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The funny thing is TS6 isn't even confirmed and no one knows why she's been hiding when she clearly said she was gonna take a break. I will laugh if TS6 doesn't come this year and all you'll be left with is time wasted on all these write-ups you do about it. Most of us have moved on with work or focusing on school no ones gonna waste their time on here expecting anything because nothing has been happening or will happen anytime soon.

she mentioned taking longer than usual between albums about 15 months ago now…ti me anyway the recent disappearance does not = break when we don’t know where she is or what she’s doing…and tbh i don’t know how anyone can believe an actual ‘break’ has eventuated in that time when she was involved with at least 3 songs, signed a huge promotional deal with at&t, performed at two major events, launched a tv channel and supposedly has “surprises” in store for her fans OPEN YOUR EYES and make sure to get back to me later this year when we all have the album in our hot little hands

ps what does having work and school have to do with coming online and posting something about missing taylor swift? it’s almost as if people don’t have free time
How they’d text you [BTS]

Disclaimer: Of course this is just my personal opinion but enjoy.

I feel like Jin would not use predictive text, although he wouldn’t be completely punctual he wouldn’t shorten words unless he was tired or a little busy. He’d definitely be a regular texter, though, mostly sending you funny pictures or jokes he’d come up with. If something particularly funny happened that day you’d be the first to know. He’d definitely send you little cheesy paragraphs when he’d particularly busy and felt as if he needed to remind his princess/prince he’s still thinking about them. Also anything you said that he found cute or funny would most likely be shared with the boys, whether you liked it or not.

Yoongi probably isn’t big into texting and certainly wouldn’t be one to start a conversation, I doubt he uses predictive text either. He’d probably only text you to ask you to come over or to grab him something while he’s busy and even then he’s more likely to call you than text you because he loves to hear your voice, not that he’d ever admit it. He’d text you asking about your day from time to time when he’s really busy and remembers that somewhere his significant other is on their own probably thinking about him too. So to show he cares he might on that occasion send a text first. Definitely not afraid to doubled or triple text you if he’s not busy but is 100% a slow replier either way.

Hobi, on the other hand, is probably big into texting, if he hasn’t seen you that day he’d want to know absolutely everything about how you spent it. He’d ask for pics of what you got up to and would definitely send random selca’s because he knows you like to see his bright smile when you didn’t get the chance to see it in person. I can completely see him as the person to send you links to websites he found interesting or funny because he wanted to share it with you, and when he’s finished with a dance he’d send you a video so you can see what he got up to whilst he wasn’t by your side. Unlike Yoongs he’s probably a speedy replier.

Namjoon is the type of person to leave you on read for about five minutes before actually replying, or will by typing for ages only to respond with a few words. Will, 100% send you good morning texts every day because he’s awake before you and wants to remind his Jagi that they’re loved and appreciated, they’re the first thought and the last thought. At random points, usually late at night, he’ll send you deep questions and although you’re tired you’ll always enter long debating sessions with him because he’s not always the quickest responder so you use this opportunity to get speedy replies. Plus deep joon always brings out sides to him he usually leaves in the dark so no matter how much you think you know him, 2 AM texts usually make you reconsider.

Jimin is the one guy to respond within seconds of you sending the message until you’re actually texting him something important, then it’s Russian roulette with the read recipient. When its been about two minutes and you’re still standing in the shop waiting for a response to your question of whether he wanted a bag of sweets or not it’s then that you have to call him and hope he’s not in the middle of dance practice. Chim is the go-to guy for selca’s though because he’ll give them to you before you’ve even asked, most mornings will start with a sleepy Jimin selca and a good morning to which you have to respond with your own pic otherwise he feels it’s unfair. He’ll be the guy to send a million x’s and be pouty if you send even one less than he did.

Tae is probably the most frequent texter out of all of them, emojis are a must and even if he’s got nothing to say your phone will be blowing up with pointless things that make you smile. Your chats are like an Instagram feed as you get sent pictures of his food, outfit of the day and of course sleeping members. If something funny, bad, good or even low-key boring happened within the last few minutes he’s typing the ordeal into your chat. He’s probably like Jimin, replying within moments and when you’ve failed to do the same unhappy emojis will cause you to do so. Heart emojis are usually sent after most texts but he always forgets to so quickly sends one after he remembers and you’re probably the one to say good morning because you know he squeals and gets all happy about it. Will definitely text you even when you’re sat right next to him.

Kookie is probably the laziest replier of them all, he loves texting you though because when he’s on tour or not with you for longer than he thinks necessary he’ll pull up your chat and scroll through all your old messages. He’s probably got millions of screenshots of conversations between the two of you that he had meant to send to the rest of Bangtan but got distracted and never got round to it. He’s got the first texts he sent you still saved in his phone and has a special folder for the cute things you’ve sent just in case they’re too much effort to find. He definitely sends you multiple pictures he found funny or relatable and will only send selca’s when you ask for them. Will be super sassy over text but in person, he’s a little shyer around you because you make him turn into a little school boy all over again. 100% will use the ‘send nudes’ meme to try and get them out of you.

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What happened

So Andy Samuels (Liam’s best friend) was being active on twitter and even answering one or two questions about Liam’s single/album. He was being sassy and funny just like Liam, when a random person said to Andy that Harry’s single was going to be better. Then Andy proceeded to do something all of us would do for our best friend and defended Liam by saying that he doubted it.

Because people apparently doesn’t have anything better to do, they started hating on Andy because he was defending Liam and not saying Harry’s was better and because he engaged with this person. All of us would defend our own friends and mind you his answer isn’t even offensive. 

This is the same as a random “fan” saying to Gemma that Louis’s single is better than Harry’s and she says that it isn’t. Or someone saying to Calvin/Oli/Hot Luke that Louis single is shit and that Niall’s is better and them saying that no, it isn’t. Someone telling Niall’s friends that Zayn’s single is way better than Niall’s and them saying “hell no”. And lastly a “fan” saying to Zayn’s family that Liam’s album is so good compared to Zayn’s and them defending Zayn. Do you see what i’m getting at?! We always defend the people we love!

To this fan, I have 3 things to say:




Rant done. I’m out.

PJO/HOO things

-Having to deal with people saying the Lightning Thief and Sea of Monsters movies were good

-Having to deal with people who READ THE BOOKS say the movies were good (I’M SERIOUS. IT’S HAPPENED.)

- When a teacher did the Greek Mythology unit and you knew everything

-Being way to excited about every little thing said teacher did or asked

-Being way too excited about ANYTHING even remotely related to PJO/HOO, like architecture, New York City, ADHD + Dyslexia, martial arts, etc.

-Hearing that someone read the books, but isn’t in the fandom like you. Like, they don’t even know what fandom is

-Getting super excited when you find out a friend has fandoms too, even if they aren’t yours.

-Making fandom references no one gets, but you are dying from how funny and clever you are

-Someone else makes a reference you get, and you point to each other, smile, and say yeah, you get it. (Happened yesterday!)

-Researching the most random things, like West Point’s policy about hiring professors (Annabeth’s dad worked there), Customs in ancient Rome, Marine Biology degrees(Percy), the foster care system (LEO!!!), the history of the chicken nugget (Hazel asked what it was).

^^^^ In case your don’t think someone would do that, those are all things I have researched. So someone (probably a bit crazy) would.

[IG] 161202 winnercity: [A handsome man for the cold] We received ICs’ cries of wanting us to empy our TEAMWINNER cellphones and hard drives so we trust that you guys have our backs and share old photos but we’re not sure if you’ll like them💌  So, we’ll think that ICs’ feel the same way as TEAMWINNER and with the principle that looking at a handsome man is the cure for the cold weather☺️, here is #SongHandsome #HoneyRapper🍯 #SongAffectionate #IconOfRediscovery #HistoryCommonSenseMan, who is good looking even when he eats. (+ICs, eats lots today too!🙋🏻 #Song Min-hwo-woo #Bust out the exclamations #Party of good looks #It feels warm already🍀  #Mino with his hair down #Atomically sweet when he smiles #No one even said anything funny #Who is that smiling person👀 

Rant about recent bts run ep 15

Some jimin stan is unhappy with what happened in bts run ep 15. If y'all dont know what happened, apparently jin called jimin fat as joke in their game but some “armys” called jin names and got mad at him. Some even say that he have no talent and is not funny. Like bitch? Are you that funny? Some even said that he should leave the grp. Like wtf? Who.are.you? You have no right to say anything about their relationship with each other. They pratically knew each other for years and they know each other best than you. Even if they are unhappy with each other, i am sure they will talk it out THEMSELVES. I know that jimin is insecure about himself and so does jin. He is human too. He got insecurities. When people call him names, you guys kept quiet but when its one of the maknae line, you guys went wild. They know what to do. They are all grown ups. They don’t need you to butt in. Well, unless you tell me that you have no close friends at all(which is sad) to joke with you. In case you don’t know, thats how close friends joke with each other. Now that you have learned new facts, congrats. You guys have no place to judge and dont have the rights at all. Even jm is fine with it and ALSO, jin apologised afterwards. Y'all dont look or complain at all when other people dissed the hyung line but y'all get so pissy when one of the maknae line got dissed. We don’t need such “armys” who hate on any of bts members. Bts or jimin don’t need such people who don’t appreciate the members because the love each other. So get out. Bts is one. We don’t need such people who is so biased.

For those who got a bit confused uh...Dean was talking bout Roman!

I mean I’m seeing posts stating that Dean called Seth “baby” many times or he called him baby while saying he’ll buy beers. UGH, NOPE!! He said it for ROMAN!!

Honestly don’t you people pay attention to anything these two say. Okay, First Roman had mentioned and implied on pre show that he knows Dean will win the match so he’s already bought the cold ones(beers) for him.

So later when Dean won he mentioned the beers thing for Ro and he even nudged Roman with his elbow while talking bout it and he was looking at him all the time when he said that. Funny he wasn’t even looking at Seth, lol!

Plus, why would Dean invite Seth for beers? It’s Roman’s and Dean’s thing! The last gif is not mine credit to the owner!


part 3 to the kendall imagine!! a lot of you guys have been spamming my inbox so here it is!


Harry was very mad at you. Mad to the point where he wasn’t replying to any of your texts, your calls, and he hadn’t even said anything when you sent him a very funny joke. ‘Why does Snoop Dogg carry an umbrella? Fo’drizzle.’

So, this was the final part of your ‘get Harry to forgive Y/N’ plan, and you were positive it was going to work. He said he needed a new watch, and even though this was technically his birthday present.. you were desperate. You had spent three months worth of waitressing money to buy this present, and you were proud of yourself! It was a pretty snazzy watch – plus, you had bought a ‘I’m beary sorry’ teddy bear. You had also thrown in a box of his favourite granola bars. What? You liked to spoil people. 

“Okay, let’s do this.” You smiled to yourself, grabbing the presents out from the backseat before locking your car and looking up at Harry’s front door. “Hey Harry, I’m sorry. I should be a supportive friend, and I shouldn’t tell you who you should or shouldn’t date. I hope you can forgive me because I was in the wrong and I was acting immature.” You practiced quietly, clutching the box containing the watch tightly in your hand. 

It was once you got up to the front door that you noticed something was wrong. The door was unlocked. 

“Hm.” Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion as you let yourself in, closing the door behind you quietly. He probably just forgot to lock it when he came home last night. And then you heard something. Giggling? He’s probably watching a movie. You found yourself padding up the stairs, curious to find out where the source of the giggling was coming from. Walking up to Harry’s bedroom, you swung the door open before speaking. “Harry, I-” 

“Oh my god!” The sight of Kendall Jenner in nothing but a particularly revealing set of lingerie and straddling Harry made you freeze instantly, holding the bear up to block your vision. 

“Y/N?!” Harry gaped, grabbing his shirt and slipping back into it. “What the fuckin’ hell, Y/N? We need to have a serious chat!” He snapped, excusing himself from Kendall with a kiss before he grabbed you roughly and dragged you down to the kitchen. 

“I-I swear I didn’t-” 

“Why are you here?! Are you serious? You can’t even let me have any privacy – you’re.. you’re.. drivin’ me crazy!” 

“No, I’m here so that I can apologize-” 

“Good! Apologize and then get the hell out of here! I swear to God, Y/N! Every single time something good is goin’ for me, you come in and ruin everything!” He exclaimed, flinging his arms around. “You know what? Jus’ say your apology and leave.” He mumbled, shaking his head. 

“I.. okay, I, um, I’m sorry, and I..” Your mind had suddenly gone blank, and your apology just turned into a mass of mumbles. “I have things.. for you!” You thrusted the gifts into his hands before continuing to speak. “They’re.. it’s a bear! And I have your granola bars! And a watch! The watch that you wanted-” 

“You think getting gifts for me is goin’ to make everything better? Jesus, Y/N. Do you honestly think I’m that shallow? What, did you get these at the dollar store?” Harry sneered, carelessly tossing the things onto the couch. 

“What the fuck, Harry! I spent a long time earning money to get those gifts for you!” 

“Yeah, I’m sure you did! Why can’t you leave me alone? Why are you so obsessed with my dating life, Y/N? You’re constantly clinging to me like some sort of lost puppy! 

“We’re friends, I’m supposed to-” 

“You’re pathetic, Y/N! I don’t want you around! You always say that I need you around, but the truth is I don’t! In fact, I don’t even want you around anymore! I want you out of my life! Just get out!” Harry yelled, making you step back in fright. 

“But.. I need you.” Your eyes filled up with tears as your bottom lip began to tremble. “We’re friends, and you’ve always been there for me. So I wanna be there for you, but lately everything’s been out of whack, a-and-” 

“I think this is the part where you leave.” You looked past Harry’s shoulder to see Kendall with the duvet draped over her slim figure. “Harry can’t take the stress of being friends with you anymore, got it?” She said, walking over and opening the door for you. “Maybe you can come back when you have everything sorted out.” 

You looked over at Harry, your eyes wide with desperation. He was your friend.. he had to say something! He had to defend you. Well, the key word here was.. was your friend. Was. 

“G’bye, Y/N.” 


gifs aren’t mine! 


for comparison one time katie and i went to see mindless self indulgence and katie asked jimmy urine to sign her boobs and jimmy just stopped and asked how old she was (she was 17) and when she told him instead he just signed her arm with an arrow pointing up and said “i’m sure it’ll get there” which like..was not only funny but really cool of him to actually play it safe and even if said fan was explicitly asking for him to do that he had a responsibility to make sure he wasn’t doing anything to anyone underage which he upheld

that’s not to say the guy isn’t problematic otherwise but i wanted to hold up an example of how a musician SHOULD act around fans who are underage

google + nationalities

((note: if i didn’t include ur nationality it was cause it gave out boring results. 90% of them said a combo of rude, ugly, stupid, racist, beautiful, or “are coming” (bc of the bbc show). but different google locations can give out different results!))

u don’t say?

probably not but ok

^now i learned something on this day

that’s… specific

and that’s just sad


  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she means: When will achievement hunter have another episode of Shenanigans? I know they said it would be random but it was released December 19, 2014 and its been a long ass time and NOBODY has even mentioned it. GiveMeYourMilk is one of the funniest videos this company has ever released, at least let us know if this is gonna be a thing or not. It's been so long, it feels like King Gavin all over again, except nobody talks about it. This is King Jack. It's not like stupid shit doesn't happen in the office everyday, and you know Gavin Actual Piece of Shit™ Free records fuckin everything. Where is our AH Life? Where is our Shenanigans?

Okay, okay, so Zayn faving that tweet wasn’t great but it’s hardly a felony, people. The original poster intended to provoke the worst in people with her racist ass commentary and the internet as usual answered her call as only it can.  He didn’t comment anything or even RT so I for one am not losing any sleep over it.  You throw ignorance out into the universe, that’s exactly what you’re getting back.

1D stans as usual are going way overboard in their condemnation of Zayn. Shocking, I know. It’s been said so many times before, but where was this outrage from them when we’ve had actual video proof of the others behaving badly?  I received backlash for asking Lilo to apologize for piñatagate from 1D stans. Comments like how they didn’t care and reiterated how “funny” it was to dress up a POC as a monkey and stomp on it in front of a screaming crowd. Lou says the N-word?  Crickets and/or excuses on his behalf but never the equivalent for Zayn.

If you’re going to condemn Zayn over this, then call the others out when they do far more egregious things. If you can’t do it, ask yourself why.