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any famous nonfamous fics to rec?? 😆

Famous/Not Famous Fic Rec

Wholehearted 77k

AU. When superstar singer and winner of The Voice Louis Tomlinson tweets “Nothing worse than waking up with no milk for a cuppa !! Gutted” he doesn’t expect someone to bring him some. And he really doesn’t expect that someone to have bright green eyes, long curly hair, and (fucking) dimples.

When It’s Late At Night 25k

Louis has zero interest in an ex-boybander turned solo artist when his appearance on the show gets announced, but that’s exactly who he gets stuck with when Harry Styles shows up at the Late Late show to promote the release of his debut album. For an entire fucking week.

The Wonderlands 150k

“Somewhere between chaos and control — these are the wonderlands.”

Harry’s daughter, Andy, is signed to Louis’ girl band. Her path to success is marked by competition, chaos, and for Harry, a love affair.

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Impulse (Jungkook)

Badboy AU
5484 Words 
The long awaited oneshot that I promised I’d post a week ago oops.

Summary: Jungkook keeps himself cool, calm and collected at all times yet around her, the want to throw away his facade is extremely tempting. He fears that if he acts on his feelings he will drag her into a lifestyle that he desperately wants to keep her out of.

Jungkook swallowed and gripped his thighs so hard he was sure he left angry red marks on them. Usually it was easy to ignore her but now that they were alone together, his senses heightened and he was able to catch every time she licked her lips out of nervousness, heard every little sigh that escaped from her mouth and he swore that if he looked at her directly right now, he could probably count every single one of her eyelash.

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Current Underrated Boy Groups [Part. 1]

F.T. Island 

Fave Songs: “Pray”“To the Light”“Puppy”“Memory”

Reasoning: Honestly bands aren’t acknowledged enough in the Kpop world, not that there are many to begin with. They are an extremely talented group. And Hongki’s voice is amazing. It’s so unique and different. You really need to listen to him. 


Fave Songs: “Don’t Flirt”“She’s Mine”“Someday”

Reasoning: Seriously I feel like so much could have been avoided had U-Kiss had more popularity. I mean I won’t talk about all the member line up changes and stuff here but honestly I think things would have turned out better for U-Kiss if people didn’t sleep on them all the time. Their vocals were/are really good and their songs are good too. [Well maybe not so much their earlier stuff but you know..]

Highlight/previously Beast

Fave Songs: “Beautiful Night”“Yey”“Good Luck”“Breathe’“12:30″“Shadow”“Gotta Go to Work”“How to Love”“Plz Don’t Be Sad”

Reasoning: Seriously if you are still sleeping on Beast/Highlight…I don’t know what to say to you. Amazing songs, amazing talent like….what else could you want. Sadly Beast is no longer Beast and now only 5 members but in my heart Beast is still Beast and I’ll forever be a Beauty. 


Fave Songs: “The Eye”“Bad”“Back”“Last Romeo”“Be Mine”“Before the Dawn”“Destiny”“Request”“Man in Love”“That Summer”“Hey Hello”“Paradise”“Come Back Again” [I have second hand embarrassment from this last song though….like why did they debut this way hahaha]

Reasoning: UGH WHY SLEEP ON INFINITE!!!??? They are amazing, all members can sing well. They are literally known for their synchronization. Their songs are amazing. Like what is there not to like? And all their personalities are different so I promise there will be one that you like. Also check out their non title songs as well. I swear that list of fave songs is so long like I can’t even put them all on there. LOVE INFINITE I’M BEGGING YOU! Also check out their sub units: Infinite H, Infinite F, and Sunggyu’s solo albums and Woohyun’s solo album. 

Teen Top

Fave Songs: “Miss Right”“Rocking”“Ah Ah”“Crazy”“I Wanna Love”“Love Fool”“Walk By”“Snow Kiss”

Reasoning: Honestly Teen Top is so underrated. Like they are super talented, their songs are really good and like still they hardly ever get noticed at all. 

The Boss/DGNA

Fave Songs: “Lucky Man”“Rilla Go”“Why Goodbye”, “Love Power”

Reasoning: Well….have you heard of them? I honestly happened to just stumble upon them and fell in love with them. Sadly their sales are pretty much shit in Korea and so they mostly promote and release songs in Japan which unfortunately are not as much of my taste. I like that one that I listed. But their Japanese singles don’t fit them as well as their more manly Korean ones. But whatever money talks and they do what sales. That’s why you won’t see them promoting much in Korea.Sigh….if only they were more popular. 


Fave Songs: “Breathe”“The Ghost of Wind”

Reasoning: Honestly has anyone even heard of them? Do you know them? Most people don’t. Except maybe now with Hyunsik making waves in the acting world. But still….they are relatively unknown. Unfortunately they are on hiatus, there was a statement that the group disbanded but members themselves have said that’s not true. So maybe when they eventually come back more people will know of them. 


Fave Songs: “Solo Day”“A Lie”“Lonely”“Beautiful Target”“Sweet Girl”“Tried to Walk”“What’s Happening”“Baby Goodnight”“Baby I’m Sorry”

Reasoning: Truthfully they are much more popular than most that will be on this complete list. But they honestly don’t get the amount of recognition they truly deserve. They are so talented; Sandeul and Jinyoung’s voices are so beautiful. CNU and Gongchan are talented as well despite not being the main vocals. Baro’s rapping is great as well. Their songs are all amazing and a lot of them are upbeat and cute and playful and I love it. They are so adorable you should honestly listen to and love them. 


Fave Songs: “Witch”“Bounce”“Janus”“I-Yah”“On & On”“White Out”

Reasoning: Boyfriend is one of the most looked over 3rd generation idol groups. [that’s debatable but in my own little system they are 3rd generation] Anyway point is they aren’t very popular, you hardly ever see them on any variety shows, they haven’t even had a proper comeback since 2015. Their company screws them over and has basically thrown them in the basement not to see light of day while they focus on their other more popular groups. Someone support Boyfriend please omg! 


Fave Songs: “Just Tell Me”“Too Very So Much”“Baby I’m Sorry”“Just That Little Thing”

Reasoning: Have you heard of them? Probably not. They aren’t very popular, aren’t promoted well. And basically no one hears of them. But I really like their songs and they are really talented so you should at least give them a chance. 


Fave Songs: “Run & Run”“Excalibur”“Black Out”

Reasoning; I’ll be honest I’m not like stanning them in the sense that I know their names or personalities or anything like that. But I do enjoy their music and when they do come out with new stuff I always make sure to check it out. You should too. Honestly they deserve more popularity. 


Fave Songs: “Hey You”“Still 24K”“U R So Cute”“Secret Love”

Reasoning: Again I don’t know their names and all but seriously they are worth a listen to. At least one good listen. They are far more talented than they get credit for. 

Big Star

Fave Songs: “Run & Run”“Moonlight Sonata”“I Got the Feeling”

Reasoning: I swear no one has heard of them, they are never on any shows. I seriously only know one member because I’ve only ever seen them on one show. So I haven’t really got to know them. But what I do know is they are talented and I like their music so you should listen to them. 


Fave Songs: “Movie”“I’ll Be Your Man”“Wow”“You’re So Fly”“The Winter’s Tale”“Insane”“2nd Confession”“Remember That”“When I Was Your Man”“You Can Cry”

Reasoning: Seriously BTOB gets mistreated and underrated all the time. Even some music shows don’t like to have them because of their unpopularity. It’s so ridiculous I just don’t understand why they aren’t popular. They are adorable and cute and sweet and talented. They are versatile too. Originally being a normal kpop group but they have transformed into an absolute beautiful ballad/pop group. Honestly they are amazing you should love them. Everyone should love them. 

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hi mom! can you please do the apartment!au for shinee?

me back at it again with the shinee aus when will i stop


  • when someone asks him if he has kids onew is always like ,,,,,,, do i really look that old,,,,,,, and the person is like oh no!! i was just asking?? and onew has to excuse himself and sit in his apartment quietly for the next four hours lamenting over how he’s become a Dad without having any actual kids
  • calls over jonghyun to help him see if he’s got any grey hairs growing
  • tried to keep plants for a while but they all died and sat on his windowsill for a month before he remembered to throw them out
  • is pretty indifferent to how his apartment actually looks and he gets scolded by key because “hyung,,,,,your bed sheets are hot pink and your rug is mustard yellow and your pillows are zebra stripes this place is a Hot Mess”
  • onew’s most well known for being really really good at saving up money. like ,,,,,, he knows all the grocery stores that are having sales on eggs like a month in advance. the old ladies love him
  • he’s always got coupons in his wallet and coupons pinned to his fridge like you won’t catch onew paying those extra 75 cents for milk no sirie
  • and you’ve been wondering for the past couple of weeks,,,,,,where the hell your sunday coupons have been going. someone always delivers a flyer of a bunch of them over the weekend but you haven’t gotten any???? and it’s so weird
  • but one day as you’re leaving early to get some laundry done you open your door and there’s your neighbor onew,,,,,,in his hands,,,,,,,,your coupon flyer
  • and you’re like “THIEF”
  • and onew is like “wAIT ,,,,, I CAN EXPLAIN”
  • and you’re like “four weeks of coupons. you owe me FOUR. WEEKS. OF. COUPONS.”
  • and onew is like,,,,,,,,,fine ill give you all the coupons i have right now to make up for it and you’re like pfft how much is that like five??
  • but he legitamtely pulls out a wad of coupons that looks like a wad of cash and you’re like holy shit there’s like fifty in here and onew is like “im the King of getting thos Good Deals”
  • and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh my god but also you’re interested,,,,,like how does one become the king of good deals
  • and onew is like “it all begins with a zen body and a zen soul,,,,,and then you think about how money rules everything and if you can get bread ten cents cheaper today that ten cents can save you tomorrow”
  • and you’re looking at him like woah,,,,,,,,,,,,,why am i so attracted to you right now
  • and onew is like “oh it’s because im also handsome” and you’re like good point
  • and he’s like “ill take you out sometime when i get enough coupons to get us two free dinners at the kfc down the street”


  • you know those neighbors who decorate their door for every holiday even if they don’t celebrate that holiday. that’s jonghyun. 
  • like jonghyun you’re not irish why is your door covered in green banners and glitter and pots of gold and a life size cutout of a leprechaun,,,,,,,st.patricks day isn’t even that popular in korea
  • but also like jonghyun is really hard not to like because he’s got a glowing personality that’s so upbeat and open minded ,,,,,,,well then there’s probably some Sad Salty people who wouldn’t like it
  • but you know,,,,,, he’s cute if he sees the grandma’s outside practicing their morning yoga he’s like “doing great ladies~” and he like ruffles kids hair or gives them snacks that he’s bring back home
  • like he’s a cheerful guy and his apartment is obviously that of a laidback person because he’s got blankets like everywhere and half-eaten bowls of cereal on the floor next to magazines thrown haphazardly here and there
  • but like if anyone has any complaints he’s like “hey, my kitchen has a vase with a flower in it that isn’t dead. that’s all the aesthetic i need”
  • mostly he uses his bedroom as a practice studio and sometimes he gets too loud but if anything people like his voice too much to tell him to stop
  • and you know jonghyun because of a tiny little,,,,,,,,,,,ok very big,,,,,feud you’ve both had going on when it comes to new years decorations
  • like every year you see jonghyun go all out and finally you were like, you know what, i wanna do that too
  • and so you ended up buying a wreath slightly bigger than his and getting lights on your door and jonghyun,,,,,,,,,,,well jonghyun decided this was a battle now
  • and so every time new year comes around everyone is like whoose door is gonna be prettier yours or jonghyuns???? 
  • and this year jonghyun even paid onew fifty bucks to stand infront of his door dressed as a snowman for added Effect
  • but you know onew so all it took was some food and onew betrayed jonghyun in a heartbeat and jonghyun,,,,,well jonghyun ends up pounding on your door and he’s like “that’s against the rules you can’t BRIBE my decorations,,,,”
  • and you’re like “there are no rules jonghyun also did you just call onew a ‘decoration’??” and jonghyun is like NOT THE POINT why are you trying so hard to beat me
  • and you’re like im not,,,,,,i jsut want a pretty door and he’s like HEY don’t play innocent and you’re like hmm,,,,idk what you’re talking about,,,,,,
  • and jonghyun is like “you took away my snowman, now i can take something of yours away!” and he reaches out to take off your wreath but then he’s like “wait. is this made of mistletoe?”
  • and you’re like “yeah wh- oh wait” and jonghyun’s hand is already lifting and he’s like “,,,,,,,,,we’re under the mistletoe wreath,,,,,,” and you’re like “,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but we’re enemies”
  • and jonghyun is like “in the end you’re the cutest neighbor ive ever head and we can keep being enemies but like why not kiss and see where that takes us?”
  • and you’re like oh my god how did he transition from being pissed at me to flirting with me so naturally
  • but you’re like you know,,,,whatever jonghyun IS pretty cute himself so you lean up and jonghyun uses his free hand to cup your cheek
  • and when you pull back you’re like “so? we’re still enemies?”
  • and jonghyun is like “well,,,,,,,,,how about this you give me another kiss and i take this wreath and we’ll call it even. maybe we’ll even call it,,,,, are you free this weekend for a date?” 


  • put his dogs names up next to his on his nameplate outside his apartment 
  • more pet furniture than people furniture,,,,,,closet bigger than my hopes and dreams,,,,,,a stock of different wines in the refrigerator as well as an assortment of cheeses and grapes
  • is the only member of his group to have actually purchased wine glasses to drink wine. onew drinks it out of a mug, jonghyun broke all his glasses, minho drinks from the bottle and taemin is banned from wine. and anything that isn’t really lite beer
  • everyone who owns a dog in the building admires key because holy moly,,,,,he keeps them so well cleaned and they’re so well mannered and key is like “Yes, these are my Children”
  • a really good neighbor because for the most part he just locks himself in his room and watches dramas while shit talking them over the phone with friends
  • and when he does have people over it’s like,,,,,it’s never loud or crazy they all just sit in a circle and discuss the Drama while looking at fashion magazines or doing face masks like how,,,,,,ideal
  • speaking of Drama key lives for the building drama like omg what did miss kim do with the other miss kim’s husband last weekend WOAH do tell
  • you know key because out of everyone on your floor you,,,,,literally have never gotten into a fight with anyone or started anything and key is just like ,,,,,,,whenever he sees you he’s like how can a person be so lowkey 
  • and key is sure you’re hiding something so one afternoon you hear a knock on your door and there’s key,,,,,,,,holding a bottle of what you presume is like champagne and he’s like “we haven’t properly got to know each other so i came over to offer you a drink ^^” and you’re like o,,,oh sure come in
  • and key is like looking around and you’re like oh no is he judging me??? but in reality he’s just trying to see if there’s anything weird about you or like,,,,,,,,if there’s anything that gives away a secret
  • but you moved in only a couple of months ago so you haven’t done much with decorating
  • and you like take the bottle of champagne but you can’t open it no matter how hard you try and key chuckles because,,,,how cute and opens it with like a flick of his wrist
  • and you two sit,,,,,,at first in awkward silence as key swivels the glass around in his hand and you’re taking nervous sips trying to think of small talk
  • and key finally is like “tell me the truth: you’re actually a royal in hiding?” and you’re like fhljsasfd what???? and key sits back and is like “there has to be something about you,,,,,,,,something about you that you want no one to know since you have become close to anyone else out of your neighbors”
  • and you’re like????? i mean not really im just a busy ,,,,,,person???/
  • and key is like hmmmmm and you’re like “i,,,,,uh,,,,,,really hated this recent drama” and key perks up and is like “oh - why?” and i guess you just get super heated about this drama
  • because you end up talking for a while about how bad the plot is and how the actors could have been put in another better work and key is like “fINALLY, someone unDERSTANDS ME”
  • and you two both just go off about how you hated the main antagonist and for all the wrong reasons and how the main girl was such a mary sue and blah blah blah
  • you guys end up talking for like four freakin hours until key is like “i need to go and feed the kids!!” and you’re like kids?? wait oh dogs
  • and key is like “i thought you were gonna turn out to be some kind of freaky bug collector or something,,,,,,but you’re really cool and we should totally meet up and watch that other drama coming out so we can talk about how it’s definitely going to be a horrible nightmare”
  • and you’re like ok????/ at the bug collector thing but ok!!!!! and meeting up
  • and key smiles and he’s like “also, you look cuter with your hair down like this. really casual and nice. keep it like that more often” and then he’s gone and you’re left with a pounding heart a bit and half a bottle of champagne 


  • more gym equipment then necessary in his apartment,,,,,used those display cabinets that usually house like silverware to display all his signed soccer balls
  • has a ps4 but only to play one game: fifa
  • to put it bluntly his place looks like a ‘bachelors pad’ but at least it isn’t as messy as jonghyuns (or as hoarded up as taemins)
  • and for the most part minho is really liked by the neighbors because he actually takes the time to recycle and he’s nice enough to volunteer his time to help with morning exercise for the elderly if he can
  • but also minho please stop wearing a headband to bed,,,,,,no one does that,,,,,,,,, please
  • has the habit of putting the tv volume all the way up during a game and sometimes also yelling even louder than that tv and he’s had some noise complaints made about him,,,,,,im not going to lie
  • but he’s just a passionate boy who really loves sports and has a good heart like he calls his mom every chance he gets and gives some of his money to charities to help fund more afterschool sports clubs for kids like,,,,,,,a sweetheart
  • and you’ve been friends for a good while. sometimes you’ll come over and watch the games with minho and his friends and yes there are times when you’re there for the actual game. other times it’s because he orders an insane amount of pizza and you’re all about that
  • but also like,,,,,,,,,,for as long as you’ve known him,,,,you’ve always found minho like really super cute,,,,,,,
  • so seeing his concentrated face on the game, handsome features like a strong jaw and soft brown eyes like,,,,,,,you don’t mind coming over for the View
  • but as always,,,,,you somehow end up embarrassing yourself in front of the people you like
  • and it’s the most embarrassing when you lock yourself out of your apartment and knock on minho’s and he’s like “what’s up?? why do you look so down??” and you’re like “minho,,,,,,,we have a problem”
  • and when you purpose the idea of opening his window so you can climb out of it and try and stretch your leg out to the ledge of your own apartments balcony
  • minho is like,,,,,,,, “we’re five floors up though,,,,,,” and you’re like pfft that’s nothing ILL BE FINE
  • but then you two open the window and you look down and you’re like ok frick no i wont be fine
  • and minho is like “hey, you can spend the night here and in the morning get the landlord to unlock your door” and you’re like ,,,,,,,,spend,,,,,the night,,,,,,,
  • and minho grins and is like “ill take the couch, you can have my bed!” and you’re like oh my god,,,,and he’s like “here you can borrow a shirt of mine to sleep in since you don’t want to sleep in what you wore outside” 
  • and you’re like,,,,,this feels very,,,,,,intimate
  • and when you change into the oversized jersey you’re like,,shyly coming out and minho is on the couch and when he looks up like not even he can hide his obvious stare
  • and you’re like WELL ILL JUST ,,,,,,,,, go to sleep and he’s like “it’s 8pm though” and you’re like Right,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and you sit down beside him on the couch and it’s a little (a lot) awkward but then minho is like “how about i teach you to play FIFA?” 
  • and you agree and before you know it you’ve got your hands on the controller and minho is cheering you on and you’re like i SUCK but he’s like you’re doing great!!!!
  • and once you get your first goal minho like pulls you into a hug and you snuggle your face into his chest
  • bUT THEN YOU’RE BOTH LIKE OH SHIT IM SORRY!!! And let go and it’s like you’re both blushy and like ok someone cut the tension with a knife just tell each other you like each other and makeout let’s gooooo 


  • described as “interesting” by most of the people in the building 
  • has no sense of like,,,,,,throwing things out like he’s very much a hoarder and likes to collect trinkets and things he finds amusing but then forgets about in like 10 minutes but like now it’s here,,,,taking up shelf space
  • you know when people are like “i just picked this up off the floor and wore it” like taemin does that but he literally does that like ,,,, it’s not like he pulls things out of his closet it’s like “oh! there’s a shirt on the kitchen counter and some pants hanging off the bathroom wall,,,,,,,ok good outfit”
  • but he also has some kind of cute, nostalgic things in his apartment like pressed flowers he’s hung in frames and pictures of him and his friends when he was really young
  • and he never bothers anyone, sure he can come off a little,,,,,,eccentric with mostly black and white wardrobe, multiple piercings, and like,,,,,long skinny body
  • but like,,,,,he’s sweet also the neighborhood stray animals are attracted to him like a magnet. they’ll follow him home and he always has to carry them back out onto the sidewalk with a really sad face
  • and your window is right across from taemins,,,,,like you’re neighbors but in different buildings but you also see him around the neighborhood a lot
  • and you’re like well one day you notice that when you look out of your window at like 3 am because you’re up doing work you see the lights on in taemin’s living room and then you see him?????????
  • dancing????????
  • to like???? a song from the 70s???? and then straight up like trot music and you don’t mean to be Weird and stare but there he is sliding around his living room dancing
  • and you think it’s endearing because tbh you have your own Weird quirks about you that you’ll do when no ones watching like everyone does it
  • but it’s cute and nice to know that there are other people out there who dance to old music at 3 am
  • and maybe it’s because of taemin or maybe because you always wanted to do it you turn on this popular idol groups song at like 3 am one day and decide you’re gonna teach yourself some moves
  • and you’re trying to get into it, really just giving up on actual dance steps and just like dancing around your house being weird and like serenading your pillow
  • and when you do a twirl you look over and you swear you see taemin’s lights on as well
  • and you’re like dhkgjf i need to stop before he,,,,,,sees me like i saw him
  • but the next morning as you’re at the bus stop you notice taemin is there too and he’s ???? walking over to you???//
  • and you don’t talk much but he’s like hey!! and you’re like hi?? and he’s like “so,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you dance at random times at night too?”
  • and you turn cherry red because oH GOD HE,,,,saw you
  • but taemin is just grinning and he’s like “it’s fun right? i bet a lot of people do it but it’s cool that we’re neighbors that both do it - that way we probably don’t bother each other!!”
  • and you swallow but you’re embarrassed and you’re like,,,,,,,,,, “i can’t believe you saw that,,,,,,” and taemin just gives you a shocked expression and he’s like 
  • “don’t be so flustered, it’s cool!!!!!! we should have a dance-over one day”
  • and you’re like a dance-over?? and taemin’s grinning again and he’s like yeah! it’s a sleep-over but instead of sleep we dance!!!!1
  • and you’re like huh omg that sounds fun and he’s like it is here, take my number
  • and he pulls a pen from his bag and flips your hand over to scribble down numbers on your palm and you’re like hehe because it tickles
  • but the bus is coming and taemin is like i gtg, but text me!!!!! and he gives you another smile
  • this one that makes you realize that up close,,,,,,taemin is so damn cute and now you have his number like,,,,,,,,,,,,way to GO and it’s all thanks to you two being big dorks who love to get jiggy with it at night LOL 

so because @bechnaesun​ practically coerced me into exchanging future evak headcanons with her, we present to you everything we screamed about for over two hours. 

even and isak get married. and their life goes a little like this:

  • isak and even adopt twins because they would feel like they should adopt siblings so they never, ever felt alone, even when they inevitably start feeling like maybe if they’re not related by blood they’re not the same, but they’d have each other, always.
  • isak would read so many parenting guides!! and google searches!! one times he just goes on a three hour wild ride of reading parenting blogs online, and afterwards, when even comes to bed, isak is sniffly and whispers, “what if we fuck up their lives forever? what if they end up hating us, and never calling–”
  • and even just presses a kiss to the top of isak’s head and says, “they would never, because they’d have you as a parent, and your love is one of the most powerful things in the world.”
  • isak isn’t totally calm after that, but it helps, a bit, but he also thinks that even may be a little biased. a tiny impressionable toddler is a lot different from your husband, because even’s already seen him at his worst, and has promised to stick with him through the good times and the bad. and besides, he never saw even in his angsty teenage phase, and just think about it they’re going to have to put up with all of that! how are we going to deal with puberty! what if they start dating!
  • even: then we just tell them about how we fell in love.
  • isak: baby, you asked me to smoke weed with you
  • even: it’s okay i figure we have at least a couple of years to develop a clean version of that story
  • so the point is, even with all of even’s attempts to placate isak’s worries, he still insists even follows the parenting guides to a tee, just in case they really fuck up at one point
  • even agrees, but mostly because if they do fuck up, then he’d have something to blame it on

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Night Sky Chateau (Jeff Atkins Smut)

While Ariana Grande sang through the speakers, people were dancing, drinking, and overall just having fun. Although prom was supposed to be one of the most special nights of your high school experience, right now it seemed like a regular school dance—except we’re in a hotel and not the gym. Between the saved money from bake sales, the Dollar Valentine’s, car washes, and other shit, we were able to make enough cash to have prom at this hotel called Night Sky Chateau. Pretty long name if you asked me, but it definitely suited it. Lights flashed all around the enormous dance hall, while I sat at one of the pushed aside tables. The song changes, everyone grinding one another. That’d be me and my date, if he hadn’t got a stomach virus and was bedridden in the hospital. Ate some expired sushi, and that was the end of it. I sigh, honestly just waiting for this night to end. I would go upstairs to my room, but a certain someone kept me down here. Jeff Atkins. He is honestly so sweet, unlike a lot of other people here. My eyes scanned around the room, before seeing him with my friend, Miranda. Also his girlfriend. Jeff did some of the cutest things for Miranda, and 9 out of 10 times she never deserved it. When they first got together, I knew how their relationship was gonna be. Miranda would use him as a sugar daddy, and give him sex and fake her love for him. Did it work? Hell fucking yeah. Did I wish it did? Fuck no. Jeff deserves better—he deserves me. I’m snapped out of my thoughts when Hannah sits next to me, pulling me into her side for a hug. I hugged her tightly, another pair of arms holding me on my other side. I take a glance, seeing Clay. I sigh, even my two best friends are finally dating, while I still sit alone. After Hannah tried to commit suicide, a miracle happened and she survived. Of course, Tony still had the tapes, and Hannah didn’t know what to do with them. So we did the only thing that made sense: show her parents and then the police. Bryce was put in jail, Courtney finally admitted to being lesbian, and everyone else on the tapes had been exposed for what they did. Clay officially asked Hannah to be his girlfriend, and here we are today. “What’s going on over here?” I hear Tony ask, Hannah, Clay, and I all letting go of each other. “Hey Tony.” I smile, a hint of sadness in my voice. Tony sits across from us, drinking from a can of Coca Cola. “Thinking about Jeff again, aren’t you?” Tony questions, Hannah and Clay looking at me. “No.” I lie, but the three of them see right through it. “Yes.” I sigh, after Hannah gives me a look. “I don’t know why you just don’t speak to him, and tell him your feelings.” Clay says. I glare at him, Hannah gives him a “I know you’re not talking” look, while Tony just shakes his head and sighs. “What?” Clay asks confused. “I know you’re not talking, considering how you ended up with Hannah. Hell, you even had a damn coach to talk to her so hush.” I explain, Hannah and Tony laughing, while Clay turns redder than Tony’s mustang. “(Y/N)!” I hear my name being called, the voice coming from Miranda. “Be right back, guys.” I say to the trio, walking off to see what Miranda wants. “Hey, what’s up.” I greet her, a cup of punch in her hand. “How you liking prom? Happy I brought you?” Miranda smiles, taking a sip from her cup. If you mean, dragging me out of my house, and kidnapping me to go to a dance with no date, just to leave me by myself hidden in a corner, then yes. I love that you brought me here. I think in my head, but say a simple yeah. “Well, where’s Jeff? You two were pretty comfortable on the dance floor.” I say, not knowing what to say or do. “(Y/N), please. I honestly don’t know or care, matter of fact. He’s yet to put a ring on my finger, claiming we should wait till after school ends.” Miranda rolls her eyes, me internally choking her. “Like how much time does one person need to feel ready for marriage? It’s not like I’m gonna stay afterwards. Hell, I might sign the prenup as he’s getting down on one knee.” She shrugs her shoulders, taking another sip of her drink. “Seriously, Miranda? You do realize he actually loves you right?” I say, not being able to hide my disgust, but like everything else I say or do, Miranda doesn’t notice. “That just gives me more leverage. If he would propose already, that scholarship would be mine too. It’d be my way out of this boring shit hole, now that Bryce is gone.” Miranda whines. “What the hell are you talking about Bryce for?” I say utterly confused, my eyebrows knit together. “(Y/N), you honestly think I was fucking Jeff for a relationship?” Miranda snorts. “Bryce is my actual boyfriend, Jeff is just a side piece.” Before I could even reply to that, I hear someone scoff. I look behind me, met with Jeff. “Are you fucking kidding me, Miranda?” Jeff’s voice is thick with anger, while Miranda stands there in shock. “Baby, that was all a prank, you know I lov—” Miranda tries to grab him, but Jeff yanks his arm back with a shake of his head. “Stay away from me.” With that, Jeff walks out of the dancehall. I go to follow him, but Miranda pulls me back. “Where are you going?” She questions, tears in her eyes. “Fuck you Miranda. Jeff should’ve never even gave you the time of day, and neither should I.” I yank my arm away from her, running after Jeff. I see Jeff get in an elevator, before running towards him. I get in the elevator just in time, Jeff sighing. “(Y/N), what do you want?” His voice is weary, his eyes closed as he leans against the wall of the elevator. Something comes over me, causing me to kiss Jeff. After awhile of him not kissing back, I pull away and start to apologize. He just stares at me as I continue to ramble, before grabbing my face in his hands and kissing me. I kiss back, the kiss turning into a make out session. Jeff picks me up, pushing me against the wall he used to lean against. His lips move down to my neck, nipping and sucking all over it. “You mind being a rebound for tonight?” Jeff asks, against my neck. A small amount of pain pokes my heart, but his lips make it all disappear. “No.” My answer comes out breathy, my fingers tangling in his hair. The doors to the elevator open, Jeff taking us to his room. He holds me up with one arm, his other hand unlocking the door for us. He walks us in, closing the door with his foot before slamming me against it. I moan low, Jeff kissing my neck and grabbing at my ass. I hear the sound of a lock, Jeff bringing us to the bed. He drops me on the bed, before we both strip. Jeff drops to his knees in front of me, spreading my legs. “We’re gonna play a little game, alright?” Jeff looks up at me, his hands placed on my knees. “I’m gonna write a letter, and you have to guess it. Get it right, we go on to the next one. Get it wrong, you get punished and try again. Understood?” “But, Jeff—” I get cut off quickly. “It’s daddy, baby girl, daddy.” He smirks, before licking a long stripe up my heat. I moan loudly, covering my mouth instantly. “Baby girl, don’t.” Jeff pulls my hand away from my mouth. “I wanna hear you.” I nod, Jeff going back to his letters. He does two half circles, after doing the line again. “B-b.” I stutter, my stomach clenching at the feel of Jeff’s tongue against me. “Correct.” He does the next one, but I can’t think of it so I guess. “R?” I ask, hoping I’m right. A hard slap against my thigh, makes me jump from the bed with a slight shriek. “Try again, baby.” Jeff does the same thing, but I still don’t know. “M?” This time I feel his fingers pinch my clit, my body shivering as I cum at the touch of pain and pleasure. “Wrong again, baby girl, and you came without permission.” Jeff shakes his head and sighs, I bite my lip. “One last time, or else it’s over.” He does it again, my mind finally getting it. “N?” Jeff nodding, gently rubbing my thigh. “Good girl.” He kisses my inner thigh. By the time we’re done with the alphabet, I’ve came 6 times altogether. I close my eyes, my pussy sensitive at this point. “Baby girl, you think I’m done?” Jeff asks, a smirk clear in his voice. I look up at him, his body hovering over mine. I slightly nod, my body still going through the motions. “I’m sorry to say baby girl, but we’re just getting started.” The biggest smirk is planted onto his face, before he lays down next to me. “Show daddy what you can do.” I find the energy to get up, and line myself with him. I slowly slide down his cock, the stretch bringing tears to my eyes. Big is an understatement, as Jeff completely fills me. “Holy shit.” He grunts, while I try my best not to cum right here on the spot. I lay my hands on his chest, lightly scratching him as I get used to his size. Once I’ve got used to him in me, I start to bounce up and down, Jeff’s hands grabbing a hold of my hips tightly. I can feel the bruises growing under his fingertips, but the enormous amount of pleasure I’m in surpasses the thought of it. Jeff starts to buck his hips up, putting me in shock for a second, as I squirt all over him and the comforter. We both look at each other in shock, going harder and faster. Jeff flips us over, his strokes slow but deep. I feel every of inch of his cock in me, my nails creating patterns of scratches up and down his back, but that just makes Jeff go harder. He puts my right leg on his left shoulder, wrapping my left leg on his right hip. The change in angle has me screaming so loud, my throat starts to hurt. A thrust harder than the last, brings me over the edge, me squirting for the second time in my life. Jeff keeps going, kissing me on the lips and neck again. Jeff pulls out, turning me on my stomach. He pulls my butt up, pushing my head down slightly, me arching my back to help him out. He slams into me, my hands clawing at the sheets, my moans and screams muffled by one of the many pillows. “You’re on the pill, right?” Jeff grunts, me answering with a yes. In a blink of an eye, Jeff shoots his load in me, me squirting all over again. Jeff pulls out before falling down on to the bed next to me. After a minute or so, Jeff gets up, getting a towel from the bathroom to clean us up. I get up, pulling the comforter off the bed, thankful the sheets underneath are still dry. I get under the sheets, Jeff laying behind me, wrapping his arm around my waist. “If being your rebound gets me this, oh I’ll be waiting for your next break up.” I joke, the rumble of Jeff’s chest because of his laughter, vibrating my back. “Or…” Jeff trails off, making me turn around to face him. “You just get it any time, by being my girl.” He kisses me. “I’d like that.” I smile, kissing him.

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Looking at You (Final Chapter!)

This is our last chapter together! Thank you so so much to everyone who tagged along on this fic, it was quite the ride and I love you guys!

Catch up on Chapters 1-11 HERE.

Can’t wait to hear what you all think of this :)
Enjoy :)


“Hey guys.” Tony stopped in the common room area, and the team looked up expectantly. “I’m heading out for a few days. Just wanted to let everyone know, because you all have developed this fairly annoying habit of tracking me down if you lose sight of me for more than a minute so… you know.”

“Bye Tony!”
“Travel safe.”
“Bring me back something.”
“Wasn’t he just gone on something?”
“He has a company to run it’s not like Iron Man is his only job.”

The team tossed various goodbyes at him and went right back to their business.

Bucky was sitting on the far end of the room and looked up quickly, meeting Tony’s eyes with a small smile. He knew Tony had had this little trip planned for a week or so but was disappointed that he was leaving without a proper goodbye. They hadn’t been able to spend the last couple nights together, and Bucky already missed him.

“Ahem.” Tony cleared his throat obnoxiously, and the team looked back up, Bucky included.

“I will miss you.” Tony said loudly, staring across the room into Bucky’s blue eyes.

“Uh, we will miss you too, Tony.” Clint offered hesitantly and Steve nodded slowly.
“Yeah, Tony, we will miss you too.” Sam chime in, and Bucky just smiled to himself at the teams confusion.

“And–” Tony started to speak again and stopped, biting his lip anxiously. Bucky leaned forward in his chair, wondering what could possibly have Tony nervous. “And–” Tony started again, straightening his shoulders. “And I love looking at you.”

Then he was gone, nearly running out of the room as the team all stared at each other awkwardly.

“Um. I’m going to assume that he’s drunk.” Natasha said with a shrug. “He always used to get super sentimental after a few whiskeys.”


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vandrecer  asked:

Hi!!! :) I love your writing <3 , it is awesome and it is so accurate with the characters' personalities. And I would like to see, if you want and can :) , how it would be with the RFA, Saeran and V with a hacker MC. It would be interesting. And also I send tons of love and hugs. Be happy! :D

ww, you’re so sweet

I was quite sleepy and drunk when I wrote this, have no idea if this makes sense, but I’m pretty sure some of them are completely crazy.

Try to roll with me on this lolol:

RFA + Saeran and V with a hacker MC


  • His photos and performance videos were being spread like a virus again.
  • But now in emails of the most important producers and directors in Hollywood .
  • And Seven was the one to tell him that, so he wasn’t the responsible for it.
  • So who did it?
  • I mean, the pics are all very flattering, it’s not like this person is doing something bad. “Whoever did this probably likes you a lot?” “More than MC?” “Maybe somebody just like MC…”
  • He keeps thinking about this, it’s ridiculous, he knows it. But there’s nothing wrong about asking, right?
  • “Babe, hear me out on this. I was with Seven trying to figure out who spread those pictures and he said it could have been you! Can you imagine?” he laughs, you don’t. Oh… you can do much more than imagine.
  • “B-babe?” “Zen… I thought that was a good way to try to tell you?” “Tell me what, MC?” “That I’m a hacker.”
  • So… many… questions! And he’s so worried that you might get involved in thinks like those emails leaked from Sony Pictures that time or even more dangerous stuff.
  • You shrug telling him hacking isn’t really your thing, it’s more like a hobby. But it could still be a problem for his career if anybody ever finds out about this… he’s worried, you’re worried, but you both telling each other everything will be fine.
  • “But, please, babe. Be careful!” you will, you have been careful for a while now. And you work by yourself, so it’s hard to associate you to an agency or to someone.
  • And he still worries, but it’s not like he couldn’t complain when he got an invitation to a screen test in Hollywood. Thanks to you.



  • Here he is playing LOLOL while you are reading a book.
  • “This guy is good! It’s the third time he beats me!” “Then don’t let him!” you say mindlessly. “I’m trying, but I think he’s using some cheat code or something.”
  • You go to him and watch as the guy beats your boyfriend again, and yeah… it seems suspicious…
  • “Let me try something, honey.” You type something really fast and Yoosung just watches it.
  • He would feel really aroused having you almost sitting in his lap, but you look terrifyingly serious, and this is about LOLOL, so he’s very serious too.
  • “Done. This guy won’t be a problem for you anymore, honey.” You kiss his forehead and walk away. He has no idea what you’ve done, but… all the items the guy collected before now belong to him.
  • So forget LOLOL for a while, he’s more curious about you. “What was that, MC?” “Hum? Oh, you were right, that guy was using a cheat code, but blocking him was child’s play, don’t worry, honey.”
  • “But… how do you know how to… block cheat codes and… basically accessing the database of the game?” “Ah, yeah… I’m kinda like a hacker or something…”
  • “A HACKER? LIKE SEVEN? SO YOU DO DANGEROUS STUFF LIKE HIM? ARE YOU BEING CHASED, MC? IS THE FBI AFTER YOU? IS THE MIB AFTER YOU?” “Well, I’m an earthling, I don’t think I’m a threat to the MIB, Yoosung…”
  • “THIS IS SERIOUS! MC, I’LL PROTECT YOU!  TELL ME WHAT I HAVE TO DO AND I’LL DO IT!” you giggle, mainly because you know it’s true.
  • It took a while for him to understand hacking is more like a hobby, you’re not really interested in making money out of getting information. It’s not really worth the trouble, you know?
  •  He is still a little shocked with all your bluntness about this, but as long as you’re not doing anything dangerous, he won’t say anything. And if you want to teach him some cheat codes, he won’t complain either.


  •  You cut the crap and told her as soon as you started dating
  • She’s confused… you’re like Luciel, but without the disgusting eating habits and the weird sense of humor?
  • And you’re more like a freelancer? Okay…
  • And you’ve been dealing with some shady stuff like hacking into government databases? Okay…
  • Cool…
  • She’s so scared, it’s all over the news! People are calling you a terrorist! And why would you even tell her this? You want her to be your partner in crime or something?
  • “I just told you because I trust you.” You smile sweetly, and for one minute she forgets all those terrifying thoughts, but just for one minute.
  • “Okay, thanks for trusting me. Now tell me what you’re thinking for your plans if you ever have to run away?” “I…”
  • “Oh my God, MC! You don’t have a plan? Okay, so here’s what we’re gonna do…”
  • And this woman spent the next two hours telling you all the logistics for you eventually having to leave the country. You will definitely follow them if you ever need to, but right now… you’re just shocked with this clever woman standing before you.
  • She really isn’t as innocent as everybody thinks, huh? Just like you…


  • You told him.
  • Better tell him before he finds out with you being arrested or something, right?
  • “I’m a hacker, I leaked those emails. No, I’m not quitting just so you don’t get worried about my safety.”
  • “I love this, Jumin! I truly do! You have no idea how amazing it is! Information is power! And I have the biggest power in my hands. And people need to know what happens behind the curtains when it comes to politics and companies and capitalism and…nnnggg.”
  • He interrupts you with a kiss.
  • “J-Jumin?” “I’m not pleased, but you’re passionate about this. I won’t get in the way of your passion or your life.”
  • “But…”  “Isn’t that what you want from me?” That’s exactly what you need from him, you just didn’t know it could be that easy to get.
  • “Do what you have to do. I also have power, so I can bail you out if you ever need me to.” Whoaaaa, is he serious?
  • “But be careful, don’t do anything reckless.” YES, SIR!
  • So yeah, he doesn’t show much how concerned he is, and you see how hard he is trying to give you space.
  • But he’s also very impressed. Information is power, indeed. There are very interesting things in what you do that could be useful for him.
  • So guess who’s being paid by Jumin Han to find important stuff on market sales?


  • You didn’t tell him.
  • You showed him.
  • This boy says he’s done with hacking, but deep down, he misses the rush a bit.
  • So why not do this as a game for old time’s sake? He wouldn’t be in danger if he played along inside your own little game.
  • It starts with you disabling his security system and sending enigmatic messages.
  • Then you mess with his cars, programming the GPS to send him to this particular address.
  • Okay, he was so mad and desperately trying to fire back, but he has to admit: this hacker is good.
  • Then he sees the address and… your house? OH SHIT! Are you in danger? You quickly call him on your most friendly voice telling him some random thing just for him to know you’re fine. So… what the hell?
  • He goes to your place with a taser gun. Maybe the hacker didn’t attack you yet? They were just waiting him to show up?
  • He enters your living room and he almost falls in his back. You’re alone… wearing lingerie and messing with your phone.
  • He gets a notification in his phone, a text from the hacker: “Kudos on passing through the phases, now it’s time to meet the boss of this game.”
  • He had so many questions, but that would have to wait a little… No need to say he took you to the space station without ever leaving the room.


  • He was suspecting for a while now.
  • You spend as much time on your laptop as him and his brother.
  • And trying to find out what you’re doing turns out to be more difficult than he thought, like… you know a way to shut him out.
  • “How are you doing this?” he asks all of a sudden. “Doing what?” “Blocking me and my attempts to hack into your stuff?”
  •  “Why are you trying to hack into my stuff?” touché “Because I think you’re onto something.”
  • “Like what?” you tease him. “Like hacking.”
  • “Hum… am I?” “I don’t know, that’s what I’m trying to find out. So stop blocking me!” “Try me…” OH, IT’S ON!
  • And the first Hacking Challenge began. He was attacking you with everything he has, you were defending yourself and using you weapons too.
  • At some moment, he got so caught up with this he almost forgot why he was doing this. It was fun, after all.
  • And as he couldn’t beat you, he turned off his computer and got away all grumpy, yeah, he’s a bad loser…
  • You went after him, saying you were sorry and you could make it up to him. He grinned, expecting for something dirty, but your idea was even better.
  • “How about we join forces to mess with Saeyoung a little?”


  • You told him.
  • He was a person with many secrets who dated another person with many secrets.
  • It was time to break this cycle, right?
  • He looked shocked, and sad.
  • Have you risking yourself like this, after all you two have been through…
  • He was scared, for you and… of you?
  • But he needed to know. “Why do you do this, MC?”
  • “Because people deserve to know the truth, Jihyun. You know how tiring it can be to keep hiding things like this. And let me tell you, if it’s tiring for you, it can be terrifying and… even dangerous for the people who doesn’t know these secrets. People deserve to know, V! And if I can manage to tell them, why wouldn’t I?”
  • Well, if you put it like that… he knows some secrets should never be secrets, people like hackers have the resources to share these secrets, if he were a hacker, if he had these resources, wouldn’t he do the same?
  • He hugs you all of a sudden and kisses your head. It feels good, but yet you’re very surprised.
  •  “I’m so proud of you, my love.” Oh… okay, that’s good.
  • “But be careful and don’t be imprudent, or I’ll end up being imprudent too in order to protect you.” You have no doubt on how serious he is being right now.

thebaehood  asked:

Okay okay BUT- Yura wearing makeup

YES YES YES I feel so much about my beautiful boy in makeup so let’s go

Yuri started messing around with makeup when he was 14. He was following this one guy on Instagram with great style and a gorgeous pair of dark brown eyes for a few months, constantly refreshing the page to see if he put up anything new. 

One morning, still half asleep and lazing around in bed, a new picture popped up on his newsfeed. The guy was in a grey beanie, his dark curly hair falling over his face slightly, and he had the softest aloof smile on his lips. The caption was something about a code promoting some clothes website or whatever, but Yuri was too busy staring. Those fucking eyes. They seemed more striking, more captivating than usual, but Yuri couldn’t quite figure out what it was about them on that particular day.

Yuri didn’t get it until he read the comments; they had almost all been heart-eye emojis and screams about the boy’s eyeliner.

Yuri was mildly confused, scrolling back up to the picture and squinting to take a look. He only now noticed the subtle smudges of black framing the guy’s eyes, and Yuri rested his cheek on his pillow. He looked nice. It was a small change but it made a huge difference. Maybe he could pull it off too.

So that morning Yuri took a bus to the shops and found himself in the makeup section of a store, hoodie thrown over his head, music blasting through the headphones around his neck, and looking mildly embarrassed to be there. It wasn’t because wearing makeup was a stereotypically ‘feminine’ thing to do, but it was more so the fact that he had no idea what the fuck he was meant to be looking for. There were pencils and tubes and pots of shit he didn’t understand. He thought it was going to be quick and easy - run in, buy something cheap, try it on, snap a few selfies. He didn’t expect there to be so many things from so many different brands. What the fuck was powder supposed to do for your eyebrows anyway?

Reluctant to accept help from overly friendly sales assistants, he grabbed a simple black pencil liner and marched his way to the self-service checkout.

Things weren’t any better at home. The stupid little thing had cost him about 1000 rubles and was currently getting black shit all over his hands.

Yuri was sat on his bedroom floor, staring into his full-length mirror with the makeup in his right hand, and his face in his left. He had tried almost everything, but he looked nothing like the guy on Instagram. Each attempt had resulted in Yuri looking something like a panda or someone who had probably been crying for two days straight, and each time Yuri had cursed and rubbed the black off of his face. The soft pencil kept breaking with the force he used, and his eyes were watering from the constant rubbing and removal - and shit this stuff was hard to get off. 

He was just about ready to give up and throw the stupid waste of money away, when he looked up to look at his reflection in the mirror with a scowl on his face. When he caught a glimpse of himself, his features softened immediately.

He looked cool.

The sleeve of his jumper may have been covered in smudges and smears of charcoal black from the constant impatient wiping, but the result was almost worth it. Turning his head and brushing some blonde hair from his face, Yuri sat and admired his work. Sure, it was slightly messy and it didn’t look quite like the picture, but damn. Who knew that two black lines would make such a difference?

His bright green eyes looked intense - dangerous, he liked to think - and absolutely piercing. He didn’t expect to actually like it. He was just curious. But looking at the image in front of him, Yuri was proud to say that that guy on Instagram had nothing on him.

Yuri found himself making his way to the makeup section of stores more often. He was passionate about fashion, and wasn’t makeup just another way to express your sense of style? And so his collection grew.

It started off with different eyeliner at first. Yuri found that the black pencils worked for his more intense and badass looks, but brown was a more subtle alternative that he liked to wear at the rink sometimes. Mila had once complimented him on his look, and despite being embarrassed at his little secret being found out, he took her advice and bought a purple eyeliner. His eyes watered an insane amount and Yuri wondered if Mila was just trying to make him look like an idiot, but the results were nice. The splash of purple in his waterline really made the shades of green in his eyes pop.

The first time he strayed away from pencil eyeliner was at the age of 15 when he found himself drawn to the lipgloss section. Tentative, he started with clear glosses to accentuate the natural pink and plumpness to his lips, but his confidence soon grew. He often wore pale pinks and holographic glosses during his routines, even if the stickiness bothered him a bit.

Yuri’s favourite makeup product had to be highlighter. He had been complimented on his high cheekbones all of his life, but had never done anything with them until the age of 16. What a waste, he had thought.

After watching various makeup tutorials - his new favourite pastime - Yuri decided to amend that. Subtle frosted highlight graced his features both on and off of the ice, and Yuri loved the look of the subtle glitter that caught the light when he turned his head.

Yuri eventually did find out what exactly powder did for brows by the time he was 18, loving to create fierce looks with cat eyes sharper than his skates.

Falling (Peter Parker x Reader) Hogwarts AU

Peter Parker x Fem!Reader 

Prequel to the Improper series

*Please don’t plagiarize my work, thank you :3*

When you moved to London during the summer it was terrifying to leave your friends and past life behind for a whole new world, but you managed… And then the owl knocked on your window. At first you dismissed it as a small bird or common bat, but it kept tapping on the window until you looked over. Cautiously opening the window, you ran back to your bed, scared that the wild creature would attack and scratch. The barn owl ruffled its feathers and opened its wings once again, gliding over to perch on your bedpost. You were wary of the owl but noticed something held in its beak. The owl opened its mouth and dropped an old looking envelope on the bed before making another brief flight to land on your shoulder, sharp claws scratching your skin. You panicked, staying perfectly still. There’s an owl on my shoulder. You thought in disbelief. An owl. On my shoulder. What the fresh hell am I supposed to do? The owl nudged your neck with its head and looked pointedly at the envelope on your bed.

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So this is a total au bughead story, but I hope you guys like it none the less.

She was lost all the time, she didn’t know where she was going or where she would end up.

Her parents had passed away when she was eleven years old, it had been for the best, they were horrible people. Abusive, Angry , bitter human beings, their death was a welcome escape for Betty.

Being tossed around foster home , to foster home wasn’t any better, but eventually when she turned thirteen, she saw a chance and she took it.

The family she was staying with were crackheads, they used the money they got for fostering children to feed their addiction, one day she slipped out the front door and never looked back.

The adventures she went on were incomparable. She’d seen so much in her young life, she was aged beyond her years.

Being small had always been a gift. She could sneak into small places, if she wanted to board an airplane, she would just pretend to be part of some rich , snotty family and walk right onto the plane. Finding a place to stay was never really a problem either, she was very good at hiding, until the lights went out and the doors locked.

But, she wasn’t so small anymore, sixteen had really taken its toll on her and sneaking in with a family wasn’t an option. She couldn’t hide under booths at restaurants and she most definitely couldn’t fit behind shelves at malls.

So that’s what brought her here.

“Riverdale, the town with pep.”

She laughed out loud at the silly sign, in the middle of the road, adjusting her backpack on her shoulder.

She was looking for a small town, one with no breaking news stories or pimps trying to steal her and sell her on the streets.

Riverdale seemed like the perfect place.

She had a bit of money saved up from the odd jobs she had taken in New York, but apparently this town didn’t have a hotel or even a bed and breakfast. But, she read they had trailers for sale. She wouldn’t mind shacking up in a trailer home for a while.

She needed a job, and fast.

Walking the streets, she spotted dress shops and bakeries, offices and flower shops. When finally she stood directly in front of the one place she knew she could work.

Pops diner.

Betty had been a waitress, more times than you can count. It was an easy job and if she could make an extra few bucks in tips, she would be golden.

Walking in, her backpack heavy on her back, she spotted the older man, a silly hat on his head and a rag in his hand. That must be pops.

She walked over to him slowly, he was really into his cleaning and she didn’t want to scare him.

“Excuse me, sir?” She said softly

Pops whipped around, apparently she wasn’t quiet enough.

“Oh! Girl you scared me! Shouldn’t you be at school! Ain’t never seen a young'n your age here at this time.”

She smiled, her dimples popping out at his surprise.

“No sir, I don’t go to school, I’m actually here to ask you for a job.”

The older man looked at her quizzically

“How did you know my only lunchtime server just quit on me yesterday?”

Her smile grew even wider

“I have lots of experience, I can give you all of my old bosses numbers, I know how to handle a table and I’m great at cleaning up.”

Pops laughed placing his hand over hers.

“You don’t have to tell me twice, you’re like some kind of angel in disguise, come on then darlin’ let’s go see if Amy’s old uniform, will fit ya. Although I’ve gotta say, we might need to fatten you up a little, you’re far too skinny.”

Walking out of pops , her new yellow uniform dress in hand, she felt lighter than she had all week.

Pop had agreed to let her work every morning and afternoon except the weekends, and if he needed her at night time she was always available.

The pay was decent and she knew she could afford a trailer home in no time.

Suddenly the streets were crowded, school had just let out and kids with their backpacks and heavy text books were rushing past her.

She missed school.

She had always loved it, and she was damn good at it, every year she would come home with a bumper sticker proudly stating “my child is an honor roll student.” The bumper sticker always ended in the trash, side by side with her report cards.

Her parents had taken her out of school when she was nine, they couldn’t afford the private school anymore and they didn’t want to risk anyone finding out their daughter went to public, so they just pulled her out.

Suddenly she was on the ground, her face nearly hitting concrete, before a hand reached out to stop it.

That’s what she gets for daydreaming.

“Shit I’m sorry, here let me help you up.”

She looked up at the voice only to come face to face with the brightest pair of blue eyes she’d ever seen , That and the weirdest hat she’d ever seen on top of a mess of black waves.

He seemed taken aback by her as well because he dropped his hand and tilted his head

She brushed her pants off and heaved herself off the ground.

“My fault, I wasn’t paying attention” she picked up Her uniform and smiled “Betty Cooper” she stuck her hand out, he was still just staring at her and she had to stifle a giggle.

Suddenly another voice entered her ears

“Jesus jughead, pick your mouth up off the ground, you just nearly knocked this girl out, the least you can say is your name.”

Suddenly her outstretched hand was being shaken by the most beautiful girl she’d ever seen, she was put together , from her jet black hair to her shiny white pearls.

“Veronica lodge, I’m sorry about my speechless friend here, he’s a little” she fake whisper “socially inept.”

Betty giggled pulling her hand back,

“That’s okay, we did just head butt each other, I’m sure neither of us are thinking straight.”

She glanced over at the blushing boy who shrugged apologetically, finally moving his gaze from her.

Suddenly she was surrounded.

A perfectly coiffed teenage boy had his fingers on her ripped Ramones t shirt and was fiddling with the hole on the bottom of it

“This is so cute, so vintage, Obsessed. I’m Kevin by the way.”

She smiled at hisvsilly antics

“Dude get your hands off her, she’s not a doll.” A charmingly cute redhead scratched the back of his neck smiling shyly “ I’m Archie Andrews it’s nice to meet you.”

“It’s nice to meet you too Archie.” She said sweetly, causing the redhead to blush.

Suddenly another redhead was directly in her face

“We saved the best introduction for last, I’m Cheryl blossom. Pretty much queen bee of Riverdale high,” she glanced down at Betty raising an eyebrow. “Your look is… interesting, I’ve been trying to get into the grunge look, but I doubt I would be able to pull it of like you do.”

Betty blushed before shaking Cheryl’s hand

“Thankyou, it’s nice to meet all of you.”

Veronica smiled,

“Why don’t you come with us to pops, I know how sucky it can be to be the new girl. I promise it’ll be fun.” She said wiggling her eyebrows

Betty laughed

“Thank you guys so much for the offer, but there’s a few things I have to do, raincheck?”

Veronica nodded happily handing her phone number as everyone else followed.

Betty thanked the lord she had purchased herself a cell phone right before she left her last home.

As everyone walked away, with promises to text each other that night, jughead lingered behind

“Jughead jones, that’s my name, sorry I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself” he mumbled kicking a rock with his combat boot.

She laughed

“Im suprised anyone gets a chance to talk with that group, you said your name was jughead? I’ve gotta say i always thought Betty was bad.”

Jughead looked up smiling, his eyes locking with Betty’s

“It’s a nickname, would you believe me if I told you my real name is worse?”

She playfully narrowed her eyes

“Try me.”

He leaned super close to her, and whispered in her ear

“Forsythe Pendleton jones….. the third.”

Betty couldn’t help the giggles that escaped, she placed her hand over her mouth trying to mask her laughter.

Jughead stared at her smiling, his eyes sparkling.

Betty finally calmed down enough to speak

“It’s … it’s not so bad.”

Jughead let out a full belly laugh

Suddenly Archie called for him

“Yo! Jug we gotta go, milkshakes don’t wait for anyone.”

Betty smiled

“I’ll see you around, Jughead”

He smiled at her as she turned to walk away

“See ya, bets.”

Turning around to smile at the nickname, she found he was already half way down the street.

Maybe this place wouldn’t be so bad.

Now she just had to find a place to sleep.

cognitive dissonance for dummies (aka wtf happened to this fandom)

cognitive dissonance is a psychological phenomenon in which a person holds two opposing ‘truths’ in their mind at the same time and their brain works over time to try and aeorbicize all of that information together in a way that prevents them from having to face the fact that they were wrong about something.

Cognitive dissonance is a state of tension that occurs whenever a person holds two cognitions (ideas, attitudes, beliefs, opinions) that are psychologically inconsistent, such as “Smoking is a dumb thing to do because it could kill me” and “I smoke two packs a day.” Dissonance produces mental discomfort, ranging from minor pangs to deep anguish; people don’t rest easy until they find a way to reduce it. 

In this example, the most direct way for a smoker to reduce dissonance is by quitting. But if she has tried to quit and failed, now she must reduce dissonance by convincing herself that smoking isn’t really so harmful, or that smoking is worth the risk because it helps her relax or prevents her from gaining weight (and after all, obesity is a health risk, too), and so on. Most smokers manage to reduce dissonance in many such ingenious, if self-deluding, ways.

another popular term for this is “doublethink” and it was coined in the George Orwell classic “1984″:

cognitive dissonance in our fandom typically occurs when people believe one thing is going to happen, and then when the opposite happens instead, people struggle to try and reimagine and misconstrue the facts to fit their deeply held belief/idea/attitude/opinion.

for at least a year, the dominant fandom opinion has been: 

harry will not release solo music until he’s free to be himself and be honest and his music will be entirely gender neutral. all of OTs tactics will no longer come into play - no more stalkers, no more het stunts, not more sun exclusives, no more dan wootton. by the time harry releases solo music, it will signify a very positive change for the state of the band and the fandom because his new team will be on the scene. we know they’ve been fighting against sony and simon cowell for the past few years so of course harry’s rebrand and broader plans for his career will be innovative and won’t rely on the same cheap pr stunts and sales tactics OT used. (not everyone agreed on all of those points, but most people believed in at least the general gist of it.)

but then harry did go solo. and nothing changed

his ‘new team’ is just as happy to rely on het stunts, stalkers, and dan wootton as OT did. in fact, harry is more involved in the het stunts now than he has been for years and whatever positive image work happened in 2014 to lead harry towards a glass closet has swiftly (pun intended) been undone in the span of a month and a half.

harry’s ~miraculous new team, the saviours of the fandom~ have proven that they care about one thing and one thing only: using our loyalty to the boys and to harry to make as much money as they possibly can. we’re expendable to them. we mean nothing beyond how widely we’re willing to open our wallets. we’re all fair game to be manipulated in the name of making a few bucks.

that’s a hard pill to swallow for a fandom full of people who referred to irving azoff as ‘grandpa’ just a year ago.

so tl;dr - our fandom headcanon for what was going to happen with the band and with harry moving forward was wrong.

enter the cognitive dissonance: 

on the one hand, we have people who are able to admit that things aren’t actually looking so great and yikes is this really the angle harry’s promo is going to follow and wtf is jeff even being paid for he’s basically replicating simon cowell’s tactics. these people are able to say ‘oh shit. we were wrong. i can admit it. time to go back to the drawing board and face the facts.

on the other hand, we have people who were so positive good things were coming and who are absolutely unable to accept that the ideas they were pushing about the azoffs saving the band and harry’s amazing rainbow filled glass closet of a solo career aren’t real. these are the people who will refuse to admit that they were wrong (about anything), who attack anyone who does openly voice their concerns or criticisms (because those opinions are a direct attack on the cognitive dissonance they’re subconsciously clinging to) and who will engage in some of the most absurd mental gymnastics this fandom has ever seen to justify what’s happening.

which ultimately leads to people saying things like, “dan keeps breaking his NDAs and the sun doesn’t have access to harry [spoiler: he isn’t and they do]”, “harry’s album isn’t het [IT VERY MUCH IS]”, “woman’ is gender neutral [woman, a gender, *is not gender neutral*]”, and “stalkers are blackmailing harry’s team and that’s why they’re still given priority access to harry [this is just as bad as the antis who believed briana had blackmailed her way into a people magazine exclusive … uh nope doesn’t work like that].”

things i know about the states
  • Alabama - racist and homophobic. i think u like statues cuz you’ve got a giant fucking one called vulcan thats like what? 100,000 pounds?? ??? wow. very extra. 
  • Alaska - i only know one person from alaska but they’re a trump supporter going to art school so i imagine they aren’t having a great time. also my parents ditched me in illinois for a week to go there on vacation. lots of bears.
  • Arizona - irrational hatred of mexicans in the southern part. my pe coach from elementary school who is now a convicted pedophile loved it there. very hot but not humid. cacti. you serve rattlesnake and rabbit sausage and i was forced to sit and watch as my brother ate it just to spite me. 
  • Arkansas - like alabama but a lil better. you’ve got the whole southern hospitality thing goin’ on. you made it illegal for a rivers water level to rise above a bridge. how are y’all gonna enforce that? tell nature to stop?
  • California - very liberal but the three people i know who live there are hella conservative. suffocate them. do it for me. also pretty chill people but don’t take criticism well. gay
  • Colorado - nice weather. outdoorsy people. wyomings less racist cousin. lots of critters. nice people but no chill about skiing or snowboarding.
  • Connecticut - people go through ur state to get to other states. everyone i know from connecticut is not there now. 
  • Delaware - people go to ur state to shop since y’all don’t have a sales tax. ur really fucking flat. ur gonna be one of the first to go with rising sea levels. also no national parks??? 
  • Florida - my uncle worked on airplanes in miami for 50 years and hated it. you fucked us all. the only person i know from florida doesn’t believe in evolution. racists up north, gays in the south. disney world
  • Georgia - coca cola and the walking dead. people only care about atlanta. art hoes chill in savannah. had first college for women. for some reason ur not allowed to live on a boat for more than 30 days in a year??? ? why
  • Hawaii - you get a lot of tourists and they’re usually inadvertently racist. v liberal. the Most liberal in the country. screw california. lots of culture. good food. 
  • Idaho - potatoes. a made up word. ppl thought it was indian but it wasn’t. its gibberish. nice. a metric fuckton of gem stones.
  • Illinois -north is liberal. south is, according to my mom who grew up there, ‘the armpit of the rest of the state.’ her town was small & when it tried to start a kkk they couldn’t because people recognized their shoes. my grandma is 45 minutes away from the nearest walmart. 
  • Indiana - home to mike pence. crazy corn people. my mom’s bff lives there and she’s crazy but super sweet. inidana means ‘indian land’ but that obvs didn’t work out. also there’s a law against fishing with dynamite and guns?? ? 
  • Iowa - actually make more corn than indiana but don’t tell them. also make a fuckton of alcohol. ur name is mostly vowels which is gr8. also first female lawyer. ppl are typically nice, but also might shoot u
  • Kansas - contains the geographic center of the US. first woman mayor. my dad ditched me in illinois to pick up an RV in kansas. passionate about trucks. 
  • Kentucky - don’t go if u have allergies. to anything. horses and racism. also fried chicken. u aren’t allowed to throw eggs at public speakers or you could go to jail. lots of weird space shit. u built a town in a meteor crater which is cool.
  • Louisiana - people only care about jazz and the new orleans. lots of drunk ass college kids. humid af. sorry u have to live with that. u follow napoleon law instead of english common law like literally every other state. less racist than others but still kinda racist. 
  • Maine - might as well be canada. lotsa lobsters and trees. not allowed to keep christmas decorations up after the 14 of january?? only one syllable. people are chill. my dads friends own some islands up there. like small islands. chunks of rock really. they aren’t rich but they are usually drunk. 
  • Maryland - obsessed with ur flag and crabs. old bay on everything not just crabs. chocolate, popcorn, regular corn, potatoes. u need help. identity issues. north or south? who knows? they dont. also jousting is the state sport?? and ur judges wear red robes? called ‘america in miniature’ ur the only state with an official exercise and its…walking jfc
  • Massachusetts - will tell everyone they are from mass. ur not allowed to be cold because they have been Colder. ur state is too hot 4 them. lots of smart colleges, lots of dumb people. good hospitals and healthcare. v progressive. probably learned too much about them in 8th grade us history. first to legalize gay marriage A+
  • Michigan - the people i know from Michigan are incredibly salty about flint and pretty artistic/creative. lots of lakes. giant fucking lakes. literally named for an indian word that means ‘giant fucking lakes’ ur the only place in the gotdamn world with a floating post office. makes sense cuz ur mostly fucking lake. 
  • Minnesota - no one really knows what u do. you’d be like the quiet emo kid that sits in the back of the class and says nothing. ur really cold. you’ve got a lot of malls. and a lot of fucking lakes. not big lakes but like 11,000 itsy bitsy lakes. u look like swiss cheese. 
  • Mississippi - racist but getting better…at least you were. ur mostly known for your river. people spell the name of ur state for fun. for some reason you have a cactus plantation???? the worlds only cactus plantation??? ?? why 
  • Missouri - misery Missouri. u really fucking love fountains? only rome has more fountains than kansas city, missouri like? wow. you also have the arch which is great but also a lot of murder. also, a lot of caves which is awesome
  • Montana - mountainy af. do you even have cities? v cold. holds record for coldest temp in US (-70F) and largest snowflake. wow. also illegal to pretend to abuse an animal in front of a minor. nice. first woman in congress. very pretty state but no one lives there. 
  • Nebraska - hell state. flat. its so flat. my family was driving through nebraska??? and like?? your houses are like three miles apart. at a minimum? we drove three hours out of the way to look at fossils. but there weren’t any? and we passed like 16 houses maybe?
  • Nevada - desert trash children. literally just does not rain. las vegas is okay. i went and a homeless dude was telling dirty jokes for money. lots of homeless people. highest suicide rating of any state. i shot a machine gun and strange man came up to me and told me i was a good shot?? 
  • New Hampshire - republican cousin of vermont. lots of nature, which is ironic. very outdoorsy. entire state smells like pine trees. u only have 13 miles of ocean coastline which is v sad. sorry. also not legally required to wear a seat belt??? ur state motto is weirdly intense ‘live free or die’ yikes
  • New Jersey - interesting accent. hair gel up the wazoo on the men. lots of fucking diners. also the worlds biggest statue of a tooth??? ? why?  i know one boy from new jersey who came to college with only five white-wife beaters and two gym shorts. his name was Tony. 
  • New Mexico - arizonas nicer cousin. Not As Hot as you would expect. lots of cacti. super pretty architecture. desert aesthetic and aliens. ur lawmakers don’t get paid?? also ur capital is super cool and v old.
  • New York - ur all assholes but its okay because u have to deal with tourists. liberal and educated but not v nice. superiority complex sometimes. nyc has more people than 39 of the 50 us states. y’all are packed like rats. also lots of celebrities 
  • North Carolina - transphobic af. also u have a lot of sweet potatoes?? ur beaches are generally pretty crowded but can be nice. I have a friend that lives there now; she says the weather is v nice. v good at basketball. 
  • North Dakota - boring. for some reason its still legal to shoot an indian if they’re on horseback and ur in a covered wagon??? obsessed with buffalo. also very cold
  • Ohio - people only care about you around election time. ur flag isn’t a rectangle?? hipster trash. also its illegal to get a fish drunk?? ????? do people even fish in ohio? what is this
  • Oklahoma - u get a lot of tornadoes and most people don’t even care because you kind of suck. ironically u were the last state to declare xmas a legal holiday tho but i guess being first to go for lethal injection makes up for it. not even carrie underwood can save this state. 
  • Oregon - v liberal but to the point of being pretentious. great weather. the people are generally nice but also v weird?? I went and a guy was unironically riding down the street on a penny farthing? p sure everyone is high. also drivers have to yield to pedestrians….who are on the sidewalk??? 
  • Pennsylvania - ur a wannabe confederate state like?? get over it ur in the north pal. also u have the oldest continuously operating book shop in the US and maybe the world. u could have saved us but you didn’t. your weather is v inconsistent. not uncommon to see amish people on the side of a high way in their buggies. your sports fans are kinda scary
  • Rhode Island - smol. first state to stick it to britain. u really like tennis which is weird because ur windy af. first state to abolish death penalty. ur state motto is just the word ‘hope’??? also ur flag looks like a fifth graders art project but its nice?
  • South Carolina - crocodiles and beaches. my cousin and i went down and she made me play pokémon go with her except we were barefoot and it led us right to an 8 foot crocodile. also we found pickled pig parts in a sketchy gas station in a jar. not for sale. just there. also the anti-choice gory fetus signs on the side of the road are classy. 
  • South Dakota - better than north dakota. very pretty. giant fucking fossil named sue. lots of fossils in general. you like big rocks with faces carved onto them. u didn’t stop with the presidents; now ur making one for crazy horse (and it looks better). 
  • Tennessee - ur state is most referenced in a crappy pick up line. you’re to blame for mountain dew. most people only think of graceland and elvis which is fine cuz thats all you care about too. my friend went there and asked for chicken at a fast food restaurant but they didn’t have any and her phone broke. 
  • Texas - not as racist as people think, but still pretty racist. austin is v liberal but thats about it. you keep trying to secede (again) and its as funny as it is pathetic. have a huge bat colony - largest in the world, but they’re mexican freetail bats so u probably want to get rid of them. unironically wear cowboy hats. 
  • Utah - mormons like literally there are so many mormons that its the least diverse state in terms of religion. very pretty tho. ur state motto is just the word ‘industy’ ??? ?? ???? also u really like skiing and snowboarding. 
  • Vermont - v liberal. pure. also should probably be canadian since u make a lot of syrup. also home to ben and jerrys. very green and lots of critters. very pretty mountains. the people are really chill and probably annoyed ppl confuse vermont with new hampshire.
  • Virginia - u can’t drive. ur really competitive with marylanders but its kind of onesided?? u also donated land to build DC. weirdly specific hunting laws? no animals can be hunted on sundays except raccoons which can be hunted until 2 am??? why do u hunt raccoons? very political. lots of history. everyone is named james.
  • Washington - seattle is the only thing people think of unless they’ve seen twilight in which case: forks. very green and grey color scheme. named after the primero prez. home to starbucks like literally there is one on every corner. also u have an active volcano which is cool but it has killed people which isn’t
  • West Virginia - ur very racist but you don’t even try to hide it? u didn’t have a starbucks until 2003. You know coal isn’t coming back and you don’t know why trump thinks he can make it come back. But you voted for him anyway. 
  • Wisconsin - Cheese. v religious and not the loving god kind; very hellfire and brimstone. you have a hamburger hall of fame and u also tried to do the noahs ark theme park but im p sure that didn’t work out well. 
  • Wyoming - racist which is ironic since ur the equality state and also you’re obsessed with guns. yellowstone national park is p much the only reason people go there. you carry shotguns around with you for no good reason. 

anonymous asked:

i know this is a gaster imagines but could you do some grillster? like what kind of relationship the gasters have with their grillbys? it's ok if you dont want to


- He is so in love with his flame husbando
- Gaster clings to anything warm and soft
- Thus Grillby has to deal with his bf on his arm like constantly
- Grillby finds it a bit irritating, at times, but lets it happen
- He doesn’t mind the contact, he’s just not so big on PDA
- Gaster learns to hold back a little while they’re in public so Grillz is more comfortable
- Grillby is stoic and calm, which balances Gaster’s anxiety
- But Gaster is emotional and open, which balances Grillby’s more closed off nature
- So they’re pretty good for each other
- It takes a lot to make Grillz mad, though when angered his temper is fiery (ha)
- He usually ends up yelling, which makes Gaster run away and cry
- Which makes Grillby feel super guilty
- But sometimes Gaster does need someone to tell him off, even if it upsets him
- Just…maybe not so loudly
- Grillby’s sort of the more dominant one in the sense that he lectures Gast when it’s needed
- No more 14 hour shifts at the lab, or going two days without food because he ‘forgot’ to eat
- He’s gentle and caring whenever Gast comes home exhausted or depressed
- Likewise, Gast tends to fret over Grillby and makes sure he’s feeling okay, both physically and emotionally
- Grillby could be dying inside and no one would ever know
- So Gast makes an effort to check up on his wellbeing
- Also Grillby makes Gaster chocolate milkshakes with whipped cream and sprinkles when he’s good, and it’s like his favorite thing ever


- The main difference here is that Grillby’s flames are bright blue :v
- And he runs an underground crime ring
- His bar is just a front for the real sales
- He sells the Echo that Gaster produces, as well as various magical weapons
- Pretty much everyone is corrupt so even the Royal Guards buy from him
- Asgore probably knows but doesn’t give a fuck
- Gast gets a cut of the profits from being a main supplier
- As well as the leader’s trophy husband
- Their relationship seems shallow at a glance, but there’s some true affection hidden there
- Deep, deep down
- They would never betray each other, even under threat of death
- Gaster trusts Grillby to touch him
- And he always comes running when Grillby needs his help
- Grillz’s gang is often in competition with Muffet’s
- Thus a lot of fights break out between them
- Grillby has won all of them thanks to Gaster’s unbeatable fighting skills
- The dude kicks some serious ass
- Except for one time where he’s gravely injured and almost dies, which sends Grillby into a frenzy of rage and panic
- But Gaster eventually pulls through
- On the surface, Grillby quits the gang and Gast gradually gives up Echo
- They want a shot at a more peaceful life
- Yeah, they still get into fights with various monsters on the streets
- But they turn their focus to growing closer, forming a more loving relationship
- Honestly, this has been their goal for years
- But it never could have happened in the Underground
- Such ‘weakness’ would have been taken advantage of in an instant


- A lot of people seem to swap Grillby with Muffet in this AU
- Which is absolutely hilarious so yeah, he’s a mildly creepy baker with overpriced food
- His wares are delicious and often spicy
- Gaster has never shopped at his stand before, but one day he’s meandering around and feels kinda thirsty
- Figures he might as well support the spider fire bake sale
- So he tries to buy some fire cider
- It’s like, 10,000 gold
- He lives in a fukcing cave do you think he has that much money
- Grillby thinks he’s cute and gives him one on the house
- From that point on they just so happen to cross paths more often
- Gaster usually leaves with a free treat
- He starts saving up the tips he gets from ferrying and finally has enough to actually pay for something
- Grillby refuses at first, but Gaster insists
- And Grillby’s like ‘ok but I’m repaying you by taking you out on a date’
- Things just escalate from there
- Grillby is super goofy and outgoing in this AU
- And we all know US Gast is a total recluse
- He forces himself to come out of his shell for his bf’s sake
- While he still retreats when he needs space, the change is good for him
- He’s not so lonely anymore, and legitimately enjoys talking to others
- He likes to help with the bake sale
- Monsters are a bit wary when buying from a tall, shadowy, hooded figure
- But they come to realize that he’s super sweet and polite
- Grillby is the only one who gets to see his face, though


- Ok I can’t draw for shit but just imagine: Grillby’s flames look like a nebula
- Gaster thinks he’s absolutely gorgeous
- They’re like, the prettiest monsters in the Outer Realms
- Gaster is sort of famous among his kind, so I guess you could say they’re a celebrity couple
- They have a fanbase
- Shippers galore
- Monsters post things about them on the Outernet
- Alphys writes fics about them
- Grillby has full access to Gaster’s wealth, but he only uses it for things he really needs
- He doesn’t want anyone to think he’s with Gast for his money
- Gaster still likes to go full Sugar Daddy and give Grillz lots of unnecessary but awesome things
- He decks out Grillby’s bar with the best decor and cooking equipment
- It becomes the most popular eatery around
- It’s also a bit of a rarity since both upper and lower class monsters can afford to go there
- Outertale society is very classist and divided by income
- The poor struggle while the rich folks do whatever they want; there’s very little help for those in need
- Grillby offers both regularly priced items and exclusive foods
- It’s one of the only places where Royal and common monsters interact
- This is a huge step forward for their society
- The rich start to feel sympathy for their less fortunate citizens, and make an effort to contribute to the community
- A welfare system is established, orphanages and homeless shelters are constructed, new homes are built to combat overpopulation
- For the first time in centuries, every monster has access to basic resources
- All because some short, excitable, rich dork fell in love with a simple barkeep
- I’m sorry this was supposed to be Grillster but I went all worldbuildy on you


- Grillby is a water elemental
- He has a merman sort of form, with a humanoid torso and fish tail, but his entire body is fluid
- He’s not comprised of actual water but a slightly more dense substance
- It’s almost a solid? Like oobleck
- Anywho, Gaster lowkey stalks him
- There’s nothing malicious behind it, he’s simply curious and too nervous to say hello
- Grillby knows exactly what’s going on
- He finds it amusing
- Finally, he surprises Gaster by sneaking up behind him and lightly tugging on his tailfin
- Gaster shrieks, spins around, blushes like crazy
- He’s so embarrassed to be caught
- At a loss for what to do, he swims away
- Grillby is a little sad but brushes it off
- Though later, he exits his home to see Gaster waiting there
- He shyly offers Grillby an eel
- Mer-monster courting rituals always begin with a gift
- First date: start!
- They spend the day swimming through kelp forests together
- Gaster turns out to be a huge goofball
- He hides behind kelp leaves and tries to tackle Grillby
- And phases right through him
- Or puts rocks on Grillby’s head and laughs as they sink through
- Grillz is only solid when gentle pressure is applied to his body
- Gaster is surprised and delighted when he gets a hug at the end of the date
- They go on many more, and each begins when Gaster brings Grillby a new gift
- Grillz keeps all of them, no matter how silly they are

Good Luck, Jensen

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 2,685

Summary: Jensen gets jealous which leads to a fight with the reader. She leaves wanting space but Jensen tracks her down.

Requested by: @marvelfreak019

Jensen can’t wait to stroll through the front door and see your beautiful face. He’s only been gone for about five hours but he misses you already. You’re the best part of his day.

He heads inside after a few rounds of golf with Jared and hears you laughing, the sound always makes him smile.

Then he hears a man’s voice and it makes him stop in his tracks. Jensen listens closely and he immediately recognizes the obnoxious voice.

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Shopping with their S/O

A/N: Pretend like everyone is happy and in a modern au and alive :’)

▪Is poor af but wants to spoil his s/o so much
▪He will drain himself for them
▪"Eren, I really don’t need new shoes"
▪He also likes to window shop too, preferably on weekends. It’s a good way to spend time with his s/o and he enjoys it a lot because since he isn’t busy, they can spend the whole day together
▪Just genuinely loves spending time with them
▪Would totally knock kids out for his s/o during good sales

▪Is actually the best for shopping
▪Doesn’t ever say a word though
▪She’ll go into a changing room with them and they’ll put their pickings on
▪"What about this?”
▪-sits in silence-
▪"You’re right, it doesn’t flatter my arms.“
▪Is really good at finding discounts
▪"Babe, this is on sale”
▪Her s/o always tries to get her scarfs, but they know she probably won’t wear it, yet they keep trying

▪Is super good with calculating sale prices
▪Also budgeting
▪"Ok this is 35% off, that’s $20, you can spend $126 more and still pay rent"
▪He always invites Mikasa and Eren and they graciously accept because tbh they love his s/o and the two like to sit with them and watch Armin fight for a pair of pants

**If his s/o Is plus-sized**
▪He sees his love trying to pick things out but they keep putting them back because they’re too expensive
▪He, of course, being the cutie patootie he is, will buy it for them
▪But he will also take note of the store name and write a long ass letter about how they shouldn’t be overcharging people when the clothes don’t cost much more to make than those sold to people of a smaller size (He did the calculations)
▪His s/o finds out and cries and kisses him because that is so sweet

▪Hates shopping
▪But will do it if his s/o asks
▪Is BRUTALLY honest with them
▪"Oh my God put that back, yellow is not your color"
 ▪Frequently makes these faces to let them know what he thinks:
-Approval: ( ͡° o ͡°)
-Disapproval: (´-ι_-`)
▪Is great at picking things out and is weirdly good at guessing sizes
▪Also crazy hella amazing with makeup. That boy knows if his s/o is a summer or autumn or whatever

**Wedding shopping**
▪He doesn’t want to go with his s/o to pick out a dress/tux because he hates shopping
▪So he sends his mom
▪She tells him absolutely nothing because if he didn’t want to go, then he has to wait.
▪He takes care of the registry
▪Like the whole thing, fills most of it with necessary stuff, but also some stuff that isn’t needed
▪S/o looked at a KitchenAid Mixer for longer than 3 seconds, BAM!! It’s on there

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For Your Convenience

Story Summary: To help you finally make a move on your long-time crush, you get assistance from your newly hired co-worker. (Retail/Department Store AU)

Originally titled “Can I Be of Assistance?”

Word Count: 981

A/N: Here’s the first part of my brand new Steve/Bucky/Reader drabble series! Enjoy!

Originally posted by skylerlockerbie

“But why can’t I use the coupon?”

Trying to keep yourself from making a snide remark, you smiled stiffly as you spoke up once more. “The coupon doesn’t work on electronics. The blender is considered as an electronic,” you explained politely, still maintaining the smile on your face while the customer glowered.

“But it says it works on home and kitchen items. This blender is considered a kitchen item,” she argued, smirking at you. “So the coupon should work.”

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anonymous asked:

What are roadhogs thoughts on junkrats daughter ( it be official now)

Oh my gosh, Junkrat loves his daughter so much. Enjoy!!

In the beginning, Roadhog truly doesn’t care.

Junkrat found you and he’ll be the one to watch over you. And honestly, for the first few weeks, he generally just treats you like that of a pet. (Not cruelly, not at all. But there’s no affection there either.) Picking you up but the back of your collar and telling you no after trying to get into his garage, flicking water at you when you accidentally break something of his; and even, firmly tapping your nose when you do something really annoying or bad. But he’s absolutely no way in charge of taking care of you in any form; Mako firmly puts his foot down about that.

I mean what else is he suppose to think. You only verbally respond or come out from your little hiding space under Junkrat’s workbench when the lanky little man brings you food and stuff to drink. Hell, you’ve got a freaking cup with your name on it and it’s the only thing you’ll drink out of. And, what’s kind of creepy is you have his blank expression on your face most times and it just strikes the wrong cord with him, like child of corn type shit. It’s really just the look of a kid who’s see way too much bad shit in life.

But, as the days goes by, he starts to see that you’re not just a pet to Junkrat. He watches as everyday you and Junkrat hug first thing in the morning. How it’s become a routine for you to sit under whatever table or desk the rat is at and hand back up things that fall, or to crawl over somewhere to grab him something real quick. Hog quite commonly sees Junkrat brushing your hair when it gets too crazy and you sitting in his lap with hand filled of small packaged snacks.

As weeks turn into months, he slowly understands that Junkrat wasn’t going to get bored and neglect you like he had so many other things, that you’re very much important in his friend’s life. He’s still skeptical about your permanent residence sometimes, but that completely changes one afternoon when the three of you go out to get supplies in the little disgusting town a few miles away from their hideout in the outback.

You, like always, hold Junkrat’s hand as they go from stall to stall, and from shop to shop.

A man with crooked teeth suddenly approaches them, asking, “how much?”

Junkrat suspiciously raises his brow. “Whot?”

“The little girl.” The man points to you. “How much? I got money and she’s cute. How old?”

“She’s not for sale, you fucker!!” The thin Junker screams, gaining some other scavengers attention. “Fuck off or I’ll blow your head off!”

The man frowns and walks away, leaving the three of you be. But as Junkrat turns to haggle with a man selling spare parts, Roadhog is momentarily stunned to watch as the man from before blatantly snatches you up and rips you from Junkrat’s hands. What you cry as you kick and scream gives Roadhog chills.

“Jamison! Help!” You scream in a shrill high pitched voice.

In a whirl, Junkrat pounces on the man and you tumble free a little ways away.

“Motha'fucka!! Ya think you can jus steal ma little girl like that!!” Punch after punch, no one stops Junkrat from beating the man. They just keep their heads down and carry on.

Your crying finally stops Junkrat wrath and the junker leaves the man’s bloody and beaten body to race over to you. He holds you close and shushes your crying, softly saying, “it’s gonna be okay.”

Roadhog doesn’t really know what to think about you but he knows you’re good for his friend; no one has called him Jamison for years. Hell, Roadhog didn’t even know that you knew Junkrat’s real name, didn’t even know that Junkrat still remembers. Whatever you are, daughter, pet, friend, you’re good for Junkrat and he doesn’t mind you around.


Originally posted by chan-yoongi

Every story has a tragic prequel that explains or gives an excuse for the future. Not this one. Our story has four tragic prequels that at some point join together in order to create a new beginning. Four lost people, in one car, with no one asking for past records, but each of them seeing the other in their future.

It all started on a street. One of those miserable streets, where prostitutes and thieves outnumber the citizens. One of those streets, where the really rich go to buy themselves another human life. It’s dark as any other tragic street. No lights, except from the lighters that help them light up a cigarette or weed. On this street there is a building. A very invisible one. It’s where all the useless scum of the society lives. Here lives our main hero.

Don’t try to find him in the small apartment on the sixth floor. He won’t answer. He is not there. He is not coming back ever again.

If you catch a glimpse of him, it would be more likely to be at a very important event. Where all the guests bath in gold. He laughed at those poor souls. They may have money, but they are all still the exact same scum as those living in his neighborhood. Kim Woojin despises those people from the bottom of his heart. He didn’t want to be part of their play of fake happiness. Yet, they were the ones that were going to help him survive.

He knew why he was here. To find himself a nice new ride. And what better occasion than a mask ball. No one could see his face. No one will know. Everyone will be too drunk to remember even why they came to this place in the first place.

For months Woojin was going through the lists of guests. All, filthy rich and in need to be robbed, people. And there he was. The selfish Robin Hood. It took him quite some time to choose himself a car. After all he didn’t want to get caught. But at the end he did choose. A Lamborghini. It belonged to some assholes wife that was coming to the party to find herself a sugar baby boy. Very sad indeed. But what made him decide that this was the car is when he found out she keeps cash of thirty thousand dollars in the back of the car. “Just in case.” She had told her husband, who was too busy with his cheating affairs to even acknowledge the disappearance of the money.

Dressed in his only suit, the twenty-three years old looked absolutely breath-taking. He was indeed a tall and nice build man, giving off a very rich vibe he learned to fake when he first started stealing from the rich…without giving to the poor.

At the event everything went according to his plan. Mask ball or not, there was too much alcohol. After less than an hour ninety percent of the people were high and drunk as fuck, so he just took the keys, kissed his passed-out ‘fairy god mother’ on the cheek, left her a note ‘say anything about the accident and I’ll spill the beans about the four millions’ and disappeared with his new car and thirty thousand dollars.

‘Say anything about the accident and I’ll spill the beans about the four million’ is something Matthew, our character English name, found about as if God sent it to him. This millionaire whose car he now owned actually had around four million dollars in hidden taxes.  All the evidence he got from a whore the rich dude slept around with for quite a long time. At this point, Woojin knew no one will touch him and he can finally fly away and start a new life.

The night is still young, hot and dangerous. Not far away from where Matthew will soon cross with his new car, there is another story going on.

“Give me back my money, you little shit. In this world you are no one. But again, so were your parents when they died from my hand.”

Taehyung couldn’t listen to this. He have put up with it for too long. Being punched, being called all kinds of names, being used as a stress reliever, and being punished for his own existence and mainly for his parents death. Which honestly had nothing to do with him. They died from an overdose when he was fourteen and left him nothing but the price of their deaths. He walked the streets, selling whatever he was told to sale. For nine years he walked the streets of this town, looking at the world’s lowest and highest buying the same drug in order to survive. It made Taehyung sick to the gut to know that no matter how much money you’ve got, you are the same pig.

But this time, while the gang tried to kill him for the tenth time this month, something was different. Something in him told him to endure and then just to go on the street, steal the first car that stops and run. He knew they’ll find him sooner or later, but just for a little while he wanted to run far far away.

And that’s exactly what he did. When his ‘boss’ decided that it isn’t worth it, he let Taehyung on the ground, suffering from his own wounds as always. “I expect better behavior from now on. I raised you J.seph, be fucking thankful. Leave him, enough for today.” And they all left, as they usually did.

J.seph, his street nickname, stood up, clutching his side, trying his all to concentrate on breathing and finding the streetlight. He was good at surviving and when the black Lamborghini stopped on the streetlight, Taehyung didn’t hesitate for a moment, opened the door, slid in and caught up at the driver. “Drive, go out or die. You choose.”

Matthew looked up at the bloody boy, trying to understand what the fuck happened. Then, something in him just clicked. This man reminded Woojin so much of himself so he just started the engine and drove. “More like you tell me what’s going on so I can know from who are we running away?” Woojin said offering the stranger a tissue to wipe out his bloody face and hands.

Taehyung heard the word ‘we’ for the first time that night. It made him want to share with this stranger, without caring if he’ll go into prison after it or die. “I…from the Italian gang. I’m selling…I was selling for them for about nine years. I just ran away.”

Woojin bit his lip. This boy just told him something he shouldn’t have, something that could cost his life, yet he said it. It made Woojin feel like someone trusted him for the first time in his twenty-three years on this Earth. “My name is Matthew, Woojin or just BM. I…am not that good of a person also. This car is not mine. I stole it.” The bloody boy laughed at BM sincerely. “Taehyung or J.seph…whichever you like.”

“Well, Taehyung, I’m running away from here too. Would you like to join me? We may end up dead, but…” “I’m in. At this point I can only go two ways and those are - up or even deeper. I’ll be happy to join you in both. BM, we careful! In front of you!”

The car abruptly stopped making the two boys hit their heads in the front on the car. J.seph was first to look up. “It’s a girl. And she looks afraid. Woojin, she is saying something. Woojin? You okay?” BM shook off the shook and looked at his newly found buddy. “What were you saying?” “The girl, in front of us, she is saying something.”

Both Woojin and Taehyung exit the car fast, slowly approaching the girl, obviously afraid of them hurting her. “Please, please help me.” She cried out. The boys noticed the blood on both her hands and knees, but she didn’t appear to be hurt anywhere. “What’s your name?” asked J.seph “So-Somin. My name is Somin.” Woojin quickly caught on Taehyungs act and questioned “Somin, can you tell us what happened?” barely heard the question, the girl bursted in tears, hiding herself behind J.seph. He quickly turned around and caught her wrists. “Somin, if anything is wrong, you can tell us. You have to. We are here to help. My name is Taehyung and this is…Woojin. All we want is to help you.” Somins hick ups slowed down, she looked at the tall men in front of her. “There…there was a man. He chased me and tried to rape me, but I had a pocket knife and just stabbed him. I…I’m sorry. I didn’t know what to do.”

J.seph, aware of the very complicated situation laid out in front of him, hugged the girl. She was so scared from him, she tried to resist, but then understood he didn’t want to hurt her and just hugged him back, crying her eyes out. “You won’t call the police, right? I don’t want to go to jail.” She sobbed in his hoodie. BM, for whose existence was almost forgotten, knew exactly what he had to do. When he prayed for friends, he didn’t thought he’ll end up with an accidental killer and a dealer as friends, whom he met the same night, but it somehow felt like fate to him. They were real. Speaking their emotions and he had a strong desire to keep both of them till his death.

“No. We won’t call the police. Where is the body?” Somin, not letting go of J.seph hand showed them the way to a dead man lying on the ground. Woojin froze looking at the body in front of him. He knew this man. A professional pimp, taking girls from the streets, making them prostitute and taking all the money. They were neighbors. BM knew Somin is safe. No one will ever look for this excuse of a breathing organism. He had no family, no authority, and no nothing. “Taehyung, help me with the body.”

Both men swiftly took the body and stuffed in the back of the car. Somin looked at them in terror, while her crime was being taken care for by total strangers. “Where are you taking it? What are you doing? What about me?” J.seph held the girls hand tightly. “We will burn him. Somewhere far away from here. No one will look for him. He was a pimp. An outlaw, whose existence no one knew about. When it comes to you…Somin do you want to come with us? We, me and Woojin, are going on an adventure. I can’t tell you to trust us, because…” “I trust both of you. I’m coming. Nothing holds me here.”

The ride was quiet. Each of them was deep in thought about how for exactly two hours their life’s changed forever. Matthew just couldn’t shake off the thought that for the first time he didn’t feel lonely and wanted to share. Taehyung was thinking about how he drives in a car with people who are just as fucked up as him and that made him feel like he is not lonely anymore. Somin was thankful and very afraid. She has been alone all her life. Ran away from the orphanage at a very young age, working since she was ten, now at the age of twenty, she randomly kills a person and meets two men who are willing to take the blame with her for no actual reason.

And no one noticed the purple-pinkish hair girl, crossing the road, trying to kill herself. She, she was the one who had really given up on life in all its forms. First to react was Matthew, who saw the girl crossing the road in the same moment he was about to drive through her. Like a miracle he managed to stop, only hitting her leg lightly. Pink locks moved and piercing blue eyes stared at the car. “I was going to kill her.” Woojin sighed unbelievably. “No, she tried to kill herself.” Somin gentle voice filled the car. “I have tried it also. It’s not an option honestly. I’ll go out to see her.”

Somin opened the back door, exiting the car, looking straight at the girls eyes. Soon her shocked face took a form of an angry one. “Why did you stop?!” she shouted, obviously mad. “We are not killers. We won’t kill you. You shouldn’t kill yourself. What’s your name?” Somin tried to talk some sense into her. “Why would I ever tell you my name? So you can call the asylum and for them to take me? I’m not crazy!” Somins heart related to the girls pain and held on the tears gathering in her eyes. “I won’t do that. Why would I? With what am I better than you? I don’t even know you, but I feel your pain. You shouldn’t die. My…my name is Somin.”

The boys, not able to hide their worry, got off the car and just watched the scene in front of them. “Jiwoo.” Somin smiled a little seeing that her words had some effect after all. “Hello Jiwoo. I’m Somin. This is Matthew and that’s Taehyung.” Both boys offered a smile to Jiwoo. “Hi fella. Rough night, huh? Wanna tag along? We…we have no idea where are we going, what is ahead of us and how our lives will work out. We three know each other from an hour but something in three of us makes us want to stay together. I think you feel it too. We are misfits. All of us. I’m Matthew, the car is stolen and there are thirty thousand dollars in the back, I stole those too.” Taehyung didn’t want to stay behind with the self-introduction. “My name is Taehyung. I’ve been a dealer for nine years because my parents died from an overdose and failed to pay off their debt. I ran away two hours ago when I met BM.” Jiwoo was left speechless. “I’m Somin. I accidentally killed a man.  He is in the back of the car. He tried to rape me and I just stabbed him with my pocket knife. I’m running away with those two now, because my life can’t get any worse anyway. At least I’ll have someone to die with me.” Suddenly Jiwoo felt shame. Shame because of her selfish nature. She taught she was the only one that felt alone in this world, that no one could understand her and so on, but people with tragedies were right in front of her. Just like any of them, Jiwoo had no one and nothing. Suddenly dying just wasn’t an option anymore. Shaking the cotton pink cloud on her head she turned to the others. “Is there a way for me to join you? I’m all alone in this world.”

BM offered a warm smile. He knew he won’t feel alone in this world from now on.

“No you are not. You have us.”

“All I’m saying…King, is that my goods are like no other. You won’t be able to replace my port with no other.”

The King, Woojin, is lazily sitting on his leather throne in his office trying to concentrate on the overconfident weed seller. His head hurts honestly. For hours he had been listening to idiots saying one and the same thing – ‘I’m irreplaceable.’ Each of them added more confidence to the phrase. It made the twenty-six years old mad. Not only have they wasted his time, but the smell of weed stuck on his blue velvet suit. Every now and then when it all got too much for him, Matthew lightly ruffled his dirty blond locks.

“First of all, you are replaceable. I think you mistake your job. Your job is to choose the best shit and to offer it to me on a good price. I own the port any way. I can’t do that anymore. Just take him out. And one more really, really important thing – King, say it with respect.”

The bodyguards dragged the seller out of the room while the poor man shouted in protest. On the doorway J.seph observed the situation. When the bodyguards were out of the room, he entered the room visibly irritated. “You should stop doing this. We are losing sellers and territory. I don’t like it Woojin.”

For two years the bond between the two boys became so strong, it was almost unbeatable. But of course, being so close made them bicker all the time. With time they became the contrast of the other. Just like in this moment. BM’s dark blue velvet suit contrasted J.seph bloody red one.

“They are all way too ignorant. I feel like they don’t know to who they are talking.” BM massaged the sides of his head in hope of the headache to lessen.

“I know. But when we started out, we were exactly the same. With nothing in our hands and handful of dollars. For two years e created heaven. I know you are the King, but sometimes you should just let us handle things. It becomes too much for you and you are not rational. Should I call a doctor?” Taehyung was truly worried about his friend. These days he was tenser than ever and no one could talk to him normally except from him, Somin and Jiwoo. At such times the girls thought it was best if they don’t show themselves too often.

“Don’t call a doctor. It will fade away. I’ll go to sleep soon. So, back on the matter. We were different. We knew what we had to do when we created K.A.R.D. Our goal was ‘keep adding real damage’. Now we control the damage in all of Asia. At some times I don’t think it’s real. We met on the streets having nothing but the clothes on our backs and now we put clothes on whole nations. We destroy as if it is a revenge for our childhood.”

“That’s why it is indeed a revenge.” Honey voice, small beams blinding the room, Somin entered the room, looking gorgeous from head to toe.

“We are the revenge. If we wanted to end out misery we would’ve done it a long time ago. Although I can argue with myself. It started as revenge, now is more of family business.” She laughed making the boys smile warmly. The moment was ruined by a husky voice shouting in the back. Soon a very mad Jisoo entered the room. “Who the fuck they think they are to try to disrespect me like this?! I can buy and sell them today if I want?! I seriously can’t believe this!” BM knowing his little sister very well looked at her seriously and the shouting stopped. “Sit. Calm down. Tell us what happened.”

Jiwoo sat down obviously still mad, crossed her Gucci pants dressed legs and huffed in the air. “I went to the private meeting with the parliament as usual. As we know there is a new Minister of Interior. I heard he is quite a though nut, but I never imagined him being this ‘righteous’. He haven’t even been studying law, why is he trying to tell me I can’t control the Parliament. I can and I do. Just because I am a woman doesn’t mean they have the right to tell me what I can and can’t do.”

Somin was actually happy to listen to Jiwoo, having so many emotions and being able to express them. Recalling the memory of their first meeting made her heart feel pain and proudness. They grew together so much for the last two years. Jiwoo didn’t want to kill herself anymore and that made things so much easier for everyone. Somin herself stopped feeling guilty about that night. Together as K.A.R.D they were able to make contracts with the prostitutes and help them all live a somewhat normal life.

“My boys actually ran a background check on this dude. He is a nice man really, with a family and till now a very happy life. Stable finances and stable relationships with both his wife and daughter. I think that…” “Wait Somin! Rewind. Daughter?” said Woojin playing with the chess figure of the King, concentrated on the upcoming crisis. J.seph was fast to speak with a smug face knowing what was going on in the head of his best friend. They all knew.

The king only played with his figure when he was about to drop a bomb of a command. By now they knew their body language so well they couldn’t play poker together.

“Yes. A daughter. First year college student. Number one in all her classes. President of the school parliament, charity volunteer. The full ‘goodie two shoes’ package. She is quite a visual actually. Why are you asking?”

BM slammed the glass figure on the mahogany desk, smirking evilly.

“Bring me the girl. Alive. ”

A/N: After lots of thinking,sweat and literal tears, I’m finally able to present you “Rotten”. My heart is in this fic. It’s inspirated by Triple H “365 fresh”. I…I just hope you all love it, because I really want to continue writing this and my last try was a Jimin-father fic and it wasn’t digested by people okay. So now I’m really afraid you all won’t like this one too. I was going to write it with BTS, but that would’ve been very selfish. I love my boys, but I really want to provide content for all fandoms, since I’m a multifandom hoe. My askbox is always open for your love and insecurities. I love you all <3

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