even when they glance at eachother

Some Things Don’t Stay Buried

Pennywise x Reader (Drabble)

Request by Anon: Hi, can you please do a fanfic or HC about walking with Penny in public. Suddenly he smells the reader’s fear (which is the 1st time) and u notice it’s cuz a guy is walking by. U realize it is an abusive ex of hers. He comforts her and unleashes hell on him.


It was a typical day as you walked down the streets of Derry with Pennywise following beside you, most people couldn’t see him unless they allowed him to. But this time, he decided to take on a human form as he walked out in public with you. His human form was an absolutely gorgeous, statuesque man with blue eyes. You loved it when he took on this form, but you had grown to love him for what he was.

You made you way down one of the main streets to the Neibolt house. Sometimes you would just go there with Penny and to down time with him, or to just try and fix the place up. Obviously, he could care less if the place was a wreck, but you had convinced him that you wanted to make the place more take on more of a “home”. He had finally agreed and said that someone had referred to it as a “crackhead house”, which sent you into a bout of laughter after he told you.

There wasn’t much said on the way there, neither one of you had much to say, and Penny wasn’t the biggest talker after all. As you continued down the sidewalk, you could see approaching in the opposite direction. Your eyes squinted automatically at the familiar silhouette as it free nearer. “No. It can’t be..” You thought to yourself as your pace slowed down. Penny looked over at you curious with a raised eyebrow. You swallowed hard as the man walking up on you turned out to be who you thought it was. It was your ex. For the first time since you broke up, you felt the fear and anxiety of seeing him. Of course Penny sensed this right away, and he knew something was very wrong, because you had never even shown fear when it came to him.

“(Y/N).” He growled. But you were too lost I your own head. As you ex made he way past you, he turned his head, obviously recognising you. You locked eyes with eachother as he walked in past you, a slight smirk peeking through. Once he finally passed by, you felt yourself being dragged out of your trance by Pennywise’s voice. Your hands were shaking, balling themselves into fists. “Who.. Was that?” He asked.

You glanced up at him, your heart still racing in your chest. You knew that you had to tell him, but not here. “Let’s just get to the house.. I’ll explain.”

He narrowed his eyes at you, reluctant to let it go long enough to get to the house, but he knew as well as you did that a public place wasn’t a time for him to get stubborn and throw a tantrum. He followed along beside you silently the rest of the way until you rounded the corner where the old, dilapidated house sat. Before you even made it near the fence, he was already shifting back into his regular self.

Once inside, the door slammed begin you. He quietly stood in front of you, his eyes orange in anger. He blocked your path, not letting you by. “We’re here now.” He said matter-of-factly.

You sighed. “Why do I need to tell you this?”

“I could smell the fear on you.. For the first time. Why are you afraid of that one.” He glared down at you as if he was disappointed that he wasn’t the one to entice you to get scared.

You chewed your lip. “He used to be my boyfriend.. He someone who used to be a companion to me.. Kinda like me and you are now, I guess.”

“But you’re mine.” He growled, leaning down to you.

“I am. This is before any of this.” You said, gesturing to him and to the house you stood in.

His nose crinkled in frustration as he looked at you. “Why are you afraid of him?”

Your mouth tugged down into a frown as you brushed a hand through your hair. Your hand ran over a scar on the side of your neck as you closed your eyes tightly gathering the courts to speak. “He hurt me.”

Pennywise’s head jerked back, his eyes glowing even brighter now. “Hurt you?” He said in a guttural time.

You nodded slowly. “He’d hit me, a lot. My face would be messed up most of the time. He tried to kill me once..” You said lifting your hair up to show him the scar on your neck, “See. He tried to cut my throat.”

You could feel his finger running over the scar, and a deadly growl resonating from him as he did so. You turned to look back at him. His face was angered beyond what you’d ever seen from him. He placed his hand on your head and pulled you closer to him. He wasn’t well versed in affection, but he was starting to learn enough to know that this was a time to show it. He lowered his body enough so that he could place his head against yours, and licking your cheek, which was always his version of a kiss. “I’ll always protect you.” He said.


You were awoken out of a deep sleep the next morning by Penny poking you in the face with one of his claws that has ripped through his glove. Apparently, he was busy while you were asleep. You sat up, squitong and trying to adjust your vision to the room. You were laying on a mattress that you had brought to the Neibolt house previously and it came in handy in times like they when you fell asleep there. Penny was bouncing excitedly, his bells jingling each time he moved.

“What is it?” You yawned, unamused by how early he had woken you.

“I have things to show you.” He gave you a wide grin, nodding his head.

“Oh, if its your skill collection-”

He hissed, cutting you off mid-sentence. He shook his head, his fangs poking our for between his lips. “No.”

You shrugged, “What then?”

He grumbled, rolling his eyes as he grabbed you up by your waist and threw you over his shoulder. “Penny! What are you doing?”

He didn’t answer, he only made his way downstairs towards the basement where the well, and entrance to the sewer was. What the hell was he up to? Once he made it to the well, he quickly jumped down it, making you scream. You could hear his laughter and delight as you did so. You always hated it when he did that. He always landed perfectly though, and this time was no different. He sat you back down onto your feet. “Okay. What is so important?”

He smiled, the drool beginning to drop down his chin. “Just wait.” He said staring off into one of the sewer tunnels. You looked into the direction that he was staring, but you didn’t see anything. “What are we waiti-” you stopped as you noticed that Penny had completely disappeared.

“Shit..” You muttered. You first guess was he eas just messinng with you. “Penny!” You called out, walking forward through the tunnel he was looking into. “C'mon! This isn’t funny.” You sighed, you clung towards the wall because of how dark it was. After a few minutes, you finally saw some light coming through the end of one as another cavern of the sewer was opened up. But you were alone.

As you free closer, you could hear cries for help. “What the hell is going on?” You said to yourself as you walked into the cavern. You squinted as to saw somebody walking around in there, a man. The faint light that was in there not helping your vision much.

You decided to do the decent thing and try to help him out of here. “HELP!” The man cries seemed more panicked than they did before as he wandered around in the darkness.

“Hey,, you’re gonna wanna get out out here.” You said walk in up on the man. He jumped upon hearing another voice, he turns towards you and you gasped it horror. It was your ex again. You backed up quickly out of the way. If this was Penny playing some sick joke, you’d never talk to go again.

“(Y/N)? You bitch.” He growled, trudging his way through the way towards you. “You. You brought me here, didn’t you?”

You shook your head. “What the fuck? No!”

“I should have finished you when I had the chance.” He said bluntly. You tried you best to run through the water away from him, but there was too much and you slipped, falling to your knees in the water, giving him a chance to catch up to you. “But I guess it’s better late them never.” He said, holding you down with his foot. He reached down to wrap his hands around your neck squeezing and determined to snap you neck. You locked and began to scream, but he was too. “Fuck you!” You coughed out. Just as he was ready to crush your windpipe, figure came up, lifting him off the ground, forcing him to release you neck. He was slammed back down into the water, giving you time to move out of the way.

Pennywise towered above you, and you let out a breathe or relief to see him. He turned back towards your ex, who was now the one trying to scramble out of the way. “WHAT THE FUCK! WHAT THE FUCK!” He bellowed over and over as he saw the clown standing over him.

Pennywise smirked as he walked slowly beside him. “Tut, tut, tut.” He clicked his tongue against his teeth in disappointment, “I thought you were supposed to be scary, human.”

“WHAT THE FUCK! (Y/N), HELP ME! PLEASE!” He screamed at you.

You stood up out of the water, backing away. “Fuck you, asshole!” You hissed.

Pennywise yanked him up over his head with ease. He gave him a fang-filled smirk. “Time to float.” He said cheerfully before being him down closer, his gang making contact with his jugular vein. You could hear the girgling and choking of him as Penny bit down into his neck, ripping out a giant chunk of flesh.

You gasped at the sight of it as the blood sprayed out all over Pennywise and into the water, staining it red. Your breath in became hard, you ha never seen Pennywise when he was ravenous and it really was scary. He turned towards you, the blood was soaked into his collar and smeared across his face. He took a few steps towards you, making you cower down, worried that he was going to grab onto you. You cried out when his hand wrapped around your arm, pulling you towards him.

You breathed hard as you were helpless to stop him, you closed your eyes tight, preparing yourself for him to do you just like he had done your ex.

You waited for what seemed like years, but there were no sharp teeth, there was no biting into your neck. Instead, you felt the warmth of his body as he pulled you into him, embracing you.

You cracked your eyess open as you looked up at him. Your heart rate finally settling.

“I told you I’d protect you.”

maryjanewannabe  asked:

So, I'm a Hufflepuff and I have been proudly for a very long time, but I was wondering if other Hufflepuffs seem to be able to communicate in various noises. Cause often times when I'm with very close friends, there are no actual words involved, but rather sounds like "shmur" or "neeah" but yet we all seem to understand eachother.

Eloquent sound effects are definitely a Hufflepuff strength. The next level of ‘Puff communication is even more subtle: meaningful glances with eyebrow semaphore.

-Tea Badger
Baby, Baby | Baby Driver One Shot (Smut)

Requested: Yes! By @prettiestmoonlight
Hope you like it!

Rating: R - this is smut kids, fingering, riding and kinda dirty talk

Summary: Baby watches you dance all night and can’t help going up to you to see if your attraction is mutual. The attraction is definitely mutual. (Or the one where you and Baby fuck in the backseat of his car).

The two of you had been watching each other all night. Ever since Baby walked into the club, you were the only thing he could concentrate on.

He didn’t care when he spilled the drink he’d just bought for himself because he was watching you dance, and he certainly didn’t notice any of the other people in the club watching him, some with friendly and not-so-friendly intentions.

For the first time, Baby took out his earbuds, knowing that the club music wouldn’t be loud enough to drown out the “hum in his drum” as Doc liked to call it.

He didn’t care because he was so focused on you that he barely heard the ringing noise that constantly plagued his life.

He could care less about bumping into other people in the crowded club and tripping slightly over his own feet.
All he cared about for the moment was you. You in that dress. Damn, Baby could only think about how your skin would feel, how soft your hair looked how that dress would only- could only look better on the mats of his red Subaru.
Finally, he was right behind you. You were with a group of friends they bunch of you had had a good night throwing back shots and whirling around the dance floor under the flashing lights of the club, times to music so loud everything shook slightly.

Baby rolled his shoulders back to make it seem like his posture was better, he wanted to impress you. He could tell that your friends had spotted him, but since your back was turned to him, you would be the last one to notice. Your friends had already began excitedly whispering to eachother on the prospects of this good looking stranger when Baby tapped on your shoulder.

You quickly turned around, ready to defend yourself from some old, creepy man or maybe you’d lost something and hadn’t noticed and somebody was hear to return it?

Neither of those were the case, this was made pretty clear the moment your eyes saw him up close. It was no secret that you’d been checking him out all night, and while you felt a little creepy about stealing glances not so subtly all evening, clearly your dedication had paid off. Here was your slightly mysterious beau standing in front of you. The room reeked of sweat and alcohol, as couples danced together on the hard floor to the beat or the music, played out, beat to death pop music that was perfect for the setting.

His earbuds were out of his ears, dangling from his pocket now. They were one of the first things you noticed about him, how he had to be the only one who went to the club and brought their own music.

“Hi,” he smiled down at her, his mouth lopsided, showing his teeth. He was trying to seem cool and nonchalant about talking to the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen, who managed to be even more gorgeous up close.

“Hi,” she didn’t know what else to say back. She wanted to come across as cool, witty and charming but it was hard to portray all of that in one salutation. You matched his smile, waiting to see what he wanted of you after staring all evening. “Wanna dance?” He offered a hand to you, still smiling with a hopeful expression on his face.
You could hear your friends whooping and cheering you on no more than a few inches behind you- but you were so focused on this extremely attractive man that their noise felt miles away.

You nodded, trying to seem confident as you laced your fingers with his, following him out into the middle of the floor. He found a spot the two of you could fit comfortably in and pulled you close suddenly, you gasped slightly as your chests came together, your hand pressing on his, his hand on your waist. He took the opportunity to speak to you, he leaned close to your ear so you could understand him over the music.

“Hi, ” he paused, “again.” He laughed at his slight blunder before continuing to talk. “I’m Baby, and I’m not much of a dancer but I do my best.” He pulled away to smile at you, taking in the sight of you. He was cute. You draped an arm over his shoulders, bringing his face close to yours once again, your fingertips playing with the hairs on the nape of his neck.

“Your names Baby?” You waited for him to nod before continuing. “I’m YN, I’m not an amazing dancer either so don’t worry- we’ll be pretty evenly matched.” You giggled, so glad you’d had a shot or two, (or five) and now had much more confidence than usual.

Baby shook his head, keeping his head close to yours. “Well, YN, I didn’t know you were a liar?”
You looked at him, confused as to where this could be going. “I’ve seen you dance all night and trust me, you are definitely an amazing dancer.” He squeezed your hand gently and leaned back up, smirking at you. You could feel your face beating up. “Can ya dance for me, darlin’?”

You leaned up on your tippy toes so your lips brushed his ear. “Anything you want, Baby.” You took a second to gauge his reaction. His eyes had dilated, you could tell even in the darkness of the club. You took this as a sign to start dancing. You turned so your back was flush with Baby’s chest, pulling his hand that was still intertwined with yours to a place on your hip, dangerously low.

Neither of you were interested in keeping your intentions a secret any longer now that it was clear you were both after the same thing.

Baby rubbed circles into your hip as you swayed your body to the song like you were before, adjusting your moves to accommodate Baby’s position in relation to you.

After a few songs, Baby took control, pulling your hips as close to his own as possible. You could feel his pants through your dress, more specifically, you could feel his bulge through your dress.

“Want to take this elsewhere?” Baby’s lips punctuated his question with a kiss on the shell of your ear, blowing on it slightly to give you chills, his hands roaming everywhere they could without the two of you being seen as obscene.

You nodded with a whimper, grabbing his hand and intertwining your hands again.

Baby led you towards the back door after making sure you had all of your belongings, he held the door open for you and as you passed, your hand found its way quickly and effectively to his bulge. This time it was Baby’s turn to whimper. His eyes were darker now than before, clutching your hand tightly he led you to a red Subaru.

“You’re bad, darlin’,” he murmured into your ear, swatting at your ass as you climbed into the passenger seat. “Only for you, Baby,” you smiled up at him as he gently closed the door for you, quickly settling himself in the drivers seat.

Before he could even put the key in the ignition, you were back on him, lips biting and kissing at his neck, hand palming his jeans that were only growing tighter.

He looked over at you from across the console, hand caressing your neck and jaw before drawing you into the hottest kiss you’d ever had.

Once you pulled away, both of your lips were swollen and you found yourself rubbing your hips together for friction, an ache settling between your legs. “Your place okay? Baby asked, still catching his breath, noticing the way your legs were moving.
You were done trying to play it cool.
"Baby- it hurts, I need you so bad that it hurts just,” you were almost panting, “take me here,” you said breathily, glancing at his clean back seat.
“Anything you want, YN,” he repeated your words with a smirk before pushing your dress up around your waist, pushing your underwear to the side and teasing your slit with his finger. “So wet, who did this to ya, darlin’?” He teased. You whimpered out a “you, it’s all for you,” as you bucked your hips. He took this as a sign to slip in a finger, pumping it slow and deep before adding another. You whimpered out his name and he smirked. “What do you want, darlin’?”

“You, Baby,” you opened your door after pulling down your skirt and hopped into the backseat, slamming the door behind you. Baby slid the drivers seat up and sat behind it, unbuttoning his jeans and pulling them down to his ankles and kicking them off as you sat next to him, peeling off your dress, soon the two of you were left in only your underwear, you straddling his lap. You watched impatiently as he rolled on a condom.

“You gonna be good for me and ride me?” He questioned and you nodded, lowering yourself onto him. You started out slow, head falling to rest on his shoulder as you adjusted to his size.

Baby waited patiently for you to move before lifting his hips to meet yours, both of you chasing release.
“Scream my name, YN, yell it so goddamn loud everyone in there can hear it,” he panted, thrusting up into you. Before you had a chance he hit a spot that sent you reeling, crying out “oh, God,”
Baby smirked, both hands on your hips, “close, but not quite, YN,” he kissed you again and rubbed your clit with his thumb. It only took a few more thrusts for you to finish, with a loud “Baby!” That was all it took for him to finish, thrusting slowly a few times as the two of you came down from your high.
“Damm, please tell me we’ll be doing that again, YN.” He said, kissing your cheek as you sat down on the seat next to him. “You can count on it, Baby.”

(First of all I’m french so excuse my english…)

Okay, I just watched Dunkirk and it was great and all but I have to say that the thing that really striked me the most in the movie is the Tommy/Gibson relationship. (And yes I call meaningfull glances, sitting together at the beach while scrutining desperately the horizon and no dialogue a relationship…)

They worked so well together without even talking! I mean: they didn’t even speak the same language but they always understood each other immediatly! They saved eachother lifes countless times! Tommy was willing to protect him even if he wasn’t one of his fellow countryman (and that’s really telling something at wartime when it’s just every man for himself…)!

They were “soulmates”, in the most noble sense of the word.

Needless to say that I’m in denial and that Gibson escaped that bloody sinking ship!          (Just imagine Tommy patiently trying to teach him english once they are safe in England…)

Please tell me that I’m not the only one that noticed the chemistry between these two!

Dating Malia Tate Would Include...

anon ask : can you do dating malia tate headcannons??

[A/N] : hey ya’ll im sorry i havent written in so long but i’ve been super busy but i’ll be more active now!! btw this is kinda long because mALIA TATE IS MY WIFE!!! i was so happy when i saw this request!!

I want a Malia Tate :(

Masterlist / Ask me

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

  •  you first meet her from Stiles even though you’re part of the pack
  •  you were helping him with research when she arrived 
  •  she was so shocked?? 
  •  she grabbed Stiles while you raised an eyebrow, shrugged and went back to reading 
  •  "Stiles who the hell is that??“ 
  •  "Why, do you not know her? Thats Y/N she’s part of the pack??" 
  •  "Holy shit she’s hot”

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Break up // Reddie (part 2)

((Ok I had to do a part two because I couldn’t stand the way I ended the other part)) 

part 1

Eddie walked through the entrance of his high school and sighed. He had broken up with Richie three weeks ago and he hated every woke second. But most of the bullying had stopped and his mom had gotten so happy when he told her he wasn’t gay anyway and that it had just been a phase. Eddie wasn’t happy though. He still felt completely broken. He hadn’t seen Richie more than twice since the breakup and each time he had gone into an asthma attack. He couldn’t stand looking at him, knowing what he let go. Richie looked at him with so much hate in his eyes. He had trouble eating, he had trouble sleeping. Hell, he had trouble living. Everything seemed to be so much harder without Richie. They had always been side by side, those two. They had always been there for eachother and when Richie had kissed Eddie, it had been the happiest day of his life. Some of his most valued memories included the taller boy. Now they didn’t even speak. 

He naviated his way through the halls, eyes on the ground and ended up bumping into someone. He looked up and his eyes met Stan’s. 
“Hey.. Sorry”, he mumbled and Stan sighed. 
“Hi Eddie. Are you OK?”, he asked concerned and Eddie fumbled with the hem of his t-shirt. 
“Yeah I’m fine. Thanks for asking”, he answered, not bothering to make it sound like he meant it. Stan rolled his eyes. 
“You’re obviously not Eddie. I can’t stand seeing you like this. You’ve been walking around looking like someone died, refusing to hang out with us. I’m worried about you”, he said and Eddie gulped, trying to fight back tears. The other losers knew what had happened between Richie and him and they hated it. Neither Richie or Eddie ever hung out with them anymore, the sight of them reminding them of the other person. 
“I’m ok Stan. Really. I’m just having a hard time sleeping is all. I need to get used to not talking to him. I made the right decision”, he lied and tried to smile a bit. Stan didn’t look convinced, but nodded anyway. 
“We’re always here if you wanna talk Eddie”. And with that he gave Eddie a clap on the shoulder before continuing to class. Eddie also continued to class, head down. There was no reason for him to even go to class because he couldn’t concentrate anyway. He was an empty shell walking around the halls. 

Richie was just as bad, if not even worse. He couldn’t even go to school, scared he’d see Eddie. He had spend most time in his room, getting wasted by himself. Beverly had visited a couple of times along with the other losers but he didn’t want to hang out with them. He didn’t feel like talking to people. He didn’t feel like eating, he didn’t feel like sleeping. He didn’t feel like living. Without Eddie it all just seemed pointless. He spend every woke minute, drinking, crying and trying to figure out why Eddie broke up with him. Yeah, he had told him in the car that it was because of the bullying but Richie just didn’t understand. If Eddie really loved him, would those things even matter? So Richie had come to the conclusion that Eddie had never loved him and that it had, in fact, been a phase or an experiment. And it absolutely crushed him. Because he had loved Eddie more than anything. And he still did. 


Two more weeks went by and Eddie had started hangin out with the other losers again sometimes. He was still not his old self and the losers were worried sick. Without Richie there was no Eddie. But Eddie was so stubborn. He wouldn’t admit that he had made a mistake when he dumped Richie, even though he knew he had. And even if he did admit it, what was he supposed to do? Richie would never forgive him. 

Richie had been getting high a lot. He hated every second he wasn’t either drunk or high. And he even hated every second he was. Just not as much. He had gotten a phonecall from Bill asking if he would please just come to the lake with them and he had said yes. He missed them. 

Eddie had gotten the same phonecall. He had also said yes. He was on his way, walking with Stan in silence. He didn’t speak much. He wanted most of all just to go home and cry. But he knew that if he isolated himself any more the losers would get more worried than they already were and he didn’t want that. When they got there he spotted a tall curly haired boy and he felt as if he was about to choke. His heart stung and he was about to turn around to leave. He couldn’t deal with this. But it was too late. Beverly had seen him. 
“Hi Stan. Hi Eddie”, she smiled and Eddie noticed Richie’s body tense up when she said his name. He then turned around slowly and looked at Eddie with those beautiful eyes of his. But there was no life in them. They just looked… empty. Eddie gulped and sat down beside Mike. He kept his eyes on the ground and an awkward silence spread between all of the losers. He snuck a glance at Richie and his stomach twisted. He looked awful. He had bloodshot eyes, huge bags underneath, his hair was a mess and he didn’t look like Richie. He just looked like someone had made a bad clone. Eddie hated it. He hated seein Richie like that. So he looked away. 

The day went by, Eddie and Richie talked to eachother briefly, but it was awful. It got dark and the other losers started talking about going home. They all lived in the opposite direction from Richie and Eddie and Beverly as the last one hugged Eddie goodbye he glanced at Richie who was sitting on a rock, staring out over the lake. He bit his lip and when Beverly was no longer in sight he walked over there slowly. 
“Hi”, he almost whispered and sat down. Richie didn’t look at him. 
“Hey”. Eddie started questioning why he even went over there. But he missed Richie, he really did. Breaking up with him was the biggest mistake he had ever made. He just wasn’t sure that even if he decided to apologize, that it would ever be the same again. 
“The moon is beautiful tonight”, he mumbled, earing a small glance from Richie. 
“Yeah… It is”. Eddie was frustrated that Richie wouldn’t look at him. Did he really hate him that much? It was fair, he supposed. 
“So.. How’ve you been?”, he tried again. Richie just shrugged and looked down at his hands. Eddie sighed loudly and tried really hard not to cry. 
“Why won’t you look at me?”, he then asked before he could stop himself. 
“Because if I do I think I might never get over the heartbreak of you not loving me. I can’t go through that again”, Richie answered and looked up at the sky. Eddie wiped a tear from his cheek and nodded. 
“I’m so sorry Richie”, he whispered and let out a small sob. This gained the attention of the older boy. He looked down at Eddie. 
“For? I heard the bullying stopped. That’s great. And I can’t force you to be with me. You made a decision. I can’t change that”, Richie said with no emotion in his voice. But Eddie could see the pain in his eyes. 
“It doesn’t matter”, Eddie breathed but then stood up. 
“It doesn’t fucking matter! Do you hear me? I made a mistake. I made me most fucked up mistake ever! Yeah, the bullying stopped and my mom stopped looking at me like I ruined her life, but it doesn’t fucking matter because you’re not there with me. You’re not by my side anymore and I can’t fucking breathe, knowing that you’re not”, Eddie yelled and burried his head in his hands. After a couple of seconds, he felt the familiar feeling of Richie’s arms around him. And he melted into his embrace. 
“I miss you so much”, he sobbed and he felt Richie’s body move as he realized that he too was crying. 
“I miss you too Eds. I don’t want to fucking live in a world without you”, he whispered into Eddie’s hair and Eddie pulled away. Before he could think, he cupped Richie’s face in his hands and pressed his lips to the other boy’s. Richie kissed back. It was short, but so full of passion and love, that Eddie thought he could pass out any second. When they pulled away, Eddie started sobbing harder and Richie pulled him into his arms again. 
“I’m so sorry Richie”. 
“Shh Eds. Don’t apologize”. Richie grabbed into Eddie’s shirt, pulling him closer and that’s when Eddie realized that Richie needed to be comforted more than he did. He pulled away from the hug and sat down on the ground. Richie followed and Eddie wrapped his arms around him, placing his head at his chest and rested his chin on top of his curls. That’s when Richie lost it. He sobbed as Eddie ran his fingers through his hair shushing him. Seeing Richie like this broke his heart. He hated that he was the reason his beautiful Richie was crying like this.
“Promise me you won’t ever leave me again. I thought you never loved me. It was awful Eddie”, Richie sobbed and Eddie could bearely hear his voice. He nodded and kissed the top of his head. 
“I promise Richie. I promise. I’m so sorry. I love you. I love you so much.”, he said. And he meant it. He meant every word. He loved Richie Tozier with his whole heart. And when the empty feeling disapeared and Richie eventually fell asleep in his arms, he knew everything was going to be ok. 

Jealousy Part5

Word Count: 1328

A/N: oh my god we are at part 5 of this, and if you haven’t guessed it already, I’m probably going to do a few more of them! I don’t exactly know what to write after this series is over so if you have any requests feel free to let me know and also tell me what you think about my writing! It would be much obliged! ️

        “What the hell! You scared the shit out of us! How’d you even get in?” she yelled at the intruder.

    “And what are you doing here?” Jughead asked coldly.



    “Have you talked to Y/N yet?” Archie asked, waiting anxiously for the answer. Ever since the night of the diner incident Archie couldn’t get his mind off Y/N. He was so close to finally seeing what it felt like to have her lips on his. So close! He found himself glancing down at them anytime they hung out, or when they were around eachother. He found himself admiring how her (Y/H/L) (Y/H/C) bounced around when she walked, or how beautiful it looked when it was blown by the wind. He started to notice how the light caught in her (Y/E/C) eyes and made them shine. How they lit up when she talked about the things she loved, or when she was around Jughead. Secretly, he was hoping that Y/N would be mad enough at Jughead that this last 2 days would go by so he could have a chance with her, and maybe her eyes would light up around him as well.

    “Andrews?” Jughead snapped in front of Archie’s face and snapped him out of his trance.

    “Yeah? Sorry what?” Archie looked at Jughead.

    “I said I haven’t yet.” Jughead sighed and Archie tried to hide his smile. “What are you so happy about?” Jughead asked, slightly annoyed.

    “Nothing.” Archie said shaking his head and wiping the smile off his face.

    “You’re not going to be with her, you know that right?” Jughead said coldly.

    “You don’t know that.” Archie argued.

    “She’s in love with me! I thought you wanted us together, you’re the one who was pushing me to tell her!”

    “I shouldn’t of had to tell you to do that! She deserves someone who should just tell her they feel that way, instead of someone who waits and then breaks her heart over and over again!” Archie challenged.

    “I didn’t know she felt the same, I was scared I was going to lose her!” Jughead fumed. “And now that I know she loves me back there’s no way in hell Im giving her up!”

    “Look, I don’t want to take her from you until after your week is over-”

    “You should just respect that we’re in love with eachother and that I’m going to be the one she’s with. If you were really my friend,  you’d do just that.” Jughead said. Archie sighed and leaned his head in his hands.

    “Fine.” he mumbled.

    “Thank you.”


    “So you’re together now?” Archie asked, looking between Y/N and Jughead.

    “Why do you care?” Jughead asked, putting his hand up to keep Y/N behind him.

    “Well you should probably tell Betty, don’t you think?” Archie asked, and Y/N pushed past Jughead.

    “What the hell is that supposed to mean?” she asked, looking over to Jughead. Jughead glanced over to her and saw a flash of worry and hurt cross over her face.

    “You can’t mess with the both of them, Jughead!” Archie yelled, bringing Jugheads attention back to him.

    “What the hell are you talking about?” He asked.

    “You’ve been with Betty all week Jughead, what’s been going on between you two?” Archie questioned.

    “Seriously, we’re working on Jason’s murder together. We are just friends, I don’t understand what you’re trying to accuse me of.”

    “Archie what’s gotten into you lately?” Y/N asked, butting in on the conversation. Archie looked over to Y/N.


    “He’s  got a little crush on you, and he’s been acting out because of it.” Jughead snapped, turning and wrapping his arm around her waist.

    “What?” she asked, looking over to Archie who swallowed hard.

    “That night at Pops, before you sat down Archie was trying to convince me to tell you about my feelings. I was scared to because I didn’t know you felt the same.” Jughead turned and grabbed Y/Ns face, staring into her eyes. “I was scared to lose you, and Archie here was just being my best friend and tried to talk me into telling you. I refused until you left the diner upset and the I realized Archie was right.”

    “So you tried talking Jughead into confessing his love for me and then you try to kiss me?” Y/N asked, turning to face Archie. “What kind of game is that?” she yelled. Archie stared at the ground and shifted on his feet.

    “I thought that I could have a chance. After you left in a hurry and cried all the way back to your house, I thought you’d be done with Jughead.” Archie admitted.

    “To tell you the truth, I was.” Y/N confessed. Jughead and Archie’s heads shot to Y/N at her confession.

    “What?” Jughead asked, lightly grabbing her arm and turning her to face him. She looked up to Jughead and cupped his face.

    “I didn’t know you loved me back, and I was so hurt by what happened that for a second I thought that I should try to get over my love for you.” She turned to Archie. “You were being so sweet and I’ve known you forever that I thought that maybe if I kissed you when you were leaning in, that my pain would melt away.”

    “Y/N, I really like you.” Archie said, taking a few steps towards her. Jughead grabbed her and pulled her into him and Archie sighed.

    “It’s a little late for that.” Jughead said. “What was your point of coming over here anyways?”

    “I wanted to talk to Y/N before she made her decision.” Archie said, sending a pleading look her way.

    “I’m sorry Archie, but I couldn’t do that. Betty is in love with you, and I’d hurt her if I-”

    “That wasn’t a problem the other night,” he argued.

    “I wasn’t in the right state of mind then. I was heartbroken, and if I were to go with you I’d pass that feeling on to Betty. And anyways, I’m in love with Jughead, and I know now he loves me back. I can’t ruin this, I’m happy.” She said, and Archie’s face fell. “I’m so sorry.” she said, breaking free from Jugheads hold and giving Archie a hug. She kissed him on the cheek, and looked between the two boys. “I’m going to make us some hot chocolate.” she said, exiting the room.

    “Jughead I’m sorry.” Archie said, looking to the raven haired boy staring daggers at him.

    “Are you fucking kidding me Archie? You said you were going to respect that me and Y/N were going to be together, and you try to pull this?” Jughead fumed.

    “When I have feelings for someone, I have to do something about it or it eats at me.” Archie said, and Jughead rolled his eyes.

     "That’s real funny Archie. Is that what you’re planning on doing for Betty?“ Jughead hissed. ” and before you try to pull that ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’ bullshit, let me just tell you how jealous you looked when you came in here yelling at me and accusing me of being with her.“

    "I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Archie said.

    “Yes you do!” Jughead yelled. He opened his mouth to say more, but Y/N barged into the room.

    “What the hell Jughead? Why is Betty asking if you’re on for 'Pops Date: Round 2’?” She yelled, holding up the phone.

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Make a Move

Sami Zayn x Reader

Requested by  @native-snowflake

Prompt: What about a fluffy one where Sami Zayn teaches the reader how to ice skate?

A/N: Some Sami fluff bc why not:D I combined this with a little idea I had while writing a prompt for the made up fic title thing. Hope the gramamr isn’t too bad in this one…

Originally posted by thearchitectwwe

“See you after the show.” Sami smiled at her and kissed the top of her head. She returned the gesture and pecked his cheek before she turned on her heel to hurry to the locker rooms.

“Behave yourself.” she winked over her shoulder. Sami chuckled and turned around. His smile fell into a scowl when he saw Kevin lurking near a curtain.

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Late nights

Just a little something I wrote because I can’t sleep. I really need this right now.


Late nights with Harry were always memorable. But the best times were when it wasn’t even night anymore; it had long passed into the next morning but you were too hung up on eachother to care.

You were sitting on the couch, some reality show playing in the background but neither of you were paying attention. This type of night always started off with deep conversation, but eventually transformed into mindless giggles and stupid jokes when you were both too tired to form real thoughts.

His arm was around you, tightly tucking you into his side while you felt his chest vibrate after your latest remark. A quick glance at the clock told you it was just after four in the morning, and you weren’t exactly sure how you’d managed to stay up this late.

You found yourself looking up at Harry while he studied your face, a soft smile forming on his lips.

“So fucking pretty.” He muttered, leaning down to kiss your lips in a sloppy way that left you leaning in for another one after he pulled back.

He still had that smug smile after you were both done, his lips slightly redder now.

His hair was ruffled, and there were clearly bags under his eyes, but neither of you wanted to sleep. Why would you give up such a perfect moment like this, just because you were a little tired?

“You know how much I love you, right?” His voice was extra raspy now, sending chills down your spine as heat rose to your cheeks.

“Hey now,” He leaned down to kiss both your cheeks, tilting your head back up so you could see his little smirk again.

“No blushing, baby. ’S'just me.”

His thumb lazily trailed over your cheek, keeping your face gently held in his hand. The contrast of his cold metal rings was soothing against your hot skin, making you lean further into his touch and close your eyes at the comforting feeling.

“But in case you didn’t know… I love you, like… freaking loads, baby.”

You both started laughing, because as much as either of you tried, nobody could seem to get the right words out.

“I love you too.”


It was almost five when you finally fell asleep. Your head was leaning on Harry’s chest, and he laid awake for longer than he’d admit just because he wanted to admire you. How your hair fell in front of your face, that adorable freckle under your left eye, and the way your nose subconsciously scrunched whenever he tapped it. It was so peaceful; he wished it could stay this way forever.

Within a few minutes of falling asleep, you woke up to shift so your head was laying in his lap, your face snuggled into his tummy.

He wanted to move you both into the bed, but you just looked so comfortable; and he was already starting to doze off as well. He was pretty sure he’d trip up the stairs if he tried to get up now.

He knew he shouldn’t fall asleep like this, because he’d wake up with an awful cramp in his neck the next morning if he did, but it was a little difficult to move with your head on his legs.

His hand slowly stroked through your hair, trying to wake you up without startling you.

“Baby… Hey, we just need to re-situate here; wake up, gorgeous.”

His soothing voice finally made you stir, and he was quick to help you sit up and get some pillows and blankets ready on the couch.

“All better, yeah? Let’s get you all comfy again.”

He laid down, pulling your back against his chest and fighting to keep his eyes open so he could make sure you were comfortable. The couch isn’t exactly meant for sleeping, but it certainly works when you want to be extra close.

He smiled when you half-consciously turned around, nuzzling your head into his neck and releasing a content sigh. He loved holding you any way, but this was by far the best. Keeping you tightly pressed against him, he loved feeling your warm breath tickle his neck while you slept. And it left your lips in the perfect position to place kisses all over him when it was finally time to wake up.

He rubbed your back until he eventually didn’t even have the energy to keep that up anymore, and he kissed the top of your head before closing his eyes.

“I love you, baby.”

He knew you couldn’t hear, but he hoped those words worked their way into one of your dreams somehow. Because you always needed to know you were loved, even at five in the morning when you were asleep.

At that moment, you were both right where you needed to be. Happy, peaceful, but most importantly- together.

jongsukhyungwon  asked:

Elder couple thing with the other members please ! Shownu wonho hyungwon

Here you go!

Elder couple being sweet to you and him (not dating) (Shownu, Wonho & Hyungwon)

Shownu; You two decided to hang out since he had a really busy schedule and barely had any time to see you. You two decided to go to a small restaurant and ordered some food, sitting comfortably and talking, catching up with everything. The waitress brought the food to your table, and Hyunwoo fed you some meat, you fed him too. Once you two were full and done eating, the old lady came back to collect the dishes, grinning at you two,

 “What a lovely couple..It always warms my heart when young couples like you come to my restaurant, i feel 20 years younger instantly.” 

She giggled, glancing back at her husband who was by the counter, making you two blush and bow politely. When she left, you looked at eachother, faces flushed, “Hear that? We’re a lovely couple.” Hyunwoo commented, making you blush even more. 

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Wonho; You and Hoseok decided to go visit his mom’s cafe one day since you haven’t seen her for a long time. On the way there, you two stopped by a claw machine that was just there, shining bright lights full of cute toys. You tugged at his arm,

Can you get me one? You’re good at them.

You smiled sheepishly when he agreed and watched him get the toy for you on his second try. You clapped and giggled, grabbing the toy, “Wah! You’re the best!” You grinned, hugging him as a thank you. 

Look! What an adorable young couple~” You two heard an old woman’s voice and turned around, seeing an elder couple walking hand in hand. You two bowed at them, and soon you felt Hoseok take your hand in his, intertwining your fingers together, “Let’s go, girlfriend.” He smirked and walked with you hand in hand, not letting it go. 

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Hyungwon; Hyungwon came to your house to chill out for a little bit, tired from work. Though when you two got hungry, you both decided to go to a convenience store down the street to grab some snacks and some food. Once you were there, Hyungwon picked out lots of chocolates and chips and candy for you two, grabbing random stuff and putting them into the basket. 

I’ll pay, just grab whatever you want~” 

He smiled at you and ruffled your hair. Once you were by the counter, an old lady was staring at you two with heart eyes, a huge smile on her face. “You two are so beautiful! You really do look great together. Such a sweet couple, right?” She nudged her husband who was scanning the products. You blushed furiously, and looked at Hyungwon who just thanked her politely and smiled. Once you two walked out of the shop, you both giggled at eachother, both of you slightly embarrassed. “I guess we do look good together, don’t we, Y/N?

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A Heart’s Thoughts - Part Four

A/N: Despite not having reached 30 notes on the last update, I wanted to get this out since today is fanfic author appreciation day. Don’t forget to send your favorite fanfic writer a nice message today!

Synopsis: Everyone has their own two powers, but it’s up to luck whether you’ll end up being tortured for it or not.

Welcome to our little Empowered village, the place where you’ll learn to use your powers for good- or, that’s what we were told.

Pairing: Chanyeol x (female) OC

Word count: 2354

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“I can’t sleep like this,” Cecilia got out of bed and threw a hateful look at her wall. That was the third time in a row that questionable sounds came from the rooms in the apartment next to hers and Clover’s, causing Cecilia to have very long nights.

She let out a sigh and walked to her closet, “might as well go for a walk to maybe get some energy running through this useless body of mine.”

She pulled up her nose as she poked herself a few times, throwing her reflection a disgusted look before letting out another sigh and throwing on her uniform.

The distance between the three different dormitories was even between all of them, as they formed a sort of triangle near the borders of their ‘campus’. Cecilia decided to just walk past all three dormitories to just burn those few extra calories while enjoying a book. Besides, she didn’t really feel like having breakfast today.

As she started approaching the big, red dormitory of the Element class, she saw someone in a red shirt slumping towards it, coming from the same way as she did. She easily recognized the figure as Chanyeol, and a small smile crossed her face as she sped up.

“Hey, Chanyeol!”

He stopped walking and turned around to see who’d called his name, and when he did, Cecilia slowed down, almost stopping. She’d clearly seen it go through his mind, he wasn’t happy to see her. She’d already called out to him, so it would be weird to just turn around and leave, so she plastered a smile on her face as she neared him.

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  • Okay i need to get this out of my system so
  • Klance in highschool. Normal regular highschool but they both ride the same bus. It's the first week of school but they've talked a few times in class last year and they sorta hit it off, they KNOW eachother but they don't hang out
  • So like it's Friday ok
  • And Keith is on the bus after school, just minding his own buisness, about a 40 minute bus ride away from two day freedom when Lance strolls up, glancing down at him before asking him, "Hey! Can I sit with you?"
  • And Keith's just like
  • "Okay" and scoots over a bit for him to sit
  • They bus starts moving and Lance sparks up a conversation because yknow he's Lance
  • And hey, Lance is kinda fun Keith admits to himself. They get along and even exchange a few laughs. Lance is a little loud but overall fun. Until Lance looks him dead in the eyes.
  • He smirks and suddenly he starts SINGING.
  • He sings loudly and overdramatically. Keith's eyes widen because what the hell. Is this guy doing. He must be stupid. How embarassing.
  • "THE WAY THAT YOU FLIP YOUR HAIR GETS ME OVERWHELMED," He continues, still super loud and Keith can feel the eyes on him. God this is so embarrassing and that's the reason he's blushing. That's all. He's just embarrassed, he swears to himself.
  • Keith slumps down in his seat, avoiding the eyes on him before he glances to the side at Lance, who's down to his level now, looking straight in his eyes before quieting down a ton and continuing,
  • "You don't know you're beautiful-oh-oh! That's what makes you beautiful" he finishes with a smirk
  • Keith's eyes are wide as dinner plates, pursing his lips and probably flushed red as a tomato
  • Lance keeps eye contact for a few more seconds until the bus slows, coming to a stop. Lance keeps smirking, before breaking eye contact.
  • "Welp, it's my stop," Lance says, grabbing his bag
  • "Seeya later, Keith." Lance says, looking back at Keith only to give him a quick wink, before getting off the bus.
  • Keith is left staring out the window with an embarrassed look on his face, thinking what the fuck

Just a reminder that even if the two have an ongoing rivalry and frankly can’t stand to be in the same room with each other, Jay and Harry have something in common with each other- their relationships with their fathers and how they have changed throughout time.

Both had always thought the world of their fathers and have done their best to impress them to earn their respect, though Jay has never tried to stick his hand in the mouth of a crocodile to do so. As time passed, they had both realized that the guys who they had once looked up to had turned out to not be as amazing as they used to believe.

Of course, there are some key differences for both’s situations.

For one, while Jafar had pretended to care some about his son in order to get what he wanted, Captain Hook didn’t bother to even glance at his son twice.

When time went on, there’s roles almost appeared to switch. Jafar grew angry at how his son had chosen to become good and disregarded his father’s words completely. On the other hand, Captain Hook almost seemed impressed when he realized how much Harry had grown, though the stubborn pirate would never say it out loud.

Even if Jay and Harry dislike eachother to a fault, they seem to also understand eachother greatly.

CU Murder AU - Murder Underpants

Because I’m a crap for angst/breakdowns, I’d l o v e to write for this little “murder” au, which I called the file for this “Murder Underpants” since “Captain Murder” sounds like a knock off Blunderpants XD

Forgive me for any spelling or grammar mistakes!

Inspired by the following posts.

@larrythedrunkardlamp @jackie-sugarskull @clockworks-time @guiltyhipster @thatanimationgirl @superhighschoolleveldemigod @realphoebejudd

TW: Blood and describing a fatal wound

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Prompt: Harry uses sectumsempra on Draco. Draco and reader are dating. Reader finds him in the restroom instead of Snape

Requested by: @humannoodlesoup thanks 💕 hope you like it

Warnings: possible death?

Y/n: your name bf/n: best friends name l/n: last name


It started out with an “im fine” but you knew something was wrong with Draco. After all, you two have been dating for a few months now.

Looking across to the Slytherin table you saw him. His hair no longer combed or slicked back but in a mess as of he ran his fingers through it a lot. He looked more pale than usual, if that was even possible and the dark bags under his eyes indicated that he rarely got any sleep.

Just seeing him like that made you want to help him but he wouldnt let you in.

“Hey y/n are you gonna finish that?”

You turned to your bestfriend bf/n then glanced down at your breakfast.

“Um, no you can have it.”

When you turned to look at Draco you couldn’t see him anywhere. You looked all around but all you saw was Harry walking in a fast manner towards the door. Your suspicion got the best of you, knowing Harry and Draco had problems with eachother, so you got up to follow Harry.

In the hall hiding behind the corner you peeked and saw Harry walk into the boys restroom. Suddenly you heard yelling followed by some crashes.

Quickly you ran in just in time to see Harry point his wand at Draco “SECTUMSEMPRA!”

Before you could react Draco had already collapsed. You shoved Harry out of the way and ran to Draco’s side not caring that you kneeled in the pool of blood. Tears fell down your cheeks

“No, no, no! Draco baby, wake up!”

He wasn’t responding. You turned to Harry “Don’t just stand there help me carry him to the Hospital wing!!”

You carried his legs while Harry carried his head and upper body. Arriving at the Hospital wing, Maddam Pomfrey immediately got you help.

“Oh my, I don’t even want to know what happened, put him on the bed dears.”

Placing Draco on the bed you turned to Harry.

“What were you thinking! You could of killed him!”

“I-Im sorry, I just- I….”

Shaking your head you sighed

“Just leave please, I think you’ve done enough.”

“Ms. yl/n, Mr. Malfoy should be okay. You brought him just in time. He needs to rest a bit but he is to wake up soon.”

You gave her a quiet thank you before pulling up a chair beside his bed. Grabbing his hand and intertwining it with yours. He felt so cold, almost as if he was dead. You wish you were the one in this bed and not him but you couldn’t do anything. All you could do was wait.

Exhausted from crying you laid your head on the bedside and drifted off into a deep sleep.


You felt a sensation on your head as if someone was running their hand through it.

wait? what?

You sat up in realiziation and saw Draco awake.

“Hey love.”

You carefully hugged him, trying not to sqeeze him so tight for he could still be in pain.

“ I could of stopped him but I-I was too late and the blood was everywhere a-and you weren’t waking up, I th-thought that you were…”

“Shhh, It’s okay, hey I’m okay.”

He slowly sat up and pulled you away to look at you. A tear made its way down your face and he wiped it away.

“This isn’t your fault okay. I’m sorry. I know I have been distant lately but it’s just family stuff. You know how they are”

Just staring into those gorgeous grey blue eyes you leaned in to kiss him.

“It’s fine I understand. I’m just glad you’re okay. I don’t know what i’d do if anything happened to you. Merlin’s beard, I love you.”

“ I love you too.”

For the rest of the day you two cuddled and talked for hours never letting go of eachother. Eventually you guys fell asleep. Maddam Pomfrey had came to tell you that it was time to go back to your dorm untill she saw you asleep with Draco. Smiling slightly she thought

young love…very sweet

She let it slide and left you asleep with Draco just for the night. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..  

A/n so this was my first requested imagine from @humannoodlesoup ! I hope you liked it and that it was what you imagined💕 bai

He comes home

Request: hey if requests are open can you write like a blurb/preference type thing for the prompt: they surprise you by coming home from tour?? thanks babe love you ((and your writing btw haha)) xx


You and brad had a very long distance relationship, as he resided in birmingham,England and you lived in the US. You met when he was on tour in the US and you were working the venue he played at. You didn’t see eachother often unless the band had things going on in LA/NYC then he’d come visit for a day or two.

Brad was supposed to be on tour in the UK at the moment so you knew the communication would be minimal because he’s super busy. You went about your day per usual, which entailed sitting in your bed until about 10am on this lazy saturday morning. Your phone kept buzzing until you woke up and checked your phone and had about 5 missed calls from brad. That threw you off, so you unlocked your phone to check your messages. None. thats odd, you thought. Then you were receiving another phone call, bradley.

“Yes bradley why must you wake me up at this god forsaken hour” you said in a cranky morning voice

“Trust me this is more important than your beauty sleep love”

“What is it then bradley??”

“Well first i need you to wake up and go to your door”

“What in the hell, why must i go to the- HOLY SHIT BRAD I SWEAR IF THIS IS SOMETHING STUPID I SWEAR”

“Babe, i promise you its not”

“Alright, let’s see what you’re going on about”

You opened the door and to say you were surprised would be an understatement. There stood your cute, little, british boyfriend.

“Holy shit, brad” you squealed engulfing him in a hug

“Told you it wasn’t stupid” he laughed, while holding you.

“You moron, i love you” you laughed

He gave you a kiss and told you how much he loved you, then the two of you spent the afternoon together in bed watching movies all afternoon.


Connor was constantly on tour, so you didn’t see him often. He was on the european  tour so it wasn’t as bad, but bad enough for you. You havent seen him in over a month and you missed him like crazy, but you knew this was his lifestyle and it was an adaptation you’ve learned to deal with.

You tried to just go on your daily business, so today that was getting up at 7am to open up the coffee shop that was down the street from your apartment. Half asleep you were just going through coffee cup by coffee cup, not noticing whose faces where who.

“Hi, what can i get for you?” You said for the 50th time this morning

“Um id like a large coffee, and a side of my beautiful girlfriend?” Rang that familiar scottish accent.

It couldnt be, could it?

“CON” you said in surprise.

“Hi baby, hows your morning”

You ran around the corner of the counter and jumped into a hug with him.

“Con i cant believe you’re here, i missed you so much”

“I missed you too baby girl” he said kissing your forehead

“Wow i wish you had that kind of enthusiasm every morning shift” your boss joked from behind the counter.

“Alright i have to work, but we can hang out after my shift?” You suggested.

“Of course, i’ll pick you up from here at two”

“Perfect” you said, before kissing him quickly.


Dating someone who is on the brink of fame isn’t easy, not the least bit so. Theres always tour, studio, and interviews so its hard to find time for eachother. Even with all of the negitives, you and tris made it work. He saw you every spare moment he had when he was home from tour, next to his family of course.

You Missed him terribly when he was on tour, but you guys made it through always with facetime, and visits when he was home. It was one of those days where you missed him a lot, but forced yourself to go about your everyday routine. You woke up, made yourself a cup of coffee and glanced through your emails on your phone. The doorbell rang, which was odd because it was 7am. You got up and opened the door, there was a single rose and a note attached. It read “ good morning babe! Ive got a surprise for you, but first i thought you could go for a bit of an adventure this lovely saturday morning, you’ll find your next rose at our favorite breakfast date place, Tris xx”

You got dressed and walked to the cafe across from your apartment, you always went there for breakfast with tristan. The waitress smiled at you and said “hey sweetheart, ive got something for you” before handing you another rose. The waitress knew you pretty well because you were there quite often, especially when you had essays to do for uni. The note read “ hi you found the second one, props babe that one was the easiest. Now go to where we had our first date, love you, Tris xx”

You smiled and knew exactly where it was, his house, he took you horseback riding on your first date. You took a bus to where his house was and walked to where the barn was and was greeted by his sister. “Hiii, tris said to give this to you” she said in the cutest voice.

“Thank you!” You said giving her a hug, and taking the rose.

The next rose read “babe, youre getting there. You found milly, now head over to where we kissed for the very first time”

You knew that meant the park a couple feet down the road, so you made your way there and on the bench was another flower.

“ do you remember this place? I remember it like it was yesterday. Now you’re almost done i need you to go to just one more place. Go to that beautiful shop that you love to go to”

You knew the place, it was your favorite place to go shopping.

You got there and looked around for where the rose could be, and you felt a tap on your shoulder.

You turned around, and it was tristan. You couldnt believe your eyes. You tackled him with a hug and said “i love you so much” muffled in his shirt.

“I love you too baby, i missed you” he says looking into your eyes.

“I- i dont understand, arent you on tour?”

“Yeah, but i wanted to surprise my baby whilst we were close by”

“You’re the best tristan, i love you”

“I love you always, baby girl”


You were an actress, so you and james had equally hectic schedules. You always made time for each other though, it was all about communication and time management. He was away on tour at the moment and you were at a take for a movie you were starring in, you missed him but you tried to stay utterly focused on the scene at hand instead of thinking about james.

You did a few scenes until you had a 20 minute break for your lunch and whatnot. You head over to your dressing room and drink a sip of water and scrolled through your twitter feed before eating your sandwich for lunch.

You continued with the filming, and it was a very long day for you. Hours spent recording scenes and perfecting things for the movie, you just wanted to get out of there at this point. You went to get changed in your dressing room.

Once you were ready to leave, you heard a knock on the door.

“You have someone here to see you miss!” A worker kindly said from outside the door.

You opened the door, and shocked couldn’t even begin to express how you were feeling right now.

James, james was standing at your doorway.

“JAMES” you squealed before jumping on him.

“I missed you so much” you said settling.

“I missed you too, baby girl” he said kissing you for the first time in a long time.

“I thought you were-”

“We are, i just wanted to come surprise you” he said knowing what you were going to say.

“I love you so much” you said in a content sigh.

“You look like you’ve had a rough day, you want me to drive you home” he asked pulling your hair behind your ear.

“Please? That’d be absolutely lovely”

“Of course, come on now ill take you home and we could lay down and watch netflix together”

He always knew when you were exhausted, and what to do to relax you.

“Sounds perfect” you said taking his hand in yours and walking to his car.


You wrapped your hands around the blanket, hugging it closer to you. Your breath quickend as you heard people yelling above you.
Clear? What are they doing up there?
You lost your train of thought when you heard a lound bang.
You gasped, jumping off the matress and crawling under the bed, the chain around your foot restricting your movement.
You curled into a ball in the corner and kept quite.
The door opened and you could see feet quickly entering.
“Why is there another room like this here?” A man with a deep voice spoke.
“I don’t know. We only know about the unsub having one girl. Do you think he had another?”
“It’s possible he had the girl whose remains were never found”
“But where is she then?”
You tried moving even closer to the wall, but the chain around your ankle rattled. The sound caused the men to stop talking.
“Hotch what was that?”
The man bent down and you saw him. His face was stern but softened when he saw you.
“Hi there” he spoke in a soft tone.
“What’s your name sweetie?”
Another face showed under the bed. A strong big looking man.
A whimper escaped your lips.
“Shh it’s okay. We are not going to hurt you sweetie” the big man reassured you.
Both men glanced at eachother.
“Hotch she is pretty scared” the big man whisperd.
“Why don’t you come out here? We have some blankets, food and water for you. We can even take that off” the man named Hotch spoke, pointing at your ankle.
You were scared, but wanted the chains off. They were begining to hurt and make you bleed.
You looked at Hotch and nodded. Slowly shuffling yourself out from under the bed. You moved your foot over to the man and crossed your arms around around your waist.
“Okay. I am going to touch your foot now. Is that okay?” Hotch asked.
He smiled and nodded. “Okay. Lets get this off. It looks pretty painful, does it hurt?”
“Yes” you responded.
Hotch managed to get the chain off. It felt so good to move freely.
You smiled at him and wiggled your ankle.
He laughed at you and held his hand out.
“Come on, we will get you out of here. Do you like the sound of that?”
You smiled and nodded “Yes please….Hotch”

Better With You By My Side

prompt: Dan and Phil are both sons of rich families and are sent to ballroom dancing lessons. Because there is a shortage of girls, Dan and Phil end up as partners. Phil really doesn’t want to be there and Dan doesn’t either, but is so frustrated by the fact Phil doesn’t want to dance with him he is determined to get him to.

a/n: i think generally when i took this off schedule it was kinda because i was expecting not to be able to update it every week buT AS IT TURNS OUT i can get a lot done when i’m procrastinating revision because i stopped going to class and im literally home all the time ((’’’studying’’’)) apart from when i’m in for exams so IN SHORT after three days here is another chapter gOd i spoil u guys so much i feel like these chapters are gonna start getting shamefully regular arent they

also this chapter gets a lil emo i PROMISE IT WILL HAVE A HAPPY ENDING EVENTUALLY DONT THROW THINGS AT ME but i wrote this entire chapter listening to wrapped around your finger and beside you so the link’s there if u wanna u know  ~set an atmosphere~~ or somethign

 cash in the attic, dickinson’s real deal and bargain hunt are these auction shows always on daytime tv they have quite a reputation here in the uk (i think it’s notable to mention this for anyone who isn’t british) it’ll make sense when u read the chapter i promise





It’s gone too quickly. Dan shuts his eyes. It’s gone way too quickly.

He opens them again, taking in the sight of the skyline surrounding him until the image is engraved behind his eyelids when he squeezes them shut again. He needs to take it in. He needs to memorise every single detail before he’s dragged away from it, leaving only a mere vapour trail in the Viennese sky as a remain of his presence. He wants his memory of this city to be as permanent as he is temporary.

He leans against the railings of the bridge, the iron cold against his cheek as he stares down at the River Danube flowing beneath him; a weird, murky green in the daylight. His eyes trail over the layers of beige, decorative infrastructure surrounding him; studying the modern architecture against the old, thinking about how two buildings can be as close as a matter of metres together, yet centuries apart. It reminds him of London.

Dan gives the St. Charles Church a quick glance, and St. Paul’s Cathedral comes to mind. Schonbrunn Palace in the distance catches his eye, and he thinks of Buckingham Palace. It confuses him how a city so architecturally similar to London could be so atmospherically different.

He stares back down at the river. Although even with a colour as cloudy as that, it’s evident it’s probably still about nine-hundred times cleaner than the Thames. He strains his ears. Even in the early morning, it’s still quieter in the city centre than it ever would be in even the most distant outskirts of London. And if he were to sit out on a bridge for this long in his home city, he’d be surprised about making it this far without being either accidentally pushed off, shouted at, thrown money at or whacked with a selfie stick.

He’s going to miss Vienna dreadfully.

They’d made a promise, he and Phil, to come back here someday. To revisit all the places they’d discovered over the course of the fortnight, to stay in the same hotel and even dance in the same ballroom.

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Dinner Date ~N.M.~

Summary: you look fine af for a dinner with squad but Nate touches you

Requested: Yeah (okay y'all don’t understand. I sing Yeah! By usher everytime I write yeah

4 hours. I just spent 4 hours getting ready for this dinner. I was really feeling myself today so I decided why not. My hair looked glorious and my brows were most definitely on fleek. I was wearing a black crop tank top with thin straps, slightly high waisted jeans and my Jordan’s. I was wearing one of the boys hats on top of my straightened hair and my make up matches my outfit. God had decided to bless me this night.

I had a crush on a few people but nothing was like Nate. I’ve liked Nate since I first met him. His eyes and dimples and perfect smile. He kills me. I know he’ll never like me tho. Although I guess I’m “his type” it’s just impractical, considering how close of friends we were.

I walk down the stairs of my apartment to see the boys sitting on my couch watching tv. I picked up the remote and turned off the tv.

“Alright. Who’s ready?” I say. Sammy was the only one who had looked at me. Everyone was still on their phone.

His mouth was practically on the floor and his eyes were as wide as the moon.

“We’ve all been ready we were wait-” Johnson says finally looking at me. I had my hand on one hip with my eyebrow raised.

“Holy shit you look hot” he says, his mouth opening and closing like a fish.

Finally all the boys look up and notice me. They all smile and whistle at me.

“Let’s go idiots.” I say finally walking out my front door.

We all jumped into my car and started getting lit. Sammy was playing music and we were all on snapchat.

We finally arrived at the place and hopped out. Nate put his hand on my lower back walking me up to the door. Gilinsky was already holding the door so we thanked him and went in.

The host walked us to a booth large enough to him all of us. I was sitting beside Nate on the edge of the booth so we had plenty of space.

We were all drinking havin a good time when Nate whispered in my ear.

“You know ma, you look so good tonight” he said

“Thanks Nate. You look good too.” I say looking down and blushing.

He then puts his hand on my thigh. He began rubbing up and down my thigh while listening to the jacks tell a story about Europe.

His hands moved farther up and moved to slip into my jeans.

Of course fuckboy Nate had to feel me only tonight. No other day would he take notice of me. I was nothing unless I had my best clothes on. Fuck this.

I stand up and smooth out my clothes.

“I just remembered I have to um go. Right now. Excuse me. Sorry. I’ll see you guys later.” I say grabbing my phone and purse and walking out of the restaurant.

“Y/n wait” I hear Nate say as I get in my car.

“Why Nate? So you can keep feeling me up or is it so you can undress me and fuck me over the tables. I’m not here for that Nate. I need to go.” I sit in my seat and start the car.

Nate opens the door and slides in.

“I never said any of that”

“You didn’t have to now get out of my car. Tell the boys to text me when they’re ready and ill pay for an uber” I say looking at him.

“I’m not leaving until we get this figured out”

I shake my head and pull out onto the street. As we begin driving Nate speaks again.

“Why’d you leave?”

“Because I wasn’t gonna sit there while you’re hands did whatever. You have never given me so much as a second glance. Hell some days i don’t even get one glance but tonight when everyone else thinks I look good and I spend 4 hours getting ready you all the sudden find me fuckable. I wanted your attention but not like this skate.” I say shaking my head to myself.

“Y/n you have always been beautiful. Your tattoos, your hair, your ass. It’s all amazing. I have wanted you for forever. But before tonight I thought we’d be okay as friends. Nobody would get hurt and we’d both have eachother. Then I saw the boys staring at you, fuck G gotta boner. I couldn’t just sit there and act like we were just friends.” He says putting his hand on my knee. I pull up to his house.

I pull out my phone to text Sam.

Me-are y'all still at the restaurant?

Sammy Boy😊💖- no we went to the club nearby. Are you and Nate good

Me- yeah. When are you guys leaving.

Sammy Boy😊💖- um a few hours.

Me- okay. Cool

I lock my phone and open the door and get out of the car.

“Y/n. What are you doing?” I hear Nate call after me. I walk into the boys house and right up to Nates room. I take off my shoes and hat and sit in his bed. I got on snapchat and sent a picture telling the boys to have fun that me and Nate were enjoying ourselves.

“Y/n what the hell?” Nate says reaching his room. I stand up and grab his wrist.

I back myself up against the door pushing it closed. I pulled Nate close and wrapped my arms around his neck, standing on my tiptoes I got close to his face. I could feel his heavy breathing as he wrapped his hands around my waist.

I pushed out lips together and we began to make out. Nate lifted me up and placed me on his bed.


“Awe look how cute”

“Shut up before you wake them”

“Ew they fucked”

“How do you know?”

“Well she’s got sex hair and Nate has morning wood and look at his face. He’s been fucked.”

I slightly open my eyes at the various voices.

“What the fuck are you guys doing”
I croak and stretch. My throat hurt like hell, I had screamed a bit to much.

“Sore throat y/n?” Johnson says smirking.

“Wanna sore face Jack?” I say flickin him off

“Babygirl chill” I hear Nate say in his raspy voice. I look at him and he’s smiling at me. I go to stand up before Nate pulls me back down.

“You’re still naked ma” he whispers in my ear. I lay back down on his chest and wait for the boys to leave.

“Y'all can get the fuck outta my room now” Nate says to the guys. I hear cameras click before the door shuts. I stand up and grab a shirt from Nates drawer.

I spent the rest of the day hanging out with the boys.