a reason.

FANS: ok but what about Yousana?? What’s going to happen with them?? What’s going to happen when Yousef returns?? Will we ever get an answer?

FANS: I can’t believe this is the very last Evak focus we’ll ever get to see I wish there was more so sad.

FANS: it is so sad we’ll never see Vilde’s point of view nor will know more about her life in any way.

FANS: I wish next clip is Magnus’ or Eskild’s or Linn’s or Elias’ hopefully we’ll get to see a small part of this unexplored and so beloved characters’ lives.

JULIE: there you go more noorhelm lol.

I love season 4 ❤️

People say season 4 is shit or a mess but I don’t think so…iman (sana) represented Muslim girls and how’s it’s like to be them in a western society and I would know because I’m a Muslim girl living in a western society and If I felt for the first time my story was being told then skam did fucking amazing this season! I think iman is an incredible actress and Julie did well in making her the main and the last main at that ❤️

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Skam Fans Group Chat?

Hey calling all fans of Skam ✨ Would any be interested in starting a groupchat on Whatsapp to unite all of us together? I think it would be really cool, Skam has had such an impact on my life and it would be great to get to know others in the fandom and just talk everything Skam related and get to know each other as well ❤️ Like this post & I’ll message you or Message me your name & number saying you’d like to join the Skam group and I’ll add you when I make it ❣️