even when you don't want to admit it

I Want You To Want To Tickle Me.

I don’t want you to like me because you can tickle me.

I want you to tickle me because you love me.

because you want to hear MY laughter.
because you want to break MY shyness to even say the damn word.
because you want to make ME admit that I love it.
because you want MY submission, not just any sensitive flesh.

And when I see that you want me, I will never stop wanting your touch.

I don’t understand how people have the right to say “you never even knew him properly”
“It wasn’t even a relationship”
“Get over it”
But you weren’t there.
You weren’t there to witness his eyes light up when he talked about his future plans.
Or when he admitted how much he enjoyed the day we met.
Or how much it hurt when he didn’t want me anymore.
So, just because you didn’t feel it.
Doesn’t mean I didn’t either.


You know, there’s something about Disney that takes your mind off the real world. I’m not sure if it’s when you’re having a blast on rides or shopping or even strolling down Main Street, but it always feels like it’s saying “hey, it’s safe to be happy here. You can smile and nothing will take that away. Don’t worry.”
I’m sure we all miss those days where we would put on a Disney movie and get lost in it. I’m sure we miss the days where we stuffed our faces with overpriced park food. I’m sure we all miss the times where we first walked into the park and felt that “finally, I made it here” feeling. It lives with you forever, it really does.

I love Merrill so much

I love how, when Tamlen’s missing, she’s the only one who’s willing to admit to themselves that he’s probably dead. I love that she has that awkward moment of insensitivity but you can tell she doesn’t really mean anything nasty by it.

I love that, even though the mirror was destroyed, Merrill still took a piece along because up yours Duncan, you can’t tell me what to do with an artifact of my people.

I love that she’s genuinely sad when Mahariel leaves despite appearing somewhat cold before. It reminds me so much of a person who cares deeply but isn’t sure how to express themselves.

I love how she willingly alienates herself from her clan because she believes restoring the Eluvian will help her people and she won’t even let those closest to her stop her from pursuing her own path in life.

I love that she doesn’t think blood magic is evil despite her own Keeper seeming to think so. That she has enough faith in herself to know her boundaries with regards to spirits.

I love that she literally builds an entire freaking Eluvian with one shard. Someone get this nerd a medal!

I love that she’s cute and cuddly and lethal at the same time. Talking about baby griffins named Feathers at one point and destroying criminals’ asses the next.

I love that she can talk smack despite seeming like an innocent snowflake. “Oh but there’s not really a fire is there?” and then the next she’s telling people to fuck off when they try to lecture her. Good for you Merrill!

“Ma vhenan! Thank the Creators! How did you escape? Was it exciting? Did you shank someone? *Fist pump*

Gets excited about fighting and party crashing and Isabela’s pirate stories.

Tells Hawke their mother might be with her own Gods despite Hawke and Leandra being human.

Her asking Anders about books to spice up her sexy times with Hawke because if you thought she was some meek virgin, you’re probably wrong.

Zevran flirting with Hawke and Merrill just softly, casually going “I think we’ve heard enough from you.” Like damn that sounded icy and awesome.

Just ughhh get me more of this awkward, cute, bad ass nerd. I don’t want her story to be over yet. I want her involved in the Solas arc so badly, just imagine how much she’d shine there.


felicity smoak spent two seasons barely existing outside of giving oliver doe-eyed pep talks about how much of a hero he is and it got her a massive, obsessive fandom insistent that she’s the best character evar all bow down

but when she spends two episodes saying a few supportive things to laurel suddenly she’s being underwritten and just used as a plot device to prop up other characters and not really “felicity” anymore




it makes me really angry and a little sad that a lot of boys don’t want to tell their friends when the like a fat girl. I know people who don’t want to admit to their guy friends that they find a bigger girl attractive because their scared that their friends are gonna make fun of them and the girl that they like. like how disgusting is this world we live in?? that we literally have people scared to tell their friends about who they like because the world has taught us to hate fat people. 

its so disgusting and I’m so disappointed.