even when they glance at eachother

When Destiel Becomes Canon.

Okay, when destiel becomes canon, I want team free will to be at a bar with a jukebox. They are all sitting at the bar when Sam excuses himself and Cas and Dean have an eye-fucking moment. They continue to stare at eachother, throwing glances when one isn’t looking and then “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” starts playing. Sam in standing at the jukebox and Dean looks at him from over Cas’ shoulder and Sam mouths at Dean: “Make a move!” and Dean rolls his eyes but he starts to move closer to Cas, who, squints his eyes and starts to say: “Dean what are you doing?” but he is cut off when Dean’s lips meet his. They only pull apart when Dean suggests they go back to the moteland even then they are nearly knocking over tables as Cas clings to Dean, glued by the lips.

Sam decides to give Cas and Dean a few hours to release all that built up sexual tension that has accumulated between them over the years. So he sits at the bar sipping a beer when he hears “All By Myself"being played and he looks at the jukebox and Gabriel is standing there, a shit eating grin on his face.

#can i talk about this fucking important moment for a sec #this scene is hella emotional #these two seem to be able to express their feelings #to the fullest #and be vulnerable #only when they are around eachother #but i wonder #if this is even more than that #clarke heard raven/allie #telling bellamy that he is just a soldier #that he just a pawn #a follower #and we all saw her the pain on her face in this moment #so i think this is her way of telling him #she doesn’t see him that way #THAT TO HER HE IS HER EQUAL #her co-leader #her friend #the person that can follow her plans with just a glance #the person that shares her guilt #the person that knows that she is broken #but thinks she doesn;t need to be fixed #the person that is always there even when her whole world falls apart #she’s telling him #that she needs him as much as he needs her #and i think that this what this whole season is  about #for them #this acceptance of what we all already know #that they BOTH need eachother in every level 

Michael is hella gay for luke like no matter what luke does you will always find michael next to him. Muke is getting really gay and I’m so proud but one day it’ll all stop and we have one thing to blame and that’s modest. They are gonna make muke not even sit next to eachother and soon enough not even take a glance at one another and when it comes I’ll be a mess i probably won’t function right for a few days cause my baby boys can’t love and it’s gonna be sad af. Don’t think i’m prepared for it.

The day I met him was one of the best days of my life. We laughed so hard our ribs hurt, and we had nicknames by the third day. Now, 8 months later, I’m sitting all alone in the dark of my room crying over what I miss. I miss when our shared glances were about trying to hold in giggles, and when we would hug because we loved each other so goddamn much. And I miss waking up excited to see my best friend, and being even more excited when he wanted to see me. Slowly, we were more. Our shared looks conveyed utter sadness, or that we needed to talk. Our hugs only happened as a greeting, he wouldn’t even be On my mind until I saw him, and he never thought of me. Now, I’m embarrassed to say, we’re even less. We don’t share glances, we barely look at each other. We only hug as a way to say sorry, and we’re hardly ever excited to see eachother. I hate to say this, but it’s true. I see him everyday, but I haven’t seen my bestfriend in months.
—  Absent Body