even when you know you could lose them

The tragedy of the Chapecoense is something very hard to accept because among the passengers there were 22 people who were living their dream, their dream was to win the South American Cup and, who knows, achieve greater things.
It’s difficult to write these words but I felt the need to let my pain out. It’s difficult because it could have been your favourite team, you could have lost your favourite players…it’s even more difficult when you see their posts and videos on Instagram and look at their happiness. It’s difficult when you know that one of them was going to be dad. It’s difficult when you know that they’ve left their families and the thought of losing someone I love gives me anxiety and pain.

Maybe my feelings are exaggerated, maybe I’m overreacting but it feels like it was one of my favourite teams even if I didn’t know how far they’ve come and who they were, maybe because I’m too attached to players and I’m too emotional.

My prayers and thoughts are with them and their families, I can’t even imagine their pain right now.

Força Chapecoense 💚

I guess
It was me then
After I heard you
I noticed it was my fault
I gave you the rough touches and smirks
And all you ever tried to give me
Was love
And I took you for granted
I didn’t give you love in the morning or during the day
I didn’t stay with you when you wanted a hug
I left
And although I said “no strings attached”
I didn’t mean it
I didn’t want it
Yet I said it
And I didn’t know what it would do to you
You said you wished you got forehead kisses and nose bops
I wish I gave them too
I wish I didn’t lose you
I wish I gave you all you wanted and even more
Because then I could have you
And I hope you’ll forgive me
I hope you’ll love me after you get this
I hope you’ll come back
And fix this red string of fate
That I broke
By all my freaking non-sense
I wish you would come back
Back to me
I’m sorry
I’ll love you more than you could ever imagine
And I hope you still love me too
 I’m hoping you can come home 
Back to the flat 
full of geeky things and houseplants 
They’re dying you know 
I hope you can bring them back 
along with me 
I hope we can still love each other 
like we both wanted back then
—  I hope ~ Alyssa Marie
Doing a season 3 rewatch and...

Damn son!

I forgot how Isak could get it! I mean when he threw Emma them ‘Girl you don’t know what I could give you…’ eyes! I mean once we get into Evak he loses that and kinda becomes deer in the head lights Isak who is being taking in and seduced/lead by Even it’s easy to forget that he himself has this controlling side/lead side with the come hither vibe that’s just so damn sexy.

So in the end when he’s giving this confident vibe I was like…where the hell who the hell?! I mean when he walked up to his friends and gave them that dab dab - what’s good…I was like damn all that confidence glistening through his life right now…but now I realize that shit was just coming full circle. The deer in headlights movement was just him being off balanced and unsure of how to act as he fell in love and had to deal with some shit that actually mattered but now that he’s centered and knows Even loves him, that amazingness is all back.

Now that it’s back though I want him to send some of that Even’s way. I mean guys! That scene with Emma where he stared her down gave her the smirk and licked his lips. I’m fascinated by this Isak…he so dangerous - looking like god’s angel with all the devil inside of him. That kid has all the fire and he knows it. I wanna see how this side of Isak would be inside the Evak relationship. I wanna see that little dynamic. I mean we see the confidence factor, but all that pizazz Is a whole other ballgame.

Friends better be lucky he gay cause Isak stays getting em! It does something to me that Even hasn’t even experienced this side of him yet!

He def define the term ‘This MoFo’

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Like seriously people, if you ever wonder why a story got abandoned or it seems like the author has given up on it or updates slow as molasses, 90% of the time it’s because they got little to no feedback. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen my friends and I myself have dropped/considered dropping stories because no one seems to care about them.

There are so many stories and ideas that we have going on in our heads and so many projects that we could be working on that when we get such small feedback from one story, we’ll move on to another or just stop writing entirely.

If you like a story, leave a comment. Even if it’s just two words just let the writer know that you liked it and want it to keep going. Even if it’s a oneshot, let them know you like their work so they’ll make more. Writers do write for themselves but encouragement goes a long way, especially when we lose the heart to continue or feel like no one likes what we’re putting out.

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I'm no longer friends with someone who I used to be really close with. They act like it is so easy to move on while I'm wishing they would text me. I miss being friends with them and I don't know what to do. When I see them they act like I don't even exist :(

First and foremost let me just say I am so sorry that, this has happened and I wish so badly that I could take away the hurt you’re experiencing in this moment because I know that losing someone you shared and created special moments with is painful to go through, so take your time, make closure with that friendship so that your being can heal allowing you to move forward so that when you begin your new friendships you will be free of the old in order to begin a fresh start with the new.

Now let me just say this, It’s never easy to move on from a friendship that has come to an end, whether that friendship ended peacefully or in turmoil, once you’ve built a bond with someone allowing them into your heart, it’s never a walk in the park when that connection is no longer there which is why I believe what you are going through now is the exact same thing that person is going through now as well, the only difference is that you’re both handling it in your own individual way. I promise you, how that person is dealing with it, is not a reflection of how they saw the friendship, because I know you’re probably thinking that they didn’t value the connection they had with you seeing as it seems they have moved on so quickly but I can assure you it is a cover to mask the hurt they are feeling too, it is their way of dealing with no longer having that security they had within the friendship anymore. Some people jump into new people immediately as a way to distract them from the pain that comes with missing someone, others deal with the pain and patiently allow themselves to heal [which is actually the healthier way to handle it] you have to allow yourself to heal in your own way and allow that person to heal in their own way. 

The both of you shared and built something magical that only the both of you will understand, you added something to each others lives that will never be replaced by anyone else so even though you two may not be close at the moment that doesn’t mean what you shared no longer has meaning anymore, all this is, is that you’re both travelling different paths right now and those paths may reconnect in the future but for right now you both have to do your own thing on different journey’s and that’s okay. You were both blessed to have met each other in this life’s journey for each of you, you gave her a gift and she gave you a gift and your souls will cherish this gift forever but now it’s time to encounter new friendships on your own individual paths, no hate and no regrets, the love will always be there and what you had with one another will always be cherished, it’s simply just time for right now to branch out and do your own things and I’m telling you that’s perfectly okay.

I do not want you to believe that your happiness ended with that friendship, I do not want you to believe that your life ended with that friendship, I do not want you to believe that your identity was only of importance in that friendship and I do not want you to believe you will never find new friendships/bonds just as wonderful as that friendship. I want you to believe because this is the truth, that whenever something comes to an end, it’s simply the closing of one chapter in our lives, in order for the new to begin. We tend to be stubborn when these chapters come to an end because we believe we won’t find better, but I promise you, the second you let go and start allowing your heart and your being to heal, renew and trust the process of life, you will see for yourself that okay, yes this friendship has come to an end but I’m going to be alright, my life will move on towards new and wonderful things and everything IS going to be okay.

You don’t need them to text you anymore, you don’t need them to say hello, you don’t need them to make you feel at ease, you don’t need them anymore, send her well wishes and love but it’s time to move forward into your new chapter, it’s time to grow into the next level of your being. This is awesome beginnings, you are going to be fine, breathe, take your time restore your being [you can do it] and let’s go, you still have your beautiful life to live and who knows what other friendships and relationships life has yet to introduce you to as well, plus what else there is to discover about yourself! You will be fine! <3 <3

Crowd Surfing

[ Can you make a Josh Dun imagine where you are dating and when they start crowd surfing he falls and has an anxiety attack cause everyone is grabbing at him and he only wants you so you calm him down - Anonymous]

The night was going absolutely fantastic. The boys were on fire, playing what you thought was the best performance they had done, and the crowd was eating up everything. They were jumping and screaming all of the lyrics, screaming them even louder during some songs when Tyler would point to them.  You could tell Tyler was losing his voice about halfway into the concert but Josh’s drumming was on point. 

You stood on the side of the stage, just out of range of the crowd seeing you but in enough light that when Josh would look over, he could see you. He looked over a lot throughout the whole thing, drumming harder and biting his lips sometimes. You would always just smile and shake your head slightly, knowing exactly where the night was going to lead when the concert was over. You liked these nights, where Josh was high on adrenaline. Post-concert sex was amazing because it was a side of Josh that you didn’t get to see often. 

But it was that time of the night where Josh decided that he was going to go crowd surfing while Tyler screamed lyrics into the mic. Everything was going fine as the security guards guided him up and the crowd quickly took over, gripping Josh and pushing him along, above their heads. You moved forward on the side of the stage to watch him, smiling when you realized that he was having the time of his life.

But then suddenly you lost track of him, not seeing him in the crowd anymore. You searched and searched, looking for any sign of him, but all you could see was the crowd pushing and shoving. Tyler must have noticed that Josh was nowhere to be found because he stopped the entire concert. 

“Stop. STOP! STOP THE SHOW!” Tyler grabbed the mic off the stand and rushed towards the front of the stage, quickly hoping down to the ground by security guards. The crowd was going wild, some people still screaming others confused as to why the concert stopped. You rushed after Tyler, fans gasping as they saw you rush down from the stage, coming up behind Tyler. “EVERYONE MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!” You both were pushing through the crowd now, being helped by security. You both were looking for the last place you had seen Josh, somewhere near the middle of the crowd.

Soon you reached a group of people, their limbs flying around and they were freaking out. The security guards pushed ahead of you and Tyler, breaking the people up and pushing them away. When they cleared you saw Josh on the ground, curled into a ball and rocking back and forth. Immediately you rushed forward, kneeling in front of him as you tried to touch him. He flinched, his head buried in his arms, and you looked at Tyler, who stood next to you. He put his arms under Josh’s’ ad pulled up, standing them both up. Josh kept his eyes shut as you and Tyler put Josh’s’ arms around your shoulders and helped him back to the stage.

The security guards had cleared a path of people so the three of you didn’t have to push through them. But the crowd was eerily silent now, everyone watching as you made you way back up the stage and into the back, away from the prying eyes. You and Tyler sat Josh down in a chair backstage, the tech people rushing around to get water and towels for all of you. 

You took a towel and soaked it in water, ringing it out before kneeling in front of Josh, dabbing at his face. He was taking shaky breaths, keeping his eyes closed and trying to keep his hands in his lap, but they were shaking too hard. Tyler sat on the ground next to him, putting a hand on his knee and Josh finally opened his eyes. He looked right at you and you saw pain shoot through those perfect brown eyes. You sighed and put the cool towel around his shoulders and he relaxed some, leaning his back against the chair. Tyler looked at you and you nodded you head towards the stage, silently telling him that he needed to go talk to his fans. He nodded before he got up and walked to the stage, mic in hand. 

You shifted so you sat on the ground, cross legged, right in front of Josh’s legs, resting your chin on his knee. You watched him as he gripped the towel, the knuckles on his fingers turning white. You could tell that he was still having a panic attack. Granted that it wasn’t as bad as when he fell while crowd surfing, but you knew the feeling all too well. Josh looked you in the eyes as Tyler’s voice broadcasted across the entire venue. 

“I am disappointed in all of you. We all need to help each other and that means that when one of us falls you help them back up. And I’m not just talking about Josh and I, I’m talking about all of you out there as well.” There was a pause and Josh brought his hand down and you immediately laced your fingers with his, holding onto him tightly. “We’re ending the concert here and we will refund all of you. I’m sorry.” You could hear the crowd erupt in protest and Tyler walked back stage, leaving the tech employees to clean up the stage and the security to guide the fans out of the venue. 

“I want to go to the bus.” Josh’s voice was hoarse and you nodded your head, pushing up from the floor, still holding his hand. Josh got up, shaking slightly, and the three of you made your way out the back, towards the bus. 

Once outside, you looked around, hoping that there weren’t any fans. You didn’t see anyone, but that didn’t mean that there wasn’t anyone. Tyler opened the door of the bus and you walked in first, leading Josh up the stairs. You led him to the bunks as you left Tyler to close the door, seeing him sit on the couch out of the corner of your eye. 

Josh sat on the edge of one of the bunks and stared at the floor, hands in his lap. You leaned forward and took the towel from around him shoulders, dropping it to the floor. His skin was still sticky with sweat and you kneeled down, pulling off his shoes and socks. You grabbed his hands, pulling slightly, coaxing him to stand up. He did and you pulled on the edge of his shorts. They fell to the floor and he stepped out of them, sitting back down on the edge of the bunk. 

He was now only in his boxers and you pushed his shoulders gently and he got the message as he situated himself so he was lying down on the mattress. You stood up, shrugging out of your t-shirt and bra, kicking off your shoes and pants. You grabbed a shirt of Josh’s from the bunk below and slipped it on, climbing into the bunk after Josh. 

He was lying on his side, back towards the wall, as he watched you shift yourself so you were lying on your side facing him. You made sure that you weren’t going to fall out, a few inches only separating the two of you. You wrapped an arm around his middle and tangled your legs with him, pulling yourself closer to him. You tucked your head underneath his chin and you felt him relax, sighing against the top of your head. He snaked his arms around you, absentmindedly rubbing your back through the fabric of his shirt.  

You both laid there for a few minutes, your eyes becoming heavy quickly. The movement of his hand on your back would stutter before picking up in a rhythm again. You could tell that he was trying so hard not to fall asleep but he was failing.

“Thank you, for everything.” He whispered against your hair, his breath hot. You nodded your head slightly, not wanting to disturb him, and wrapped your arm around him tighter, squeezing him in a comforting way. He sighed again and his arm stilled. You knew that he had drifted off to sleep and you thanked everyone of your lucky stars that you were there tonight. So glad that you could be there for Josh when he needed you most. You snuggled your face into his chest before you found yourself drifting into dreamland.

I hope you enjoyed! <3

Love Quotes for the Signs
  • Aries: "When I look in her eyes, well I, just see the sky."
  • Taurus: "I love you"
  • Gemini: "What I have with you I don't want with anyone else."
  • Cancer: "Everyday I love you more and more than yesterday."
  • Leo: I'm scared that I'll lose you but you're not even mine."
  • Virgo: "I'm not the best but I promise to love you with my whole heart."
  • Libra: "I'm jealous of every girl that's ever hugged him because for that second, she held my entire world."
  • Scorpio: "You could break my heart into tiny little pieces, and I'd still pick them up and put them back in your hands."
  • Sagittarius: "I hope you find someone who knows how to love you when you're sad."
  • Capricorn: "I fell in love with your personality, your looks are just a bonus."
  • Aquarius: "And if only you could see the way my face lights up when your name appears on my phone."
  • Pisces: "I don't want the world's attention. Yours is enough."
  • (I only found these quotes through songs or social media and I do not know the authors nor do I take credit for them)

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Could you please write a Tetsurou Kuroo and/or tsukishima kei (Haikyuu!!) imagine about them being so in love with you they can barely keep their hands off of you when you`re close and even sometimes lose focus during practice because you walked by or something xD. (I know it might seem like a stretch for those particular characters but I love them so much I just can`t get this scenario out of my head xD) But if you find it hard to write I understand! (^^)

this is a super cute idea! i’m more than happy to do this!! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

Tsukishima: With a smile on your face, you walked into the gym to go and watch Karasuno train. It wasn’t something you were able to do often due to your own club activities but when you did get the chance, it was the highlight of your day.

Scanning the gym as you stood in the doorway, your eyes soon found the tall blonde who seemed to have an ever present frown on his face. You stared at him as he lined up to serve, admiring his physique. As if he could feel your stare, Tsukishima made eye-contact with you only seconds before he swung to serve the ball…

That hit Kageyama in the back of the head.

The whole gym turned silent as Tsukishima glanced at the boy indifferently before laughter was suddenly heard throughout the gym. Even you couldn’t help but grin as you watched Kageyama and Tsukishima begin to childishly argue.

“It’s not like him to miss.” Suga said to Hinata as he laughed quietly.

“It’s because _______ turned up.” Yamaguchi said with a smile as you sent him small wave. This caused a whole new round of laughter and teasing to echo throughout the gym. 

“Nice serve Tsukki!” You said as you sent a grin to the ball, making him blush.

A blush that definitely didn’t go unnoticed by Tanaka and Nishinoya.

Kuroo: You sat on the bench as you watched the Nekoma volleyball club sat down on the gym floor and went over possible game tactics for their upcoming matched. All of the boys were listening intently. All of them besides Kuroo that is.

He sat on the floor, besides Kenma, pretending to pay attention. You knew for a fact that he wasn’t listening and this was because of all the flirty winks and smiles he kept sending your way when no one was looking. 

You rolled you eyes as he sent yet another wink in your direction and grinned at you. It just so happened that Coach Nekomata managed to see this one. With a small, yet mischievous smile, the coach turned to Kuroo.

“As lovely as _______ is, I’m going to need you to pay attention now, Kuroo.” He said, causing you blush and awkwardly laugh as the team erupted into laughter.

“I was paying attention!” Kuroo said as he let out a little chuckle.

“No you weren’t.” You said as you sent him a flat look. “Your the captain so pay attention.”

This caused the team to erupt in to laughter once again, as Kuroo pouted in your direction.

“You best listen to _______.” Coach Nekomata said as he grinned at Kuroo. ”Now as I was saying…”

Even after that, Kuroo still couldn’t help but send you glances every so often.

Y’know, while I would normally agree with the others doing that without Laura’s permission is a bad thing. I seriously don’t, and I don’t understand why anyone does.

If it was up to Laura she never would of agreed to this, she would of pushed them all away and refused to ever risk hurting them, because the trigger scent and what it makes her do scares her. She doesn’t think she can beat it. She never has. Kimura could use her to hurt people whenever she wanted and that scares her, and she hates herself when it happens because of the people she kills.

They forced her into this because they’re her friends and it’s for her own good, they see how the trigger scent hanging over her head effects Laura, I mean she’s even told others to decapitate her if she loses control.

It’s the same thing like when someone you know is addicted to drugs, and you stage an intervention and force them into withdrawal because you know they’ll never make the decision to get off the drug on their own.

I mean, would you leave such a decision up to them and watch them slowly kill themselves? I should hope not. Especially if you care about them. And Gabby, and the others see how Laura is broken down a little more everything it’s used on her, how scared the thought of killing others when she can’t control it makes her.

Laura’s always seen the only way she could escape the trigger scent for good being her own death. She would of never considered this option.

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Hello! I am not sure if you are still taking song suggestions, but I think Sia's song "I forgive you" could describe very well Tony and Steve's relationship post Civil War: www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=SF0mG2TtGvw I think the lyrics fit best from Tony's perspective but you are free to disagree. Hope you like it. (^-^)

AHHHHHH, that’s beautiful.  It could really work for either of them, but I guess I often think of Tony pining for Steve when I hear these songs.  He just pines so well!  

Even though your words hurt the most
I still want to hear them
Every day
You say let it go,
But I can’t let it go
I wanna believe every word that you say

For I’m so scared of losing you
And I don’t know what I can do about it
About it
So tell me how long love before you go
And leave me here on my own
I know it

I don’t want to know who I am without you

ID not optional

I’ve started taking a perverse pleasure in telling people we cannot accept their credit cards.

People get really pissed off when I ask them for their ID. I have to confirm signature on credit cards and if it doesn’t match, I have to ask for ID. If you are paying with your spouse/parent’s card, that’s fine but you have to have the same last name.

It drives me nuts when people don’t have ID on them, and they want me to let it slide on a $200 purchase. First of all, it’s illegal to drive without your license, and secondly, you could pick up any goddamn wallet and pay with a card that isn’t yours. That’s why we HAVE to see ID.

Don’t tell me you’ve never been asked for ID at our store. I know you have because its policy, and even if my coworkers get lax on some things, they don’t on this. Losing our jobs isn’t worth making one customer happy. Sorry.

I think most people have heard their parents say “I’ll always protect you”, “Don’t be scared. I’m here.” or anything of those lines to them as a child. So why is it that some of those parents are the ones other people need to protect them from when they grow even slightly older and come out as transgender to them?

Don’t you want your kids on your side? Aren’t YOU the one who should be especially scared of losing THEM? Isn’t that partly what it means to be a parent? Aren’t you scared that their self esteem is going to get terrible? Aren’t you scared that they’re going to do something drastic and that maybe you as their parent could of possibly stopped them for doing that? Aren’t you scared? Aren’t you concerned for your child? I know that a lot of those parents “only want what’s best for you” and maybe sometimes you do. I mean you have lived longer and that could (but not always) play a huge part, but don’t go so far that your kid who’s the same person that they always have been is terrified for their life, because of you and what you might do when they should be able to come to you with just anything… Or so far that you don’t even listen to what they have to they say or listen to them about their their absolute NEEDS. It’s your job as a parent to love your kids unconditionally and be there for them through anything, because they’re your child and it’s really as simple as that.

why hasn’t anyone kissed luke on stage yet i’m gonna say things in the tags

[ @thesoullesshunter​ liked for a starter ]

To say coming face to face with Sam Winchester surprised Alexa, well, that would be an understatement. She was good at keeping track of the Winchesters, it was what she did. So when did she lose track of this one for long enough to run into him? And since when had he left Kansas to end up face to face with her on the case she was working?

                      ❝ Can I help you? ❞

It wasn’t like he could know she had been tracking him. She was careful, covered her tracks. And it wasn’t like she’d even followed them to the same town in a while. Her tongue swiped across her lower lip, arms folding across her chest.

                       ❝ This is a crime scene, sir. You can’t be here. ❞


I’ve been remembering you lately–
       the way a book remembers
              its reader, because of the
       carefully folded dog ears

       or the way a tree on a cliffy shore
              remembers the wind: bending
       its branches, changing its
              appearance forever–

softly, I’d say. I remember you
       with the softness of a heart,
              the immense power
       of a pounding heart, never skipping
              a beat, even if tempted.

You needed your one-way-ticket, but I
       couldn’t flow like you
              across oceans, I couldn’t
       become another book, I was already
              carved into these pages, rooted
       in the hardy soil of this coastline–

and I don’t regret it. I waved you
       tender goodbyes, knowing that
              you wanted me to join,
       but I chose not to; could I ever
              have chosen differently, no
       or yes, I could, but I didn’t–

and when the wind takes hold
       of these branches, ripping off
              the leaves, spreading them across
       aroused waters; I lose myself
              in a strange awareness of this
       rare shape that you gave me–

and yet, I’m glad,
       so glad you did.

don’t ever settle for anything less than you deserve. be there for people who are there for you. say nice things to people, even if it’s just a “have a good day” or “you look nice today”. be who you know you are. don’t let people manipulate you into thinking you’re someone you’re not. be the best person your tiny body can manage. realize that you aren’t mentally small. your brain is one of the most beautiful places when you let it be, and you know that. quit making it that ugly place you’re so used to. love the ones who love you even more because you never know when you could suddenly lose them. be kind and gentle. understand that you won’t always have your way and that’s okay. be so kind that people wonder how you do it. spread positivity and inspire people. don’t let anyone’s cruel words define who you are and always love unconditionally.

-advice I gave myself last night

I know how loving and losing love hurts. I know how you find blame in yourself for being unable to make them stay, or to continuing loving you. But let me tell you something that helped me learn to let love come when it comes, and say I’m glad you stopped by, even if it were for just a minute. Touch yourself the way  they touched you when all they could do was feel every inch of your skin and don’t say a word. Talk to yourself the way someone who was totally and utterly in love talked. Remind yourself you beautiful, like she did on days when you felt the whole world crashing down. Learn to be the one who loves yourself the way you want to give love to others. Learn to be so fucking in love with you, a person who comes into your life can learn to find that love for themselves. Allow the hurt, allow the confusion and pain. But do not forget when the world feels so alone and you feel lost. Your arms will pick you up and coddle you on days you need it. Your legs will continue to walk you through the thick scary forest until you finally can find a tiny cabin, lit by the love you have not lost in your eyes, and listen to the sound of your heart beat reminding you, you are never alone. Love yourself. And one day you will find someone who finds themselves walking from their tiny home in the wood to your cabin. And they will knock, and say “ I saw your light was on and it led me here. Your music was so loud I danced to the beautiful beat it sang. I was just wondering, could I come in?

someone slay me, but in a brutal unfun way.

if i see one more comparison of barbara gordon to felicity smoak and how felicity should not only be Oracle but ALSO Batgirl in the Arrow-verse I will cut someone. 

Stop the Arrow fans from trying to take our shit. An episode got renamed from “Oracle” to “the Secret Origin of Felicia whatever” because no one was down for that. The level of outrage actually got them to rename the episode and prevent her from taking that mantel. The fact they even thought they could have dibs on that mantel is appalling when they don’t even know what it represents.

You see in a couple of years time we will have some batfam characters on the silver screen and then we will crush your sense of entitlement with our canon that you tried to jack.

Moral of the story: don’t touch our shit. Don’t be on the losing side of history.

Sleepy Hollow episode 3.01

One of the parts I appreciated most about last night’s Sleepy Hollow episode was that Crane didn’t leave Sleepy Hollow without letting Abbie know. In a lot of the reviews leading up to the episode, it said he left without a word. For me, the problem with that is thinking Abbie wouldn’t go looking for him. If someone you care about (and even if you never want to see this relationship go beyond some platonic brother/sister thing you must admit she cares for him) goes missing, how could you just say “oh well!” and move on with your life? Sure, friends lose touch over time but that’s different. Since I’m old and lived in the days before we were all attached to our smartphones, I know the panic when someone is late and the hours drag on and you don’t hear from them. And the joy when you see the headlights as their car pulls into the driveway. I am glad the writers went with Crane telling her he was going on a walkabout to clear his head. It really would have been unbelievable otherwise. 

I also think it’s quite reasonable that he didn’t contact Abbie for nine months. Trust me, in the grips of despair and heartache (and as much as we might not have liked Katrina, it would still be a loss to him) it’s easy to just let time pass. Days go by and there is nothing but inner turmoil and anger and numbness. Eventually –hopefully– you find your way and your reason for living again, but it’s not always easy. It’s also difficult to face the people you left behind but hopefully they understand. I think the relationship between Crane and Abbie might be a little rough at first but in the end, with their mission, they will get back on track. What else is there to do when you’re chasing monsters?