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do you guys want me to post my videos on here when i upload them or do you only want comics. this blog is named deezeewy which is the alias for everything i do, but i only post comics here which seems odd. i could rename this blog but then things would get even more confusing with all the broken links so idk. dont say like “just do what u wanna do!” cause i really am just asking this to see what YOU guys want so I don’t lose followers lol.

Duff is a very jealous boyfriend and you hate it.

(thanks layyourhansonme for the idea) 

Sometimes you wish youd never met Duff, he is a great guy and you know that he is the love of your life but moments like that at the bar where he had a crises of jealousy… This is humiliating. He treats you as his property and always wants you near him, literally near him.  

That night when you arrive in his apartment without saying a single world the whole way you decide this needs to have an explanation or an end. 

– We need to talk. – you say turning to him.

– About what? – he asks looking at you.

– I am not your fucking house or your fucking car Duff, you can not treat me like I was something that belongs to you! I am a grow woman and you are my boyfriend! – he smiles wryly and it gets you crazy. – Are you listening to me?

 – Yes I am, I am just not serious. – he turns his back and goes to the bedroom.

– What do we have here is totally abusive! – You shout at him from the room. You do not listen anything for a few minutes and you know he is ignoring you. – if you don’t say anything… I’m leaving… 

Silence again, you wait for a few seconds and nothing happens so you decide its over.

– They can’t… I don’t want them talking to you… – you hear Duff’s voice coming from the bedroom. – I am not being jealous… I am being protective. – you go to the bedroom door and see him sitting on the bed looking down.

– You are not being protective Duff, being protective is when you protect me from a crazy fan or when you hold me through the crowds so no one will push me but when you scream to people stay away from me or push any man close to me… You do not even let me talk to Axl! – he gets a little resentful and gives a sigh when he hears you say that. 

– You just don’t understand you means the world to me and I don’t want to lose you. – he looks at you with his eyes watering and you know he is being true.

– Are you kidding right? You are the bassist of Guns N’ Roses! Women basically throw themselver at you…

– But I don’t want them. – he gets up.

– I dont want any other man. – he shakes his head like you do not understand.

– You are beautiful, I don’t say that because I am your boyfriend and I am not exaggerating, you are really, really beautiful and your body is… Wow! And the way men look at you… It makes me sick. I don’t let you talk with Axl because when we met Axl was there and he said how much you are beautiful and he wanted you for him. – he murmurs and you keep looking at him.

– I am you girl Duff, men will look at me wanting or not but none of them will catch my eye, and Axl he must have gotten over it he knows that I love you. – you go up to him and hug him by putting your head on his chest. – I know you want everyone to know that I am your girlfriend but they don’t need to know because you know that I am you girlfriend and I am not going anywhere but please trust me. – he gives you a kiss on the head and holds you back.

– I’ll try to improve. – You sit there for a few seconds, holding each other in silence, and youre relieved that it’s been solved. – sex of reconciliation? – so you smile.

– Sure.   

long rant :3

fucking teammates wanna keep the match going and not end it to “keep the enemy team suffering”. oh yeah, its not like they can come back and win. but guess what? they fucking did, you fucking dumb asses. i dont care if we still got tower and phoenix, and we keep destroying their phoenix. im a tank, the other guy is afk half the fucking time, i cant tank against a full build adc by myself while you dickheads wanna play around. just kill the fucking titan, they were all dead, multiple times. we had plenty of chances. yall dont know how sad it is to be a full defense guardian frantically trying to kill the titan cuz your team is full of cocky jackass and your fully aware of the danger that approaches if you dont end the FUCKING MATCH NOW. all the hard work feeding their lazy asses kills and pulling off sick ult plays as ares and they gonna take it for granted cuz they think they are better than the enemy team. they couldn’t even 1v1 the fucking khepri. they were nothing without me and all i wanted in return was for them to kill their fucking titan. i killed the phoenix TWICE by myself, i half healthed the titan BY MYSELF. and when the enemy team ended up catching up in levels and build cuz they let the match drag out, we ended up losing. i fucking told them so. i fucking told them so. I FUCKING TOLD THEM SO. IM SO PISSED


I’m too weak I can only make two pages *sighhhh* 

How do ppl make long doujin so fast.. kudos to them   Anyway, based on @marzbandaryun tweets (hope you don’t mind I used it >.<)

A what if scenario when nekoma loses before they could meet karasuno in the court and daichi happens to watch that match ouch

I really want to draw part 2 from Kuroo’s POV… but idk I hope I could finish it since I work so slow T^T

You Should Try Not Resetting When Units Die

Its a play style that is criminally underappreciated, and I feel that its not because people don’t like it, rather that people don’t even think to try it.  Resetting is just deeply ingrained in most Fire Emblem players.  So heres my case for playing Fire Emblem without resetting:

  • Shouzou Kaga, the creator of the series, seems to think its the proper way to play: Seriously, if you read any interview with Kaga, whether its about FE1 or Vestaria Saga it is very clear that he expects players to lose units as they go through the game.  Now, just because the creator wants you to play a certain way doesnt mean you have to, but its certainly worth at least seeing what hes on about.
  • Ironman is a misnomer: If you didnt know, “no resets runs” are often called “ironman runs” in the FE community, which makes it sound like its more difficult than reset runs, when in my experience it isnt easier or harder its more like…
  • It’s a different and new game experience: Since units will keep coming of of the bench to replace fallen ones you get more gameplay variety, one where you use more prepromotes and field unpromoted units later than normal.  And the ones you have been training from the beginning get even stronger than normal since they are shouldering more of the burden.  In the process, you grow to cherish them even more and get even more emotional if you lose them.
  • It makes the story better: Fire Emblem is supposed to be a game about war, and in war people die on both sides.  In the main story you get the tragedy of war in npcs, parents, and sympathetic enemies dying, but rarely your own characters.  Not resetting is how you get the full experience.  Oftentimes climactic story battles are some of the hardest battles where you lose the most units.  In my last run of FE7 I lost Priscilla, Lowen, and Isadora protecting Zephiel in the Battle Before Dawn, and it really increased the dramatic irony of the situation to have lost good people in defense of the future conqueror.  Even when people die in mundane battles thats its own kind of tragedy.
  • It makes you become a better Fire Emblem player: When every decision is actually life or death, you really need to become a more attentive FE player.  You love your characters and dont want them to die, so you work hard to play better to keep them alive, so before you know it you will find yourself playing better than you used to. 

“And the words just flowed out her fingertips like water in a river, flawlessly and clear, as if it were her own story to cherish and protect, her own story to tell the world.”

hEY HEY @jilliancares UNDERCOVER ANONYMOUS HERE. Well not anonymous anymore *wiggles eyebrows*. I ended up making a quote for you, it wasn’t difficult at all, those were the words that first came when i thought of you.
I’m also that annoying girl that sent you an ask about how much im dying because i want to read TBB (and now that I accidentally read that they kissed the temptation is strong) but that im saving it until is complete, lel.
After you answered my ask i felt the sudden urge to make you something because you always give us and i just wanted to show you my gratefulness (is that a word?) by giving you something and when inspiration comes, you better take it gurl.
Even if I already said it, thank you for your stories, I know it takes time to make them, and I find so unfair that fanfiction writers are so underrated so I wanted to show you that all your effort doesn’t go to waste, that we love every tiny little bit of it. So THANK YOU VERY MUCH<3
And before I lose my confidence to post this here we go~

what do you do when your favorite anime ends and after a few months you start to miss your favorite characters like they were your real friends you havent seen in so fucking long, so you start to rewatch it which makes you miss them even more because ITS NOT POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO GET NEW MEMORIES OF THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE GONE AND ALL THATS LEFT ARE OLD TIMES

kixzune  asked:

Do you have any tips when entering a cosplay masquerade? I think im gonna enter into anime expos for the first time

-Make sure to double check all the rules. There’s a lot and you don’t want to miss any. Understand what separates the different entry categories, and what is a walk on vs a skit. Make sure you are ready for all the standards.

-Practice practice practice your skit EVEN IF its just a walk on. It seems easy enough, get on stage and twirl around a bit but its much more difficult than that. It can really be intimidating on stage before a ton of people and expected to pose or entertain. PRACTICE. Practice IN costume and WITH music. You need to be confident in yourself and what you will be doing when you get on there. 

-Catalog your entire costume progress WELL. Bring in reference photos to your judging AS WELL AS Work in progress photos. Its important! This can help you steal a win! The judges like to see the process to better understand how hard you work. And dont assume what your cosplaying will be recognizable, because not all judges watch everything, even the popular stuff. Give them a comparison. I’ve had many judges just nod at me during judging and then when I show them what I am they go, “OH WOW! Thats really spot on!” You want this reaction. 

-Remember that it is a competition and there’s a chance you will not in. Recite a private losing speech to yourself. You need to be as prepared to lose as excited you are to win. 

The biggest f/f ships under attack

As this blog has already mentioned, there are m/f fandoms who are actively antivoting against the big f/f ships. In particular Clexa and Shoot. 
For a long time I wasn’t sure if I should post this and attack a particular fandom because I did not wanna play ugly. Because that is not what POI is about. Although we sometimes argue, our fandom is not used to fighting, attacking eachother and playing dirty. (Which is btw why I love you guys, shoutout to my fellow POI fans, I LOVE YOU).

That being sad. ONE of the fandoms that is antivoting against us is the D@mon/B0nnie fandom from Vampires. I got this messages on Wednesday:

You might think why are they doing or did this!!!??
Well it is easy. Here: 

If Shoot would win this round against S’tydia. D@mon and B0nnie fans would be up against us: the Shoot fandom, the great and big fandom that won last year. Yes they knew, if they would be up against us, the WINNERS OF LAST YEAR, they would lose. 

I don’t know what else to say. I dont even wanna call them names. All I want is justice. D@amon/B0nnie MUSTN’T WIN THE ZIMBIO CHALLENGE. SO PLEASE: EVERYONE reading this: When B@mon vs St’ydia happens at the Zimbio Poll. Vote for St’ydia. Even if you don’t know the ship. B@mon shall not win. They are cheaters.

(And let me tell you, they are doing the same to Clexa. Clexa only started drastically dropping after “they” had Shoot at 45%. As Shoot is first up against them, they first had to make sure that Shoot is down. Now that they know Shoot is low, they are going after Clexa. Which is why Clexa is now at 51%. They wanna get rid of the biggest fandoms. Don’t let this happen, VOTE FOR CLEXA, so at least the big clexa fandom can face and destroy the cheaters in the final)

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Hey Jax how often should you have a cheat day? and should you even have them when losing weight? Im making such great results I dont want to mess it up by pigging out

Look I tell everyone this when they are losing weight


just like 


its what you do consistently that counts.

Cheat days aren’t just about taking a break from dieting. They actually HELP you lose fat. Lemme explain

There is a hormone called Leptin in your body aka the “Anti Starvation Hormone”. It plays a massive role in your fat loss. Its main function was to conserve energy and fat in times of famine so you did not die. But you’re not dying, you’re just eating less than what your body needs in a day and that makes leptin drop. This is important because when your leptin levels are high Its easier to burn fat, but when they are low it slows your fat loss down. This is why people who think “oh i lost 50 lbs oh i dont wanna cheat ever again” have trouble losing those last 5 lbs. 

CHEAT DAYS ARE SO FRIGGIN NECESSARY if you want to continue making results as they assure your body that you are not starving and rise those leptin levels again so you can keep losing weight. GO CRAZY On your cheat days but make sure you only do them ONCE a week, some people fall off and start friday and end Monday. that is not going to help you at all. So there you go I hoped I eased your mind haha, put a cheat day in there once a week and your results will be even greater. 
Now enjoy your feast if its today haha

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So I'm pretty darn sure that I am gay and I just don't want to be. I want kids and a marriage and to be normal and for my family to not disown me. I want to be attracted to guys, but the only time I can even be attracted to them is when I think about having kids and raising them and when I look at the men on the vampire diaries im like 'okay, it surely cant be that bad' Im just so tired and so lost and I dont want to lose my family. And these little panic attacks I get... Surely I can fix this

  1. gay people can have children
  2. gay people can also get married in an increasing amount of countries
  3. remember that heterosexuality isn't normal, it's common
  4. you can’t force yourself to be attracted to guys if that’s not who you are
  5. I know you’re going through a really shitty time right now trying to convince yourself that you can like guys but as cheesy as it sounds, it will get better
  6. if your family do disown you then as much as that will suck, you will push through it and you will be okay in the end
  7. you should look into ways to control your panic attacks by visiting a doctor or a therapist. there are many ways to reduce the amount of panic attacks you get and there is lots of advice out there so go find it
  8. good luck, just remember how strong you are and how much you mean to me. you will be okay in the end

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I saw the post that you made about having a panic attack while you were driving and I was wondering if you have driving anxiety? I'm 17 and have only driven a car about 5 times in my life which is pretty lame bc everyone my age already has their license. I am really scared of driving. it's just one of my biggest fears that no one understands. I was wondering if you have driving anxiety too and maybe you can give me tips/encouragement maybe?? thanks in advance <3

my panic attacks dont usually stem from particular activities like driving its mostly just out of the blue i lose my cool n think myself into them but i would advise you that things can be scary but you can definitely do those things that seem scary! dont tell yourself you cant do something, even if you fail, you have to stay your #1 fan and encourage yourself to accomplish goals and prove to YOURSELF that are you are a highly capable individual who can overcome personal obstacles. And you have to stay your #1 fan when you decide that you want to put a goal off to the side, or change your mind.

I didn’t get my license until i was 20 b/c i was afraid of driving, and i rode my bike around everywhere and that was that, if one day I felt ready to take on the challenge of learning how to drive then I would commit. Do things at your own pace and commit only when you want to and feel safe to do so. if you dont want to drive ever in your life, thats fine! but i would recommend that you figure out alternate independent transportation! be well !